"Cognito, ergo sum"

                                                                                                                               OUR CHIEF 

                                                                                         (Book 3 / Part 1 / Chapter 1)

                                                                 -DELTA ORIONIS-

                                                           Reminiscences / Reflexion


                                     7:30 A.M. / DAY THREE / SATURDAY, MARCH 22


          Lord!  Daisy and I just finished breakfast.  And as You Guys know of course, it didn't seem to taste as good today; even though Mr. Steve mixed in Spam. I'm again back here on the couch but I'm kind of sad.  Before feeding us this morning Mr. Steve gave us some devastating news.  Heathcliff II the Rooster died yesterday afternoon!  Honestly, I'm still sort of in shock.

     We all knew something was wrong this morning when we didn't hear Heathcliff crowing.  Mr. Steve broke the bad news to us before we ate breakfast.  As he did our daily check, cleaning our eyes and checking our stomachs; he told us what happened.  I hear some Crows cawing.

      Even though she tries to stay calm for my sake, I can tell when Dais is upset.  I'll bet she's in the Garage right now thinking about this sad "turn of events" as they say.  Knowing Daisy I can almost imagine her licking her paws for the day as she remembers Heathcliff.

      No wonder Dawn was howling her sad howl last night!  We had a feeling something must be wrong because she sure wasn't doing her happy howl.  As I've mentioned, Dawn and I both have howls to tell everyone not to invade our land.  But we have sad and happy howls too.  

      The Sun, exactly like on the last two mornings, is hanging above the eastern horizon.  It came up at fifty five minutes past six and will go down over the western horizon at seven minutes past seven.  So, just like in the last two days; that will give me about twelve hours to work.

      Hey God!  The day before yesterday I started book one writing about Déjà Vu being a feeling of having already experienced something before.  I've been having that exact feeling for two days now.  And now Dais and I are feeling the same way we felt when Molly died.    

      Boy You Guys, thank You for having Dais remind me last night about something I forgot to say at the beginning of book one on Thursday.  Mr. Steve told her and Millie one time that he's heard people say Déjà Vu can also mean; "Energy you can feel but cannot actually see." 

      Well You Guys, if that's true then Daisy and I have been feeling Déjà Vu for a long time now because we often sense all of You.  And, as I told her last night; I've been having that exact same feeling for two days; and sometimes through the eyes of others who live around us. 



        Ah!  The Chimes are starting to Ring!  And I can feel a nice cool breeze coming in from the desert from the northeast.  Oh my God!  I just noticed that Fannie and Freddie are looking at me from up there on the top of that clump of Joshua trees over near Libby's Corral.

        Hey God!  I feel like praying; "Our Father who art in Heaven.  Hallowed be thy name.  Thy Kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil; Amen."  Even though Heathcliff is gone I'll work in his name today like Dais says.

        Hey God!  As You know, according to my outline I wasn't supposed to write about "The Lord's Prayer" until later.  But I just feel like doing it now instead.  This Encyclopedia says that The Lord's Prayer comes from the New Testament book of Mathew.  I smell Sage.

        Mr. Steve over the years has been to weddings and things like that where the Protestants added onto the Lord's Prayer; "For thine is the Kingdom, and the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen." Even though we're Catholic God, I like saying that part.


                                          SAINT JEROME (347-420 A.D.)

                                                         PAINTING BY DOMENICO GHIRLANDAIO (1480)


          According to this Encyclopedia, this guy named Saint Jerome was "scholar" and in the 5th century A.D. translated into Latin the original Hebrew and Greek "Scriptures."  But in his one version of The Book of Mathew did not have that last sentence to The Lord's Prayer.

        Hey Lord!  From what it says here, Saint Jerome was kind of like Saint Paul.  But instead of being hit by a bolt of lightning he got sick and almost died.  He said later he saw a vision while sick and when he recovered he dedicated the rest of his studies to You.  

        This is interesting.  The King in England who "Succeeded" Queen Elizabeth I was James I.  My Encyclopedia says because he was also the King of Scotland he was also called King James VI.  His Great-Grandfather was Henry VII and his mother was Mary "Queen of Scots."


                                                         KING JAMES I (1566-1625)

                                                             PAINTING BY PAUL VAN SOMER (1620)


        There's a good painting in this Encyclopedia that shows King James I.  The caption says he "financed" the translating of the Bible into English.  As I wrote about in my first two books, by the end of the 16th century there were two types of Christians; Catholics and Protestants.

        In the painting of King James he's wearing some really fancy clothes.  Boy, what great shoes he's wearing.  They have bows on them.  I'd wear four shoes like that.  I wonder how they'd look on Daisy?  I'll bet we could make money selling shoes for Dogs and Cats.    

        I'd like to see and smell a real crown like the one King James is wearing in this painting. It has Jewels in it.  I'll bet it's worth a lot of money.  I'd like to wear a crown.  I just picked up the scent of the Creosote plant just to the side of Manny; the one Theodora likes.

        Mr. Steve has a few different Bibles from what Daisy told me.  And one of them is a copy of what is now called the "King James Bible."  That's the English language Bible "prepared" for the Anglican Protestant Church during the "reign" of that guy King George.    


       HENRY VIII (1491-1547)                                              ELIZABETH I (1533-1603)                                                                      

     On Thursday in book one I wrote about how that guy King Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife for not being able to have a boy baby.  When the Pope wouldn't give him permission to get    rid of her he just made up his own Protestant State religion and got a new wife.                              

        As I wrote about in book one, Queen Elizabeth I was Henry VIII's daughter.  Her mother was one of the King's six different wives.  As I've mentioned, Queen Elizabeth I was in power at   the time of Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh, William Shakespeare and other people like that.                         BATTLE OF THE SPANISH ARMADA (1588)       


        As I wrote about in book one, Queen Elizabeth proved that females can be as capable as men.  She's the one who defeated that huge Spanish "Armada" which sailed up from Spain back in 1588.  In Spanish Armada means "armed."  I hear some Crows crowing.

       I guess King James followed Queen Elizabeth in power.  From what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, when the King James Bible was first published the last sentence of The Lord's Prayer had been added onto that part of the Book of Mathew.  I smell some Sage.


JOHANNES GUTENBERG (1398-1468)                         PRINTING PRESS              


         In books one and two I've written about how Mr. Steve thinks that German man Johannes Gutenberg's invention of the "Printing Press" in the 1440's was one of the most important things to ever happen.  So by King James' time more people could read books like the Bible.  

        Wow!  Our four Pigeons, Fred and Ethel and Lucy and Rickie; are flying in from being out in the eastern desert.  And I see a Lizard over there standing on the wall next to the sliding glass door.  This is so amazing!  The Sunlight falling on me feels so great right now.

        Thank Everyone for helping me take my mind off of Heathcliff dying.  By writing about the Lord's Prayer I sort of forgot for a few minutes about what happened to Heathcliff.  I'll just go ahead and try to do my work and finish my trilogy.  I kind of feel a little better now. 


                                                                  GUTENBERG BIBLE


        Later today Dais has me scheduled to write about some of the Art Galleries Mr. Steve and him mom like to go to.  One is the "Huntington Library" which has on display this really famous Bible that man Johannes Gutenberg created on his Printing Press.  I smell Sage.   

        Maybe I should stash everything and run up front to see how Daisy is doing?  I can tell her about I moved up writing about The Lord's Prayer.  I was originally scheduled to write about in the section on Huntington Library.  But, I better not.  I should keep working. 

         Besides, knowing Dais; she'd probably just want me to show some discipline and "Stay the Course" as they say.  That one big Dragonfly that's been hanging around here for the last three days just zoomed bye.  I heard it coming from the direction of Libby's Corral. 

        Daisy said something this morning which I'm just now realizing what she meant.  She said at least I have a good project to keep my mind off of thinking about poor Heathcliff.  And now You Guys I think she's so right.  I'll just dedicate this last book to Heathcliff too!    

       This is so terrible!  Even hearing Vivaldi's song La Primavera and seeing the unbelievably beautiful Sunrise this morning doesn't make me feel better.  It's going to be kind of hard working today but Daisy says I have to just try.  Oh!  Fannie and Freddie just flew away.  

        Another Classical music song our boss Mr. Steve sometimes plays in the morning when he's getting ready for the day is called the "Rite of Spring."  I've never heard it but Daisy an Millie did.  It's kind of a long song Dais told me, and was written by this one man from Russia.  


                                                            IGOR FYODOROVICH STRAVINSKY (1882-1971)

      I just looked up that guy Igor Stravinsky.  And it says here his Rite of Spring was written in 1913 while he was living in France.  I guess it's what they call "Rhythmic Structure" influenced   later 20th century composers.  I want to hear that song the Rite of Spring someday.                      

    This is interesting God.  According to this Encyclopedia, the Rite of Spring is mainly about "Pagan Russia" before they believed in You.  Daisy says our boss told her and Millie that a girl is "sacrificed" and has to dance herself to death.  I hear some Crows cawing faintly.                          

    Oh!  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  Igor Stravinsky said the Rite of Spring was about; "The mystery and creative power of the Spring."  And God!  He also said; "Music praises God    in ways better than being in a Church."  Now I really want to hear the Rite of Spring.                            



   Hey God!  As You know, I was scheduled to write about that one band from San Francisco called JOURNEY yesterday.  But somehow I just missed them on my book two outline.  Right      now I keep hearing in my head their really good song called "Don't Stop Believing."                      

     Oh!  Rudy the Roadrunner just came through the left crack opening of the gate; from out    there in the desert.  And now he just ducked under Moe.  He's hoping there's a Lizard or Snake   under there I'll bet.  The warm Sunlight is now making me feel a lot better right now.                    

        Are You making me hear that song Don't Stop Believing God?  I remember the first time I ever heard it on Mr. Steve's Boombox.  That was when he was out cleaning the area around our graveyard; where Millie, Lucy and Blackie are buried.  Blinky's barking.                                       

     What a great song that band JOURNEY wrote!  Mr. Steve told us it's an "Anthem."  One time a friend of his named Chris explained to him why the song "structure" is kind of unique.      The main "Chorus" is actually sung only at the very end of the song I guess.  I smell Sage.            

    From what that guy Mr. Chris said, in Don't Stop Believing there are two "pre-chorus's and then one instrumental pre-chorus before that guy sings the words "don't stop believing."  Daisy   and I like the piano at the beginning and how the song starts slow and then builds up.                   

      Right now God I kind of feel inspired to finish my third book even though I feel bad thinking about Heathcliff dying.  The guitar on Don't Stop Believing is so great!  It makes me feel like it's  a prayer to You God.  Mr. Steve says it's "soaring" or "rousing" guitar.  We like it a lot.               

     Wow God!  I guess I might as well write about that band JOURNEY right now.  I was going to fit it in later anyway.  And I've already started it.  Mr. Steve knows about JOURNEY.  He met JOURNEY'S keyboard player Greg Rolie in 1972 when he was seventeen years old.                       

      Daisy says our boss has a vinyl record of JOURNEY'S first album.  She says the music on it is not like their later music.  Mr. Steve called it "Jazz-Fusion."  Like in other forms of music, he   likes Jazz better when it's heavier.  I can smell one of the new Spring Sage plants.                           

                                       RETURN TO FOREVER


Daisy says Mr. Steve has an album by this band from Los Angeles called RETURN TO FOREVER.  They play that Jazz-Fusion music.  Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time how      RETURN TO FOREVER'S drummer is really good.  Ah!  I can smell a Lizard nearby.                 

       Oh wow!  Charlie Company of Quail are coming in from the desert.  And they have babies!   I should run up front to tell Daisy.  And I can tell where I fit in JOURNEY too.  But, she'll see      them soon because I know they're going up front to eat the food Mr. Steve put out.                         




     Daisy told me our boss has two vinyl records from the 1970's by RETURN TO FOREVER.  Their guitar player named Al DiMeola is from New Jersey and I guess Mr. Steve thinks he's a      really talented guitar player.  He has Al DiMeola's album called "Elegant Gypsy."                         

      In my outline for this third and final book Dais has me scheduled to write about the "Roma" people later this afternoon.  I've been looking forward to it but now in thinking about Heathcliff  I'm not as enthusiastic as I was.  Roma is what Gypsy's call themselves I guess.                               

    A few years ago Mr. Steve met a guy from New Jersey who knew of Al DiMeola's hometown and said in 1981 Al DiMeola went up on stage and then played a concert with Frank Zappa.  As   I've mentioned, Mr. Steve's Niece Stephanie's boyfriend Rich is from New Jersey.                          

      When Mr. Steve met JOURNEY'S keyboard player Greg Rolie in 1972 he was still in that other band SANTANA.  I guess JOURNEY was formed in 1973 when Mr. Steve was in the 12th    Grade a year later.  I see a Lizard standing over there in the dirt near the big tree.                         


SANTANA (GREG ROLIE UPPER RIGHT)                               CARLOS SANTANA                                                                                                 

      In 1972 Mr. Steve and his friend met Greg Rolie because they were delivering a Hammond B3 organ at this place that was going to work on it.  Greg Rolie was there because they were also  repairing his Hammond B3 too.  He was a really friendly person Mr. Steve told us.                         

       Mr. Steve told us about the nice conversation he and his friend had with Greg Rolie.  He says Greg Rolie joked that if he had not been a musician he would've probably been an "Architect."    Mr. Steve thinks his mom and sister could've probably been good architects too.                             

       Another thing Mr. Steve remembers about talking with Greg Rolie is how they both liked the drumming of this guy named Ansley Dunbar.  He was from England and little did anyone know   at that time how just a few years later he would end up being JOURNEY'S drummer too.                        

                       FRANK ZAPPA                                                       ANSLEY DUNBAR                                                                                         

       A few years ago someone told Mr. Steve that in 1972 that drummer Ansley Dunbar was in Frank Zappa's band.  The caption under the picture of him in this Encyclopedia says hew was     right-handed and is shown holding his left drum stick in the more "traditional" manner.              

       Two Pigeons just flew in from being out in the desert behind the Sheds.  I'm pretty sure it's Fred and Ethel.  A cool, stiff breeze followed them in.  I'll bet they rode that wind in used to save energy in flying.  I can really smell Libby over there in her Corral right now.                                  



     A few years ago Mr. Steve met this British guy.  He told Mr. Steve that Ansley Dunbar tried out for Jimi Hendrix's band when Jimi Hendrix went over there to England.  And he did so good that Jimi Hendrix did a "Coin Flip" to decide which drummer to hire.  I smell Juniper.                

      I guess Greg Rolie liked the pedal system on that one organ Mr. Steve had brought in.  It was owned by a guy named Gabriel who Mr. Steve worked for at that time as a "Roadie."  There's a  picture of a Hammond B3 organ in my Encyclopedia.  That one Lizard is gone now.                      




     A Hammond B3 organ is really heavy Mr. Steve told us.  It's not that easy moving them all around.  You have to be so careful.  The picture shows it with a "Lesley" speaker.  Mr. Steve had to move those around too back then.  Lesley speakers are kind of heavy too I guess.                       

   Another thing that I'm scheduled to write about later today is how when Mr. Steve was    growing up in the suburb of Sylmar his friend Tim's mom played a Hammond B3 organ.  And     she had one of those wooden Lesley speakers too.  Mr. Steve told us they can be loud.                     

       Dais told me about this other JOURNEY song about a wheel up in the sky.  Someday I really want to hear it.  She thinks it's just as good as Don't Stop Believing.  That other Dog Millie liked  it when they heard it in Mr. Steve's Bedroom.  I hear some Wrens chirping right now.                   

      One time when Daisy and Millie were in Mr. Steve's Bedroom they saw him play along to this one JOURNEY song called "She Makes Me Feel Alright."  I guess it's sort of a Hard Rock song   she told me.  The drummer rhythmically taps the top of the big cymbal she noticed.                       

    Hey God!  Are You helping me to not think about Heathcliff by keeping me busy writing?  I think it's working because by writing about JOURNEY for a short time I forgot about good old   Heathcliff.  And Don't Stop Believing makes me feel what they call uplifted.                                    

       Dais told me that, in reality, there's no "Timetable" on my writing.  If I don't finish today it's not "the end of the world" as they say.  But she says, I should think like those Firemen who did their job when the World Trade Centers fell; even though they they had lost comrades.

       Hey You Guys!  I have a feeling I'm going to need Your help a little bit more today.  If You could, please try to make me not think about Heathcliff dying.  In looking at my outline for this third and last book I know I have a lot of work to do.  I can smell a Sage plant.

      Well God, like it or not we all have to die.  Because she's so old Dais has been thinking about "Mortality" already.  And now she's probably going to think about it a lot today as she guards up front.  Now she'll really live fully "in the present" as that one saying goes.

      Hey You Guys!  Now I'm going to try harder to live in the moment too.  I think over the last two days I've kind of been doing that.  And as I take in deep breaths of fresh morning air I think I understand that concept better now; especially with Heathcliff being dead. 

      As You Guys know, our Chief stays busy and tries to make every day productive because he's thought about how short life is.  Dais says he thinks living in the moment also takes your mind off of life's normal everyday stresses.  I'm going to do that too today You Guys!

        Boy You Guys, thinking about mortality really makes me appreciate what Heathcliff was to us and how he seemed young.  He had what they call "meaning" in his life; to tell everyone when the day starts.  I want to have meaning in my life to from now on.  I smell Sage.

      Mr. Steve says the meaning in his parents lives, and his Grandparents; was to try to make life better for their children.  And they succeeded in that to a large extent.  All of Mr. Steve's siblings have their own houses and that is due partly because of their parents efforts.

      There is no such thing as a life with no worries and stress Mr. Steve says.  But our lives have less pressure than most.  We have a house and land with enough food and water.  Even here in the United States, the richest country in history, there are more homeless now. 

      As I've mentioned before in my first two books, Mr. Steve's Grandparents were adults during the 1930's Great Depression.  I'm going to write more about it in a few minutes.  Life was really difficult and most people and Cats and Dogs were poor.  I hear a Crow cawing. 

      Having what they call a "Sense of Purpose" makes life worthwhile Mr. Steve says.  He first heard that from his parents and Sister Joanne Claire at Saint Ferdinands.  But he admits when you're young you don't think deeply.  I can smell some of the new flowers next door.

      Hey God! I think I want one of my purposes in life to be making learning appealing.  I know that's what Mr. Steve likes and I want to be like him so he'll like me.  Another purpose of mine gnow is to leave a record of our family for future generations.  I smell a new Sage. plant  

      Even though I feel bad about Heathcliff dying Dais is right God.   I'll just have to what they call "Hunker Down" and focus on the future; even though that is going to be so hard today after what has happened.  I'm still kind of in shock and thinking about old Heathcliff.      

        I don't know if it's just me but the Birds; especially the Sparrows, don't seem to be as happy this morning.  I hear a few of them singing but not as many as the last two mornings.  I wonder if Daisy is up front noticing this too?  Maybe all of the Birds know about Heathcliff?

     Even though today is Saturday and he doesn't have to make any phone calls unless he has or wants to Dais and I both noticed that Mr. Steve didn't do much yard work this morning.  And so far he hasn't opened up the front door so we can go in the Living Room to watch cartoons. 

      As I look all around here at such a beautiful sunny morning I keep feeling like I want to cry.  Hey God!  As You know, Daisy is now convinced You're sending me messages through our boss's Chinese fortune cookies.  Our four Pigeons are flying out into the eastern desert.  

      Last night Mr. Steve's Fortune Cookie said; "Life always gets harder near the summit."  And Dais and I now think You were sending us a message in that cookie God.  Today is sure going to be a lot harder to concentrate on my work.  A breeze just swept in from the desert.

      Hey You Guys!  I have a feeling I'm going to need some extra help today.  I really appreciate what You all have done for me in the last two days.  But today will probably be a little different.  Oh!  The Chimes above me are ringing.  And they're way louder than usual.

      According to my Dictionary the word "Axiom" means; "A statement universally accepted as true."  And I guess a "Maxim" is just another way of saying it.  At least that's what it says right here in my book of "Synonyms."  Boy! I hope Mr. Steve keeps eating fortune cookies.  

      Oh wow!  I just picked up the scent of some flowers.  Dais and I have been wondering when we'd smell our neighbor's flowers for the first time this year.  The ones I'm smelling right now are what they call "Oleanders."  Max and 99 the Hummingbirds will be happy.  

      Hey Blessed Virgin!  I can now also smell a Rosemary bush.  Is that You sending me a good sign for the day to encourage me?  I want to think it is.  Later on my outline for book three I'm scheduled to talk about that Roman Goddess Flora but I think I'll do it right now.




      Thank You Blessed Mother!  I feel like writing now even though I'm still kind of sad about Heathcliff dying.  Smelling those Oleanders and the Rosemary at exactly the same time makes me think about how Flora is the Goddess of Springtime and flowers too.

      My Encyclopedia says "floris" is Latin for "flowers" or "flourishing."  It says here that the Romans had a Spring festival every year called "Floralia"for the Goddess Flora and everyone had to wear bright-colored clothes.  I guess the ancient Greeks called Flora "Chloris."

      Daisy says one time Mr. Steve told her and Millie about how in 1985 he walked around the city of Rome on his own; apart from his Tour Group.  And one of the places he walked over to was an area where the Romans used to race Chariots called the "Circus Maximus."

      From what our Chief told Daisy and Millie historians know that one of Flora's two temples in Rome was located near the Circus Maximus.  But I guess to this day no one has been able to find out where it was exactly.  Hey Blessed Mother!  We should set up a temple for You! 

     Smelling those Oleander bushes next door makes me think about how Mr. Steve has such bad skin.  A few years ago when they did what are called "Blood Tests" on him they found out that he's "allergic" to many things; like Oleander flowers, peanuts and strawberries too. 

      Many people are allergic to egg "Yolks" our boss says.  But he was told by the Doctors that he's one of the rare people who's allergic to egg "Whites."  But he knows from experience that he can eat eggs and peanuts in moderation; as long as he doesn't "overdue it" as they say.

      Every day Mr. Steve starts the day by eating two toasted slices of bread and drinking a glass of Fruit juice. He also takes those things called "Vitamins" at the same time.  If he's out of bread then he has a "tortilla."  But he doesn't eat eggs every day because he can't.

      There's nothing our Chief likes better than eating eggs the way his mom makes them.  And her thick "fluffy" tortillas are so good.  So he only has this breakfast when he goes down to the Valley every week or so.  But he can never eat even one strawberry or his skin will 

       When they first told Mr. Steve that he was allergic to Oleander bushes it "dawned on him" why his skin used to "break out" so much and itch when he lived down there on Hagar Street in Sylmar.  He was always doing yard work and cleaning up Oleander flowers.

      One time when he was living on Hagar Street this neighborhood kid named Michael called Mr. Steve and was all excited.  He said; "Mr. Steve!  I was doing one of my chores out there in the yard and had to clean up all of the dead pink and white Oleander flowers."   

      Then that boy Michael said; "You know how you told me and my sister that many things in life are dual in nature and with good comes bad and vice versa?"  When Mr. Steve said "yes" he responded really excitedly; "Well that's exactly how Oleander bushes are!"

      I guess that one boy Michael had noticed how the more flowers there were on the bushes the more there was to clean after they dropped off and had to be swept up.  So Mr. Steve told him;    "Yeh, that's right.  If you want to have the good then you've got to accept the bad too."                 

       Boy Blessed Mother, maybe it will be today that we smell our neighbors Roses for the first time this year too?  Oh my God!  I just thought of something.  Maybe smelling those Oleanders is Heathcliff sending us a present from up there with You in Heaven! 

      Ah!  A breeze came in from out in the eastern desert behind our three Sheds.  I again smell the faint scent of one of the new Rosemary plants I've been smelling for the last two days. Boy, I sure do hope that it's You Blessed Virgin, or Heathcliff, sending us a sign not to be sad.

      Dais is right.  I think we're all still kind of in shock.  I know I sure am.  I really don't feel like writing today but somehow I just have a feeling I need to at least try anyway.  Daisy thinks that I should write this third book in honor of Heathcliff.  I can't believe this has happened.


       I feel down and I'm not really "into it" as they say.  But Daisy made a good suggestion. I was already going to write a lot about some of the people in Mr. Steve's life who have died.  But now I think I'll also dedicate this third and final book to  Heathcliff!  I smell a Gopher.

      Boy, I sure do hope one of the Hens will give birth to another Heathcliff.  Then he'll be called Heathcliff III.  Well, there goes Fanny and Freddie flying past.  Just seeing them makes me feel a little better.  Oh!  There goes Able Company with all of their new babies. 

      Things are not going to be the same around here.  It was so sad when Molly the Mule died but this is even worse.  Heathcliff's voice had become almost as important to all three of us as the Sun coming up!  Tomorrow morning will be interesting.  A Wren is singing.

      Yup!  That's what I'm going to do alright. This third and last book will now be be dedicated to those who've died like Mr. Steve's Grandparents, sister Celina, Steve Banks and Mark Ritter.  But now I'll also work today for Heathcliff, Molly and his past Cats and Dogs too!

     Even though Dais and I are sad we're going to try to get a lot done today.  But it's going to be hard.  What a coincidence that I was thinking yesterday about what that worker Esteban said when he was here; "Querer es poder" means; "When there's a will there's a way."  

      So now, because I'm thinking about what our Chief calls "Mortality," it's going to affect my writing.  Boy Lord, I sure do hope Heathcliff is up there with You in Heaven!  Daisy and I really want to believe that we'll see him again someday up there with all of You Guys.

      Daisy reassured me that in her opinion Heathcliff's probably up in Heaven.  He always did his job well she said.  When she told me that I suddenly felt, even thought my heart is not really "into it," I have to convince myself to just "carry on."  I smell the Gopher again.

       Well God, I guess Daisy's right.  "From here on in" as they say, we're just going to have to add Heathcliff to our list of others we pray for.  From now on we'll think of Heathcliff just like     we think of Molly the Mule when we say our nightly prayers.  I hear a Crow cawing.                     

       God?  Some people say that praying is dumb.  But I don't care.   Like Mr. Steve said, it may not do any good but it just seems like praying makes you feel better when things are so difficult.   Everyone needs a "boost" sometimes he told us.  The Gopher's now gone.                                          


     Dais says one time Mr. Steve told her and that other Dog Millie about an episode of the tv show The Waltons.   When the oldest daughter was depressed her mother told her she felt "the     load was a little lighter" when she prayed.  We totally agree with that statement.                            

        Hey God!  As You know, my favorite prayer is the Hail Mary.  Daisy too.  I've already said a few of them today and I'll bet Daisy has too.  I have a feeling today is going to be different from    the last two days because of Heathcliff dying.  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye right now.                    


          Mr. Steve is so lucky God!  As I wrote about on Saturday in book one, in 1985 he got to see in person the Sistine Chapel in Rome.  My Encyclopedia has a good picture showing how that guy Michelangelo painted the moment when You gave "the spark of life" to Adam.

         Hey God!  Starting tonight I'm going to say one more Hail Mary for Heathcliff.  And I'll do the same saying an extra "Our Father" for him too.  I might even say more than one.  Daisy's planning on doing the same.  Our Father is another name for The Lord's Prayer. 

        Wow!  All of a sudden the Sun got brighter just above the eastern horizon.  That reminds me of last year at this exact same time of year.  All of a sudden I'm having one of those Déjà Vu moments I've been having for the last three days.  I hear the Ducks next door.

       Hey You Guys, thank You for the new day.  At least the baby Birds in the nest above me are still here.  They just started chirping for food.  I wonder if those little Birds noticed this morning how Heathcliff wasn't announcing a new day today?  I can smell a Cholla cactus.

      I'll bet everyone around here notices Heathcliff missing!  As Mr. Steve said when Molly the Mule died; "Sadly, life goes on and doesn't stop for anyone." And  that's why I shouldn't waste the day.  I'll do it for good old Heathcliff!  Oh my God!  I see a big Rattlesnake!



      The Rattlesnake is right in front of Moe the Shed.  It's not rattling it's tail but is sticking it's tongue out to taste the air.  Oh wow!  From the rear, a  little Squirrel just ran under Manny the far right Shed.  It doesn't know that the Rattlesnake is so close bye.

      Oh no!  The Rattlesnake just turned around and I'll bet it picked up the scent of that Ground Squirrel.  Yup!   That Rattlesnake is crawling under Manny.   Fannie and Freddie just landed on top of Manny.  I wonder if they know what's happening below them?

      Well, a loud squeek just came out from under Manny so that means the Rattlesnake bit that poor Squirrel.  And now I just saw the Squirrel bolt out from under Manny and run into the desert to the east.  But it's no use because a Rattlesnake's venom works slowly.

      That Squirrel probably thinks it got away but in a few minutes the Rattlesnake's venom will "kick in" as they say.  This seems like it would be a really good example of that saying Mr. Steve one time told Daisy and that other Dog Millie; "you can run, but you can't hide."

      Oh boy!  There goes that Rattlesnake following the Squirrel who tried to escape.  It will now follow the Squirrel's scent and then eat the Squirrel wherever it happens to die.  I just noticed a  dark gray Lizard standing on one of the rocks around the bottom of the big tree.

      According to this one Encyclopedia the world's biggest Lizard is called a "Komodo Dragon" because it mainly lives only on one island in Indonesia called "Komodo."  Like the Rattlesnake I guess it also has poisonous venom which slowly kills its prey.  A Crow just cawed faintly.



      This picture in my Encyclopedia is so amazing!  A Komodo Dragon looks scary.  I'd sure hate to run into one.  Luckily, we don't have any Komodo Dragons up here in the desert.  This picture shows how they use their tongue to taste particles of air like Rattlesnakes do.

      Mr. Steve's friend Mark Ritter knew a lot about Reptiles and Amphibians.  And he was very interested in the Komodo Dragon.  Wow!  The caption under the picture says Komodo Dragons get up to ten feet long and weigh two hundred pounds!  That Lizard ran off.

      This is interesting.  It says here the first Komodo Dragon wasn't discovered by the Western World until 1910!  Before that it says here, there were rumors of "land Crocodiles" on some of the islands of Indonesia.  That Lizard just ran away to the north side of the house.

      When Mr. Steve's friend Mark Ritter went to Arizona he thought it was only going to be for a short time.  So he left our Chief with a Gila Monster to "take care of" until he came back.  But he liked Arizona so much he never came back.  So Mr. Steve "inherited" a Gila Monster.

       One time when Mr. Steve's mother was in College at C.S.U.N. she had a painting assignment which required her to use two "overlapping" images which "on closer inspection" turned out to be something "other than what was seemingly depicted."  Our boss gave her an idea.


                                                                                                                                        PAINTINGS BY STELLA CÓRDOVA


          Mr. Steve has two of his mom's paintings hanging on the south wall of the area going into the Kitchen.  Both were done for his mom's painting assignment.  Each, on closer inspection, turns out to be something other than what you first thought it was.  I hear Pigeons cooing.

       In the first painting Mr. Steve had taken a "Close-Up" picture of his friend Mr. Doug, who also had a Gila Monster, holding his Gila Monster in his hand.  He also had another photograph of a Marine Iguana taken by their friend Mark Ritter in the Galapagos Islands.

      Our Chief's mom used those two photos as guides in doing her painting project; which had to be two separate paintings.  In that first painting she portrayed a close-up image of Mr. Steve's Gila Monster in Mr. Doug's hand.  It's very what they call "detailed."  I like it. 

      In the background of the first painting Mr. Steve's mother took away what was in the photo and substituted a "primeval" or "primordial" background.  This made the Gila Monster look like a big Dinosaur; until you look close and see that it's actually just a smaller Lizard.

      In the second painting of the assignment Mr. Steve's mom had the Iguana sitting on a rock in the "foreground."  Again, the Iguana, like the Gila Monster in the first painting, is portrayed in great detail.  And if you then look closer you notice far below a boat sailing bye.

      In the second painting's background there's a Naval "Destroyer" far below down there in the water.  Looking closer you realize that the small boat is actually a big warship.  That Destroyer was an image taken from a newspaper photo our Chief gave to his mother.  

      Both paintings are now hanging on the wall of our main Dining Room.  If I look to my right I see our second Dining Room between the Kitchen and this Patio; on the other side of the sliding glass door.  Oh!  I just picked up the smell of a Lizard somewhere around here.

         It's illegal to keep Gila Monsters because they're so rare.  Mr. Steve kept that Gila Monster inside a big glass one hundred gallon Fish tank for six years; until if died.  That Fish tank is here on the Patio; to my left on the other side of the Encyclopedias and legal research books. 

      During the time when Mr. Steve had that Gila Monster the neighborhood kids were "Sworn to Silence" as they say.  When they would go with with Mr. Steve to buy "Feeder" Mice for the Gila Monster to eat they even became very "protective."  I smell a new Sage plant.

      One time when this  guy at the Pet Shop asked what the Mice were for this eleven year old kid name Michael said; "Why?  What's it to you?"  Mr. Steve said really fast; "They're just for some Gopher Snakes.  The worker nodded.  To this day our boss chuckles about that.

      Well. according to my outline the next thing I want to read and then write about is a Spanish King named Ferdinand III.   My Encyclopedia says in 1671 he was what they call "Canonized."  That means he was made a Saint.  But he actually lived back in the 13th century.                                                                                                                                      KING FERDINAND III

                                                                     PAINTING BY STELLA CÓRDOVA


       I mentioned the painting Mr. Steve's mom did of King Ferdinand on Thursday in book one. It's hanging in our house right near the entrance to the Kitchen; near the front Dining Room.  It's about ten feet tall and as I wrote in book one, Mr. Steve's mother used his face.  

       Those two paintings of the Lizards that Mr. Steve's mom did are on the wall to the left of the King Ferdinand painting.  Like some of the other paintings in the house, that painting of Saint Ferdinand III was part of Mr. Steve and his mom's different Art Exhibits.

      Sometimes we watch cartoons on Saturday mornings.  But probably not today so I won't see the Lizard paintings and King Ferdinand.  When I first saw King Ferdinand the face looked so familiar.  Dais then told me Mr. Steve's mother used our boss's face in the image.

      Dais told me Mr. Steve once joked to her and Millie how that painting of King Ferdinand was what they call a "Vanity" project.  His mother just decided to put his face on King Ferdinand's body because she felt like it.  Daisy says that was Millie's favorite painting.

      This is interesting.  From what it says here in my Encyclopedia King Ferdinand was called "Fernando el Santo" and "San Fernando Rey" in Spanish.  That means "Ferdinand the Saint" and "Saint Ferdinand King."  He fought the Muslim Moors for many years.


                                                     KING FERDINAND III (1199?-1252)


       There's a good painting in this Encyclopedia that shows the real King Ferdinand III and he had a gray beard.  Mr. Steve used to have a full beard too and Dais and I have noticed his goatee getting grayer.  I can hear some Pigeons cooing above me; up on the Patio roof. 

       Well, just like Mr. Steve told us, not only was the San Fernando Mission named after King Ferdinand III; but so was the San Fernando Valley and city of San Fernando.  From what it says here in this Encyclopedia King Ferdinand won a lot of battles against Muslim Moors. 

      Yesterday I wrote about our Chief's articles about that man Mr. Espinoza; who survived the  Bataan Death March.  And I mentioned how the Philippine city the prisoners were marched to was called San Fernando.  The Pigeons are now flying out into the eastern desert. 

       Just like there are a lot of towns and cities named Córdova, there are a few towns with King Ferdinand's name too.  That would be so great to actually have a street or city named after you.  Then others would always remember you.  I can smell a new Spring Juniper plant.           

        Oh my God!  A Crow just landed on Jack the big Shed.  And I can tell from here it's new around here.  I wonder if it's Heathcliff in a Crow body?  That Crow is looking right at me right now.  Wait until Daisy hears about this!  I kind of feel like going to tell her!

        Ah!  I just noticed a Black Widow Spider over there and now I see one of those Bugs called "Praying Mantis" near the tree.  I wonder if it eats Black Widows. I know for sure it eats other types of Spiders.  Praying Mantis' are kind of scary.  That new Crow just flew away.



            I wonder who would win in a fight between a Black Widow and a Praying Mantis?  It would be a good match I thinks.  I think if the Praying Mantis used the spikes on its arms to hold that Black Widow it could then bite a hole in the head.  But Black Widows have poison.

          Oh!  This is interesting.  This Encyclopedia says Praying Mantis' are Connecticut's "State Insects."  As I've mentioned a few times, Mr. Steve's sister Susan lives back there in Connecticut with her two boys.  I guess Mr. Steve still has a few customers in Connecticut.  

      According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, Praying Mantis' get their name because of the way they hold their arms when waiting to "ambush" their "prey."  They do kind of look like they're praying when they stand straight up and down without moving.

