(Chapter 4)  



         Wow You Guys!  This day is going fast.  It's about ten thirty judging by where the Sun is up above the eastern horizon.  Seeing the shadows leaning in this direction reminds me of the first time Dais said you can get a general idea of the time of day by looking at shadows. 

       I'm still sad about Heathcliff dying Everyone!  But working on this third book is keeping my mind off of that subject.  It's hard to believe I've made it all the way into this third book.  I know for sure I couldn't have done it without all You Guys.  A Wren just landed on Moe.

      The other night in a dream Mr. Steve was petting me and showing how much he liked me.  And Dais was in that dream too because I can remember he was petting her too.  Everyone was happy.  It's so good to be happy.  I wonder if Heathcliff will visit us in a dream?  



         I smell a Lizard.  Aha!  It's over there standing in the dirt; just to the right of the big tree.  It  lt looks like that Lizard is trying to absorb sunlight.  Yup!  Now it's doing those pushups that all Lizards do.  A nice cool breeze just came floating in off of the eastern desert.

        As I've mentioned a few times, putting together my three outlines took a few months.  As I added things to my three outlines it was obvious to both Dais and I that dreams would be a big part of my three books.  I hear Pigeons up on the Patio roof right above me.

       The other night our boss says he had a nice dream about his three former girlfriends, Sandy, Emily and Harriet.  They had gotten together for lunch.  Mr. Steve seems to think dreams tell a lot about what's called "Subconscious" thinking.  I still see that one Lizard.


       Dais and I also dream a lot too!  And Daisy' right.  I'm thankful that now my good dreams outnumber my bad dreams. Sometimes I have dreams about time traveling. Thank all you Guys up there.  I like my dreams a lot more now!  That Lizard is doing pushups again. 

       Well, there they go!  Two of the Pigeons who were up on the Patio roof just started flying out to the desert.  They're flying low as they move past the three Sheds.  There are a few Birds that are out there zipping about.  I just noticed that the Lizard must've run away.

      I wonder if we'll get any snacks today?  We haven't had any in two days.  Daisy thinks our has been busy working in his Office.  Today is Saturday and he didn't open the front door so we can go in the Living Room to watch our cartoons.  So I guess no cartoons for us today.


       Daisy thinks it could be that our Chief is making some of  his "Frames" he does.  People pay him to make "Name Frames."  Those are 8 x 10 inch frames which, through the use of the letters of the alphabet and logos, are a "Capsule" in symbolism of much of their lives.  

       Mr. Steve draws the first letter of a person's last name in "Old English" lettering on a white sheet of paper.  He does Old English "Script" or other types of lettering.  Then, below the letter; he puts logos and symbols "appropriate" to that person's life and experiences.  

       Someday I could learn to draw.  Mr. Steve will really like me then.  I might be the first Dog in history to do it.  That would be so great!  Oh! I just noticed some cute little Ground Squirrels over there near their holes.  They're sniffing the air.  They better be careful.



           Those baby Ground Squirrels are so cute!  I like Ground Squirrels but not when we have this bad drought.  When there's less water Mr. Steve says Gophers and Ground Squirrels eat the roots of trees to get moisture.  But this then kills our trees!  I've mentioned it before.

        Those little Ground Squirrels just quickly ducked back under the ground and I know why. I knew I was smelling our neighbors Cat Cher and sure enough there she is over there near the back fence behind the Sheds.  She loves to eat small Squirrels and things like that.

     My boss has been drawing things since the time he was a little kid.  That nice lady who came over the other day is paying for one of our boss's Frames Daisy told me.  She's originally from Canada like Neil Young the singer.  But she's from the "Province" of "Quebec."



         On this map in my Encyclopedia it shows that Quebec is near Canada's east coast.  I count ten "Provinces" of Canada.  A Province is like what we here in America call a State.  Mr. Steve used to have a customer up there in "British Columbia."  A Thrasher Bird just ran bye.

        From what it shows on this map of Canada I can see that Quebec is just to the northeast of the "Great Lakes."  Mr. Steve was right.  It says here that the Great Lakes are the largest "fresh water" lakes in the whole world.  That's what he told told us that one time.

        As I mentioned on Thursday in book one when I wrote about how the original Native people in North and South America got here; there have been a few what they call "Ice Ages" when the weather was so cold those giant ice mountains or "Glaciers" formed.  A Finch is singing.

                                                                        GREAT LAKES

       This is interesting.  My Encyclopedia says, about fourteen thousand years ago at the end of the last Ice Age; the five Great Lakes were "carved" or "gouged" or "formed" out of the ground by those gigantic "sheets" of ice moving over the land.  I smell a Lizard nearby.   

       For sixty thousand years the Glaciers "advanced" and "retreated" to "sculpt" the land they "scraped" out into the Great Lakes.  In the final Ice Age the Glaciers reached southward all the way down to where New York City is now.  But the weather warmed and the ice melted.

        Sister Rita Joseph said a way to remember the names of the five Great Lakes is to spell the word "HOMES."  That stands for; "Huron," "Ontario," "Michigan," "Erie" and finally "Superior."  I smell Oleanders.  Hey God! Thank You for making flowers smell so good. 



        Boy!  This one map in my Encyclopedia it really shows how far south the glaciers went in the last Ice Age.  It's a lot easier to understand how the Clovis Indians from Siberia were blocked for many years from going down into North America.  I can smell a Creosote plant.

        It says here that at the end of the last Ice Age the weather changed so "rapidly" the North American glacier melted and began to "recede" northward.  In what's called "Geological" terms it was considered a short time but still it took hundreds of years; or many centuries.

       As the massive weight of that giant glacier melted and moved northward at the end of the last Ice Age it "gouged out" the land it moved over.  Mr. Steve was told how New York City was made this way; especially the area called "Manhattan" island.  A Finch is twittering.


           There's a good picture here in this Encyclopedia that shows a big giant boulder sitting near a grass Baseball field.  The caption says it was taken at this place on Manhattan Island called "Central Park."  Two of the Pigeons are flying in right now from being out in the desert. 

       Mr. Steve told Daisy and I about how back in 1977 he and his brother drove through Central Park.  On that trip they took their Baseball mitts so played catch in places like Morristown, New Jersey and later Gettysburg.  The Pigeons landed on the Patio roof above me.

       Dais had me originally scheduled to look up and write about Central Park yesterday when I wrote about our boss's trip back east.  But I accidentally missed it on my kind of sloppy outline.  At first I was kind of mad but then said I could just add it into this part of book three.

          Wow!  It says here that Central Park is over eight hundred acres in size.  I'd hate to be the Dog who has to guard that.  It's hard enough to guard two acres.  The caption under the picture says the big boulder was "deposited" there thousands of years ago.  I smell Oleanders.

       Mr. Steve in High School had a friend named Alex.  Like Mr. Steve's friend Rick, Alex's and his family were Italian and moved from New York City to Los Angeles.  Alex's father also told Mr. Steve how those big boulders left there when the glacier melted and moved north.

       Another thing Alex's dad told Mr. Steve was how parts of the rocky areas of Central Park are about four hundred million years old.  At one time they were part of the Ocean floor he said. It's so amazing how people are able to figure out things like that.  A Wren is singing.

       Just like Mr. Steve told us, it says here that the Great Lakes are just giant carved out basins that eventually filled with the millions of gallons of the melted glacier water.  Someday Daisy and I would like to smell and see a real Lake.  Boy! That would be so great I think!   

       Mr. Steve told Daisy and I how right in the middle of crowded New York City Central Park is kind of like an oasis.  There are scenic hills, meadows and places to play sports.  For thousands of years Native-American Indians lived on what is now Manhattan Island.  I smell Sage.



       Boy!  I can really smell some of our neighbors flowers now.  Oh!  There's a picture here in this Encyclopedia that shows a Mouse named Stuart Little.  And the caption says he's driving a Car in Central Park.  Oh!  Stuart Little has such cute little Mouse hands.

       Mr. Steve says Sister Rita Joseph, his 6th Grade teacher at Saint Ferdinands; liked this 1945 children's book about Stuart Little.  Mr. Steve says a movie was made based on the book but it was a different from the book.  Only a smart and brave Mouse could drive a Car.  

       Back in 1977 when Mr. Steve and his brother Rock visited New York City they were told not to go to Central Park at night because it might be dangerous.  People could beat you up and try to steal your money.  But during the daytime there are a lot of people doing things.


        Oh!  Now I see why Mr. Steve told us how he thought of Central Park as an oasis of green in a modern city of gray.  There's one of those Birds eye view pictures of Central Park in this one Encyclopedia.  Wait until Daisy sees this.  Some Finches are chirping at each other. 

        I told Daisy, now that I've seen "aerial" view pictures I can kind of see why she would want to be able to fly like Underdog.  You can see things so much better from up high. That's why Dais likes sitting on our little hill where the statue of the Chinese warrior Monk is.

       As I wrote yesterday in book two and it says here in this Encyclopedia, New York City was originally settled by the Dutch in the early 1600's.  They began the city in 1624 and two years later named it "New Amsterdam."  I guess it was a a"Trading Post" originally.


                                          GIOVANNI DA VERRAZZANO (1485-1528)


       From what it says here in this Encyclopedia, the first European to visit what is now New York City was an Italian explorer named Giovanni da Verrazzano.  In 1524, working for Francis I of France; he sailed Ships into the giant Harbor where New York City is now.

       Later today when I write about Suleyman the Great and Charles V I'll also write about that guy Francis I.  On Thursday in book one I mentioned how some people put "de" in front of their last name to tell others what area the family is from.  Italians use the word "da."

       This is interesting.  According to what it says here in my Encyclopedia, the British took over New York City from the Dutch in 1664.  But, just like up here where a lot of the roads and places still have Spanish names; Mr. Steve says New York City still has some Dutch names.  

                                                      KING CHARLES II (1630-1685)



        From what it says here in my Encyclopedia that when the British acquired New Amsterdam in 1664 the King was Charles II.  The main reason why the area became "New York" is because he renamed it after his brother the "Duke" of "York;" who was granted the land.

       As I mentioned yesterday in book two, New York City was the Capitol of the United States from 1785 through 1790.  But then the Federal Government was moved to the newly built city of Washington D.C.  Rudy the Roadrunner just jogged bye in front of the three Sheds. 

       As I've written before, Mr. Steve's ex-girlfriend Emily grew up in Long Island.  His current friend Mr. Eddie is from Staten Island.  Over the years Mr. Steve has known a few other people from New York City too.  I can see Libby over there walking around in her Corral.    

      This is interesting.  During the Revolutionary War the British chased George Washington's American army and almost caught them in Central Park.  I guess by 1844, New York City was the biggest city in the Unites States.  That was right before the Mexican War.


                                           FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED (1822-1903) 


          This Encyclopedia says Central Park was designed in the 1850's by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.   Frederick Olmsted was sort of like a Scientist I guess.  He's now called the "Father of Landscape Architecture."  I can smell a Lizard somewhere nearby. 

      In the picture of Frederick Olmsted he's wearing a hat.  Daisy says in his Office our boss has some hats that look like the ones they wore back in the 19th century.  The ones from the Civil War are called "Kepi's."  I just noticed the Lizard standing near the big tree. 

       Central Park was opened to the public in 1858; which was about three years before the Civil War started when President Lincoln got elected.  I wonder if our boss knows this?  It says here that guy Frederick Olmsted was from Connecticut where his sister Susan lives.

       Frederick Olmsted designed the park at that place called Niagra Falls.  Oh!  He designed the Stanford University campus and "Golden Gate Park" up there in San Francisco.  I wrote about that man Leland Stanford and his wife yesterday in book two.  I still smell that Lizard.

       I guess, because people liked his parks so much; other cities like Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Hartford and Philadelphia copied Frederick Olmsted's ideas.  Mr. Steve told Daisy and me that in 1977 Central Park had Carriages being pulled around by Horses.  I smell Libby.


                                       WASHINGTON D.C.  ("CAPITOL GROUNDS")

                                                                                                                                         PHOTOS BY STEVE CÓRDOVA

        I wonder if our boss knows this?  According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, that guy Frederick Olmsted designed the "Capitol Grounds" in Washington D.C. too.  As I wrote in book one on Thursday, Mr. Steve and his family walked all around Washington D.C.

       Mr. Steve told us there's even a Zoo in Central Park.  Back in 1977 he liked seeing this one old 19th century Bridge made out of what's called "Wrought-Iron."  That Bridge had just been restored even though, as I wrote yesterday; New York City was in bad financial condition. 

       The older he gets the less Mr. Steve likes being around crowds like those that often gather in places like Central Park.  As a kid he liked going to places like Disneyland but not anymore.  He says living in the desert has made him like being alone.  That one Lizard is gone.

       Mr. Steve met a girl from France a few years ago.  She explained the word "flâner" to him.  In my French Dictionary it says flâner means; "To stroll about while viewing other people."  Mr. Steve joked with the French girl how that was definitely not him anymore.  




      A few years ago our boss was told by one of the Parts Managers he deals with how he and his wife liked going to a Theater in Central Park.  They put on plays by that guy Shakespeare in that Theater.  Two of the Pigeons are up on the Patio roof above me.  I hear them.

       Wow!  Over the last three days I've looked up William Shakespeare a few times but I didn't even notice where it lists how he was six feet four inches tall.  Mr. Steve told Daisy and me how back in the 16th century people were generally much shorter.  I smell a Cholla cactus.


                                                              MARK TWAIN (0000-0000)


        I can't believe it!  My Encyclopedia says Shakespeare was born and died on the same date; April the 23rd.  How did I not notice it already?  I've written about how Mark Twain died on his birthday when Halley's Comet reappeared.  I can hear some Crows cawing faintly.

      In 1977 Mr. Steve and his brother Rock noticed homeless people in New York City.  It was so hot and humid.  While Mr. Steve and his brother got to go back to a nice air-conditioned Hotel room the homeless lived out there on the streets.  A black Cow Bird just flew bye.

       As I mentioned yesterday in book two, when Mr. Steve and his brother Rock were in New York City in 1977 there was a Garbage Strike going on.  So sometimes it smelled bad.  There was a lot of trash piled all over the place; even near Yankee Stadium.  I smell a Juniper plant.             


       Yesterday in book two I wrote about how 1977 is called "the year the Bronx burned."  It was a very eventful year for New York City.  1977 was the first year Reggie Jackson played for the Yankees and during the World Series hit three Home Runs against the Dodgers.

       That Parts Manager said, during the 1930's Great Depression; Central Park was filled with people called "Squatters."  They were poor and couldn't even afford to go to a Hotel.  That Parts Manager said on a humid Summer night it's sometimes nice to go sleep outside. 



         Another thing Mr. Steve and his brother noticed when they drove their rented Car around and through Central Park was the "Bird Watchers."  Mr. Steve jokes that you can often tell a Bird Watcher by their Tennis shoes.  And they also have binoculars around their neck.


As I wrote in book one, for a long time the Clovis-type people from Siberia were blocked by the giant glaciers.  But when that big ice sheet melted they were then able to "Migrate" to the south.  They came down here from the area which is now the State of Alaska. 

       Jack the Jackrabbit just ran bye but I definitely don't feel like chasing him today.  Thinking about how Heathcliff died is still on my mind.  I'll bet that Jack is wondering why I haven't been chasing for three days.  He just ducked under Manny.  I smell a Cholla cactus.     

       Hey You Guys!  As You know, Dais thinks Sister Rita Joseph must've been really smart. We both hope to meet her some day up there in Heaven.  We'd also like to time travel back to 1968 when our Chief was thirteen.  And we could also meet Sister Rita Joseph too.  

     When Mr. Steve makes one of his Frames for people the first letter of that person's last name takes up half the page.  Below that Old English letter Mr. Steve puts small logos from things that represent periods of time or things that person has done during their lives. 

     Dais told me that one lady from Canada's last name starts with R.  Someday I might learn to draw!  That would really impress Mr. Steve if I were able to do that.  But that will be later.  Now I have to finish this third book.  I can't believe I've made it this far.  I smell Sage.


     Mr. Steve told us that even though English is the main language of Canada just like it is down here in the United States, a lot of people in Quebec speak French.  So, in that ladies case, below the R from her last name is a royal blue shield with gold "Fleur de Lis" flower symbol.  

     Dais says our boss told her that the Canadian lady, in her teens, moved with her family to the United States and never moved back to Canada.  After first living in New England near where my boss's sister Susan lives, she eventually settled in Los Angeles.  I small a Joshua tree. 

     I guess, from what Dais tells me, the main reason why that lady from Quebec never went back to live in Canada is because she met her husband in Boston.  And he later got a job here over in the city of Hesperia.  So they and their children moved out here instead. 

      That lady told our Chief about the city of Montreal and a street called "Saint Paul" which still has "Cobblestone" roads.  She said Saint Paul Street goes back to the 1670's; which is way before there was even a United States.  Canada belonged to France then.

      Mr. Steve was interested when that lady told him Saint Paul Street used to be the center of the "Fur Trade;" even when England took Canada from France after one of their many wars.  She said there's a "Column" from 1809 honoring Lord Nelson who beat Napoleon's navy.


                              NELSON COLUMN                                                                       SAINT MARGUERITE                                                              

      Dais and I liked hearing about when that lady told Mr. Steve about this one really nice girl named Marguerite.  In the mid-1600's she was Montreal's first teacher to ever come over from France.  Marguerite was Catholic like us and is now a saint that lady said.

      Hey You Guys! As You know last night I noticed that I forgot to write a few things about Saint Thérèse of Lisieux; that one girl from France.  So I think I'll do it now.  She wrote about what's called "grace."  A big Jackrabbit just ducked under Jack the big Shed.



      Before our Chief moved up here for a time he was the "Office Manager" down at the office in San Fernando.  One time he hired this young girl who use to always say "It's all good."  To Mr. Steve this was kind of funny.  He thought it would be great if all of life was good.

      But then he read where Saint Thérèse said; "Everything is a grace."  She even thought that accepting all of life's "difficulties, miseries and burdens" were good opportunities to acquire a little "grace."  She thought grace didn't always come through pleasant experiences.

         Hey God!  Grace kind of sounds like what the Hawaiians would call Mana; a gift from You.  I definitely want that!  And I know for sure Dais does too.  If I can finish my three books maybe You'll grace us all I hope.  That would be so great if You decided to do that!  

      One thing that is really unique about that girl Saint Thérèse is that both of her parents might someday also be made Saints.  At least that's what Mr. Steve once told Daisy and Millie.  Boy, no wonder Saint Thérèse was such a good person.  I wish I knew who my parents were.

      I want to write some more about the concept of Grace.  And I'll use that British writer J.R.R. Tolkien as an example. His father died when he was a small child and then his mother died a few years later.  So he and his younger brother became orphans.  I smell a Creosote bush.


                                                                     J.R.R. TOLKIEN


        According to my Encyclopedia at the time of J.R.R. Tolkien's father's death his family was living in this place called "South Africa."  His mother decided to take her sons back to England.  Soon after they got there she converted from Protestant Anglican to Catholic like us.

      I guess changing from Protestant to Catholic got J.R.R. Tolkien's relatives mad at his mom. They "disowned" her so she was then really poor.  A few years later she died and her sons had to go live with some Priests.  One of them was named Father Francis Xavier Murphy.

      Mr. Steve was right.  He said "Father Francis" became a "Father Figure" to Tolkien and his brother.  And he thinks when Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings "Gandalf" the Wizard was based  on Father Francis.  It says here Tolkien named his oldest son after Father Francis.

      Hey God!  I guess one of the things which heavily influenced Tolkien was how Father Francis taught him that all of the many hardships and unfairness in life could and should be turned into grace from You.  He even wrote once: "What punishments from God are not gifts?"

      As You know God, Mr. Steve thinks what Tolkien, like Saint Thérèse, was saying was, often in life what starts out as unbearable pain turns out to be what he called "precious gifts."  And like Stonewall Jackson said during the Civil War, Your will is often "Inscrutable." 

      If J.R.R. Tolkien's parents had not died young then he and his brother would never have met Father Francis.  And if he had never been exposed to the ideas of Father Francis then his books would have been different.  A nice cool breeze just blew in off of the eastern desert.

      Hey God!  If that guy Tolkien had never met Father Francis then he could never have later told others about the "insights" and lessons he learned from his mentor.  And Tolkien came to believe that our lives are only partly about ourselves in this temporal world.

      I guess J.R.R. Tolkien thought that one of the ironies of life was how Your purposes God are sometimes beyond our understanding.  So, as that guy Saint Paul said, we suffer so that later we can give "consolation" to others who go through the same thing.  We can empathize.

      As You know of course God, Daisy says our boss told her and Millie that Pope John Paul II, who he took pictures of in Rome and later at the San Fernando Mission, believed there are "no coincidences" and You do things that may only be fully understood later.            

        Well, it's back to my outline.  I kind of got off on another tangent again.  But that's okay.  I still have more to write about that lady from Quebec.  Because she's originally from Quebec, Mr. Steve told her how he saw this one girl named Céline Dion do a concert one time.

      In 1992 Mr. Steve's girlfriend Harriet got tickets to see Céline Dion sing at a place called the "Wadsworth" Theater; in West Los Angeles.  Mr. Steve says the Wadsworth Theater is on the Veteran's Administration property where his father has gone to over the years.


                                                                                     CÉLINE DION AND FAMILY


       Dais told me Céline Dion seems like a really friendly person.  That lady from Quebec told our Chief Céline Dion's parents had fourteen kids.  And Céline Dion has a few children of her own now too.  Mr. Steve has known some Mormon families with a lot of children.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time that he read how Céline Dion sings up there in Las Vegas year round.  Some day I really want to hear her sing.  Daisy says she's so talented and has such a pretty voice.  I wonder if us Dogs are allowed to go into a Concert Hall?       

    Our Chief also told that nice lady about a trip to Montreal his mother was awarded when she was fifteen years old back in 1950.  In Montreal his mom went to see a house where the famous "Dionne Quintuplets" were born in 1934; the year before she herself was born.


                                                                                       DIONNE QUINTUPLETS


        I just looked up "quintuplet" and it means "five offspring born in the same birth."  So that's what makes the Dionne Quintuplets so amazing Daisy says.  Usually people have only one baby.   And in those days many babies didn't survive Mr. Steve says.  I smell a Lizard.

      In the 1930's during the Depression many babies died.  The Dionne Quintuplets mother had five kids before them and one died.  After they were born their mother had three more children. Our Chief told Daisy and me that their mother almost died giving birth to them.

      Our Chief says the Dionne babies were five "Identical" girls.  Quintuplets are so rare that the Canadian government took them away from their parents and raised them.  They became world famous.  But they lived kind of a sad life Mr. Steve told Daisy and me.

      Many things in life being dual in nature, our boss thinks it was good that the quintuplets were taken care of by the state because their parents were poor.  But the bad part was that they were put "on display" like animals in a zoo for the people to watch.  I see the Lizard now.

       Mr. Steve says people came from all over the world to see the Dionne Quintuplets up there in Canada.  And some were famous; like this one female Airplane Pilot named Amelia Earhart.  I see a good picture of her right here in this Encyclopedia.  The Lizard is gone.  


                                                      AMELIA EARHART (1897-1937)

        Dais says Mr. Steve told her and Millie about Amelia Earhart.  It says here she was what they call a "pioneer in aviation."  I guess in the 1920's and 1930's almost all the Pilots were male; but then Amelia Earhart and other girls proved that females can fly Planes too. 

      According to this Encyclopedia Amelia Earhart was the first female to fly "solo" from North America all the way over to Europe.  So she had to cross the Atlantic Ocean.  That would be too scary for me.  But I'll bet Dais would be willing to "give it a go" as the British say.

      Oh!  This is unbelievable!  Dais and Mr. Steve will be so interested in this.  That girl Amelia Earhart's nickname was "Millie;" just our Millie!  Boy, I feel like running around to the front of the house to tell Daisy.  Nah!  I'd better be disciplined and keep writing.

      I can't wait to tell Dais about Amelia Earhart's nickname but it's too early to take a break.  I want to keep on working and finish chapter four which will be the end of part one of this third and final book.  When I finish this chapter I'll take a break and go see Daisy. 

      Thank Everyone for giving me this good project to keep my mind off of Heathcliff dying.  I know Dais is right in saying I'm very fortunate in this.  I'll bet she wishes she had something like this to do today.  Knowing Daisy she's probably just praying more for Heathcliff. 

      I just said a quick Hail Mary for Heathcliff and now I'm ready to go.  I can see how the Sun is almost above the house.  There are hardly any shadows now.  That tells me it's almost midday. Oh!  I can smell Bravo Quail Company around here.  There they are over to my left.

        Bravo Company is moving around the northeast corner of the house to my left. They'll go back to eat some of the food Mr. Steve put out for them.  They've already been there once this morning but then went out into the desert to forage out there behind the three Sheds. 

        I just love the sound of baby Quail.  They look so cute as they move along.  To think that at one time Heathcliff was that small is amazing.  What's even more unbelievable is to try to think of Dais being a small puppy.  She weighs more than one hundred pounds now. 

       Bravo Company is obviously heading toward the front of the house.  I guess they didn't find much to eat out in the desert.   They're lucky Mr. Steve likes looking at Birds.  Sometimes in the Summertime he throws out even more Bird seed and Rabbit pellets in the late afternoon.   

       Well, it's back to that girl Amelia Earhart.  This is interesting.  It says here Amelia Earhart was a Nurse before she became a Pilot.  In 1918 and 1819, when soldiers came home from World War I, she caught the "Flu" in that big "Spanish Influenza" epidemic.  A Crow cawed. 

           In 1918 Amelia Earhart caught the flu from one of her patients but she survived.  Millions of people didn't.  But it says here that the "sinuses" inside her nose were "affected" for the rest of her life.  A small gray Bunny Rabbit just poked its head out from under Manny. 


                                                       GRANDMA TRUJILLO (1914-2003)

       Mr. Steve's Grandma Trujillo was only four years old in 1918 when that big epidemic hit the world.  And yet, for all of her life she feared being buried alive.  Mr. Steve thinks, even though she was so young; she could have sensed what was going on.  The Rabbit is gone.

       Because he did that College Research Project on The Black Death of 14th century Mr. Steve is aware of the fear of being buried alive.  Who knows how many people in Europe were buried  "prematurely" from 1347 through 1351 he says; mainly because they died so quickly. 


                                                                          GEORGE WASHINGTON (1732-1799)


     Our Chief read a few years ago that George Washington, who was America's first President, was also afraid of being buried alive.  When he read that he thought of his own Grandma. When I think about it God I might be scared of being buried alive too.  That would be so bad. 

     Wow!  According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, that guy George Washington was tall.  In a time when the "average" size of most men was about five feet eight inches he was six foot three.  That's tall.  Mr. Steve is six feet tall.  Abraham Lincoln was tall too. 

