(Chapter 4)      



     Well, three chapters down and nine to go.  I'm glad I took Daisy's advice and made my three outlines before I started writing; even though it took a long time to do.  After this chapter I think I'll take a break and go up front to with visit Dais.  Thank Everyone for today!

      I just thought again about that one skinny man who was pushing his Wheelbarrow past our house yesterday afternoon.  At times Daisy and I feel sorry for that skinny man; especially on the really hot days.  Seeing him makes us feel more appreciative for our lives.

     Mr. Steve thinks that skinny man is probably low on money so is out looking for some glass, plastic or aluminum to collect and turn in for money. Daisy says at least he can then have some food for one more day.  I'm so glad we don't have to worry about food!

     Our Chief says at least that skinny man's not a "Layabout."  Mr. Steve doesn't like laziness. He gives our "Recyclables" to others low on money.  Our boss tells Daisy and myself that these days there are a lot of people finding it hard to "Make ends Meet" as they say.  

      We have a wheelbarrow!  It's inside Manny the Shed.  And there are other things inside that Shed too.  Mr. Steve has a lot of tools for digging in the dirt or cutting wood.  Right next to our Sheds are piles of fire wood.  We have a good fireplace inside the Living Room.

     The first time I ever saw our boss using the wheelbarrow I couldn't believe it.  What a simple yet ingenious thing!  It never ceases to amaze me how humans have come up with things like the wheel!  Even this notebook and these pencils I'm using are incredible.

     Daisy says that if I ever went deep inside the house I would see these things called "mirrors" where you can see yourself!   She "jumped a mile" the first time she saw herself.  She says she's    so ugly.  There are some big mirrors in our three Bathrooms Daisy told me.                                     

      Hey Lord!  Blessed Virgin?  Did You Guys know what You looked like when You were down here living over there in Israel?  Dais says our boss joked that it's a good possibility You Guys      never had a mirror.  I'd like to see what I look like.  But I like how Daisy looks.                               

     Dais told me something a while back that I've been wondering about.  She says if you look into a lake or river sometimes you can see yourself just like one of those mirrors.  But I've looked into our gray water buckets and I can't see anything.  I see a vapor trail up in the sky.      

      I'll bet Daisy's laying in her spot at the back of the Garage right now.  If she's not there then she's on our driveway in front of the Garage.  She licks her paws and keeps an eye on the front of our house for any suspicious activity.  I hear a Plane high up in the sky.

     People have invented amazing things like Airplanes.  How could anyone have even thought about making a Flashlight like the one Mr. Steve used when we chased that Bobcat up into the Joshua trees?  I can now see a long white  vapor trail up there high in the sky.

     Our boss also used his big Flashlight when that scary Bat showed up one night here on Patio.   I'll write about it later in this second book.  I had never seen a Bat before and even Daisy seemed to be afraid of it; though she put on what they call a good "False Front."

      When I came to live over here I noticed right away how the people wear those things called "Shoes."   Shoes are  astounding!  I wonder if anyone has ever invented shoes for Dogs?  Dais and I have at times wondered about that.  Daisy's feet hurt sometimes.

      You know, if there is no such a thing as shoes for Dogs maybe we should invent them.  There might be a market out there for Dog shoes!  We could make money if the idea "went over" as they say.  And I wonder if Cats would like shoes?  The market would be unlimited!   


       Oh!  I see that same black and orange Butterfly I saw yesterday. Daisy's right.  Butterflies are pretty!  I wonder if that's a boy Butterfly or a girl Butterfly?  Daisy and I have at times both  wondered what it would feel like to touch a Butterfly.  I smell a new Spring Sage plant.

       Daisy says our boss one time told her and Millie that in the Springtime some male Birds like Finch's get more colorful.  That lady Miss Susan told him that's to attract and impress all of the females.   Some boy Finch's have yellow, orange or even red chests at this time of year.


      Oh my God!  Just when I was thinking about Finch's what do I look up and see? A Boy Finch sitting over there on one of our Joshua trees. From over here in the Patio it looks more red but if I were up closer it might look orange.  Now that boy Finch is chirping happily.

      There goes that one Butterfly again.  Daisy says she's heard that Butterflies bring good luck and symbolize life's changes.  So maybe seeing that Butterfly is a good sign?  I really hope that rumor about Butterflies is true.  Dais really likes to look at Butterflies. 

     Seeing that Butterfly makes me remember when our boss told us that every year, when it gets too cold, Butterflies "Migrate" all the way down here from up near Canada. That's about two thousand miles away Daisy says!  Migrate means "to move to another region."   

     Mr. Steve told us as pretty as Butterflies are it's a warning to Lizards and Birds that want to eat them.  They taste really bad and are poisonous so everyone just leaves them alone.  Our boss also told us about these colorful little Frogs who live down there in South America. 


     Mr. Steve says those Frogs in South America are what they call "Fluorescent" so, like with the  Butterflies, they're poisonous if you eat them.  So other animals stay away.  Our boss told us that "Bull Frogs" never sleep.  My Dictionary says fluorescent means "producing light."     

     Oh wow!  This picture in my Encyclopedia shows two turquoise Frogs.  Their color really is  brighter than other things.  I would love to see and smell one of those South American Frogs but I couldn't touch it because it might poison me.  I feel a slight breeze coming from the east. 

     My Encyclopedia says for centuries Indians in South America have hunted Monkeys and other things.  And, like all groups of people they made war. I guess they rub arrowheads, darts and spears on the colorful Frog's backs in order to get the Frog poison on them.

                                                              BRAZILIAN INDIANS

          Many of the Indians who live in the country of "Brazil" still live in jungles.  They not only still use bows and arrows and spears; but also these things called "Blow Guns."  Mr. Steve and his girlfriend Sandy used to go shoot "Target Practice" with bows and arrows.  

       Daisy told me that our boss has one of those blow guns in a corner of his Office.  And he has the darts that shoot out of it too.  One time his Nephews Sammy Jr., Dalton and Austin used the blow gun to shoot at a Bale of Hay set up with a round target on the front.  

       Yesterday I mentioned that Bookkeeper from the company Mr. Steve works for named Eber. He's originally from Brazil.  He told Mr. Steve about an area of Brazil called the "Pantanal." It's one of the largest what they call "Wetlands" in the whole world.  I smell a Snake.



        Daisy says that guy Eber taught our boss a few words in Portuguese.  Portuguese is kind of like Spanish.  As I mentioned yesterday when I wrote about that guy Julius Caesar, whenever the Roman Legions would conquer an area they brought the language Latin with them.  

       That man Eber told Mr. Steve how in Portuguese mud is called "lodo" or "barro." But out in the Pantanal there are a few different types of mud.  I just used by Portuguese Dictionary to look up the words, "maiadô," "lama" and "brocotó."  All mean mud too.