      From what it says here in my Encyclopedia "Mantis" is Greek for "Seer" or "Prophet."  So I wonder if those girl Oracles at Delphi in ancient Greece would be called Mantis?  Boy!  I sure do wish I could go talk to a Sybil right now.  I'd really like to know about our future.  

      That Rattlesnake and this Praying Mantis are the first ones I've seen this year.  If this year is anything like last year then pretty soon we'll start seeing and smelling Scorpions too.  Aha!  I see a little Bunny Rabbit near the big tree.  I just knew that I was being watched. 

      It's so incredible how Praying Mantis's can stay so still just waiting to ambush some food to eat.  But when something like another Bug comes within range they "spring into action" as they say.  Blackbeard and Anne the Crows just flew bye.  The sky is so blue right now. 

      Wow!  This is interesting.  I guess there are over two thousand types of Praying Mantis in the world and some of them will even eat other Praying Mantis if they're hungry.  Looking around I do see some other Bugs flying about.  And I just noticed a Crow flying bye.

      Dais told me one time her and Millie saw a Praying Mantis turn his head all the way around so he could look over his shoulder.  It says here some Praying Mantis can get up to seven inches long!  It looks like Blackbeard and Anne just flew back in from the eastern desert.

      One time Dais pointed out to me how the "forearms" of the Praying Mantis have sharp little spikes. Once they grab their prey those spikes act like hooks so it's hard to get away. Dais saw a Praying Mantis catch a Bug right out of mid-air one; just like how Cats catch Birds! 

     Writing about Praying Mantis' was not on my outline but I just added it in.  That one Praying Mantis hasn't moved even a little bit since I've been looking at it from over here.  It just kind of blends in with those leaves all around it.  I see that the Black Widow is gone now.

      I just saw that Rattlesnake crawl out into the desert to the east; beyond the three Sheds.  That Squirrel is as good as dead.  The Rattlesnake will just follow him until he dies.  Mr. Steve told us  that, like Sharks, if a Rattlesnake breaks off a tooth another one will just grow back in.

      According to my Encyclopedia Rattlesnakes "bear live young" who already have venom in their their fangs when they're born.  I guess the rattles are parts of "old skin" Rattlesnakes shed every year.  Fannie and Freddie just lifted off and are flying out into the eastern desert.  

      Well, Mr. Steve was right.  He told Daisy and Millie one time that all Rattlesnakes can detect another animal's heat from a distance.  And the reason why they flick out their tongues is so that they can catch many of the "particles" of scent that float around out in the air.   

      As I look at my book three outline I just can't stop thinking about what's called "Mortality."  But, I'll just have to "get on with it" as they say.  I'll make a quick sign of the cross and here I go.  I'll need You Guys to watch over me again today.  Oh!  And you too Stanley. 

     In this third book I plan on doing like I did in my first two books.  I'll write about history and music.  And I'll keep writing about Mr. Steve's family and also capable females from the past but it's going to be much harder to keep my focus.  But I'll just go ahead and do it anyway. 

     Just like my first two books I'm going to try to write about our boss's life.  So I'll again write about people he's known.  And, because Mr. Steve thinks they're so important, a big part of this last book will be the 16th century and the two world wars of the 20th century.  

      Hey!  That Praying Mantis isn't over there anymore.   And now the Birds are singing the way they usually do.  Maybe they had a "moment of silence" for Heathcliff?  There's  a lot of happy chirping now.  That makes me feel a little better.  Thank You Guys for that.

      This will be my last book so it has to be good.  I just noticed a line of Ants going bye below me.  And a few minutes ago I saw a big Scorpion duck under one of the rocks around the tree.  Life goes on as usual. I can smell, hear and see so much life going on around me.

      I mentioned in my fist book on Thursday why my Trilogy is named after a quote by that guy  from France named René Descartes.  And now with Heathcliff gone I'm suddenly thinking about him even more.  "I think, therefore I am."  Mr. Steve thinks that idea is so important.  


                                                                             RENÉ  DESCARTES (1597-1650)  


        According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, that man "Descartes" is now called the "Father of modern western philosophy."  Dais says that's why our Chief knows about him.  She says Mr. Steve says he was good in many things but was really good in Math.

      In French the title of my three books, "I think, therefore I am," would be "Jepense, donc je suis."  Daisy told me Mr. Steve said another version of Descartes' saying would be "I'm thinking, therefore I exist.  I just noticed a line of little Grease Ants streaming bye below me.

      Hey God!  My Encyclopedia says Descartes was like our Chief; a "Skeptic" with a "Deistic" view of You.  As I've mentioned before, Mr. Steve thinks You created everything but then have taken no part in the world after that; with maybe a few exceptions. 

       Dais is so right!  We have a lot of reasons why we like and now need to pray.  But one of the reasons we pray to You God is so maybe You might possibly help us someday in an emergency.  But if don't that's okay too.  As Dais says, we've already had pretty good lives.

      Oh!  This is sad.  Descartes' mother died in childbirth when he was about one year old.  And the baby died too.  From what Mr. Steve has told Daisy and me, up until the second half of the 20th century it was pretty common for females to die having babies.  A Crow cawed.

      Mr. Steve's mother has told him how a number of women in the Trujillo and Córdova history have died giving birth.  The Doctors now have much better knowledge and equipment than they did one hundred years ago he told Dais and myself.  I smell a new Spring Sage plant.

      Today, justifiably, people have confidence that babies can be born and it is not unrealistic to expect the mother should survive too.  At least that's what Mr. Steve told us.  But even now there are times when things go badly wrong.  Nothing is guaranteed in life he thinks.   

      It says here that René Descartes used a "mathematical method" for discussing philosophical questions.  I guess he was important in developing "Geometry" and "Algebra" too. Those things called  "Equations" are his inventions.  A cool breeze just blew in from the desert.

      This is interesting God.  Descartes was a Military Engineer in the Dutch Army when one time he had a vision just like the visions the Emperor Constantine, Prophet Muhammad and Joseph Smith had.  Hey Blessed Mother.  As You know, I'd sure like to have a vision. 

      Hey God!  Descartes said in his vision You came down here and showed him how math could be used in philosophy.  Mr. Steve thinks that sometimes You Guys might be telling us things by showing up in our dreams.  So now Dais and I want to believe that too!

      It says here in this one Encyclopedia that Descartes shifted what they call the "philosophical focus" of debate from "What is true?" to "Of what can I be certain."  Oh!  A new baby Ground Squirrel is looking at me!  I knew someone was looking at me.  I smell the Squirrel.

     Well. as I expected, that Squirrel just darted off.  It better be careful because in the next few months it could be food for others.  I wonder how Squirrel tastes?  I would not want to eat our Squirrels  but what if I were starving to death?  I wouldn't eat the fur though.


    FRANCIS BACON (1561-1626)                      JOHN LOCKE (1632-1704)        

                                          PAINTING BY FRANS POURBUS                                                                                     PAINTING BY GODFREY KNELLER


          Now I need to look up this man from England named John Locke.  I was originally going to write about him yesterday when I talked about the American Founding Fathers.  But  Daisy thought it would be better here because John Locke was influenced by Descartes too.

       This Encyclopedia says John Locke is now called the "Father of Liberalism."  He was the first British "Empiricist in the tradition of Sir Francis Bacon."  As I've mentioned before, John Locke influenced Thomas Jefferson in writing the Declaration of Independence. 

       I guess to be an Empiricist means you believe in science and watch or "observe" things and takes notes.  At least that's what Mr. Steve told Daisy one time.  Oh! I just noticed how that guy Francis Bacon died on April the 9th; Mr. Steve's former girlfriend Emily's birthday.

      Many months ago Daisy and I started putting together my three outlines.  We had put John Locke's idea about "Tabula Rasa" in book one.  But I totally missed it so now I kind of have to stick it in here Daisy says.  That's okay.  It kind of fits in here too.  I smell new Sage.

       Hey God!  Tabla Rasa is Latin for "Blank Slate" and is what everyone is born with.  That's what John Locke said and as You know both Dais and I kind of want to believe that.  I really do want to write a good slate and make others proud.  And with You Guys help I'll do it too.     

       Well, back to Rene Descartes God!  As You know of course, his idea that human "Reason" is "autonomous" from You influenced the later 18th century "Enlightenment" thinkers like John Locke, who then made such a big impression on the American Founding Fathers.

       This is interesting.  My Encyclopedia says Rene Descartes himself was influenced by that one Italian man "Galileo."  I guess Galileo was over thirty years old when Descartes was born.  They were both really smart in math.  I can smell that old Joshua tree behind Manny.


                                                  GALILEO GALILEI (1564-1642)


        In my Encyclopedia it says that guy Galileo was one of the first people to ever build his own "Telescopes" so he could look closer at the Moon, Stars and other Planets.  Some people up here in our area use telescopes to do that too.  Ah!  I smell a Lizard around here.

      Just before Galileo's era a German named Nicolaus Copernicus said the Earth "revolves" around the Sun and not the other way around as Aristotle and the Bible said.  And by looking closer at the night skies Galileo then knew for sure that Copernicus had been right.


                                               NICOLAUS COPERNICUS (1473-1543)


        My Encyclopedia says Copernicus was Prussian German. As I mentioned yesterday, he was born on on February the 19th which is Mr. Steve's former girlfriend Harriet's birthday.  And he died on May 24 which is our boss's parents' marriage anniversary.  I smell Sage.      

       Hey God!  As You know Copernicus spoke five languages.  In the 16th century there were no telescopes but he still figured out Your "Heliocentric" system in which all of the planets "orbit" around the Sun.  Aha!  I just saw the Lizard walking slowly to go under Moe.

       The area where Copernicus grew up in late 1400's is now called "Poland."  But in those days it was "Prussia."  Later today I'll discuss 1939 and the beginning of World War II.  That region was very important in 1939 because of this one port city called "Danzig." 

       Obviously Copernicus was good at math just like Descartes and Galileo.  It says here that he studied the ideas of ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle.  He was one of the most important Renaissance thinkers according to what it says here in this Encyclopedia.  I smell Sage.

       Hey God!  That man Copernicus said he didn't discover that the planets revolved around the Sun in Your "Solar System."  He admitted the first one to describe this was a man from ancient Greece named "Pythagoras."  A Thrasher Bird just ran bye in front of Jack.


                                                         PYTHAGORAS (570-495 B.C.)


      This is interesting.  It says here in my Encyclopedia that Pythagoras was the first "known" person to really "put his mind" to math.  I guess Copernicus, Descartes, Galileo, Isaac Newton and finally Einstein all used the Pythagoras' ideas as a foundation for their work.  

      The historian Herodotus wrote about Pythagoras.  He said he was born on this island called "Samos" and his students were called "Pythagorians."  It says here Pythagoras really influenced Aristotle and later Plato.  He was one of the first to say that the Earth is round. 

      According to this Encyclopedia Pythagoras was one of the first persons to think about music notes in mathematical terms.  He thought about it by noticing the different sounds anvils made when Blacksmiths used different sized hammers to pound and shape metal on them.

      Oh!  This is kind of interesting.  It says here in this Encyclopedia that, just like that one man Nikola Tesla a thousand years later, Pythagoras believed the the number 3 was one of the "keys" to understanding the mysteries of the Universe.  I smell a Ground Squirrel.

      I guess Pythagoras is now "associated" with a three-sided Triangle.  He got some of his ideas about the number 3 from ancient Egypt and the Pyramids at Giza.  And he was one of the first to talk about or describe physical things in terms of "height, width and depth." 

      My Encyclopedia says Pythagoras is known for developing the math equation "A2xB2=C2" and using "1+2=3" in some of his theories.  Boy, math seems like it would be hard to learn.  Mr. Steve admits he's never been good at math.  I just noticed the Squirrel over there.

      According to my outline the next thing I'm scheduled to write about is the concept of "Zero." I was originally going to learn about it yesterday in book two.  But Daisy thought it would be as good here when I wrote about people like Galileo, Descartes and Pythagorus.



      Mr. Steve told us his father is really good at math.  And his Grandma Trujillo, who only went to 4th Grade; was also a good mathematician too he says.   He himself admits he was lucky his friend Tom in High School helped him pass Algebra and Geometry.  Math seems hard.

      Over the years our Chief has helped kids prepare to take "Aptitude" tests like the "S.A.T." before College or the "C.B.E.S.T." to be a teacher here in California.  He himself did well on both of those tests.  But on the math sections he just "leaves that to others" to help them.  

       In this Encyclopedia it says that a "Number" means "How many?  When civilization first developed people needed to "keep track" of things.  So the first "Numerical Systems," especially with large numbers; was created.  But they needed a number to represent "Nothing."

       I guess Numerical Systems were developed in India, Mesopotamia and Mexico and Central America.  But the first known written system is the one the Babylonians developed way back in about 2000 B.C.  So then everyone had to create the idea of a zero.  I smell new Creosote.



        Oh!  This is interesting.  It says here that because 0 at times can be confused with a capital O; a "slash" or "dot" can be added to make it more clear.  Wow!  I've never seen that yet.  Zero is really important in what they call a "Place-Value" numerical system.

        In a Place-Value system the "Value" of each number depends on its "Place."  The number 333 means there are three hundreds, three tens and three ones.  I guess Place-Value systems make it a lot easier to understand big numbers.  I smell a Ground Squirrel nearby.

        I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  If he doesn't he'll be interested to know the "symbol" for zero we use today was created in the Middle East eleven hundred years ago.  I guess the ancient Babylonians used "spaces" between the numbers to indicate "nothing."  

        Mr. Steve met a man from India who said he thought one of the first uses of a "numeral" to indicate zero was in India; in about 500 A.D.  That was about fifteen hundred years ago.  I just noticed a little Ground Squirrel over there; peeking out form underneath Manny. 

         According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, there were people like the Mayans from Mexico and Central America who were using something like zero more than two thousand years ago.  Wow!  That's even older than the zero used over there in India. 

        My Encyclopedia says zero is neither a "Positive" or a "Negative" number but is an "Even" number.  Any number multiplied by zero equals zero.  Zero is the only "Whole" number that is not positive.  Boy!  Math sounds like kind of hard.  I can smell that Squirrel.  

        This is kind of interesting.  According to this Encyclopedia, other words that can be used in English to indicate what zero means are "Aught" and Cypher."  I guess the symbol for zero that everyone uses nowadays was first created in the Middle East about 900 A.D.     

        Oh! I just noticed that I have a little bit more to write about that guy Galileo.  I'll just do it now instead.  By agreeing with Copernicus' idea about the Planets' movements Galileo got in big trouble with the Catholic Church in Italy.  The Squirrel ran into the desert.

        Daisy told me our boss has a book about Galileo and his two daughters who were Nuns.  He sometimes reads it when he uses the Bedroom Bathroom.  Mr. Steve has used "Microscopes" and some of those long "Telescopes" too.  He has three sets of binoculars Dais says.

       Hey God!  Everyone now knows that down here on Earth we're revolving around the Sun.  But back in the 16th century almost everyone believed the Sun "rose" and "set."  So that guy Galileo had to go along with it.  Those were the days of the Inquisition.

       According to this Encyclopedia, that man Isaac Newton, who lived a few decades afterward; studied Descartes' math in order to come up with some of his own ideas.   And it says here that he improved on Galileo's telescope.  I hear a Train whistling faintly to my left.


                                                       ISAAC NEWTON (1643-1727)


      That guy Isaac Newton, who was a Scientist but also what they call a "Mystic," must've been really smart.  It says here he made discoveries about the "nature of light and color."  And I guess he was the first one ever to prove that sunlight is really just a mixture of all the colors. 

      Isaac Newton invented this type of math called "Calculus."  Dais says one time our Chief told her and Millie that Calculus is a very hard to understand form of math.  But then again he jokes, he barely passed Algebra and Geometry in High School.  I just smelled a Sage bush.

     It says here that Isaac Newton's ideas about "Gravity" and how the Universe operated were accepted as true for about three hundred years until the beginning of the 20th century and that guy Albert Einstein added to them.  A cool breeze just came in from the desert to the east.

      This is interesting.  Isaac Newton later admitted that he thought about gravity not because an Apple hit him on the head but because he saw an Apple fall to the ground from a tree. I guess he, like Albert Einstein, was an average student when he was younger.  I smell Creosote.

       My Encyclopedia says Isaac Newton didn't really care about what others thought about how he looked.  He wore wrinkled clothes and liked wigs because then he didn't have to think about his messy hair.  Hey!  Albert Einstein didn't care about his appearance either.

      It says here that the older he got the less Isaac Newton liked being around others. He became more "withdrawn" and "recoiled from social interaction." Daisy has noticed that our boss keeps to himself a lot more now and is not nearly as "outgoing" as he used to be.

      I'll bet our Chief knows about Isaac Newton's three "Laws of Motion." The first; "an object at rest will stay at rest unless an outside force is applied to it.  An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force."  I smell a Field Mouse around here.

      Newton's second law of motion is that';"Acceleration is produced when a force acts upon an object.  And the greater the mass of an object, the greater the force needed to accelerate it."  I can see a lot of Birds flying around out in the desert to the east; behind our three Sheds.

      Isaac Newton's third law of motion is that; "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."  I just noticed that up high in the light blue sky are two white vapor trails.  They're probably from Jets based at Edwards Air Force Base.  Oh!  I just noticed the Mouse.

    This is interesting.  In 1705 Queen Anne ruled England and "Knighted" Isaac Newton for his discoveries.  In 1727 when he died he was the first "Commoner" ever buried at "Westminster         Abbey."  One of Blackbeard the Pirate's Ships was named "Queen Anne's Revenge."                 


                                                           QUEEN ANNE (1665-1714)



     My Encyclopedia says Queen Anne not only ruled over England, but Ireland and Scotland too; or "Great Britain."  This is sad.  None of Queen Anne's children survived.  Jonathon Swift lived during the time of Queen Anne.  That one Field Mouse just ran away. 

     In a few months it will be really hot but sitting here on this couch now and looking to the east beyond Manny, Moe and Jack the view of the desert is beautiful.  The Cholla cactus seem even brighter today.  A lot of Birds are chirping and singing away all around me. 

      Last night I made a decision.  More and more Dais calls Mr. Steve our "Chief" and for some reason it just sounds even more right to me today.  After all, he is kind of like our General who leads us.  Sometimes he reminds me of a Native American Chief like Tecumseh.     

     Mr. Steve jokes that the three of us live on our own little two acre what they call "Oasis."  The road that runs in front of our house is "Oasis" Road.   That lady Miss Susan, who ran the local Newspaper; thought at one time there might have been a real oasis near us.

      According to my Dictionary the definition of "oasis" is; "A fertile place in a desert, due to the presence of water."  As I've mentioned before, for the last few years California has been in one of those droughts.  Later today I'll write about a man named William Mulholland.

       Yesterday I wrote about the time when Mr. Steve and his Tour Group visited that town in Israel called Jericho.  That was where he and his sisters Celina and Susan rode Camels.  And as I mentioned, Jericho really is an oasis.  I'd like to smell a real oasis someday. 

       Daisy told me about this one really good band from England called OASIS.  One time she and Millie were in our Chief's Bedroom and saw a tv show about them.  Mr. Steve had never heard their music before that one show.  Ah!  I can smell some of the Oleanders again.




         Daisy says our Chief, based on the songs they heard on that tv show tv; thought that band OASIS reminded him of the BEATLES and at other times the KINKS.  Dais thinks I would like that band OASIS.  I just picked up the faint scent of that old Creosote bush.

      Two bothers are in OASIS; "Liam" and "Noel" Gallagher.  But I guess they're not related to that guy Rory Gallagher.  Mr. Steve says unlike SPARKS or the sisters in HEART, the Gallagher brothers do not "get along."  So OASIS broke up.  That Centipede is walking bye.


THE KINKS                                                                 VAN HALEN


         Later today I'll write about this one band from Pasadena called VAN HALEN.  The guitarist is named Eddie Van Halen and Alex is the drummer.  They seem to get along pretty well our boss says.  Eddie Van Halen is about seven months older than Mr. Steve.  I smell Sage. 

     Mr. Steve thinks that there are a few what they call "parallels" between the KINKS and VAN HALEN; even though they're from two different eras and two different countries.  Both seem to have been influenced by that one early 1960's Surf Rock band the VENTURES.


                                                                     THE VENTURES


      I'm so tempted to write about that band VAN HALEN right now but I better just wait until later this afternoon as planned.  But I will mention that Ray and Dave Davies and Alex and Van Halen liked the VENTURES even though there was no singing in their songs.

      Ray and Dave Davies of the KINKS often "quarreled."  Mr. Steve told us that guy Randy Bachman had to fire a brother one time.  Mr. Steve thinks it's normal for brothers to sometimes argue and disagree.  He and his brothers do.  I can hear the Ducks next door.

      The music of the VENTURES has also been a part of Mr. Steve's life.  He drew their logo as a ten year old kid and tried to learn the solo on the song "Wipe Out."  He wasn't really a success at doing that he admits.  Dais says the VENTURES have a good song about Hawaii.

    My Dictionary says "Oasis" is defined as; "a fertile place in a desert."  As I look to the east toward the Sun hanging over our back half acre I'm grateful for our little oasis.  It's so good to be alive.  Our neighbor's quacking Ducks next door make me feel better.

    Boy, what are we going to do?  No more Heathcliff to help wake us all up.  I'm sure our boss will figure something out; that's what Dais thinks. Well, I guess we're just going to have to wake ourselves up now; like the way Daisy told me Mr. Steve does on most days.   

    Now the Sparrows in the back half acre are really singing happily.  Daisy suggested I dedicate this third book to Heathcliff but I think I'm going to dedicate it to all the Birds who live around us.  I can see a Gopher popping his head up out of a hole near Manny the Shed.

       Later today Dais has me scheduled to write more about all of the Birds who live around us; like Bonnie and Clyde, Fanny and Freddie, Laverne and Shirley the Quail.  Ah!  Blackbeard and Anne Bonney just streaked past up above; moving toward the eastern horizon.

      Oh wow!  I just noticed Rudy the Roadrunner near our big Shed Jack.  He's on the prowl for a Snake or Lizard.  He also likes to eat Bugs.  Seeing Rudy makes me feel better.  This could be a good sign!  Fannie and Freddie just landed on Jack and are now looking down at Rudy.

     As usual, the last thing I did last night, just like my boss and Daisy do, is pray.  It makes us all feel better just in case we die in our sleep.  And now, knowing Heathcliff died, I think I'll start saying even more Hail Mary's and Our Father's.  As Dais says; "It can't hurt."

     Sister Rita Joseph told our Chief to say extra prayers for a soul in "Purgatory."  And maybe Heathcliff's now in Purgatory so tonight we'll say extra prayers for him.  We want to believe in Purgatory!  I can tell Rudy the Roadrunner doesn't notice me sitting over here.

      Fannie and Freddie just lifted off and are now flying out into the desert to the east.  And now Rudy just ran out from the cover of Jack and is jogging toward the north side of the house.  I'll bet he's going to wash in the Bird bath in front of Mr. Steve's office window. 

     Well, the baby Birds in the nest above me just got louder.  That makes me feel better. They're hungry.  I'm glad we have enough food!  Mr. Steve told us; "probably half of the world goes from day to day without  knowing if they'll have enough food and water."  Thank You Guys!



     I wonder if Birds can go up to Heaven? Mr. Steve wants to believe that there's a place called Purgatory and Daisy and I do too!  Purgatory is where one's Soul goes if you die but you can't quite make it up into Heaven; but aren't quite bad enough to be sent to Hell either. 

     Some people have called called Purgatory "Limbo."  Our boss jokes that it's kind of like the military "Brig" or "Holding Tank" until they figure out what to do with you after you've been "taken into custody" as they say.  I sure hope I'm never arrested for anything! 

     Hey Blessed Mother.  I kind of feel like saying a Hail Mary for Heathcliff, on his behalf.  And then maybe You can put in a few good words with Your Son for Heathcliff.  He was such a good Rooster.  I sure hope that we'll see him again some day up there in Heaven.


     Oh my God!  I just picked up the faint scent of one of the new Rosemary plants.  And just like yesterday and the day before, that good scent is coming from out in the eastern desert behind the three Sheds.  Hey Blessed Mother!  Are You making me smell the Rosemary? 

      I feel like crying Blessed Mother.  Poor Heathcliff!  But our Chief said he lived a long and full life; for a Rooster that is.  Our neighbors said Heathcliff died quickly and didn't suffer.  I'll bet the Hens  are sad.  Wow!  This is even more shocking than Mollie dying! 

     One good thing is that some of the Hens will soon have babies so Heathcliff will live on in that way.  That's what my boss says and Daisy wants to agree with him.  Then maybe there will be a Heathcliff III!  Boy, I sure do hope Mr. Steve is right!  He probably is.

     I'm still thinking about Purgatory.  As my boss learned it from the Nuns at Saint Ferdinands there's two kinds of sins, "Venial" or lesser sins, or "Mortal" more serious sins.  In the temporal world it's kind of like a "Misdemeanor" crime versus a "Felony."  I smell a Joshua tree.  

     Purgatory is for those who died with Venial sins on their Soul.  There they could "burn off" or "purge" their Venial sins and eventually enter Heaven.  That's why from now on Daisy and I are going to pray extra for Heathcliff.  It's the least we can do for him Daisy says!

     Sister Rita Joseph used to tell her class to get in the habit of saying an extra prayer for a Soul in Purgatory because  someday their Soul might need a little "boost" to get into Heaven.  To our Chief this made a big impression and so he still does this.  I smell another Lizard.

     I sure wish I could have met Sister Rita Joseph but she died. Daisy and I always says an extra prayer for Sister Rita Joseph; even though our Chief says she probably went right into Heaven. But, even if Sister Rita Joseph's doesn't need prayers then some other Soul might!

    To many Christians my boss says it's either "All or Nothing."  There's no such thing as what they call a "Middle Ground" in making it up into Heaven.  You either make it or you don't!  The Civil War General "Stonewall" Jackson believed that.  I see the Lizard on the dirt. 



        Hey God!  Our Chief said Stonewall Jackson was more of an Old Testament Christian who saw things in "black or white." Either you were a "God fearing" person who can be motivated by kindness; or you weren't so that fear was the only thing you understood.

      Robert E. Lee Mr. Steve told us, was more of a New Testament Christian who saw things in overlapping "Shades of Gray." At times he used fear to "get things done" but most of the time, unlike Stonewall Jackson, he gave the "benefit of the doubt."  The Lizard ran away.

      Mr. Steve thinks General Lee usually believed you were "Innocent until proven Guilty."  But Stonewall Jackson was "more inclined" to believe a person was "Guilty until proven Innocent."  That sounds kind of like the way the Grand Inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada thought. 

      Many years ago Mr. Steve was told a story he has never been able to what they call "verify." From what it says in my Dictionary that means he doesn't know for sure it was true or not.  But in his mind, and Daisy's too, it tells you a lot about Robert E. Lee if it is true.


                                       ROBERT E. LEE ON HIS HORSE "TRAVELER"


      Supposedly, a "Deserter" or man who left the army without permission was dragged in front of Robert E. Lee who was in his tent doing some "paperwork."  Two other soldiers were holding the "Handcuffed" man on either side.  Lee glanced up to look at the man.

      Robert E. Lee is said to have tilted his head down so he could see above his reading glasses that were on the end of his nose.  He just moved his head slightly to the right and glanced at a stool.  The two men "roughly" sat the Deserter on the stool.  I smell a Joshua tree.

      The two soldiers saluted quickly and then ducked out of Lee's tent.  Then, glancing up from his papers General Lee saw that the prisoner was trembling.  So he said to him; "Don't worry boy you'll get justice here."  The man said; "I know sir, that's what I'm afraid of." 



      Mr. Steve says he doesn't know for sure if that story about the Deserter is true or not.  But it sounds like something Robert E. Lee might have done.  From everything he's read our boss says he knows that Robert E. Lee was a very honest person.  I can smell a Sage plant. 

     Hey God!  As You know, Dais and I, like our Chief, prefer to believe You would want to give most Souls a second chance in such an important thing like "Eternity."  And, as Mr. Steve wants to believe, a good and just God most likely would not so easily throw away a Soul.   

     Mr. Steve believes reality is usually not black or white!  In his experience life has been more like "plaid" than anything else.  Just as the Yin and Yang symbol of life has a dot of black inside the white teardrop; it has a white dot in the black teardrop.  I hear Pigeons cooing.



       I guess lately our Chief has been reading about the Buddhist religion and how they talk of  the "transient" nature of life.  He told Dais and me that in Buddhism they have three religious "doctrines" and "impermanence" is one of them.  Oh!  I just smell those flowers again.  

        Daisy thinks the reason why our boss has been reading about Buddhism lately is because he met that older lady from China.  She told him about the city of "Beijing;" which is where she's originally from.  Mr. Steve told us that she's a very interesting lady to talk to.

                                                                                            "LAMA" TEMPLE (BEIJING)


       That Chinese lady told Mr. Steve about this place in Beijing called the "Lama" Temple.  It's a "Tibetan" Buddhist Temple.  Actually she said, it's a "Monastery."  There's a good picture of it here in this Encyclopedia.  It's so colorful!  A Snake just crawled under Manny.  

        Mr. Steve told Daisy and myself how that Chinese lady said her Uncle was at one time one of those "Fortune Tellers" like the Oracle in ancient Greece; or Nostradamus or Edgar Casey.  He had a "Shop" or "Stall" inside of the Lama Temple.  I can smell that Snake now.  

        From what our Chief says, that Chinese lady said she at times dreams about her Soothsayer Uncle.  She even smells the incense he used to burn.  Knowing how important Mr. Steve thinks some dreams are, that interested him Daisy says and I totally agree with her on that.



         That Chinese lady said her Uncle at times had people pull a wooden stick out of a container so he could then look up in a big book what was written on the side of the stick.  This was to try to find out in advance whether there was "danger" or "luck" in a situation she said.

         Mr. Steve and that old lady discussed what's called "Feng Shui" where you build a house to face in a certain direction.  Daisy thinks that sounds like a good idea and so do I.  Mr. Steve is unsure about "flows of positive energies."  But he says he'd like it to be true.  

        Hey God!  As You know, Mr. Steve thinks it's funny how such spiritual and even kind of superstitious people like the Chinese could be officially an "Atheist" State.  That's what he told that lady and she agreed with him.  I just picked up the scent of a new Sage plant.


                                               MAO TSE-TUNG / JOSEPH STALIN


       As I've mentioned, China in the 20th century has seen a lot of bloody times.  And then that guy Mao Tse-tung took power in 1949 and made China Communist just like in Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union.  So part of that God; was saying You no longer existed anymore.

        Later today Dais has me scheduled to write more about Russia and China; especially the Second World War.  And another thing I'll talk about is how many people died during the time of Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung; maybe one hundred million Mr. Steve thinks.

        Mr. Steve told Daisy and me about how he learned from that nice Chinese lady how "Suan Ming" means "Fate Calculating."  And she also told him that in the Chinese "Zodiac" there are twelve years and each year is represented by an "Animal Spirit."  I smell Sage.


 HOMER LEE (1876-1912)


      Mr. Steve told the Chinese lady about that little guy Homer Lea who I wrote about in books one and two.  He was a disabled hunchback who wrote those two influential books on military     history.  Ah!  I just picked up the faint scent of a Lizard somewhere around here.                           

     As I've mentioned before, some people think the main reason why Homer Lea never grew taller than five feet tall and was handicapped was because he was accidentally dropped on the      ground when he was just a baby.  But he went to Stanford and was really smart.                            

     Hey God!  Mr. Steve gave that Chinese lady things to read about Homer Lea.  And now she thinks You made him special.   Besides what he did in China, she was interested in how he was      from California and went to Stanford University.  Her daughter went to U.C.L.A.                        

      Yesterday I got so involved in writing that for the second day in a row I didn't get a chance to chew on my green rubber ball.  That's okay.  I'll do it tonight; even though now with Heathcliff   gone I'm kind of sad.  Maybe chewing my ball will make me feel better?                                          

       Dais says I've been lucky our Chief has been so busy for the last few days.  He hasn't found out about my writing.  Hey God?  Have You kept Mr. Steve busy in order to help me write my three books?  As You know, Daisy really thinks You might be guiding things.  

                                                                         HOLY SPIRIT                                                                          I do have a lot more to say Holy Spirit.  I have this whole long outline of things still to write about today.  Then my boss will want to keep me for writing three books.  And I'm starting to get more motivated because now I'm writing for Heathcliff too.  Thank You Everyone!  

      Oh my God! I see the two Bluebirds!  They're back!  Dais and I were wondering about them. I think I'll hide all my materials and run to the front to tell Daisy.  Nah!  I feel like working.  Dais will see them sometime today.  This is definitely a really good sign for the day!

      What with Heathcliff dying, to see the two Bluebirds is kind of comforting.  It's good to see them back.  I'll bet Dais is right.  Those two Bluebirds have probably been building a nest for some new baby Bluebirds.  This is so great!  Thank Everyone for this present!


     Well, I'm starting to feel motivated.  Seeing our Bluebirds gives me more energy.  Mr. Steve has been to funerals lately and is always struck by how life just goes on.  He says we just have to try and "carry on;" even though it's hard.  I see a line of Ants marching below me.  

     As my boss often tells Daisy and myself; we can't waste even one day because time is way too important. And now, knowing that Heathcliff's dead I feel this even more.  But, Daisy's right!  In honor of Heathcliff, I'm really going to work hard today!  I smell a Joshua tree.

     Aha!  Another possible good sign!  There goes those two Monarch Butterflies.  I really do want to believe that maybe that's another good omen. Normally Butterflies don't show up here, if they even show up at all; until more towards Summer.  I hear Dawn barking next door.


      According to our boss the number of Monarch Butterflies is way down now.  This is mainly because the areas in Mexico and up north near Canada where they get food is getting smaller and smaller.  It looks like Bravo Company is moving toward the front of the house. 

      From what our boss has told us most Monarch Butterflies fly from up north down to Mexico  each year.  But many of the ones we see here in the High Desert migrate to trees up and down the California coast for Winter he says.  I now really like the color orange! 

      I still feel kind of sad You Guys.  And what a coincidence.  It was just the other day Dais and I learned  that "triste" is Spanish for "sad."  Who knew that now Daisy and I would be thinking about word.  I'm sure glad I have this book to keep my mind off of Heathcliff.

        I see from my book three outline how the next thing I want to write about again is that one  Spanish guy named Hernando Córtez .  Mr. Steve says, like Robert E. Lee; he was obviously a good leader.  But unlike Robert E. Lee, he could be dishonest.  A Crow cawed.

        As I've said before, Córtez was the Spanish Conquistador whose soldiers conquered and destroyed the Aztec Indians in the 16th century.  I've written about him in my first two books.  But now I'll go ahead and really write in way more detail about him now. 


                                                HERNANDO CÓRTEZ (1485-1547)


        As I wrote back in book one, in 1519 Hernando Córtez and his men arrived on the Mexican east coast.  That was twenty seven years after Columbus's first voyage.  Córtez and his men had come to Mexico from the island of Cuba.  I can smell Andy the Ground Squirrel.

       This Encyclopedia says Córtez and his army ended up conquering the Aztecs but not before a lot of "bloody" and "vicious" fighting.  And "Before it was all Over" as they say, Cortéz would suffer "La Noche Triste."   That means "The Sad Night" or "The Night of Tears." 

       Mr. Steve will like it if I can describe the conquest of the Aztecs well.  I can't wait for him to see how I wrote about the American Civil War yesterday in book two.  Dais was so amazed when I showed her last night what I had done.  But it was her who inspired me yesterday.

        Daisy told me one time about how our Chief has a wooden Aztec axe weapon.  It's standing in a corner of his Office and has these really sharp pieces of glass called "Obsidian" sticking out of the sides.  It would cut deep if you hit someone with it.  But it's just a replica she says.



       As I've mentioned before, in 1519 the first thing Córtez did was sink his Ships so those with him could not "Chicken Out" about going inland to Tenochtitlan.  The word "scuttled" is used in this Encyclopedia.  I like the map in my Encyclopedia that shows Córtez's route.  

        Aha!  I just noticed Andy the Squirrel over there.  He's looking at me from under Manny.  I knew I was being watched.  I wonder where Helen is?  Maybe she's back at home making a nest for some new baby Rabbits.  That would be so great!  Dais and I think babies are cute.


                                                                PAINTING BY EMMANUEL LEUTZE


        By Córtez purposely sinking his Ships he was thinking like George Washington in 1776 at the Battle of Trenton during the Revolutionary War.  It was either "Victory or Death" or "Do or Die."  A painting in my Encyclopedia shows George Washington in a Boat.

        Boy!  It must've been so cold on that Christmas night in 1776 when George Washington did a surprise attack on the German mercenary soldiers who had been hired by the British and were in the town of Trenton.  Andy the Ground Squirrel just ran out into the desert.