     Because of the fact that George Washington's birthday was on February the 22nd, and Mr. Steve's father was born on February 23; Mr. Steve jokes that his dad is kind of like our George Washington.  When he's gone no one can replace him.  I smell a Juniper plant.

     My Dictionary says an "Epidemic" is when a disease "spreads rapidly."  But a "Pandemic" is an epidemic spreading "over a large area."  Mr. Steve has studied both things over the years.  He started learning about those things when he did his research project in College. 

      This Encyclopedia says the pandemic our Chief studied in College, the one from 1347 through about 1351, was the worst "Plague" ever.  No one knows for sure our Chief told us, but in some parts of Europe it's possible half the population died.  I hear Crows cawing faintly.


         As I've mentioned a few times in both books one and two, Mr. Steve did a College Research Project on that huge plague which happened back in the 14th century.  As I said, it was called the "Bubonic Plague" or "Black Death."  I can smell a Lizard around here. 

       The picture in my Encyclopedia that shows the dead body trash pickup is so amazing.  Dais remembers when Mr. Steve first told her and Millie about that College Research Project.  Boy!  I sure hope we never have a plague here in Piñon Hills.  That would be so terrible!

       As I wrote before, the main reason why the Black Death is now called a Bubonic Plague is because people developed those black "Bubos" or bumps on their bodies before they died.  I just noticed the Lizard over there standing in the dirt just to the right of the big tree.

        I'll bet Mr. Steve knows about this.  When the plague got up to England in late 1348 they had  gone through periods of what they call "Famine."  So people were already weak.  In the city of London sixty percent of the people died fast.  I can still hear Crows cawing.

      In the 6th century A.D. there was a plague too.  By that point the Roman Empire in Italy did not exist any more.  The only part left was the "Byzantine" part ConsTtantine the Great created  near the Black Sea; where his capitol city of Constantinople was located.

      When the plague broke out in the 6th century the Emperor in Constantinople was "Justinian I."   Mr. Steve says he had a really brave wife named "Theodora."  As I've mentioned before, we have a white 1993 Lincoln "Town Car" named Theodora.  I smell that old Sage bush.


          During the Winter sometimes Mr. Steve puts Theodora inside the Garage and then closes the Garage door.  But, as I've mentioned before in books one an two; on days like today Theodora is out sitting on the cement slab in front of the Garage.  I hear Pigeons cooing.

      Mr. Steve told Dais and myself that one time about how he thinks the Empress Theodora was probably smarter than her husband Justinian. One thing the Emperor Justinian did was built a really huge Church inside the city of Constantinople.  A Sparrow just zoomed bye.


                                   JUSTINIAN (482-565 A.D) / THEODORA (500-548 A.D.)

                                                                     PAINTING BY ROGER PAYNE


       There's a picture here in my Encyclopedia of the Emperor Justinian in a blue cape standing in front of his famous Church; which is called the "Hagia Sophia."  In the lower left-hand corner is a picture of Justinian and his wife Theodora.  I smell a Lizard somewhere around here. 

     From what it says in this Encyclopedia, Hagia Sophia has a gigantic Dome in the middle of it.  I guess it was the world's biggest Dome until a bigger one was built in Spain in 1520 during the Renaissance.  Mr. Steve and his father discussed the Hagia Sophia back in 1985.

       Hey Lord!  Mr. Steve is so lucky.  In 1985 when he and his Tour Group went to Italy they got to see in person Saint Peters' Basilica in Rome.  The dome is so huge Mr. Steve told us.  Yet it's not even as big as Hagia Sophia's dome.  A Lizard is standing on a rock over there.   

       Last night I showed Daisy the picture of Madison Square Garden in New York City.  I knew she'd like how it was taken from high up in the air.  I told her seeing pictures like that makes me better appreciate why she would like to fly like Underdog.  I smell a Cholla cactus. 

       The picture of Vatican City in my Encyclopedia was taken from above; or from a Bird's Eye View.  You can see Saint Peter's Basilica and it's dome.  In book one I mentioned how Mr. Steve took pictures of Pope John Paul II in Vatican Square.  The Lizard just ran away.



        A picture in my Encyclopedia shows the interior of Saint Peter's Basilica.  Mr. Steve told us when he and his father stood under the dome looking up they both thought it's hard to believe how anyone could have even built such a huge thing.  The Lizard is near the big tree.

     I know for sure Lord that Mr. Steve would like to look up into Hagia Sophia's dome.  At least that's what Dais says.  I guess Hagia Sophia means "Holy Wisdom."  If he had won World War II that guy Adolph Hitler was going to build the biggest dome ever.  The Lizard's gone.

        Blessed Mother!  As You know, on the day before yesterday in book one I totally forgot to write about how amazed Mr. Steve and his mom were in 1985 when they studied that one statue of You holding the dead body of Your son.  I guess that it's called the "Pieta." 

       In 1985 Mr. Steve and his mother couldn't believe their eyes Lord.  There's a picture of the Pieta in this one Encyclopedia and now I know why they thought that.  It shows You in the arms of Your sad mother and is so totally realistic.  Wait until Daisy sees this picture. 

                                         MICHELANGELO BUONARROTI (1475-1564)

       In book one on Thursday I also forgot to write about that guy Michelangelo.  Mr. Steve and his mom think he was one of the better artists from the 16th century Renaissance.  Here in this Encyclopedia there's a good picture of Michelangelo.  I hear Pigeons cooing.

       Oh!  This is kind of interesting.  According my Encyclopedia Michelangelo died on February the 18th.  As I've mentioned a few times over the last three day, Mr. Steve's ex-girlfriend Harriet was born on the 19th.  And His father's birthday is the 23rd of February.

       Mr. Steve told Daisy and myself about how incredible a sculptor Michelangelo was.  He says he can't even imagine the skill it took to carve something like the Pieta out of marble stone.  And to think that a lot of people say he was an even better painter.  I smell a new Sage plant.


       Hey God!  Right now I'm looking again at the picture in this one Encyclopedia of the Sistine Chapel.  In book one I wrote about how in the early 1500's, for the Pope; Michelangelo painted it up on that giant ceiling.  The Pigeons are up on the Patio roof right above me. 

         I can tell by the way the shadows are leaning that it's about eleven.  The Sun will go over top of the house in about half an hours and then the shadows will get longer.  The Pigeons shadows are moving around up there.  I wonder if they know about Heathcliff dying?   



          Hey God!  As you know, Mr. Steve once drew the part of the Sistine Chapel where You're touching the hand of Adam.  He seems to see a lot of symbolism in how You're finger is shooting life into Adam's hand.  Someday if I ever learn to draw I want to draw You're hand.

        In books one and two I wrote about how back in the 1970's Mr. Steve worked for that one  company called Laser Images.  As I mentioned, he got that job through the Bulletin Board at Valley College.  Rudy the Roadrunner jogged bye and now jumped up on the back fence.

       Another job Mr. Steve and his friend Chris got from the Job Office at Valley College was a one weekend job helping a nice lady clean a warehouse in Van Nuys.  He thinks it was in the year 1974.  Rudy hopped down from the fence and is now running off into the desert.

       That lady who Mr. Steve and his friend Chris helped had this warehouse close to the Valley College campus.  They went through things she and her husband had in "Storage."  She threw away things and took things to show her husband.  I smell a new Spring Sage plant.

                                                                                                                  IRVING STONE (1903-1989) WITH WIFE     

       It turned out the lady was married to this writer named Irving Stone.  At the time Mr. Steve had only heard his name but now he's read some of his books.  I guess Mr. Steve's mom has two Irving Stone books; one on Michelangelo and another one on that painter Van Gogh.

       Sitting in the Living Room of Mr. Steve's parent's house in Sylmar is a kind of lamp in the shape of a Humming Bird.  Mrs. Stone said our boss could keep it when they were cleaning her warehouse.  I guess it's more a statue of a Humming Bird and the wings light up.

       For years that Humming Bird never lit up the way it was supposed to.  But then that girl Miss Maria, who took care of Grandma Córdova when she was old; was able to get the wings to light up again.  As I've mentioned before, Miss Maria is a pretty smart person. 

       Mr. Steve remembers how Mrs. Stone said "Critics" called her husband's writing "dull."  Mr. Steve's mom laughed when he told her that many years later.  As I've said before, Mr. Steve thinks there is never a time when everyone agrees on a subjective thing like writing.

        Well, it's back to writing about the Byzantine Empire.  In 1453, Islamic "Ottoman" Turks conquered the capitol city of Constantinople.  This was about a thousand years after the time of that Emperor Justinian.  A Thrasher Bird just ran bye and went under Manny.

       For centuries many had tried to capture Constantinople but all failed; mainly because of the really tall and thick walls around the city.  Mr. Steve thinks 1453 was important because trading routes were then blocked to Europe.  So new routes to the east had to be found.



       A map in my Encyclopedia shows why the Ottoman Turks wanted Constantinople so bad.  In the mid-15th century they controlled the areas surrounding Constantinople and the opening to the "Black Sea."  That Lizard just waddled off into the dirt near the big tree.

     Later today I'm scheduled to write about the Ottoman Empire; especially this 16th century man named "Süleyman."  Like Alexander and Constantine, he was called great but in his case it was "The Magnificent."  Dais jokingly called me "Mag the Magnificent."

      This Encyclopedia says, in 1453 the Turks finally "breached" Constantinople's walls; which for so long had resisted all attacks.   The Turkish soldiers "looted" and "pillaged," destroying much of the old city.  I'll bet they were like berserk Vikings.  The Lizard ran under Moe. 



      There's a good painting in this Encyclopedia that shows a giant cannon.  It was used in 1453 by the Ottoman Turks to blow holes in the thick walls of Constantinople.  In the picture you can see the walls of Constantinople in the background.  I hear some Crows squawking.  

      I guess in 1453 the Turks killed a lot of people; and not just the Byzantine warriors defending the city.  Thousands of innocent civilians died too.  But the Turkish leaders decided not to burn down Hagia Sophia.  It was too beautiful.  So they later just turned it into a Mosque.  

      After the Turks took Constantinople they eventually re-named it "Istanbul." According to my Greek Dictionary that means "Into the City."  From then on it was the capitol of Turkey.  And it says here in this Encyclopedia that it still is.  Samson and Delilah are flying bye. 

          As I've mentioned a few times, once the Turks destroyed Byzantium trade routes to the Far East were cut off from Europe.  Mr. Steve thinks that was one factor in Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand giving Columbus three Ships to try to see if his idea was correct. 

      The Chimes are ringing!  Hey Holy Spirit!  I think I feel You again just like I've been feeling You for the last three days.  Taking in some deep breaths of fresh air makes me feel great even if "in the back of my mind" as they say; I'm kind of still thinking about Heathcliff.

       Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that red was the primary color when Rome was based over in Italy.  Yellow and white were often used as secondary colors.  But purple became the primary color of eastern Byzantium; again with yellow and white as secondary colors. 

     When Byzantium fell back in 1453 the last Emperor was most likely wearing a purple cape.  At least that's what Mr. Steve thinks.  Hey Lord!  It's interesting how the first and last Byzantine Emperors were both named Constantine.  I hear some Wrens singing together.  

     Dais says our Chief thinks it's likely the last Emperor Constantine's corpse was just thrown in a big pile of dead bodies.  As I wrote yesterday in book two, in 1936 the Mexican General Santa Anna piled and burned the bodies of the defenders of the Alamo.  A Crow is squawking.   


                                                         "AYA SOFYA" (ISTANBUL)


      From what it says here in my Encyclopedia the Turks were in such "awe" when they went inside Hagia Sophia they decided not to destroy it.  Instead the re-named it "Aya Sofya" and turned it from a Church into an Islamic Mosque.  I guess today it's like a museum.

      According to this Encyclopedia the fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453 is considered to be the end of the Middle Ages.  Ironically, some Greek intellectuals in Constantinople "fled" back over to Italy and later even "contributed" to the 16th century Renaissance .  

      Constantine the Great established Byzantium in the early 4th century.  Yesterday in book two I wrote about how that came about.  So about two centuries later the Emperor Justinian I came into power.  That same Dragonfly that has been here for two days just zipped bye. 

      I guess, from what it says here, besides building the Hagia Sophia, the Emperor Justinian's other big goal was to re-conquer the land the Italian Roman Empire had lost earlier.  I wrote of the century-long process by which the western Roman Empire fell.  I smell Creosote.


                                                  "SACK" OF ROME BY THE "VISIGOTHS" (410 A.D.)


        This painting in my Encyclopedia shows the fall of the city of Rome to "Alaric I;" who was a "Visigoth."  But, as I wrote about earlier, the real end of the western Roman Empire came about in 476 A.D. when that German King Odoacer deposed the last western Roman Emperor.

    As I've mentioned before, whereas the original western Italian Roman Empire was Latin and Pagan, the surviving eastern Byzantine Roman Empire was Greek and Christian.  A Dragonfly just whizzed past and over the top of the house.  I heard it coming from the desert.

      I knew someone was looking at me.  I just kind of sensed it.  And there's Jack the Jackrabbit over there looking right at me from underneath Manny.  Ah!  I just picked up Jack's scent.  He's been near some Sage plants because I can smell it from here on this couch.  I smell Sage.

     This Encyclopedia says that, over a few years, the Emperor Justinian's soldiers, in a "series" of "bloody" battles, regained most of the western parts of the Roman Empire which had been lost.  Boy, I can really hear two Crows fighting out there in the eastern desert. 


                                       ROMAN EMPIRE DURING JUSTINIAN'S TIME


       A map in this Encyclopedia shows areas in orange where the Emperor Justinian was able to re-conquer in the 6th century A.D.  Yellow shows that the area he had ruled was already pretty big.  A Bunny Rabbit just hopped into the desert.  It was hiding under a Juniper bush.

     The Emperor Justinian's wife Theodora was a good partner to Justinian.  Together as a team they accomplished a lot Mr. Steve said.  Oh! I see a Crow flying off into the desert.  It looks like a Gopher's head is hanging out of it's mouth.  Or maybe it might be a Squirrel head.   

     Mr. Steve thinks Queen Theodora must've been a really courageous person.  In that way she was just like the Celtic Queen Boudica who I wrote about in book one.  Both proved that females can be good good leaders too.  I can now smell a Squirrel somewhere around here.

      This is interesting.  It says here that in 532 A.D., in Constantinople, at a Chariot race like the one in the movie Ben-Hur, a riot broke out.  People started burning and killing.  I guess it got so bad the Emperor Justinian was even going to leave the city.  I hear a Crow cawing.



       In book one the day before yesterday I wrote about the story of "Ben Hur;" written by that Civil War General Lew Wallace.  In ancient times people really liked bloody and violent forms of entertainment.  That's why the Romans liked Chariot racing.  Aha!  I see the Squirrel. 

       Our boss showed Mr. Cliff pictures he took of the 1980's Hockey Kings.  Daisy says our boss told Mr. Cliff he thinks fighting is "tolerated" more than in the other team sports because it's so hard to land more than one good punch on skates; so no one usually gets hurt anyway.


        When Mr. Cliff asked our boss why there was fighting in Hockey he also told him it might be because many of the fans like it.  They're hoping punches land.  It's kind of like a "vent" or a "release" of aggression "vicariously" as they say.  I smell a Lizard around here.

       I really want to see a Hockey game someday.  As I've mentioned before, Mr. Steve does not follow or watch sports like he did until about  twenty years ago.  But one time when they were in his Bedroom Daisy and Millie saw a Hockey game on tv.  It was good she told me.

         Mr. Steve told Cliff that one exception to little damage being done in a Hockey fight was this guy from the 1970's named John Ferguson.  He was the original "Enforcer."  One of his jobs was to protect the many French Canadian players who were on the Montreal Canadiens.

        One time that kid Michael, who lived near Mr. Steve's house on Hagar Street; asked why the Canadians logo, which Mr. Steve has drawn; has an "H."  It stands for "Les Habitants," the original French settlers who first came to Canada back in the 17th century.

       Mr. told Cliff John Ferguson was one of the meanest-looking people he ever saw in person.  He was scary.  When he got in fights he hurt people.  The picture in the Encyclopedia shows him about to punch a defenseless player who's laying on the ice trying to block the punches.

       Wow!  This is so amazing!  The picture in my Encyclopedia shows John Ferguson holding his son.  He doesn't look mean at all.  But our boss told Mr. Cliff that when he got into fights he often clubbed the other player really hard.  john Ferguson looks like he has big hands.   

        As I've written about, in the 1980's and early 1990's Mr. Steve used to take pictures of sports. So he's seen ion person how many people like watching Boxers try to knock each other out.  It's just a modern form of the "Bloodlust" I described yesterday in book two. 


     Many people still enjoy violence Mr. Steve thinks.  They might not want to see torture and mutilation as entertainment the way the ancient Romans did but they seem to like watching men, and now women too; try to beat each other up.  I can smell one of the old Joshua trees.                  

      A few times when Mr. Steve got home after sitting at ringside for a night of Boxing he noticed little spots of blood on his clothes when he changed.  He told us he's been to some pretty bloody    Boxing matches.  A Crow just cawed faintly somewhere out there in the eastern desert.                   

           Mr. Steve and his friend Cliff talked about how nowadays Boxing is too "tame" for a lot of people.  They prefer Mixed Martial Arts or "M.M.A." for short.  The two fighters use these tiny leather gloves and can kick and punch.  I guess they can even choke opponents.

       In M.M.A. they don't fight in a square Ring but an area which is inside of a cage.  And from what Dais told me it's way more violent than Boxing.  Wresting is also a big part of M.M.A. she says.  Ah!  Blackbeard and Anne Bonny are flying bye right now; way up in the sky.

       One time Mr. Steve and Gary the Barber, the Boxing historian from San Fernando; talked about the ancient Greek Olympic event called "Pankration."  According to this Encyclopedia in Greek it means "All of Power" and was a "brutal and vicious one on one contest." 

       Wow!  I guess in Pankration the loser often ended up dying.  It says here Pankration was a "man on man" fighting contest."  I guess it was kind of like modern M.M.A. but was even more dangerous.  It was bare knuckle Boxing.  Jack the Jackrabbit just sprinted bye.

        Mr. Steve was right.  Dais says he told that guy Gary about how in Pankration the only two  things you couldn't do was bite or gouge your opponents eyes.  And there were no weight classes but only "general" age divisions.  Mr. Steve says he wouldn't want to see a Pankration match.


          Well, our boss was right.  It says in my Encyclopedia just what he told Mr. Cliff.  In Spartan Pankration even biting and eye gouging was okay.  He also said he was told by this one guy from Greece about how some Pankration fighters tried to break their opponents fingers.

       As I wrote yesterday, those three hundred Spartans who defended the pass at Thermopylae all died.  They were so determined and fanatical to gain time for other Greeks that the survivors on the third day died trying to bite the Persians because their weapons were useless.  

        I was supposed to write about N.A.S.C.A.R racing yesterday when I wrote about Mr. Steve's two 1968 Chevelles.  But I missed it.  I hate when I do that!  Daisy told me to just add it in here.  I'll come back to writing about the Emperor Justinian and Queen Theodora later.

       Mr. Steve told his friend Cliff he's never been as big an Auto Racing fan as he is.  But since he began selling apparel he has to know "generally" who the most popular N.A.S.C.A.R drivers are. This is because many Parts Managers follow N.A.S.C.A.R.  I see a Lizard over there.

       As I mentioned yesterday, "N.A.S.C.A.R." stands for "National Association Stock Car Auto Racing."  According to this Encyclopedia it "was formed" in 1948 which was three years after World War II and two years before the Korean War started.  The Lizard just saw me.

        Mr. Cliff joked how some people watch Auto Racing because, "in the back of their minds;" they wouldn't mind seeing a "spectacular" crash.  This doesn't mean they want to see someone die.  They simply view "sheer power" as entertainment; sort of like Chariot racing. 

        From what Mr. Steve told Cliff, he has a few customers in the State of North Carolina.  He had more but a few are not customers any more.  So Mr. Steve has had a few good conversations about Cars and things like that with the Parts and Service Managers he's dealt with.

           One thing Mr. Steve has discussed with Parts or Service Managers in North Carolina is how the roots of N.A.S.C.A.R racing began during the 1930's Great Depression.  As I've mentioned before, in 1919 Alcohol was banned in the United States.  But people still drank.

       During the good economy of the "Roaring" 1920's people made "booze" illegally anyway.  It was called "Bootlegging" and the alcohol they made was called "Moonshine."  At least that's what it says here in this one Encyclopedia.  I smell Andy and Helen the Squirrels.

       I guess that illegal alcohol is called Moonshine because it was made almost always "under cover of darkness" in the "light of the Moon."  If they made it during the day the "Authorities" would have seen the smoke coming from their "Stills."  I see Andy and Helen. 

       From what it says here, in "rural" areas of the South like North Carolina drivers had to be able to "out drive" and  "out run" the Police in order to deliver their "merchandise."  So they "customized" their Cars to go faster and carry more.  We live in a rural area too.     

                                                  CLYDE BARROW (0000-0000)                                JOHN DILLINGER (1903-1934)

            As I wrote about yesterday, during the 1930's Great Depression; Gangsters like Bonnie and Clyde or this other guy named John Dillinger could often get away from the Police because they stole Ford Cars with eight cylinder motors.  A Cow Bird just ran under Manny.

        Bonnie and Clyde's babies up there in their nest must be sleeping right now I guess.  Not a peep out of them.  Today, just like the last two days; are good for finding food so they're not at all hungry.  I wonder if Mr. Steve will give us a snack today?  So far nothing.

       This Encyclopedia says during the 1920's and early 1930's the drivers delivering the illegal alcohol were racing on the roads and highways.  But then in 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt made alcohol legal again.  I just saw Andy and Helen run underneath Moe.

       From what it says here, even after drinking alcohol was made legal again people still kept making Moonshine.  During the Great Depression many people really needed the money.  So the drivers then ran away from the Police who wanted to make them pay the taxes.

       Since the mid-1930's there had been Auto races in places like Daytona Beach in Florida.  But they were not as organized as it is now.  During World War II there were no races held.  After the war racing continued and one of the drivers was named Bill France Sr. 

       I guess Bill France Sr. was also an mechanic too.  This is interesting.  My Encyclopedia says he moved to Florida in 1935 with only one hundred dollars.  He and others saw right away how there needed to be a better organization of Auto Racing.  A Wren just flew bye.

        Because there's a slight wind coming in from the desert, it's pushing Andy and Helen's scent right to me over here sitting on Elvira.  As I've mentioned before, the three Sheds are elevated just in case of Flash Floods.  I can hear our neighbors Ducks quacking next door.


                                        BILL FRANCE SR. (1909-1992) / BILL FRANCE JR.

          From what it says here in this Encyclopedia, before N.A.S.C.A.R. was created sometimes the drivers got "cheated" by Promoters and people like that.  So Bill France and others thought it was necessary to create what they call a "Sanctioning Body."  I smell Sage.

       In 1948 that guy Bill France helped "co-found" N.A.S.C.A.R.   That means form then on there were "uniform" or "standardized" rules and "predetermined" event schedules.  One of Mr. Steve's customers in North Carolina had a Grandfather who met Bill France Sr.

       There's a picture here in this one Encyclopedia that shows Bill France Sr. with his son Bill Frances Jr.  The caption says the son "took over" leadership of N.A.S.C.A.R from his father in the early 1970's; when Mr. Steve was in High School I guess.  Dawn is barking.


                                                       WENDELL SCOTT (1921-1990)

        I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  It says in my Encyclopedia that the first black Race Car Driver was named Wendell Scott.  During the 1930's he was one of those who ran from the Police smuggling Moonshine.  Two of the Pigeons just flew in from being out in the desert.

        Just like that guy Jackie Robinson, Wendell Scott served in the segregated military during the Second World War.  But once he was discharged he went into racing Cars.  And he must've been pretty good because he was later voted into the Auto Racing Hall of Fame. 


                      JACKIE ROBINSON  (1919-1972)               KENNY WASHINGTON (1918-1971)


        On Thursday I wrote about how in 1947, two years after World War II; Jackie Robinson from Pasadena was the first black professional Baseball player.  And later I wrote that the year before that the Football Rams re-located from Cleveland out here to Los Angeles. 

        As I also mentioned in book one, this one guy named Kenny Washington, who also went to U.C.L.A. like Jackie Robinson; became one of the first African-American professional Football players.  That's because the Rams signed him to be on their team in 1946.

        In 1946 the National Football League or N.F.L. was the only professional Football League.  Yesterday I wrote about how the American Football League or A.F.L. didn't come into existence until 1960.  In it's first years the N.F.L. struggled just to stay in business. 

       At first the N.F.L. allowed blacks to play.  My Encyclopedia says some of them were; Duke Slater, Fritz Pollard and Joe Lillard.  But then in 1934 the N.F.L. became a segregated League.     So for about twelve years blacks were what they call "excluded from participation"                                 


        A picture in this Encyclopedia shows three black U.C.L.A. Football players in 1939.  Wait until Wait until Daisy sees this picture. The players have no face masks and the helmets are so small.  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye; moving together toward the northeast.

       From what it says in the caption under the picture of the three Football players, the guy on the left is named Woody Strode.  In 1946 he, along with Kenny Washington; was also signed to be on the Rams.  Right now I can hear Dawn barking faintly over there next door.

       On Thursday when I wrote about the history of the Rams I forgot to write about how that guy Woody Strode was later an Actor.  So I'll just write about this one movie he was in now.  It was called "Spartacus" and he played the part of a 1st century B.C. Roman Gladiator.


      A picture in my Encyclopedia shows a scene from the movie Spartacus.  The caption says Woody Strode is fighting against Spartacus who is played by an Actor named Kirk Douglas.  I      notice how Spartacus has his hair tied up on his head in what they call a "Bun."                             

        In book one on Thursday I wrote about movies the Actor Charleston Heston was in.  That's because he was in some of Mr. Steve's favorite movies like Ben Hur and Major Dundee.  But one  movie Charlston Heston wasn't in was Spartacus.  He really likes that movie too.                            

       According to what it says in this Encyclopedia, from 73 B.C. through 71 B.C. Spartacus led a Slave "uprising" against the Romans in Italy.  And for two years he and his army of Slaves and Gladiators actually defeated a few Legions sent out there to destroy and kill them.                         


          Someday I'd like to see that movie Spartacus.  It came out in 1960 when Mr. Steve was five. Daisy and Millie watched it one night in the Living Room.  I guess Spartacus and some of the other Gladiators killed their Roman guards and stole weapons.  I smell Juniper.