        Another word Mr. Eber taught our boss is "pantaño."  Dais says that means "big swampy place."  And "cheia" is the season when the heavy rains stop and the area is "full" of water.  In Portuguese a pond is a "baias."  A forrest is called a "capões."  I smell the Snake again.


         Oh my God!  There's a picture here in this one Encyclopedia that shows one of the biggest Snakes in the world.  It's called an "Anaconda" and some live in Brazil's Pantanal I guess.  Wait until Daisy sees this picture!  I'm so glad we don't have any Anaconda's around here.

       As I mentioned yesterday, Mr. Steve's friend Mark Ritter studied Reptiles; especially Snakes and things like that.  Tomorrow in book three I'll write about the Gila Monster he left with Mr. Steve when he moved to Arizona to live.  Aha!  That Snake just crawled under Moe.

    Dais says Mr. Eber told our boss how a "Fazenda" is what they call a big Ranch in Brazil.  A "Poacher" who illegally hunts in the Pantanal is a "Coureiro."  Mr. Eber doesn't like them at all I guess.  He says sometimes people even kill the Coureiro's if they can catch them.                          

    Mr. Eber says he sometimes has dreams about when he was a kid back in Brazil.   At times he misses Brazil but it's too hard to make money in Brazil he told Mr. Steve.  In his dreams he sees l the different Animals that live in the Pantanal; like the skinny Wolves and colorful Birds.                             


        Dais says in Brazil they have those big white Birds called Egrets.  Mr. Steve told that guy Eber about this place in the San Fernando Valley called "Balboa Park."  They have Egrets who live in the Lake there.  Tomorrow in book two I'll write about Balboa Park.

       One time an Egret landing on our two acres.  I didn't live here then but Daisy and Millie got to see it before it flew away.  That lady Miss Susan who used to run to local Newspaper called News Plus thinks the Egret was on its way down to Balboa Park.  I smell Juniper.

       That Butterfly just flew past again.  I like looking at Butterflies!  I wonder if it's true what Daisy said?  She told me Butterflies begin their lives as worms!  She says Mr. Steve called them "Caterpillars."  I just looked that word up in my Dictionary.  Pigeons are cooing.   

       What's even more amazing about Butterflies Daisy says is how they sprout out of containers called "Cocoons." Oh!  There goes Max the Hummingbird.  But for the second day in a row Mr. Steve forgot to fill up the two Hummingbird feeders with that red liquid food.



       And for the second day in a row Max's girlfriend 99 is not with him.  That's strange.  I hope nothing happened to her.  Maybe she's off on her own out looking for food?  Daisy thinks she's probably busy making a nest for some new baby Hummingbirds.  We really hope so.  

       I'll bet Max is hungry!  Mr. Steve says Hummingbirds feed mainly on "Nectar" inside of the  flowers.  Dais thinks Hummingbird's eat small Insects.  I ate Insects too when I was homeless out in that field but now, as Daisy says; we have "Cuisine" like Dog food and leftovers!

       Mr. Steve's friend Miss Gates, who ran the local Newspaper for years; calls Hummingbird's relationship with flowers "Mutually Beneficial."  I looked up the word "Symbiotic" and that's when two parties; "Two parties living together in a situation of mutual advantage."

        I guess Hummingbirds get nectar from inside the flower and as they stick their long beaks way inside this stuff called "pollen" gets all over them.  So, when Hummingbirds go to the next flower to eat without knowing it they "Fertilize" it with pollen from the first flower. 

        Dais was right.  It says here in this Encyclopedia that this is the way flowers make new baby flowers.  We love Spring when all the babies arrive!  I wish I could have a baby someday God, as You of course know already.  Ah! I just smelled that one really old Cholla cactus.

        That lady Miss Gates thinks the relationship between Hummingbirds and flowers is a good example of Charles Darwin's Natural Selection.  Some flowers have evolved to discourage nectar feeders like Bees because they also feed on other types of flowers so would waste pollen.

         As I mentioned yesterday, Mr. Steve puts food and water out for the Birds, Squirrels and Rabbits who live here too.  Dais says at first he hung the Hummingbird feeders outside his Office window in the front of the house.  I just picked up the scent of a new Sage plant. 

         Dais and I have noticed that, even though they're small; Hummingbirds are aggressive.  They'll fight bigger Birds.  So Mr. Steve moved the feeders back here to the Patio.  That's great for me!  I like looking at Hummingbirds.  I just leave them alone and don't bother them.


       As I mentioned yesterday, Mr. Steve has two Bird feeders filled with Bird seed hanging from a tree in front of his Office window.  He can also watch the Birdbath too.  Mixed in with the Bird seed he spreads on the ground is "Chicken Scratch" for all of the Quail.

        Daisy told me that our boss didn't use to spread on the ground those Rabbit pellets.  But he does now so the Rabbits and Squirrels can have some free food.  He admits he does it for selfish reasons too because he enjoys watching everyone eat.  So do Daisy and I! 



       It was Daisy who first pointed out to me how Max sometimes tries to "Show Off" for 99.  He'll suddenly zip way up there into the sky and then suddenly turn around and dive down at full speed just like one of those World War II German Stuka Dive Bomber Planes.

       Hummingbirds are so pretty.  They remind me and Daisy of little Fairies when they buzz all around.  Some are shiny green like Max and 99 while others are kind of purplish.  We know one thing for sure; Max has a really bad temper sometimes.  I can hear a Sparrow singing.   

       Miss Gates thinks Hummingbird brains must "process motion" differently than Birds who only fly moving forward and can't hover in one place.  Their brains are probably evolved to help them "stabilize" better when they're hovering in a field of flowers or places like that.

       Mr. Steve's friend Cliff knows a lot about Robots and "Drones."  He thinks that Scientists and Engineers should study Hummingbird brains to figure out how to make flying Drones work better.  Oh!  Jack the Jackrabbit just sprinted by out there in the eastern desert.    

       I hadn't planned on writing so much about Hummingbirds but that's okay.  In this chapter I'll learn and write about World War II.  Tomorrow I'll also write about both world wars.  But today Dais and I decided to focus on the American Civil War and the Second World War. 

        Daisy thinks our boss will be so proud of me someday when he reads my three books.  Boy God, I can't wait!  That's why I have to be disciplined and not get distracted by chasing things like I usually do.  Hey God!  Thank You for giving me this great old couch Elvira.

       Tomorrow in book three Dais put in a lot of things about the eventful years "between the wars;" or 1919 through 1939.  That was the times of the good "Roaring" 1920's but then the bad "Great Depression" 1930's.  Mr. Steve's Grandparents live during those twenty years.

       Mr. Steve named Max and 99 after these two tv characters from a 1960's show called "Get Smart."   Dais says Maxwell Smart, Agent "86," is a spy.  His assistant is a smart girl named Agent "99."  They work for "CONTROL" and fight an evil agency called "KAOS." 