                                     BATTLE OF TRENTON (DECEMBER 1776)


        This other painting in my Encyclopedia shows how the Americans attacked Trenton and caught the British and their German "Hessians" by surprise.  You can see some dead Germans and some of George Washington's men running into the town.  It looks so cold.

        Oh!  Now I see Helen the girl Ground Squirrel.  She's over there under Manny.  I can tell she following Andy's scent.  Yup!  There she goes running in the exact same path Andy took in running out there into the eastern desert.  She'll catch up with him really fast.


                                                   BATTLE OF THE ALAMO (1836)


        As I wrote yesterday afternoon in book two, the Commander of the Alamo in 1836 was that guy William Barret Travis.  He wrote a letter from inside of the besieged Alamo and told Sam Houston it was either "Victory or Death."  And in his case it turned out to be death. 

       The map in my Encyclopedia shows the route Córtéz took to Tenochtitlan in 1519.   As I've mentioned before,  it was generally the same route General Winfield Scott's American Army took three centuries later, in 1847; when they marched all the way to Mexico City.


                                                       WINFIELD SCOTT (1786-1866)


       As I mentioned in book one on Thursday, General Scott, like Robert E. Lee; was from the State of Virginia.  In 1519 Córtez, like General Scott in the mid-19th century; had to fight a few hard battles on the way westward.  Wispy white clouds are hanging over the desert.

        Córtez fought three battles against Native tribes as they moved inland.  And some of those Indians, like the "Tlaxcallans;" ended up helping Córtez beat the Aztecs.  They hated the Aztecs so it was easy to convince them it was "In their Best Interest" to fight alongside Córtez.

         This is interesting.  It says here, at "Cholula;" Córtez massacred Indians who he said were planning on ambushing his men.  But some people say the Tlaxcallans convinced him to kill the Cholulans because the Cholulans had skinned their Ambassador and cut off his hands.

         Hey Lord!  Mr. Steve told Cliff he thinks it's possible Córtez wanted to kill the Cholulans as a message to Montezuma in Tenochtitlan.  That's what guys like Genghis Khan would've done. And he wanted to prove that his God was more powerful than their Gods.

       When Córtez and his Conquistadors first arrived on the eastern coast of Mexico Aztec spies immediately ran back to Tenochtitlan and told the Emperor Montezuma about it.  They said that strange white-skinned men in "floating Castles" were there.  I hear Crows cawing.                        

    Mr. Steve says the Aztecs, like the Spanish too; were very superstitious.  They had a story about how in the year "One Reed" the God "Quetzalcoatl" was going to return.  And it just so     happened that 1519 was the year One Reed.  I smell a Lizard somewhere nearby.                           

        So Montezuma thought Cortez might be Quatzalcoatl.  Then he heard how these strange white people had "thunder weapons."  That meant cannons and muskets.  As I wrote in book one on Thursday, they had never seen Horses before so that was really weird too. 



        A few years ago Mr. Steve met a lady from the country of "Guatemala;" which is south of Mexico.  They discussed how Quetzalcoatl was, among other things; the Aztec God of the wind and learning.  That lady said he's often "represented" as a "Feathered Serpent."   

        That lady told our boss about those colorful "Quetzal" Birds.  And the picture in this one Encyclopedia shows how pretty they are.  The lady said in Guatemala the Quetzal is the national Bird and also the name of the money too.  I wish we had Quetzal Birds around here.   

        I guess boy Quetzal Birds look way different from the girl Quetzals.  Just like around here, girl birds don't need to attract attention.  But boy Birds have to "Compete" for the "Right" to be with the girl Birds and have babies.  I've mentioned about that a few times.  

   FRANCISCO PIZZARO (1471-1541)


       Mr. Steve says that lady from Guatemala said she'd heard Hernando Córtez was Francisco Pizzaro's Cousin.  Mr. Steve told her he had never heard that before but did know that Francisco Pizzaro was from the Spanish town of Trujillo in the State of Extremadura.    

          As I've mentioned, Pizzaro was the guy who led the brutal conquest of the Incas down there in South America.  I hear some Crows cawing.  He was a mean person who was greedy.  

        After Columbus landed in the Caribbean Ocean at Hispaniola in 1492, the Spanish slowly began to expand outward.  That's what it says in this Encyclopedia.  By 1519 they were starting to look toward the area now called Mexico.  And that's where Córtez came in. 

        Libby is over there in her Corral.  She's eating some that Hay out of her Food Troth and I can see her skinny black tail moving to keep the Flies away.  There haven't been a lot of Flies so far this year.  If we could, I know for sure that Daisy and I would definitely ban all Flies.



       Boy!  Every time I look at the picture of Tenochtitlan in my Encyclopedia I can't believe it.  An actual city built right on a Lake!  No wonder the Spanish thought they were dreaming when they first looked down on it from up on the rim of that mountain.  I smell Sage.  

       Mr. Steve's parents have been to Mexico City a few times. His brother Sam even climbed up an old temple in that place I mentioned yesterday called Teotihuacan.  It's outside Mexico City. As I mentioned before, Mexico City was built right on top of where Tenochtitlan was.   

         As I mentioned on Thursday in book one, Mr. Steve read in that book by William Prescott how the Spanish soldiers thought they were seeing an illusion when they stood on the mountain and looked down at Tenochtitlan.  It was like seeing a magical sight from up there. 

        I'll bet Córtez and his men were really tired by the time they made it to Tenochtitlan.  But when they saw a city bigger than any city in Europe they were probably amazed.  I guess it's "estimated" about two hundred and fifty thousand Aztecs lived in Tenochtitlan in 1519.


                                                  WILLIAM H. PRESCOTT (1796-1859)


        The day before yesterday in book one I wrote about that one blind writer from the State of Massachusetts named William H. Prescott.  Daisy and I agree that if our Chief had the chance to go back in time he would want to spend an afternoon with him.  And that's for sure!

       Once Córtez's Conquistadors finally went inside Tenochtitlan they met that guy Montezuma who wasn't sure exactly what was going on.  As I said, the Spaniards just happened to show up in the exact same year that had been predicted for the return of the God Quetzalcoatl.  

       Earlier in 1519 a tribe called the "Tabascos" gave Córtéz a girl Slave.  Later her Spanish name was Doña Marina but the Mexicans call her "La Malinche."  "Mal" is the word for "bad" in Spanish.  She was probably really pretty Mr. Steve thinks.  I smell Juniper.


                 SACAGAWEA                                                                DOÑA MARINA                                                        



        Yesterday in book two I wrote about that Mexican worker named Esteban.  Mr. Steve told him about that one Shoshone girl Sacagawea who helped Louis and Clark.  Doña Marina, like Sacagawea; was a translator.   Mr. Esteban says she's not liked down in Mexico. 

        A painting in this Encyclopedia shows Dona Marina translating for Córtez when they first met that guy Montezuma.  For a while Montezuma even kind of welcomed the Spanish.  He gave them gifts made out of gold and silver.  As I've said before, that was a big mistake. 

       Hey God!  Once inside Tenochtitlan, the Spanish saw how advanced and wealthy the Aztecs were.  And once they saw all that gold and silver they became really greedy.  Samson and Delilah are flying in from being out there in the eastern desert.  I smell that one Cholla cactus. 

        As You know God, in the 16th century the Aztecs in some ways were more advanced than the Spanish.  Mr. Steve thinks when the Spanish saw the Aztecs sacrificing people it gave them a convenient excuse to not care about stealing from them or even killing them. 

        In book one I wrote about the time when a classmate of Mr. Steve's asked that lady Sister Rita Joseph if it's okay to ask You God for power or riches.  She said yes but You could give it to them as a Curse.  Daisy and I think that's exactly what You did back in 1519.  

        I guess after Córtez and his soldiers had been in Tenochtitlan for a while word came that some other Spaniards had arrived and landed their Ships back on the east coast.  These soldiers had been sent by the Governor of Cuba with orders to arrest and bring Córtez back.

       Mr. Steve told Mr. Cliff about how the Governor of Cuba changed his mind after first giving Córtez permission to go "explore" Mexico.  But by then Córtez had already left Cuba and was sailing to Mexico.  So the Cuban Governor sent those soldiers to go get him.

       When Cortez heard about the Spanish sent to arrest him he left some men in Tenochtitlan and went back to confront them.  He knew he had to surprise attack them; which he did.  He killed a few of the Spanish from Cuba but most ended up switching sides to join him. 


                                               PANFILO DE NARVÁEZ (1470?-1528)

        The man sent to arrest Cortez was named Panfilo de Narváez.  In the fight on the coast he lost an eye.  A few years later, in 1527;  he was sent to explore Florida but that expedition "ended in disaster" my Encyclopedia says.  Oh!  Blackbeard and Anne are flying bye.

        I guess that guy Narváez was kind of mean.  It says here he "slaughtered every man, woman and child" in this Indian village one time.   In 1528 he and his men got "stranded" in Florida so made little Boats and tried to sail along the coast to get back to civilization in Mexico.

        That guy Narváez knew that by 1528 Córtez had started building Mexico City on top of what had been Tenochtitlan.  It says here that Narváez's men in their little Boats were "washed out to sea" when they floated in front of the powerful current of the Mississippi River.

        When Narváez and his men were "blown" out into the Caribbean Ocean near the "Mouth" of the Mississippi River many drowned.  And Narváez was one of them.  Some made it back to land but most of them died of sickness.  Eventually there were only four men left.

            Hey!  One of the survivors was a black Slave named "Esteban!"  As I wrote yesterday in book two, that's how to say Steven in Spanish.  I kind of like the way the name Esteban sounds.  Oh!  Jack the Jackrabbit just ran through one of the slots on side of the gate. 

                                  ÁLVAR NUÑEZ CABEZA DE VACA (1488?-1557?)  

                                                                                                                                                                              Hah!  Another one of the four survivors was named Álvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca.  And in looking it up in this Spanish Dictionary I see that "cabeza" means "head" in Spanish.  "Vaca" is "Cow" so that would translate to "Head of the Cow."    I smell a Joshua tree.

         According to this one Encyclopedia, for two years the four survivors were Slaves to the Indian tribes called the "Capoques," "Karankawa" and Cohuiltecan."  But when they got away they wandered for six more years and were the first Europeans to see the Southwest.  

         As I've written about a few times, our boss Mr. Steve, his brother Rock and their mom all went to C.S.U.N. in Northridge.  One time Mr. Steve met a guy who told him how Cabeza de Vaca's book is considered by some people to the first ever Chicano literature.

                                                                  MAP OF TRAVELS

        There's a good map in this one Encyclopedia that shows the Narvaez expedition to Florida and then where that guy Cabeza de Vaca went.  During those six years wandering around the four survivors "traded" with the different tribes and also "acted as faith healers."

        Hey Lord!  It says here Cabeza de Vaca used Your name to heal sick Indians just like You used to do.  Sometimes he would blow on them to heal.  Dais and I heard our Chief tell Mr. Cliff about how he thought Cabeza de Vaca probably fashioned a Crucifix out of sticks. 

       Some of the Indians Lord ended up following Cabeza de Vaca the way Your twelve Apostles followed You.  I guess many of them believed he had the power to "heal and destroy."  I wish I could be one of your Apostles Lord.  And I know for sure Daisy would like that too.  

       Mr. Steve thinks Cabeza de Vaca used love and fear with the Indians.  I'll write about this man from 16th century Italy named Niccolo Machiavelli in a little while.  He wrote a book that Mr. Steve has read.  He wrote about love and fear.  I can hear Dawn barking.

       I'll bet Mr. Steve knows this.  I guess Cebeza de Vaca is now considered by many to be the first what they call "Proto-Anthropologist."  He admitted he didn't fully remember exact dates and other things like that so people have tried to figure out his route over the years.

       A few years ago Mr. Steve met a guy from Argentina and they talked about how Cabeza de Vaca later was appointed Governor of what they called then "Nuevo" or "New Andalusia."  It's now Argentina.  But he probably wasn't a very good Governor Mr. Steve thinks.



This is so interesting!  It says here that the four survivors finally walked all the way back to Mexico City.  And a few years later Cabeza de Vaca wrote a book.  Oh Boy!  I'd really like to read that book someday.  That would be so great!  

                    ESTEBAN (1500-1539)                                          JUAN GARRIDO (1480-1550)

       Yesterday I wrote about our worker Esteban.  Mr. Steve told him about that Slave Esteban who was also called "Estevanico" I guess.  Estevanico was the second known black person to walk on what is now the United States.  The first was named Juan Garrido.

        Hey God!  As You know, in order to survive during those eight years trying to get back to civilization Esteban and Cabeza de Vaca "traded" things to the Indians they met.  and "faith healing."  That means the on 



      From what it says here in this Encyclopedia, Cortez and his "new recruits" then marched to Tenochtitlan.  But when they got there everything had changed.  I remember Mr. Steve saying how the Spanish soldiers Cortez had left in Tenochtitlan did some dumb things.

      Mr. Steve was right.  He told us that while Cortez was away the Aztecs had a big religious ceremony which must've scared the Spanish because they massacred the dancing Aztecs.  So of course the Aztecs got really mad and attacked the Spanish right back.  A Crow cawed.

  When Cortez got back to Tenochtitlan everything was in what they call "Total Chaos."  The Aztecs had all the Spanish soldiers trapped inside the middle of the city.  Upon his return Cortez crossed the water on one of those long Causeway bridges that led into Tenochtitlan.                                                   



      The Spanish trapped in the middle of Tenochtitlan were being "Besieged" by the Aztecs and were getting low on food and water when Cortez arrived.   Cortez had been holding Montezuma as a hostage.  Blackbeard and Anne Bonny are up there flying bye right now.

       Montezuma was told to go up on a roof of this one building and try to calm the Aztecs down. But it didn't work.  Instead of listening the Aztec warriors hit him in the head with a rock.  He ended up dying so then Cortez decided they had to try to "Break Out" as they say.

      Under the "Cover" of night the Spanish attempted their escape.  Supposedly they made it to one of the long Causeways before they were discovered.  But Mr. Steve says it's more likely the Aztecs just let them get there hoping to attack as they tried to go across the bridge.     


                                                              "LA NOCHE TRISTE"



      Trying to cross that long bridge to the mainland turned out to be a disaster for Cortez and his men.  They were attacked fiercely.  Many died.  That night in 1520 was later called by the survivors "La Noche Triste" or "The Sad Night."  I can hear Crows cawing.

      Boy You Guys!  We' re all  sure "muy triste" this morning because of Heathcliff dying.  Dais ate her aspirin with her food and is now most likely back in the Garage licking her paws.  I hope you all help me again today.  I might need your help even more.  I smell Sage.

      Wow God!  This is so symbolic.  According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, some of the Spanish soldiers drowned on La Noche Triste.  Fighting was "savage" as all of the Aztecs in Canoes assaulted the Spanish who were "exposed" and "vulnerable" on the Causeway.  

      This main reason why many of the Spaniards drowned was because they were loaded down with gold and silver.  This heavy weight sank them right to the bottom of the lake.  Hey God!  As You know, Daisy thinks You were teaching those greedy soldiers a bitter lesson.

      From what it says here, Cortez and some of the Spanish miraculously made it all the way to the mainland.  They had killed many Aztecs but had lost a lot of men too.  Most of the survivors were wounded.  But for some reason the Aztecs "Let them off the Hook" as they say.

      Instead of "following up" on their successful attacks the Aztecs "disengaged" and went back into Tenochtitlan.  So Cortez and the survivors "Beat a hasty Retreat" so to speak and made their way back to the east coast to "Lick their Wounds."  I hear some Crows cawing.

      Over the course of the next few months Cortez "recuperated" and eventually went back to conquer Tenochtitlan in some bloody fighting.  Mr. Steve says some people think the reason why the Aztecs did not take more advantage of La Noche Triste was sickness and disease.

      Like all of the other native peoples of Columbus's New World, the Aztecs were vulnerable to European diseases.  So many of them caught Small Pox and other things like that.  They died "in droves" as they say.  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye; moving to the east.

      Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time he thinks that when Cortez returned to conquer the Aztecs they were in a "Weakened State."  They "put up a good fight" as they say but eventually their courage and bravery was no match for Spanish steel and modern technology.



        As I wrote about the other day in book one, not only did the 16th century Spaniards have steel helmets, breastplates and shields; it was possible for them to "rain down" huge "volleys" of arrows too.  Samson and Delilah are flying bye; moving in a northeast direction. 

       In the 1500's I guess there were other Native-American Indians who helped the Spanish to conquer the other tribes like the Aztecs and Incas too.  Even in the 1900's, after the American Civil War some tribes like the Crows and Arikara helped that  guy George Custer.  

        Mr. Steve told Dais and myself how he once met a guy who said his German ancestor was a Conquistador.  And there were a few Swiss, Italians and Portuguese Conquistadors.  But most of them were Spanish.  A Lizard just ran bye in the dirt over there near the big tree. 



       I really like this one map in the Encyclopedia that shows exactly where the Spanish went in their conquest of the New World.  It really gives you a better idea of just how much land they took.  I hear the Ducks over there next door.  And now Dawn is barking too.

       Mr. Steve and that German guy whose relative was a Conquistador agreed it was ridiculous how 16th century people sometimes thought.  The Conquistadors, who fought a lot among each other; spent time looking for "Fictitious" places.  That means they don't even exist!  




        I wrote about that German Inventor named Johannes Gutenberg in book one.  He created the very first Printing Press in 1439; about a century before the time of Cortez and all the other Spanish Conquistadors.  I just picked up the faint scent of a Ground Squirrel.

        Hey God!  I've tried to show for three days why Mr. Steve thinks the Printing Press was so important.  It "enabled" the Renaissance and that guy Nostradamus.  As I mentioned, Martin Luther's Protestant Reformation was helped by being able to print the Bible in German.

       As I've mentioned before, Mr. Steve thinks the Age of Enlightenment and also the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century were both made easier by having literature created by Johannes Gutenberg's Printing Press.  Johannes Gutenberg must've been a really smart person.



          In book one I wrote about how Christopher Columbus had to make what Mr. Steve would call his "Pitch" to the Spanish King Ferdinand and his wife Queen Isabella.  And in making his  presentations and requests he in part was going by what he had read before that.

          Two of the Pigeons just flew in and landed on the Patio roof above me.  That kind of makes me feel good.  Dais and I really like having them deciding to live around here.  We hope that our boss keeps putting out Bird seed in front of his Office window.  But we know he will.


                                                   JOHANNES GUTENBERG (1398-1468)


        As I've mentioned before, Johannes Gutenberg inventing his Printing Press allowed many more people, the "masses;" to read things like the Bibles he printed.  That was one of the things that ended the Dark Ages and helped out the beginning of the Renaissance.

        Hey Everyone!  Thank You again for our Pigeons.  Daisy and I really like the sound of their cooing.  It 's so relaxing somehow.  I hope Fred and Ethel and Lucy and Rickie never leave us.  I kind of need to hear them with Heathcliff gone.  And I know Daisy feels the same way.




       Later today Dais has me scheduled to write about a place called the "Huntington Library."  Mr. Steve and his mother like going there to see the things in the Museum and walk all around the beautiful Garden around the Museum.  One of Gutenberg's Bibles is there.  

        Before the early 15th century each book had to be hand written one letter at a time.  But as I wrote in book one, by using "Movable Type" you could create a whole page and then just press it onto the paper.  Some the first new books were those things called "Novels."

        Hey God!  Because of made up stories in 16th century Novels that guy Coronado looked all over the place for the Seven Cities of Gold up there in New Mexico.  Ponce de Leon wasted time looking in Florida for the Fountain of Youth.  I can hear some Crows cawing. 

       As I've mentioned before, California was named after an island in one of those "Romantic Novels" as they were called.  Even Columbus was hoping to find what he thought would be the area where the Garden of Eden was located.  I smell one of the old Sage bushes. 

       After La Noche Triste Cortez and the survivors fled all the way back to the east coast where they could recover.  And for some reason the Aztecs did not "Follow Up" on their victory.  Mr. Steve told us he thinks they should have known that Cortez would come back.   


                                                                    PAINTING BY DANIEL HERNANDEZ


        I guess eventually the Spanish and their Indian allies returned to Tenochtitlan.  There's a good painting of it in this Encyclopedia.  Hey Lord!  I notice how there's a Franciscan Priest who has a Crucifix in his hand and is pointing it at Tenochtitlan for good luck.

        In William Prescott's book it describes how when the Spanish were recuperating on the east coast they built some miniature warships.  Then their Indian allies pulled them on wagons all the way back over to Tenochtitlan.  Ah! I can smell a Lizard somewhere  around here.

        Cortez knew that in order to take Tenochtitlan his men would have to get past the water in the Lake around the Aztec city.  That's why he built those little Ships.  Boy!  I'd sure like to see one of those small Boats.  I guess they even had sails on them and everything.



       Mr. Steve told us that many people can't understand why Indians would help Cortez to beat the Aztecs.  And I guess the main reason was because the Aztecs were often cruel and what they call "Bloodthirsty."  They often slaughtered or sacrificed the other Native tribes.

        My Encyclopedia says, after much "vicious and bloody fighting" the Spanish under Cortez "took" Tenochtitlan.  Daisy thinks if our Chief could use Mr. Peabody's Time Machine he'd go back to see the siege of Tenochtitlan.  She's probably right.  I can see the Lizard.   

       As I said in book one, once Cortez "occupied" Tenochtitlan he replaced it with the new city called Mexico City; right on top of the old Aztec city.  From then on the Spanish were established in "Mexico" and that was the end of the once powerful Aztec Empire.  History was made.


                                   GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ DE CÓRDOBA (1453-1515)

      Now I'm going to learn and write about this man named Gonzalo Fernández de Córboba.  He was a famous General and his nickname was "El Gran Capitan" which means "The Grand    Captain" in English.  Many of the 16th century Conquistadors really admired him.                       

       In this one Encyclopedia there's a picture that shows a statue of that guy Gonzalo Córdoba riding a Horse.  The caption below it says the photograph was taken in Cordoba, Spain.  



      In Winter when it's really cold Dais goes inside the house a lot more; especially at night. But I'm afraid to sleep in the house so our Chief just puts extra blankets out here on this couch. This couch is so comfortable!  Oh!  The two Bluebirds just flew bye in front of the Sheds.

      On those cold nights when Dais stays in the house I do the guarding myself.  I don't mind!  In fact, I kind of like it.  As Dais says, Mr. Steve will see how valuable I am and keep me around.  I definitely want that!  But, someday I'll probably start going in the house a lot more.

     Underdog takes a pill too!  Daisy looks forward to her aspirin and is convinced it makes her arthritis feel better.  And as our Chief says, even if it's not doing any good that's okay because if it makes her feel better that's all that matters.  He says "placebo" and "psychosomatic."


     When our Chief puts an aspirin in Daisy's food she thinks of how Underdog carries a "Super Energy Pill" hidden in his ring. I wish I could wear a ring but my toes are way too thick.  And I know Daisy would wear one too but her furry toes are kind of big.  I smell a Crow.  

       Without that pill in his secret compartment Underdog is powerless; just like Samson when he lost all his power because that bad girl Delilah cut off his long hair.  The Viking God Thor's belt gave him his power.  Too bad Samson was tricked by Delilah and then got blinded. 

     Oh my God!  Just when I was writing about the real Samson and Delilah the Crows Samson and Delilah show up!  They're landed on top of Jack the big Shed to my left.  It looks like they have a Lizard they're going to "divide up."   Boy!  That Crow Samson is so huge.

      Even though the subject of Samson and Delilah was not on my outline I think I'll write about them anyway.  This gives me the perfect excuse.  Daisy and myself we really like that famous Old Testament story.  And Dais told me one time that other Dog Millie also liked it to.

     Hey God!  My Encyclopedia says Samson was a Judge in ancient Israel.  I guess You and his family made a deal where if that guy Samson never cut his hair You'd give him what they call "Superhuman" strength like Hercules or Superman.  Samson is looking at me.

       Yup!  Just like Mr. Steve said.  That mean girl Delilah helped the Philistines cut off Samson's braids of hair so he lost all of his strength.  Then they blinded him and made him do slave labor.  But I guess the Philistines didn't notice when his hair started to grow back little by little.



      Well God, I agree with You when You gave Samson permission to kill himself and all of those Philistines when he pushed over the columns that held up their Temple.  At least before he died he got revenge on those who plucked his eyes out!  Delilah is looking at me now.

       When Samson pushed over the columns it must've been just like a big earthquake.  We had a small earthquake up here the other day.  Dais and I felt it coming even before it happened.  But it was just what they call a minor "tremor."  Samson and Delilah just flew away.

      Oh!  Even though it's not on my outline, I think I'll use my Encyclopedia to learn and then write about that earthquake which happened back in 1989.  Mr. Steve once told Daisy and Millie about it a few years ago.  It happened in the Bay Area during the Baseball World Series.


                              1989 "LOMA PRIETA" EARTHQUAKE / WORLD SERIES


       My Encyclopedia says the Oakland A's were playing against their "Cross-Town" rivals San Francisco Giants in the 1989 World Series.  And that big earthquake that happened half an hour before the third game is now called the "Loma Prieta" earthquake.  I smell a Lizard. 

      In 1988 the A's had lost the World Series to the Dodgers; where that guy Kirk Gibson hit his famous home run.  Mr. Steve was working for a company called "Pace" in 1989 and had just gotten off of work.  Boy, I can really smell our neighbor's Oleander bushes now.

      In 1989 Mr. Steve had just taken his tie off and was getting out this thing called an "Ironing Board" when that big earthquake hit.  He saw it happening right on tv.  That company called Pace who he was working for is now called "Sam's Club."  I see the Lizard.

      Mr. Steve was taking off his white shirt when he heard the tv announcer say they were having an earthquake.  He then watched as the broadcast "wobbled" and then went blank.  Then all of sudden an episode of Roseanne, that girl Mr. Steve's sister Susan worked for, came on. 


                                                             1989 WORLD SERIES


     From the pictures I see in this Encyclopedia the players and fans were so scared by that big earthquake the players went and brought their families right out onto the field.  It says here they didn't even bother to change out of their uniforms when they drove their cars home.

     Dais told me that our Chief says he'll always remember that day in 1989 not just because the A's were playing when that earthquake hit.  He'll always think of how it happened on October the 17th which is his brother Rock's birthday.  I just noticed that the Lizard is gone. 

      From what it says here, 1989 was the first time since 1956 when the two teams in the World Series were from the same city; even though Oakland is not a part of San Francisco.  And the A's ended up sweeping the series four games to none.  Oakland had a really good team.

      My Encyclopedia says that when the A's were called the Philadelphia Athletics they played the then New York Giants in the 1905, 1911 and 1913 World Series.  The Giants won in 1905 and the A's defeated the Giants the last two times they met.  I just heard a faint Train whistle.   

                                                                                                           1989 EARTHQUAKE


       This is interesting.  It says here that because so many people were not on the roads because they were watching the World Series only sixty three people were killed by the 1989 earthquake. But almost four thousand were injured.  I hear Dawn and Blinky barking next door.

      According to my Encyclopedia, in their concerts, that band The GRATEFUL DEAD played a song called "California Earthquake" right after the World Series.  And later in the year I guess they did a "benefit" concert at the Oakland Coliseum where the A's play their home games.

      When the earthquake happened in 1989 the game was being held at the Giants' home stadium called "Candlestick Park."  Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time that the wind used to really bad there.  Sometimes players hats got blown right off their heads.     

     Hey You Guys; because of Heathcliff dying yesterday I have a feeling this third book is going to deal with the subject of death more than I'd planned.  Samson and Delilah are still eating that Lizard.  There's another Crow circling above them, looking down with envy.

      Looking toward the east I see tall Joshua trees out in the desert behind our Sheds.  But I also see drooping "canopies" of dead Joshua tree branches.  Those branches are dying because of the drought our Chief says.  Joshua trees don't "reproduce" easily.  I smell a Gopher.

      Mr. Steve says if what little rain we get evaporates too quickly then Joshua tree "seedlings" die before they can grow roots into the dirt.  Joshua trees are important he told us because they shelter things like Moths, Insects, Lizards, Rats, Mice and Birds like Woodpeckers.



      My Encyclopedia says the scientific name for Joshua trees is "Yucca Brevifolia" and they're not really trees but what they call "succulents."  And I guess they can grow up to forty feet tall and live for two hundred years.  We have some about thirty feet tall.  I see the Gopher.

      I've never seen a Joshua tree "bloom" but Dais and Millie did.  From what Daisy says they have white and yellow flowers that are in the shape of a bell.  It says here Mormons named them Joshua trees because they thought they looked sort of like "shaggy" Prophets.   

      Another reason why I wanted to write about Samson and Delilah is because Mr. Steve told us about a man he met a while back who had worked for the Travel Agency which "handled" the details of his family's trip to Italy and Israel in 1985.  The Gopher is gone.

      That man told our Chief that now if you go to Israel you can visit the area in Israel where that guy Samson grew up.  They also talked about that 1985 trip to Italy.  It was what they call the "Maiden Voyage" of an idea "Alitalia" Airlines tried.  I smell that one old Joshua tree.


                                                                      PHOTO BY STEVE CÓRDOVA


     Alitalia is the name of the Airline company which flew Mr. Steve's Tour Group over to Italy.  The Israeli Airline was called "El-al."  Mr. Steve told us that until June of 1985 if you wanted to go to Italy from Los Angeles you flew east and did a "layover" in New York City. 

      You can see on a map that it's a long trip from Los Angeles all the way over to Italy.  So the trip would be divided into two parts so you could rest.  That's what our boss says.  Then you did a second trip over to Milan in northern Italy.   That big Dragonfly just zoomed past.

      That man remembered how, for the first time in history, instead of flying to New York City, the Plane would go north.  Then they flew over the top of the world and then down into Milan; and all in just one trip.  But it was way too long Mr. Steve says now. 

      Mr. Steve told that guy he didn't even remember how many hours that trip to Italy took but he read a whole book on that band The Kinks; and also another book about the city of Rome.  They came back to the United States the same way and it was not a pleasant  trip.

      According to what Mr.Steve told Daisy and Millie that idea of Alitalia's was what they call "discontinued."  So now I guess, if you want to go to Italy you just do it the regular way.  Oh! Samson and Delilah the Crows are back.  Now they're standing on the back fence.

     Hey God, when our Chief told us about "mind over matter" like Samson pushing the columns down or when a scared mother lifts a car off her husband or kid when it falls on them; is that just You giving them extra strength?  Dais thinks it is.  I smell a Gopher nearby.

     Daisy says our Chief told her to have faith in the power of an aspirin.  She wants to believe by taking that pill in her food it's helping her feet. But it's sort of hard to tell because Daisy never really complains.  I don't complain as much either now!  There's the Gopher.

     One guy Dais admires is "Popeye the Sailor."  He has a girlfriend named "Olive Oyl" who he protects just like the way Underdog watches out for Polly Purebreed.  He eats this vegetable called "Spinach" which gives him great strength.  Samson and Delilah just flew away.

      From what Daisy told me that guy Popeye likes to punch people like this bug bully with a beard named "Brutas."  But sometimes Brutas hits him too.  But in the end Dais says, Popeye will eat that Spinach and always "come through" to rescue that one girl Olive Oyl.

      I'm hoping they start showing Popeye cartoons on Saturday mornings so I can watch them.  Dais says they're so good.  That other Dog Millie sure liked them a lot. When Mr. Steve gets a sandwich at a place called  "Subway" he asks for Spinach.  The Gopher is gone. 


       Dais tells me Popeye always tries to help others and do right.  But that guy Brutas is kind of mean.  But Popeye always ending him up in order to protect Olive Oyl.  Our Chief protects us.  And we protect him too!  Daisy told me that Popeye's a pretty good singer too.

      Someday I want to see how Popeye is so strong that one time he punched a big charging Bull in the nose and when that Bull came back down to the ground he was in the form of packaged steaks and things like.  At least that's was Dais says.  I can smell a Sage plant.

      Another time Dais says, that guy Popeye had to stop a big Iceberg that was about to run over Olive.  So he ate Spinach and then punched the Iceberg.  And just like the Bull, that Iceberg flew up into the air and when it landed the ice was cut up into ice cubes in ice trays.  

      According to what Daisy says there's this man named "Wimpy" in those Popeye cartoons.  He never has any money and always says; "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today." A brownish-gray Ground Squirrel just ran bye in front of the three Sheds.

      I wonder if Spinach would work on Dogs?  Boy, if it  did we could mix it into Dog Food and then sell it on the "Open Market" as they say.  We could get rich.  Every Dog would want it and we'd have what's called a monopoly on the "Secret Ingredient." 

      Mr. Steve told Daisy that in Phelan there's a new restaurant called "Wimpys."  He goes there sometimes because they have good Hamburgers.  Boy, writing about all this food is making me sort of hungry.  I wonder if we'll get any snacks today?  I'll bet Dais is wondering too.  

       If it turned out that Spinach gave strength to us Dogs then maybe it would work on Cats too!  Mr. Steve could apply for the "Patent" or whatever was necessary for us to "market" it to the public.  He's helped other people write Patents, "Copyrights" and "Trademarks."

    For some reason I just keep thinking about Heathcliff.  I can't help it.  Dais says people have this incredible thing called an "alarm" clock which rings to wake them up in the morning.  You could say that Heathcliff was kind of like our alarm clock!  I smell a Sage plant.

      From what Dais tells me our boss doesn't need or use an alarm clock.  And he usually gets up early anyway.  Now that it's Spring he'll start coming outside on many mornings to do the yard work which needs to be done every year.  Then we can hear some good music.

     Mr. Steve can't sleep knowing he'll be "startled" awake so never uses his alarm clock Daisy told me.  When he has to get up early he just goes to bed early and then sets his "body clock" he jokes.  Daisy say's now we're going to have to do that too.  I hear a Sparrow singing.

     In the mid-1990's when our Chief worked for his friend Rick for over two years he had to get up at four in the morning but rarely missed a day.  He's also had a few other jobs where he never missed even one day.  One thing about the three of us; we hardly ever get sick.

       That Gopher's now sticking his nose out of his hole to sniff the air.  I can smell the soft dirt all around him.  Let's see if he "ventures" from the safety of his hole.  Ah!  There that Gopher goes back down into his hole.  A little gray Squirrel just sprinted bye really fast. 

      Mr. Steve has had times in his life when he's gone a long time without taking a day off from the job he had at the time.  But there have been days when he didn't feel like working.  So, if his presence was not absolutely necessary on a particular day he'll take a day off.

      One thing our Chief will not do is lie to his boss's like Rick or Steve Banks.  He won't make up a story like he's sick or something.  He'll just tell them the truth and say he just doesn't feel like working that day.  On some of those days over the years he's done yard work.

      One reason Dais and I like getting up early is because Mr. Steve does.  But Daisy's right.  The main reason we like getting up early is for breakfast.  One thing Daisy and I have in common is that we both really love to eat!  I can hear our neighbor's Ducks quacking. 

     In New Mexico, from 1928 until the mid-1970's, our Chief's Grandpa Trujillo worked for the Santa Fe Railroad for over forty years. In all that time he never missed a day.  And all of those years of loading and unloading luggage and freight made him unusually strong.

      1929 through the beginning of World War II in 1941 is called the Great Depression.  It was a time of "great hardship" and poverty it says here in this Encyclopedia.  So many people were out of work.  But Mr. Steve's Grandpa Trujillo was lucky enough to have a job.



        In my Encyclopedia there's some pictures of men standing in lines to get some food in these places called "Soup Kitchens."  That's because they were starving so had to accept what's called "charity."  This made them feel really bad and depressed.  I hear a Crow cawing.

      Hey God!  Did You make Adolph Hitler start the Second World War so America could come out of the Great Depression?  Mr. Steve thinks World War II finally brought the United States economy back; and moved up the timetable for "minorities" to gain their rights.   

      Grandpa Trujillo got up early in the morning for his job.  But he liked it because he got off at mid-afternoon.  This gave him the whole afternoon to work on his own projects like his vegetable garden.  Our boss's friend Mr. Grant has a work schedule like that right now. 



       Oh! I just heard the sound of a faint Train whistle to our north.  And just when I'm reading in this Encyclopedia how, because jobs were so hard to find during the 1930's, many of the men became what they call "Hobos" and traveled on Trains looking for work.

      I guess the main reason why those men left home to try to earn some money was so that they wouldn't be what they call a "burden" on their families.  Uncle James, who I mentioned at the beginning of book two yesterday, was a Hobo for a few years.   A Crow squawked.