       My Encyclopedia says for those two years Roman armies "chased" the army of Slaves all over Italy.  I guess in real life Spartacus was not the only leader.  There were other leaders from "Gaul."  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye.  They're talking to each other.



        As I mentioned when I wrote about Julius Caesar, Gaul is now called France.  From what it says here, I guess at first only a few Gladiators who joined up to follow Spartacus.  But when he beat the Romans then thousands of other Slaves showed up and wanted to help him.

       According to this Encyclopedia, Spartacus was a "Thracian."  Thrace is an area in between Greece and Turkey.  It says here he was a good tactical field Commander like Robert E. Lee or Erwin Rommel.  But eventually he and his army of Slaves was beaten by the Romans.



          After defeating a few Roman Legions sent to kill them Spartacus and his men were finally beaten by a man named Marcus Licinius Crassus or just "Crassus" for short.  It says here he was a military leader but also a politician.  I can hear some Crows cawing faintly.

        In this Encyclopedia it says that Crassus was really rich.  He was Julius Caesar's "Patron." That probably means he sponsored and supported him with money.  I wonder if Mr. Steve would be considered our patron?  As I wrote yesterday, in Spanish patron means "boss."

        Daisy told me about how, in the movie; when Crassus captures the Slave army he doesn't know which prisoner is Spartacus.  And some of the other Slaves try to say they're Spartacus so they'll be tortured instead of him.  Blackbeard and Anne are flying bye right now.

       From what it says here in this Encyclopedia, in real life I guess it's not known for sure just how that guy Spartacus died.  He was probably killed in the final battle against Crassus's men. Crassus wanted to use the surviving prisoners to "Set an Example" as they say.


    In book one on Thursday I wrote about how in June of 1985 Mr. Steve and his Tour Group from Saint Ferdinands walked on the Appian Way.  That's the old road which leads into the city  of Rome from the southern end.  A small Thrasher Bird just ducked under Manny.                       

   Lord!  I guess, in order to punish the surviving Slaves from Spartacus' army; Crassus had them all crucified just like You.  And he did it along the Appian Way.  There's a good drawing of it right here in this one Encyclopedia.  Boy Lord, it must really hurt to be crucified.                       

    In 1985 when Mr. Steve and his Tour Group visited the Appian Way the Tour Guide joked that one reason the Appian Way survived is because, as the corpes rotted; it smelled so bad there was no traffic on that road for years.  Dais thinks the Crows probably ate the Slaves.                                 

KARL MARX (1818-1883)

Yesterday in book two I wrote about that guy Karl Marx. 

   Mr. Steve told Daisy and I about how he has a customer in Florida who buys Baseball caps to sell at the annual "Daytona 500" race.  His favorite driver was named Richard Petty who was called "The King."  I'll write about him in a minute.  I can smell Andy and Helen.



        On Thursday in book one I wrote about how Mr. Steve's mom was a Girl Scout leader for many years.  And how another Girl Scout leader was the wife of that guy George Lindsey who played Goober on the Andy Griffith tv show.  I want to see that show someday. 

       And as I mentioned the day before yesterday, the Andy Griffith Show was what they call "set" in Mayberry, North Carolina.  Mr. Steve told Daisy and me how North Carolina is now associated with N.A.S.C.A.R.  Andy and Helen are still hiding over there under Moe. 

       From what Mr. Steve told us, many of the N.A.S.C.A.R racing teams are still located back there in North Carolina.  One famous driver was named Dale Earnhrdt Sr.  His son named Dale Earnhardt Jr. is still a Race Car driver.  Dale Earnhardt Sr. died in a crash a few years ago.


                                                 DALE EARNHARDT SR. (1951-2001)


         Over the last few years Mr. Steve has discussed with others about how sad it is that Dale Earnhardt Sr. died in that crash.  Dale Earnhardt's family are from a town called "Kannapolis." Mr. Steve told us that for a few years he had a customer over there in Kannapolis. 

        Some people think Dale Earnhardt Sr. was the best Race Car driver of all time.  Some even joked that he had the ability to almost "see air."  Mr. Steve's friend Tim who learned how to be a Mechanic in part by working on his two Chevelles; really liked Dale Earnhardt Sr.


                                  DALE EARNHARDT SR. / DALE EARNHARDT JR.   

        Yesterday in book two I wrote about how hard it must be for Jimmy Lennon Jr., the Boxing Ring Announcer; to be the son of Jimmy Lennon Sr. who many consider to have been the best ever.  Dale Eaarnhardt Sr. also had a son who became a Race Car driver too.

      Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s father had also raced Cars.  So you could say Mr. Steve told us, that in some ways racing was "in their blood."  One of our boss's customers in Georgia is a fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr. even though it seems like he isn't as talented as his father was.

                                    RICHARD PETTY / KYLE PETTY HOLDING SON)

         Wow!  There's a picture in this one Encyclopedia that shows what the caption says is the "world's largest Chippendale dresser."  It's in the town of "High Point" North Carolina where Mr. Steve used to have a customer.  I can smell a Lizard somewhere around here.

       For many years our boss told us, High Point was known for making furniture.  But now a lot of the "Manufacturing" jobs have moved over to China; just like in other States like Michigan or Ohio.  So, many people in those States are just "Out of Work" as they say.  

       My Dictionary says manufacturing means; "The making of good, often through the use of tools or machinery."  You can see how big that dresser is by looking at the Motorcycle parked next to it.  I like how it has those two giant socks hanging out of one of the drawers.

        Mr. Steve was told that at one time that dresser was just the "facade" or front of an actual building but in the mid-1990's was just turned into the way it is now.  Boy, how did anyone even create such a thing?  It's so incredible the things people are able to do.

       Looking toward the eastern horizon beyond the eastern desert what I see mostly right now is the color sky blue.  That reminds me about subjective colors are.  Mr. Steve told us one time how the State color of North Carolina is sky blue.  They call it "Tar Heel" blue. 


                                                                                                                  Theresa earnhardtr

  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  This Encyclopedia says the riot that broke out in 532 A.D in Constantinople at the "Hippodrome" was called the "Nika" riot.  I guess it was partly caused by high taxes.  My Greek dictionary says nika means "victory."  I smell Creosote. 

     I guess back in those days there were four different Chariot teams that competed in the city of Constantinople; they wore green, blue, red or white.  I see Libby over there in her Corral.  She's totally in the bright Sun.  That makes me feel better You Guys.  Thank you.

      This so interesting!  I guess in 532 A.D. the green and blue teams revolted against Justinian.    "Before you know it" as Mr. Steve's mom often says, thousands of people were killed and and a   large part of the city was destroyed.  They burned and looted for a few days.

      I guess the Emperor Justinian was so scared he even wanted to what they call "flee" out of  Constantinople.  But then his wife Theodora basically called him a coward so he had to stay and fight the rioters.  The Squirrel I was looking at just bounded out into the eastern desert. 


                                                                                                                                PAINTING BY ANDRE DURENCEAU

     This is so great when, to go along with the reading material, a good picture is supplied to help you understand something.  This one Encyclopedia has a painting in it which shows the Empress Theodora really getting mad at her husband.  It looks like she's yelling at him.

     In the painting you see the Empress Theodora refusing to abandon the city of Constantinople. I guess she's telling Justinian to be brave and go back and fight those rioters.  She "shamed" her husband.  My Steve thinks he was probably so embarrassed he kind of overdid it. 

     From what it says here in this Encyclopedia, the Emperor Justinian went back and eventually killed the rioters.  It was what's called a "Blood Bath."  Then he had to repair the city; including Hagia Sophia which had been damaged.  A Crow is squawking out there in the desert.

     This is interesting.  It says here that the one week long riots in Constantinople are now called the "Nika" riots.  And the reason for that is the rioters yelled out "Nika" as a cheer when they were killing and burning and destroying.  I just picked up the faint scent of Creosote.

     I just looked up the word "nika" in my Greek Dictionary and it means "Win" or "Conquer." So no wonder the looters were chanting that during the riots.  When I was putting together this outline Daisy told me that she's pretty sure there's a shoe company called "Nike."

      Wow!  It says here that Justinian may have slaughtered as many as thirty thousand people in Constantinople back in 532 A.D.   He took the city back and Mr. Steve thinks after that had no problems mainly because people knew what would happen to them if they did anything.   


      Ah!  I just picked up the really strong scent of one of the Sage plants.  It's coming in from the eastern desert behind the three Sheds.  Smelling that Sage plant makes me remember that one time when Cher the Cat killed a Gopher just over there to the side of Manny.

   It says here they call Justinian's attempt to "re-acquire" the lost western half of the Roman Empire his "Renovatio Imperii."  In Latin that means "Restoration of Empire."  But Justinian had to kill a lot of people in order to get almost all of the whole empire back.

      This is interesting.  Justinian "re-made" Roman law and it's still the basis of much of "Civil Law" in western societies today.  I'm looking at the Encyclopedias piled near the couch.  And I see the legal research books Mr. Steve sometimes uses.  I can still smell Sage. 

      One reason I decided to write about the Emperor Justinian was because I remembered that there was also a big plague during his time too.  And just like the one that happened in 1918 and 1919 it killed so many people no one knows for sure just how many died.

      Daisy and I are sure happy we don't live in a time when there's a lot of disease around. We're so lucky to live right now.  Well, I guess that's all I have to write about in the chapter three.  I'm going to take a short break and go drink some water from the bucket over there.



    This is amazing.  I'm already on chapter four.  I just picked up the scent of the baby Birds up there in the nest above me.  Right now they're really quiet.  I think they might be sleeping.  They don't even know that Heathcliff is dead.  Their lives are just starting out.

     By being so involved in learning new things it has taken my mind off of Heathcliff dying.  But, I keep thinking of him anyway.  Tomorrow morning will be different that's for sure.  I still smell one of the Sage plants.  Oh! Cher the Cat is running bye with a dead Mouse in her mouth.

     Hey Lord!  What made me want to learn about that Christian Emperor Justinian right now is that Mr. Steve knows about the different plagues; including the one in the 6th century.  It wasn't as big as the one that Amelia Earhart got sick from but thousands of people died then too.


      I just noticed a Jackrabbit jumping through the air out there in the desert behind the Sheds.  And I also just now  noticed a Hawk hovering above the desert out there.  No wonder the Birds are gone.  I hope that Hawk doesn't see the Jackrabbit but I know it has good eyesight.

       Well, I'm glad I decided to write about the Emperor Justinian.  But I didn't realize just how important he was so I kind of wrote a lot.  But that's okay.  I know Mr. Steve thinks Justinian was important.  Oh!  I think that Hawk might've just spotted the Jackrabbit.   

     Oh!  I just thought of a little bit more that I want to say about plagues.  Dais says our Chief told her and Millie there's probably going to be another really big pandemic someday.  And he     says, for good and bad, things are always getting "proportionately" bigger.                                         


      Hey God!  I sure hope we don't have a lot of Rats this year.  As the weather heats up the Rats come out at night.  That's when we'll appreciate our neighbors Cat Cher more.  She's so good at catching Rats.  Then she quickly kills them before they have a chance to bite her back. 

     Cher just used the back fence to jump up onto the top of Manny the Shed.  She'll go up there so she can eat her Mouse.  But looking behind Cher toward the east I see and hear some Crows squawking.  I just picked up the faint scent of a Lizard somewhere around here.

      I guess back in the 14th century the plague was carried in the Fleas carried on Rats.  But if Mr. Steve is right someday a disease may come up where it's as strong as it was in the 1300's but "transmitted" straight from person to person.  Fanny and Freddie just flew bye.

      Well, I guess that's enough writing about plagues.  So far today, except for Heathcliff dying yesterday, this has been a pretty good productive day.  Dais is right of course.  Life doesn't stop for anyone.  Things just go on no matter what.  I just noticed the Lizard.

      I have to finish this third book and dedicate it to Heathcliff's memory. Well, I still have more to write about that girl Amelia Earhart according to my outline.  And from what it says in this Encyclopedia, she first learned to fly Planes down in Long Beach.  I smell Sage.

      Oh my God!  That one Hawk who was out in the desert just swooped down and is attacking a Gopher that had the bad luck to pop out of the ground.  That startled Cher who's staring down at the Hawk trying to drag the Gopher out of its burrow.  The Lizard just ran away.

     The Gopher came out of the same hole I first noticed the day before yesterday.  Poor Gopher.  The Hawk will most likely kill it.  Dust is flying all around because that Hawk pulled the Gopher out of its hole and is now dragging it over into the dirt to the side of Manny. 

     Agh!  The Hawk just ripped open the Gopher's throat.  Oh boy!  Now that Hawk is eating the Gopher's head; which it ripped or tore right off of the body with it's really sharp beak.  Cher is now going to jump over onto Moe so she can continue eating her Mouse in peace.  

      Well, that Hawk just took off with the headless body of that dead Gopher in its mouth.  Right now I'll bet that Hawk is taking the Gopher back to a nest for the baby Hawks to eat.  It might be a mother Hawk.  Blackbeard and Anne the Crows are flying to the northeast.

       Seeing the Hawk kill that one Gopher reminds me of the time when another Hawk killed a Rabbit in that same area.  I remember the sound of that Rabbit squeeking in pain as the claws on the feet of the Hawk stabbed deep into its back.  It must've been so painful!   

      Seeing that Hawk hunt the Gopher suddenly brings to mind the image of World War II era German Stuka Dive Bomber Planes.  Just like a Hawk, the Stuka's would come down suddenly to attack its prey.  But in the case of the Stuka the prey was often other people. 

     When Mr. Steve was attending C.S.U.N back in the late-1970's he met an older Polish lady.  She had been a teenager in 1939 when the Germans attacked Poland.  Three of her Uncles were killed trying to defend their country; but it was "to no avail" as they say.

     That one Polish lady, who lived in the city of "Warsaw" in 1939, told Mr. Steve she and her younger sister never forgot the terrifying sound of the sirens that had been mounted on the front of Stuka Planes as they descended from the sky.  She had nightmares sometimes.  

     The Germans in the Second World War knew the power of fear.  As I've mentioned before, the screaming sirens getting louder as the Stukas came closer was meant to scare those below.  It really worked the Blitzkriegs of 1939 and 1940.  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye. 


"STUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND"                                                      THE DICKIES                                                                                                   

          I'll write later today about this 1970's band from the Valley called the DICKIES.  Mr. Steve and his girlfriend Sandy got introduced to them by Mark Ritter and Mr. Doug.  They saw them play a few times.  The DICKIES had a funny album called "Stukas over Disneyland."

       Mr. Steve told us the DICKIES were an unusual band; writing weird comedy "Punk-like"  songs.  He says at times his friend Mark Ritter had the DICKIES same "off beat" and "twisted" way of looking at things.  I just picked up the scent of a new Spring Sage plant.

      Looking at our three Sheds reminds me about how Mr. Steve says the DICKIES have a song called "Manny, Moe and Jack."  I'll write more about the DICKIES later today when I deal with that other band from the Valley called QUIET RIOT.  I hear a Wren singing.      

     Wait until I tell Daisy that I saw the first Hawk of the year.  She'll be interested to know that.  I'm tempted to run up front and tell her but I can just tell her later.  It's amazing how a Gopher, so alive a minute ago, is now probably going to just be food for some baby Hawks.

      According to my outline I still have more to write about Aviation; and also the city of Long Beach.  In the 1980's and early 1990's Mr. Steve took pictures of Boxing matches in Long Beach.  That's near the harbor where you go if you want to visit Catalina Island.

      Mr. Steve told us that in the 1980's this giant World War II era Airplane called the "Spruce Goose" was kept in a big "Hanger" down in Long Beach.  And it was in that Hanger, under the Spruce Goose's huge wings, where this guy named Peter put on Boxing shows.

     According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, that Plane the Spruce Goose is made out of wood instead of metal.  That's one thing which made her unique.  There's a good picture in my Encyclopedia of the Spruce Goose near its Hanger.  You can tell how big it was.




      I'm going to look up Howard Hughes in my Encyclopedia.  He was one of the richest people in history Dais told me.  And then I can learn about the Spruce Goose because it was Howard Hughes' company that built it during the Second World War in the 1940's.

      Then, after that, I think I'll look up the subject of that big Ship called the "Queen Mary."  It was a giant Ship that was built for carrying passengers but during World War II "transported" American soldiers to England before the Normandy invasion back then in 1944.

        Cher the Cat is still up on the top of Moe.  She's finished eating so is now grooming herself.  Mr. Steve calls it her "Ritual."  Daisy says using your own spit to wash down seems kind of nasty but it must work or Cats wouldn't do it for no reason.  I smell a Juniper bush.

      My Encyclopedia says that man Howard Hughes was what's called a business "Tycoon."  And like Amelia Earhart, he was also a famous Pilot who set some aviation records during the 1930's Depression.  I guess he crashed his Plane a few times but survived them. 

      It says here the Spruce Goose, like the Queen Mary; was meant to carry men and equipment over to England during the Second World War.  This was necessary because at the beginning of the war the German "U-Boat" Submarines were sinking many valuable supply Ships. 

       This is interesting.  My Encyclopedia says the "U" in U-Boat stands for the German phrase "Unterseeboot;" in English "Under Sea Boat."  Mr. Steve says that people have been trying to go under water since ancient times.  Oh!  I can small a new Jackrabbit nearby.

      I guess the first time people tried to stay underwater and actually do things was in the 16th century when, in 1562; two men from Greece did a demonstration for Charles V of Spain.  They  "submerged" in something with lit candles.  A Train whistled faintly to the north.

      In 1562 those two men stayed underwater for a long time and then "re-emerged" with their candles still lit.  In 1620 an underwater "Oar-Propelled Ship" was shown to King James I of England.  But no one knows what either one of these looked like.

         TURTLE REV> WAr   HUNLE CW  Ironclads wwi  wwii 


   According to my Encyclopedia the Spruce Goose was the biggest "Flying Boat" ever built.  And it had the largest "Wing Span" of any Plane in all of history.  Dais says our Chief once told her and Millie that it's so big.  He went inside of it and saw what it looked like.

      I guess the real name of the Spruce Goose was the "H-4 Hercules."  Oh!  And it was Howard Hughe's critics who named it the Spruce Goose; even though it was made mainly out of Birch wood.  They were making fun of it.  Blackbeard and Anne Bonny just flew past.

      But, it says here that by the time the Spruce Goose was finished the Second World War had ended.  Some people accused Howard Hughes of stealing money from the Federal Government because they said the Spruce Goose probably couldn't even fly.  I hear Birds singing.

      Even though it's not on my outline I just thought of something I could write about here.  In World War II there was another famous Airplane that was made out of wood.  It was called the    DH-98 De Havilland "Mosquito."  Mark Ritter knew all about that Plane.                                       

                                                    DE-HAVILLAND "MOSQUITO"



       Mark Ritter knew about the Spruce Goose and also the Mosquito.  From what it says here in my Encyclopedia, being made of wood meant the Mosquito was one of the fastest Planes when it first came out in 1941.  But bullets probably went through it a lot easier too Dais joked.

      My Encyclopedia says the De Havilland Mosquito is now considered to have been one of the most "versatile" operational Warplanes of all time.  I like the picture of the Mosquito here in my Encyclopedia.  I just picked up the faint scent of a Horned Toad nearby.

       This is interesting.  According to this Encyclopedia, one of the Mosquito's nicknames back in World War II was "The Wooden Wonder."  And I guess that's mainly because it was used for so many things; everything from scouting behind the German lines to bombing.

                                              GEOFFREY DE HAVILLAND (1882-1965)

     Hey God!  From what it says in this Encyclopedia the guy who designed the DH-98 Mosquito was named Geoffrey de Havilland.  And his father was a "Clergyman" so I'll bet he believed in You.  Ah!  I see the Horned Toad over there near one of the rocks around the big tree.

     According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, in 1938, one year before World War II started with Germany's attack on Poland, the Mosquito Plane was designed as what they call a "Reconnaissance" Aircraft.  That means it could spy from high up in the air.

     I guess the British thought the Mosquito would be able to fly up so high and go so fast that it wouldn't even need to have any weapons on it.  It had the "Maneuverability" of a Fighter Plane but could also go four hundred miles per hour.   That Horned Toad dug into the ground.

     Wow!  The Mosquito was built out of "Plywood."  Our boss keeps these three eleven foot tall "Sheets"  of plywood on the south side of the house; next to the Garage.  On really hot days he uses them to cover the windows so it will be dark inside the house.  I smell new Sage.

      The first time I ever went inside the house to watch cartoons on Saturday morning I noticed how the windows had these things called "Curtains."  They hang in front of all the windows; but from the inside.  So they help keep the heat and bright sunlight out on hot days.

      Mr. Steve told Dais and Millie one time how over there in the Middle East, where his Nephew Jacob was stationed for a year; the houses have no windows.  This is so on extremely hot days no sunlight will penetrate and it will be dark inside.  They sleep on the roof at night. 

     This is kind of interesting.  It says here in this Encyclopedia that the British Mosquito Plane had a "Range" of one thousand six hundred and fifty miles.  That means it can go that far on the gas carried in its fuel tanks.  Oh!  That one big Dragonfly just zoomed bye right now.

     Now wonder back in the 1940's so many people "Thought Highly" of the Mosquito.  At first it was "unarmed" but later four 20 mm cannons were added.  And, in the nose 4-4.7 mm Machine Gun was installed.  Later the Mosquito dropped bombs and even shot Rockets too.      

     This is sad God.  I guess Geoffrey de Havilland and his wife lost all three of their sons during World War II; all killed in Planes.  So she became very depressed.  In 1949, four years after the war, that guy Geoffrey de Havilland designed the first "Commercial" Jet Airliner.


                                       JOAN FONTAINE / OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND


       My Encyclopedia says two of Geoffrey de Havilland's Cousins were Actresses; Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland.  I guess Olivia de Havilland was in that one famous movie I mentioned yesterday called "Gone With the Wind."  I can hear the Ducks next door quacking.

      Well, back to my outline.  I'm kind of glad I added in the subject of the Mosquito Airplane. But now I'll discuss that guy Howard Hughes again.   He lived an interesting life Mr. Steve says. His dad was a mechanic who invented a "Drill Bit" which made him rich in Texas. 

      According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, Howard Hughes was seventeen years old when his mother died and nineteen when his father "Passed Away" as they say.  So he took over his father's company.  Two of the Pigeons are flying bye up there in the sky. 

     Hey God!  As You know, Mr. Steve says "Favoritism" is normal in life.  That's just the way it often is he told us.  He's been a victim of what they call "Nepotism" a few times.  That's okay he told us.  He's also practiced favoritism too.  Boy God!  It's too bad life isn't fair.   

     Howard Hughes was fortunate enough to be given unbelievable opportunities that few ever get.  But, like Mr. Steve says, he turned those opportunities into something even bigger.  Another person might've "Fumbled the Ball" so to speak.  I smell one of the new Juniper plants.

     Mr. Steve read that as a small boy growing up in Houston, Texas, Howard Hughes wanted to  impress his father.  So he built his own "Wireless" Radio and did things like that.  He even built a "Motorized" Bicycle.  Boy!  He kind of sounds like that guy Nikola Tesla.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and myself that he thinks Howard Hughes must've been a pretty good businessman.  He eventually owned a few different business's; including some that made movies. Daisy told me that one good movie Howard Hughes made was about World War I.

     I guess Howard Hughes ended up leaving Texas and moving his "Operations" out here to Los Angeles.  He became a Movie Producer and in 1930 made this movie called "Hell's Angels." Dais says it's mainly about the Fighter Pilots of World War I.  I can now smell a Squirrel.

     Mr. Steve met this nice lady who showed him a big leather book which had been given to her by an Aunt; who attended what they call the "Premier" of Howard Hughes movie Hell's Angels.  I just heard the sound of a Jet going bye high up there in the sky.  I feel so good.

     The fancy book that one lady showed to Mr. Steve was the "Program" given out to everyone who was there on that night in 1930; about a year after the Great Depression started.  Daisy says our boss has a few things like that too; but nothing as impressive as that ladies book.


                                                        JEAN HARLOW (1911-1937)


       Because of his father's involvement in the Marilyn Monroe case back in 1985; Mr. Steve has learned about other blonde Actresses.  One of the "Stars" of the movie Hell's Angels was named Jean Harlow.  She was a "Platinum" blonde.  I can now see the Squirrel near Moe.

     There's a picture of that one girl Jean Harlow in my Encyclopedia.  The caption says she was "most popular" and famous during the Great Depression of the 1930's.  She died in 1937 at the young age of only twenty six; in a year when Adolph Hitler was testing the world. 

     Oh!  I'll bet Mr. Steve will be interested to know that the Actress Jean Harlow is buried down in Glendale at the "Forrest Lawn" cemetery.  Later today I'll write about that cemetery when I discuss his friend Helen who is also buried there too.  The Squirrel just ran away.

      It says here in this Encyclopedia that guy Howard Hughes was what's called a "Maverick."  He was probably like the Baseball owners Bill Veeck and Charles O. Finley I'll bet.  He thought "Outside the Box" so to speak.  Blackbeard and Anne are coasting bye right now. 

      Hey God!  That guy Howard Hughes set records as a Pilot but in the 1930's and 1940's also "miraculously" survived some crashes.  Dais says our boss thinks this definitely affected the way he looked at life from then on.  He probably knew he should have died a few times. 



        This is interesting.  It says here Howard Hughes spent the last part of his life in what they call "Chronic" pain because of those Plane crashes.  He got addicted to pain pills and may have had this thing called "Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder; or "O.C.D."  A Crow cawed.

        I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  Howard Hughes, who was tall, was a really good Golfer.  Mr. Steve told us how Golf is not as easy as it looks.  He's never been any good at it.  Nowadays he just likes to "drive" Golf balls; right and left-handed.  I hear some Finches singing.

                                                        SPRUCE GOOSE "FLYING"


      This is so interesting!  The Spruce Goose only flew one time and that was in early November of 1947; two years after World War II ended. It was in Long Beach Harbor and Howard Hughes was the Pilot.  They weren't planning on actually flying it on that particular day.

      In 1947 the plan was to just "Taxi" around the Harbor.  But then Howard Hughes decided to "Lift Off."  This surprised everyone who was there; including those on the Spruce Goose.  Then it flew for a mile; seventy feet above the water in the Channel facing Cabrillo Beach.

      My Encyclopedia says that in 1955, when they first flew the Spy Plane U-2, it was also kind of an accident too.  They were just supposed to be driving it around on the ground when suddenly it started to take off.  So, like in 1947, they decided to just go ahead and fly it around.




      As I wrote yesterday in book two, it was a big surprise when in 1960 the Russians shot down a U-2.  It was thought to be impossible because it flew up so high in the air.  Mr. Steve says the United States was embarrassed.  I see three Sparrows flying toward the northeast.