      Daisy says that Get Smart is a comedy version of these famous books and movies about a spy  named "James Bond," or Agent "007."  Mr. Steve knows about the man who wrote those books.  His name was Ian Flemming.  I just picked up the scent of one of the Joshua trees.


                                         IAN FLEMMING (1908-1964)                                       

        In my Encyclopedia it says that during the Second World War Ian Flemming worked for a British Intelligence unit called "MI-6."  His father was killed by German artillery during World War I.   After World War II in the 1950's he wrote his James Bond books.

        Dais says Mr. Steve doesn't like the newer James Bond movies as much as the original ones written by that man Ian Flemming.  In fact, he hasn't seen any of the James Bond movies in the last twenty or more years.  I'll write more about the original "Bond" movies tomorrow.

     Daisy says our boss told her and Millie one time that the "Fictional" character James Bond may've been "Loosely Based" on this one man named Dusko Popov.  Someday I sure hope to see some of those first James Bond movies.  Daisy's seen a few of them and likes them.  


                                                                 DUSKO POPOV (1910-1981) WITH FAMILY


     Mr. Steve says Dusko Popov, like Nikola Tesla, was from "Yugoslavia."  And by coincidence he was also born on July 10th!  So Dais says, that means they and our boss are Cancers.  Dusko Popov turned out to be a very important person in winning World War II. 

     That guy Dusko Popov was a lawyer who was what they call a "Double Agent" for the British working against the "Nazi's" in the Second World War.  His "Disinformation" or "Deception" fooled the Germans and probably shortened the war.  That's what Mr. Steve told Dais.

     This Encyclopedia says "Nazi" is short for "Nationalsozialismus" or "National Socialists" in German.  But even longer than that is "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartie" which means "National Socialist German Workers Party;" or "N.S.D.A.P."  

      Boy, I'm glad I have all of these Encyclopedias and foreign language Dictionaries Daisy found in that file cabinet in the Garage.  It would be impossible if I didn't have them help me. But some German words and names are not so long; like the name "Walther" for example.



       One time when Mr. Steve was living down in Sylmar on Hagar Street this kid named Michael called him all excited.  Michael was in his Bedroom listening to the Radio and they asked what's called a "Trivia" question; "Which handgun do all of the various James Bonds use?"  

     That one boy Michael knew our boss might just know the correct answer; which he did.  The answer is the "Walther PPK." Mr. Steve says it was the same handgun Adolph Hitler used to kill himself back in 1945.  Michael won this thing called a "Gift Certificate."  I smell Sage.

      Another time Michael asked our boss; "What does Mossad stand for?"  Daisy says Mr. Steve didn't know the answer from memory but had the answer.   In our Hallway she told me our boss has a framed "Certificate" given to him when he visited Israel back in 1985.

      Daisy says the "Mossad" is one of Israel's Intelligence Agencies similar the England's MI6 or the C.I.A. for us.  That certificate "of appreciation" was issued to Mr. Steve for attending a nice dinner when he and the members of his Tour Group were in Israel.  I smell Sage.

     According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, the name "Mossad" means "ha-Mossad le-Modlin ule-Tafkidim Mayuhadim" in "Hebrew;" or "Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks" in English.  Boy!  Hebrew is like German in having some long names.

       In the mid-1980's Mr. Steve and his friend Mark Ritter used to go to an outdoor "Shooting Range" up in the San Gabriel Mountains.  There they met this guy named Irv Rubin who was in a group called the "Jewish Defense League;" or "J.D.L." for short.  He's dead now.

     Irv Rubin is now buried at Eden Memorial Cemetery; the same Jewish cemetery where Mr. Steve's boss Steve Banks was "Laid to Rest" as they say.  They were Mr. Steve's customer when he worked for Pace signing up business members.  I hear some Pigeons cooing.

      As I mentioned yesterday in book one, that Eden Memorial is right across the street from the Mission Cemetery where Mr. Steve's Grandmothers and sister Celina are buried; and where his parents have their Crypts.  The Pigeons are on the Patio roof above me. 



       Glancing up I can see that there's a A flock of Birds going bye way up there in the sky.  They look like Pigeons but it's kind of hard to tell from this far away.  Birds are so amazing.  Daisy is so right.  What must it be like to be actually be able to fly just like Underdog?

     One time at that Shooting Range Mr. Steve and Mark Ritter saw people shooting a Walther PPK like the one Hitler and James Bond carried.  Irv Rubin was there that day.  In 1985 over in Israel one time our boss stayed at the same Hotel as this guy named Meir Kahane.


                      IRV RUBIN (1945-2002)                                MEIR KAHANE (1932-1990)

           Meir Kahane started the J.D.L. and later this other organization over there in Israel called "Kach."  That means "Thus" in Hebrew according my Dictionary.  He was killed in 1990 but in 1985 our boss saw him coming out an elevator one time. I hear Crows cawing faintly.

      Daisy told me that our boss was so tempted to shake Meir Kahane's hand but then "Thought better of it" as they say.  But he did look Meir Kahane straight in the eyes; and they both nodded and smiled at each other.  A while back Dais says Mr. Steve had a dream about it. 

       From what Daisy told me, the main reason why Mr. didn't shake hands with Meir Kahane is because sometimes people get assassinated when someone grabs and holds onto their hands so they can't get to their own weapon.  There were bodyguards around Meir Kahane.

      Hey God!  As You know, in the dream Daisy told me about Mr. Steve re-lived the moment in Israel.  Meir Kahane came out of the Elevator but this time stopped and shook hands with my boss.  Then they "chatted."  It turned out that in some ways they thought alike. 

      It's "Sad but True" Mr. Steve thinks, that in this temporal world, it seems like violence and and hate has usually beaten non-violence and love; especially if revenge is involved.  There are a few cases where the reverse is true but overall in man's history it has never been true. 

      Dais says our boss thinks it seems obvious that in history "Might" usually equals "Right" as they say.  But, as I wrote about yesterday in book one; Aldous Huxley and George Orwell said in the future "Mind Control" would be used more than physical violence.   

       As I mentioned yesterday, at Steve Banks' Funeral our boss was told those comedians Lenny Bruce and "Groucho" Marx were also buried at Eden Memorial.  I was supposed to write more about Lenny Bruce yesterday but somehow forgot to do it.  So I'll do it now.   

       From what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie, Lenny Bruce was from back east but lived in the San Fernando Valley for a long time.  He died young.  Someone told our boss that he never made a lot of money when he was alive but influenced other comedians.  I hear Crows cawing.

                                           LENNY BRUCE (1925-1966) WITH FAMILY


      From what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie, he really never liked all of Lenny Bruce's humor.  Some of it was a little too what they call "crude."  But some of it was pretty funny he says.  A big grayish-brown Jackrabbit just ran bye in front of the three Sheds.  I smell Sage.

      Daisy says our boss thinks Lenny Bruce was "Sociologically" important.  He was arrested over fifteen times for what's called "Obscenity."  That means he said bad words or talked about bad things Dais told me.  I smell a Ground Squirrel somewhere around here.  