      As I wrote yesterday, whenever Mr. Steve and his brother Rock went to New Mexico as kids they visited Uncle James and Aunt Martina.  Mr. Steve has dreams about the Garden where they grew Chili and other things like that.   They also raised Pigs and Chickens too.

       Mr. Steve told me that as a kid that man named Satchel Page did the same job his Grandpa Trujillo did.  And just like it made Grandpa Trujillo really strong it turned out to be a benefit to Satchel Page too.  He became one of the greatest Pitchers ever our Chief told us.

      Satchel Page was born on July 7, two days before Mr. Steve's birthday.  He broke the "Color Barrier" in the American League soon after Jackie Robinson did it in the National League.  But by then our Chief told us, sadly; he was kind of "Over the Hill" as they say.

      While it was the Dodgers who hired Jackie Robinson as the first black player in the National League, it was this one other team called the Cleveland Indians who made Satchel Page the first black player in the American League.  The Oakland A's are in the American League.  



      Our boss told us the nickname "Satchel" came about because Satchel Page was paid by how much luggage he carried to and from the Train.  So he cut branch's from a Satchel tree and put them over his shoulder so he could carry more things at once.  I smell a Squirrel.

      Mr. Steve thinks Satchel Page obviously had what they call "common sense."  Daisy also says he must've been really smart to have thought of using those two tree branches.  And Dais would know because if anyone has common sense it's good old Daisy.  I love Daisy! 

      Grandpa Trujillo worked at his job from 1928 until he died in 1975. He missed only a few days even though he had some big injuries and at times got really sick.  Our Chief says it just "killed him" to stay home because he was so afraid of losing his job.  I see the Squirrel.

      Mr. Steve said his four Grandparents were "products of the Depression" so even when they got old never forgot those hard times.  He thinks the United States could go into an economic Depression if we're not careful.  That Squirrel just ran into the desert to the east. 

        Right now Mr. Steve told us, America is eighteen trillion dollars in debt!  One trillion is one thousand billions.  And every month this thing called the "Federal Reserve" is printing money "out of thin air" as they say.  That Squirrel just ran off into the desert to the east.

      Our boss says the government doesn't want you to say "printing money out of thin air."  The term "Quantitative Easing" just sounds better.  It's George Orwell's "New Speak" he told us.  Daisy and I are a little unclear about what exactly "Reserve Currency" means.

         Dais says the American "Dollar" has been what's called the world's Reserve Currency since it replaced the British "Pound" after World War II.  Since then England has had mostly weak economies.  Part of it is due to the fact that they're too Socialist Mr. Steve thinks.   

      Our Chief thinks the biggest thing that got the United States out of the Great Depression of the 1930's was the "Industrialization" made necessary by having to fight, and win, World War II.  Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal" was not enough it seems.  I smell Libby.

       Mr. Steve and his father give President Roosevelt credit for at least trying to do something to get the U.S. out of the depression.  I wrote yesterday about that man Mr. Espinoza who survived the Bataan Death March.  President Roosevelt's work programs helped him a lot. 

      I remember when Daisy and I stood off to the side while our Chief and that worker "Señor" Esteban talked about the Second World War.  Mr. Steve told him that Mexico was lucky that it didn't have to fight in either one of the 20th century's two World Wars.

      But Mexico did have a bloody civil war in 1910.  Daisy says our boss has a book on this man named Francisco "Pancho" Villa.  He's been reading it in the Bedroom Bathroom.  Pancho Villa was not his real name Dais told me.  I see Libby walking around over in her Corral.


                                                      "PANCHO" VILLA (1878-1923)


     According to this Encyclopedia, during the Mexican Civil War the American Government at first supported Pancho Villa's army, the "División del Norte;" or "Northern Division." But then they decided to switch and support the other side; so Pancho Villa got mad. 

       I guess Pancho Villa needed supplies but also wanted to get revenge.  So in March of 1916, a year before World War I started, he ordered his men to cross the southern border of the United States to "raid" a town in New Mexico named after Christopher Columbus. 

       Last night Dais and I looked up in my Spanish Dictionary the word "Caudillo."  That's how Pancho Villa is described in the Encyclopedia and it means "Landowner."  But Daisy thinks our boss would say "War Lord."  Wow!  His men killed seventeen people back in 1916. 



      Dais told me how that other Dog Millie liked the way the Mexican flag looked because of the image of an Eagle killing a Snake on it.  I kind of like it too.  Mr. Steve has drawn that flag and the yellow and red flag of Colonial Spain too.  Ah!  I can smell our neighbors' Roses.

       Mr. Steve says the reason the Aztecs built their amazing city right on top of a big Lake was they saw an Eagle standing on a cactus eating a Snake.  

      Right now smelling those Roses reminds me of last year at this exact same time.  I remember that Daisy's teeth and feet were kind of hurting but she enjoyed the scent of our neighbor's Rose and Oleander bushes.  It temporarily took her mind off of the pain she was feeling.

      My Encyclopedia says Pancho Villa's soldiers stole things and burned down part of that town in New Mexico called Columbus.  They terrorized the townspeople like Viking raiders, then rode back to Mexico with their "Loot."  Boy!  That guy Pancho Villa sounds kind of mean.

      It says here that Pabcho Villa's attack got our President named Woodrow Wilson angry.  He   ordered this General named "Black" Jack Pershing to chase down Pancho Villa and kill him.  It kind of sounds like that movie Major Dundee.  Oh!  I smell a Ground Squirrel.

     This is interesting.  According to my Encyclopedia George Patton was one of the soldiers who went with General Pershing on that "Punitive" campaign down into Mexico.  This was when Cars and Airplanes were really new.  Ah!  There goes the two Bluebirds flying past.


                                              GENERAL JACK PERSHING (1860-1948) WITH FAMILY


      Oh!  It says here what our Chief had told us.  This is so sad!  In 1915 General Pershing lost his wife and three daughters in a fire.  Only a son survived.  So I'll bet he was in a really bad mood.  But at least his son survived Daisy says.  It would be so painful to burn to death!  

      I guess even thought they spent over nine months chasing Pancho Villa in northern Mexico the Americans were never able to capture ancho Villa.  George Patton was one of the first to adapt machine guns to fit on Automobiles it says.  It was the first "Motorized" warfare.  


        It says here the Americans under General Pershing never caught Pancho Villa but killed a lot of his soldiers.  This is interesting.  One time George Patton tied some of the dead bodies onto the hood of his Car like trophies.  I hear a new Crow cawing; to the northeast.

      I guess Pancho Villa, like Mr. Steve, was the eldest of five children.  But his father died young so Pancho Villa had to work at a young age.  He was a "Bandito" before the civil war.  Daisy was right.  My Dictionary says that means he robbed people.  Two Wrens are singing.

      Pancho Villa's nickname La "Cucaracha" means the "Cockroach" in English.  He said; "It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees."  It says here he was killed a few years later in 1923.  Well, as Sister Rita Joseph said; "Live by the sword, die by the sword."

      Oh!  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  If he doesn't he'll really like that I found it right here in this one Encyclopedia.  Pancho Villa was shot to death in a Car and it was rumored for a long time that his last words were; "Don't let it end like this.  Tell them I said something." 

     The main reason why General Pershing never was able to catch that guy Pancho Villa was because, in 1917, the United States entered World War I.  So General Pershing and his soldiers were "recalled" or withdrawn from Mexico.  A Train just whistled faintly.

      General Pershing and George Patton must've gained some good experience trying to capture Pancho Villa. My other Encyclopedia said both George Patton and Irwin Rommel were eager to use new "Mechanized" technology like Tanks in World War I.  The Crow flew away.

       Later this afternoon Dais has me scheduled to write about that one Dog Lady and some of the other Dogs and Cats Mr. Steve or his family have lived with over the years.  One was a little "Chihuahua" Dog "Chino."  Pancho Villa was from the Mexican State of Chihuahua. 

      Many years ago Mr. Steve met this elderly Mexican man at the San Fernando Library.  This man had been an infant in the 1920's; toward the end of the civil war.  His father died before he was even born and his mother died a few years later.  Aha!  I see a Field Mouse.

      That Mexican man said something which our Chief never forgot.  He said no matter which side showed up at your house during the civil war, right or left; "They stole your Chickens."  In other words, the poor in every country always suffer no matter who's in power. 

     During the Depression of the 1930's Mr. Steve says many people in the world starved.  It was hard to find a job so if you did you never missed a day for fear of being replaced.  Mr. Steve says this is what motivated his Grandpa Trujillo then.  That Mouse just ran away.

      Now I'm going to look up in this Encyclopedia a famous Baseball player named Lou Gehrig.  He played for the New York Yankees during the 1920's and 1930's.  Our Chief says for a time Lou Gehrig was an even better hitter than Babe Ruth; who was his teammate.    

      Mr. Steve says Lou Gehrig played what they call "First Base" for the New York Yankees.  Our Chief used to play first base too because he was good at catching what's called "short hops." He still is but now plays the position called "Shortstop" for his slow pith Softball team.

      Mr. Steve was right.  He told Daisy and myself that Lou Gehrig was kind of like his Grandpa Trujillo in never missing work.  According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia that he set the record for most games played in "consecutively.  I smell a Cholla cactus.

      From what it says here, until that guy Cal Ripkin broke his record Lou Gerhrig played in the most games in a row; over two thousand!  They even called him the "Iron Horse."  I see Libby over there in her corral.  There goes one of those black and orange Monarch Butterfly's. 


                                                          LOU GEHRIG (1903-1941)

     It says here that Lou Gehrig was German.  He played First Base for the Yankees from 1923 until 1941, the third year of the Second World War.  And he never missed not even one game in all that time.  Ah!  A nice cool breeze just came floating in from the northeast.

      I guess Lou Gehrig's parents came to the United States from Germany as poor "Immigrants." Two of Lou Gehrig's sisters and one brother died young.  Germany had been on the losing side in the First World War so was blamed for it.  Then Germany went into a big Depression.

     Dais told me she and Millie once saw our boss's "inflationary" bank notes from Zimbabwe and Yugoslavia.  They also saw a photo from Germany in the early 1920's  where these people are pushing wheelbarrows full of worthless money down the road.  A Crow cawed.


                                                 WORTHLESS GERMAN CURRENCY


     Dais and Millie also saw Mr. Steve Reichsmark note.  The "Mark" was the German currency in the early 1920's.  For a time the economy was so bad that the government had to issue notes like the one our boss has that were supposedly worth fifty million Marks Daisy told me! 

     Our Chief told Daisy there was so much "inflation" in Germany in the early 1920's that some people were even using the currency as wallpaper.  Dais was right.  According to my Dictionary inflation is "a sharp rise in prices."   Oh!  I smell some of those Oleander bush's.

      Dais and I have been wondering when we'd start smelling the flowers that come out this time of year on our neighbor's Oleander bushes.  I wonder if Dais is smelling this up front?  Knowing her she'll want to take this as a good omen.  And I really want to think that too! 

      Daisy says Mr. Steve told her and Millie how, in the mid-1920's, some American banks lent Germany money and for a few years things looked better.  But a lot of those loans were not good deals for those taking the loans.  A Lizard is sunning itself on a rock under the big tree.  

      I guess, during those good years in Germany that man Adolph Hitler warned everyone about the American loans but most people thought he was a "nut" as they say.  But then in October of 1929 the American Stock Market "crashed" and the whole world went into a Depression.

      That man Adolph Hitler fought in World War I.  When Germany lost he and other Germans blamed it on politicians; especially Jewish politicians.  He took over as leader of the Nazi Party in the early 1920's and tried to overthrow the government.  The Lizard just ran away.    

      When the Great Depression happened that guy Hitler looked to some like Nostradamus.  He had been predicting that the American Bank loans would turn out to be bad things.  And when the Germans couldn't pay back those loans the whole economy collapsed.

      Once the American Banks went into what they call a "dire situation" they needed the money so "called in" the German loans.  Most of the world then went into the Great Depression.  I can hear some Crows yelling at each other out there in the eastern desert somewhere.

      After the Stock Market collapse in 1929 and then the Great Depression happened a lot of people from all over the world were desperate and many even starved.  That guy Lou Gehrig's parents decided to come to America hoping their family had a better chance to survive.      


                                            LOU GEHRIG WITH WIFE AND PARENTS

     Because Lou Gehrig's family were so poor at first his parents said it was foolish for their son to try to earn a living playing Baseball.  To them an athlete was just a "frivolous entertainer" our boss says.  But they later changed their minds.  Two of the Pigeons just flew past. 

     Mr. Steve says life is often difficult but for most of history it has been even more of a struggle than it is for us now.  Lou Gehrig had two sisters and one brother who died young; two of them in "infancy" which means as babies.  And that was kind of normal back in those days.      


                                                                     LOU GEHRIG



     My Encyclopedia says what Mr. Steve told us.  Until the Baltimore Orioles Cal Ripkin broke the record for playing in consecutive games Lou Gehrig's streak of 2,130 games in a row seemed an "unbreakable" record for what they call "durability."  A Finch landed on Manny.

     This is interesting.  As a rookie Lou Gehrig replaced this guy named Wally Pipp at First Base. It was supposed to be temporary but Wally Pipp never got back in and Lou Gehrig went on to be known for never missing another game for fourteen years!  I hear the Ducks quacking.


                                                             WALLY PIPP (1893-1965)


         In the picture of Wall Pipp in this one Encyclopedia I notice that he's wearing a white New York Yankees hat.  And it even has vertical pin stripes on it just like his uniform.  Daisy told me our boss has a white 1960's Cincinnati Reds hat.  And it's real too she says.    

 This Encyclopedia says it's "ironic" that guy Wally Pipp was the one who "Scouted" Lou Gehrig when he played College Baseball at "Columbia" University.  And he then recommended that the Yankees sign him.  That Finch on Manny just flew into the desert.

      From what it says here there are a few stories as to why Wally Pipp took that day off when Lou Gehrig replaced him.  He was not hitting good so the manager may have just wanted to give him a day off.  Or he might've been hit in the head with a Baseball just before that.

      According to this Encyclopedia Lou Gehrig's wife later told a reporter that Wally Pipp may have been at the Horse races on that famous day.  Others said he simply had a headache.  But no matter why he took the day off the facts are he never got back into a Yankee game.   

     Mr. Steve says Lou Gehrig died of the disease which that guy Stephen Hawking has now.  It' called A.L.S. and is called "Lou Gehrig's disease."  Luckily for Lou Gehrig our boss says, he had a good wife who helped him at the end.  Blackbeard and Anne are flying bye.

      Lou Gehrig's wife was like Stepehn Hawking's wife.  Both were "Advocates" who turned out to be good partners.  Thinking of Heathcliff  reminds me that our boss sometimes says how life is really fragile.  Just when you think everything is going good bad things happen.

     Even before I decided to write my three books I wanted to show that a female can do almost anything a male can do!  Dais first gave me that idea.   I remember the feeling that came over me when she said we can be as smart and clever as males and sometimes just as strong. 

      But a Hen can never crow like a Rooster.  Ah!  The sound of singing Sparrows seems to have gotten louder.  I really appreciate their voices now.  Thank You Guys.  Hey Stanley!  I think I'm going to need you to watch and help me not to feel so bad today.  I smell a Snake.

     One of the main "Premises" for my three books is that very often females are just as capable as males.  And in this third book I want to try to prove that "once and for all" as they say.  It's just that now I'll do it with what they call a "Heavy Heart."  Ah!  I see that Snake.

        Our Chief says females are half of history.  But because men usually controlled most things they haven't gotten enough credit he thinks.  That's one of the reasons I still want to show other examples of females being so important.  That will impress Mr. Steve I hope. 

      On my outline I can see that I'm done with my first chapter.  And I can see that in the next chapter I want to start our by writing about the females from New Mexico.  You know, I think I'm starting to feel a little better now.  I'm going to go drink some water.

    (Chapter 2)



         Boy!  There's nothing like a good drink of water.  And since I was up and had hidden all of my materials, I went to the bathroom out near the back fence.  This will tell everyone I'm here.  And even though I'm still kind of sad about Heathcliff dying I have to get back to writing.

      Well You Guys, I'm ready to write chapter two which will start out with things about females in the history of New Mexico.  Mr. Steve thinks in the history of New Spain during the centuries after Christopher Columbus' voyages females played a "vital" part.  

      My Encyclopedia says that in the 1540's that Conquistador Coronado was the first European to see the area that would later be called  New Mexico.  But the Spanish did not "settle" New Mexico until the 17th century.  This was when females first came up from Mexico.

      According to this Encyclopedia in 1598 a man named Juan de Oñate led the first "colonial" expedition into New Mexico.  But I guess the first years in New Mexico were very difficult and some of the colonists even went back down to Mexico.  I just smelled a Horned Toad.


                                                       JUAN DE OÑATE (1550-1626)



      Mr. Steve said in 1680 some of the Indians in New Mexico revolted against the Spanish and killed many of them.  And that's what it says in this Encyclopedia too.  So, for the next twelve New Mexico was abandoned by the Spaniards.  I see the Horned Toad over there.

      Over the years our Chief has visited some of the Indian "Pueblos" in New Mexico like the ones in "Taos."   In the mid-1990's he and his friend Armando went to this other place called "Acoma."  It's a village that was built high up on top of a mountain.  I smell Sage.





     "Mountainair" is a town to the east of Belen.  One time Mr. Steve drove over to Mountainair and saw some Spanish ruins way up in the mountains outside of town.  They're called "Abo."  At Abo the Indians killed the Spanish and then even burned down the buildings. 

      When Mr. Steve went to Abo it was during the Winter.  He was driving an old Chrysler that his father used to keep at their "Condominium" over in Belen.  The weather was what's called "Overcast" so it was kind of gray.  A Dragonfly just zoomed bye right now.



                                                                     PHOTO BY STEVE CÓRDOVA


      Before he drove up the windy dirt road that leads from the town of Mountainair to the ruins of Abo Mr. Steve bought food.  When he got to the ruins he walked around and took some pictures.  Then he came back to eat his lunch in the Car.  I just picked up the scent of Juniper.

      Dais says our Chief told her and Millie one time that when was at Abo he read a book he had brought with him called "El Rio Abajo."  It's about the history of central New Mexico near the Rio Grande River; where Belen is located.  I can hear a Wren chirping nearby.



      Mr. Steve says at Abo he sat in the Car and ate lunch.  The view was so beautiful.  The only thing that came in clear on the Car Radio was a College Football game of the Colorado Rams.  So that means it must've been a Saturday Daisy says.  I smell a Lizard around here.

      Unlike the Saint Louis Rams whose primary color is blue; the Colorado Rams use green as their primary color.  But both teams use white and yellow as secondary colors.  A picture in this Encyclopedia shows two players putting their heads together like real Rams.


          This map of New Mexico in my Encyclopedia doesn't show Mountainair.  But it does show how Belen is south of Albuquerque on the west bank of the Rio Grande River.  I just noticed the Lizard standing on one of the rocks that are around the bottom of the big tree.

       After the Indian's revolt in 1680 there were only a few Spanish left up in New Mexico.  Most were killed.  But in 1692 the Spanish came back from Mexico City and in the "Re-Conquista" of New Mexico killed many Indians.  I guess Belen was first established in the year 1740.     

      A few years ago Mr. Steve's parents paid someone from New Mexico to research our family. They found out that the first Córdova's to settle in New Mexico arrived in the 1692 re-conquest.  And the man who was the first Córdova in our family was most likely a soldier.

      This is interesting.  The "Junipero Serra of New Mexico" was Fray Francisco de Acevedo.  In the early 17th century he "founded" Missions.  But many Spanish Priests were killed by the "marauding" Indians in 1680.  That Lizard just waddled away from the tree.

      When the Spanish returned to New Mexico in 1692 their re-conquest was like the one King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella did in Spain in 1492.  And in 1692 the Spanish took revenge on the Indians just as Ferdinand and Isabella did to the Muslims.  Oh!  I see a big Snake. 

      Hey God!  A You know, sitting in his Car at the Abo ruins listening to the Football game, Mr. Steve says he felt so good.  He had a good view of the scenery You created.  But then it started to snow and it suddenly "dawned on" him that he had to get back down from mountain.

      Today most people carry "Cell" phones.  But back then when Mr. Steve went up to Abo they didn't exist or at least he didn't have one yet.  As he drove down the mountain it started to really snow hard.  He made it back to Mountainair as a big storm hit.  The Snake is gone.

      Mr. Steve says he barely made it to Mountainair "in the nick of time" so to speak; a "close call."  It would've been bad had he gotten stuck in the mud he told Daisy.  Blackbeard and Anne Bonny are flying by right now; cawing at each other as they fly along in formation. 

      When he first moved up here to the High Desert Mr. Steve met an older man who told him that before the time of cell phones, on really hot days, sometimes people died in their Cars on the side of the road.  Dais says now almost everyone carries a "mobile" cell phone.  

        According to Mr. Steve he and his brothers and sisters are lucky they've had good male and female "role models;" and not just their parents.  Their mother is a unique person.  She raised five children then went back to college and earned a B.A. degree in Art History. 

      The most impressive thing about our Chief's mom graduating from college Daisy thinks is she did it, first at Mission College and then C.S.U.N., with a perfect 4.0 "Grade Point Average."  Mr. Steve had a 3.1 "G.P.A." so knows what that took.  The Snake just crawled away.



      Mr. Steve's mother was always a Girl Scout Leader and is very good at "Crafts" and things like that.  Daisy says we have a lot of her crafts in our house.  Her way of thinking always was, "If you're going to do something then do it right."   That one Lizard is gone now.

      As I mentioned before, one of our boss's friends is Mr. Doug.  They've known each other for thirty years and met in the late 1970's through Mark Ritter.  Mr. Doug's wife was named Susan but, like Mark Ritter, she died a few years ago.  Mr. Steve spoke at her funeral.

       That guy Mr. Doug is a decent person.  Mr. Steve told Daisy how he said at Susan's funeral that Doug and Susan's relationship is a good example of "Like Minds" attracting or how "Water seeks its own natural level."  Daisy thinks our Chief misses Mr. Doug's wife Susan.  

      Daisy told me that just like our Chief has some of the artistic things his mother has made over the years; he's also kept the Arts and Crafts Miss Susan made for him before she died.  She says he feels sad when he looks at them.  Samson and Delilah just flew bye.

      On my outline I also have this other old saying which also applies to our Chief's mother; and Mr. Doug's wife Susan too;  "If a task is once begun, never stop until it's done."  And that's why, even though I feel kind of sad I'm determined to finish this third and last book today.

      Even though Heathcliff's death makes me sort of feel like not working today I owe it to him to at least finish this third book.  Ah!  Just when I was thinking about Heathliff and Miss Susan the Sun's rays just burst through some white clouds up in the sky to the east. 

      Some time back our Chief told us he had a pleasant dream in which some of his Aunts from New Mexico were "by coincidence" at this nice restaurant.  His Aunts Lydia, Ruth, Eloisa, and Dolly talked with him about the past.  Aunt Ruth died a few years ago.  I smell a Mouse.

      The impression his Aunts in New Mexico always gave to our boss was of strong personalities and basically decent human beings.  They all raised decent children and were good partners to our Chief's Uncles.  All of them have been married for about fifty years now! 

        Mr. Steve hasn't been to New Mexico in a while.  He sometimes thinks of his female Cousins Doreen, Shirley, Navora, Macrena and Joy.  All seem to be capable women.  "God willing" he says, someday he might go visit New Mexico again.  I just noticed the Mouse.




     Not only would our Chief like to see his girl Cousins again; he hopes some day to visit with his male Cousins like Randy, Gil Aaron, Fernando and Michael.  His Cousin Casey Ray died a few years ago so he couldn't see him.  Mr. Steve says he has some "fond"memories of them. 

      Mr. Steve's father, who's the oldest too, had three Brothers; Gil, Casey and Marty.  His Sister Lydia married a good man named Fernando but everyone calls him "Fenny."  All are good men who were excellent "providers" for their families.  The Mouse ran under Manny. 

        From what our Chief has told us the history of the area now called New Mexico is filled with stories of "hard-working" females.  For many years it has been what they call a "time-honored" tradition that women build the "adobe" houses.  A Train whistled faintly to the north.

      Just like the "structures" the Franciscan Priests built over here in California, for years the buildings and houses in New Mexico were made of adobe bricks of mud and straw.  After that all of the outside walls were then covered over in a clean white "plaster."

      To this day our boss remembers well the adobe houses his Grandparents lived in.  He had a dream a while back about visiting Jarales and hugging his Aunt Ruth and Uncle Casey.  And in that same dream he visited their kids Randy, Doreen, Shirley and Casey Ray.

      Mr. Steve has so many fond memories of visiting Belen.  He recalls the adobe house that his Grandpa Trujillo built.  In that house, on his Grandma's "Hi-Fi," he enjoyed playing  his Kinks albums.  His Grandma influenced his "eclectic" tastes for all kinds of music. 

    Even in the early 1540's Mr. Steve says, when Coronado came through the area called "El Río Arriba"with his army, they "marveled" at the skill of the Pueblo Indian women who built all the structures.  Rio Arriba means "Upper River" in Spanish.  I smell a Cholla cactus.

      The area in New Mexico where Mr. Steve's parents are originally from has always been called "El Rio Abajo."  This is "The River Below" in English.  Of course the river referred to in New Mexico is the Rio Grande River.  I just heard another Train whistle right now.

        Our Chief says during World War II the women of New Mexico maintained the adobe houses when the men were "away at war."  They not only had to keep doing the same household chores they always had to do but many of the things the men usually did too.

      Yesterday in book two I mentioned how that painter Georgia O'Keefe noticed how hard the women of New Mexico worked.  Mr. Steve says both of his Grandmothers were hard workers whose houses were always really clean.  I smell one of the new Spring Sage plants.

     The landscape of New Mexico has been called "beautiful but unforgiving" our boss says.  The women, first Native and later Spanish, tried to make "havens" from an often harsh world.  They did it to make the "present meaningful" and the "future hopeful" in unstable times.

      Mr. Steve told us at times New Mexico has been poor.  But in his opinion many of the females have contributed "cultural richness" in spite of "economic poverty."  Someday I want to go visit New Mexico!  Dais does too.  Jack the Jackrabbit ran past; in front of the Sheds.

       I wrote down something Mr. Steve's Grandma Trujillo told him one time; "It's one thing to be poor.  But it's another thing to be dirty."  Mr. Steve's mother is the exact same way he told us.  Her house are always clean.  One of her friends described it as "immaculate."

      According to Mr. Steve females have always been what he calls "Integral" to the history of the "West" and in particular New Mexico.  Of course New Mexico food is unique but many of the women in New Mexico have also been Ranchers and Sheep herders too he says.

      According to this Encyclopedia, after the Re-Conquista in New Mexico, for over one hundred years, a big problem was "savage" Indian raids.  That book El Rio Abajo describes how brutal they were.  Rudy the Roadrunner is jogging around the northeast corner of the house. 

      This is interesting.  You would expect "Apache" and "Comanche" Indians to attack towns like Belen.  But I guess the "Navaho," not known for being warlike, also raided too back then.  Belen had a wall around it in the 18th century.  I can hear some Crows cawing. 



      I really believe that us females can do most things males can do!   Mr. Steve's sister Susan is as good a Horse rider as most guys he says.  And his Cousin Doreen back there in New Mexico was a good Softball player growing up.  I just heard a faint Train whistle to the north. 

    Our Chief says that during World War II, in the 1940's, there were women Baseball players who for a time even had a League of their own.  Boy, I sure wish I could go back in time to see that. And I know for sure that Daisy would really want to do that too.       


                                                              IRENE RUHNKE (1943)


     Oh wow!  In my Encyclopedia it shows a picture of one of those girl Baseball players from the time of the Second World War.  They had to wear skirts!  That must've really hurt to slide into a base.  I see my green ball still sitting over there on the patio.  I feel like chewing on it.

      Daisy and Millie one time went into Mr. Steve's Bedroom and watched a really good movie about that girls league from the time of the Second World War.  She says Millie liked that movie a lot.  The movie was even called "A League of Their Own" Dais told me.


                                                      "A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN"


      From what Dais says in A League of Their Own two sisters are "recruited" to play on this one team called the "Peaches."  The old sister really doesn't want to do but her sister does and convinces her to do it.  The older sister is a really good Catcher Daisy told me.

      According to Daisy, in A League of Their Own the Scout who represents the Baseball team only wants the older sister.  He tells the younger sister, who wants to get out of her small town, that the only he'll take her is if she convinces her sister to come and play too.

     Daisy says there's a really sad scene when one of the girl players finds out that her husband has been "Killed in Action;" or "K.I.A."  He had been in the South Pacific fighting the Japanese when he was killed.  I can hear Dawn over there barking.  But I don't hear Blinky.    

      In my Encyclopedia it mentions how the Major League players didn't get paid as much as they do now.  So girls got paid even less.  But Mr. Steve says back in the 1930's the owners of the New York Yankees had to pay Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig more.  Now I hear Blinky. 


                                                       LOU GEHRIG / BABE RUTH

      If Mr. Steve could go use Mr. Peabody's Way Back machine he'd go back to the 1920's to see the New York Yankees play.  The economy was "booming" in the "Roaring Twenties."  But then the 1930's came and that was the time of the Great Depression.  I smell a Mouse.

      Daisy says one time Mr. Steve told her and Millie that females can be really good athletes.  So in a sport where size and strength aren't as necessary, like Baseball, he thinks that someday there might even be a professional girl player.  That will so great!  I'd like to see that.   

     Our Chief read about this one girl from Texas whose name was "Babe" Didrikson Zaharius.  My Encyclopedia says during the Depression in the 1930's she played Baseball, Basketball and  Track and Field.  But she was most famous for being a good golfer.  I see the Mouse.


                        "BABE" DIDRIKSON ZAHARIUS (1911-1956) WITH HUSBAND


          I guess Babe Didrikson's family came from the country of Norway like our boss's girlfriend Sandy's family did.  She married a wrestler named George Zaharius.  The real spelling of her last name was "Didriksen" and her first name was "Mildred."  The Mouse is gone.

      After coming over from Norway that girl Babe Didrikson's family settled in the coastal Texas town of "Port Arthur;" where the 1960's singer Janice Joplin grew up.  It says here Port Arthur is known as what they call an "Oil Town."  That means they drill for oil there. 

      This is interesting.  People probably called that girl "Babe" because Babe Ruth was famous then.  But it says here Babe Didrikson's mother had been calling her "bebe" since she was a little girl.  Oh!  Our four Pigeons all just flew past.  That Field Mouse just ran away.

      Even though she grew up in Port Arthur on the coast of Texas, after graduating High School Babe Didrikson moved to Dallas; near where Mr. Steve's brother now lives.  She was a good what they call "seamstress" just like our boss's sister Celina.  She even made her own clothes.

        From what it says here, as a gimmick, Babe Didrikson played Baseball for a time with that Jewish House of David team.  I guess she was good at all sports like bowling and diving; her best sport was Golf.  Mr. Steve once told Dais that Golf is a really difficult sport.

      Dais thinks Babe Didrikson must've been so talented.  Our Chief said Babe Didrikson could even sing and play the harmonica!  She made records.  But I guess Babe Didrikson died young of cancer; in her early forties.  Ah! I see a Lizard sitting on a rock near the tree.

     This is interesting.  It says here in my Encyclopedia that in 1931 Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig played in what's called an "exhibition" game.  That means it wasn't an "official" or "real" game so it didn't count.  In that game a seventeen year old girl named Jackie Mitchel pitched.

     In my Encyclopedia it shows this picture of that  girl Jackie Mitchel.  I can see that she was a left-handed pitcher.  Wow!  That girl Jackie Mitchel used a "sinker" to strike out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig too!  They were both left-handed batters.  The Lizard just ran away. 

     It says here that some people didn't believe Jackie Mitchel really struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.  They said it was just a "stunt" but both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig denied it.  Mr. Steve says he knows from his own experience that females can be good Baseball players.    


                                                               JACKIE MITCHELL

     Both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig said Jackie Mitchel had a good "drop" ball.  In High School our boss said this girl named Cathy pitched a "Softball" in an "underhanded" style.  But she was right-handed.  Her pitch rose when it was coming up to the plate.  I smell a Gopher.

      Mr. Steve told us that girl Cathy threw hard.  Whether batting right or left-handed our Chief says he could barely even "foul off" a pitch against her.  He said it was kind of embarrassing but then his other friends had the same thing happen to them so it wasn't so bad.   

     That one girl Cathy's pitches "really moved" our Chief says.  Later she even went to college at U.S.C. and was a good pitcher when she played for the Trojans.  Mr. Steve told us he's seen other girls who were also good Baseball players too.  I see the Gopher near the back fence.

      Mr. Steve says some people say, just like with females, that Jews aren't good athletes.  This is not true he told us.  In the early 20th century this Jewish fighter named Benny Leonard was one of the best Boxers of all time.  He was in the category that's called a "Lightweight." 


                                                      BENNY LEONARD (1896-1947)


        My Dictionary says a Lightweight weighs between one hundred and thirty and one hundred and thirty five pounds.  This Encyclopedia says that Benny Leonard was not only one of the most intelligent fighters ever; he was a really hard puncher too.  I smell a Squirrel nearby.  

      According to this Encyclopedia that man Nat Fleischler, who published Ring magazine, said Benny Leonard was the second best Lightweight of all time.  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  Benny Leonard went into the Hall of Fame in 1955; the year he was born.

      Mr. Steve told Dais and Millie once that there have been some really great Baseball players. During the 1930's and 1940's one of the best power hitters in the Major Leagues played for the Detroit Tigers.  His name was Hank Greenburg and he was Jewish.  I see the Squirrel.


                  HANK GREENBURG                                                   SANDY KOUFAX


      Mr. Steve says he now realizes how fortunate he and his friends were back in June of 1966.  It was then that his father dropped them off at Dodger Stadium so they could see a game where this left-handed guy named Sandy Koufax pitched.  A Finch just landed on Moe the Shed.

      That guy Sandy Koufax was Jewish and is now considered to have been one of the greatest pitchers of all time.   This is interesting.  According to this Encyclopedia Sandy Koufax pitched his first game for the Brooklyn Dodgers one month before our boss was born.

      From what our Chief told Daisy and Millie for the first few years Sandy Koufax did not have good control of his pitches.  He "walked" a lot of batters.  But then he realized he didn't have to throw so hard to get batters out.  From then on he "dominated."  The Finch flew away.

      Mr. Steve thinks that from 1961 through 1966 Sandy Koufax was probably the best pitcher of all time.  Some said it was "unfair" to try to hit against him.  He threw so hard and had a really good what they call "curve ball."  Mr. Steve's friend Rick also had a good "curve."

      I guess, from what our boss says, that guy Sandy Koufax only had two pitches, a fastball and a curve.  And he what they call "tipped off" when he was going to throw each one.  That means the batter knew in advance which pitch Sandy Koufax was going to throw to them. 

      When Sandy Koufax threw a fast ball his elbows were tight against his body and when he threw a curve his elbows were sticking out a little bit.  But Mr. Steve told us that it didn't matter.  When he was "on" as they say, no one could hit him.  I just heard a faint Train whistle.

       1966 was Sandy Koufax's last season in the Major Leagues.  Wow!  And I guess it was one of the best.  Sandy Koufax won 27 games that year!  This player for the New York Yankees named Yogi Berra said he couldn't understand how Sandy Koufax ever lost any games in 1966.

      But on that day back in June of 1966 Sandy Koufax did lose.  Mr. Steve said he lost 3-0 to this  pitcher named Larry Dierker.  He was on a team from Texas called the Houston "Astros" whose primary colors are orange and navy blue.  Dais says our boss drew their logo once.   


                                                                  LARRY DIERKER


       Mr. Steve says that Larry Dierker pitched a "Shutout" against Sandy Koufax in 1966.  The Astros had Joe Morgan, Jimmy Wynn and Rusty Staub then.  In 1971 our boss saw Rusty Staub, for the Montreal Expos, hit two home runs against the Braves when he visited Atlanta.

      A while back this lady asked Mr. Steve if he knew who Larry Dierker was. He told her about that 1966 game.  She said, in Woodland Hills, she and Larry Dierker attended Taft High School.   She also said he went to college at U.C.S.B. just like Mr. Steve's sister Susan did. 

      Wow!  According to this Encyclopedia the first batter that Larry Dierker ever faced in the Major Leagues was Willie Mays.  And he struck him out.  It says here that for a few years Larry Dierker managed the Houston Astros.  A cool breeze just came in off of the desert.     

      According to this Encyclopedia that guy Sandy Koufax "threw" four games where the other team didn't get even one hit!  And one of those "No-Hitters" was a "Perfect Game" in which not one of the twenty seven batters he faced got on base; not even on a "Walk" or "Error."