     Aha!  I had a feeling I was being watched.  I just noticed a Thrasher Bird underneath Manny the Shed.  I can tell by its long curved beak what it is; even though I can't smell it right now.  It's hiding in the shadows.  I hear some of the Ducks quacking over there next door. 


                                           KELLY JOHNSON (1910-1990)     GARY POWERS (1929-1977)

         I was originally going to write about this guy named Francis Gary Powers yesterday in book two.  But Daisy thought it would fit in here too.  Gary Powers was the Pilot who's U-2 was shot down back in 1960.  My Encyclopedia has a picture of him with that man Kelly Johnson.

      The picture of Gary Powers shows him and Kelly Johnson talking and behind them you can see one of those U-2's.  I wrote about Kelly Johnson yesterday in my second book.  Oh!  I can see a long white vapor  trail way up high in the sky.  I hear some Wrens singing.

      Gary Powers was put on trial over there in Russia and it was a really "Big Deal" as they say. But, eventually he was traded for a Soviet spy the United States had caught.  So Gary Powers came back to America.  That Thrasher Bird is now running out into the eastern desert.

      Mr. Steve once met a guy at the U.C.L.A. Library who said he thought that guy Gary Powers should have killed himself rather surrender to the Russians in 1960.  By allowing himself to be a part of the "Show Trial" he damaged the United States.  I can smell a Gopher.

      That man at the U.C.L.A. Library told Mr. Steve Gary Powers was probably issued what's called a "Cyanide" pill.  This is poison which kills you instantly.   After the Second World War some Nazis like Heinrich Himmler and Herman Göring used them to kill themselves.  

      Mr. Steve told us about a place in the San Fernando Valley called the "Sepuveda Basin."  It's where Gary Powers died in 1977 when a Helicopter he was flying crashed.  Mr. Steve met a guy whose Cousin witnessed the crash.  I see the Gopher over there near the big tree.

       This Encyclopedia says the Sepulveda Basin was built in 1941 because of a really bad 1938 flood that killed many people.  That Gopher is now popping it's head out of that one hole just to the right of the big tree.  It's scent is new to me.  that Gopher better be careful. 



        I'm beginning to understand why Daisy would like to be able to fly like Underdog.  There's a picture in this Encyclopedia of the Sepulveda Basin.  It's one of those aerial views.  Mr. Steve has been to the Sepulveda Basin many times over the years.  The Gopher is sniffing the air.

      This Encyclopedia says the Sepulveda Basin is intended to be an "overflow" area in case the Los Angeles River ever floods again.  Mr. Steve told us "Balboa Lake" is part of  the Sepulveda Basin.  With Sandy, Emily and Harriet Mr. Steve has been to that beautiful Lake.   


                                          DON JOSE ANDRES SEPÚLVEDA (1801-1875)

      On the book three outline that Daisy and I prepared the next thing to talk about is this one family whose last name was "Sepúlveda."  In this one Encyclopedia there's a painting of a man named Don Jose Andres Sepúlveda.  I can smell Jack the Jackrabbit around here.

      According to what it says here in my Encyclopedia, in the mid-19th century one of the richest men here in California was Don Jose Andres Sepúlveda.  He raised Cattle on his gigantic Ranch called "Rancho San Joaquin."  It "sprawled" over fifty thousand acres.

     As I've mentioned before, in 1821 Mexico broke away from Spain.  In 1842 that man Andres Pico "granted" Don Jose Andres Sepúlveda land which is now a part of "Orange County" called "Irvine."  Oh!  I just noticed Jack the Jackrabbit sitting under Manny the Shed. 

      This is interesting.  I guess Cows from Rancho San Joaquin fed the Miners who flooded out here to Northern California in 1849 for that big Gold Rush.  In 1864, the second to last year of the American Civil War; all of Rancho San Joaquin was sold to James Irvine.   

       Mr. Steve told us the Sepulveda Basin's Lake has many Birds who live around it.  Some are "Pelicans."  Daisy says before I came to live here this one long-legged white "Egret" landed in the northwest corner of our land; up near Oasis Road.  That Gopher is gone now. 

       Oh my God!  Wait until Dais sees the one picture of a Pelican in my Encyclopedia.  Wow! It's eating another Bird with a mouth that opens just like a bucket.  Another picture shows a flying Egret.  I sure wish I could smell, hear and see a real Pelican or one of those Egrets.

       Miss Susan, who used to run the local Newspaper, thinks it's possible that Egret who landed in our yard might've been headed for the Sepulveda Basin and Lake Balboa.  That lady Miss Susan knows a lot about Birds and things like that.  I smell a new Spring Juniper plant. 

      I guess Miss Susan thinks that one white Egret was flying above Piñon Hills and may have glanced down and saw the reflection coming from the water Mr. Steve puts in the Bird Bath.  So for some reason that Egret just decided to fly down and rest for a few minutes. 



            The guy who's Cousin saw Gary Powers die said he was playing Baseball on a field where the Helicopter came down.  Mr. Steve has played on those fields.  That kid said Gary Powers was either thrown or jumped out of the Helicopter about fifty feet above the ground.

       It turned out that guy told our boss; Gary Powers' Helicopter ran out of gas and that's why it crashed in early August of 1977.  Two weeks later Mr. Steve and his brother Rock went back east on the trip I wrote about yesterday in book two.  I smell one of the old Joshua trees.

      Mr. Steve says another thing named after the Sepúlveda family is the longest road in all of Los Angeles; "Sepulveda Boulevard."  When Mr. Steve's family first moved to Los Angeles there were no Freeways so people had to "take Sepulveda" to get to the San Fernando Valley.

      One time Mr. Steve and his friend named Chris drove the whole forty two miles of Sepulveda Boulevard; from Mission Hills to near Long Beach.  Sepulveda "for a short stretch" even goes under some of the Runways of International Airport he told us.  A Wren is singing.

      Well, I still need to write a little bit more about that guy Howard Hughes; and then the city of Long Beach.  I can also see that according to this outline there's still more things to write about that one girl Pilot Amerlia Earhart.  I can smell one of the new Spring Sage plants. 

       I guess he kind of went crazy later in life.  And because he was so rich he could do anything he wanted to do and no one could do a thing about it.  At least that's what Mr. Steve told us that one time.  Samson and Delilah are flying bye; winging their way to the southeast.  

         According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, Howard Hughes eventually became a "recluse" and didn't even wash his hair or cut his finger and toe nails.  No one ever saw him in person.  Mr. Steve told Daisy and myself that Howard Hughes was afraid of Germs.


       Oh my God!  There's a black and white drawing in this one Encyclopedia that's shows what Howard Hughes looked like in the last years of his life.  He had a long beard and his fingernails are really long too.   His room looks kind of dirty and cluttered with things.

      This is interesting.  It says here that even when Howard Hughes stayed hidden in his room he was still one the richest people in the world.  So  his companies made millions of dollars and did things like buy big tv Networks.  And Howard Hughes still made all those decisions.   


      As I wrote in book one the day before yesterday, Mr. Steve thinks that guy Michael Jackson was one of the most talented dancers and singers ever.  But, like Howard Hughes, he became so wealthy he could do things no one else could "get away with" so to speak.  

     When Mr. Steve told a Nurse friend of his that Michael Jackson died of an overdose of this one drug called "Propothol" at his house she didn't believe it.  And that's mainly because only certain trained people are allowed to "Administer" such a strong drug.

     Propothol is an "Anasthetic."

      Now I'm going to write about that big ship down in Long Beach Harbor called the Queen Mary.  According to my Encyclopedia it was a "Passenger Ship" that was huge like the Spruce Goose.  It weighed seventy five thousand tons!  A Ground Squirrel just darted past.



                                                                      PHOTO BY STEVE CÓRDOVA


      This is interesting.  The company that built the "R.M.S. Queen Mary" in the early 1930's was English but built it in Scotland.  The Queen Mary's first voyage was in 1936 and during World War II she was used to carry troops.  After the war she carried passengers again.

      I guess once passenger Jets came in at the end of the 1950's there wasn't as much need for the Queen Mary any more.  Mr. Steve has been inside the Queen Mary and says it's so amazing how "luxurious" it still is.  He says it has a really huge propeller that you can see.

      Mr. Steve says the story is that the company who built the Queen Mary wanted to name their ship after Queen Victoria.  But somehow, when they asked the "reigning monarch" King George VI for permission he thought they were asking to name their Ship after his wife.


                  QUEEN VICTORIA (1819-1901)                KING GEORGE VI (1895-1952) WITH WIFE


      King George's wife was named Victoria too but most people called her "May." And because the company who built the Queen Mary was too embarrassed to say anything they just decided to go ahead and name their Ship for the King's wife.  I smell a Creosote bush.

      This is interesting.  That lady Queen Victoria was born on May the 24th.  And in looking at my list of birthdays in Mr. Steve's family I see that Mr. Steve's Wedding Anniversary is on the same date.  Two of the Pigeons just flew back in from being out in the eastern desert.

     The people who built the Queen Mary ended up naming the new Passenger Ship after King George's "Consort."  According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, the Queen Mary was "retired" back in 1967; when our Chief was twelve.  A big Wasp just flew past. 

      Long Beach's "San Pedro" Harbor is where you take the boat to go over to Catalina Island Mr. Steve says.  Long Beach is where that girl Amelia Earhart first learned to fly a Plane.  Mr. Steve has a good friend name "Pam" who lives in Long Beach with her older sister. 

      I just noticed that I forgot to write a few things about Amelia Earhart.  According to this one  Encyclopedia, in 1937, about seven weeks after she seeing the Dionne Quintuplets up in Canada; Amelia Earhart died trying to be the first female to fly around the world.


    I guess on Amelia Earhart's famous trip her Plane disappeared over the Pacific Ocean and she was never heard from again.  To this day it's still a big mystery as to what happened.  Some say she was captured by the Japanese and "taken out" as an American spy.

      One time Daisy told me that when they say taken out they just mean "killed."  She says our Chief thinks Amelia Earhart probably just ran out of gas and then crashed into the ocean and drowned.  On one of her last radio messages she did say; "Gas is running low."

      Mr. Steve says after she disappeared Amelia Earhart's husband asked Edgar Cayce to do one of his psychic readings.  But, sadly he had to  tell him his wife was dead.   Our boss told us some people always want to believe that famous people who die might still be alive.

                                              AMELIA EARHART WITH HUSBAND

       From what Mr. Steve says there are those who think Adolph Hitler faked his own death with his wife Eva Braun and escaped to South America like other Nazi's did after the Second World War.  And some say Elvis Presley and Amelia Earhart are still alive too.

      Later today I'll write about a man named Otto Skorzeny.  He was Austrian like Hitler and I know Mr. Steve thinks he's still influencing the world.  One of the things he supposedly did was establish "Odessa" which helped Nazis escape Europe after the Second World War. 

      Our boss's ex-girlfriend Harriet lives in "North Hollywood;" where for years she lived with her mother.  Harriet's mom died.  North Hollywood Park is kind of near there and has a bronze statue of Amelia Earhart in front Mr. Steve says.  Dais and I like our statues.



      Mr. Steve had a dream one time where he drove past North Hollywood Park and looked at the statue of Amelia Earhart.  Then, he saw Harriet's mother walking by and stopped to talk to her.  They then hugged each other ant then got "reacquainted" as they say.

      In that one dream our Chief asked about Harriet.  He told her mother that he still sometimes thinks about Harriet and the good times they had together.  Mr. Steve was sad when Harriet told him her mother had died.  He still fondly thinks of her as a decent woman.  

      Over the years our boss used to drive past North Hollywood Park.  He always looks at that  statue of Amelia Earhart.  But now that he lives way up here in the desert he never goes to North Hollywood anymore.  But at times he still thinks of that statue; and Harriet too.      

         Daisy says Mr. Steve told her and Millie that Amelia Earhart knew how to play this musical instrument called a "banjo."  It sounds kind of "twangy" Dais told me.  She says she heard it on songs by Pete Seeger and also on the theme song of that tv show The Beverly Hillbillies.

         MODEL 10 "ELECTRA" 


      Oh!  This is interesting.  My Encyclopedia says in 1937 the Plane Amelia Earhart was flying was a Lockheed Model 10 "Electra."  And that man Kelly Johnson, whose Nephew Mr. Steve's sister Susan used to go out with, and who designed the U-2, worked on it. 

     On my outline I have written down that I want to mention this other girl Pilot who was also from the 1920's and 1930's.  Her name was Elinor Smith and according to this Encyclopedia in 1927 she was the youngest pilot in the world when she was only sixteen years old.


                                                                                     ELINOR SMITH (1911-2011)


      Oh!  This is interesting.  It says in my Encyclopedia that girl Elinor Smith was involved in the first time a ever Dog parachuted.  There's a picture of it here.  Like that girl Amelia Earhart, Elinor Smith was what they call an "Aviatrix."  Some small Birds just flew bye.

      Elinor Smith broke speed records and one time flew a Plane under all of the bridges on the East River in New York City; where she was from.  For a time she was even as famous as Amelia Earhart.  I hear Ducks quaking away next door.  Their quaking makes me feel good.

      Dais says one time our Chief told her and Millie that some people thought that Elinor Smith was a much more talented pilot that Amelia Earhart.  But she quit flying in order to get married and have children.  She and her husband raised four children during the Depression. 

      I guess that girl Elinor Smith was lucky her husband was really smart too and had a pretty good job so could "support" their family.   Elinor Smith really didn't care about being famous.  She preferred to go and be a good mother.  I hear some Pigeons coming from my right.

      Wow!  Elinor Smith lived to be almost one hundred year old!  She died the year I was born.  It says here after she raised her kids and her husband died she became a pilot again. In 1934 she was the first female shown on a "Wheaties" box.  Two Pigeons just flew past.

     According to my outline the next thing I want to write about Aviation is how, in World War I, American blacks were not allowed to be Pilots.  And the Army didn't really want them either.  So the blacks were kind of "lent" to the French who needed men.  A Crow cawed.

Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that in 1917 when America entered the First World War the military really didn't want any blacks; except as servants or laborers.  But they were eventually   allowed to join so were "pawned off" on the French so to speak.  I smell a Cholla cactus.                             

                                                        EUGENE BULLARD (1895-1961)


     One of the African-American Pilots who flew for the French during World War I was named Eugene Bullard.  The picture in this one Encyclopedia shows him wearing a French uniform and a "prestigious" medal given to him by France.  That's what it says in the caption.

      I guess that guy Eugene Bullard is now considered to be the very first black "military pilot." He proved that blacks were capable of flying Airplanes.  Mr. Steve says, even though the French could be just as prejudiced as the Americans, they accepted men like Eugene Bullard. 

      According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, by 1917 the French army had lost close to a million men.  So they really needed more "bodies."  But, just like Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie; the black Americans turned out to good fighters and were really brave. 

     Some time back our Chief did some artwork for an older man from New York City.  He told Mr. Steve that his Grandfather fought for the French during World War I as a member of the 396th Infantry Regiment; or the "Harlem Hellfighters" as they were called. 

     That man told Mr. Steve the Harlem Hellfighters ended up being a highly "Decorated" unit. And during the First World War the 396th band also introduced "Jazz" music to Europe.  Jazz is considered to be an American form of music.  I can smell a Creosote bush.


                                                         JIM EUROPE (1881-1919)

       I just looked up this guy named James Reese Europe; or "Jim" Europe as he was known.  He was a member of the 396th Infantry Regiment.  Some people call him; "The Martin Luther King of music."  He was a "Band Leader" and "Composer."  I hear Dawn barking.

     In Mr. Steve's opinion, from what he knows now, that guy Jim Europe would have gone down in history as one of the most famous musicians ever if he had not died so young.  Instead, he's a trivia question about the history of Jazz.  Two Crows are squawking at one another.

     Mr. Steve had not known who Jim Europe was until he met that one man he did the artwork for.  At first he thought the name "Europe" might have been a gimmick name but I can see in this Encyclopedia that it wasn't.  Jim Europe died at the young age of thirty eight.

     Wow!  In 1919, the year after World War I ended, that guy Jim Europe was stabbed to death backstage by a drummer whose playing he criticized. Oh!  Jim Europe's birthday was February 22.  Mr. Steve's father was born on the 23rd.  I hear a Train whistling to the north.

     Later this afternoon I'll write about "Arlington National Cemetery" which Mr. Steve's family visited in Washington D.C. in 2008.  This one guy named Audie Murphy is buried there and I'm going to write more about him later too.  Jim Europe is buried there.  

     Another thing I'm scheduled to write about later today is this thing called the "27 Club." It's a group of famous musicians who died at the age of twenty seven.  Daisy helped me put together the list.  She said Mr. Steve told her and Millie all about that subject one time.


                                                                                 BESSIE COLEMAN (1893-1926)

       I just looked up in my Encyclopedia this girl named Bessie Coleman.  She was the first black female pilot.  From what it says here she was inspired bye that one guy Eugene Bullard who was a pilot for the French in World War I.  Jack the Jackrabbit just ran out into the desert.

      This is kind of sad.  According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, that Airplane pilot Bessie Coleman was only thirty four years old when she died in a Plane crash.  Mr. Steve says in those days flying was way more dangerous than it is now.  I hear a Crow cawing.

   In the 1920's and 1930's the most famous pilot in the world was named Charles Lindbergh. He was even more famous than Amelia Earhart.  And looking at the picture of him here in this Encyclopedia I think he looks like he could be Amelia Earhart's brother. 


                                                                           CHARLES LINDBERGH (1902-1974)


      According to my Encyclopedia that guy Charles Lindbergh was the first person ever to fly by himself from here in North America over to Europe.  He did it irlesn 1937, six years before Amelia Earhart did it.  They both must've been brave.  I smell a Juniper bush.

      This is interesting.  Charles Lindbergh was an "Isolationist" in the years leading up to the Second World War.  That means he didn't want the United States to come into the war.  He said America should just stay to itself and not "get involved" in a second European war. 

                                              CHARLES LINDBERGH IN GERMANY

      According to this Encyclopedia, during the mid-1930's Charles Lindbergh went over to visit Nazi Germany.  Mr. Steve told us he, like a lot of people then, admired the German Luftwaffe or Air Force.  He later thought England would lose in a war with Hitler's Germany.

     Well, it looks like I'm finished with chapter four.  The day is going pretty fast You Guys.  But I still have a long day ahead of me.  I'm still sort of thinking about Heathcliff but focusing on my third book is helping a lot.  I see Samson and Delilah are flying bye right now.


                                                                        (Chapter 5)

        I feel a lot better now.  I took a quick break and went to the bathroom and drank some of the water in the gray bucket near the sliding glass door.  I also patrolled along the back fence behind the three Sheds.  There's a lot of life going on out in the eastern desert again today.

      Well, now that I've pulled back out all of my materials I'm ready to continue on with this last book.  The sky is so blue right now.  The air is so clear.  I can hear many types of Birds out in the eastern desert beyond the three Sheds.  Oh!  The Chimes just began to ring. 

      Hey Holy Spirit!  I was just beginning to study my book three outline but now I think I feel Your presence.  I'm going to take a few good deep breaths of fresh air and then start again. 

      I can see that I still have more to write a little bit more about the Depression and World War II era.  And then I'll write about sports and music.  Yesterday in book two I wrote about that guy Charles O. Finley; who owned the Oakland A's.  I'll write more about him today.   

      Mr. Steve has had conversations with people who lived in the early 1940's.  A few have told him they thought that many, if not most, Americans did not want to go to war right up until the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.  But then everything changed quickly. 


                          JOSEPH KENNEDY (1888-1969) WITH WIFE AND CHILDREN

       The picture in this Encyclopedia shows the Kennedy family.  According to what it says in the caption; "Joseph Kennedy Sr. and his wife sit with their nine children."  I guess "Joe" Kennedy was what they call the "Patriarch" of his large family.  I smell a Lizard around here.

      Yesterday when I wrote about the Kennedy's I mentioned how they were Irish Catholics and lived in New England to the east of where Mr. Steve's sister Susan lives with Dalton and Austin. A Train just whistled faintly to the north of us.  I smell one of the new Sage plants.

       Mr. Steve's father knows a lot about the Kennedy family.  As I wrote in book two yesterday, Joe Sr. was a very powerful person.  He wanted his son Joe Jr. to be President but as I mentioned yesterday; he was killed in World War II.  So John had to be the one to do it.

      Daisy jokes that Mr. Steve is sort of like our patriarch.  His father is the leader of the whole family.  He's the one our boss often looks to for advice.  Mr. Steve's father is getting older but is still at times very tough.  As that old saying goes; "Once a Marine, always a Marine." 

       I guess during the 1930's Great Depression Joe Kennedy Sr. was Ambassador to England. But he and President Franklin Roosevelt didn't like each other that much Mr. Steve says.  One reason was because Joe Kennedy was one of those Isolationists like Charles Lindbergh.

      Oh wow!  It says here in this one Encyclopedia that in 1932, the year Mr. Steve's father was born, Charles Lindbergh and his wife had a baby kidnapped.  Lindbergh's baby was stolen and "held for ransom" as they say.  I can hear some Crows squawking at each other.

      Mr. Steve thinks that when people are really poor they do things and take chances they never would would have.  During the Great Depression kidnapping started happening more and more.  The man who stole Charles Lindbergh's baby boy was eventually caught.

     This is so sad!  According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, the man who kidnapped the Lindbergh baby got his money but then killed the baby anyway.  After that Lindbergh and his wife decided they didn't like it here so moved their family over to Europe.  

    I'll bet Mr. Steve is in his office working on that lady from Quebec's frame.  She told our boss that, with her husband and three children, they moved from Canada to the state of Maine; where our boss has customers.  Then a few years later they came here to California.

      That lady said her family still goes back east to visit their family in Quebec but now feel like "assimilated" Americans. One thing that makes that lady from Canada feel American is that her husband was in the U.S. Army.  I hear a motorcycle going bye out on Primavera Road.

      Another thing that made that lady feel American was when her teenage daughter represented the United States in ice skating competitions over in Japan.  I've never seen anyone ice skate but Dais has.  She says it's amazing.  I wonder if a Dog could learn to ice skate?  

      I told Daisy about trying to make money being the first professional Dog skater.  I really do think others would pay to see a good Dog skate.  But Daisy says we'd have to pay to have special custom skates made and besides; we have no ice to practice on anyway.  

     On that Canadian ladies frame, to the left of the Fleur de Lis is a Canadian "Maple Leaf" flag  and on the other side an American flag.  Under the American flag  is California's "Bear" flag and to the side of that the city of Los Angeles official seal. 

     On the left side of the Fleur de Lis shield, below the Canadian flag, is a gold Maple Leaf image.  Below this are logos of the three Ice Hockey teams her family likes.  Growing up in Quebec this lady is still as much a Montreal Canadians fan as we are Oakland A's fans.




     On that lady's frame the Montreal Canadians logo is in the center.  On each side are smaller logos of the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks; her kids favorite teams. Mr. Steve puts logos  that he says are "appropriate" to that particular person's life.  I smell a Mouse.

      One time he had to find a logo for that Mexican soccer team Guadalajara called the "Goats." That was the team our worker Mr. Esteban liked.  Just "for the heck of it" as they say, I used my Spanish Dictionary to look up the word "Deportes" which is "Sports" in English.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

                                                             MARCEL DIONNE (1985)


     When Mr. Steve worked for the Kings Hockey team in the 1980's he took pictures of a really nice man named Marcel Dionne who played for the Kings then.  Like that lady, Marcel Dionne was also from Quebec.  I just noticed the Mouse standing to the side of the tree.

      Mr. Steve says that guy Marcel Dionne was one of the best French Canadian Hockey players in history.  He was one of the highest scoring players ever when he retired.  But he played for a lot of really weak teams so never got the full credit he deserved our boss thinks.    

     In the 1980's National Hockey League teams wore their lighter colored uniform at home.  The Kings usually wore their gold uniforms for home games.  But at the end of the 1984-85 season the Kings and Vancouver Canucks agreed to reverse this for one game.  The Mouse is gone.

     On that night the Kings wore their purple "away" uniforms at home; while the Canucks wore their yellow "home" uniforms.  My boss gave that lady from Canada a picture he took of Marcel Dionne from that game.  He actually took a few pictures of Marcel Dionne that night. 

                         MARCEL DIONNE                                               BERNIE NICHOLS



      Mr. Steve told that lady Marcel Dionne was a very friendly person.  After the game he even stopped and posed for our boss.  So did this guy named Bernie Nichols.  During the 1980's and early 1990's our Chief met some professional athletes.  

      In his subjective opinion Mr. Steve says, even though most athletes are nice people, it seemed to him that Hockey players were the friendliest; even this man named "Tiger" Williams who at times looked really mean.  Daisy says he was what they call the team "enforcer."


                                                                "TIGER" WILLIAMS

      In Hockey if you break a rule like tripping an opponent or "slashing" at him with your stick, you get what they call a "penalty" and then have to sit in this thing called a "penalty box" while your team plays "short-handed" for two minutes.  You get five minutes for fighting.

     Daisy says one time our Chief told her and Millie that Tiger Williams, even thought he set the record for career "penalty minutes," was also a good scorer over a fourteen year career.  From 1984 through 1988 he played for the Kings but they weren't good teams.

      Mr. Steve says Tiger Williams was very friendly even though he looked sort of mean.  He sure was a good fighter; which is hard to do on skates.  He later wrote a cookbook and this Punk band from Canada called the Hansen Brothers "lobbied" to get him into the Hall of Fame.

      Whenever Mr. Steve makes a Frame he makes everything look "just right" as they say.  After the logos representing a person's life are in place then the sheet is put in a glass frame. That lady from Quebec picked red to match the Canadian flag but almost picked "royal" blue. 

      Well you Guys, on such a nice day it's kind of hard not to think about how we'll never ever hear Heathcliff's voice again.  Dais and I will always remember fondly Heathcliff's scent too.  In fact, I think I can smell some of the other Chickens over there next door right now. 

       Heathcliff's dead but life goes on Everyone.  I smell the new Spring Sage plants, hear singing Birds and see a blue sky right now.  I almost feel like just taking the rest of the day off and then finishing my third book some other time.  But, I better just keep on working anyway.  


        Last Summer Mr. Steve drove west on the main Highway toward the town of Pearblossom. He stopped and took some pictures of the open southern desert and the San Gabriel Mountains beyond.  Ah!  I just now picked up Libby's scent from over there in her Corral.

      Our Chief will probably finish that ladies Frame today.  It's Saturday so he usually doesn't make phone calls to his customers.  But sometimes he does because many Parts and Service do have to work on Saturday.  I hear the faint sound of two Wrens singing to each other.

      Mr. Steve's job used to be a lot better Dais says.  Many Car dealerships have been "slow" for a few years so it makes Mr. Steve's job harder.  And, as I mentioned yesterday, with gas more expensive people don't have as much pocket money.  Libby's looking at me.