      I guess nowadays "Blue" humor is "taken for granted" and a lot of people do it.  But back in the 1950's and early 1960's it was "Looked down On" so to speak.  Dais told me our boss doesn't like when people use bad words.  A Black Cow Bird is running bye right now. 

                 BOB DYLAN                                                                                               FRANK ZAPPA                                                                   

       One time at Valley College in Van Nuys Mr. Steve met a guy who said how he thought Lenny Bruce obviously influenced later comedians.  But Dais says that guy also believed Lenny Bruce less obviously influenced a few musicians too; like Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa.

       Daisy told me how our boss agreed with that one guy at Valley College when he used Frank Zappa as an example of how Lenny Bruce "Paved the Way" for other entertainers.  But he did see how Bob Dylan was influenced by Lenny Bruce.  I hear Dawn barking.

                                                                                                           SAM KINISON (1953-1992)

                                                                                                                                                  PHOTO BY STEVE CÓRDOVA


        In the 1980's Dais says our boss took pictures of a Comedian named Sam Kinison.  He did Blue humor; mostly for Heavy Metal audiences.  Mr. Steve said Sam Kinison wasn't what they    call "Politically Correct."   He purposely offended and people liked it.                                            

      Daisy says Mr. Steve thinks Sam Kinison, to a certain extent; structured his comedy routine like Adolph Hitler did his speeches.  He started out talking calmly to the audience and then all of sudden exploded.  I can see this small Squirrel over there near the big tree.                                      

       Hey God!  Daisy says, our boss told her that Sam Kinison's family were "Preachers" and he was even a "Pentacostal" Preacher for a while.   Mr. Steve thinks Sam Kinison at times used his   experience and a "Fire and Brimstone" speaking technique in his Stand Up Act.                            

     Dais told me Sam Kinison, like Lenny Bruce, died young.  Hey God!  Some people think You caused him to be in that bad Auto accident because he made fun of religion and things like that.  That Squirrel just ran out into the eastern desert behind the three Sheds.                                        

   Hey God!  As You know, Mr. Steve was told that just before he died Sam Kinison talked to You.  Supposedly, as if talking to You he said; "I don't want to die!"  Then he looked like he was  listening to someone and responded; "But why?"  I hear some Crows cawing to the east.               

      From what our boss told Daisy God, Sam Kinison listened for Your answer and then said in a low voice; "Okay."  Then he died.  Daisy says Mr. Steve thinks it probably wasn't You who was   talking to Sam Kinison but we both sort of want to believe that it was You.                                     

     One time in Mr. Steve's Bedroom Dais watched a Documentary on that guy Adolph Hitler.  Like Sam Kinison in his act, when he made a speech he would start slowly too.  But in Hitler's      case he would start his speeches in total silence.  Those Crows are still squawking.                          

       With his arms folded across his chest, I guess Hitler wouldn't say a word until the audience was quiet.  Daisy told me when you could "Hear a Pin Drop" as they say; he would unfold his arms and start speaking; but slowly and in a very low voice.  I smell some new Sage.                                              

    Dais says she and Millie noticed how, because the room is so quiet Hitler's voice seems to almost echo.  He even looks kind of uncomfortable I guess.  But then he gradually begins to talk   louder and use his arms more to emphasize the points he's making in the speech.                            

       Whereas Sam Kinison would start slowly and the suddenly explode like a volcano, Daisy told me that Hitler would evolve into a volcanic eruption.  And by the end of the speech Hitler would do like Beethoven did in some of his "Concertos;" end with a "Crescendo."                                    

      Mr. Steve told Daisy he and his father think there are few current Politicians who would ever take such a risky chance like Hitler did in starting speeches.  What if some of the people out in     the audience decided to start yelling and be disruptive?  I smell a Creosote plant.                           

     Tomorrow in book three I'm going to write about how many entertainers who want to create an image of power still use Fascist imagery like what Hitler created.  In 1995 that singer Michael Jackson did a big Tour.  Mr. Steve and his friends noticed a lot of Fascist imagery.                          

    Mr. Steve told Dais that in 1995 Michael Jackson started his concerts by using Hitler's silent technique.  And it worked pretty good because Michael Jackson was such a huge what they call    "Superstar."  Like Hitler's audiences, the people became almost hypnotized.                                   

      Dais says our boss thinks Adolph Hitler purposely crafted his speeches like a Classical music Concerto. He would gradually, little by little, built up momentum until by the end of the speech    the audience was going crazy.  Blackbeard and Anne are flying bye right now.                                

  One time Daisy told me that in College our boss knew a girl who was doing an assignment where she had to "Compare and Contrast" famous speakers.  So Mr. Steve helped her with it       and she did a really good report.  That girl wrote it and got an "A" grade Daisy says.                    

                       JOHN F. KENNEDY                 ADOLPH HITLER            MARTIN LUTHER KING                                                                                                                                                                    That girl in College came away from doing her assignment thinking Adolph Hitler was the most "effective" public speaker of the 20th century.  John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and  that guy Winston Churchill were "close seconds" she thought.  All were writers too.                      

    Mr. Steve has heard people say Hitler had the unique ability to get an audience to "emote" and stop being logical and rational.  He sort of used his voice as kind of a musical instrument.      Mr. Steve jokes that Adolph Hitler probably would've been a good sports Coach.                           

     I guess that girl went into the assignment knowing only the ranting and raving Hitler.  But once she studied his speeches she was what they call "Blown Away."  She realized then how he      could've convinced so many of the German people to put him into power.                                        

      If Lenny Bruce had not "Run Interference" for Comics like Sam Kinison Mr. Steve thinks, they would not have been able to be so "Raunchy."  Daisy told me our boss thought Sam Kinison was funny and at times he likes humor that is not so "Politically Correct."                                       

        Mr. Steve's father doesn't like "Cussing" or bad language.  Neither does Mr. Steve.  One time Mr. Steve's dad beat up a guy in a Movie Theater for saying bad words around Mr. Steve's mom even after he was asked to stop.  Aha!  I just noticed a Squirrel near the big tree.      

      My Encyclopedia says Lenny Bruce's humor was what's called "groundbreaking."  Instead of using "Stereotypical" subjects for his jokes Lenny Bruce talked about a lot more controversial topics.  That one Squirrel just ran and went under Jack the big Shed on the far left. 

      Daisy says a few years ago our boss met a guy who's brother knew Lenny Bruce.  He told Mr. Steve Lenny Bruce didn't commit suicide but accidentally "Overdosed" on this one drug called "Morphine."  Samson and Delilah are flying bye right now out in the eastern desert.

      Mr. Steve's father was addicted to Morphine when his legs froze during the Korean War and they wanted to cut them off.  But he's a "Strong-Minded" person so went what they call "Cold Turkey" and "weened" himself off of that pain-killing drug.  I smell a Juniper plant.