      Mr. Steve says he still remembers the explosive "pop!" when Sandy Koufax's fastball hit the catcher's mitt.  Growing up, when he was his friend Rick's catcher, he heard that same sound at times.  And the palm of his left hand was often bruised too.  Rick threw hard.

      Our Chief says he became so familiar with the "tail" or movement on Rick's pitches that he evolved into his private catcher.  Anyone not familiar with Rick's fastballs wouldn't at first know about this movement.  It would hit the palm of their hand and really hurt. 

      At times Mr. Steve would go with Rick to places like the "Jackie Robinson Field" down in a city called "Compton."  Rick, who's right-handed, would then pitch to Mr. Steve in front of this guy they call a "Scout."  One of the Scouts was a nice man named Chet Brewer.  


                                                          CHET BREWER (1907-1990)


      Mr. Steve told Daisy about that man Chet Brewer.  He pitched in the Negro Leagues for over twenty years; before blacks were allowed to play in the Major Leagues.  Chet Brewer never did get to play in the "Big Leagues."  At the end of his life he lived here in Los Angeles.

       Back in the 1970's Chet Brewer was one of the local Scouts for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  So of course Mr. Steve's friend Rick really wanted to pitch in front of him.  Rick threw hard but never did quite have the "Control" needed to pitch up at a higher level.

      Twice Mr. Steve went down to Compton to catch Rick in front of that man Chet Brewer; who at one time was on the same team as Satchel Paige.  Both were right-handed pitchers for a team called the Kansas City "Monarchs."  A Ground Squirrel just ran bye right now. 

      From what Mr. Steve told Dais, after he retired as a player Chet Brewer coached and one of the players he taught things to was Jackie Robinson.  This was before Jackie Robinson went up to the Dodgers a few years later.  Chet Brewer seems like a really nice person.      


                                                                     NOLAN RYAN    


      Mr. Steve has customers over there in Texas.  One is a big Nolan Ryan fan.  He told our Chief he noticed how Nolan Ryan's fastball also made a loud noise on hitting the catcher's mitt.  Nolan Ryan is from Texas and pitched for the two Major League teams based in the State.  

      Daisy says our Chief told her that Nolan Ryan also pitched for the California Angels, rivals of the A's, for a few years.  Mr. Steve thinks the Angels made a big mistake in letting him go to the Texas Rangers.  He was just as good with the Rangers and later the Astros.

      In 1995 Mr. Steve visited his brother in Texas.  Arlington, where Rock and his two sons live, is where the Texas "Rangers" have their Stadium.  So one of the things they did was go over to see that Stadium.  A grayish brown Thrasher Bird just ran under Manny the Shed. 

     When Mr. Steve and his brother went to visit Texas Stadium there was no game going on.  But a restaurant way up high in right field was open.  So they just went outside and sat in right field in a totally empty Stadium.  Now that Thrasher Bird just flew out into the desert.

      When they were way up high sitting out in right field of an empty "Texas Stadium;" a seat was pointed out.  It was marked with an "X."  A guy who worked at the restaurant said that seat was hit by Moe Vaughn in what they call "Batting Practice" one time.  I smell Sage.                              

                                                                      MOE VAUGHN   


       Mr. Steve knows about that guy Mo Vaughn.  He was a big left-handed power hitter for the Boston Red Sox.  He did so good that the Angels paid him eighty million dollars to come over to play for them for six years.  I hear Blinky and Dawn barking over there next door.

      According to our boss, who saw him take batting practice at "Angels Stadium," that guy Mo Vaughn was definitely strong.  To hit a ball as far as he hit that one in Arlington is amazing when you're way up there sitting next to it and can see how far that is for yourself.

      Daisy says one time our Chief told her and Millie about how that guy Mo Vaughn didn't do that great with the Angels so after just two years they traded him to the New York "Mets."  But he then got injured so retired.  I know that Mets is short for "Metropolitans."     

      I just noticed that, according to my outline, I still have a few more things to say about that one guy Sandy Koufax.  Mr. Steve says, except for Sandy Koufax,  he's never seen a crowd at a Baseball game cheer for a pitcher just for going out to warm up before a game.

      At the end of my first book I wrote about how our Chief thinks that entertainers have to know when it's time to quit.  Many don't and embarrass themselves.  But Sandy Koufax is an example of a player knowing when to "hang them up" as that saying goes.

      I guess, after the 1966 season, Sandy Koufax retired because in order to pitch he had to take drugs to help the pain in his left elbow.   From what Mr. Steve says, he didn't like feeling "high" while pitching so quit; even though he could probably gone a few more years.

      Even though he's not on my outline I feel like writing about that guy "Yogi" Berra.  I know our boss sure likes him.  Even though he didn't look like a good athlete Yogi Berra was one of the best "Catchers" of all time Mr. Steve says.  And he also said some really funny things.


                                                                     "YOGI" BERRA


        According to this Encyclopedia Yogi was only a nickname.  His real name was "Lawrence" but another player told him he looked like a "Yogi"because of how he sat on the ground with his arms crossed.  I guess a person who "practices" Yoga is called a Yogi.     

       This is funny!  It says here in my Encyclopedia that Yogi Berra, who played for the Yankees, once said; "You can observe a lot by just watching." Another time he said; "It's like Déjà Vú all over again."  Boy!  That guy Yogi Berra was probably fun to be around.



      Aha!  Daisy was right!  She's wondered if Yogi Bear was named after that guy Yogi Berra.  It says here in my Encyclopedia that he was.  Wow!  What an honor it would be to actually have a cartoon character named after you.  A Squirrel just ran past in front of the Sheds.

      Daisy will think this saying by Yogi Berra is funny; "The future ain't what it used to be."  He told someone who asked about a Nightclub; "No one goes there now; it's too crowded."  And he said to an opponent one time; "You wouldn't have won if we'd have beaten you."


                                             JACKIE ROBINSON / BRANCH RICKEY


       This is interesting.  It says here that in 1942, when the United States was just starting to get involved in the Second World War, Yogi Berra and his friend Joe Garagiola "tried out" for their hometown St Louis Cardinals.  And Branch Rickey was the General Manager then.

      I guess Yogi Berra's friend Joe took the five hundred dollars Branch Rickey offered him to sign with the Cardinals.  But Yogi Berra "turned it down" and Branch Rickey got mad and said that Yogi Berra would never "amount to much" in Baseball.  Boy was he wrong!

     Mr. Steve says that Yogi Berra not only turned out to be one of the best "defensive" catchers in history; but he also became one of the "clutch" hitters ever.  As a member of the Yankees he ended up playing in seventy five World Series games.  I hear a Train whistling faintly.

      Yogi Berra once said; "It was impossible to get a good conversation going because everybody was talking too much."  And another time at a St. Louis ceremony held in in his honor he told the people there; "I want to thank everyone for making this day necessary."  


                                                                         PHOTO BY ALAMY


     The last Yogi Berra quote I'll mention is when someone asked him if Joe DiMaggio marrying Marilyn Monroe would be "good for Baseball."  Yogi Berra replied; " I don't know if it's good for Baseball, but it sure beats the Hell out of rooming with Phil Rizzuto."  

      I notice that the picture of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio might have been colored the way Mr. Steve used to color black and white photos.  It's kind of hard to tell.  From what Daisy told me, that "Technique" is called "Hand-Colored Tinting."  I smell Juniper.      

     I suddenly just thought of someone else I want to write about right now.  I feel like looking up this Football player named Jim Brown.  Dais says Mr. Steve thinks he was the best Running Back ever.  And, like Sandy Koufax, he "left on top" as they say.  I hear a Wren chirping.


                                                                        JIM BROWN


        From what our Chief says that guy Jim Brown was not only a fast runner but also ran with a lot of power too.  So he could either run "past you" or "through you" as they say.  But he did not want to keep playing Football any more so retired when he was still the best runner.

      According to Mr. Steve after he quit playing Football that guy Jim Brown became an Actor. As I wrote about yesterday, he supported Muhammad Ali when he refused to be drafted into the military.  Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie Jim Brown seems like an intelligent person.   

        Hey You Guys!  I feel a whole lot better than I did about an hour or so ago.  But, "in the back of my mind" as they say, it's hard trying not to think about Heathcliff dying.  Thank all You guys for helping me do my work.  And thank you too Stanley for watching out for me.

      I don't see any Flies around so far today.  But I can see a few Bees and Wasps flying around.  I'll just stay right here keeping to myself and not attract attention.  I wonder what Daisy's doing right now?  I'll bet she's still sad too.  A Bronze Cow Bird just landed on Moe.

   Oh! Libby the Horse is looking over at me.  She looks sort of sad somehow.  I'll bet it's because she knows, like Daisy and I both know, that Heathcliff is gone.  I'll bet Daisy's in the garage right now and she's most likely thinking about Heathcliff.  I know how Dais thinks!  



      I wonder if Libby is wondering what happened to Heathcliff?  She has to have noticed, just like we did, that he didn't crow this morning.  Poor Heathcliff.  We'll miss him. I'm going to start praying for him.  I'll never forget Heathcliff's voice!  The Cow Bird flew away.

      It's a coincidence that just when I'm looking at Libby over there in her corral it says here on my outline that the next subject I want to again write about is Horses.  Some people ride Horses up here where we live; just like they used to do down in Sylmar.  I smell a Gopher.

      According to my outline the next thing I want to learn about is this man named "Zorro."  He lived in Los Angeles in the time after Mexico broke away from Spain.  So Alta California was a part of Mexico.  Zorro helped the poor and also Native peoples.  He wore all black.




       The main reason I want to write about Zorro is because for a time our Chief's nickname was Zorro.  A few years ago at work that Brazilian bookkeeper named Eber jokingly started calling  Mr. Steve Zorro; and then others did it too.  I just noticed a Gopher over there.

        From what is says here in this Encyclopedia the first Zorro story was written in 1919, right after World War I.  Zorro fought the Mexican authorities so had to wear a mask.  I like how he wore all black and usually rode a black Horse.  Libby is looking over here at me.

       This is interesting.  The first Zorro book was called "The Curse of Capistrano."  Mr. Steve and his mom had an art exhibit down at the San Juan Capistrano a few years ago.  From what he says that area of the California coast is really pretty.  That Gopher is gone now.


                                                                  BATMAN (1940)



       I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  It says here that in 1939, the first year of World War II, the man who did the first DC comic book on "Batman" said he was inspired by Zorro stories.  A picture of the first Batman comic book is shown right here.  I smell a Cholla cactus.

      From what Dais tells me, in one of corners of his Bedroom near where his vinyl records and cassette tapes are; Mr. Steve has a Milk Crate with Comic Books and things like that in it.  Some of the Comic Books are about Spiderman, Superman, Batman and other characters. 

      Over the years there have been a lot of Zorro movies and things like that.  At least that's Mr. Steve told Dais and Millie.  Ever since the time when movies were "Silent" and didn't have any sound people have been making Zorro movies.  The Dragonfly just whizzed bye.

      Dais once told me that in his office, between some of his bookshelves, is a sword like the one Zorro used.  It's called a "Rapier."  The Three Muskateers also used Rapiers, which have skinny pointed blades meant for for "stabbing" and not cutting or "slicing."  I smell flowers.

       A nice cool breeze just came in from out in the eastern desert; from beyond our three Sheds. I'm so lucky to be able to feel it.  I wish Daisy was back here to enjoy it with me.  But after today she'll be back here more as usual.  I'll bet Daisy is asleep or resting up front in the Garage.

      One time at night in the living room Daisy and Millie got to watch one of the Zorro movies.  He had a pretty girlfriend and used a Bullwhip like the one our boss has hanging near the door to his bedroom.  At least that's what Dais told me.  I just picked up Libby's scent.

      My outline's next topic is the city of "Chatsworth;" which is in the San Fernando Valley to the east of Sylmar.  Our Chief has hiked around "Chatsworth Rocks."  Chatsworth is where Roy Rogers lived with his family before they moved up here to the High Desert.


                                                                       ROY ROGERS


       From what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie he had to learn things about Chatsworth when he and his parents were Tour Guides at the San Fernando Mission.  At one time in the late 18th and early 19th centuries the area was a part of the San Fernando Mission.

      This Encyclopedia says "Tataviam" Indians lived in the Valley for 8,000 years.  The Spanish called them "Fernandeños." There were also Native-Amerians called "Chumash" living there in the 18th century when the Spaniards, who called them "Venturaño," first arrived.     

      Mr. Steve says there are caves in Chatsworth Rocks.  Some have ancient cave drawings inside and one of them was used to film some of the Zorro movies.  A friend of Mr. Steve's once found an old "Clovis-type" arrowhead there.  A group of Sparrows just flew past.                                                            


       I hear a Train whistling faintly to the north.  That reminds me about how Daisy says one time our Chief told her and Millie about a really bad Train crash that happened down there in Chatsworth in 2008.  A lot of people were killed in that one Train crash. 

       Daisy and myself were both rescued because our neighbor's help animals.  That's how Mr. Steve found out about us.  Blinky and Dawn were saved from bad owners and so was Rosy.  And Molly and Libby were too.  Thank all of You Guys for our neighbors.  

      For a long time our Chief says this one lady named Doris Day rescued animals down there in the San Fernando Valley.  Doris Day was a world famous actress in the 1950's and 1960's.  That's what our boss says.  According to what Dais she was a really talented singer too.


                                                                        DORIS DAY


      From what our Chief told Daisy and Millie, after she retired from acting that lady Doris Day lived in Chatsworth and rescued Dogs and Cats.  Mr. Steve says he talked to her a few times on the phone and she seemed like a really friendly person.  I hear a Finch chirping.

      Years ago our boss says he and this other girl named Kerrie called a phone number about getting a free Dog.  It turned out it was Doris Day who answered the phone.  And he thinks she was in Chatsworth but can't remember exactly.  I just smelled a Joshua tree. 




      According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia that guy Roy Rogers and his wife Dale Evans had three children die young.  And at that time they lived in Chatsworth like Doris Day.  So their house down in the San Fernando Valley came to have some bad memories. 

      I guess having their three kids die was one of the reasons why Roy Rogers and his wife made the decision to "pick up" and move up here to Apple Valley.  And now Mr. Steve says, there are some streets and places like cemeteries named after them.  I hear Birds singing.

      This is interesting.  It says here that Roy Rogers and his wife eventually had seven children in their family.  And some of them were orphans who they adopted to replace the three kids who had died.  Two of out Pigeons just flew in from out there in the eastern desert. 

      I've never seen any of Doris Day or Roy Rogers' movies but Daisy has.  She told me that both of them make some pretty good good movies; that is, good if you like singing she says.  Daisy and I do like singing and dancing in movies but our boss doesn't.  I smell a Joshua tree.


                                                       WILLIAM S. HART (1864-1946)


       Well. I can see that on my book three outline the next thing I want to write about is this one man named William S. Hart.  There's a good picture of him in my Encyclopedia.  The caption  says he's standing with his "famous" Horse "Fritz.  I smell Sage.

      Wow!  I guess that guy William S. Hart was born in 1864, the second to last year of the Civil War.  And he died the year after World War II ended.  So he was alive during a time when so many important things happened.  I can see Libby over there in her Corral.

      Going down to Los Angeles there's a town on the way called "Newhall."  At least that's what Mr. Steve says.  William S. Hart built a beautiful house and ranch area right into the contours of  the hill.  Now it's a "Western" Museum and Mr. Steve has been there a few times.


                                                             GENE AUTRY (1907-1998)


       From what it says here, William S. Hart's Horse Fritz "Set the Stage" so to speak for Roy Rogers' Horse Trigger.  And there was another singing Cowboy named Gene Autry.  His Horse was named "Champion."  There's a picture of Champion in this Encyclopedia.

      Mr. Steve has been to the "Gene Autry Museum" a few times too.  I guess it's right near the Los Angeles Zoo in an area called "Griffith Park."  Dodger Stadium is kind of close by and so is the Observatory where Laser Images did Laserium.  The Greek Theater is nearby.

      The Gene Autry Museum, like Roy Rogers' Museums and William S. Hart's former house, are filled with so many interesting things; most having to do with the "Old West" or making the movies about the 19th century.  Mr. Steve's parents like seeing things like that too.

      According to what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie, his parents for a time were involved in the fundraising activities for the Gene Autry Museum.  In the mid-1990's they did similar things for the San Juan Capistrano Mission.  A brown Thrasher Bird just flew bye right now.

      Someday Daisy and I really want to visit the Capistrano Mission.  Not only could be see those Birds called "Swallows" but we could see the bronze plaque in the ground which has Mr. Steve's parents names on it.  That's because they donated money to the Mission.

      Dais says having a plaque at a place like the Capistrano Mission is probably like having one of those stars on the Hollywood "Walk of Fame."  Years ago Mr. Steve's dad helped raise money so that this musician named Freddy Fender could get a star on Hollywood Boulevard.



      Mr. Steve said for many years that man Gene Autry owned the Angels Baseball team; the A's big rivals.  I've never seen an Oakland A's game on tv.  Dais has and thinks I'm being silly in not having the courage to go all the way down the Hallway and into Mr. Steve's Bedroom.

       I did listen to that one A's game on the Radio during the storm.  I wrote about it yesterday. We sat here on the Patio watching lightning as we listened to the A's play the Angels.  Dais and I felt happy sharing the A's game with our Chief.  Ah!  I can feel a cool breeze.



        Hey You Guys!  Thank You for that night we sat out here on the Patio listening to the A's game.  It was the night I got over being afraid of thunder and lightning because both Daisy and Mr. Steve were not scared of thunder and lightning at all.  The Chimes are ringing.  

      According to what our Chief told Daisy, for many years the Angels seemed like the Chicago Cubs in being "Jinxed."  Mr. Steve's friend Rick jokes that they were a good example of what's called "Murphy's Law."  Whatever could go wrong did usually go wrong.

      When he was young Mr. Steve had no sympathy for the seemingly never-ending bad luck of the California Angels.  This is mainly because he's always been an Oakland A's fan.  But when the Angels finally won the World Series in 2004 he was actually happy for them.


                                                      LYMAN BOSTOCK (1950-1978)


       One of the most extreme examples of the Angels bad luck is a guy named Lyman Bostock.  He was a really good hitter Mr. Steve says.  He also went to C.S.U.N like Mr. Steve.  He was shot and killed in the back seat of a Car in a case of "mistaken identity."  A Crow cawed.

      All of those years of "misfortune" finally ended for the Angels a few years ago.  But it's too bad their former owner Gene Autry wasn't alive to see it.  He seemed like such a nice person our boss says.  But, at least his wife was still alive Mr. Steve told us.  I smell Sage.    

       It was Daisy's idea to add William S. Hart in writing about singing Cowboys like Roy Rogers and Gene Autrey.  As I mentioned earlier, all three of them had really smart Horses.  I can now see Libby over there in her Corral.  And I just picked up her faint scent. 

      In 1996 Mr. Steve's friend Rick built a house for his family near Newhall in a town called "Santa Clarita."  Julio, the guy from Mexico who does the embroidery for Mr. Steve's company, also lives with his wife and daughter in Santa Clarita.  I smell a Squirrel nearby.

      Mr. Steve says William S. Hart's s house built into a tall hill was made to take advantage of the breezes that come through that area.  This was before "Air Conditioning."  Wow!  That guy William S. Hart made over seventy silent movies.  I hear some Finches singing.  

      According to what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time, William S. Hart loved to be near his Horses and Dogs.  His house, which was built in 1924, six years after World War I, was built in a "Tiered" or "Terraced" way up that one hill.  I see the Squirrel over there.

      Oh!  William S. Hart named his house "La Loma de Los Vientos" in English "The Hill of the Winds."  Our Chief told Daisy how many of the rooms in his house have windows that allow the breezes to flow in and then circulate around.  A black Cow Bird just flew past.

     I've never felt Air Conditioning but Daisy has and tells me I don't know what I'm missing by being to afraid to spend more time inside our house.  Daisy, who has such thick fur, always goes and sleeps in the house when it's extremely hot outside.  The Squirrel just ran away.

      One time when Mr. Steve and Harriet visited William S. Hart's house.  Harriet liked to learn new things just like our boss.  So she asked questions and Mr. Steve explained to her about how Spanish Colonial buildings are the legacy of the 18th century Franciscan Priests.

      As I mentioned yesterday in discussing that one movie The Wizard of Oz, Mr. Steve says he's never really liked "Musicals."  But he admits, he knows he's in the minority in having this view. His parents generation really like it when a movie has a lot of singing and dancing.

      Unlike most people back then, Mr. Steve really didn't like it that much when Roy Rogers and the other Cowboys sang.  He liked the other parts of the show better.  His friend Mr. Cliff, who doesn't like singing movies either, jokes that they would never be "Broadway" fans.

      The strong scent of a Sage bush just reached me.  For some reason that reminds me of other Springs when I was getting used to living here.  But, it also brings back some more unpleasant memories of living homeless out in that terrible field.  I now like the smell of Sage.

      Oh my God!  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this!  The wide-brimmed hat that guy Zorro wore is called a "Sombrero Córdobes" because since the 17th century that style of hat has been made over there in Córdoba, Spain.  Here's a picture of the Beatles in Bullfighter suits.  



      In my Encyclopedia it shows a photo of the Beatles when they went to Spain in 1964 to play some concerts.  And Ringo the drummer is wearing one of those Zorro hats from Córdoba.  To Ringo it symbolized Spain.  Two of our Pigeons just flew past right now. 

      The picture of the Beatles in "Matador" uniforms shows that guy Paul McCartney holding a sword.  Dais once told me that just to the side of the fireplace in the living room is a sword just like the one Paul McCartney is holding.  I hear our neighbor's Ducks quacking.

   From what it says here the famous Bullfighter "Manolete" often wore Zorro-type hats.  Oh! No wonder.  He was born in Córdoba.  But he was killed by Bull so now the "Matador Museum" over there in Córdoba is dedicated to him.  Manolete was just his nickname.                                                

                                                          "MANOLETE" (1917-1947)


           Hey!  That Bullfighter Manolete was born on the 4th of July!  So that makes him a Cancer just like our Chief.  I just picked up Libby's scent.  And looking over to my right in the direction of her Corral I can see that she's just walking slowly around.  I also see some Flies.

        Mr. Steve one time told Daisy and Millie about how he has pleasant memories about hiking around Chatsworth Rocks.  He said he still remembers some really nice what they call "Picnics" over there.  Picnics sound like they would be so fun.  But, I like eating any time.

       A lot of people now do this thing called "Text Messaging."  From what Dais says it's typing  out a message to someone on your phone instead of talking to them.  Mr. Steve says he would much rather just call the person so he can hear their voice.  A Crow just cawed.

      I guess Text Messaging is kind of new.  In 2008 when that Train crash happened down there in Chatsworth the "Engineer" was doing it while driving the Train.  So he wasn't paying enough attention to what he was supposed to be doing and accidentally killed people. 

      Oh wow!  Just when I'm writing about that terrible "head-on" collision which happened in Chatsworth I hear a Train whistle to the north.  And now there's another whistle.  Some Crows are cawing faintly way out there in the desert; to the east behind the three Sheds. 

      I didn't plan on writing so much about Chatworth but but now I'm scheduled to write about these beautiful white Horses from Austria called  "Lipizzans." This Encyclopedia says they're Spanish.  In 1985 Mr. Steve saw the Lipizzan Horses perform at the Forum.


                                                                 "LIPIZZAN" HORSES


      One afternoon in 1985 Mr. Steve and a friend were working at their office; which was right across the street from the Forum.  They heard that those Lipizzan Horses from the  "Spanish Riding School" were performing that night.  So they decided to go see them. 

      My Encyclopedia says that "Lipizza" is a town in Austria and the Lipizzan Horses were first "developed" in the 16th century.  Mr. Steve's interested in the 1500's so I'll bet he already knows that.  I just felt a slight breeze come in from east.  Libby's looking over in this direction.


                                                              CHARLES V (1500-1558)


       This is interesting.  My Encyclopedia says it was during "reign"of Charles V of Spain, who was Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand's son; that two breeds of Horses were mixed or "bred." One from Spain and the other one from Austria.  I can really smell Libby now.

        According to the outline for this third book I know Dais has me scheduled to write a lot on the 16th century today.  As I've mentioned before, me and Daisy think if he could use the Way Back machine of Mr. Peabody's Mr. Steve would go back to see the 1500's.

       Austrians are a lot like Germans.  That man Adolph Hitler was Austrian and Dais told me that Arnold Schwartenegger, a recent Governor of California; was also originally from Austria.  Vienna, where Hitler lived in "Flop Houses" before World War I; is in Austria.   

      I guess Lipizzans are only "Stallions," or boy Horses.  Oh, this is interesting.  Even though they're born dark in color they eventually turn white.  I see a Gopher crawling a little way out of his hole.  He better be careful that a Snake or Cher the Cat doesn't smell him.

      Our Chief says at first those Lipizzan Horses were bred for war but now just do their tricks to show how smart they are.  They even jump up in the air he says!  Mr. Steve's sister Susan had a little Horse named "Dinky."  That Gopher just retreated back into it's hole.

      Susan and Dinky used to jump over things!  And from what Our boss says it seemed like that Horse Dinky was smart and learned things.  Ah!  I just smelled Libby the Horse and now I can see that she's looking over here in this direction.  I really like the way Libby smells.

      One time Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that he read in a magazine how the painter Georgia O'Keefe described the trained "fluid" and "intricate" maneuvers of those Lipizzan Horses as like "watching music move."  Well, Libby went back to nibbling the ground. 

      Oh wow!  I'll bet Mr. Steve knows this.  In early 1945, when the Allies were "closing in on" the Germans and the "tide of war" had turned, the man in charge of the Lipizzan Horses heard that the advancing Soviet army was eating Horses for food.  I hear Birds chirping.

      Luckily for that Austrian man in charge of the Lipizzan Hoses, the closest American General to Austria was George S. Patton.  He really liked Horses and never would have killed them for meat. So they rescued the Lipizzan Horses.  Russians sound kind of mean sometimes.



       From what it says here, even though they were "technically" within the "jurisdiction" of the Russians, General Patton made the Lipizzan Horses what they call "wards" of the American army.  A strong breeze just blew over a lot of Libby the Horse's scent.  I like it.

      Mr. Steve thinks that probably the last time General Patton rode a Horse was a few months before he was mysteriously killed in an auto accident.  This was when he rode a Lipizzan Horse named "Favory Africa."  Here's a good picture of that time in this Encyclopedia.

                                                   EMPEROR HIROHITO (1901-1989)


      This is interesting.  That Horse General Patton rode back in 1945 was intended to be given as a gift from Adolph Hitler to the Japanese Emperor Hirohito.  A picture in this one Encyclopedia shows him sitting on another white Horse.  I see Flies above Libby over there. 

      I guess some of the Nazis like Herman Göring believed in Animal "Breeding" and one of the Animals they bred was Horses.  In Poland Herman Göring wanted to to "Re-Create" an ancient German forest and populate it with specially bred "fierce" ancient-type Bulls. 



       A number of years ago Mr. Steve met a man who knew about the Nazi breeding programs.  He told Mr. Steve about how over in England they're breeding the Cattle the Nazis resurrected in the late 1930's.  Oh my God!  There's a picture in my Encyclopedia of one.

        I just looked up "Auroch."  That's what the Nazi Cows and Bulls are called.  I guess all the original Auroch went extinct in the 1600's.  But the Nazis decided to try to bring it back as much as possible.  Blackbeard and Anne are flying bye right now; moving to the southeast.

        Mr. Steve and that one man talked about how the Nazis "exploited" how many Germans celebrate the "mythic past."  This Encyclopedia calls it "Nibelungenlied."  And it refers to the prosperous and happy times.  I guess it's sort of like saying the "Good old Days." 

        The Nazis wanted to recreate the Middle Ages or even back to the time when that guy Julius Caesar described giant Aurochs up there in what would eventually be called Germany.  I can see Libby over there in her Corral.  Libby is always so calm; kind of like the way Daisy is. 



         Mr. Steve and that man who knew about the Nazis talked about the Auroch program.  And they both thought it interesting how to this day some older Germans still refer mid-1930's Nazi Germany as Nibelungenlied.  But that was before World War II of course.   

        There's a picture in this Encyclopedia that shows Hitler "presiding over" the opening of the "Autobahn."  That's one of the first "Highways" and is still being used today I guess.  In a time when most of the world was in the Great Depression Germany was doing better.

        I'm so tempted to write about the Autobahn right now but I better just wait and do it the order Daisy said to do it.  I'll come back to it later today.  Mr. Steve says even though they lost World War I the Germans were one of the first economies to come out of the Depression.


  1.                          SPARTANS                                                                                 NAZIS

        Mr. Steve and that one man also discussed about how the Nazis also believed in what they call "Selective Breeding" of people too.  They wanted to eventually breed warriors just like the Spartans did back in ancient Greece.  But they ended up losing World War II.

      The Nazis thought Germans were better than other people; especially Jews.  They killed you if they thought you were weak.  Hitler and the other Nazis believed in what's called "Eugenics."  That means;  "Improving the human species by controlling heredity."

       From what Daisy and I heard our boss tell Mr. Cliff, many of the ideas on Eugenics that influenced the Nazis came from the United States. 


       I've been thinking about taking a chance and going into the house at night to watch tv; and I might just go down the hallway too.  Then I could watch that one funny show Daisy told me about called "Mr. Ed."  Dais thinks it's even funnier than Arnold the Pig's show.


                                                                          "MR. ED"

       Even though I sure don't feel much like laughing at this exact moment, I would like to see that show Mr. Ed.  Daisy told me it's about this really smart  talking Horse named Ed who talk's but only to his owner named Wilbur.  I just smelled Libby again from her corral. 

      Daisy says that Horse Mr. Ed gets into a lot of mischief and makes his boss look like kind of a nut to other people; including his wife.  Mr. Steve jokes that most people would probably think he's a nut too for telling us so many things.  But they don't know how smart we are!

      According to what Dais told me that Horse Mr. Ed looks things up in phone books so must be able to read.  And she thinks Mr. Ed even wore glasses sometimes. She said Millie really liked that show Mr. Ed.  Boy, it sounds funny!  A Field Mouse just ran past the Sheds.

     Mr. Ed the talking Horse is smart Dais says.  He's just like Arnold Ziffel but not only can Mr. Ed read, he talks on the phone and even plays Chess too she says.  Boy, I can't wait until our boss reads my books.  Then I'll be like that Horse Mr. Ed!  I smell a Jackrabbit.

      Daisy says when watched Mr. Ed our Chief pointed out the front "double doors" on Wilbur and his wife's house.  They're the same doors he had on his last house in Sylmar.  Mr. Ed was shown in the early 1960's; the same time our boss's house on Hagar Street was built.

      Sylmar was very rural when Mr. Steve's family moved there in 1961.  Many of the roads were dirt like it is here now.  So People even rode Horses around.  Yesterday evening this guy in a big "Cowboy" hat rode his pretty brown Horse past our house out on Oasis Road.

      When our boss used to visit his relatives back in New Mexico they at times rode Horses in the deserts near Belen.  Seeing that man on his Horse last night wearing Cowboy boots and hat made me want to add Cowboys to the things I want to write about today.  I see the Jackrabbit.  

      Looking at Libby over in her corral makes me think of how hard it must've been to be a real Cowboy back in the 19th century.  Mr. Steve says he had to learn about the history of Cowboys in his studies to be a Mission Guide.  The Spanish brought Cows to the New World.


                                                                      EL "VAQUERO"


     According to this Encyclopedia the 19th century American Cowboy tradition was influenced by Spanish and Mexican "Vaqueros."  Many of the words used in the Cowboy culture come from Spanish.  "Buckaroo" is "Anglicized" Vacuero.  "Vaca" means "Cow" in Spanish.

      This is interesting.  During the American Revolutionary War men called Cowboys stole Cows and gave them to the British.  Oh!  In Hawaii the men who take care of the Cattle are called the "Paniolo's" which is the way Hawaiians pronounced "Espanol."  I smell a Gopher.

      From what it says here in the 19th century there were Cowboys called "Wranglers" who just took care of the Horses.  And I guess some of the best Cowboys back then were Native-American or blacks who were former slaves.  I just noticed Libby over there in her corral.     


                                                              NAT LOVE (1854-1921)


      I just looked up this man named Nat Love.  He was a former slave from Tennessee who, like so many, after the Civil War moved out west to try to earn a living. Even though there was still a lot of prejudice there too it wasn't as bad I guess.  Aha!  I see the Gopher near Manny.

      That Gopher just came up from the same hole as yesterday.  It's sticking his head out of the hole and sniffing the air.  Well, it just ducked back down in the ground because Blackbeard and Anne flew bye over head.  Oh!  A nice breeze just blew in from the desert to the east.

      Dais says one time our Chief told her and Millie about that guy Nat Love.  In 1876 on the 4th of July he won some shooting, roping and riding contests up in the "Dakota" Territory.  This was just a few days after George Custer and his 7th Cavalry died at the "Little Big Horn."

      Mr. Steve told Daisy that in his autobiography Nat Love said he met Billie the Kid and Pat Garrett who killed Billy the Kid.  And he supposedly also met the "Outlaws" Frank and Jesse James and later Buffalo Bill.  He was probably exaggerating our boss thinks. 


                                                                       NAT LOVE


       Our boss told Dais that guy Nat Love moved to Los Angeles and got a job as what they call a "Porter" on passenger trains.  Because Mr. Steve went back and forth to New Mexico on trains he remembers the "Pullman" Porters well.  They were really hard workers he says.

     This is interesting.  The first Cattle in New Mexico were brought there by Juan de Oñate in 1598.  Christopher Columbus brought the first Cows and Bulls to the New World on his second expedition.  Oh wow!  It says here there were female Cowgirls in the Old West.



      My Encyclopedia says females took care of farms and ranches when the men were away.  But a few worked on the "Cattle Drives" too.  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  In 1869, about forty years before anywhere else in America, women in Wyoming earned the right to vote.

           One of the things on my outline for this third book are some of Mr. Steve's jobs.  He's had jobs where he had to get up really early; even earlier than he usually does now.  Daisy and I now like getting up when the Sun comes up; mainly because that's when our boss starts his day. 

      In the Summer we have no problem getting up early.  But sometimes during the Winter when the weather is cold it's a little harder to get up early.  Sometimes our boss lays in bed for a while and listens to the radio until he feels like getting up.  We all get up as early as possible.

      Because he knows himself pretty well our boss knows that he "procrastinates' in the shower; especially if it's cold outside.  So when he had jobs where he had to get up and leave even before the Sun was up he took his shower the night before so could get up quickly and dress.   

     I remember when Dais explained to me what a "shower" was.  At first I found it very hard to believe in such a thing.  The idea of standing under a steady stream of warm water for as long as you want to.  But of course then you have to pay for the extra water Dais told me.

      Our boss admitted to Daisy and Millie one time that at times he finds it hard to "moderate" on the length of showers; especially when it's cold outside.  He wants to stay there for as long as possible so makes excuses in his own mind to enjoy the warm water for "a little longer." 

      Dais says we have three bathrooms in our house.  Two of them have showers and there's this thing called a "bathtub" in the bathroom at the end of the hallway.  Sometimes Mr. Steve sits in it and rests while listening to the radio.  One of those Cow Birds just ran bye. 

     I guess our Chief has been so busy for the last two days.  He didn't even take breaks to give us our usual snacks.  In a way this is good Daisy said because I can work out here without worrying about our Chief somehow catching me by surprise and finding out what I'm doing. 

      Even though I'm still kind of sad about Heathcliff and don't really have what they call an "appetite" right now, I do wonder if Dais and I will get at least one snack today.  We really like our snacks!  But I'm really not all that hungry right now.  I smell a Joshua tree.

     Our boss told Daisy he's got a lot of work to do today.  She thinks this is hint that we might not get snacks again today.  She's probably right.  Oh well, I'll just get a lot done too.  Daisy and I usually don't have "lunch" but always get breakfast, snacks and dinner.

      Even before Heathcliff died Mr. Steve had already been a little sad lately because he heard that this man named "Leopoldo" had died a few weeks ago.  Mr. Leopoldo was originally from a country called "Argentina" but had lived up here for years.  Sparrows just flew past. 


      Leopoldo told our Chief about "Buenos Aires;" the "capital" of Argentina.  It's near a river called "Rio de la Plata;" or "River of Silver"in English.  In 1536 the original Spanish colony had to eat each other to survive; just like the 19th century Donner Party did.

      Buenos Aires means "good air" in Spanish.  That guy Leopoldo told Mr. Steve about a road in Buenos Aires named "Avenida 9 de Julio." That means "July 9th Avenue" which is our boss's  exact birthday!  They say it's the "widest city street" in the whole world too!