      Since about 2008 Mr. Steve has lost a lot of customers.  And so has those two girls Susan and Babette.  That's why Mr. Steve tries to make some extra money doing artwork like his Frames and plastic Cards.  Daisy thinks that's what he'll be doing today.  I smell Creosote.

       Oh!  I see a little blue Dragonfly going bye.  I didn't even hear it coming.  It's small so must be a baby Dragonfly.  I see a few Flies in front of Jack the big Shed and hear some of the Ducks quacking next door.  Hey!  That little Dragonfly landed on the Coffee Table. 



         That little Dragonfly walked over to the edge of the Coffee Table and seems to be looking at me.  That's weird.  Dragonflies usually don't get this close.  I see that little Dragonfly's big eyes.  I'll stay perfectly still so it will stay here and I can study it.  I smell a Sage plant.  

      I wonder if Dragonflies notice things like Roosters not crowing in the morning.  Ah! I just now thought of something.  Is that you Heathcliff in a new form?  Wow!  Dais and I talked about reincarnation just this very morning.  I wish Daisy were here to see this too.

      Dais says at times she feels as though she has some empathy for Bugs.  Maybe she was a Bug at some point in the past?  Maybe I was a Bug too because there are times when I think I could  be a good Insect and find enough food and avoid being eaten by something else too. 

         Dragonfly's have such big eyes.  Daisy told me one time in his Bedroom our Chief played her and Millie a song called "Big Eyes" by an American band called CHEAP TRICK.  She says that song starts out slow and gradually builds up.  That little Dragonfly is walking away.


                                                                                                      CHEAP TRICK


       Daisy said she and Millie looked at the cover of a CHEAP TRICK album while they listened as Mr. Steve played drums along to it.  That album is called "Live in Budokan" and is a concert.  I guess Budokan is a place over there in Japan.  I can smell a Lizard around here. 

       According to what Daisy told me, that band CHEAP TRICK has two guys who have short hair and two with long hair.  She thinks they have catchy songs and all four of them are talented but she likes the guy who wears a Baseball hat.  He's so handsome she says.

      Another reason Mr. Steve likes CHEAP TRICK is because they covered two of the MOVE'S songs.  One was that song about the new dance called the Brontosaurus and the other one was called "California Man."  Daisy told me Millie sort of liked CHEAP TRICK. 

      Sometimes our Chief plays along to Live at Budokan Daisy told me.  But one thing Daisy says Millie didn't like was all of the screaming by girls in the audience; especially at the beginning of the concert.  Two of the Pigeons are flying bye way up high in the blue sky.

      Sometimes when Mr. Steve plays drums along to music Dais says; he wears these old German Sennheiser "Headphones."  He bought them all the way back in the 1970's I guess.  Daisy told me our boss has a few different headphones but likes the Sennheisers the best.

      When Mr. Steve plays along to Live at Budokan he has to hold the headphones away from his ears at the beginning of the concert.  Dais says this is because the sound of the girls screaming is so loud it hurts his ears.  But then he puts back on as the drums introduce the song.     

      Daisy says one reason why our boss likes to play along to CHEAP TRICK'S Live at Budokan album is because it has a good pace to it.  It has some fast-paced songs but also these other songs where a drummer can rest a little bit and catch a Second Wind.  I smell Juniper.

      Mr. Steve says that one thing about the young Japanese.  They will like anything American so when a band brags about how great they did playing over in Japan some people kind of smirk.  Daisy says our boss recently saw a concert video of JUDAS PRIEST at Bukokan.

      Looking out into our back half acre behind our Sheds and seeing all the beautiful green and yellow makes me think of the Oakland A's.  Green is now not only our boss's favorite color but  mine too.  I just like how green looks!  Daisy prefers blue but likes green too.

       A while back our Chief read a good magazine article about that man Charles O. Finley who owned the Oakland A's.  He was disliked by other owners but a lot of his ideas that were made fun of then are normal now.   Charles Finley was "ahead of his time" as they say.

                                                                                                            CHARLES O. FINLEY


        I just loked up the word "Empresario."  That's because my boss used that word to describe  Charles Finley.  He read it in a magazine article.  According to my English Dictionary it means; "the manager."  Someday I'll be manager.  But right now Daisy is!     

      Not only did Charles Finley go against tradition by putting the A's in white shoes and their colorful uniforms our boss says, he also was the person who first proposed night Baseball games during the World Series and what they call the "Designated Hitter." 

      Mr. Steve for a time had a customer in Main who knew a lot about the history of Ireland. He was a Service Manager and his last name was Finley too.  He and Mr. Steve had nice talks on the phone about Charles Finley and other things like that.  I smell an old Sage bush. 

      That Service Manager knew a lot about Saint Patrick; the patron of saint of Ireland.  He did not know who Charles Finley was so Mr. Steve told him.  Then he and his teenage son went out and read about Charles Finley.  I can smell a Thrasher Bird around here somewhere.

      Daisy told me how that one Parts Manager's son later thought someone should make a movie about Charles Finley; and that other guy Bill Veeck too.   After Charles Finley bought the A's in 1960 he changed their color scheme.  He made green the new primary color.      

Irish he changed the A's primary color over to  green and

      during Spring Training the A's  celebrated March 17th; "Saint Patrick's Day;" the day Saint Patrick may have died. 


                                                           SAINT PATRICK  (347 A.D.-?)


       Many details of Saint Patrick's life are unknown our boss says.  He lived in the 5th century A.D. and may have died on March 17th.  Mr. Steve "associates" Saint Patrick's Day with his sister Susan's March 16th birthday; the day after Julius Caesar's Ides of March.

       Mr. Steve once told Daisy and that Dog Millie that Saint Patrick in part converted Celts to Christianity by using a shamrock leaf with it's three sections.  This is probably because he knew many pagans considered 3 a "sacred" number; representing  life, death and eternal life. 


      Our boss says Celtic Druid Priests taught about the "Triple Goddesses" of Brigid, Ériu and Morrigan; who was the war Goddess.  Lately Daisy has been telling me about when our Chief used to tell her and Millie about Amazons or the Viking Valkyries.  

      Daisy has also been telling me about this great tv show with a girl called "Xena."  She's what they call a "warrior Princess" and her best friend is named Gabrielle.  Xena used to be bad but now uses her amazing fighting abilities to help the poor for the "greater good."  



       Xena is like a female Hercules Daisy says.  She uses this blade that comes back just like one of those boomerangs.  Her friend Gabrielle starts out inexperienced but learns to be a "Bard" or poet.  Daisy says Gabrielle met Homer before he was famous; and fights with a staff.  

       Mr. Steve once met a girl who was a big Xena fan.  Daisy says she once invited him to go with her to a Xena convention in Pasadena.  But he had a wedding to photograph on that day or he would've gone with her.  Now she goes every year with her husband and three kids.

      Over the years Mr. Steve has been invited to events where people "Dress Up."  He'll go but is not interested in dressing up in what's called "Period Garb."  He prefers just to watch people in costumes.  I guess a few times he's lent things to people for their costumes though.  

       I mentioned the ancient Greek female Amazon warriors back in book one.  And I was going to write about Xena and Gabrielle then.  But Daisy said to put it here in my third book instead.  The day before yesterday I also mentioned those two Amazon Queen sisters.

                       PENTHESILEA                                                       HIPPOLYTE                                 


       In book one and two I mentioned how Mr. Steve nicknamed Daisy and I after the Amazon sister Queens Hippolyte and Penthesilea.  Hippolyte fought that guy Hercules because he wanted her precious belt.  And Penthesilea battled Achilles outside the walls of Troy.

      Hey Blessed Mother!  As you know, if I could go back in time using Mr. Peabody's Way Back Machine I'd like to see a real Amazon fight.  That would be so great!  But Mr. Steve says there probably wasn't really a tribe of girls like the Greeks described.  I can smell a Squirrel.

      Mr. Steve once met a man who knew about Archaeology.  He believed the stories of Amazons in ancient Greece were based on the fact that, as the Greeks moved away from Greece, they met cultures like the "Scythians" where females fought alongside the males.

     That man told our Chief in places like the Ukraine, South Asia and Central Asia Scythian graves have been discovered where females were buried with weapons.  Not only that he says, they had combat wounds on their bodies just like the men.  Oh!  I see the Squirrel.


                                                      SCYTHIAN WOMAN WARRIOR



      Mr. Steve says some people study bones.  That man said some of the female skeletons in those grave mounds had bones that indicated a hard life of riding on Horses; just like Attila's Huns or Genghis Khan's Mongols.  And their hands had obviously been used to shoot a bow.

      The biggest reason why females would have to fight alongside the males is necessity.  That's what that man told Mr. Steve.  Scythians lived difficult lives in a harsh land.  They were forever on the move or fighting off other hostile groups.  That Squirrel just ran under Manny.

      For the ancient Scythians to survive everyone had to "Pitch In" so to speak.  From what that man told our boss, the Scythians used the Horse and bow in the same way the Huns and Mongols did later.  Females can be just as agile on a Horse.  Look at Mr. Steve's sister Susan.        


                                                                                        ANCIENT GREEK WOMAN

                                                                                                      PAINTING BY MARGARET FONSECA


  According to what Mr. Steve says, ancient Greece was mainly a more "settled" culture where the females led indoor lives.  Females were thought to be inferior and weak.  Even though Greece is where Democracy started Mr. Steve says; females were not equal in ancient Greece.

      That man said it's important to notice that in the ancient Greek stories about the Amazons it usually turned out that the females are killed by men.  One exception to that ending is the time when Hippolyte survived when Hercules stole her magical belt.  A Crow just cawed.

      There are places in the world now where females live what they call "Egalitarian" lives with males.  That man told our boss he knew people who visited this area called "Kazakhstan."  The women live just like the ancient Scythians.  I can see Libby over there in her Corral.



       The day before yesterday in book one I was supposed to learn and then write about this one Viking Goddess named "Skadi."  On that outline Daisy had put her after Thor; and Odin with his two Crows.  But somehow I missed it and realized it only later that first night. 

      I was kind of upset but Dais calmed me down and told me I could just insert Skadi into book three after Xena, the Amazons and the Scythian women.  It was no big deal.  Hey God!  I'm glad You had me come over here to be with Daisy.  As You know, I really want to help her too.

      This is interesting.  This Encyclopedia says Skadi is the Norse Goddess of "the Mountains" and the "Winter hunt."  Daisy told me me our boss mentioned how Skadi wore skis and had a bow to shoot things.  Oh!  One of the small new Jackrabbits just whizzed bye. 

      I guess Skadi was from a "Mythological Race" called the "Jötunn."  Just like Odin had his two Crows, Skadi has her "protective" Wolves.  She married the Sea God "Njord" but he didn't like living in such cold mountains like Skadi did.  Later Skadi also married Odin.    

      No matter what I do I still keep thinking about Heathcliff.  Dais said it would be a challenge to write today and she was so right.  But I also remember what Sister Rita Joseph said; "There are times when overcoming challenges is what what makes life meaningful."

      So You Guys, I'll just have to try harder not to think so much about how Heathcliff is gone.   Instead I'll just focus on finishing this third book.  That will be a real challenge that's for sure.  But I'll do it in memory of Heathcliff and all of those who have died in Mr. Steve's life.  

        Well, according to my outline I still have one more thing to write about Saint Patrick.  It's probably a myth he got rid of the Snakes in Ireland because there are no Snakes in Ireland our Chief says.  But there is a big legless Lizard that sort of looks like a Worm! 

      Mr. Steve one time read that some people think Snakes in the story about Saint Patrick and the Snakes might be symbolic of Druid Priests because sometimes they were "represented" by a Snake.  Oh! I just saw a big light brown Snake crawl under Jack the biggest Shed!

        The Major League Baseball teams are all in Spring Training right now.  The A's usually have good teams even though it's hard to compete financially with teams like the Dodgers or Yankees.  But they have a good General Manager our boss told us.  I smell a Juniper plant.

      Both Daisy and myself would like to go back in time to see the Oakland A's play during the early 1970's.  Mr. Steve says he now looks back on that time as the "Good old Days" as far as his interest in the A's.  He told us he now appreciates that man Charles Finley more.



      Our boss told us that some of Charles Finley's ideas were never "adopted;" like using orange baseballs.  But some of his "Innovations" are now "taken for granted" as I wrote about in book two yesterday.  Charles Finley was a "Showman" or "Maverick" in the 1960's and 1970's.

      Something I sure wish I could've seen is that mechanical Rabbit who used to come out of the ground near home plate to give the umpires new balls at the A's home games. What an ingenious idea!  If I could go back in time I'd definitely go back to see that!



      Mr. Steve told us that when the A's were in Kansas City, Charles Finley used to have some Sheep grazing beyond the right field wall.  Boy I'd like to see that too.  I'd like to have a Sheep but Daisy told me it wouldn't be practical.  But we could sell the wool!   

      That man Charles Finley sure sounds like an interesting person Daisy thinks.  I think so too.   Our Chief told us he was the first Baseball owner who hired pretty girls to get and then throw back all the foul balls after they were "hit down the line."  I smell a Creosote bush.



      Mr. Steve says one of those  "Ball girls" that Charles Finley hired as a teenager later started   "Mrs. Fields Cookies."  And one of the A's "Batboys" during the 1970's later became this famous "Rap" singer named M.C. Hammer.  Daisy likes his song called "Can't Stop This."

      When our Chief first heard that M.C. Hammer song Can't Stop This he thought it sounded "vaguely familiar."  Then he thinks it was his girlfriend Harriet who told him M.C. Hammer was using the melody from an earlier song called "Super Freak" by this guy Rick James.


                                                       M.C. HAMMER ON FAR RIGHT


        During the 1970's when that guy M.C. Hammer was a Batboy for the A's their home stadium was called the "Oakland Alameda County Coliseum."  Mr. Steve told Daisy and me that about ten years later, in the 1980's, is when he had a hit song with Can't Touch This.

     Dais says our boss told her and Millie that back in the 1960's this guy named Rick James was in a Canadian band with Neil Young.  But Rick James was originally from the city of Buffalo in "Up-State" New York.  Mr. Steve has an Auto Dealership customer near to Buffalo. 


                                                         NEIL YOUNG / RICK JAMES

    From what this Encyclopedia says Rick James lived here in Southern California until his death in 2004.  In the 1990's he took too many drugs so went to jail.  Mr. Steve told Daisy and me that his trial was held in the San Fernando Court House near Sylmar.                                                                                                                 

     It says here that Rick James was a mentor to this girl singer named Teena Marie.  She was one of Mr. Steve's ex-girlfriend Harriet's favorite singers.  Dais says our Chief used to tell Harriet she should write a book about Teena Marie; who died in 2010.                                                           


                                                       TEENA MARIE / RICK JAMES


     Our Chief says he read that Teena Marie lived all over Los Angeles.  She died while living in Pasadena but had lived in other places like Venice and Inglewood; which is where the Forum is located.  But she grew up in Mission Hills right near the San Fernando Mission.

      Teena Marie died in 2010 and people like Stevie Wonder went to her funeral.  Even though she was white Teena Marie appeared on that show Soul Train many times.  Like Mr. Steve, she was a Catholic and it was Nuns who taught her to play the piano.

      Our boss read that Teena Marie was in a Beverly Hillbillies episode.  She made fourteen Soul, Funk and Rhythm and Blues albums and was Godmother to Marvin Gaye's daughter.  She also "took in" this guitar player named Lenny Kravitz when he needed help. 

      Mr. Steve says the Oakland A's stadium where M.C. Hammer worked is actually a Football stadium built for the Oakland Raiders.  In the 1980's they were the Los Angeles Raiders and our boss took pictures of them.  But now they moved back to Oakland.




       Mr. Steve says because the Oakland Coliseum was built for Football the "Foul Areas" are much bigger than most other Baseball stadiums.  This has been both good and bad he says. Over the years it has won and lost the A's some games.  I smell a new Juniper plant.                                

       Over the years Charles Finley had other connections to music.  In 1964, when the A's were still in Kansas City, he paid the BEATLES $150,000 dollars to play one concert at his Baseball Stadium.  Up to then this was the highest amount ever payed to a musical act. 


       According to this one Encyclopedia, 1964 was the year the BEATLES first came over here to America.  By then they had a few hit songs on the Radio.  When their Plane arrived in New York City they were met by screaming and "hysterical" fans; mainly girls.  I smell new Sage.

       I was supposed to write more about the BEATLES yesterday but Dais and I decided to put them here in book three instead.  Mr. Steve thinks, just as Muhammad Ali was more that just a Boxer, the BEATLES were more than simply entertainers.  I hear Pigeons cooing.


     From what Mr. Steve told Dais and Millie, back in 1964 one of the most popular tv shows was the "Ed Sullivan Show."  It was kind of like that Lawrence Welk Show.  But it was filmed in New York City.  The BEATLES made a now famous appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

      In New York City the BEATLES did a concert at "Shea Stadium;" where this Baseball team the "Mets" play.  Mr. Steve's ex-girlfriend Emily's older sister went to that concert.  Emily grew up on Long Island and came to California for College.  Mets is short for "Metropolitans."   

      According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, on that first BEATLES American tour they played a concert at the Hollywood Bowl here in Los Angeles.  Mr. Steve has been to the Hollywood Bowl a few times.  Rudy the Roadrunner just casually jogged bye.  

      I guess the BEATLES toured the United States three times; 1964,1965 and 1966.  Then they quit doing concerts or "playing live."  Instead they concentrated on making music in the Studio and did some of the most important music of all time.  I hear the Ducks quacking. 

      One way that the BEATLES changed the music industry forever was how they wrote their own songs.  At least that's what Mr. Steve thinks.  Until then singers just sang songs written for them by someone else.  You make more money if you write your own songs I guess.

      The BEATLES quit playing concerts after 1966.  And from what Mr. Steve told us one of the biggest reasons was all those screaming girls at their concerts.  Daisy and Millie saw this show on the BEATLES and told me that you couldn't even hear them playing their songs.

      Dais says one time she and Millie were in Mr. Steve's Bedroom and watched a good show on that guy Adolph Hitler.  They showed how women reacted to seeing or hearing him.  It looked just like what happened in 1964,1965 and 1966 when the BEATLES played concerts.

       Daisy says a lot of times bands or singers really don't play live on tv.  They just pretend to do their songs but it's really only a tape playing.  And Daisy told me, some bands even fake playing in their concerts too.  It's called "Lip Syncing."  Mr. Steve told us about MILLI VANILLI.


                                                                  MILLI VANILLI



       According to what Mr. Steve said that one time, MILLI VANILLI is the name of a band but also two singers.  In 1990, when Mr. Steve was thirty five years old I guess, those guys MILLI VANILLI won these things called "Grammy" Awards.  I can hear Crows cawing.

      From what our boss told us, it turned out that MILLI VANILLI really didn't do any of the singing on that album which had their hit songs on it.  The real singers didn't look as good as MILLI VANILLI so were kept hidden.  I can smell that one old Joshua tree.

      So MILLI VANILLI ended up having to give back their Grammy awards in 1990.  Returning those trophies must've been so embarrassing Mr. Steve says.  I just looked up "Photogenic" and it means; "likely to be more attractive."  Ah! I can hear a Dragonfly coming. 

       Too bad about those guys MILLI VANILLI.  One of them is already dead now.  Mr. Steve was told he might've died from drugs.  Daisy thinks he was probably so sad he willed himself to death.  She says that happens a lot in life.  That Dragonfly just whizzed bye.  

      According to the book three outline Daisy helped me assemble, the next thing I'll write about is that one guy John Lennon of the BEATLES.  Mr. Steve has noticed how often the number 3 has effected his life.  And John Lennon noticed the same thing with the number 9.

                                           JOHN LENNON (1940-1980) WITH FAMILY


      Hey God!  As you know, Dais jokes that You gave me a photographic memory. But when she was helping me put together my three outlines I couldn't believe how good of a memory she has. She's the one who helped me write down the things in 9's that influenced John Lennon. 

      Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time he read a Magazine article about how the number 9 was involved in John Lennon's life.  The first house he ever lived in was his Grandfather's and the address had a few 9's in it; "#9 Newcastle" in the "Wavertree" area of "Liverpool."



      Daisy told me the Magazine article on John Lennon said he was born on October 9, in 1940.  October is the ninth month of the year.  In 1940 Germany's Blitzkrieg conquered most of Europe and then the Battle of Britain began.  I wrote about that yesterday in book two.

      Mr. Steve has sometimes wondered if World War II had any influence on the BEATLES.  He thinks it must have; seeing as how the four members of the BEATLES were British.  Oh!  Jack the Jackrabbit is now sprinting bye right in front of the three Sheds.  I smell Sage. 

       Mr. Steve's brother Rock was born in October and so was his Niece Cristina.  Mr. Steve has known a few people whose birthdays were in October.   Mr. Cliff was born in October.  As I said yesterday in book two, Grandma Trujillo was born on Halloween, or October the 30th.   

       My Encyclopedia says as a teenager John Lennon's best friend was named Stu "Sutcliffe."  He wasn't really a musician he played bass guitar in John Lennon's band the QUARREYMEN; which is what the BEATLES were called then.  He's now called the "Fifth BEATLE."

                                                                  THE CRICKETS

      Mr. Steve told Dais that guy Stu Sutcliffe and John Lennon liked Buddy Holly's Texas band the CRICKETS.  In fact, it may have been Stu Sutcliffe who suggested they make the band name the "BEETLES."  And then later it was changed to the BEATLES.   I smell new Sage. 

      This Encyclopedia says some of the first consistent jobs the BEATLES were hired to do came in German Nightclubs in the city called "Hamburg."  Later John Lennon said it was where they really learned how to be a good band.  Pigeons are cooing above me up on the Patio roof.

           My Encyclopedia has a picture of the BEATLES playing in Germany. The caption says Paul McCartney's playing bass and the drummer is Pete Best; later replaced by "Ringo" Starr.  The amplifiers are so small!  Two of the Pigeons are now flying out into the desert.

       This photograph from Hamburg shows Stu Sutcliffe sitting and not even playing his guitar.  Daisy says he was a painter who was in the band only because of John Lennon.  I guess he died young.  I can see George Harrison too in this really early picture of the BEATLES.  

      When that kid Jason brought his guitar over to our house so he could play with Mr. Steve he used a little amplifier called a "Pig Nose."  He bought it used at a "Pawn Shop" in Victorville. It had plenty of power Daisy told me.  I just noticed Libby over there in her Corral.   

      Daisy told me that she had to get up and leave our boss's Bedroom because it was so loud in there.  She went into the Guest Bedroom and just listened in there instead.  Drums are kind of loud she says, especially the cymbals.  Oh!  I smell one of last years Sage bush's. 


      Jason and Mr. Steve like that movie I wrote about yesterday called Spinal Tap.  Dais says one symbol of power now with some bands is when they use big amplifiers called "Marshall Stacks" up on stage.  That band SPINAL TAP used those.  I hear a Wren singing.

     I just thought of something I feel like learning about; even though it's not on our outline.  Mr. Steve is interested in the subject of Marshall amplifiers.  In that one picture of the BEATLES in  Hamburg they had such tiny amplifiers.  I can smell a Ground Squirrel around here.                    

     A few years ago Mr. Steve met this guy who knew about the history of the electric guitar.  So of course he had to also study amplifiers.  They talked about the movie Spinal Tap and Marshall amplifiers.  A small group of Birds just flew bye over the house moving to the west.                       

     Dais told me Mr. Steve has wondered about what it would be like to play with a guitar player who was using a Marshall Stack.  It must be unbelievably powerful.  He's been to a few Sound     Checks of bands who used Marshall's.  I just noticed the Squirrel over there under Moe.              


      A picture in my Encyclopedia shows "Lemmy" from that British band MÖTORHEAD.  He's standing in front of a Marshall amplifier playing a "Rickenbacker" bass guitar.  Daisy says that our boss likes the "crunchy" sound those kind of bass guitar's make.  I smell Sage.

    Later today I'll write about that guy Lemmy.  Like Mr. Steve, he collects military things like hats and helmets.  Mr. Steve met Lemmy once and told him his brother Rock was a "Summer      Camp Couselor" at Griffith Park years ago.  He used the nickname "Hawkwind."                        

From what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie, Hawkwind was a "Space Rock" band from the 1970's.  Lemmy was in Hawkwind before he formed his own band Hawkwind.  I'll write about Hawkwind later this afternoon.  I can smell some of the old Joshua trees.                                    

      My Encyclopedia says a British man named Jim Marshall "created" the Marshall Stack.  An "Electrical Engineer;" he's the "Father of Loud." I know Mr. Steve thinks he's just as important as those "pioneers" Leo Fender and Les Paul to the history of the electric guitar.                                                         

JIM MARSHALL ( 1923-2012)

      In my Encyclopedia there's a picture of that man Jim Marshall.  He looks friendly.  I know he must've been smart.  Oh!  Jim Marshall died two years ago.  He was from England and guitar players like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page used his amplifiers I guess.                            

      Oh wow!  When he was a kid that guy Jim Marshall got really sick and almost died.  He was in Hospitals for a long time.  So when World War II broke out he couldn't help fight the Nazi's.    He became a musician instead.  At least he wasn't lazy.  Mr. Steve would like that.                          

   I'll bet Jim Marshall really wanted to fight!  But he was only sixteen and had bad health so probably couldn't have been an effective soldier anyway.  This is interesting.  It says here that      during World War II Jim Marshal "devised" a "portable amplification system."                           

      It says here that once the Second World War started in 1939, when Germany and Russia attacked Poland; there was a shortage of gas in England.  So that probably made it a lot harder to get jobs and do things like that.  I can hear Dawn over there barking next door.                          

     I guess Jim Marshall could only get a job as a singer but knew he had a weak voice.  So he built an "amplification system" to make it easier for him to be heard when playing live.  Two of   the Pigeons are now flying toward the southeast; in the direction of Libby's Corral.                       

      I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  It says here that during World War II Jim Marshall used a Bicycle to pull a little Wagon carrying his "primitive" amplifier to the jobs.  Then one day the   drummer didn't show up and he filled in.  He became a drummer.  I smell a Lizard.                  

     After the Second World War ended in 1945 Jim Marshall gave drum lessons in order to make some money.  And he did so good that he saved up his money and started his own business in the western area of London.  He sold musical equipment like drums and later guitars too.                  