     That one man who's brother knew Lenny Bruce told Mr. Steve that when they found Lenny Bruce's body a kettle of water was boiling and his electric typewriter was still on.  On a piece of paper he had typed; "Conspiracy to interfere with the 4th Amendment const..."

      Dais says that man told our boss on the same day he died Lenny Bruce's house was what they call "Foreclosed."  That means he didn't have enough money to pay for the house Dais told me. So the Bank came and took it back.  Daisy says we don't owe any money on our house.

       I guess Lenny Bruce was sort of like that guy Vivaldi, or Mozart later.  When he died he had officially been declared a "Pauper."  But at least he had a grave to be buried in Dais says.  We're lucky too because we'll both have graves too she told me.  I smell a Creosote bush.

      As Mr. Steve used a shovel to throw dirt down on Steve Bank's coffin he thought about how he had been told something.  A man at the funeral said just before covering Lenny Bruce's grave a friend of his threw in one of his old microphones.  I can hear a Crow cawing faintly.

      Daisy told me that man who's brother knew Lenny Bruce thought Lenny Bruce was what's called "persecuted."  He wanted to talk out loud in public and say "Taboo" things just like you would in private.  But at that point he didn't have the freedom to do that.   

        GEORGE CARLIN (1937-2008)                                      RICHARD PRYOR (1940-2005)

           Daisy told me our boss thinks that in the 1970's and 1980's these two American comedians named George Carlin and Richard Pryor benefited from what Lenny Bruce did way back in the 1950's.  A Thrasher Bird just ran out into the eastern desert behind the Sheds. 

       According to Dais our boss read that George Carlin was born May 12th; the same birthday as Mr. Steve's sister in law Yolanda.  In chapter seven later today I'll write about her and Mr. Steve's brother Sam; and also their three kids too. They live in "Littlerock."  

       Well, back to learning about World War II.  I got upset last night when I realized I had not written about Lenny Bruce yesterday.  But Daisy turned out to be right.  I just fit in here when I wrote about Eden Memorial Cemetery.  The air smells so clear again today.

        Our boss thinks "Intelligence" was the most important factor in the "Allies" beating the "Axis" countries in the Second World War.  If they hadn't done it the war may have gone on for another two or three years.  And the outcome would have been uncertain he says.




       Daisy and Millie saw a tv show about this one place in England called "Bletchley Park."  It's where the British intercepted the German Radio transmissions and then translated them so that guy Winston Churchill and his Generals would know what to do in the war.

        Tomorrow in book three Dais has me scheduled to learn and then write about how the Allies in World War II "cracked" or "broke" the German "Enigma" Code at Bletchley Park.  I'm so tempted to do it now but I'd better wait and just do it according to the outlines.

       Even though I'll wait until tomorrow to write more about Bletchley Park and the subject of Code Breaking I can still write a few things about it now too.  I like the two pictures of Bletchley Park in this one Encyclopedia.  I can see that a lot of females worked there too.  

        A few years ago Mr. Steve's friend and his wife visited Bletchley Park.  Daisy says they told him it's about fifty miles northwest of London.  The wife, like Mr. Steve's mom; knows about Art History.  She didn't like the mix of Victorian, Gothic, Baroque and Tudor styles. 

       That guy Ian Flemming worked at Bletchley Park I'll bet.  Dais told me they not only had Scientists working there but also Chess players and people who were good at doing those things called Crossword Puzzles.  I'll write more about them tomorrow in book three.    

       According to what Dais says, our boss thinks Codes and Code-Breaking has been important in history.  Even in ancient Rome people like Julius Caesar used them.  Tomorrow in book three I'll write about this writer named Edgar Allen Poe who was interested in secret Codes. 


           CAESAR (100-44 B.C.)         E.A. POE (1809-1849)      WASHINGTON (1732-1799) 

       Another thing I'll write about later is the "Spy Ring" that really helped that guy George Washington win the Revolutionary War.  Daisy and Millie one time watched a good tv show on that subject.  The Spy Network used Codes and secret invisible ink too she told me.       

        My Dictionary says that a Code is; "A secret message that replaces words or phrases with letters, numbers or other words."  And a "Cipher" replaces or rearranges the individual letters in each word of that secret message.  Ah!  I just noticed the Lizard near the big tree. 

       "Cryptography" is defined in my Dictionary as; "Writing or deciphering coded messages."  And "Cryptic" means; "hidden, mysterious, baffling or obscure." Oh!  Samson and Delilah the Crows are flying bye right now; high up there in the sky.  I see some clouds too. 

       According to what it says in my Encyclopedia, the instructions for creating or "deciphering" a coded message is called a "Key."  And the original "Uncoded" message is the "Plain Text."  I guess Codes have been used in warfare all the way back to the time of Julius Caesar.

      It says here that in Europe during the Middle Ages only Kings and people like that were even allowed to send messages using Codes; even though back in those days almost all of the people couldn't read or write anyway.  That one Lizard just scampered away.   

      This is interesting.  In 1587, the year before the Spanish sent that big "Armada" to conquer England, Queen Elizabeth I executed her half sister Mary.  And the main reason she did it was because of an intercepted deciphered message.  Fannie and Freddie just flew bye.


                                                       NAVAJO "CODE TALKERS"    



      Daisy told me about this one time a few years ago when Mr. Steve's father organized an event down in the Valley.  They "Honored" a group of elderly Navajo Indians.  During World War II    these men had served in the Marines against the Japanese in the Pacific Theater.                            

   These Navajo "Code Talkers" as they were called, used their native language to send secret messages for the United States during the Second World War.  The Japanese never did decipher  he Codes the Navajos were using Daisy told me.  I smell one of the new Sage plants.                       

     As I said earlier, Dais says our boss thinks the breaking of the German Enigma" Code, and also the Japanese "Purple"  and Naval Codes; were important in the Allies winning World War  II.  I'll write more about that subject later; especially tomorrow in my third book.                         

    When he was in College at C.S.U.N Mr. Steve met this guy who knew a lot about this thing called "Morse Code."  Daisy told me Morse Code was invented in the 19th century and was used a lot with "Telegraphs" during the American Civil War.  I hear Ducks quacking.                                                                                                                                     SAMUEL MORSE (1791-1872)                                                      

According to what it says in this Encyclopedia, the man who helped invent the Morse Code system was named Samuel Morse.  He was from the State of Massachusetts which is really close   to where Mr. Steve's sister Susan lives with her sons Dalton and Austin.  I smell Sage.                    

    It says here that "Telegaphs" are wooden poles with a single wire hung between them.  On one end you sent a message to be received on the other end.  That message was sent by using a series   of short and long "Signals;" or what they call "Dots" and "Dashes."                                                

   Dais told me Mr. Steve said some people think that breaking the German and Japanese Codes may have shortened World War II by at least a few years.  It makes a big difference  in war, or        orts, to know what the opposition is going to do.  I smell a Sage plant.                                         

  The Germans created Jets, Rockets and other advanced technology during the Second World War.  But they came too late to "make a difference" as they say.  If they had been given another   year or two who knows what might've happened our boss told Daisy and Millie.                             