      Avenida 9 de Julio was built to what they call "Commemorate" Argentina's break from Spain in the early 19th century.  Mr. Leopoldo said there's a giant Egyptian "Obelisk" at one end of Avenida 9 and the stone used to make it is from a city in Argentina named Córdoba.

      Hey!  I just thought of something right now.  The United States, and Argentina too, declared their independence in July.  So I guess that would mean that they were born under the sign of Cancer just like Mr. Steve.  Oh!  I just saw a black Beetle crawl under a rock.





        Our Chief and Mr. Leopoldo discussed Cowboys.  Argentina Cowboys are called "Gauchos."  I mentioned them yesterday when I wrote about C.S.U.B., the College in Santa Barbara where Mr. Steve's sister Susan went to and whose teams are called Gauchos.  I smell a Lizard.

      Mr. Leopoldo told Mr. Steve that in the country of Chile the Cowboys are called "Huaso's" while in Peru they're known as "Chalanos."  Down in Mexico the men who herd and take care of Cows are "Vaqueros" or "Charros."  A Bunny Rabbit just bounded into the desert.  

         Argentina has people from all over.  Mr. Leopoldo's family went to Argentina from Italy.  In Argentina they were called "Porteños" because they lived in the "Port" area near the water in Buenos Aires; which was settled in the 16th century.  I see the Lizard over there. 

     Mr. Steve told us Mr. Leopoldo was funny.  He told his brother Basilio he'll miss Leopoldo's   sense of humor; just like he misses Mark Ritter's "irreverent" sense of humor. Daisy and I never met Mark Ritter or Mr. Leopoldo.  But I'll write about them so others won't forget. 

      At times that man Leopoldo reminded our Chief of the Bookkeeper Eber who used to work at Mr. Steve's company.  But Mr. Eber was from Brazil which is the rival of Argentina.  Both of them had kind of oddball senses of humor.  That Lizard just ran under a rock.

      Our boss sometimes has dreams where people who have died are in them.  A few weeks ago he had a dream where his old boss Steve Banks was in it.  And so was Mark Ritter and that guy Leopoldo too.  They hugged and "exchanged pleasantries" as they say.   I smell a Mouse.

      Mr. Steve says he also had a dream about that man Leopoldo where they recalled the time our boss lent him a book about this Italian man named Amerigo Vespucci; who went on voyages to the New World in the years following Columbus's voyages.  I see the Mouse.


                                                                               AMERIGO VESPUCCI (1454-1512)

       My Encyclopedia says Amerigo Vespucci, like Columbus, went from Italy over to Spain and Portugal to get ships to sail to the New World.  America's named for him and he was the first to prove "once and for all" that Columbus did not find Asia.  The Mouse ran away.

         I guess Amerigo Vespucci was made two voyages to the New World. The first was sponsored by Spain and the second by Portugal.  I know that in those days sailing was really dangerous but he and his crews were able to make it back.  I hear Crows cawing faintly to the east.

      It says here in a letter Amerigo Vespucci wrote in Latin he used the words "Mundus Novus" to describe the land he had seen on his two voyages.  That means "New World" in English.  I just looked that up in my Latin Dictionary.  Oh!  A Jackrabbit just ran past.  

     Oh!  This is interesting.  The reason we live in "America" is because a map maker in the 16th century labeled the new land "Americus;" Latin for Amerigo.   I wonder if Amerigo Vespucci ever knew about that?  I smell some flowers again.  I love to smell flowers!

     That man Mr. Leopoldo had a family and kids but was younger than Mr. Steve.  He was born on July 10th which is a day later than our boss. He told Mr. Steve that Argentina's "Declaration of Independence" from Spain was signed on July 9, 1816.  I hear Crows cawing faintly.

      Our Chief told Mr. Leopoldo about the California Missions and the later "Califorñio" era under Mexico. Mr. Leopoldo told him about "Patagonia" and the "Pampas" where they raise Cattle.  And sometimes they discussed Juan Perón and his famous wife "Eva."

                                                               EVA (1919-1952) / JUAN PERÓN (1895-1974)


      This Encyclopedia says that Juan Perón was President of Argentina in the years right after the end of World War II.  And his wife was named "Eva" but people called her "Evita."  She was an actress who had grown up really poor I guess.  Fannie and Freddie just flew bye.

      Dais says one time she and Millie were in Mr. Steve's Bedroom and watched a movie about that girl Eva Perón.  It says here she helped her husband but really didn't know that much about politics.  The poor liked her.  She helped the "Descamisados" or "Shirtless Ones."


      I guess Juan Perón was put in Prison but released when big crowds demanded it.  Eva Perón played a part in this.  Oh!  Today in Argentina, the day Juan Perón was let out of jail, October the 17th is a holiday.  October the 17th is Mr. Steve's brother Rock's birthday.

      I just used my Spanish Dictionary to look up the Spanish phrase "Dia de la Lealtad."  That means "Loyalty Day" in English and is what they call the holiday in Argentina.  Wow!  I guess Eva Perón died of cancer when she was only thirty three years old.  A Crow cawed.

      Some critics say Juan and Eva Perón were Fascists like Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini. But Dais says she heard Mr. Leopoldo and our Chief discussing it one time and both believed it was not true.  The Perón's just liked the way German-type uniforms looked. 

      Mr. Steve thinks Juan and Eva Perón were probably not anti-Semitic.  They allowed some of the Nazis into Argentina after the war but this was mainly because, like in Operation Paper Clip, they were interested in acquiring some of  the German "brain power." 

      This is interesting.  The Perón's visited Spain right after World War II.  At that time that guy General Francisco Franco was the only Fascist leader left in Europe.  Oh wow!  After Eva Perón died they "embalmed" her body but then had to hide it out of the country.

      According to this Encyclopedia Eva Perón's body was in Milan, Italy for a few years.  Then her husband brought it over to Spain.  That man Leopoldo told Mr. Steve that one time he and his wife visited the cemetery in Buenos Aires where Eva Perón's body finally ended up. 

      I guess when Juan Peron died in 1974 his and his wife's bodies were taken back to Argentina and buried at "La Recoleta" cemetery.  That's where this Boxer named Luis Angel Firpo, who knocked Jack Dempsey out of the ring once, is also buried.  I hear Dawn barking faintly.  



      My Encyclopedia says Luis Angel Firpo was a "hard-hitting" Heavyweight whose nickname "Wild Bull."  In 1923, at New York City's "Polo Grounds" where the Baseball Giants played, he  lost to champion Jack Dempsey.  There's a good picture of it in this one Encyclopedia.                   

    The "Dempsey-Firpo Fight" is now considered to have been one of the most famous fights of all time.   And I guess the main reason is because that guy Luis Firpo hit Jack Dempsey so hard    one time he flew completely out of the ring.  In the picture you can see it really clearly.                  

     Wow!  It says here that guy Luis Angel Firpo was knocked down seven times in the first round before he connected and knocked Jack Dempsey flying out of the ring!  But some people pushed  Jack Dempsey back up into the ring and he knocked out Firpo in the second round.                      

    I just noticed how in the picture there are only three what they call "Ring Strands" around the ring.  Mr. Steve says nowadays there are four.  This makes it safer for the Boxers but harder for the photographers.  I can smell the clump of Joshua trees near Libby's Corral.                         

      This is interesting.  Argentina means "silver coins" in Latin.  And I guess in Spanish it would mean "silvery."  One of the biggest rivers down in Argentina is called "El Rio de la Plata" or      "River of Silver."  I smell a Ground Squirrel around here somewhere.                                             

    Because silver is so important to Argentina that man Leopoldo was really impressed when our boss showed him some of the one ounce silver coins he's bought over the years.  Mr. Steve even     paid him with them when Leopoldo did some work for him.  He was so happy then!                       

There have been some times in Argentina's history when they've experienced what they call "runaway inflation."  This means prices go so high the currency is almost worthless; like what     happened over there in Germany too in the years after World War I.  I smell a Mouse.                  

    Mr. Steve told that man Leopoldo about Eber, the Bookkeeper from Brazil who worked at his company for a time.  He told him about how he and Eber had talked about the rivalry between    Argentina and Brazil.  I just picked up the faint scent of a Creosote bush.                                    

    Eber and Mr. Steve, and Mr. Steve and Leopoldo, talked about how the countries of India and  Pakistan are big rivals; kind of like Argentina and Brazil.  But those two countries have Nuclear  bombs and Mr. Steve thinks they might use them some day.  I see the Mouse.                                  

   Mr. Steve told that guy Mr. Leopoldo about how Eber used to jokingly say it's a good thing neither Argentina or Brazil had Nuclear weapons.  Even though he was just kidding; Mr. Eber    thought if Argentina went nuclear Brazil would probably have to do it as well.                                                                                  


     Well, back to my outline.  I hadn't planned on writing so much about Argentina but I just felt like it.  Mr. Steve was born back in 1955.  He told us in 1955 the term "Agribusiness" was first used.  That means giant farms Dais says.  A Jackrabbit is standing next to Manny the Shed.

      Now I want to write about why leaders like Juan and Eva Peron would want former Nazi's to come to their country after World War II ended in 1945.  Mr. Steve has studied about how the Germans were "at the forefront" as they say, of aviation technology.

      Mr. Steve's friend Mark Ritter was interested in the history of "Manned Flight."  So when he met our boss in the mid-1970's at Laser Images that was one thing they had in common.  After he died Mr. Steve got some of his books.  That Jackrabbit just ran into the desert.

      One book Mark Ritter left to our Chief was on the subject of Nazi "Cutting Edge" aircraft that never made it past the "drawing board" because the World War II ended in 1945.  At that point in time the Germans had the most advanced Air Force in the world.

      My Encyclopedia says that in Operation Paper Clip after the Second World War many Nazi scientists like Wernher von Braun had their record "whitewashed."   Then they were brought to America to help us against the Soviet Union.  Some of them lived here in the High Desert.

      I guess, even though Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union were on our side in World War II, after the war was over we became enemies in the Cold War which lasted all the way up to 1989.  Some of the German scientists were experts in aircraft development.  I smell a Squirrel. 

          P-210 "VOLKSJAGER"              "TRIEBFLÜGEL"                 HO-229 "FLYING WING"

                                                                  PAINTINGS BY ANDREAS OTTE


      In Mark Ritter's book on Nazi aviation technology there's one chapter on this "tailless Jet fighter" called the P-210 "Volksjäger." It was never built but its "swept wing" concept was later used on other Jets.  Volkjäger means "People Hunter."  I see the Squirrel near Moe.

      Oh my God!  Just when I was going to write about that one German Plane meant to take off "vertically" a Helicopter flew bye!  That German "designed" Plane was called the "Triebfügel."  It would have been the first Plane to take off and land going straight up and down.

      Mr. Steve says at an Air Show he and his friend Tim went to many years ago they saw this Jet called a "Herrier."  It took off and landed vertically.  Even today he says, most aircraft have to take off and land "horizontally;" except for Helicopters of course.  The Squirrel's gone. 

      Because they were getting bombed a lot toward the end of World War II I guess the Germans "of necessity" had to develop Planes that didn't need what are called "runways."  But, luckily for the world, the Nazis ran out of time to make many of the things they thought of.  

      Our boss says that Mark Ritter, besides the Me-262 and other Jets, was especially interested in the subject of the "Flying Wing."  During the Second World War it was two German brothers whose last name was "Horten" who first came up with the Flying Wing idea.

                             ME-262                                                                        HORTEN BROTHERS


       From what our Chief told us those Horten brothers thought that their "HO-229" would be the Luftwaffe's first Jet "fighter" and "interceptor."  But I guess the Me-262 ended up being that instead.  But the ideas used on both Planes influenced the "post-war" world.

       I'm using my Encyclopedia to look up this other German man named Hermann Oberth.  He helped the United States get to the Moon in 1969 but during World War II worked on German Rockets. It says here that Hermann Oberth was that guy Wernher von Braun's mentor.     


                                                     HERMANN OBERTH (1894-1989)


      Oh!  This is interesting.  It says here in my Encyclopedia that it was Hermann Oberth who worked on the Death Ray.  That was the one in outer space that would have used the Sun's rays as a way to burn things from way up there.  It might've won the war for Germany.

     My Encyclopedia says Hermann Oberth fought in World War I against the Russians before the Russians turned into Communists in 1917.  I guess he had four children and two died during World War II.  His son was killed in combat and his daughter in an accident.

      I guess, unlike Wernher von Braun, the Horten brothers and Hermann Oberth were not part of Operation Paper Clip.  They stayed in Germany in 1945 at the end of World War II.  But a few years later Hermann Oberth and his family did come over here to live and work.  

      It says here that Hermann Oberth is the "Founding Father of Rocketry."  Like Wernher von Braun, as a boy he read  Science Fiction books by this one 19th century French author named Jules Verne.  I just picked up the scent of a Lizard somewhere around here.       


                                                          JULES VERNE (1828-1905)


       Dais told me she thinks our boss likes Jules Verne's books too.  That's because one time when she and Millie were in his bedroom watching tv they says a show about that guy Jules Verne and Mr. Steve was very interested in it.  Aha!  There's the Lizard near the big tree.  

      Hey God?  It says in my Encyclopedia that Jules Verne was kind of a Deist like Mr. Steve.  He didn't think You ever got involved in this physical world either.  But, as You know of course, Dais and I feel better hoping that You do.  I think You're having me do this for a reason.

      From what it says here in this Encyclopedia Jules Verne married a girl who was what's called a "Widow."  That means her husband had died.  And she had two small children so she married Jules Verne.  Then they had a son of their own.  I just noticed that Lizard ran away. 

      Oh!  There's a good painting in this Encyclopedia of one of Jules Verne's stories.  Daisy's told me about how, in one of the bookshelves in his office, our boss has a Jules Verne book about one of those Submarines called "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea."   




    Mr. Steve is interested in anything to do with Giant Squid or Octopus.  So it's no wonder he liked that story Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.  This picture shows a huge Octopus       attacking the Submarine.  I'd be afraid of a Giant Squid or Octopus.                                              

   I didn't intend to write about that guy Jules Verne.  He wasn't on my outline.  But I just felt like adding him in to my third book.  But now I have a few more things to write about German      advanced aircraft from the Second World War in the 1940's.                                                           

   According to my Encyclopedia that man Hermann Oberth worked on an "upper atmosphere" Rocket meant for bombing New York City.  But, like some of the other "sophisticated" aircraft     the Germans thought of back then, it never went far beyond the planning stages.                                              "SILVER BIRD"              


       My Encyclopedia says Hermann Oberth's "Silver Bird" Rocket would have flown up so high no one could shoot it down in the 1940's.  It could've gone all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to attack the United State's east coast.  That might've won the war for Germany.   

       I guess in German "Silbervogel" means Silver Bird.  It says here the Silver Bird was just the "natural extension" of the V-1 and V-2 Rockets used in 1944.  Daisy says Mr. Steve has a model of one of those V-1 Rockets on the divider between the kitchen and dining room. 


                                   V-1                                                                                          V-2

                      PAINTING BY ZAV SAWYER


       Our Chief thinks that if the Second World War had lasted another year the Germans may've had time to actually use some of their other "Wunderwaffen" or "Wonder Weapons."  But they did use Jets and Rockets before they ran out of time.  I smell a Squirrel around here. 

      The last two World War II German aircraft on my outline to look up and then write about are the Dornier Do-335 and this other Jet called the Heinkel He-162.  Both of them were actually made or "produced" but came too late in the war to be effective Mr. Steve says.


          DORNIER DO-335 "PFEIL"                                   HEINKEL HE-162 "SALAMANDER"


      My Encyclopedia says the Do-335 "Pfeil" was what they all a  "push-pull" Plane because it had motors in front and back.  Mr. Steve says there are some modern planes which now use this idea.  According to my German Dictionary the word Pfeil means "Arrow."

    The He-162 was a Jet and was one of the fastest aircraft to come out of the Second World War. It could go over five hundred and fifty miles an hour.  Oh!  This is interesting.  It says here in my Encyclopedia that it was made mainly out of wood and called the "Salamander.".


                                                                      IMAGE BY PABLO NECO


       Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that when he was young he did a very dumb and stupid thing.  He put one those Salamander into an Aquarium with Fish.  He woke up the next morning to find all them had been eaten by the Salamander.  I hear our neighbors Ducks quacking.

      Oh wow!  There's a picture of a Salamander here in my Encyclopedia.  Dais was right.  They look kind of like underwater Lizards.  It says here many Salamanders are "Amphibious;" which means they breathe air and live on land and in water too.  Ah!  I see a Lizard over there!

     This is interesting.  Salamanders grow new tails if it gets cut off.  And they also can grow new legs if they lose those!  It says here that Scientists are studying Salamanders to see if someday it might be possible to do this in Humans.  I wonder if it would work on us Dogs too?

      My Encyclopedia says in Legend Salamanders were mentioned since the time of the ancient Greeks.  Oh!  I wonder if this is the reason why the Germans in World War II named the He-162 Jet the Salamander?  They supposedly don't burn even if you put them in a fire.

      I guess, just like those colorful Frogs down in South America, some Salamanders are brightly colored so the Birds, Snakes and other things won't eat it.  And some really are poisonous.  Oh!  In the 5th century Saint Augustine said Salamanders could put out fires. 

      According to my outline the last thing about Jets I want to write about is how the British and Americans began to use them after the Germans did.  The English came out with their first Jet soon after the Me-262 flew in 1944.  And the United States did it after World War II.

    FRANK WHITTLE (1907-1996) WITH FAMILY                                            GLOSTER "METEOR"

                                                                                                             PHOTO BY JAMES JARCHE


      According to this Encyclopedia one of the men who developed the Jet for England was named Frank Whittle.  He worked on the "Turbo-Jet" engine.  Well, Mr. Steve is right!  If you expect everything in life to be fair you're going to be disappointed.  I smell a Mouse.

      Even though for years that man Frank Whittle worked really hard on Jets he never even got the credit he deserved.  It sounds like the British government made his life miserable and then when the Me-262 came out they just took all of his work to build the "Gloster Meteor."

      It says here Frank Whittle was so short he couldn't get into the military. So he worked on Jet technology instead; just like that guy Homer Lea wrote his influential military books after they wouldn't let him into the American military.  I see the Mouse near the big tree.

      I guess the the British government made Frank Whittle thinks his ideas wouldn't work.  He even had what's called a "nervous breakdown" worrying about money.  But "in the end" as they say, his ideas turned out to be really good and they used them in 1944. 

      This is interesting.  It says here that this one man named Hans von Ohain, who developed the Me-262 for Germany and was in Operation Paper Clip, told Frank Whittle after the war that his ideas had really influenced him with the Me-262.  That Mouse just ran away. 


        P-80 "SHOOTING STAR"             KELLY JOHNSON               F-104 "STARFIGHTER"


        Oh!  It says here that when the Me-262 was put "into operation" the United States went to that man Kelly Johnson and asked him to hurry up and develop a Jet too.  The Plane he then built was called "P-80 Shooting Star" but it wasn't operational until 1946.

      The United States was the first country to make Nuclear bombs but Stalin's Soviet Russia did it soon afterward.  And, I guess when they did it the American government again went to Kelly Johnson.  He came up with an "Interceptor" called the "F-104 Starfighter."   

       Well, I guess that's all I want to say about Jets.  I can't wait for Mr. Steve to read what I've written.  He's interested in that subject so he'll like it.  It's going to be a surprise to him.  Which reminds me; for the third day in a row Dais and I haven't had any snacks.

      The last thing about Nazi advanced technology I want to write about is how they may've been working on "anti-gravity" propelled aircraft.  In 1944, in Poland, they built a giant underground "complex" where they might've worked on this project.  Part of it is still there.



      From what Mr. Steve told Dais there's still the ruins of a big concrete "Henge" type structure left over there in Poland.  It was not underground like the rest of that research facility.   I guess there was so much underground that the Germans called it "Der Riese" or "The Giant." 

      What's left of the henge in Poland kind of looks like that place in England called Stonehenge Daisy says.  But the Polish henge might've been used for testing this thing called "Die Glocke" which means "The Bell" in German.  I just picked up the scent of one of our Joshua trees.


                                                                   "DIE GLOCKE"


     I guess some people think the Bell was an aircraft the Germans were working on toward  the end of World War II that used "anti-gravity propulsion."  Daisy says our boss told her one time that there are some people who think The Bell was actually a time traveling device.  

   Mr. Steve told Daisy it's only in the last fifteen years that the world found out about the Nazi anti-gravity program; if that's what it was.  Whenever he sees a show or reads about it he thinks of his friend Mark Ritter; who would've been very interested in that subject he says.     

    Wow!  I wrote a lot more about German aviation advances in the Second World War than I planned to.  But like Mr. Steve days; "The more you know about a subject the more you know you don't know."  I've already learned a lot of new things this morning.  

      There are now some clouds partly covering up the Sun.  Birds are zooming about in every direction.  And just like almost every morning, they're singing and sound so happy.  But today I keep thinking of Heathcliff being gone.  Oh!  Dawn just howled over there next door! 


                                                                          (Chapter 3)



      Oh my God!  I just noticed Charlie Company standing over there and they have some babies with them.  This is so great!  Now all three Quail groups have their new babies.  I sort of feel like running up front to tell Daisy.  But, I better not.  I'll tell her after my sixth chapter.

      Hey Everyone!  Thank You all for having me see Charlie Company just when I was thinking about Heathcliff and feeling sad again.  But now I'm feeling happier.  I can't believe this is my third and last book.  I never could have made it this far without Everyone's help.

    Oh well!  Back to my outline and writing about 1955; the year our boss was born.  Daisy says our Chief told her once he read that in 1955 radio announcers were first called "Disc Jockeys" or "Dee-Jays;" and terms like "disinformation" and "counter-intuitive" were "coined."  




     One of those Black Cow Birds just ran past.  And now it just flew up onto the gate in front of the eastern desert behind our Sheds and the fence.  It's looking around now.  And there it goes flying off out into the desert.  I wonder if we'll have more Cow Birds around this year?   

      Yesterday morning Mr. Steve did yard work and played his Boombox.  A song he played was that one song called "Louie, Louie" by the KINGSMEN.  He jokes that the KINGSMEN were a "one-hit wonder" band.  My Encyclopedia says Louie, Louie was written in 1955.  



      It says here Louie, Louie was written by a man from here in California named Richard Berry.  His song was influenced by this one other Cuban song called "Amarren Al Loco" which I think means "Tie Up The Crazy Guy" in Spanish.  Ah!  Now I smell flowers again.

      I guess Richard Berry's original version of Louie, Louie was more of a softer "ballad."  But in 1963, when our boss was eight, the KINGSMEN, who were from Oregon, did the version Daisy and I heard yesterday on the Boombox.  The scent of those flowers makes me feel better.


       Of course Daisy told me, the main reason why our Chief likes the KINGMEN'S version of Louie, Louie better than Richard Berry's is because it louder and heavier.  She says he also likes the way the KINKS do it.  Oh!  Cher the Cat is up on top of Moe the middle Shed.

      It says here that Louie, Louie is the most covered song in history.  There are over a thousand other versions!  Ike and Tina Turner and the CLASH played it and even some marching bands at Football games perform it.  I see that Cher is grooming herself now. 

      I guess another band who covered Louie, Louie was PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS; who were also from the "Pacific Northwest" like the KINGSMEN.  Their version also came out in 1963 but was not as successful.  Cher is now looking over here at me.


      Daisy says our Chief told her and Millie that PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS dressed up in Revolutionary War uniforms as a gimmick.  I guess the keyboard player really was named Paul Revere.  Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that they had some good songs.

      One of our Chief's favorite bands is the KINKS.  And one of his favorite KINKS songs is "You Really got Me."  From what Mr. Steve read, when Ray Davies of the Kinks was writing that song he was trying to figure out the song Louie, Louie.  I can really smell Cher now.



        Years ago Mr. Steve used to play drums along to the KINKS version of Louie, Louie.  Just like the KINGMEN'S version; the KINKS put a "harder edge" on the song.  And both versions were kind of  "sloppy" our boss told us.  But that's perfectly okay with him he says.

        Dais says that in 1955, the year our Chief was born, more things happened than just the song Louie, Louie.  Words like "zinger" and "weirdo" first appeared; and "Science Fiction" was just shortened to "Sci-Fi."  Daisy noticed that Americans made big, heavy cars in 1955.

     Many terms like "Flip-Top," "Monkey Bars," "Hands-Free," "Home Center," "Inner Child" and "Artificial Intelligence" came out of 1955 Daisy says.  One time she told me about this good tv show from the 1970's called "Happy Days."  It took place in the 1950's.


                                                                                                        "HAPPY DAYS"


      Dais told me Millie also liked that tv show Happy Days; mainly because of this really good looking man called "Fonzie."  He rode a motorcycle and wore a black leather jacket.  And he was always so wise in the advice he gave to others she says.  A Sparrow is singing.

      One time in 1998, when Mr. Steve was working for the flower company, he delivered flowers to the actor who played Fonzie over in West Los Angeles.  He got to shake his hand and says Fonzie was friendly.  A slight breeze just came from the east; beyond our three Sheds.

      From what our Chief told Daisy a while back it was in 1955 that those really funny puppets called the "Muppets" were born.  And she says these things called "computer games" were  first seen in 1955.  I saw the Muppets one Saturday morning.  They're great!

        I wonder if we could do our own puppet show?  It just might work.  I thinks puppets are one of the best forms of entertainment.  It takes so much skill to do a good puppet show.  It would be really fun and maybe we might be able to make some extra money out of it too!

      The 1950's were at times called "Pax-Atomica;" modeled on the "Pax Romana" era from the ancient world.  Pax Romana is Latin for "Roman Peace."  In in 1955 the term Pax-Atomica was first used by some writers our boss told us.  I just picked up the scent of a Mouse.

        War is the norm in human history.  Peace is the exception Mr. Steve thinks. That guy Homer Lea, who I wrote about in chapter three of book one; proved through his research at Stanford University that warfare is mankind's "more natural state."  I hear the Ducks.

      Because most of the current American people these days have only known the United States to be wealthy and affluent they cannot imagine anything else.  At least that's what Mr. Steve told us.  So they would not believe that war is natural.  Ah!  I see the Mouse over there.

      Mr. Steve believes that most Americans don't realize that they've been living a "false bubble" that could someday burst.  And if it ever does pop there may be what the Old Testament calls the "Wailing and gnashing of teeth."  It won't be a happy time and many will suffer. 

     As I mentioned in book one, 12th century Córdoba, in Spain was one of the few times when all three monotheistic religions got along.  But that rare period eventually ended and everyone went back to killing each other.  That little Mouse just ducked under a rock.

       I guess another tiome in history when people "for the most part" lived in peace was during the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D.  Mr. Steve told us he thinks that was mainly beause the Roman Empire had brutally conquered and then ruthlessly dominated almost everywhere.


                                                                    ROMAN EMPIRE


    In this Encyclopedia it says that by the 1st century Rome had conquered almost the entire Mediterranean Sea area.   And they also controlled the Middle East, Egypt, Greece and parts of Europe too.  A big brownish Jackrabbit just ran bye right in front of the three Sheds. 

      Mr. Steve thinks the Pax Romana was possible not because there was no violence, hatred or brutality; but because most of the conquered peoples were too terrified to do anything that might upset the Romans.  They knew what would happen.  I smell an old Sage bush.

      The 1950's were called the Pax-Atomica because after World War II the United States and Soviet Union, after uniting to beat Hitler's Germany, became enemies.  And both had nuclear weapons so it was a "grudging" peace through "mutually assured destruction."

      Some people say they should "outlaw" war.  As nice as this sounds our Chief says it's totally impossible as long as there are things like "Nation States."  He thinks the only way there would ever be no war is if one country conquered the whole world.   A Crow just cawed faintly.

      Even during the time of the Pax Romana one area the Romans couldn't totally conquer was the area now called Germany.  That's partly because the German tribes were even more violent and "warlike" than the Romans.  But they also often fought each other it says here. 

      My Encyclopedia says the German States have made war on each other since the time of the Romans.  The Thirty Years War was so terrible. But then,in the 19th century, that one Prussian man named Bismark conquered them all and then "imposed" peace. 

      Mr. Steve said Stalin's Soviet Union helped America beat Hitler's Nazi Germany in World War II.  But then Russia became our biggest enemy.  Stalin kept the countries of eastern Europe and ruled them with an "Iron Fist;" except for that area called "Yugoslavia."


                                                        JOSIP BROZ TITO (1892-1980)


      It says here in my Encyclopedia that this man named Josip Broz Tito ruled Yugoslavia from right after the Second World War until he died in 1980.  A few years ago Mr. Steve met an older man from Serbia; which is one of the main regions back there in Yugoslavia. 

      Mr. Steve and that one man from Serbia discussed Nikola Tesla and how Sarajevo was where World War I started.   That man told our Chief he thought "Tito" was just as "dictatorial" as Stalin. Tito helped defeat Hitler's Germans during World War II.  I smell a Joshua tree.



      A map in my Encyclopedia shows how the area that used to be called "Yugoslavia" is across from Italy.  After World War II ended in 1945 that guy Joseph Stalin decided to keep all the land he retook from Germany, Italy and their allies like Rumania.   I smell a new Lizard.

       That man Winston Churchill called the area Stalin's Soviet troops took in the Second World War

is armies had taken in chasing the Germans and their allies out of Russia.  I smell a Lizard. 

      This Encyclopedia says many what are called "Factions" of people have fought for centuries in Yugoslavia.  But since the end of the Second World War until Tito died in 1980 they got along partly; because they were so afraid of Tito Mr. Steve thinks. 

      To this day that man from Serbia said, in Russian and China you can still find the pictures of Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung hanging in peoples houses.  And the same is true with Tito.  But all were leaders who were responsible for the deaths of millions.  I see the tiny Lizard.



      I wonder if "Post-war" Yugoslavia was like how it was in Iraq up until 2003?  In Iraq under Saddam Hussein the Sunni's, Shiites and Kurds all got along temporarily because of their fear of Saddam Hussein; who was a Sunni.  That little Lizard just ran under the Coffee Table.

       Like the three groups in Iraq, the people who have lived in the area of Yugoslavia fought one another for many centuries.  But when Tito took over after World War II ended they had to get along.  If they didn't they might end up being killed.  I hear Crows cawing faintly. 

      That Serbian man told Mr. Steve fear of Tito, like fear of Saddam Hussein, created a period of stability in an area which has often seen tremendous "volatility" and violence.  So, in that one way his rule was good for the people living there.  But it was still oppressive he said.

      That man from Serbia told Mr. Steve the word "Liquidate" is now associated with "Marshall Tito."  If Daisy were back here right now she'd probably say that's just a nicer way of saying "to get rid of by killing."  I just heard a faint Train whistle off to the northeast.    

      From what it says here in this Encyclopedia after that man Tito died the different groups in Yugoslavia started fighting all over again.  There was civil war for years and even today there are still occasional "hostilities."  People will always fight each other I guess.  

      Oh!  This is interesting.  Yugoslavia is part of a larger area called the "Balkans."  So now if an area breaks up into pieces it's called "Balkanization."  It says here that in the last thirty or so years many people have been killed in the former Yugoslavia.  I hear Crows cawing.

     Mr. Steve says since after the Prophet Muhammad died in the 7th century the two groups of Muslims, the Shia and Sunni, have fought each other.  After World War I the country of Iraq was created in the area that used to be ancient Mesopotamia.  Both groups lived there.  

      Sometimes our Chief jokes that there will always be warfare unless one "Super Power" rules the whole world.  What they call "Imperium Romanum" or "Imperial Rome" and Pax Romana were the same thing.  Fannie and Freddie just flew out into the eastern desert. 

       I think I'll take break now and go drink some water.  But first I have to hide all of my things so just in case our boss comes out here he won't see them.  You know You Guys, I feel better even though I keep thinking about Heathcliff.  Thank you too Stanley for being around.   



      Well I'm back.  I drank some water out of the bucket near the sliding glass door and then and went to the bathroom.  When I was going pee some big Helicopters flew bye up above me.  And that guy in his Dune Buggy raced past out on Primavera Road.  I just smelled a Lizard.

      The next thing I want to learn about is this man man from the 16th and 17th centuries named Thomas Hobbes.  He was British.  Mr. Steve thinks he's important.  My Encyclopedia says he was smart in many areas but is now known mainly as a "political" philosopher. 


                                                       THOMAS HOBBES (1588-1678)


      From what it says here in this Encyclopedia that man Thomas Hobbes lived for many years over in France.  There was a bloody civil war going on in England then.  His most famous book is called "Leviathon."  That's what he called the "State."  I see that Lizard near the tree.

      This is interesting.  It says here Thomas Hobbes thought that the biggest reducer of violence in a society was a "well functioning" government.  If people can solve problems through a good police and court system they wont have to resort to violence like so often in the past. 

      Thomas Hobbes thought the best chance for "lasting peace" was a government that protects but does not "prey" on its own people.  He talked about "self-interested cooperation" between a government and its citizens.  That one Lizard near the tree just waddled off to the north. 

      I guess, even though Thomas Hobbes believed individual citizens who had "natural" rights or basic "human" rights, he thought what they call an "absolutist" government was best.  I just saw a big flock of Birds flying past way up in the air.  I see a vapor trail up there too.

      I guess later generations like the American Founding Fathers created forms of government that were influenced by the ideas of Thomas Hobbes.  His idea of a government based on what he called the "consent of the people" is still important it says here in my Encyclopedia.

      I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  Thomas Hobbes' mother gave birth to him on the day the Spanish Armada invaded England in 1588.  Oh wow!  Mr. Steve will definitely be interested in this!  Thomas Hobbes' last words before he died were; "A great leap into the dark." 

      Wow!  Considering how bad I felt when I first started this morning this is amazing.  Judging by where the Sun is up in the sky I'd say it's already about nine thirty.  I just noticed that some of those vapor trails up there.  I feel better now.  Thank Everyone up there again!

      According to my book three outline I now want to write and learn more about the last period of ancient Egypt; when Rome took over under Julius Caesar.  At that time the ruler or Pharoah of Egypt was this really smart girl named "Cleopatra."  I hear Ducks quacking faintly.

      My Encyclopedia says Julius Caesar and Cleopatra had a baby boy.  I guess some Senators back in Rome didn't like that.  And they sure didn't like it when he wanted to be treated like a King.  So they killed him on the Ides of March but then a big civil war broke. 

     My Encyclopedia says Julius Caesar's stepson Augustus eventually won the civil war against Mark Antony.  By that point Cleopatra was Mark Antony's girlfriend.  A little Finch just landed on Manny.  And a Cow Bird just raced past looking like a little black Roadrunner.   




      It says here Cleopatra was the last "Pharaoh" of Egypt.  Her family, the "Ptolemies," were actually Greek and had ruled Egypt since Alexander the Great conquered the area centuries earlier.  She sounds smart.  Mr. Steve thinks that Julius Caesar liked her a lot. 

    Ptolemy XII was Cleopatra's father.  He was a descendant of one of Alexander's generals. It says here that in Greek Cleopatra means "She who had a glorious father."  That Finch just flew away.  Looking to the east out into the desert the sky is now bright blue.

    Wow!  Cleopatra not only spoke Greek but learned Egyptian too.  The main reason why the Rosetta Stone from Napoleon's time was able to be deciphered was because one section was in Greek so could be compared word by word with the Egyptian hieroglyphs. 


                               MARK ANTONY (83 B.C.-30 B.C.)             CLEOPATRA (69 B.C.-30 B.C.)


     Mr. Steve told us Cleopatra "represented" herself on her coins as the reincarnation of the Egyptian Goddess Isis and that's what it says here in this Encyclopedia too.  In fact, there are pictures here of Mark Antony and Cleopatra's coins.  I smell a Field Mouse. 

      Oh!  I see the Mouse now.  It's over there sticking its nose out from under Moe the Shed and is sniffing the air to see if the "Coast is Clear" as they say.  That Mouse has to be careful.  There are a lot of things around here who would like to kill and then eat it.



 In the movies about her our boss says she was pretty but in real life she probably really wasn't; at least based on her coins.

       Daisy thinks that girl Cleopatra seems smart but probably was not a very nice person.  Our Chief says she likely killed her brother and sister.  But, then again, in those days that was not so unusual.  Male Lions kill all the baby Lions when they take over.  I hear a new Crow. 

      My Encyclopedia says after Julius Caesar was killed civil war followed. Cleopatra sided with Mark Antony against Caesar's stepson "Octavian;" or "Augustus" as he was later called.  But they lost a naval battle at "Actium" so both committed suicide.  I smell that new Crow.