       Wow!  It says here that guy Jim Marshall gave drum lessons to Mitch Mitchell.  He was the drummer who ended up being in Jimi Hendrix's band when Jimi Hendrix went to England.  I      can see a tiny Lizard standing on the wall next to the sliding glass door.                                            

     According to what it says in this Encyclopedia, by the early 1960's that man Jim Marshall had a good business going.  He knew the father of Pete Townshend; who was in that band the       WHO.  Pete Townshend asked him if he could make an "Amp" with more power.                                                                            



        I guess that man Jim Marshall ending up building what would evolve into the Marshall ?Stack.  And then bands kept using more and more of them to get louder and louder.  Some of the bands even piled fake Marshall Stacks on stage to make it look more powerful.

        One reason why I felt like writing about amplifiers right now is because I remember when Mr. Steve told us about that guy he met from Texas.  He told Mr. Steve that band PANTERA in the 1980's, before they became famous; stacked some "Randall" amplifiers.

       I guess that guy from Texas knew a lot about musical equipment.  He and Mr. Steve had a discussion about "Dummy" amps.  Those are the fake amplifiers which are just hollow shells that only look real from the outside.  I just picked up the scent of an old Creosote bush.



       Mr. Steve told us during the 1980's and 1990's a typical stage set up or "wall" would be four Marshall Stacks for each guitar.  Most of them were dummies or just empty "Props."  They were meant to give the impression of power.  I can smell a new Jackrabbit around here. 

      That guy from Texas and Mr. Steve agreed that after a while the walls of Marshall amps got to be ridiculous.  You know he says, they can't all be real because it would be way too dangerous for everyone.  That much power would quickly blow your ears out permanently.


       Oh!  Mr. Steve will probably be interested in this.  It says here in my Encyclopedia that John Lennon himself realized how often the number 9 seemed to enter and then have an influence on his life.  There's even a quote he said; "It's a number that follows me around."


         From what it says in this Encyclopedia, when the BEATLES returned to England from over there in Germany; they were soon "discovered."  Their new Manager changed their image and began to "promoting" them.  That means getting more attention Dais told me.

      Pretty soon the BEATLES went from wearing dirty leather jackets to "matching" suits with no collars.  They even wore BEATLE boot shoes that influenced everyone Mr. Steve told us.  He and some of his friends convinced their parents to get them BEATLE boots.



.y dressed better and so did the other bands like the KINKS and 

       John Lennon wrote a few songs that used the number 9 in the titles.  That's what it says here in this Encyclopedia.  One of the earliest ones he wrote was called "One After 909" which could even have been written way back in the late 1950's.  I can smell Ground Squirrel.

      This is interesting.  That song One After 909 was not "released" until 1970.  And I guess the main reason was because John Lennon did not like the original recorded version from the early 1960's.  I see a group of Birds high up in the sky.  They're flying toward the north.

      The BEATLES, who quit playing live in 1966, did a final concert up on roof. 

      He I guess he wrote a song called "9Dream."


  Mr. Steve told us he read recently in a magazine article that the last words John Lennon said were; "Yes, I am."  This was because a New York City police officer asked him if he was John Lennon right; after he arrived on the scene when John Lennon was shot.

      Oh!  There goes that Cow Bird that's been around here for the last two days.  It looks like the same one but from here it's kind of hard to tell.  I just thought of something!  For three days in a row now I've seen that exact same Cowbird.  I can tell by its distinct scent who it is. 



      I wonder if that Cow Bird is too young to realize that Heathcliff the Rooster is now gone?  I'll bet it doesn't.  But we sure do.  I wonder what it's going to be like tomorrow morning?  I don't even want to think about it.  Oh well.  As our Chief says; "life goes on."

     Dais told me that I should just focus on finishing this third book so it will take my mind off of poor Heathcliff.  Looking at the green in our often brown desert makes me think of the Oakland A's.  Daisy and I hope someday to wear one of Mr. Steve's many A's hats. 

      In 1968, when he was thirteen years old, Mr. Steve asked his parents for white "cleats" for Christmas.  This of course was because the Oakland Athletics were wearing white shoes which made them totally unique.  Our boss just loved the way white shoes looked!

     Mr. Steve's mom looked "high and low" for white Baseball shoes but there was only black.  It was like when a lady asked  Henry Ford if she could get a "Model T" car in her favorite color.  He said to her; "Of course you can, as long as your favorite color is black."

     In 1968 our Chief's mother finally found some white Soccer shoes and gave them to Mr. Steve for Christmas.  He was so happy and couldn't wait for the next Baseball season; even though his team wore red and not green.  He "overly polished" those shoes he told us.

     When my boss thinks about wearing white shoes he chuckles.  He says he was a victim of that old Japanese saying; "The nail that sticks up gets pounded down." Just because he was the only player in white cleats some called him bad names and pitchers threw at him.

     Our Chief can play any position but for the 1969 season he played "first base" because he was the best player on the team at catching what they call "short hops."  One time, because he was wearing white shoes, another kid spiked him on purpose.  A big fight broke out.

     Mr. Steve was cut on the side of his right calf.  It was a big cut and bled a lot.  Mr. Steve, as a First Baseman, was "holding on the baserunner" who had "made it to first."   The Pitcher threw over to first base to "keep the runner close" after he took his "lead."  I smell a Mouse.

     As Mr. Steve caught the "pickoff" throw and tried to "tag" the runner he felt some pain as that kid's spikes tore downward on his leg.  Mr. Steve punched the kid in the cheek and that kid swung back but missed.  Both benches emptied and a "Brawl" broke out.

     For years Mr. Steve had a noticeable scar on his shin; and all because he wore white Baseball shoes.  Now teams wears colored shoes; the Dodgers royal blue and the Angels red.  But not back then in 1969.  It literally was black or white he jokes.  I see the Mouse over there.

      Sometime back in the mid-1980's our Chief was at the Forum for an event and met this one Football player named Joe Namath.  They were in a restaurant called the "Forum Club."  Joe Namath was a Quarterback and was the first Football player to wear white shoes.


                                                                      JOE NAMATH


      When Mr. Steve told Joe Namath about wearing white shoes he chuckled and said;  "I know how you feel.  At that time wearing anything other than black shoes was like having a Bull's eye on your back."  I just noticed a Snake crawling under Manny the far right Shed.

      My Encyclopedia says that guy Joe Namath is originally from the state of Pennsylvania.  Mr. Steve's friend Rick's family came to California from Pittsburgh which is about thirty miles to the southeast of this town called "Beaver Falls;" where Joe Namath grew up.

      Our boss has a number of Auto Dealerships as customers in Pennsylvania.  One of them sells Ford cars and is in Beaver Falls.  Looking at this map of Pennsylvania here in this Encyclopedia it looks like a big State.  A Dune Buggy just went by out back on Primavera Road.  

     I just thought of something I feel like writing about even though it isn't on my outline; the  history of what's called the "Forward Pass" in Football.  Writing about Joe Namath, who was a great passer, makes me recall that Mr. Steve told us about a documentary he saw.


   From what our Chief told us, in the late 19th century Football was more like that other sport called "Rugby."  It was just blocking and running.  But it was so dangerous that people at times died.  So right at the turn of the 20th century many people wanted to "Ban" Football.

     According to what Mr. Steve saw on that one show about the history of the forward pass, it was President Teddy Roosevelt who helped save Football.  He liked Football because it was very violent.  He thought violence was good for building character in a boy.  I smell a Mouse.


                                                 PRESIDENT TEDDY ROOSEVELT

     From what our Chief said, President Roosevelt wanted to save Football so he suggested to the people in charge of Football that allowing the forward pass and changing some who other rules would make it less dangerous.  But those people didn't really want to do it.

     Reluctantly, the forward pass was allowed but back then the ball was so big and round it was hard to throw.  In the first decade of the 20th century the pass was was hardly ever used.  I see the Mouse standing over there on one of the rocks around the bottom of the big tree.

     According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, in 1913 Notre Dame used the pass to surprise and beat the Army team in a College game.  And it was this guy named Knute Rockne, who was later their Coach, who was the "Receiver" and caught those forward passes.

                                                                                  KNUTE ROCKNE


        There are two pictures of Knute Rockne in this Encyclopedia.  The caption says that after he stopped being a player, Knute Rockne helped design better Football uniforms and equipment.  I just was that Mouse duck into one of the spaces between the rocks around the tree.

     In the picture of Knute Rockne as a player he's wearing a tiny helmet and he doesn't have any shoulder pads on either.  And of course back in those days no one wore face masks.  No wonder so many of the players got badly injured.  I can hear a Crow cawing faintly.

     From what it says here in this Encyclopedia, at Notre Dame Knute Rockne was a "pioneer" in figuring out ways to "incorporate" the forward pass in a Football offense.  Hey Blessed Mother! My French Dictionary says that Notre Dame means "Our Lady."  I smell Sage.  


    Well Blessed Virgin it's happening again.  Just when I think about You I smell one of the Rosemary plants which is growing out in the desert to the east.  Looking beyond the three Sheds toward the eastern horizon I see blue skies.  Thank You Holy Mother.                                             

       According to my outline I still have things to say about the Oakland A's.  In the 1970's they were one of the best teams in Baseball our Chief says.  But then this thing called "Free Agency" came in and many of the A's  best players left the A's so they could go make more money. 

     Mr. Steve told us, unfortunately for the A's, the city of Oakland is considered what they call a "small market."  This is true even though San Francisco is right across this Bay.  So it's hard to attract good players now because they can get paid more in bigger cities.

       Until the late 1960's the owners of the Major League Baseball teams controlled the players by using what Mr. Steve called "Reserve Clauses" in their contracts.  In effect, this meant that they owned the players for life if they wanted to.  It was not fair.  I smell a Ground Squirrel.

      In 1969 this one Baseball player named Curt Flood challenged the system by refusing to be traded from Saint Louis to Philadelphia.  But he lost his case up at the Supreme Court and then his life went way down after that.  He ended up going "bankrupt" and lost everything.


CURT FLOOD (1938-1997)


          I just looked up the term "Stare Decisis" in one of Mr.s Steve's legal books next to the pile of Encyclopedia's.   That means "To stand by things previously decided" in Latin.  That's what the Supreme Court used as their reason to rule against Curt Flood.  I see the Squirrel. 

      Mr. Steve told us Curt Flood was one of the best players for over a decade but his life was kind of ruined after that.  And the sad part was that none of the other Baseball players tried to help Curt Flood.  Only Jackie Robinson "testified on his behalf" as they say.

        When Curt Flood sued the Major Leagues not a single other player was willing to "publicly" support him.  But even though he lost Curt Flood was the "martyr" who started the ball rolling toward the more "equitable" system now being used.  The Squirrel ran away.

     During the 1978 season Curt Flood was a "color analyst" on Radio for the Oakland A's.  He died in 1995 and Mr. Steve read he's buried in Inglewood, near the Forum.  In his later years he painted a "portrait" of Joe DiMaggio which sold for ten thousand dollars! 

      After Curt Flood started the process of "breaking the chains" other players came to agree with him.  Other players sued Baseball too.  And in the late 1970's the Oakland Athletics paid the highest price.  One A's pitcher who left Oakland was Jim "Catfish" Hunter. 


                                                                       JIM "CATFISH" HUNTER (1946-1999)


      "Catfish" Hunter was one of the first players to "play out his option" and leave for a better deal.  He pitched for the A's in Kansas City and for Oakland once threw a "perfect game." That means he "faced" twenty seven batters over nine "innings" and got them all out.

      Mr. Steve watched and studied how Jim Hunter pitched over the years.  He was not at all overwhelming but moved the ball up and down and inside and outside.  He changed speeds on his pitches and was just a smart pitcher who "played Chess" with the batters.

      Because our boss at one time in his early twenties used to umpire in order to make money he watches Umpires closer than most people.  So he noticed how that guy Jim Hunter had such good control of his pitches that it even effected how the Umpires "called" his games.

      What they call "Home Plate" is seventeen inches wide Mr. Steve says.  And he saw on many occasions how, by the end of the game, Jim Hunter seemed to be pitching to a Home Plate that was twenty inches across.  The Umpires were giving him the "benefit of the doubt."    

    But once the new system came in the mid-1970's the Yankees offered Jim Hunter a lot more money than Charles Finley could ever have paid him to stay in Oakland.  And over the next few years most of the A's good players also left for more money.  Too bad our boss says.

      Mr. Steve thinks Babe Ruth, because he made the fans come back after the "infamous" 1919 "Black Sox" gambling scandal, and then Jackie Robinson for "integrating" Baseball, are the two most important players in the history of the Major Leagues.  I smell a Mouse.

      But our Chief thinks the most important "non-player" in the history of professional Baseball is this one man named Marvin Miller.  He's the one who "organized" the players into what they call a "Union" so they wouldn't be controlled and dominated by the League's owners.


                                                       MARVIN MILLER (1917-2012)


         Mr. Steve thinks that the high paid modern professional Baseball players should be grateful for Marvin Miller.  But he suspects that many if not most of them don't even know who Marvin Miller was.  I see the Mouse running and hiding under one the rocks around the tree.

        It says in this my Encyclopedia that Marvin Miller was from New York City and was a fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Before working for the Major League players he'd "organized" Unions for the steel workers and also auto workers like Mr. Steve's brother Rock.

      Wow!  It says here that when that guy Marvin Miller began working for the Major League Baseball players in 1966 the "average" salary was about $19,000 a year.  When he left in 1982 it had risen to about $320,000.  And now it's in the millions our boss one time told us.

       Of course he's "biased" Mr. Steve admits but, in his subjective opinion the Oakland Athletics of the early 1970 's were one of the best teams ever "fielded."  He thinks that they had an almost perfect "collective lineup" in the nine batters they sent up to the plate.

      There's an old saying; "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."  Our Chief told us he thinks that would apply to the 1970's Oakland A's.  As a unit they were one of the best in history but each on their own on other teams didn't do as good; except Reggie Jackson that is.



      Bert Campaneris was a good leadoff hitter who could "bunt" and had a "good eye" to get "walks" and get on base.  Joe Rudi could then "move him over" so Sal Bando, Reggie Jackson or Gene Tenace could "drive him in."  The second half of their lineup was good too.

      Mr. Steve says in 1975 Bob Dylan wrote a song called "Catfish" about Jim Hunter; who died in 1999 of A.L.S. or Lou Gehrig's disease.   After Jim Hunter "Broke the Ice" other players from small markets "Followed Suit" and left for more money.  I smell a Joshua tree.   

     Unfortunately for Oakland A's fans like Mr. Steve, "Free Agency" hurt them the most.  They lost more good players than any other team.  A lot of the A's players were being underpaid by Charles Finley.  Too bad Mr. Steve says.  They could've had a longer dynasty.

     I wrote a lot about that guy Muhammad Ali yesterday in the afternoon.  I intended to do that here in book three.  But I still want to write a little bit about him here too.  Mr. Steve believes it was also Muhammad Ali who helped professional athletes to make more money.

     Mr. Steve told Dais and Millie he thinks Muhammad Ali, from a "Sociological" point  of view, was important.  Mr. Steve has read Newspapers since he was about fourteen.  So he notices when sports, race, politics, religion and foreign policy merge.  It's sort of rare he says. 

     Hey God!  Last night in discussing today with Dais You know I thought I might've written too much about Muhammad Ali yesterday.  But now, in looking at my outline for book three I notice that I still have a few things I can write about that haven't been crossed off. 

     In Mr. Steve's subjective opinion Muhammad Ali "Paved the Way" but "Paid the Price" for for the possibly overpaid athletes of today.  Sometimes he wonders if they appreciate what he did so they could make what they make.  There are times when he thinks they don't. 

     From what Mr. Steve says, for most of the 20th century professional athletes were almost like Slaves.  But Muhammad Ali "redefined" things he told us.  And now, ironically, the athlete is making so much money they're part of the very system that at one time owned them.

      When Muhammad Ali refused to go into the military, even though people like Jim Brown did support him, some black athletes like Jackie Robinson didn't.  Jesse Owens and Joe Louis went into the army; as did Elvis and Baseball players like Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio too.


                                  ATHLETES SUPPORT MUHAMMAD ALI (1967)


       There's a good picture in this Encyclopedia that shows a "Press Conference" just like the ones Mr. Steve has been to.  According to the caption Muhammad Ali is "surrounded" by other athletes who "supported his decision to refuse induction into the military."

      I'll bet Mr. Steve will interested to see this picture of Muhammad Ali's Press Conference.  It shows the Football palyer Jim Brown to Ali's left.  And on the other side of him the Basketball player Bill Russel is seated.  Mr. Steve once shook Bill Russel's hand.

      I notice that in the back row of this photograph a guy name Willie Davis is standing.  He was a Football player back then.  He's the third person from the right.  In 1984 Mr. Steve met him a few times at the Olympic Headquarters in Westwood; near the U.C.L.A. campus.

      Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is sitting in the front row at the Press Conference.  In the 1980's when Mr. Steve and his friend Mr. Mark worked for the Lakers he was one of their best players.  Mr. Steve took pictures of him a few times back then in the 1980's.  I smell a Lizard.


                                                             KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR  


    Mr. Steve told Daisy and I that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who grew up in New York City, was like Muhammad Ali in wanting to change his name.  When he came out here to California so he could play Basketball for U.C.L.A his name was Lew Alcindor.  I see the Lizard now.                    

      Muhammad Ali inspired other athletes to become "Activists" in other areas of society.  And Mr. Steve thinks once they acquired power in areas like religion or politics those athletes turned their attention to the real power in American culture, money.  I smell a Juniper plant.  

      After the time of Muhammad Ali other professional athletes, black and white, became more confident and began to give their opinions on things.  And they also eventually started to want more money for themselves and their families.  That Lizard just ran away. 

     In Baseball guys like Curt Flood really lost out at first.  But, because of them todays athletes are paid well; maybe too well Mr. Steve jokes.  And now the players at times seem to almost have too much power too.  The "Tables have been turned" as that old saying goes.

     Mr. Steve thinks an ironic thing about today's modern professional athlete is that now most of them will never "Speak truth to power" as they say.  Because they make as much money as they do they've become part of the very establishment that was once their adversary.

                                                             MICHAEL JORDON

                                                                     PHOTO BY JEFF HAYNES


       One of the best Basketball players in history was named Michael Jordon.  Daisy says he was able to jump so high up into the air.  He's from North Carolina but played for the Chicago Bulls as a professional.  Mr. Steve used to sell apparel to one of Auto Dealerships.

     Because the professional athletes are making so much money you will hardly ever hear them say anything controversial Mr. Steve says.  And you will rarely see them do something which is unpopular.  Michael Jordon is now one of the richest people in the whole world.

     I remember when I ran back here to the Patio that one time; to write down that one quote by Michael Jordon.  When asked why he didn't support a Liberal North Carolina politician against a Conservative he said; "Republicans wear sneakers too."  Michael Jordon sells shoes. 

     Mr. Steve says Michael Jordon is not just a "Millionaire."  He's a "Billionaire."  One Billion is one thousand millions Mr. Steve told us.  Our Chief has wondered if Michael Jordon would give up three years like Muhammad Ali did for "a matter of conscience."  I smell Sage.

     Wow!  It turns out that even though I wrote so much about him yesterday afternoon; I still wrote a lot about Muhammad Ali today too.  That's mainly because I know Mr. Steve thinks he's important.  Daisy completely agrees with me on that.  Well, back to my outline.

      I can see that I still have a few things to write about that guy Charles Finley; who owned the Oakland A's.  For a while Charles Finley also owned this one Hockey team called the Oakland "Seals."  I'm going to write about them now.  I hear the neighbors Ducks. 

     From what Mr. Steve told us, for many years the National Hockey League had only six teams or "Franchises;" the Montreal "Canadians," New York "Rangers," Boston "Bruins," Toronto "Maple Leafs," Detroit "Red Wings" and Chicago "Black Hawks."

     Mr. Steve drew the logos of all the first six Hockey teams when he was a kid.  He thinks the Detroit Red Wings emblem was the most difficult but he did it.  In 1968 the N.H.L. "expanded." Mr. Steve was thirteen.  A lot of things happened in 1968.  I smell a Juniper bush. 

     Two of the new teams that came into the N.H.L. in 1968 were the Los Angeles "Kings" and the Oakland Seals.  The Seals original uniforms used green as the primary color with white and royal blue as the  secondary colors.  Mr. Steve drew the Kings and Seals logos too.


     Mr. Steve told us that by 1970 the Oakland Seals were about to go out of business.  So Charles Finley decided to buy them and keep from moving away from the Bay area.  And of course he did things that some traditionalists didn't like.  The Seals wore white skates!

      I guess another thing Charles Finley did when he acquired the Seals was change their color scheme.  Like the A's, the Seals would keep green as the primary color with white and yellow as the secondary colors.  Sometimes the Seals wore green skates!  I'd like to see that.  

      After Charles Finley bought the financially struggling Oakland Seals he changed their name to the "California Golden Seals."  But from what Mr. Steve told us they were not very good and didn't have many good players.  Daisy says she'd like to see a Hockey game in person.


       Mr. Steve has seen a lot of professional sporting events in person over the years.  He says you can see good or bad games in every sport.  But, in his subjective opinion, if you happen to see a good Hockey game that's the most exciting; especially when both Goalies are good.

     From what our boss told us, there are times when two Hockey teams are equally matched and both go up and down the Hockey Rink making good passes.  Or it could be that both teams are good at what they call "Checking."  I'd be afraid to get hit with one of those "Pucks."

     Dais says our boss has a collection of rubber Hockey Pucks.  A while back he bought another one with the Anahem "Ducks" logo on it at a Garage Sale she told me.  He has some real N.H.L. Pucks.  I guess Pucks are hard even though they are made out of rubber.      


     I'm really not that familiar with the game of Ice Hockey but Daisy has told me about it.  She told me that in the 1970's when Charles Finley owned the Seals few players even wore helmets.  Now of course they have to wear a helmet whether they want to or not Dais says. 

      Mr. Steve remembers that in 1970 the only player on the Los Angeles Kings to wear a helmet was named Butch Göring.  He was short.  But Mr. Steve said his helmet was small and didn't give much protection.  Butch Göring was a good skater and passer he says.

                                                                JACQUES PLANTE

     As I wrote about in book one, even as late as the mid-1970's many Goalies still didn't wear a mask!   This Encyclopedia shows three pictures of Jacques Plante.  The first two show him on the Montreal Canadians; one without a mask and the second of his very first mask.

     Someday when I'm brave enough to go all the way down the Hall I'll see the Bedrooms and Mr. Steve's office.  In a corner of our Chief's Bedroom Dais says a Goalie mask is hanging on the wall near where he has his vinyl records stacked on the floor.  I hear Dawn barking. 

     I'll bet the Goalie mask in Mr. Steve's Bedroom looks like the one shown in this third picture of Jacques Plante when he was on the Oilers.  That mask would give good protection.   Dais says there are now no Goalies in the N.H.L. who don't wear a mask.  I smell Juniper. 

                                                    GLEN HALL / JACQUES PLANTE

     The caption below this picture in my Encyclopedia of Jacques Plante says he's standing with another Goalie named Glen Hall.  They were on the Saint Louis Blues.  This is a picture from the early 1970's.  Neither one is wearing a mask.  I smell a Bunny Rabbit around here.

     Mr. likes the uniforms of teams who use royal blue as a primary color; with white and yellow as secondary colors.  Serrano High School in Phelan uses that color scheme.  Of course, he also like green, yellow and white too because of the Oakland A's.  I see the Rabbit over there. 

     Daisy says that our Chief has drawn the Saint Louis Blues musical note logo so many times he can do it from memory.  The same is true with the logo of the Football Atlanta "Falcons."  This lady from Georgia once hired him to do some art with the Falcons' emblems.

     I notice that in the picture of Jacques Plante and Glen Hall they're wearing leg pads made out brown leather.  The gloves are the same.  Nowadays Mr. Steve says, Goalie pads and gloves are "color-coordinated" with the colors of the uniforms.  The Bunny Rabbit is gone. 


     Now,  Daisy says Hockey players use gloves, sticks and masks and everything else in the team colors.  This is an idea that Charles Finley would have liked since he encouraged the same thing. Charles Finley knew how to "market" things our Chief told Daisy and Millie. 

      Before Charles Finley owned the A's all Baseball catchers wore orange chest protectors and black and orange shin guards.  Now they wear those things in the color scheme of their teams. This is called "color-coordinated."   Mr. Steve's sister Susan is good at color-coordinating.


     But, sadly Mr. Steve says, the Seals were not very good.  And then, in 1971, they traded away their First Round Draft pick to the Montreal Canadians for players who ended up not doing that good.  That trade is now famous for being one of the worst trades in Hockey history.

      From what our boss says if the California Golden Seals had kept that First Round Daft pick they would have gotten this guy named Guy La Fleur.  Many years later he ended up going into the Hall of Fame.  So the Seals never became a good team while Montreal did.


                                                                      GUY LAFLEUR


     So, the Montreal Canadians got Guy LaFleur and the Seals got almost nothing.  Too bad that guy Guy LaFleur didn't go play in Oakland!   Mr. Steve jokes that if he had gone out to Oakland there would be pictures of him wearing white skates.

     I guess the Seals ended up moving to Colorado a few years after that terrible trade was made. At least that's what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie.  Mr. Steve said when the Seals moved out to Colorado they changed their colors to red, white and blue.  Not very imaginative.  


(Chapter 6)



     I love our land!  Oh!  Max and 99 are back!  It's so good to see 99!  Maybe I should run to the garage and tell Daisy.  Maybe later.  Right now I just want to keep on writing and try to keep my mind off the fact that Heathcliff is dead.  Max and 99 are eating out of the feeder again. 

      Wow!  I really do want to believe that seeing 99 is a very good sign Lord!  This makes me feel so happy.  Hooray for little 99!  This is great.  I love watching Max and 99 eat.  Ah!  now they're playing by flying facing each other.  Hummingbirds are so amazing how the fly.



          Dais is so right!  Max and 99 seem to be best friends. You can tell by how they play and chase each other around.  I wonder if they'll have any babies this year.  I sure hope so.  Well, Max and 99 just zoomed out into the desert to the east; beyond our three Sheds.

     Oh!  I see Rudy the Roadrunner.  He's standing on the branch of a big bush and has a Lizard in his mouth.  He'll jump down on the ground and then slam in on the ground.  That's what all Roadrunners do.  Poor Lizard.  I guess it was just too slow.  A Crow squawked.


      It looks from here that Rudy caught a pretty good sized Lizard.  But he can't let his grip go for even a second or that Lizard might get away.  Yup!  Rudy just floated down to the ground and is now standing just to the side of Moe.  I hear Dawn barking next door.

     Poor Lizard!  Rudy just body slammed it on the ground.  And he'll do that as many times as it takes to knock the Lizard out.  Mr. Steve says in Wrestling that's called "Pile driving"  Oh! that must hurt.  Oh! I just thought of something I forgot to write about yesterday.