   Tomorrow in my third and final book I plan on writing quite a bit about Adolph Hitler's Nazis.  They developed some unbelievable technology which to this day is influencing many areas like Aviation.  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye up there in the sky.  I hear their voices.               


ADOLPH HITLER (1889-1945)

    Mr. Steve thinks it's kind of amazing how a person like Adolph Hitler could go from being what they call a homeless "Drifter" in his country of Austria; to almost conquering the world as "Chancellor" of Germany.  I'll write more about it tomorrow.  A Crow cawed.                             

     One of those curved bill Thrasher Birds just ran under Manny the far right Shed and scared a little Bunny Rabbit who is now hopping out into the eastern desert.  A Wren is singing happily  out there somewhere.  I just picked up the scent of one of the new Spring Sage plants.                    



       Even though I'm scheduled to write in detail about Adolph Hitler's life tomorrow, I think I'll write a little bit about him now too.  Dais told me one time she and Millie were in Mr. Steve's      Bedroom and saw a really good Documentary on Hitler.  I can hear Crows cawing.                        

     According to Daisy, that show on Hitler described him as a "Momma's Boy."  In this he was just like one of his biggest rivals President Franklin Roosevelt.  Both were really what they call    "attached " to their mothers.  I can only remember my mother's pleasant scent.                             

      Dais says Hitler's "dictatorial" father beat his children.  He wanted his son to be an Austrian "Civil Servant" like he was and when he didn't want to he hit him; kind of like how Beethoven's  dad did.  Both were Austrian.  Daisy thinks that Hitler's dad drank way too much.                        

       I guess Hitler's mother lost three babies in infancy before he was born so went "overboard" in taking care of him.  And she made him feel special and destined for greatness.  Until the day     he died Hitler's mother's picture hung up on his Office wall. I can smell new Sage.                                      

      There's a picture in my Encyclopedia that shows Adolph Hitler and his girlfriend Eva Braun with their Dogs.  Daisy says the tv show said Hitler didn't like it when Herman Göring hunted      Animals.  A gray Bunny Rabbit just hopped bye.  I don't recognize its scent.                                   

      I guess Hitler was a "Vegetarian" who never drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes; a rarity in those days Mr. Steve says.  As a kid he noticed how almost all adults smoked.  But neither one of  his parents did and he and his brothers and sisters have ever been smokers.                                    

        Daisy says our boss told her and Millie one time about how when he was a kid even at places like "Bowling Alleys" people smoked as they bowled.  Mr. Steve says he's a pretty good bowler     but hasn't done it since he took his Niece Samantha bowling when she was about ten.                    

      From what Dais says, in the 1930's Hitler tolerated the other Germans smoking but told his Doctors to study the subject to prove it was harmful.  In the 1970's and 1980's those "findings"    were used as a basis to prove "once and for all" just how bad smoking really is.                              

    As I mentioned, Mr. Steve's parents have had "in common" being non-smokers.  To his mom it seemed at times like she was alone in not wanting to smoke when she was a girl.  She met Mr.    Steve's dad when she was fifteen and liked it when he told her he didn't smoke either.                    

   One thing about Mr. Steve's parents is, even as teenagers; they did not do things just because everyone else was doing something.  What's called "Peer Group Pressure" never ever influenced them like it did Mr. Steve and his brothers and sisters.  I smell an old Sage bush.                            

     Dais says Mr. Steve and his High School girlfriend Sandy smoked for about a month; mainly out of curiosity.  But one night while sitting in his first Chevelle at a "Drive In" Movie Theater     they both quit without saying a word.  Mr. Steve has never smoked since that night.                       

    Well, it's back to my outline.  I'll finish talking about Adolph Hitler tomorrow.  Dais told me that in a show on the History Channel they rated Hitler as the 14th most important person in all  of human history.  I still need to write more about Code Breaking in World War II.                       

       The breaking of the Axis codes was one of the biggest secrets of World War II.  I'm going to talk a little bit more about it later today when I write about D-Day.  And tomorrow in book three Dais has me scheduled to deal in more detail with Cryptography.  Dawn is barking.                       

    Mr. Steve told Daisy that in World War II the breaking of the German Enigma code was just as big a secret as was the United States building the Nuclear bombs in New Mexico.  And in some ways he says, keeping secret the deciphering of the Enigma Code was more important.                  

    As I wrote yesterday, that guy Winston Churchill was England's Prime Minister in the Second World War.  Mr. Steve says he wanted to make up suggesting the disastrous Allied attack on the   Ottoman Turks at Gallipoli during World War I.  I wrote about that battle in book one.                


      Winston Churchill had to let this one city called "Coventry" be bombed in 1940 just so the Germans wouldn't know their Enigma Code had been broken.  I guess over five hundred British people were killed in that raid.  I can hear some Crows cawing out there in the desert.                   

      Mr. Steve says, even though no one is perfect and everyone is flawed, Winston Churchill was the perfect leader for the British during World War II.  When Hitler had conquered almost all of the counties in Europe England was alone.  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye right now.              

      Winston Churchill had great courage; and it says here in this Encyclopedia he had the ability to "inspire the British people in the face of  defeat."  He made this famous speech on the Radio     in which he defied and even insulted Adolph Hitler.  I smell one of the Joshua trees.                       

   In this one Encyclopedia it says that, having conquered Poland in 1939, Germany then took Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and France by the end of June in 1940.  So the English Channel  was all that separated England from being conquered too.  I still hear those Crows.                         

      It's so great when a map goes along with the text in my Encyclopedias.  This map shows how England has often been invaded.  The Vikings often invaded.  Later I'm going to learn and write  about the "Norman" King William "The Conqueror;" who invaded England in 1066 A.D.           

       By the end of May 1940 the Germans were in Normandy.  Dais says our boss has a book in his office about "Operation Sea Lion;" which was what the Germans called their invasion plan    for conquering England in 1940.  I can smell one of the new Spring Creosote bush's.                      

      This is interesting.  Winston Churchill came into the job of Prime Minister just when France was falling.  So he had "no time to celebrate."  I'll bet when France was taken over everyone was really scared.  They had to think England was next in line to be attacked.  I smell Juniper.            

      Pictures in this one Encyclopedia shows Winston Churchill "Reviewing" the British troops before what everyone assumed would be the "inevitable" German attack.  Even the old men and  women were getting ready to fight with pitchforks if the Germans landed in England.                   

         Mr. Steve thinks Adolph Hitler really didn't want to destroy England.  He thought, based on the previous two centuries, Britain was his "natural" ally.  They had been just as "Racist" as  he was in the 19th century under Queen Victoria.  A Jackrabbit just ran into the desert.               