       I guess once Augustus' army beat Antony and Cleopatra at Actium he won the war and the  Pax Romana period started.  My Encyclopedia says it lasted for forty one years.  In Greek the term  "general peace" is "koiní eirené."  I just heard the Ducks quacking next door.

      Mr. Steve says just because during Augustus's time it was called The Roman Peace doesn't mean there wasn't any violence.  He thinks there just weren't any big wars that's all.  Aha!  I see the new Crow near Moe.  And I see a little Squirrel looking at him from near that bush.

      Well, according to my book three outline the last thing I want to write about in this chapter is that guy Alexander the Great.  Some time back our Chief met a man from the area now called the "Republic of Macedonia" which used to be part of the country of Yugoslavia.


    That Macedonian man told Mr. Steve his country sees Alexander the Great as their "mascot" or "Founding Father."  This struck our boss as kind of funny because the people who now live in that area are "Slavic" and migrated there centuries after Alexander the Great.

     From what Dais says that man told Mr. Steve the modern Greeks now want to claim credit for Alexander even though back then they didn't like really like the Macedonians.  In fact, my Encyclopedia says Alexander, as a teenager, helped his father conquer Greece.

      Mr. Steve told that man from Macedonia that he'd read that the ancient Greeks considered Alexander and his father Philip to be inferior "foreign barbarian outsiders."  It says here in this Encyclopedia that Alexander considered himself Greek.  That Squirrel ran away.

      My Encyclopedia says something Dais and I already know.  Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great,  And Alexander always slept at night with a copy of Homer's Iliad and a knife under his pillow.  That man Herodotus said he thought of Macedonians as Greek or "Hellenes."

      Mr. Steve thinks Alexander the Great was one of the world's first "celebrities" because he conquered much of the ancient world.  But he only lived for thirty three years.  His father Philip sounds like he was kind of mean.  That new Crow just lifted off and flew away.



       In our boss's subjective opinion Alexander the Great set a bad example in Western culture for rulers who came after him.   He wanted to be not just a King but also a God too; in kind of the same way that the ancient Egyptian and Persian rulers saw themselves.  

       My Encyclopedia says that, like his father Philip, Alexander came to think of himself as sort of  a "God-King." And, also like his father, he sometimes used violence to "impose" this view on others.  Ah!  A nice cool breeze just came in from out in the desert to the east.

      This is interesting.  Alexander the Great had two different colored eyes.  One of his eyes was grayish-blue and the other one was brown.  I remember when Mr. Steve told Dais and I that the British singer David Bowie also has two different colored eyes.  I smell a Joshua tree.



      Mr. Steve told us he read that at age fifteen David Bowie got in a fight with a friend over a girl.  He got hit in the eye and it never looked the same again.  But, from what our boss says that same friend later did artwork for some of David Bowie's earlier albums.  

     I'm looking up this Roman Emperor named "Caligula."  He was Augustus' Great Grandson and he also wanted to be a God-King like Alexander.  Wow!  that guy Caligula was really mean! He liked to see people and animals tortured and killed just for the fun of it.


                                                              CALIGULA (12-41 A.D.)


      It says here that the Emperor Caligula changed the "Gladiatorial" rules for the games at the Coliseum so there would be more bloodshed.  This is interesting.  To insult the Senators he made his Horse a Consul and even wanted to make it a God too!  I smell a Lizard.  

      So, even though violence and murder was totally normal in ancient Rome; Caligula went too far so had to be killed himself.  And his wife and baby were killed too.  Oh wow!  Caligula's baby had its head "bashed in" against a wall!  And all of his statues were destroyed.   

     Mr. Steve says Alexander the Great became what they call "paranoid" and started to drink way too much.  One time when he was drunk he even speared to death a good officer.  Because he thought he was the God Zeus's son he hated criticism.  I see the Lizard near the tree.

      I guess, even though the Greeks had myths about what they call "Demigods" like Hercules, until the time of Alexander they tended to separate "mortals" and "immortals."  Demigod is a half man, half God.  A flock of Birds just flew bye.  They're going out into the desert.

      Alexander the Great "broke with tradition" in wanting to be "worshiped."  Mr. Steve thinks one reason he got so conceited was because his mother "Olympias" raised him to think he was better than everyone.  She was a really mean.  That Lizard just waddled away.

      Mr. Steve thinks that Alexander's mother most likely arranged for her husband Philip to be killed.  He says she may have convinced a man who hated Philip to stab him; and she probably told him she'd reward him.  But instead she just made sure he was killed too.

     From what our boss has read it was three of Alexander's friends who chased down and killed King Philip's assassin.  This was most likely so he couldn't "talk" as they say.  Oh my God!  It says here the killer's body was nailed up onto a wall so everyone could see it. 

      Someday I want to see a Lunar Eclipse where the Earth's shadow blocks out the Moon.  In history people like Alexander the Great have taken advantage of them.  One time right before a big battle against the Persians and their King Darius III a Lunar Eclipse took place.



      My Encyclopedia says that in 331 B.C. Alexander the Great's army fought King Darius at a place called "Gaugamela."  A few nights before a Lunar Eclipse took place.  Alexander wanted to take it as a good sign.  King Darius' Astrologers agreed with this opinion.  

      Th Lunar Eclipse back in 331 B.C. kind of reminds me of the story of Constantine the Great who saw a cross up in the clouds.  Well, I guess they were right because, just like Constantine,  Alexander's army won; even though they were outnumbered.  I smell a Squirrel.

      It isn't in my outline but I kind of feel like writing about the Battle of Gaugamela.  It was one of Alexander the Great's biggest victories and his tactics really influenced many later military leaders.  I just noticed that Gopher over near Manny; sticking his head out of a hole.

       My Encyclopedia says the poor of France revolted against King Louis XVI after France had helped the American colonies break away from England; which bankrupted France.  And then Napoleon Bonaparte cleverly "exploited the chaos" to gain power.  I see the Squirrel.


                                               NAPOLEON I "CROWNS" HIMSELF

                                                                 PAINTING BY JACQUES-LOUIS DAVID


     This is interesting.  I guess Napoleon became just like Alexander the Great and the Emperor Caligula.  He got so conceited he even crowned himself Emperor instead of having the Pope do it as was usual.  A lot of French people died during Napoleon's time.  The Squirrel ran away.

      One of Napoleon's most important victories was the "Battle of Austerlitz" in 1805.  He beat the Russians and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  And he used tactics very similar to those used by Alexander the Great against the Persians at Gaugamela in 331 B.C.

      According to my Encyclopedia both Alexander and later Napoleon had to "make a virtue of necessity" at Gaugamela and Austerlitz.  To reduce the "numerical odds" they faced and create an opening in their enemies center they had to draw or "lure" units away from the center.

      At Gaugamela and Austerlitz Alexander and Napoleon had to time perfectly their attack "up the middle" as they say.  If their "decisive attacks" had not been delivered at just the right time it would have been a disaster.  But they both succeeded.  I hear a Crow cawing faintly.    

     Sometimes people who know in advance that an eclipse is going to happen use that knowledge "to their advantage" as they say.  In my Encyclopedia it says that in 1504, on his fourth and last expedition, Christopher Columbus used "prior knowledge" of a Lunar Eclipse.

      According to this Encyclopedia in 1504 Columbus told some Native people in Jamaica that he could control nature.  He and his sailors had been "shipwrecked" and when the eclipse did happen those Indians must have thought he a God or something.  So they gave him food.


CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS                       T.E.. LAWRENCE            


     According to my Encyclopedia, in 1917 during World War I, that guy T.E. Lawrence led the Arabs in capturing a town called "Aqaba."  It was being held by the Ottoman Turks.  Lawrence timed a "raid" perfectly right before the main capture of Aqaba with a Lunar Eclipse.   

     Lawrence knew that the defenders of Aqaba would be what they call "distracted" on that one night of the Lunar Eclipse.  So he and his men snuck in and then got out before the Turks even knew what happened.  Aha!  I just saw a Gopher sticking his head out of the ground.

        It's so amazing how fast time goes bye when you're busy learning new things.  I'm trying to think about other things but it's still hard to not think about Heathcliff being gone for good.  As a matter of fact I kind of feel like saying a quick Hail Mary for him right now!    

        I've been thinking this chapter for a while. It will be about the 20th century. I have a good outline but, I think I'll hide my materials and go take a quick drink of water and run to the front to see Dais.  Well, I can see that the Gopher is gone.  I think I'll take a break. 



       Well You Guys, I'm back.  I just ran to the front yard to see Daisy.  She's been laying on the front driveway so far this morning.  She smelled the rose and Oleander bushes too.  She wants to take it as a sign that life goes on even when someone like Heathclif dies.

          Dais says this morning that one big Ground Squirrel has been snooping all around where our neighbors keep their Ducks and Chickens.  Squirrels won't eat Birds but Dais thinks it was looking for some seeds.  Squirrels eat our Bird Seed and Rabbit pellets too.

      Chapter two was shorter than many of my other chapters.  But, looking at all the things listed on my outline for chapter three this will be a longer one.  I want to explain why what happened in the 20th century happened the way it did.  That will be kind of hard to do. 

      I'm still sad thinking about Heathcliff and I now have a feeling I'm going to be writing more than I planned about some sad things.  But, then again, looking out into the desert to the east, behind our Sheds makes me feel better.  What could be better than this view?

     Thank You Guys for giving me this project which will keep my mind off of how Heathcliff is gone.  Okay, it's back to writing for me.  I still have a lot to do today.  It looks like, according to my outline, that I'm going to write a whole lot about the 20th century in this chapter.    

      The reason why the mid-1950's was called Pax Atomica is because nuclear weapons made war "unthinkable."  It was called "mutually assured destruction" Mr. Steve told us.  The Soviet Union and United States had hundreds of nuclear "warheads" pointed at each other.

      My Encyclopedia says in 1989 the Soviet Union fell after forty years of "Cold War."  Twice the world came close to destruction our boss says.  One time was 1962's "Cuban Missile Crisis."  The second time was in November of 1983 in Operation "Able Archer."


                           WITH DAUGHTERS                 VLADIMIR PUTIN                                KGB        


      The current leader of the former Soviet Union is named Vladimir Putin.  For about tzewenty years he was a member of this security agency called the "KGB."  Even though the "Cold War" is over "Putin's Russia" still keeps thousands of nuclear warheads and so do we.

     I.C.B.M. stands for "Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile."  Dais says one time our Chief told her and Millie what that means.  Most Americans don't realize what that means.  If you can put a Nuclear warhead on the end; who knows?  We have thousands of I.C.B.M.'s too.

      For years there was a rumor down in Sylmar that at the very top of the mountain behind the where Veteran's Hospital used to be, where the Hang Gliders jump off, something unusual might be going on.  A Jackrabbit just ran in front of the Sheds.  I wish I could chase him. 

      Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that you used to be able to go all the way up the road behind the old Veteran's Hospital but then at the very top this sign on a gate warned "in no uncertain terms" as they say, that you should not go "beyond this point."  I smell a Cholla cactus.

      Some people who've lived in Sylmar for a while now think the mountain behind Sylmar was hollow and inside a "Nike" base with an I.C.B.M. was there.  That's the rumor.  So now our boss wonders if Sylmar would've been a target if a nuclear war had broken out?

      I wish I could go back in time to see what our Chief was like when he was a teenager.  Daisy says he told her he was an idiot.  But his girlfriend Sandy admired him so that was all that really mattered.  Both of them knew that "windy" road up the mountain in Sylmar well.  

      Well, my outline says the next thing to write about are the beginnings of World War I and the Second World War too.  Both are connected.  Mr. Steve thinks both wars are still affecting us to this very day.   A little brown Squirrel just ran bye in front of the Sheds.

      In World War II Japan, Italy and Germany were to blame for starting the war but it isn't as "clear cut" as to who started the First World War.  But both world wars, once started, got out of control and millions of people died; and probably Dogs too I'll bet.  A Crow cawed.

      My Encyclopedia says World War I started in 1914 when the "Arch Duke" from Austria was assassinated.  His name was Franz Ferdinand and his wife was killed too when they were visiting the area now called Yugoslavia.  That's where Nikola Tesla was originally from. 

      The guy who shot Franz Ferdinand and his wife in 1914 was a "Yugoslav nationalist" it says here.  He thought his area should break away the the "Autro-Hungarian" Empire which at that time ruled them.  Three Finches just landed on top of Jack the biggest Shed.     

                          ARCHDUKE FRANZ FERDINAND (1863-1914) AND FAMILY

      Wow!  According to this Encyclopedia about nine million soldiers who fought in World War I ended up being killed.  And another seven million civilians also died from 1914 through 1918. But it started with everyone enthusiastic and eager to fight.  I hear some Crows cawing.

       In 1914 Franz Ferdinand was "heir apparent" to the throne of Austria-Hungary.  But then he and his wife were shot while riding in their car by that man named Gaurilo Princip.  He wanted independence.  Those three Finches on top of Jack just flew away to the northwest.

                                 FRANZ FERDINAND AND WIFE ASSASSINATED (1914)



       From what it says here in the years leading up to World War I the economies of the world were doing pretty good.  Most people were what they call "care free."  They didn't realize that the assassinations at Sarajevo would "change the world's destiny" forever.

      This Encyclopedia says that there hadn't been a big war in Europe since the 1870's when  Bismarck's Germany beat Napoleon III's France.  So many "Nationalists" in every country saw war as a good "opportunity" for their countries to achieve political goals.

      I guess, unfortunately for the world, few people knew the "unimaginable consequences" that would come about because they so enthusiastically went to war.  Ah!  Out in the desert to the east, behind our Sheds, I hear Crows seemingly yelling at each other.

      It says her that one reason the First World War started was "alliances."  It was what they call a "domino effect." Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Russia declared war on them.  Germany declared war on Russia.  France and England declared war on Germany.

      Before they knew it the world was fighting the biggest war ever.  But technology made killing so efficient at a greater distance that a "stalemate" like in Chess happened.  As Mr. Steve says, "in effect," they fought each other "to a stand still."  I still hear Crows cawing. 

      Wow!  It says here that in the First World War Germany had a huge cannon that was able to bomb Paris from seventy five miles away!  Our Chief thinks the biggest "factor" in creating a "draw" situation in World War I was "machine" guns; and using planes for war too.   


       My Encyclopedia says the "Central Powers" were mainly Germany, Austria-Hungary and "Ottoman" Turkey.  The "Triple Entente" was Russia, England and France.  In 1917 the United States came in on the side of England and France.  Fanny and Freddie just flew bye. 

       Mr. Steve says Because Germany had a family named "Krupp" who built things out of steel they were able to make "mammoth" cannons like the one that "shelled" Paris in World War I.  And in the Second World War they built an even bigger gun than that he told us.




      My Encyclopedia says in the Spring of 1942, about a year after Germany attacked it's former ally Russia, the Germans used a giant cannon nicknamed "Dora" to "besiege" the Crimean city of Sevastopol; near where the British made their famous Charge of the Light Brigade.

      It says here the when the Germans "deployed" Dora against Sevastopol she was the "largest artillery piece in the history of warfare."  Wow!  That cannon Dora had barrel which was about one hundred and seven feet long!  And she fired shells that were seven tons!

      This is amazing!  That gigantic cannon Dora could shoot its seven ton shell over twenty-nine miles.  She weighted almost fifteen hundred tons and needed four thousand men to operate her. I just saw Blackbeard and Anne Bonney glide bye; moving in from the eastern desert. 

      Our Chief was right.  He said Dora helped the Germans take Sevastopol in 1942 but it wasn't worth it.  General Erich von Manstein later said; "Undoubtedly the effectiveness of the cannon bore no real relation to all the effort and expense that had gone into making it."  

    Dais says in his office our Chief has a replica knife from World War I.  It has a double-edged blade but the grip is "brass knuckles."  And on the bottom Dais told me is a "whole punch" for hitting your enemy on his helmet.  The Bluebirds just flew past.  I glad they're back.

                  FRANZ FERDINAND WITH WIFE / GAURILO PRINZIP (1894-1918)


         My Encyclopedia says that man Gaurilo Prinzip, who killed the Archduke and his wife, ended up dying in prison just a few years later.  He had already tried to kill himself twice before that.  I hear some Crows cawing faintly to the east; way out there in the desert.

      In late 1918 World War I finally ended and the Allies won.  Germany, Ottomon Turkey and the Autro-Hungarian Empire lost so were blamed. The Turkish and Austro-Hungarian empires were "dismantled;" their land "carved" or "divided up" between the winners.


                                                          PALACE OF VERSAILLES


     I just looked up the "Palace of Versailles" in my Encyclopedia.  I guess it was France's King Louie XIV's palace outside Paris.  It's where the final peace was negotiated after the First World War ended.  It's called his "Hall of Mirrors"  Mr. Steve's sister Susan has been to it. 

      Mr. Steve's sister Susan told him the gardens outside the palace at Versailles were beautiful. Wow!  It says here the Versailles Palace has seven hundred rooms!  And yet our Chief says, the three of us probably live better now than most of the people around Louis XIV then.


                                                                                               LOUIS XIV (1638-1715)


       My Encyclopedia says Louis XIV, "The Sun King," came to symbolize wealth and power.  He ruled France from 1643 through 1715.  Mr. Steve says many of his own "Bourbon" family died of disease and he almost died of disease.  "High heels" started in his time. 

      Most people know that "Smallpox" killed millions of the Native people's of the New World.  But our boss says in the 17th century half a million Europeans died every year from the same disease.  I hear Crows cawing faintly out in the eastern desert behind the Sheds.

      This is interesting. It says here Louis XIV wore a wig not only to hide his loss of hair but also to keep him warm in the freezing cold rooms of his palace.  I guess the palace at Versailles was  really cold inside.  So a lot of people used to get sick.  Ah! I just smelled a Cholla cactus.

      Dais says Mr. Steve told her one result of the Black Death of 1347-1351 was people became suspicious of bathing.  They thought it opened up skin pores so let in disease.  That lady Queen Elizabeth I said she bathed once a month; "whether she needed it or not."

        Our Chief told Dais and Millie that, in "meticulously detailed" journals Louis XIV's doctors kept from the day he was born; bathing is mentioned only once.  That big Dragonfly just went past going really fast as usual.   Look's like it's headed out into the eastern desert.

                                                      "RECEPTION OF THE CONDÉ  IN VERSAILLES"

                                PAINTING BY JÉAN-LEON GEROME                                       


       Mr. Steve says during the time of Louis XIV there weren't enough bathrooms in the palace at Versailles.  You could just "go" wherever you wanted.  No wonder everyone got sick he says.   If Louis XIV's life was like that our Chief thinks; what was the average person's life like? 

      Even though it's not listed on my outline I feel like learning about this thing in France called the "Eiffel Tower."  It's in the city of Paris and Mr. Steve told us his sister Susan has been to it.  It says in my Encyclopedia it was the tallest "man-made structure" in the world until 1930.  


                                                                 "EIFFEL" TOWER


       My Encyclopedia says the Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.  It was intended to last only twenty years.  This is interesting.  In very hot weather the Eiffel Tower grows by about six inches.  I just smelled a Mouse.

      The Eiffel Tower was almost torn down in 1909 but now it's the "most visited attraction" in the world.  They probably make a lot of money.  The most famous person ever to visit it was that guy Adolph Hitler.  Wow!  250 million people have seen the Eiffel Tower over the years.



       I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  The Eiffel Tower is named after this man named Alexander Gustave Eiffel.  His company built the tower and also designed the metal frame of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.  I just noticed the Mouse sitting by the tree.

     Well, it's back to my outline and World War I for me.  I didn't intend to write so much about France but I just felt like it.  Looking to the east beyond our Sheds the view is so beautiful.  The sky is bright blue and there are some wispy white clouds.  I feel a lot better now.  

      Our Chief thinks, because the Allies just "dictated" all the terms of the treaty to the defeated German, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Ottoman Turks; the "seeds were sewn" for World War II twenty years later.  Hitler later used "resentment" as a motivator for the Germans.

      Mr. Steve says the Allies "went back on their word" so what T.E. Lawrence promised to the Arabs was ignored.  My Encyclopedia says Germany was "saddled" with an "unpayable debt."   The "League of Nations" was also created at Versailles in 1919.  That one Mouse just left.


                                   VICTORIOUS NATIONS AT VERSAILLES (1919)

          Mr. Steve thinks by "saddling" Germany with such harsh and "punitive" terms after Wold War II in the "Treaty of Versailles" this allowed Adolph Hitler to use "retribution" as one of the ways he had to "revive" Germany.  Blackbeard and Anne just flew bye way up there above me.

      In our boss's subjective opinion the years between the two world wars, 1918 through 1939, were the most important years of the 20th century.  And what happened then is still determining what our world is like now.  Those twenty one years were what they call "pivotal."

      When the First World War ended in 1918 Hitler and many other Germans did not know what to do.  There was "anarchy" for a time.  My Encyclopedia says Hitler went to a Nazi meeting and ended up taking over the party.  He soon realized he had a talent for speaking.

      This Encyclopedia says that in 1923 because the economy was so bad in Germany Hitler and the Nazis even tried to overthrow the "Weimar" government in a "coup."   They now call it the "Beer Hall Putsch."  But it failed and Hitler was put on trial for "Treason."   


                                                  THE "BEER HALL PUTSCH" (1923)


     In 1923 when Hitler's Nazi's tried to take over the government a few of them were killed and that man Herman Göring was wounded.   Hitler was captured and put on trial.  Some wanted to put him to death.  But he used the trial as a "pulpit" and won a lot of support.

      This is interesting.  In "Landsburg" prison Hitler and the other Nazi's had it easy; almost a "Country Club" atmosphere.  Hitler wrote his famous book "Mein Kampf;" or "My Struggle."  I have a feeling I'm going to be needing my German Dictionary now.

      From what it says here in his book Hitler said or "laid out" exactly what he would do if he were ever to gain power in Germany.  And when he got full power he started doing what he said he'd do in his book.  Blackbeard and Anne the Crows are sitting on Moe the Shed.

      According to this Encyclopedia after Adolph Hitler got out of prison he decided the Nazi's would switch from being a violent revolutionary movement to a less violent "reform" movement.  He would try to get elected legally.  And he did become "Chancellor" in 1933.

      From what Mr. Steve says, you can't really talk about Hitler without mentioning President Franklin Roosevelt; Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin too.  Franklin Roosevelt, or "FDR," also came into power in 1933.  I hear Dawn and Blinky barking faintly next door.

                                                    STALIN / ROOSEVELT / CHURCHILL


        If it hadn't been for President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin Hitler might have conquered the world!  Our boss thinks that if Hitler had defeated the Soviet Union he would have "acquired" unlimited slave labor and plenty of oil.  I smell a Rabbit somewhere.

      Wow!  It says here Hitler had his own army called the "Brownshirts;" his "Storm Troopers" or "Sturmagteilung" in German.  They were just called the "SA."  I guess in the years between world wars in Germany each political party needed their own military units.

      Dais says Mr. Steve thinks most of the SA were probably just guys who liked to drink beer and then "bash heads;" usually fighting the Communists.  Mr. Steve has that flexible Blackjack in his Bedroom Daisy told me.  I just noticed the Rabbit near just to the right of Manny.

                                                                    BROWNSHIRTS / "STORM TROOPERS"


     Oh!  This is interesting.  When Adolph Hitler became Dictator or "Führer" in 1933 the real Army felt threatened by the SA.  By then there were about four million Storm Troopers so they far outnumbered the army members.  In German Fuhrer means "Leader".

     Mr. Steve says in 1934, two years after his father was born, Hitler had to make a decision. As head of the German State he inherited a military; even though because Germany had lost World War I they could only have an army of one hundred thousand.  The Rabbit is gone.  


                                            HEINRICH HIMMLER / ADOLPH HITLER


      According to what it says in this one Encyclopedia, Hitler decided to use that guy Heinrich Himmler's SS to "eliminate" the SA leadership.  I guess in June of 1934 Hitler "purged" the leaders of the SA to "placate" the Military.  I hear Crows cawing out in the desert.

      Hitler I guess, knew that the SA leadership did want to become the "Wehrmacht;" which is what the Nazis called the national army.  Dais jokes that the words eliminate and purge are just nicer way to say "killed."  What happened is called the "Night of the Long Knives."

       Oh!  This is interesting.  I'm sure Mr. Steve knows this.  It says here that the night when the SS killed off the leadership of the SA was called "Operation Hummingbird."  They caught all of the SA leadership totally by surprise so were able to then capture and kill them.


                                                               THE GODFATHER


      One time Daisy and Millie went into Mr. Steve's Bedroom to see that movie The Godfather.  She said in that movie this Mafia leader, the "Don," did what they call "Settling old Scores" or killing off his enemies.  The Godfather in that movie was named Michael Corleone.

       Andy and Helen the Squirrels just ducked under Moe.  They'll probably rest there for and then go look for some food.  A slight breeze just brought in their scent to my nose.  Oh!  That Thrasher Bird Theodora is running bye right now.  Dawn is barking next door.

                                                         MARIO PUZO (0000-0000)

    Mr. Steve has at times wondered if Mario Puzo, who wrote the book The Godfather which is what the three movies were based on; was influenced by Operation Hummingbird.  That's what Dais told me.  What Adolph Hitler did back then in 1934 does seem like the movie.  

      Daisy said in the Godfather the "Boss" Michael Corleone, like Hitler, has some of his enemies brutally killed.  She says that movie has some really violent scenes like when this one guy has his hand pinned to a table with a knife.  In another scene a man is shot right in the throat. 

      Back in 1934 I guess Hitler figured, as long as he was getting rid of the SA leaders, he might as well "take advantage" of the situation and rid himself of some of his political enemies as well.  Like Dais sometime says; "Killing two Birds with one Stone" so to speak. 

      Daisy says our Chief thinks that, using Hegel's Dialectic, you don't have to be Nostradamus or Edgar Casey to predict that the 21st will be the most violent century of all time.  The 20th century was the most violent century so far by far.  A Thrasher Bird just ran bye.



       Yesterday I mentioned the "Saint Valentines Day Massacre" when I wrote about that guy Al Capone.  He killed many of his rival gang leaders in Chicago during the "Roaring" 1920's.  But, as I said yesterday, he ended up dying in prison for being caught for "Tax Evasion."

      Mr. Steve says even though the movie The Godfather is what they call "Fiction," the scenes of that guy Michael Corleone having his rivals killed represents just how violent life at times has been in the 20th century.  A Bunny Rabbit just bounded out into the desert. 


                                                             ALBERT ANASTASIA


 And I also mentioned Albert Anastasia who for years ran New York City's "Murder Inc."


 Over in Russia during the 1930's Joseph Stalin killed millions of his political enemies.

       Mr. Steve says the 20th century was one of the most violent centuries and the 21st century is likely to be worse.  Using Hegel's Dialect everything gets proportionately bigger as weapons get better.  By 20th century standards the Night of the Long Knives isn't unusual.  

       This is interesting.  When the SA leadership was "deleted" on that night in 1934 many died saluting while shouting "Heil Hitler!" Later the Nazis called it a "Blood Purge."  I see Fannie and Freddie way up high in the sky.  I hear them squawking faintly.

       Oh my God!  Just when I read here in this Encyclopedia that bloody night in 1934 was called "Operation Hummingbird" who do I see?  Max and 99!  And for the first time in days our boss came out here this morning and filled up their hanging feeder with that red liquid food. 

      Hooray!  99 is Back!  It's so good to see her again! Dais and I have been wondering where she was.  I feel like hiding my materials and going up front to tell Daisy.  Max and 99 are each now sitting on a perch and drinking the red liquid.  This has to be a good sign Lord!



      Hey You Guys!  I feel a lot better now!  Seeing 99 is so great!  I can't wait to see them playing the way they do.  When they play Max and 99 sometimes look like they might be fighting but they're not.  I don't want to move too much or I might scare away Max and 99.

      I'll just quietly go back to writing.  Right now I want to look up and write about this 16th century Italian man named Nicollo Machiavelli.  He wrote a book that Mr. Steve thinks is very important in history called "The Prince."  Max is now looking over here at me. 


                                                NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI (1469-1527)


       It says here in this one Encyclopedia that "Machiavelli's" book The Prince is a "Handbook for Power."  Since he wrote it back in the 1500's it has influenced many leaders Mr. Steve says.  Some of the American Founding Fathers read it and so did that guy Joseph Stalin. 

       Machiavelli said that a good leader has to have two sides in knowing when to use a"Velvet Glove" or the "Iron Fist."  Heinrich Himmler's SS were meant to be Hitler's "Iron Fist."  Over in Stalin's Soviet Russia his Police Force the "N.K.V.D." were his Iron Fist.

       Mr. Steve says Machiavelli said a good leader has to know when to be a "Lion" or a "Fox;" or when to "caress" or "annihilate" as it says here in my Encyclopedia.  Mr. Steve's dad would agree with Machiavelli that kindness is effective in dealing with basically decent people.

        In the 16th century there was no country of Italy.  Each city was it's own State.  Even the Popes had armies.  

        This is interesting.  It says here that Machiavelli believed that a good leader should try to be both "loved" and "feared."  But if a leader has to choose one method over the other then it was usually more effective to be feared.  A Lizard is over there standing in the dirt.

       Our boss told Mr. Cliff how Machiavelli and his father agree that kindness can be effective when dealing with basically decent because they're grateful.  But indecent people will often see kindness as weakness.  Therefore, with them fear is way more effective as a motivator.

       I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  It says here Machiavelli believed that what a good leader needs the most is what he called in Italian "Virtú."   But that doesn't mean "virtue" the way a lot of people understand that word.  It means knowing when to use love or fear.

                                                 HEINRICH HIMMLER (0000-1945)

         This Encyclopedia calls the SS Hitler's "bludgeon" or "instrument of terror."  A picture in my Encyclopedia shows that guy Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS; and you can tell which Machiavellian method he preferred by a quote of his right next to his image.

      According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, not only were the SS a police force; they ended up being a really good combat force too.  During World War II they were some of the courageous and fanatical warriors it says here.  The military units were "Waffen" SS.

        Now I'm going to look up this one other man named Reinhard Heydrich.  He was Heinrich Himmler's main assistant.  They call him the "Architect of the Holocaust."   Germans have long titles.  Heydrich was what's called an "Obergruppenführer" or "Senior Group Leader."  

                                              REINHARD HEYDRICH (1904-1942)

       There's a picture in this Encyclopedia of Reinhard Heydrich.  He looks kind of mean and I guess he was because Hitler described him as; "A man with an iron heart."  He was the leader of the "dreaded" Police Force called the "Gestapo."  I smell a Lizard around here.

       I guess Gestapo is short for "Geheime Staatspolizei." 




      There's a good picture in this one Encyclopedia of a unit of SS soldiers.  I wonder if these are the ones used to kill the SA leaders?  Mr. Steve thinks the Nazis have influenced what they call "uniform design" to this day.  I just picked up the strong scent of a Juniper bush.

      I kind of like the way the SS uniforms looked.  Daisy says our Chief likes the color scheme of black as the primary color with silver as the secondary color.  He used to take pictures of this one N.F.L. Football team called the "Raiders."  Their uniform colors are black and silver.


                                                               PHOTOS BY STEVE CÓRDOVA


       Even though I hadn't planned on it and it's not on my outline, I suddenly just kind of feel like writing about this one Football team called the "Raiders."  My Encyclopedia says they were one of the original teams from the 1960's "A.F.L." or "American Football League." 

      I guess the A.F.L. began in 1960 and were thought of as "upstarts" by the N.F.L.   During the last half of the 1960's the N.F.L. champions began to play the A.F.L. champions in the "Super Bowl."  I can hear Dawn barking over there next door.  But I don't hear little Blinky. 

      Mr. Steve has known this one guy named Tom since Alemany High School.  During the 1980's and 1990's Tom, as a photographer, got to go to a number of Super Bowls. He also got to "cover" a lot of other big events from that era.  Max and 99 just whizzed away right now. 




     Later today I'm going to write about when Mr. Steve met this guy named Joe Namath.  He was a Quarterback like Doug Flutie and Dan Marino.  In the 1960's, representing the A.F.L., Joe Namath led the New York "Jets" to the very first A.F.L. Super Bowl victory. 

    My Encyclopedia says that during the 1960's the Raiders represented Oakland.  From 1968 on they played their home games at the same Stadium as the Oakland A's and had some really good teams I guess.  Like the Nazi SS units, they wore black and silver to "intimidate." 

      Daisy says our Chief thinks the most important person in the history of the Raiders is a man named Al Davis.  Like most people Mr. Steve says, some people loved him and was totally loyal to him while he also had his critics.  He's the one who picked the Raiders colors.


                                                           AL DAVIS (1929-2011)


      In 1970 the N.F.L. agreed to "merge" with the A.F.L.  By then Al Davis had been the Raiders Assistant Coach, Head Coach, General Manager.  The Raiders move down her to Los Angeles in 1980.  I smell a Joshua tree.  

      From what it says here in this Encyclopedia, the "Los Angeles" Raiders had a few good .  But then they moved back to Oakland and that's where they are now.


      It's okay if I add a few things in as I go.  But, back to writing about the Nazis.  I

    It's not unique in history to kill enemies.  In 1306 A.D. the French King, Phillip IV, owed money to the"Knights Templars."  So he decided to just kill them and take what they had.

     Oh!  Dais has wondered about this!  It says in this Encyclopedia that it was on Friday the 13th of October in 1306 that King Phillip IV did what Hitler would do many years later.  But he did it on a much bigger scale.  I think it's Samson and Delilah flying bye way up there in the sky.

       No wonder Friday the 13th is so unlucky!  I can't wait to tell Daisy this.  I'm almost tempted to take a break and run up front.  But I better not.  I'll just tell her later.  Dais says our boss has a big white and red Knights Templar flag hanging over the door going into his bedroom.

      It says here in my Encyclopedia that in the early 1930's the "real" leader of Germany was an  old man named Paul von Hindenburg.  He was the President and an admired former World War I General.  It looks like Able Company is going out into the desert behind the Sheds.


                                                                   PAUL VON HINDENBURG (1847-1934)


     President Hindenburg was really famous from World War I I guess.  And, like Erwin Rommel was in The Second World War, he was a Field Marshall.  In 1914 Hindenburg beat the Russians at a famous battle near a place called "Tannenburg."  I see Crows up in the sky.  

      My Encyclopedia says that President Hindenburg secretly told Hitler "When history is made blood must be shed."  So Hitler probably took this as permission to do what he did back in 1934. Max and 99 are still sticking their beaks into the feeder to drink the red food.

      I just thought of something that's not on my outline but I feel kind of like writing about.  That's this one giant German "Dirigible" Balloon called the "Hindenburg" named after that man General Hindenburg.  It crashed in 1937 and was the biggest flying machine ever.


                                      FERDINAND GRAF VON ZEPPELIN (1838-1917)


      My Encyclopedia says that big Balloon the Hindenburg was built by a company run by this one man named Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin.  He was a "Count."  Led Zeppelin got their band name from him.  His Balloon that burned in 1937 was "Passenger Airship."

      This is interesting.  I guess Count von Zeppelin first saw Balloons used when he was sent in 1862 to study the Union Army during the American Civil War.  He saw General Burnside's army using what they call "observation" Balloons at the Battle of Fredericksburg.    



          From what it says here Count von Zeppelin went back to Germany after the Civil War with the idea that Balloons could be used for peaceful and wartime purposes.  And many years later, during World War I when he an old man, his Balloons were used to bomb England.

      According to this Encyclopedia, by the 1930's during the Great Depression, the Germans started to use "Zeppelins" to carry passengers.  They were intended to "compete" with all of those big "Ocean Liners" like this ship called the "Queen Mary."  I smell a Mouse.



        Oh wow!  In this picture in my Encyclopedia it shows just how big that Balloon called the Hindenburg was.  I guess it was over eight hundred feet long and based on this picture was even bigger than that ship the Titanic and this plane called  a "747."  I now see the Mouse.

      From what it says here when the Hindenburg caught fire it was in New Jersey.  That's where Mr. Steve's Niece Stephanie's boyfriend Rich is originally from.  Until that terrible accident back then in 1937 the Zeppelin Company had a 100% "safety record." A Crow just cawed.



      Boy!  Looking at this other picture of the actual crashing and burning of the Hindenburg it's a miracle that there were any survivors but I guess there were.  Some think because it was filled with "highly flammable" Hydrogen a "static spark" ignited  it.  The Mouse is gone.



         Mr. Steve says Kings, Emperors and other political leaders have often tried to "eliminate" or "remove" people in man's history.  Those are just nicer ways to say "kill" Dais thinks.  One word that was often used in the 20th century was "liquidate."  A Crow just cawed.   

      That guy Mao Tse-tung, who's called the "Father of modern China" said; "All power comes from the barrel of a gun."  And that other Russian guy Vladimir Lenin supposedly told other "revolutionaries" like Joseph Stalin that; "Terror is an instrument of social hygiene."