     In book two I wrote about that Mexican worker named Esteban.  But I forgot to mention how he and Mr. Steve talked about a special Mexican form of Wrestling called "Lucha Libre."  That guy Mr. Esteban said Licha Libre means "Free Style;" because "anything goes" he says.

     From what Mr. Esteban told our boss, Lucha Libre style Wrestling started during the Great Depression of the 1930's.  To this day it's still really popular down in Mexico.  The Wrestlers are usually poor and are called "Luchadores."  I smell a Ground Squirrel around here.

     I agree with Daisy.  She thinks our boss will be impressed when he sees how much I remember about what he learned from that worker Esteban.  That's going to be so great!  I can't wait to see what he says when he realizes what I've done.  I can smell the Roses next door.

     Mr. Steve was interested to find out that many of the Lucha Libre Wrestlers today come from families who have been Luchadores for three generations.  Someday I really want to see one of those Wresting matches.  Daisy and Millie saw Wrestling on tv a few times.




     I'm curious to see what those masks the Mexican Wrestlers wear look like.  Dais told me that Millie liked the royal blue and silver mask this one guy wore.  She preferred the green and gold mask another Wrestler had on.  That's because she knows our boss likes the A's.

     Mr. Esteban told our boss how down in Mexico the life of a Wrestler is not as great as it seems to others.  One day you can perform in front of big crowds in Mexico City and a few days later in a small village with an audience of a few dozen.  I hear Dawn barking faintly. 

     According to that worker Esteban told us, Mexican Wrestlers lead kind of a lonely life.  And it's not easy.  They sometimes have to wear a mask for most of the day.  Even though it's fake Wrestlers have died in freak accidents.  I just picked up the scent of a Ground Squirrel.

     "What you get from Wrestling is a lot of injuries but a lot of love from the people.  It has to be great making children smile."  That's what Esteban told us and Mr. Steve thinks he's probably right about that.  Besides making some money; you can make others happy too.

      A little Wren just landed on Moe.  Wow!  That exact same thing happened when Mr. Esteban told us about this other newer form of Lucha Libre called "Perros del Mal."  I think that means "Bad Dogs" and I guess the Wrestlers are kind of mean.  They call them "Rudos." 


        Our Chief's "perfect day" is when he gets up early and makes enough money so that by mid day he can then spend the rest of the day working on his personal projects.  I kind of like doing this writing because it makes me feel as though I'm not wasting time!

      If only Heathcliff were here to enjoy the many things I'm smelling right now.  Most Birds are  foraging for food.  When I was homeless I became good at foraging.  If we go into an economic Depression I'll help Mr. Steve by using my nose.  Daisy's probably too old to forage.

     It's at times like this that I really appreciate the desert more.  As my boss says, the 3 of us are lucky to be able to lead a "less hurried" lifestyle.  We're not rich but we control our own destiny way more than most are able to do.  Thank you Everyone up there in Heaven!

     For the third day in a row Mr. Steve mixed in leftovers with our regular food.  That Spam is unbelievably good.  I know Daisy wants me to keep doing my breakfast dance below our boss's office window.  It worked again this morning!  That's three days in a row. 


     Boy are we lucky!  There are still a lot of Birds flying around.  Smelling, hearing and seeing everything makes me feel better.  I still feel kind of sad about Heathcliff.   Dais told me we'll just add Heathcliff onto the list of people and Cats and Dogs we pray for now.  

     Even concentrating on writing my third book I still keep thinking, in the back of my mind, of how things will never be the same around here.  Hey God!  I know Heathcliff was old and lived a good life but, this is such a sad "turn of events" as they say.  I miss Heathcliff!

     There goes that one Centipede again!  I've seen it hanging around here for three days.  Daisy says the main reason why Centipedes always seem to be in such a hurry is that they're food for other things like Crows.  Ah! A nice cool breeze just floated in off of the eastern desert. 

     That breeze reminds me of the last two days.  That's the third day in a row where just when I see that Centipede going bye a breeze comes in from the desert behind the Sheds.  It's probably just a coincidence I think.  I wonder what Daisy would say about that happening? 

      Centipedes walk in such a steady and determined way.  All of those legs are so amazing the way they move like a team.  Mr. Steve jokes that the legs move like the Slaves rowing the Roman Warships in that movie Ben Hur.  They have to be what's called "coordinated."



      Hey!  That Centipede just stopped and is lifting up on it's back legs the way Rabbits do.  And it's sniffing the air like it did yesterday and the day before that.  I wonder if the Centipede knows I'm looking at it.  I wonder if it has good eyesight?  Oh!  There he goes on his way.     

      Daisy says our boss told her and Millie that Centipedes usually sleep during the day and move around at night. He says Buddhist's joke if you like scaring others then in your next life you'll come back as a Centipede because Centipedes often run out of the dark at your feet.

     Daisy was right.  I thought about working today on the north side of the house but then she reminded me that I can hide my materials from our Chief only on the couch.  I know one thing, writing our three books is sure giving me a lot of practice in "penmanship."

     I want to finish my third book today.  This Notebook has a lot of empty pages.  But some of my pencils need sharpening so I'll have to try as hard as I can to not make as many mistakes that need erasing.  What was that?  I just picked up the scent of a Gopher. 


     Aha!  I see a Gopher behind Manny the Shed.  It's pushing up dirt out in our back half acre.  You know, I didn't use to like Gophers but now I've got more respect for them.  As Mr. Steve says, they adapted to survive in our desert by going underground. 

      Sometimes Daisy and I have wondered what it would be like to live under the ground like a Gopher or Ground Swuirrel. We wouldn't need eyesight as much.  We'd have to develop claws for digging.  Mr. Steve says he could never be a coal miner.  

      Hey Lord!  Remember in 1985 when when Mr. Steve went to the Tomb where You raised that one guy Lazarus from the dead.  As I mentioned in book one, he only made it halfway down the narrowing tunnel before he felt "Claustrophobic."  He couldn't make it all the way.

      Even though some made fun of him, Mr. Steve had to get out of Lazerus' tomb.  "Logically," he knew the tunnel would not collapse; but "emotionally" he couldn't help but think about it.  So he went back up to the surface and then felt he had to make a joke out of it to his father.

      Daisy and I have wondered Lord if You ever raised a Dog from the dead?  If You do we'd be so happy if raised Lucy, Millie and that other Dog Blackie from the dead.  We'd have five Dogs to guard our two acres.  If some invaded us we could bite him from all angles.   

      Even before 1985 our boss knew he doesn't feel comfortable in "tight spaces."  He jokes that he now  empathizes with my not wanting to be "enclosed."  And in 1977, on their trip back east he says, he didn't like being near the top of the World Trade Center and looking down.  

      Oh! Bonnie and Clyde the Birds just arrived.  And I just noticed a Hawk circling above out in our back half acre.  But that Hawk can't get them here because their nest is protected by the roof of our patio.  I love being this patio and I really like this old couch.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

     As usual Bonnie is spitting up food for her babies.  Yuk!  Daisy says there seems to be a lot more worms this year and that's exactly what it looks like she's feeding her babies right now.  But it could also be a partially digested Bug.  It's hard to tell from down here.

      As Daisy says, Worms and Bugs sure doesn't sound appetizing to us!  But, if we were starving we'd just have to "grit our teeth" as they say.  If ever something happens to our Chief I would be the one to smell out our food even though Daisy can still smell things too.

      Well, life goes on!  Poor Heathcliff.  Dais and I wish we would've been nicer to him.  We did bark at him as if he wasn't our friend at times.  But, You know Lord that we were just trying to show that we were good guards of our property.  It was nothing personal!  I smell Sage.

     Daisy helped me work on my outlines.  We remembered that Mr. Steve said in the late-1970's he and Mark Ritter, and their friend Doug, went to "Punk" music concerts.  Our Chief first met both Doug and Mark Ritter after graduating from Sylmar High back in 1973. 

      In September of 1973 Mr. Steve started at Valley Junior College in Van Nuys.  There he and his girlfriend Sandy met people who had gone to Van Nuys and Grant High Schools.  It was then that he got that job at Laser Images; where Mark Ritter already worked.

      One time, in 1981 he thinks, our boss and Mark Ritter saw this Punk band called BLACK FLAG play at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.  Mr. Steve says it was "pretty good" but he likes music with "melody" and many Punk bands just play high energy "sprints." 

       At some Punk concerts they have an area in front of the stage called a "Mosh Pit."  This is an area where people, mostly guys, slam into and hit each other really hard.  Mr. Steve, Doug and Mark Ritter were not interested at all in going into mosh pits he told us.

      Mr. Steve thinks in early 1981 BLACK FLAG at that point had a Puerto Rican singer; the same singer who was interviewed in this movie "Decline of Western Civilization."  Some day I want to see that movie!  Daisy told me she and Millie saw it and it was very interesting.

      My Chief thinks it was 1981 when they saw a good band called X play for the first time.  Both BLACK FLAG and the band X were from Los Angeles.  But my boss says people from all over come here to live.  The band X were also in that movie The Decline of Western Civilization.


     A magazine our Chief reads is called "LA Weekly."  In every issue is a "column" by a later singer for BLCK FLAG named Henry Rollins.  Mark Ritter, our boss's friend from the 1970's, saw Henry Rollins once do a "spoken word" show in Tucson.  I smell a Lizard.

     Mr. Steve says he sometimes likes when a guitarist plays in an "atonal" way like the guitar player for BLACK FLAG sometimes does.  Frank Zappa at times played his music in a sort of atonal way.  But a lot of times it can sound "flat" and "not that good" our boss says.    

     Mr. Steve told us, in his opinion, one of the most talented Punk band he saw is called X.  They play Rockabilly-Punk Dais says.  Their songs were "melodic" and took skill to play.  Someday I really want to hear the band X's songs.  Daisy told me that the band X is so good.

      Hey god! Even though it's not on my outline I suddenly feel like learning about the history of the guitar.  Dais and I know the difference between an "acoustic" and an "electric" guitar.  We like the sound of both.  A gray Jackrabbit just hopped past.  It didn't see me over here.



      My Encyclopedia says the first known "guitar-like" musical instruments were from ancient Egypt.  Oh!  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  In 711 A.D. it was Muslim Moors first brought the guitar to Europe.  And one of the places they brought it to was the city of Córdoba! 

      I wonder what this means?  It says here that for many years the strings on acoustic guitars were made out of "Catgut."  I hope that doesn't mean they killed Cats to get out their guts for the guitars.  Some Sparrows just flew bye way up high in the beautiful blue sky.

      This is interesting.  The first electric guitars were invented in the 1930's during the years of the Great Depression.  From what it says here electric guitars turn the vibrations of the strings into electric signals that are strengthened by an amplifier before being sent to speakers.

           gui9tar history

     Well, back to my outline.  I kind of got off on a tangent again but I jut felt like writing about the history of the guitar.  It wasn't on my outline but now I'm glad I did it.  It took my mind off of the fact that Heathcliff is dead so that's good.  Thank All of You Guys up there.

     I still have to write more about Los Angeles Punk music from the late 1970's.  A famous Punk band from that peeriod was called the GERMS.  Mr. Steve says in the documentary The Decline of Western Civilization they came off as sort of "sloppy" and "amateurish." 

     From what Mr. Steve told us, in Punk music it's often not really the skill of the musicians but the "attitude" and energy they show.  I guess many, if not most, of the Punk bands really weren't that talented he says.  If he can easily play their songs then they can't be that difficult.       

     My Chief knows that the GERMS guitarist went on to play in NIRVANA.  But in The Decline of Western Civilization Darby Crash, the GERMS lead singer, was so high that someone had to yell at him to sing into the microphone!  I hear some Crows squawking at each other.

     I guess Darby Crash was so "loaded" up on stage in that movie he sang in a "slurred" voice.  Our Chief was told that the producers of Cheech and Chong's movie "Up in Smoke" decided not to use "Footage" of the GERMS playing at the Whisky A Go Go in their project.

     Out of curiosity Mr. Steve went and listened to the GERMS album from 1980 called "GI."  He thinks that some of the songs are "okay."  But, a few of the songs are not that good.  And the singing is kind of weak he thinks.  He says he's going to listen to it again.

                                                                                                               THE GERMS                                                                                                                     

     Later today I'll write about how Mr. Steve thinks there's still Fascist or even Nazi influence in popular culture entertainment.  In this one picture of the Germs in my Encyclopedia two of the    members are wearing Nazi-type armbands.  Michael Jackson liked armbands too.                         

Mr. Steve told us that the GERMS have now become really famous.  Sometimes he wonders why.  One reason he thinks might be because Darby Crash killed himself a few years after The     Decline of Western Civilization came out.  A Thrasher Bird is running bye right now.                    

   Our Chief thinks the GERMS are an example of how music is subjective and not objective.  But just because he doesn't think the GERMS were as talented as other bands like X, the DEAD  KENNEDYS or SEX PISTOLS doesn't mean others can't have a different opinion.                        



      Oh!  There's a good picture in this Encyclopedia of that guy Darby Crash.  He's holding one of those things they call a "Skateboard."  Daisy told me that Skateboards have small wheels on them and people ride them like little Surfboards.  It looks like it would be kind of fun.  

     In the Darby Crash picture he's wearing a "Maltese" Cross medal around his neck.  It's like a German military "Iron" Cross.  Later today I'll write about a band called MÖTORHEAD.  This guy in  MÖTORHEAD is named "Lemmy."  He wears Maltese Cross's too.

     When he was a kid Mr. Steve and his brothers and friends used to ride Skateboards.  So did his Niece Stephanie's boyfriend Rich.  His other Niece Samantha has a boyfriend who likes to ride Skateboards so now she does too.  I'd like to try Skateboarding some time. 

      Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that when he thinks about Darby Crash he remembers how the day he picked to commit suicide was the day before the Beatles John Lennon was also killed.  So his obituary was totally lost the next day.  A Crow is cawing out there in the desert.

     Just like Aldous Huxley and C.S. Lewis's deaths were completely "drowned out" by dying on the same day as John F. Kennedy; Darby Crash's suicide got "Lost in the Shuffle" by the fact that John Lennon was shot to death back east in New York City where he lived. 

     One Punk band who did have talent was the the DEAD KENNEDYS.  They were from the Bay Area and Mr. Steve thinks they wrote good songs.  At least that's what Dais told me. The three piece unit that "backed up" the singer was what Mr. Steve calls "tight."

     From what Daisy says, the DEAD KENNEDYS music was more complicated than most other Punk bands.  One time in his Bedroom she and Millie watched as our boss played drums to their album about rotten fruit.  I just picked up the strong scent of a Lizard around here.

     A few years ago Mr. Steve met someone who told him that the DEAD KENNEDYS played a concert at the Olympic Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles.  That's where they used to have Boxing, Wrestling and this other sport called "Roller Derby."  I smell some Sage.

                                                                   ROLLER DERBY

       One of Mr. Steve's friends at Saint Ferdinands was named Paul.  He's been a Police Officer for many years now.  One time Paul's father drove them down to the Olympic Auditorium to see the Los Angeles "T-Birds" Roller Derby team.  I see the Lizard near the big tree. 

      Mr. Steve told Dais and Millie that Roller Derby is fake like Wrestling but was entertaining.  Each team on Skates races around a big circular wooden track.  Points are scored when players pass each other.  The players are good Actors in falling and things like that I guess.

      If Mr. Steve had known about the DEAD KENNEDYS concert at the Olympic Auditorium he would've gotten tickets.  In a few minutes I'll write about a Punk show down at the Olympic Auditorium that Mr. Steve did see.  I just noticed the Lizard looking at me.

      Daisy says she noticed that at times the DEAD KENNEDYS even had some Jazz influences. And sometimes the guitar player sounded like Dick Dale's Surf music.   Mr. Steve says that the DEAD KENNEDY'S bass, drums and guitar players even do "stop and go" techniques. 

      The DEAD KENNEDY'S not only had "above average" musicians compared to other Punk bands, their lyrics were also better.  Daisy noticed that some of the DEAD KENNEDYS words are kind of "mean-spirited.  That Lizard just ran under a rock near the big tree.

     Daisy told me that the DEAD KENNEDYS had songs called "Let's Lynch the Landlord" and "Kill the Poor."  My boss says you have to just ignore the DEAD KENNEDYS lyrics and listen more to the music itself.  Two Crows are squawking at each other out there in the desert.


                                                                    DEAD KENNEDYS                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Daisy says the DEAD KENNEDYS, who are from San Francisco, have a good song called "California Uber Alles."  It's a satire about a left wing "Autocracy" our boss says.  The Nazis had a song called "Deutchland Uber Alles."  And that means "Germany Over All." 

       In the song California Uber Alles Liberal California Governor Jerry Brown is the head of a "Progressive" dictatorship.   But in Jerry Brown's government the "Happy Face" logo is used instead of the "Swastika."   Oh!  Jack the Jackrabbit just zoomed bye right now. 

      Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that the singer of the DEAD KENNEDYS wrote the words to their songs.  In California Uber Alles, and other DEAD KENNEDYS songs, the lyrics are clever. They're as clever as Ron Mael's SPARKS songs; but dark and aggressive I guess.


       Oh my God!  In my Encyclopedia is the picture Daisy told me about!  It shows this one man swinging a "Folding"chair at a dead body hanging from a tree.  This has to be the photo that the DEAD KENNEDYS used on their album cover.  I hear some Crows cawing faintly.

     Daisy says the DEAD KENNEDYS have this other song about a man named "Pol Pot."  He was from the country of "Cambodia" and was really mean.  According to this Encyclopedia he killed over one million Cambodians in the years after the Vietnam War ended.

     Wow!  It says in the caption below the picture of the man swinging the chair that he kept on hitting the body until the head popped off.  Then the crowd cheered.  Daisy told me the words to the DEAD KENNEDYS song "Pol Pot" are good.  At least that's what our Chief thinks.

      Another Punk band Mr. Steve never saw play but wishes he could've was the SEX PISTOLS. Just like BLACK FLAG, the GERMS or the DEAD KENNEDYS, the SEX PISTOLS came out in the latter 1970's  But the SEX PISTOLS were from over there in England. 

     Like X and the DEAD KENNEDYS, the three musicians in the SEX PISTOLS could actually play their instruments and wrote "catchy" songs to go along with "biting" lyrics written by their singer named John Lydon.  Daisy says our Chief has their one and only album.   

      Mr. Steve told us even though he never saw the SEX PISTOLS play he and his friend Mark Ritter did see this band called PUBLIC IMAGE LTD; or "PiL" for short.  This was in 1980 and PiL was the band John Lydon formed after the SEX PISTOLS "self-destructed" he says. 



       Daisy told me that the first song on the SEX PISTOLS only album is called "Holidays in the Sun."  It's a really good song Dais says.  It starts with what sounds like "Goose-Stepping" Nazis marching along.  Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!  It's kind of intimidating Daisy says.

       A few years ago our Chief read a magazine article about the SEX PISTOLS.  It said that one of their most "controversial" songs called "God Save the Queen" was musically influenced by a MOVE song Roy Wood wrote called "Fire Brigade."  I smell some Oleander flowers.

     Mr. Steve admires Roy Wood Daisy says.  As talented as he was he never made it as big as the ELO which he helped start with Jeff Lynne and Bev Bevan.  The first album by that band KISS called "Fire House" was also influenced by the song Fire Brigade.  I smell a Mouse.

     The band PiL didn't sound like the SEX PISTOLS Daisy says.  John Lydon sang for both and his newer music was nothing like the SEX PISTOLS.  PiL is described in this one Encyclopedia as "post Punk" and was more "experimental."  They even played Reggae I guess.

      Dais says our Chief told her and Millie he read where John Lydon said, unlike many Punks, he liked some "Disco" music.  In fact he said, he liked KOOL & THE GANG.  Mr. Steve said he prefers KOOL & THE GANG when they were more jazzy.  I see the Mouse.

      In the late 1970's our boss and his friend Mark Ritter went to see this band called the BAGS at a place downtown in Little Tokyo called "Atomic Cafe."  It was a restaurant and a nightclub. Inside Mr. Steve says; part of it looked like you traveled back in time to the 1950's.   

      Punk fans from Hollywood, Pasadena, Downey and East Los Angeles "mixed" at the Atomic Cafe downtown our boss told us.  Inside, on the walls and ceilings, were Punk fliers and posters. It was a very unique atmosphere in there Mr. Steve said. The Mouse just ran away.

      Our Chief told us that the first time he ever saw a picture of that band from England called the Clash was on a poster on a wall at the Atomic Cafe.  He also remembers this one Screamers flier and some really wild looking people who used to go down to the Atomic Cafe.   

      Many Punks during the late 1970's and 1980's usually stayed to themselves and really didn't hang around with people from other groups all that much.  That made the Atomic Cafe kind of rare Mr. Steve says.  There was a "good atmosphere" inside the Atomic Cafe.

      Mark Ritter died in 2002 and the Atomic Cafe closed in the late 1980's our boss told us.  A few years ago our boss's friend Mr. Grant and his wife Lori, with their blind Dog Miggie; bought this place to live in which is called a "Condominium."  I hear some Pigeons cooing. 

      Mr. Grant's "Condo" is also in Little Tokyo; near where the Atomic Cafe used to be.  Mr. Grant also has a house near Edwards Air Force Base to our northwest.  Wow!  Just when I was thinking of that I notice there's a white Vapor Trail up in the eastern sky. 

      Mr. Steve said the Atomic Cafe had this machine called a "Jukebox" where you could pay to hear Punk music.  Now that was really unique he says.  The first time he heard a Germs song was on that Jukebox.  I wish we had a Jukebox!  I smell the Pigeons.  It's Fred and Ethel. 

     They served pretty good food at the Atomic Cafe our boss says.  They had soup with noodles.   Boy, even though I'm still sad about Heathcliff dying, that makes me kind of hungry.  But I guess again, for the third day in a row, we won't be getting any snacks.  Oh well.  That's okay.                                                             

                                                                    ATOMIC CAFE    


      A while back our Chief had a dream in which he and Mark Ritter "caught up on old times."  They talked about Gila Monsters and a trip they took in Mark's truck to New Mexico in 1978. They discussed the Northrup Flying Wing aircraft.  Fred and Ethel are on Moe the Shed. 

      In his dream Mr. Steve and his friend Mark Ritter jokingly talked about how it was being up in Heaven.  And our Chief told Mr. Mark it was dismaying getting mail from that group called "AARP."  He joked he now wants to believe in the Buddhist idea of a "Third half of life."   

      Another thing they talked about in that one dream was the 1970's when they both worked for Laser Images.  They talked about the time they towed a Laser machine down to the Long Beach Arena so this band called the BLÜE ÖYSTER CÜLT could use it in their concert. 

                                                                              BLUE OYSTER CULT


        Later this afternoon I'm scheduled to write more about that band BLÜE ÖYSTER CÜLT when I talk about Fascist "Iconography" in Popular Culture entertainment.  They're from New York City and Daisy tells me that our Chief likes much of their music. 

       Dais says Mr. Steve told her and Millie about the times when he and his friend Mark Ritter camped up here in the Mojave Desert.  Mark Ritter was interested in what they call "Geology."  He loved to study rocks and other things like that.  I can smell a Sage plant.

     In his dream Mr. Steve and Mark Ritter talked about coming up here to the desert to watch what are called "Meteor Showers"  They did this a few times and took binoculars so they could look closer at what they called "the show."  That Dragonfly just flew bye.

               TALKING HEADS                                                               BLONDIE                                   


      Mr. Steve says on one of those trips up here to see a Meteor Shower he and Mark Ritter only had two Cassette tapes, both by New York City bands; The TALKING HEADS and BLONDIE.  So they played them over and over a few times.  I smell a Gopher Snake.

     From what Daisy says, it was on that night looking at the Meteor Shower that our Chief first noticed how different TALKING HEADS are.  They were like DEVO in their quirkiness.  Daisy told me they have a good song called "Psycho Killer."  I see the Snake.

      I guess one time, in April of 1981, Mr. Steve and Mark Ritter came up here to see a Meteor Shower.  And they drove in a Ford "Van" Mr. Steve's father owned for their business.  Jack the Jackrabbit ran bye and then veered out into the desert going under the gate. 



      On that night they listened on the Van radio to a Boxing match taking place to the northeast in Las Vegas.  It was a fight at Caesar's Palace between Heavyweights Larry Holmes, who was the champion, and Trevor Berbick from Jamaica.  That Gopher Snake is gone.

     My Encyclopedia says a Meteor Shower happens because; as the Earth "Revolves" around the Sun it "collides" with small pieces of dust and other things.  As they hit the atmosphere then "Friction" burns them away and makes a shiny tail made out of hot gasses.

     I guess that "glowing" tail is called the "Meteor."  The solid object before it burns away is the "Meteoroid."  Daisy and I have seen Meteors before.  But it wasn't a shower but only one.  I do want to see a real Meteor Shower and so does Daisy.  That would be so great!



  From what Mr. Steve told us, the best time to see a Meteor Shower is between midnight  and Dawn when it's the darkest.  Mark Ritter taught him that the area where the Meteors come out of is called the "Radiant."  And that's exactly what it says in my Encyclopedia too.

     According to what it says here in this Dictionary a "Comet" is defined as a; "Heavenly body with a star-like nucleus and often with a long, luminous tail."  Comets move in "Orbits" around the Sun I guess.  Most Meteor Showers are caused by the dust trails of Comets.

      Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie about this one famous Comet called "Halley's Comet." In my Encyclopedia it says it was named after a British Astronomer named Edmond Halley.  In  1705 he first saw the Comet which would eventually be named after him.  I smell a Rabbit.

                                                     EDMOND HALLEY (1656-1742)

                                                               PAINTING BY GODFREY KNELLER


     According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, that man Edmond Halley was the first one to figure out that the Comet everyone saw every seventy five years was the same Comet.  It just took three quarters of a century to revolve or go around the Sun.  I see the Rabbit.

     I just noticed that guy Edmond Halley lived in about the same years that Jonothon Swift and Isaac Newton did.  They might even have known knew each other.  I wonder if Edmond Halley read Gulliver's Travels?  That  Bunny Rabbit just ducked under Moe the middle Shed.




     This is interesting.  It says here that many cultures in history have seen and "noted" Halley's Comet.  The ancient Babylonians and Chinese have records of seeing it in the third century B.C. And many different societies "observed" or saw it during the Middle Ages.

     Boy, the picture in this Encyclopedia of Halley's Comet is so amazing.  I sure wish Daisy and I could see it but we'll be dead long before it comes back in the year 2061.  The last year Halley's Comet flew past the Earth was back in 1986.  A Thrasher Bird just ran bye. 

     Oh!  This is kind of sad. From what it says here in my Encyclopedia, I guess Edmond Halley didn't live long enough to see if his prediction about that Comet was true.  He had used math to figure out that it would be back in 1780.  I smell one of the new Spring Sage plants.