ADOLPH GALLAND (1912-1996)

       Dais says our boss saw a show on tv where the German "Ace" Fighter Pilot Adolph Galland said Hitler didn't really want to fight England.  He preferred to just let the British keep their big Empire and he'd create a German Empire of his own.  A Crow just cawed faintly.                          

      A picture of Adolph Galland in my Encyclopedia shows him with his Dog.  That Dog has the same exact look on its face that Dais and I have sometimes when Mr. Steve is petting us too.  We close our eyes.  Wow!  Adolph Galland shot down one hundred and four Allied Planes!                 

     After Germany lost World War I in 1918 they were forbidden to have a military Air Force.  So in the 1920's a lot of boys just flew "Glider" Planes instead.  From what it says here, Adolph   Galland was one of them.  I can smell Andy the Squirrel somewhere around here.                          

     This Encyclopedia says Adolph Galland was one of the best Pilots in the Second World War.  Mr. Steve told Daisy that it was easy for Glider Pilots to convert over to Planes with motors once Hitler came to power and openly "defied" the terms of the "Treaty of Versailles."                          

    Yesterday in my first book I wrote about the Spanish Civil War, which took place from 1936 through 1939.  It says here that guy Adolph Galland, as a member of the "Condor" Legion; flew  Fighter Planes to help the Spanish Right Wing Fascists win that really bloody war.                                                   


     I notice how in this picture of Francisco Franco he's sitting at a desk and is about to write something.  And he's using a Bird feather just like the way they used to do before there was such a thing as pencils and pens.  I can now see Libby over there standing in her Corral.                        

       Boy!  I'd sure like to try writing with a feather.  Maybe I'll try it someday.  We do have Bird feathers around here.  Anne Bonny the Crow left a few of her feathers behind Jack the big Shed.  Daisy and I noticed them just the other day.  Ah!  I just picked up Libby's distinct scent.               

      Flying "missions" in the Spanish Civil War gave all of the German Pilots good practice and experience so when World War II started they were "ready to go" as they say.  Aha!  I see Andy   under that Creosote bush over there to my right.  I knew he was around here somewhere.             

    Well, here comes Helen the girl Squirrel.  I was wondering where she was because usually when you see Andy you see Helen.  Now Helen is sniffing the air.  Sage and Creosote bushes give  them good cover and also masks their smell to predators.  That's what Daisy told me.                    


                          ME-109                                                                                    ME-262                           

ARTWORK BY PERUN TWOREK                                                                                                                                                                                                 


    A painting in my Encyclopedia shows a "Messerschmidt" 109 Fighter Plane like the ones Adolph Galland flew during World War II.  Dais told me that when he was a kid our boss built a model "Me-109."  The Me-109 was one of the best Planes of the Second World War.                      

       Yesterday I mentioned how Daisy says Mr. Steve has a model of the "Me-262" in our house.  That was the first "operational" Jet.  Daisy has me scheduled to write more about the history of   Jets tomorrow in book three.  I can't wait!  Oh!  Andy and Helen just sprinted away.                     

       I guess in 1939 Adolph Galland took part in World War II's opening "campaign" in Poland.  It was a complete slaughter.  Then, in 1940; he "saw action" in the amazing conquest of France    and "ferocious" Battle of Britain.  In 1944 Adolph Galland even flew the Me-262 Jet.                    


     This is kind of interesting.  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  It says here that after World War II Adolph Galland went down to South America and worked for "Argentina."  This couple  named Juan and Eva Peron were the leaders of that country back then.  I smell Juniper.               

       My Encyclopedia says Adolph Galland not only spoke German but Spanish too.  So that's one reason why Argentina would hire him to train the Pilots.  Daisy thinks that he speaks pretty  good English too.  Tomorrow I'll write more about that one girl Eva Peron.                                     

     Tomorrow in book three I'm going to write in more detail about the histories of Argentina and Brazil.  That's mainly because Dais and I both know that our boss is very interested in that    subject.  But right now I have to first finish this section on the Second World War.                         

      What Hitler hoped I guess was that he could defeat England so could then do what he really wanted; attack his ally the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin.  In his 1925 book "Mein Kampf"    he wrote about taking for Germany "Lebensraum" or "Living Space" from Russia.                      

      One reason Germany lost World War I was because they had to fight on two "Fronts;" in the west against England and France; and on the east against Russia.  So Hitler did not want to do     that again.  He wanted to take England out of the war before attacking Russia.                             

 I guess in 1940 that guy Herman Göring convinced Hitler he could "bring England to her knees" or "capitulate" without actually invading.  His "Luftwaffe" or Air Force would "bomb    them into submission" so it wouldn't be necessary for troops to cross the English Channel.            


  A picture in this Encyclopedia shows Herman Göring, wearing one of his many uniforms; walking alongside of Adolph Hitler.  In 1940 he told Hitler he would bomb the English military    sites so England would have to give up.  I can now smell a Lizard around here.                               

       I mentioned yesterday how our house was built back in 1989 by a lady named Mrs. Gunther. Her husband was a Luftwaffe Pilot during World War II and was supposedly related to Herman Göring.  at least that's what people have told Mr. Steve and his parents over the years.                  

      Yesterday I wrote about "Operation Paper Clip."  That was when, after the Second World War; the United States and Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union competed for the "Brain Power" of the  defeated Germans.  I just noticed the Lizard standing over there in the dirt near the big tree.                          WERNER VON BRAUN (1912-1977)

    Later today Dais has me scheduled to write about this man named Werner von Braun.  He was a German Rocket Scientist who developed the "V-1" and V-2" Rockets.  Dais says Mr. Steve jokes that his brain got the United States to the Moon in 1969.  That Lizard ran away.                   

    As I said in book one, some of those German Scientists and Pilots were brought out here to work at Edwards Air Force Base.   Some of them lived with their families up in Wrightwood.  I    just now noticed one of those long white vapor trails way up there high in the sky.                         

      I guess, from what it says in this one Encyclopedia, in 1940 when Herman Göring assured Hitler he could beat the British with his Air Force.  But what he didn't realize was that along the  English eastern coastline were these things called "Radar Towers."  I can smell Juniper.               



       I guess "Radar" allowed the British to know in advance if German Warplanes were coming from the European mainland. This gave them plenty of advance warning.  In this  Encyclopedia   a good map shows the first "phase" of the Battle of Britain.  I hear Crows cawing.                         

    Daisy told me our boss thinks Radar may have saved England.  When the Battle of Britain started the German had three times as many Planes as the English.  So the "Royal Air Force"        could not afford to waste Planes.  Fannie and Freddie just landed on Manny.                                

      In this one Encyclopedia there's a good picture of those Radar Towers that the British had set up along the east coast.  I'm tempted to write about Radar right now but I'd better just wait   until chapter six later today; where Daisy thought it would be better.  I can smell Sage.                  

      Tomorrow in book three I'll write about the twenty years between the two World Wars.  Mr. Steve thinks those years were very important Dais  told me.  The 1920's were really good but the  1930's were really bad according to what our boss told Daisy and Millie a few times.                      