      In the 20th century Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse-tung each killed millions.  And Mr. Steve says he thinks that, based on Hegel's Dialectic, some 21st leader is very likely to kill way more than they did.  This is because, for good and bad, things are getting "proportionately" bigger. 

      Hitler, Stalin and Mao were just the biggest killers of people in the 20th century.  But others like Pol Pot in Cambodia, Idi Amin in Uganda and Saddam Hussein in Iraq killed anyone who opposed them; just on a smaller scale than Hitler, Stalin or Mao our Chief says. 

     Thinking about Heathcliff makes me wonder why people kill each other and make war?  Dais says our Chief thinks besides "practical" reasons many men just plain like to fight.  It somehow makes them feel better.  The world is often brutal.  Max and 99 just flew away. 

       It says here that for the first few years in power Hitler worked on Germany's bad economy.   Germany was then one of the first countries to come out of the Depression.  Hitler did it partly by national work projects like building the famous "Autobahn" highway.



From what it says here in this Encyclopedia the German's work projects were kind of like the ones President Franklin Roosevelt tried here in the United States.  But the American projects did not pull us out of  the Great Depression like the way they did over there in Germany.                     

Supposedly the purpose for building the Autobahn was so the German people could travel in their new Volkswagons.  But Mr. Steve thinks that Hitler's "ulterior motive" was to create roads  that could be used to quickly move troops and equipment in time of war.                                          


        Hitler gave the six million or so unemployed German workers uniforms and then put shovels in their hands. They were called the "Reichsarbeitdienst" or "Reich Labor Service."  From what it shows in this Encyclopedia picture they kind of look like soldiers.  A Crow just cawed.

      Like President Roosevelt here in America at that time, Hitler "contrived" work for the males in his society.   I wrote about F.D.R.'s W.P.A. at the end of book two when I talked about that one man Mr. Espinoza; who was later in, and survived, the "Bataan Death March" of 1942.  

       Hitler had his uniformed workers build the "Autobahn."  Franklin Roosevelt had workers like Mr. Espinoza build the "Hoover Dam" and things like that.   Both men knew logically that they had to give men "Self-Confidence and "Self-Esteem" in supporting their families. 

       Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that Hitler had the German workers not only do what they call "Building Projects;" at the same time he had them learn the "Manual of Arms" drills with their shovels. So later it was a simple matter to just substitute rifles for shovels. 



       My Encyclopedia has a picture of Hitler "opening" that Autobahn Road in 1937.  I see the dirt path Daisy and I have carved out just to my right leading into this Patio.  I mentioned our roads in book one.  Hey You Guys!  Someday I might just be brave and ride in a Car!

       As I've mentioned before, Daisy goes with our Chief when he drives to Phelan but I'm afraid to do that.  Looking at this picture of the Autobahn's opening makes me want to ride in a Car.  In the picture of Hitler you can tell that all of the people are cheering him.  I smell Sage. 

      According to the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was only allowed to have a small army but in secret Hitler built it back up.  He trained his Pilots by using Gliders instead of Planes and it was easy to replace shovels with rifles for his work force when war came in 1939. 

      In 1932 Los Angeles "hosted" the Olympic Games.  In 1936 they were held in Berlin.  At that point the United States and most of the world was still "mired" in the Great Depression; but not Germany.  In 1936 Jesse Owens proved that blacks could be really great athletes too.

      I'm scheduled to write in more detail about the 1936 Berlin Olympics later today when I talk about the history of "Race Relations" in the United States.  That will be "against the backdrop" as they say, of the O.J. Simpson trial.  But I'll just "set it up" a little right now.

                                            ADOLPH HITLER / JESSE OWENS (1936)


     This is interesting!  My Encyclopedia says 1936 was the first time they used relay runners to pass the Olympic torch after it had been lit down in Greece.  And. as good as Jesse Owens did, Germany won the most total medals with eighty nine.  America had fifty six.

      Mr. Steve thinks in 1933, when Hitler became Chancellor, he skillfully used the system and cleverly "outwitted" other politicians.  And he got lucky too he says.  Later in 1934 President Hindenburg died.  Now Hitler had an easy path to total dictatorship in Germany.

                 REICHSTAG FIRE                                                                             HITLER / VON HINDENBURG


       Four weeks after Adolph Hitler became Chancellor the German "Reichstag" or Parliament Building burned down.  This was another lucky break for the Nazis.  The Reichstag had been a symbol of Democracy.  I hear some Crows squawking at each other out in the desert.  

      According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, a man from Holland named Marinus van der Lubbe was caught at the scene of the Reichstag fire.  He had a previous record for being what they call and "Arsonist."  That means he often started fires on purpose.  

      I guess that guy van der Lubbe admitted that he started the Reichstag fire and was a known Communist.  Dais says our boss thinks it was probably the Nazis themselves who burned down the Reichstag and then "framed" that guy van der Lubbe.  I hear Crows cawing faintly. 

      I guess some people think Martinus van der Lubbe was retarded.  But either way his head was cut off and Hitler "exploited" the situation to "consolidate" power.   So, I guess no one will ever know what really happened in the Reichstag fire.  I smell a Horned Toad. 

      This is interesting.  When the Reichstag burned down Hitler got President von Hindenburg to convince the politicians to give him the power to use this thing called the "Enabling Act."  This would let him govern by "decree."  He used it to "eliminate" the Communists. 

      It says here, in effect, giving Hitler the Enabling Act meant "dictatorial" powers.  And when President Hindenburg died nothing stood in Hitler's way.  Now Hitler could start planning to do all of the things he said he would do in his book.  Ah!  I see the Horned Toad near the tree.

      Secretly Hitler went around the Treaty of Versailles and rebuilt Germany's military. In 1935 he "re-occudied" the "Saarland" which France had taken after World War I.  And about a year later he took back the "Rhineland."  I see Crows wheeling around up high over the desert. 

      A lot of people don't know that Adolph Hitler was not from Germany.  He was Austrian. In early 1938 Hitler "added" Austria to Germany in what my Encyclopedia calls the "Anschluss Osterreichs" which means "Austrian annexation."  The Horned Toad dug into the dirt.


      Because both England and France didn't want war in the mid-1930's they "appeased" or let Hitler get away with things.  England and France each had lost over a million soldiers in World War I and remembered it well.  Also, they were both still in economic depressions. 

      England and France were so afraid of another world war that in 1938 Hitler was even able to get them to give him a German-speaking area of Czechoslovakia called the "Sudetenland."  Then, a few months later the Germans just took all the rest of Czechoslovakia.

      With each success I guess Adolph Hitler was building back the German sense of pride which had been taken away after they lost the First World War.  Finally, in September of 1939 Hitler attacked Poland so England and France had no choice but to declare war on Germany.

         In 1936, the same year as Hitler's Berlin Olympics, a German Boxer named Max Schmeling beat a young Joe Louis; who's considered to have been one of the greatest Heavyweight Boxers of all time.  In 1936 Joe Louis had a record of 27-0 and was the "heavy favorite." 

      My Encyclopedia says that Joe Louis and Max Schmeling fought each other two times and both fights were "worldwide cultural events."  When Max Schmeling "upset" and knocked out Joe Louis in the first fight it was shocking.  Mr. Steve and his father and uncles like Boxing. 

                                     MAX SCHMELING KNOCKS OUT JOE LOUIS (1936)


       It says here in my Encyclopedia that in 1936 experts thought of the first Schmeling fight as nothing more than a "tuneup" for Joe Louis on his way to the championship.  Max Schmeling had been champion once but was now thought too old.  I smell a Lizard.

      Oh!  This is interesting.  Max Schmeling noticed that whenever Joe Louis, who was right-handed, "jabbed" with his left hand, he brought it back in a much lower position. So every time he jabbed Max Schmeling, also right-handed, threw a straight right to Joe Louis's jaw.

      Dais told me she thinks our Chief one time told her and Millie that the first Louis-Schmeling fight might've been one of the first times when a Boxer studied film of his opponent before they fought.  But it doesn't say that in my Encyclopedia.  I see the Lizard in the dirt over there.

      So Joe Louis was knocked out for first and the only time during the period now considered to be his "peak."  He was really embarrassed because he had represented Americans, especially the blacks, against the Nazis.  He wanted revenge but had to wait for three years to get it. 

      That Lizard just ran up onto the east wall of the house and is now just standing there looking at me sideways. Lizards do that.  Dais says they have "suction cups" on the bottom of their feet so can hold onto to any surface.  Boy, I sure wish I could stand on the side of a wall.

      I guess in 1939 Joe Louis got a "rematch" against Max Schmeling. He was now Heavyweight Champion of the world.  And this fight now really symbolized Fascism versus Democracy.  Even President Roosevelt called up Joe Louis to wish him luck.  The Lizard just ran away. 

      This time the result was much different as Joe Louis knocked out Max Schmeling in just one round!  It was a total  slaughter.  Joe Louis never gave Max Schmeling a chance to get going.  He "nipped him in the bud" as Daisy says.  Mr. Steve would probably call it "preempting."

                                  JOE LOUIS KNOCKS OUT MAX SCHMELING (1939)


      My Encyclopedia says soon after the second Louis-Schmeling fight World War II started when Germany invaded Poland.  Max Schmeling went into the Army as a "Paratrooper" and took part in the 1941 conquest of the Greek island of Crete.  That Lizard just ran away.

     Joe Louis spent the "war years" doing what they call "Exhibitions" to help raise money for the war effort.  In later years I guess he and Max Schmeling became friends.  Their two fights are now considered to be some of the most symbolic "bouts" in all of history.


JOE LOUIS (1914-1981) / MAX SCHMELING (1905-2005)     


     From what it says here, after World War II in 1945 that guy Max Schmeling became a really successful businessman selling "Coca-Cola."  But Joe Louis lost all of his money so had to come out of retirement to try to earn a living.  It turned out to be a bad idea I guess.

      Dais says our Chief read that Joe Louis's wife said he was far too generous for his own good.  He'd give away money even if he didn't have that much of it.  At the end of his life he was given a job as a "greeter" at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.  Mr. Steve's been there a few times.

      It says here that in the early 1950's when Joe Louis had to come out of retirement he won a few fights but then had to fight that guy Rocky Marciano; who was one of the hardest punchers of all time.  Rocky Marciano sent Joe Louis flying all the way out of the ring!




      Mr. Steve read that Rocky Marciano hit so hard he'd break the blood vessels in his opponents arms from blocking his punches.  Then, when he had them worn down and it was hard to hold up their arms up; he'd "level them."  Rocky Marciano retired with a 49-0 record.

     Well, back to World War II.  Poland was the first of eight Blitzkriegs Hitler's army executed successfully from 1939 through 1941.  Mr. Steve thinks if Hitler had died then he would've gone down in history as the greatest German warrior and statesman.  But he didn't stop.        

      According to this Encyclopedia one reason why Hitler took gambles in the 1930's was because he saw how powerless the League of Nations was in stopping Japan from invading China in 1931 or a few years later detering Italian leader Benito Mussolini from taking Ethiopia.


      Benito Mussolini's Fascists came into power in Italy in 1922. Hitler noticed it.  By the 1930's, during the Great Depression, Mussolini wanted to "re-create" the ancient Roman Empire so he  picked what in Boxing is jokingly called a "Tomato Can" or "Mummy" as an opponent. 

      It says here in this Encyclopedia it says in the 1930's Mussolini attacked the African country of  "Abbysinia."  Now it's called "Ethiopia."  Abbysinia didn't have any modern weapons so lost badly to Italy.  Blackbeard and Anne Bonney just coasted bye; moving out into the desert. 

      I guess up in Germany Adolph Hitler noticed how England and France, and the League of Nations too, didn't do a thing about Italy conquering Abbysinia.  So he was "emboldened" to do what he said he'd do in his book from the 1920's.  I hear Crows cawing faintly.

   The years between the two world wars were also very important in Russia, Japan and China.  In 1917 "Bolshevik" Communists helped overthrow Czar Nicholas and took Russia out of World War I.  That man Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the Bolsheviks.

      I guess there were two groups of Communists who had "vied for power" since the late 19th century; the Bolsheviks or "majority" and the "Mensheviks" or "minority.  And the Bolsheviks under Lenin ended up winning.  That's what it says here in my Encyclopedia.

According to this Encyclopedia there were actually two revolutions in Russia at the time of the First World War.  But then the "red" Communists fought a bloody civil war against the "white"   conservatives.  In 1923 the Communists under Lenin finally won.                                                               

                    VLADIMIR LENIN                 LEON TROTSKY                              JOSEPH STALIN

                    (1870-1924)                                           (1879-1940)                                (1878-1953)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Wow!  The Russians lost over three million people in World War I!  But I guess in 1917 Czar Nicholas II and his family were captured and a "provisional" government set up.  And Lenin was helped a lot during this time by Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin.  I smell another Rabbit.

      This is interesting.  It says here that King Geoge V of England, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and Czar Nicolus II were all cousins.  I guess they were all related to that lady Queen Victoria. I just noticed the Rabbit sticking his nose out from under Manny the far right Shed. 


                                        KING GEORGE V / CZAR NICHOLAS II / KAISER WILHELM


      Boy, King George and Czar Nicholas sure look alike!  They could be brothers.  It says here that Czar Nicholas' wife was German.  I wonder shy King George didn't try to help his cousin and his family when they fell into the Bolshevik's hands?  I smell that Rabbit again.

      It says here Czar Nicholas and his wife had five children; four girls and one boy.  And I guess their last name was "Romanov."  This is interesting.  The boy was a "hemophiliac" so if he got a cut the bleeding wouldn't stop.  A flock of Sparrows flew bye; moving to the northeast.


       CZAR NICHOLAS II WITH FAMILY                                   GRIGORI RASPUTIN (1869-1916)


      Czar Nicholas's son's medical condition was a total secret from the public according to this Encyclopedia.  I guess Czar Nicholas' wife was very religious so when this one "mystic" named Grigori Rasputin helped her son she put her faith in him.  The Rabbit ran away.

      Supposedly that guy "Rasputin" was a Catholic Priest.  But it sounds kind of like he was not a very good person.  Everyone except the Czar's wife could see he was bad.  So, it says here, these men killed him.  But it took a lot to kill Rasputin.  I hear Dawn barking faintly next door.

      That guy Rasputin, who correctly predicted it would be a disaster for Russia if she went into  World War I; kind of looks like Blackbeard the Pirate.  This is interesting.  Just like it was hard to kill Blackbeard it took a lot to kill Rasputin too.  Fannie and Freddie just flew bye. 

      It says here in my Encyclopedia that the people who killed Rasputin first poisoned him.  That should have done the job but it didn't.  So they then shot and also clubbed him.  Then they threw him into  a river.  But later "it was determined" he actually drowned to death.

      This is sad! According to this Encyclopedia the Bolshevik's decided to kill Czar Nicholas and his entire family.  So they ordered that Czar Nicholas and his wife, along with their five kids, be bayoneted and then shot.  Oh wow!  Now Blackbeard and Anne just flew past too. 


                                           CZAR NICHOLAS (0000-0000) AND FAMILY


     My Encyclopedia says when Vladimir Lenin died in the mid-1920's Joseph Stalin "ruthlessly outmaneuvered" other Bolshevik's like Leon Trotsky and took over the country; which by then was called the Soviet Union.  I can hear Crows cawing faintly way out in the desert. 

     I guess Lenin ordered a lot of Russians killed while he was in power but what he did "paled in comparison" to the number of people Stalin had killed.  During the 1930's Depression Stalin got rid of millions.  Leon Trotsky was killed by an "ice pick to the back of his head."

     Our Chief has studied the war between Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union and Adolph Hitler's Nazi Germany.  It was the most gigantic war ever.  As I said yesterday, millions of German soldiers fought against even more millions of Russians.  I smell a Mouse around here.

     But in 1939, when our boss's father was seven years old and his mother was four, Germany and Russia became "Allies" and agreed to conquer Poland.  This was in August, the month of his mom's fourth birthday.  In September Germany and Russia attacked Poland.

      In late 1938 the British and French, because they didn't want nor were ready for a war, had given Hitler Chekaslovakia.  But when he invaded Poland the very next year they had to go to war whether they liked it or not and that's how World War II started.   I see the Mouse.

        Mr. Steve says that in 1939 when Hitler's Nazi Germany allied with Stalin's Soviet Russia the world was "amazed."  Everyone knew how Adolph Hitler hated "Communism" just as much as fhe hated "Capitalism."  I can hear two Crows yelling at each other out in the desert. 

      Just as he wrote about how he felt about the Jews in his book Mein Kampf; Hitler also wrote about conquering Russia in that same book.  But, as Dais says; I guess Joseph Stalin never read Hitler's book.  Mr. Steve thinks he actually admired Hitler's cold-blooded ruthlessness.

       Adolph Hitler and Joseph had one thing in common; they both hated Jews and Capitalism too.  At least that's what our boss Mr. Steve told us.  He says if Stalin had not died suddenly in 1953 he was planning on killing a lot of Russian-Jewish Doctors.  That Mouse is gone.


                                                                          RIBBENTROP / STALIN / MOLOTOV



         My Encyclopedia says the 1939 "Pact" between Germany and Russia was "negotiated" by two famous "Diplomats."  The German "Ambassador" was named Joachim von Ribbentrop; the Russian was Vyacheslav Molotov.  Von Ribbentropp was hung in 1946.

       In August of 1939 Germany and Russia agreed to "carve up" Poland.  That's what it says in this Encyclopedia.  Germany contrived a reason to attack Poland from the west on the first day of September; and Stalin's Soviet Union came in from the east about two weeks later. 

       After taking his share of Poland Stalin then "moved against" this one other country called "Finland." This is interesting.  In that war the Finnish soldiers threw "Molotov Cocktails" at the Russians and "put up a good fight."  But the Soviet Union was just too strong.

       Oh!  A Molotov Cocktail is a glass bottle filled with gasoline.  Then a rag is stuck in from the top.  The rag is lit on fire and the bottle thrown.  When it lands that bottle explodes in fire.  It's what they call a "poor man's grenade."  I just picked up the scent of a new Gopher.


                                VYACHESLAV MOLOTOV (1890-1986) / "MOLOTOV" COCKTAIL                            


     Mr. Steve told us that the Finnish soldiers named the Molotov Cocktail in 1940 as an insult to Ambassador Molotov and probably didn't realize what they created.  But today in every part of the world their idea is still being used.  Aha!  I now see the Gopher over there.

      Wow!  According to my Encyclopedia in 1939 Germany took their half of Poland in about a month.  It says here the world "had never seen the full fury and force of Blitzkrieg unleashed on an opponent."  The Polish soldiers were brave but no match for the German army.   



       Mr. Steve told us that in 1939 Poland's military was "out of date." It was a total slaughter.  They had impressive "Horse-Mounted"Cavalry units which looked great in a parade.  But in fighting Tanks they were "no match" as they say.  That one Gopher is now gone.

      Looking to my right I see Libby over there walking around slowly in her Corral.  She walks so slow now.  Seeing her makes me think about how the Polish used Horses to attack the German Panzer Tanks back then in 1939.  As Dais says; not a good idea.  A Crow just cawed. 


   HEINZ GUDERIAN (1888-1954)

          Mr. Steve says people make fun of the Polish for using Cavalry against Armor in 1939.  They even call them "Polocks."  But Heinz Guderian, who I mentioned yesterday in chapter seven of book two when I wrote about King Pyrhus; witnessed what happened in 1939. 

       As I said yesterday, that guy Heinz Guderian and Erwin Rommel were the "Fathers of the Blitzkrieg."  Mr. Steve heard that Heinz Guderian said all those Polish Horsemen attacking his Panzers were surrounded and desperately trying to break out of a killing zone.

      I remember when Mr. Steve told Daisy and me how Sister Rita Joseph would say that Polish people, just like all other peoples; are as capable or incapable as any other group.  They can be at times smart and at other times dumb.  They were sure good code breakers.

     The Cipher Bureau broke the Russians codes that were used to send messages over the radio.  So they knew in advance what the Russians were going to do.  And in the years between world wars the Polish became good at the "deciphering" of "enciphered" messages.

       I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  In 1932 this smart Polish man named Marian Rejewski made one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of what they call "Cryptology."  He was able to start figuring out how to break the German "Enigma" code.   He was good at math.


                                                         MARIAN REJEWSKI (1905-1980)


      I guess, even though Poland was brutally conquered in 1939, the information that man Marian Rejewski gave British Intelligence helped them break the German Enigma code.  Mr. Steve says,  more than anything else, this helped the Allies win the Second World War.

         According to this Encyclopedia, in World War II the breaking of the German Enigma code, which was thought impossible, was called "Ultra" because it was ultra secret.  Winston Churchill had to let the city of Coventry get bombed so they wouldn't give away the secret. 

      It says here the place in England where they were able to break the German Enigma code was called "Bletchley Park."  Bletchley Park was one of the places where what is now called the "age of computers" began.  Someday I'd like to have one of those computers! 

        Even though Germany and Russia made an alliance in 1939 and then "ganged up on" Poland, everyone knew they were "natural"enemies Mr. Steve says.  He thinks Stalin may have thought that with a ruthless ally like Hitler, together they could conquer the whole world.  

      Mr. Steve has a copy of Adolph Hitler's book called "Mein Kampf."  I just looked it up and Mein Kampf is German for "My Struggle."   From what Mr. Steve says in his book which was written in the mid-1920's, Hitler said he would someday have to fight Russia.

      In his book Adoph Hitler said that Germany needed more land for its growing population of people.  According to this Encyclopedia he called it "Living Space" or "Lebensraum."  And he said right in his book that land would be taken from Russia.  I smell a Lizard nearby.

      Hitler noticed how much trouble the Soviet Union had in beating Finland.  Part of it was that Stalin had killed most of his "officer corps" during the 1930's he thought.  So, it says here Hitler came to the conclusion that it would be easy to beat the Russians in a war. 

      I guess in June of 1941 Hitler broke his agreement and attacked Stalin.  At first it went well.  The Germans captured over three million Russian soldiers before Christmas.  But then a really cold Winter "set in" and the Russians counter-attacked.  I see the Lizard over there.



         My Encyclopedia says in December of 1941 Stalin heard from a spy that the Japanese would not attack him in Manchuria.  So he moved some really good Winter Divisions from the east over to the area around Moscow.  They were well-trained to fight in snow.

      I guess the Germans had expected to take the Soviet Union by Christmas of 1941 so had not properly equipped their soldiers with Winter clothes.  So when Stalin used his Winter troops to surprise attack them they were more easily pushed back away from Moscow. 

     Oh!  This is exactly what Mr. Steve said.  Hitler had hoped for his tenth and largest Blitzkrieg in Russia.  But he just missed so what he intended to be a quick war turned into the most brutal war of "Attrition" ever seen.  My Encyclopedia calls it a "protracted slugfest."

      For three and a half years Germany fought Russia in the largest war in all of history.  The "Epic" scale of the battles had never been seen.  And Mr. Steve thinks there may never again be such huge battles.  Because of technology giant armies won't need to meet. 

      Once Stalin started pushing Hitler slowly back westward toward Germany the biggest Tank battles in history were fought; especially in 1943 at the Battle of Kurst which I mentioned in my first book.  Millions of people died.  Three Sparrows are sitting on top of Moe.

      I'm now going to look up in my Encyclopedia this Russian General named Georgy Zhukov.  I know that he was one of the best Generals to come out of World War II and beat the Germans in some of the largest battles of all time.   A little Finch just landed on Jack the big Shed.


                                                     GEORGY ZHUKOV (1896-1974)


      Mr. Steve says, in his subjective opinion, the Russian General Zhukov won the most important battles of the Second World War.  But then again our Chief says, he didn't have to worry as much about how many men he lost; like General Eisenhower or MacArthur did. 

      It says here the war between Hitler and Stalin was the most vicious and brutal "heavyweight slugging match" ever.  Russia would end up losing over twenty million people during World War II.  Even females "took up arms" as they say.  I notice that one Lizard is gone now.



      In World War II Russian women also had to fight for survival.  They were like modern-day Amazons Mr. Stve says.  Sometimes Daisy and I both wonder if we'll be brave should we ever be attacked here on our two acres.  I just noticed that those Sparrows are gone.

       Our Chief says Germany versus the Soviet Union in the 1940's was like two big Heavyweight Boxers like Joe Louis or Max Schmeling standing "toe to toe" and throwing big "haymakers" at each other.  But, "in the end" Mr. Steve says, the Russians had more men than Germany.

      Mr. Steve once read that at the time of World War II the Soviet Union had about seventeen million males of military age.  Germany had only about eight million.  So Germany's only chance to beat the Russians was a Blitzkrieg.  What they call a war of "attrition" was unwinnable. 

      Well, according to my outline for book three I now need to write about Japan and China in the Second World War.  Japan had first attacked China in 1931; eight years before World War II even started.  So they had been fighting for a long time by the time of World War II.  

    For thousands of years China had been one of the greatest countries on earth but by the end of the 19th century was really weak.  Japan "on the other hand" was becoming a strong, modern "industrial" nation after centuries of "Feudal" isolation during the "Samurai" era.

      According to this Encyclopedia in 1905 Japan beat Czarist Russia in a war so this gave them a lot of confidence.  They looked around and saw that in the world the system being followed was what they call "exploitive imperialistic colonialism."  A Crow just cawed to my left.

    From what Daisy told me Mr. Steve thinks the Japanese didn't disagree with the system the European countries used.  They just figured if anyone should be exploiting Asia it should at least be a "local" country.  That Crow just flew past; moving toward Libby's corral.

  My Encyclopedia says by the time of World War II the leader of Japan was Emperor Hirohito.  But the person who made important political and military decisions was this man named Hideki   Tojo.  Dais says our Chief told her and Millie he was just as mean as Stalin or Hitler.                      


                                                            HIDEKI TOJO (1884-1948)


        This is interesting.  That guy "Tojo" admired Germany and wanted Japan to be the "Asian Prussia."  And just like a Nazi, he thought the Japanese were superior to all other Asian people.  I just felt a nice cool breeze come in off of the eastern desert.  It feels so good.

        From what it says here Hideki Tojo also believed in the idea of Lebensraum like Hitler did.  But he wanted to conquer China.  The Japanese invaded China in the early 1930's and the world did nothing about it.  Hitler and Mussolini definitely noticed that Mr. Steve says.   

    I guess in man's history it's usually "might equals right."  And since the 16th century after Columbus's discovery Europeans had navies and modern weaponry.  So they were the "haves" and most of the other people had to be the "have nots."  I wish life was more fair!

      Japan is made up of small islands.  It says here that by the late 1920's they had way too many people and were  "outgrowing " their land.  So in 1931 they decided to steal Chinese "territory" called "Manchuria" and just "installed" this "puppet" leader named Henry Pu yi.


                                                             HENRY PU YI (1906-1967)


      I guess the Japanese renamed Manchuria "Manchukuo."  Pu Yi had been the last Emperor of the Chinese "Qing" Dynasty until it was overthrown in 1912.  His family name was "Manchu."  Oh!  Pu yi died on October 17th which is Mr. Steve's brother Rock's birthday.

      Dais says there are now Japanese, Chinese and even South Koreans living up here in the High Desert.  She told me this is partly because since 2008 a lot of people lost their houses through "foreclosure" so now the houses cost less.  I see Libby over there in her corral.  

      This is interesting.  It says here in the 1920's the world was "distracted" by the good times of the "Roaring Twnties."  And in the 1930's the Great Depression "preoccupied" everyone.  So the Japanese took advantage of that to attack China.  I smell a Lizard somewhere.

      When Japan invaded China in 1931 other countries protested but even that thing called the League of Nations couldn't do anything about it.  Japan just quit being a member of the League of Nations.  Aha!  There's the Lizard.  He's standing on the dirt near the patio. 

      I guess, from what it says here, when the Japanese took Manchuria there had already been a bloody civil war going on in China.  Mao Tse-tung's Communists were fighting "Nationalists"  led by this man named Chiang Kai-shek.  He was a General.  The Lizard just ran away.


                 MAO TSE-TUNG (1893-1976)                                    CHIANG KAI-SHEK (1887-1975)


      Mao Tse-tung and Chiang Kai-shek really hated each other.  Both sides were so busy fighting that this let Japan come in and just take Manchuria.  Samson a and were what they call "mortal enemies."  Samson and Delilah are flying bye; moving steadily to the northeast. 

      This is interesting.  In 1934 and 1935 Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalists, or the "Kuomintang," chased Mao Tse-tung's Communists all over China trying to kill them. But they got away.  Now it's called "The Long March."  Kuomintang means "Chinese National Party."

                                                   THE "LONG MARCH" (1934-1935)                                                                                                                            


      I like when my Encyclopedia's have maps to go along with the writing.  And you can see from this map of the Chinese Long March it must've been really hard to walk such a long way!  I'll bet a lot of people died; and their Dogs and Horses too.  Ah!  I smell an unfamiliar Crow.

      My Encyclopedia says, during World War II, even though they hated each other, Chiang Kai- shek and Mao Tse-tung cooperated to fight the Japanese.  On my outline it says a Muslim quote; "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."  In history this idea has been important. 

      It says here, when the Second World War ended in 1945, that  guy Mao Tse-tung went back to fighting Chiang Kai-shek.  But in and in 1949 the Communists won.  Hey!  That's one year after Israel became a country too!  Oh!  Is see the new Crow.  Wow!  What a beautiful Crow. 

                                                                  MAO TSE-TUNG / JOSEPH STALIN


      After 1949 Mao Tse-tung took over the "Peoples Republic of China." He was now "Chairman Mao."  This Encyclopedia says he was their George Washington; called their "founding father."  Mao Tse-tung and Joseph Stalin became allies.  The Korean War started in 1950. 

     That one Crow just flew up onto Jack the big Shed. He, or she, is so shiny!  It's sniffing around and has likely picked up my scent.  But maybe not.  His actions say no.  I wonder if we know his parents?  He was probably one of the babies he from last year. Wait until I tell Dais!

     It says here Mao Tse-tung "drove out imperialism" and "promoted the status of women."  He "modernized" China.  But some of his policies were also responsible for the deaths of forty to seventy million people.  Samson and Delilah just flew bye up there high in the sky.

      I just thought of that man from Tibet, the Dalai Lama.  He lives "in exile" because if he went back to Tibet, which is in China, he might be arrested or even killed. In this Encyclopedia it says Mao Tse-tung hated the Dalai Lama so ordered thousands of Tibetans killed.

      It says here that some people think Mao Tse-tung, through starvation and execution, may've killed as many as a million Tibetans from the 1950's through the 1970's.  And because he didn't believe in religion at all he destroyed many of the Buddhist Monasteries there too.

      Mr. Steve told us Tibet has a lot of this thing called "Uranium" and China really wants it.  So he says, it's kind of ironic that the Chinese have taken over Tibet and have become just like the "Colonialists" or "Imperialists" they have always said they hated so much. 

   Daisy says one time Mr. Steve told her and Millie that Joseph Stalin's policies, through exile, execution, forced labor or starvation, killed millions of Russians.  Stalin probably killed even more people than Mao or Hitler.  That shiny new Crow just flew away to the southeast. 

      This is interesting.  It says here Joseph Stalin said; "Death is the solution to all problems.  No man, no problem."  Wow!  That sort of what Pirates like Blackbeard said; "Dead men tell no tales."   Albert Anastasia of the Mafia also believed in that exact same idea. 

       I see a Lizard standing on the trunk of that dead Joshua tree over near Jack the big Shed and is doing some pushups.  Dais says one time our Chief joked that the way Lizards go up and down looks like a "Low Rider" Car using "hydraulic lifts."  Dais and I like low rider cars.

         Well, the next thing on my outline to write about is how the Japanese thought Chinese lives were "disposable."  Just like Hitler wrote in his book that the war with Russia would be a war of "annihilation;" the Japanese under Hideki Tojo thought the same about the Chinese.

       In late 1937 the Japanese, taking advantage of the chaos in China, took Nanking.  According to my Encyclopedia they then killed over three hundred thousand people in about six weeks.  I hear some Crows yelling at each other right now out there in the desert to the east.

                                                                            "RAPE" OF NANKING (1937)

    No wonder the Chinese wanted revenge on the Japanese!  But, I guess, in historical terms it's like our Chief says; it wasn't that unusual.  It was just bigger in scale because the weaponry was  more modern.  It seems like some people, deep down; like to kill other people.                                 

    Hey God?  Because of Free Will is is sometimes okay to kill other people?  Is "get even" a good enough excuse to kill?  As Mr. Steve says, slaughter is actually pretty common in human history.  It almost seems like people at times "contrive" to kill.                                                                         

    Well, according to my outline the next thing I want to write about is Chiang Kai-shek's wife. I know that Mr. Steve thinks she was a smart person.  My Encyclopedia says she was even called     "Madam Chiang."  President Roosevelt and his wife seem to have trusted her.                                       

        CHIANG KAI-SHEK AND WIFE            ELEANOR ROOSEVELT / MADAM CHIANG                                                                                                           

    Wow!  In my Encyclopedia there's a picture of Chiang kai-shek's wife with Eleanor Roosevelt  in front of the White House in Washington D.C.  I guess their husbands knew that their wives     would be good representatives because they trusted and respected them.                                       

  Writing about "accomplished" females makes me feel a little better even though, "in the back of my mind" as they say; I still know Heathcliff is permanently gone.   Scanning the horizon to    the east I can hear someone on a motorcycle going bye out on Primavera Road.                           

      Oh!  This is interesting.  Chiang Kai-shek and his wife knew that guy Claire Chenault; who was the leader of the famous "Flying Tigers" fighter Plane unit.  For a few years, in McKinney   Texas, one of our boss's customers was Claire Chenault's Grandson.                                                  

                                                       CLAIRE CHENAULT (1893-1958)                                                                                                                                                                                                    McKinney Texas is just to the north of Arlington where Mr. Steve's brother Rock lives with his two sons.  Our boss and this Parts Manager at times talked about Claire Chenault and how he      led American volunteer pilots helping China in World War II.  I smell a Cholla cactus.               

  Dais says Mr. Steve told her that when he was a kid he built a model of the "P-40" Airplane.  That was the Plane used by Claire Chenault and his pilots against the Japanese in the Second  World War.  To scare their enemy it had the mouth of a mean Shark painted on the front.                               P-40" FIGHTER PLANE


       There's no way I could ever fly up high in a Plane while other Planes are shooting big bullets at me; trying to kill you.  But I'll bet if they allowed Dogs to be pilots Daisy would volunteer and I think she'd be good at it; even thought now her eyesight is too poor.                                               

      Oh!  I just though of something I want to add in right here.  I was supposed to write about it yesterday in book two but somehow I went right past it in crossing out things on my outline.  Mr. Steve likes to draw.  So Daisy says he knows about this man named "Big Daddy" Roth.                 


ED "BIG DADDY" ROTH (0000-0000)

When he was a kid Mr. Steve like to draw.  He still does but not nearly as much.  One time he drew the "Rat Fink" which was a character that Big Dayy Roth created in the 1960's.


 He told Daisy he saw a picture taken at the time of the Korean War which reminded him of Big Daddy Roth.






 According to this Encyclopedia Mao's Communists and Chiang's Nationalist agreed to stop fighting each other in order to kill Japanese.  I remember that one time when Mr. Steve told us     about that old Arabic saying; "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."                                              

    Our Chief says one time in college this guy at the Oviat Library was amazed when he saw some pictures of Chinese soldiers who fought against the Japanese in the Second World War wearing    German  German uniforms.  Mr. Steve has a real German helmet from that period.                           


    Mr. Steve says before the Second World War, during the Great Depression of the 1930's, Chiang Kai-shek admired the Nazis.  He really liked how their uniforms looked and he wasn't       the only one.  A big Squirrel just ran past right in front of the three Sheds.                                       

      German "Coal Scoop" helmets were the best "designed" helmets of the 20th century.  At least that's what our boss thinks.   They protected more of your head because of their "ear flaps."  But after World War II there was what they call a "stigma" attached to them.                                        



  Mr. Steve told us that now many armies in the world use helmets that are designed along the line of the German helmets.  In fact he says, some people who ride motorcycles wear helmets that look like German helmets.  He even has one of them in the house Daisy says.                                    

    In the First World War the Germans started the war wearing helmets called "Picklebaums."  They had a spike on top of them.  But by the second year of the war they wore those Coal Scoop    helmets.  I just noticed that a Finch in standing on top of Moe the middle Shed.                               



Mr. Steve thinks the British had the worst helmets in both world wars.  They only protected the top of your head.  Daisy says our boss has one in his office sitting on a bookshelf.  The Americans also wore those type of helmets in the First World War.