                                                                                           MARK TWAIN (1835-1910)


     This is interesting.  According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, that writer Mark Twain was born just after Halley's Comet was seen up in the sky.  And he died seventy five years later when it appeared again.  I hear two Crows squawking out there in the desert.

      I guess Mark Twain supposedly said that; "It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don't go out with Halley's Comet.  The Almighty has said, no doubt; Now here are these two unaccountable freaks, they came in together, they must go out together."  I smell Sage. 

     And that guy Mark Twain did die right after Halley's Comet showed up.  That's so amazing. Wait until Dais hears this.  She's interested in things like that.  Hey God!  Did You cause Mark Twain to die when he wanted to like that?  I have a feeling that it was You.

     This is interesting.  The last thing I'll write about is how, it says here in this Encyclopedia, in 1066 A.D. a man named William the Conqueror thought Halley's Comet was a good omen.  He was the King of "Normandy," an area in France; but wanted to invade England.

     This so great when my Encyclopedia's have good maps to go along with the information.  This one map shows how England has been invaded a few times.  By the year 1066, about thirty years before the first Christian Crusade, the Vikings had been raiding for a century.

     In 1066 Normandy on the French coast, where the Allies would land in World War II, was an area settled by Vikings.  William the Conqueror decided to invade across the English Channel so he could replace the English King.  Cher the Cat just ran bye with a Mouse in her mouth.  


                                               WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR (1028-1087)

     According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, William the Conqueror was "descended" from Vikings who had taken that coast of what would later be the country of France.  I guess he was actually what they call a "Duke."  But by 1066 he was the ruler.  I smell a Lizard.

     Wow!  It says here in this Encyclopedia that William the Conqueror was kind of mean.  One time he punished a town by cutting off the hands and feet of men that he captured.  Ugh!  And he "gouged out" their eyes too.  Boy!  I sure wouldn't want to get him mad.

     In 1066 King "Harold" was the leader of England.  He ended up losing to William's invaders at the Battle of Hastings.  So from then on until the day he died William was the King of England and also Normandy too.  I guess King Harold was killed at the Battle of Hastings.

     I'll bet Mr. Steve knows this.  It says here that three weeks before the Battle of Hastings King Harold and his army fought two battles against invading Norwegian Vikings.  They lost the first battle but beat the Vikings and killed their leader in the second battle.  I see the Lizard.

     So that must mean King Harold's men were really tired after fighting two hard battles.  And then they had to march all the way from up north back south.  They confronted William's army near a town called "Hastings."  I hear two Crows squawking at each other. 

     Oh! It says here in this one Encyclopedia that King Harold also gathered new recruits for his army as he hurried down to the south.  When he got there he had about seven thousand soldiers and was met by William's ten thousand men.  That Lizard just ran under a rock.

     From what it says here, William had an army in which about half were foot infantry and half were equipped with those Crossbow weapons or were Cavalry on Horses.  King Harold's forces were mostly foot soldiers and his "Archers" just had Bows and Arrows.

     This is interesting.  It says here that William the Conqueror's Cavalry units used saddles that had those things called "Stirrups" on them.  So they could stand up to use them as "Platforms."  Oh!  I just noticed that Libby the Horse is looking over here in this direction.


                                                    BATTLE OF HASTINGS (1066 A.D.)


         I guess the Battle of Hastings in 1066 was a one day battle.  A few times the Normans would charge at King Harold's lines but were repulsed or "driven off" with "great loss."  Then, toward the end of the day the Normans pretended to retreat.  I hear a Crow cawing.

      Just like Ghengis Khan's 13th century Mongols used to do, William's Normans fell back as if they had been defeated; hoping to lure King Harold into chasing them.  Then, at just the right moment they would turn and fight.  Libby is over there and is still looking at me. 

     William, like Ghengis Khan's Mongols, was hoping to draw his enemy into a "Killing Zone" where they can be "enveloped" from their sides and destroyed.  And that is just what did happen at the Battle of Hastings.  After King Harold was killed his men then ran away. 

                                                                                   "BAYEAUX" TAPESTRY

      When he was in College at C.S.U.N. in the late 1970's Mr. Steve met and dated that one girl named Susan.  She became a Librarian but at that time was in some of our boss's classes.  She studied the Middle Ages and knew a lot about this thing called the "Bayeaux" Tapestry.

     Here in this Encyclopedia there are two images taken from the Bayeaux Tapestry.  Below the pictures the caption says it's a "visual representation" of William the Conqueror's invasion on England in 1066.  Daisy says that girl Susan called it "kind of like a storyboard."

     As I mentioned at the beginning of book one on Thursday; Susan is an important name in Mr. Steve's life.  His sister, that lady who used to run the local Newspaper and a girl at work are all Susan's.  Plus he has a good customer who's a Parts Manager named Susan.

     Ten years ago Mr. Steve taught Susan down at work how to be a Salesman.  Mr. Steve told us she's a hard worker who is dependable.  Like our boss she starts work early.  And now she's a good "Saleswoman."  I can smell one of the old Sage bushes out in the eastern desert.

     Mr. Steve has gone out with a few Susans.

      I hadn't planned on writing so much about Halley's Comet.  But reading about it makes me think about new things to put in here.  And that's kind of good because it takes my mind off of how Heathcliff died.  I just picked up the faint scent of the new Oleander bushes.

     Well, the next thing Dais has me scheduled to write about are these things called "Trilobites." According to this one Encyclopedia they lived about five hundred million years ago during the "Cambrian" and "Paleozoic" periods.  Mark Ritter knew a lot about Trilobites.


          Mr. Steve went with Mark Ritter to dig for the fossils of the dead Trilobites.  Trilobites lived in the Oceans millions of years ago.  When they died the mud covered them up and then over a period of five hundred million years their bodies formed into kind of a rock.

       At times Mr. Steve thinks about how Mark Ritter loved the desert.  He could've stayed with us on his.  As I said yesterday, we have a Guest Bedroom in the house.  Mark Ritter liked to go to an area near "Death Valley" called Nopah."  I can hear some Crowing cawing.

       Boy, I don't think I'd like to live in a place called Death Valley.  Mr. Steve met a lady whose ancestors went through Death Valley in the 19th century.  Many of the Oxen that pulled all the Wagons died trying to get here to Southern California.  I smell a new Lizard.


                                                                   DEATH VALLEY

       That lady Miss Susan, who ran the local Newspaper for all those years; told Mr. Steve that it gets even hotter up there in Death Valley than it does here.  That must be really hot because it gets hot here sometimes.  I just noticed a Lizard standing on the wall over there.

       Before I came over here to live there was a Meteor Shower.  Daisy, Millie and Mr. Steve sat outside and watched it.  Daisy says it looked like magic.  Millie really liked looking at it too.  Mr. Steve thought about Mark Ritter.  I want to see a Meteor Shower someday.

      This Encyclopedia says Trilobites were "one of the most successful" of Earth's early animals. I guess the Trilobites "died out" in a "mass extinction" at the end of the "Permian" era about two hundred and fifty million years ago.  I can smell that one old Joshua tree.

      It says here Trilobites "flourished" during the Paleozoic period.  They have three "Lobes."  And there were three types of Trilobites; predators who ate the other Trilobites, scavengers and filter feeders who ate plankton the way Whale Sharks do.  That Lizard is gone.

      Mr. Steve and his friend Mark Ritter talked about the Atomic Cafe in that dream and they chuckled at how surprisingly good the fried baloney Chop Suey was.  But as Mr. Mark jokingly said, you didn't go to the Atomic Cafe for the food.  Fred and Ethel just flew away.

      One time, when he wasn't there, our boss says Mr. Mark and his girlfriend noticed these two mean-looking guys eating near them.  They were missing the tips of the little fingers on their left hands.  Mr. Steve thinks they were probably gangsters from Japan.

      My Encyclopedia says Japanese "organized crime" is called "Yakuza." They're kind of like America's "Mafia" I guess.  Just like the Samurai warriors followed the Bushido Code, Yakuza go by the rules of this thing called "Enkozume."  Fannie and Freddie just flew bye.  



         I guess the Bushido Code said there were times when a Samurai warrior had to kill himself as it was better to be dead than to live in shame.  And in the Enkozume it says you had to have your finger tip cut off if you break a rule.  It says here Enkozume means "shorten finger." 

      Well, Mr. Steve was right.  It says here if you were Yakuza and got caught doing something wrong, you even had to cut off your own finger!  Boy, that would really be hard to do. When we hear things like that it makes Daisy and me glad our boss never even hits us. 

      Our boss told us he remembers at the Atomic Cafe that a lot of people wore these haircuts called "Mohawks." Some were even dyed in different colors.  Mr. Steve says that type of haircut was like the ones Mohawk Indians from the northeast used to wear in the 1800's.


     Mr. Steve jokes he should cut Daisy into a Mohawk.  But she doesn't think that's very funny.  I remember when our boss told us about that one other Punk club called the "Brave Dog" which was a few doors down from the Atomic Cafe; within "walking distance" he says.  

      The girl who ran the Atomic Cafe was a Japanese-American girl named Nancy.  Mr. Steve says she wore thick black eye makeup and had a unique haircut.  She took over the running of the Atomic Cafe in the mid-1970's when her father got sick.  I smell a Ground Squirrel.



       Our Chief says that girl Nancy's parents, during World War II, were put by the American government in these places called "internment" camps.  They were held prisoners because the United States was at war with Japan and thought they might be spies.

      After the Second World War Japanese-Americans were let out of jail and Nancy's parents moved back to Los Angeles.  They started what our boss calls a "noodle house" in Little Tokyo which would later be turned into the Atomic Cafe.  Aha!  I see the Squirrel over there.

      When Mr. Steve and his brothers and sisters were growing up their doctors were Japanese-American.  They had offices in San Fernando and during the Second World War were "held" in camps like that girl Nancy's parents.  These two doctors were brother and sister.

      Our Chief told us a while back he had a dream about Doctor Mary Oda and her brother who was named Sambo Sakaguchi.  In this dream he thanked them for all they did for his family over the years and Doctor Oda smiled slightly.  The Squirrel just ran out into the desert.   

      Mr. Steve recalls Doctor Oda and Doctor Sakaguchi as being good, basically decent people.  Because his parents during the 1960's couldn't afford health insurance they allowed them to put what they owed on credit and then make monthly payments until it was "paid off."    

      Our Chief broke his arm and another time broke a wrist.  He and his brothers and sisters   were very familiar with Doctor Oda and Sakaguchi's offices.  Because he suffered a few injuries, Mr. Steve came to know Doctor Oda and Sakaguchi's "calming manner" well.

      When he was twelve our boss and classmates were stupidly playing Soccer on asphalt at Saint Ferdinand's.  He broke his arm.  Before his mom took him to the doctor he remembers his sister saying to her; "Steven's arm is squishy."  But his mom was calm so he felt better.

      Mr. Steve recalls the waiting area of Doctor Oda and Sakaguchi.  When he was eight years old he was in that room reading a magazine when it was announced that over in Texas President Kennedy had been shot.  Samson and Delilah the Crows just flew past up in the air.   

      Daisy says Mr. Steve told her and Millie one time that in the 1970's it was Doctor Oda who "delivered" his brother Sam and then sisters Celina and Susan when they were born.  She was a very nicer person our boss says and he still occasionally has dreams about her.

      When he would come to the doctors office with injuries they would lie him on this cushioned table so they could then work on him.  He's also had some dreams about that table.  Only once was the pain so bad that he actually "passed out" as they say.  I smell a Mouse nearby.

      Mr. Steve says he always knew when something was going to hurt because a Nurse would go around behind him and press down hard on his shoulders.  Then Doctor Sakaguchi would say; "Alright, you know what to do."  That meant look at this one clock on the wall.  

      To this day our Chief remembers some of the "delusions" or "hallucinations" he had looking at that clock.  One time he felt better thinking how much worse it would be being burned alive like Joan of Arc.  He says you think of weird things at times like that.  I see the Mouse. 

      Dais and I have never broken any bones and really don't want to know what it's like.  But, as Daisy says, as long Mr. Steve was around to help us it would probably be okay.  He'd know what to do if something like that ever happened.  I did cut my back paw one time.

      Mr. Steve says bands from all around the world used to go to the Atomic Cafe when visiting in Los Angeles.  The Ramones, Blondie and Talking Heads ate there.   He heard Sid Vicious once started a "food fight" there.  Daisy thinks it's dumb to waste food and I agree! 

        A few bands wrote songs that mentioned the Atomic Cafe our Chief says.  One was called the "Plugz" who were from East L.A.  Another one was the Motels; who had this really pretty girl singer.  They wee also from Los Angeles Mr. Steve told us.  The Mouse just ran away.


                                                                      THE MOTELS



     In the mid-1980's Mr. Steve and his girlfriend Emily saw a band called the MOTELS in the gym at C.S.U.N.  But in the late 1970's the MOTELS used to at the Atomic Cafe.  On their first album our boss says they even had a song called "Atomic Cafe."  I smell a Squirrel.

        Some time back Daisy told me about this band from Los Angeles called the GO-GO'S.  She says they have all girls in their band.  Our Chief has one of their albums in his Bedroom she says and  sometimes plays drums to some of the songs.  Daisy thinks the GO-GO'S are so talented.



        Our boss's friend Mark Ritter was told that the GO-GO'S decided on ther band name when they saw "Gogo" Chicken on the menu of the Atomic Cafe.  Daisy says Mr. Steve likes the way the GO-GO'S seem to have been influenced by Surf music.  Aha!  I see the Squirrel.

      The GO-GO'S rhythm guitarist also bought a Condominium in the same "complex" where Mr. Grant lives with Lori and Miggie.  Among other things, Mr. Grant is an Attorney and one time "represented" that girl in a case against their Condominium Association.

      Thinking about the Atomic Cafe reminds me that Mark Ritter knew about "Nuclear" power; especially bombs.  In 1979 he and Mr. Steve went to "White Sands" New Mexico; near where in World War II the United States developed "Atomic" bombs.  The Squirrel ran away.





      From what Mr. Steve says, the "White Sands Missile Range" is where the U.S. tested its weapons after the Second World War.  And Nazi scientists like Werner von Brahn, who were brought to America in 1945 through Operation Paper Clip, worked there.

      My Encyclopedia says that during World War II the U.S. created the first Nuclear bombs in the world through secret projects called "Trinity" and "Manhattan." The place they worked on the bombs is called "Los Alamos."  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye right now.

     According to what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie a while back, he was told by this older man at the Phelan Library that there are about fifteen thousand Nuclear "Warheads" in the world now.  During the Second World War America was the only country with them.

     That man said there are now nine countries who have some Nuclear weapons; though Israel has not "officially" admitted having them.  It's better for them if their enemies don't know for sure Mr. Steve thinks.  Rudy the Roadrunner is jogging bye in front of the Sheds. 

      Mr. Steve says the Soviet Union "fell" in 1989.  He and his father think it was one of the most amazing events in history; especially because there was very little bloodshed.  That fact, "in and of itself" as they say, makes it so unique.  I just picked up the scent of Sage.

     That one man at the Library told Mr. Steve he thinks President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II will go down in history as the ones who, along with that man Mikhail Gorbachov, peacefully ended Communism in the Soviet Union.  It's was a miracle he thinks.


          MIKHAIL GORBACHOV            RONALD REAGAN                POPE JOHN PAUL II


      Hey God!  Was it You who allowed the Cold War to end without very much violence?  That man at the Library said if it wasn't You then the world sure is lucky.  But he thinks it was You.  If it was You God then thank You for saving us.  I hear Blinky and Dawn barking. 

     Mr. Steve and his father would agree with that man at the Phelan Library.  He thought it was President Reagan threatening to develop a "Star Wars" defense system up in space that got the Russians to finally realize they could not compete financially with the U.S.

     Mikhail Gorbachov was the leader of the Soviet Union back in 1989.  He was smart enough to know there was no way they could keep up economically if they had to spend so much money in order to not let the United States have the capacity to totally destroy them. 

   Mr. Steve thought about Mark Ritter when the man at the Library told him even though the Cold War is over, we and the Russians still "maintain" about eight thousand warheads each.  He says France and England each have about three hundred Nuclear warheads.

     I guess China is in fourth place in how many Nuclear warheads they have.  Mr. Steve thinks it's possible someday a Nuclear war might happen between India and Pakistan.  Or North and South Korea might blow each other up.  I hear some Crows cawing out in the desert.

      As far as developing nuclear bombs the United States beat the Germans and Japanese "to the punch" as they say.  Both Germany and Japan had also been working to create Atomic bombs.  But they never finished.  We used two Atomic bombs on Japan.  A Crow cawed.

      From what our Chief says some people are still mad at the United States for dropping two atomic bombs on Japan in August of 1945.  But it ended the war.  The Japanese people would have most likely fought "to the death" as they say.  At least that's what Mr. Steve thinks.  



      Japanese soldiers, like Samurai warriors from the past, rarely surrendered during World War II.  They usually committed suicide rather than give up.  If the United States had invaded Japan some people said there would have been at least a million American casualties.   

      Mr. Steve thinks that in 1946 if the United States had tried to physically conquer Japan the people would most likely have fought just as "fanatically" as the Germans did in 1945 when the Russians took the city of Berlin.  Even little kids and old men fought the Russians. 

     Adolph Hitler's Nazi Germany attacked it's former ally, Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union, in June of 1941.  At first things went well but the "Tide Turned" in 1943.   By April of 1945 the Russians had pushed the Germans all the way back to the area east of the city of Berlin.

     Berlin was Nqzi Germany's capital in 1945.  By 1945 millions of Russian and German soldiers had died in what Mr. Steve thinks is the mot brutal war ever fought.  There will never again be a war in which so many men faced each other.  The scale of the battles was huge. 


        In this one Encyclopedia there are some good pictures from April of 1945 when the Germans and Russians fought desperately for control of Berlin.  One shows Adolph Hitler "patting" the cheek of a young member of the "Hitler Jugend" or "Hitler Youth."  I smell a Mouse.

     The teenage members of the Hitler Youth organization were some of the most fanatical in the defense of Berlin.  They wanted to die for Adolph Hitler.  That's what it says in the caption below the photograph of Hitler patting the boy's cheek.  They were called  "Warewolves." 

     A second picture in this Encyclopedia shows a Hitler Youth member with this thing called a "Panzerfaust."  It's a "single-shot, shoulder-held" artillery piece.  During the battle for Berlin it destroyed many Russian Tanks and killed their crews.  I see the Mouse over there.

     Mr. Steve once met an older German man whose two brothers died defending Berlin back in 1945.  All three of them had eagerly joined Warewolf units he said.  Dais says that man was the youngest of the brothers.  He was fourteen.  He used those Panzerfaust's.

     According to what Daisy told me that one time, the German man said they were told to dig holes and then wait for the Russian Tanks to show up.  When the Tanks exposed their vulnerable bellies the Panzerfaust was fired into the expose area.  That Mouse went under a rock.   

   In the Iraq wars of 1991 and 2003, and also the ongoing war in Afghanistan, American soldiers have come to know well the deadly effect of  an "R.P.G."  This is the most current version of the  original German Panzerfaust.  R.P.G.  means "Rocket Propelled Grenade."                                    


     During World War II one of the scariest weapons was the Russian "Katyusha" Rockets. The caption calls them "self-propelled artillery" shot from the back of Trucks.  The caption says the   "screaming" sound they made was "as terrifying" as the siren of a diving Stuka.                            

     From what it says here, Katyusha Rockets were not as "accurate" as other artillery like the German 88's I mentioned yesterday when I wrote about that guy Erwin Rommel.  But they were easy and cheap to produce and were easy to work on or as they say to "service."                            

      My Encyclopedia says that before the Russians attacked a position they would first "soften it up" by bombarding the area "mercilessly."  Hey God!  That man who was a Warewolf said all     you can do is "hunker down," pray and ask for Your protection.  I smell a Lizard nearby.            

                                                       FALL OF BERLIN (APRIL, 1945)

       what happened in early 1945 when the Russians had pushed the Germans all the way back to Berlin.  To take Berlin the Russians had to fight a vicious "hand-to-hand" battle.  I smell a Ground Squirrel around here. 


      Some of the most fanatical German fighters in April of 1945 as the Russians went "house to house" were teenagers called "Werewolves.  Many of them were killed in the brutal contest for control of Berlin but they also "took thousands of Russian soldiers with them."


  Even though they were technically Allies, the Germans had attacked the Soviet Union back in June of 1941.

     From 1943 on, after the Battle of Kursk, the Russians began to go from the defensive to being on the offensive.  They had way more men than the Germans; to fight a long war.  It says in this Encyclopedia the Russian "Juggernaut" began to "relentlessly" push to the west.     

  This map in my Encyclopedia shows "Operation Barbarosa" in 1941.  That's when Adolph Hitler's Germany attacked Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union.  There were three "prongs" or "fronts" it says here.  At First it looked like the most successful Blitzkrieg Hitler would have.                      

 From June of 1941 when the Germans attacked Russia, to mid-December of that same year, about three million Russian soldiers were taken prisoner.  And almost as many were wounded or killed.  The German "Wehrmacht" made it right up to the "outskirts" of Moscow.                



     Hey God!  As you know, Wehrmacht is what Nazi Germany called its army in World War II.  Some say You caused Germany to lose that war and even Mr. Steve says it is kind of weird what   happened.  I see Blackbeard and Anne Bonny are flying bye right now.                                            

   Because Benito Mussolini's Italy was having trouble with Greece and that other area called Yugoslavia, Hitler had to postpone his attack on Russia for a month.  He then "mopped up" both Greece and Yugoslavia but it delayed his timetable.  He might've taken Moscow God.                    

     Then God, just as the Germans got to Moscow, one of the worst and most terrible Winter's in history sets in.  Machines and weapons froze and were useless.  The Germans had not planned      on such a cold Winter so didn't have the right clothes.  Many on both sides froze to death.            

  It says here the delay gave Stalin what's called "breathing space."  It gave him more time to get  Moscow ready for the "inevitable" German attack.  He brought in, and then used, special      troops that were trained to fight in cold weather; to counter attack and "buy him time."               

 This is interesting.  While the Germans were delayed millions of Russian civilians built what they call "Earthworks" to protect Moscow.  Many died doing it.  Hitler was eventually forced to   delay his attack on Russia until the following Spring.  That turned out to be huge God.                  

    According to this Encyclopedia, in 1942 and into 1943 the Germans and Russians fought in the largest war in history.  But slowly the Russians "Turned the Tide" and then pushed the Germans back to Germany.  Millions died on both sides.  I hear some Crows cawing faintly.



        .  Oh!  I smell a Lizard nearby.

     This is kind of interesting.  It says here that the Russian Katyusha Rockets were not nearly as accurate as some other artillery.  But I guess they were much easier and cheaper to produce and then "service."  And the sound they made was terrifying to


  The Germans were forced to fight like a Rat that gets trapped in a corner.  I myself hate to be cornered and get mad.


But that guy Stalin didn't care if he took half a million casualties taking Berlin the way he did.

      This is interesting.  It says here that it was Albert Einstein, a German so he knew, who first warned President Roosevelt about nuclear power.  Even before the war he mailed the President a letter telling him of the German Physicists who were working for the Nazi's. 



      The United States had "fire-bombed" Tokyo and other Japanese cities even before dropping Atomic bombs on "Hiroshima" and "Nagasaki."  Thousands were killed yet they hadn't given up.  The picture of the destruction of Hiroshima in this Encyclopedia is unbelievable!

       Wow!  It says here that it's estimated that "well over" 100,000 were killed at Hiroshima and "at least" 80,000 at Nagasaki.  In 1945 America was the only one who had Atomic bombs but now more countries like Russia and China have them too.  Israel has them our boss says.

       According to my outline I can see that I still more to write about Punk music in Los Angeles during the late 1970's.  In 1980 Mr. Steve and Mark Ritter went and saw that one British band PiL play a concert downtown at the "Olympic" Auditorium. 

     Our Chief had taken pictures of Boxing there a few times before then.  The Olympic Auditorium used to be world famous in the 1950's. 


                                                        OLYMPIC AUDITORIUM


        My Encyclopedia says the Olympic Auditorium was built way back in 1925 but since 2005 it's been a Korean-American Christian Church.  I guess from the period after the Second World War through the mid-1970's it was the site of some really famous fights.  I smell a Lizard.

      It says here the Olympic Auditorium has "hosted" Wrestling matches and this other sport called "Roller Derby."  Mr. Steve's father went there for many Boxing "cards" in the 1950's and 1960's.  A nice cool breeze just came in off of the eastern desert behind the Sheds.

      This is kind of interesting.  I guess in 1976 they filmed some scenes for the Rocky movie down at the Olympic Auditorium.  And over the years musicians like Bon Jovi and Michael Jackson's sister Janet have used it to make "videos."  I just noticed the Lizard standing in the dirt.

       From what it says here in the mid-1980's there were even more Punk concerts down at the  Olympic Auditorium.  Dais told me that our boss wishes he could have seen The Dead Kennedy's but was down there in San Diego when they did their concert in Los Angeles. 

        Mr. Steve says that by 1980 the Olympic Auditorium "had seen better days" and was kind of "run down" as they say.  The Plugz were one of the bands that "opened up" for PiL that night.  I just saw out of the corner of my eye a big Snake crawl under Jack the big Shed.





     At the PiL concert Mr. Steve told us he and his friend Mark Ritter noticed some what they call "Skinheads" walking around.  A few wore red Nazi armbands.  Daisy says the reason those guys are called Skinheads is because they shave their heads.  The Lizard just ran away.

      Mr. Steve and his friend Mark sat up in the balcony at the Olympic Auditorium so had what they call a "Bird's eye view."  This allowed them to see everything and yet not have to go down into the "Mosh Pit" in front of the stage.  A band called Los Lobos got booed off the stage.     


My Spanish Dictionary says "Lobos" means "Wolves."  On that one night at the Olympic Auditorium Mr. Steve and his friend Mark Ritter felt kind of sorry for that band Los Lobos.  The Punks didn't like them at all and even spit and threw things at them.                                                 

     From what our boss says that band Los Lobos are from East Los Angeles.  In Spanish their original band name was Los Lobos del Este de Los Angeles.  That means The Wolves from East     Los Angeles in English.  Mr. Steve now likes many of their songs.  

                                                       Our Chief once told Daisy and Millie that since that night at the PiL concert he's heard Los Lobos records.  They play Rythm and Blues, Rock, Jazz and this one other style of music called "Americana."  A flock of Birds just flew bye; moving toward the eastern desert. 

I guess Los Lobos play all the above type of music but also mix them with some Mexican styles of music called "Cumbia, "Norteno" and "Jarocho."