      World War II "officially" started in September of 1939 when Germany and Russia agreed to conquer Poland.  Before that they didn't like each other but it was "convenient" to "make up"     in order to invade Poland.  But it ended up starting the biggest war of all time I guess.                   

     From what Mr. Steve told Dais and Millie, throughout the Great Depression there had been vicious wars.  Japan under that man Hideki Tojo slaughtered Chinese and Mussolini's Italy was   fighting wars down there in Africa.  So bloodshed was not that unusual I guess.                              

     In 1937 Hitler took back the "Rhineland" from France.  It had been taken from Germany after they lost World War I.  In 1938 he oversaw what's called in German the "Anschlus" of his   own country of Austria.  Dais was right.  That means it was "absorbed" by Germany.                   

I'm just mentioning what happened in those years leading up to the Second World War. Tomorrow in my third book I know Daisy has me scheduled to learn in a lot more detail exactly   what happened.  In 1938 Hitler got Czechoslovakia "without firing a shot" as they say.                 

      After brutally taking Poland with Russia Hitler turned around and looked toward France and England.  In May of 1940 the German Wehrmacht overran Belgium, Holland and France in  just about a month.  It was kind of like a one round knockout in Boxing Dais thinks.                      

       This one Encyclopedia says after Hitler conquered France in 1940 the British and Winston Churchill were alone to face the Germans.  Everyone believed that it was "only a matter of time" before Hitler invaded England from across the English Channel.  I hear Crows cawing.                 

     Mr. Steve says one reason it would've been hard for the Germans to just cross the English Channel is because the British still had one of the best navies in the whole world.  So they could    have violently "contested" any attempt to send troops over from France in Boats.                             



   This is interesting.  My Encyclopedia says that in 1940 the R.A.F. leader was named Hugh Dowding.  A picture of him shows how England put him on a stamp with a Hawker Hurricane.    Boy!  Daisy and I both think it would so great to have a stamp named after you.                             

      I guess, because Hugh Dowding knew his Air Force was outnumbered; he had to make the difficult decision to let German Planes attack Ships in the English Channel.  That's kind of like    how Winston Churchill had to let Coventry be bombed.  A Crow is squawking faintly.                   


    As I've said, when I get over my fear of enclosed spaces I'll go with Daisy into our boss's Bedroom and listen to music.  And a song Dais told me about is an IRON MAIDEN song about    the Battle of Britain.  She says they have a really good video to go along with it.                             

     I guess that man Hugh Dowding had "critics" who didn't like how he was letting Boats be attacked in the English Channel in 1940.  But he knew each Fighter Plane was so valuable and     would be needed later in defending the English skies.  And they turned out to be right.                  

      Later this afternoon Daisy has me scheduled to write about Sharks, Whales and other things like that.  Mr. Steve is interested in that subject.  He once told Daisy if he ever fought in a war he would not want to be on a sinking Ship.  I guess Mr. Steve is afraid of Sharks.                                 

        I guess Hitler in 1940 told Herman Göring not to bomb any cities but only things that had to do with the fighting of the war.  And at first they didn't.  But then one time by accident some of    the German bombers did drop bombs on a city.  So this got Winston Churchill mad.                      

 This Encyclopedia says Winston Churchill ordered the Royal Air Force to what they call "retaliate."  They bombed a few German cities and from then on both sides bombed civilians in the cities.  Nothing was "Off Limits."  I can smell a Mouse somewhere around here.                            

DOUGLAS BADER (1910-1982) 

     Yesterday in book one I wrote about that guy named Douglas Bader.  He had no legs below his knees but was a good Pilot in the World War II.  My Encyclopedia says he came to "epitomize"   the "gritty determination" and "quintessential" British "Bulldog spirit."  I smell Sage.                 

   As I mentioned yesterday, when World War II broke out England needed Pilots bad.  So they accepted Douglas Bader back even with no legs.  Mr. Steve told his friend Cliff that it turned out  to be a good decision because Douglas Bader ended up helping the Allies win the war.                   

    Daisy admires people like Homer Lea, Doug Flutie and Douglas Bader because they overcame disadvantages.  That's why she likes that guy Eddie Spaghetti who has no arms but plays drums in Phelan to make money.  I've mentioned him a few times already.  I can smell Juniper.                





   Daisy heard our boss tell Mr. Cliff he thought one reason why guys like Homer Lea, Doug Flutie and Douglas Bader overcome things is their "Supportive" wives.  Douglas Bader's wife     "Thelma" believed in him when others didn't.   I can smell a Lizard nearby.                                   

     According to Dais, Mr. Steve lent Mr. Cliff a book about World War II Pilots.  And that book says Douglas Bader was not a very friendly person.  But in this one Encyclopedia there's a good   picture of him and his wife and they look friendly.  Boy God!  I'd hate to have no legs!                   

     Later today I'll write about how the Germans used "Blitzkrieg" or "Lightning War" tactics to conquer Belgium, Holland and France in 1940; the year after taking Poland. Thousands of the French and British troops were trapped on a beach at this one place called "Dunkirk."                   


     This Encyclopedia says, in May of 1940; the Germans beat the French and British so badly that hundreds of thousands of soldiers were caught exposed, "massed;" on the beaches.  They       were what they call "Sitting Ducks."  Our family has a lot of birthdays in May.                              

       I guess in 1940 the Allies really needed to escape back across the English Channel and over to England.  And that guy Douglas Bader was one of the "R.A.F." Pilots who provided what they call "Cover" in order to "Fight Off" the German Planes trying to kill them down there.               

      Daisy told me that our boss met a guy from Poland one time who said there were Poles on that beach at Dunkirk too.  I looked up "Strafe" and it means; "To attack with machine gun fire from low-flying aircraft."  The Germans still used Stuka Dive Bombers too in 1940.                       


      I don't want to write too much about the evacuation of Dunkirk.  Dais has me scheduled to write about it later today according to my outline.  It says here that guy Winston Churchill said   Dunkirk was; "A colossal military disaster" turned into a "miracle of deliverance."                      

      But Daisy says she and Millie heard our boss tell Mr. Cliff about how in May of 1940, even though almost three hundred thousand soldiers were "rescued;" they had to "abandon" or leave behind a lot of really good, usable equipment.  Hey God!  But at least they got to live!                    

     I've mentioned how, when Mr. Steve was young; he had two 1968 Chevelles; the second one an S.S. with a "Big Block" motor in it.  Mr. Steve's friend Tim was able to work on it and got it   up to having the equivalent of over four hundred Horses in power.  I see Libby over there.                              CHEVELLE


                                                            As I wrote yesterday in book one, Mr. Steve and his friends used to go the the Street Races.  Sometimes they drove Mr. Steve's second Chevelle as fast as one hundred and twenty "Miles per Hour."  Theodora the Thrasher Bird just ran bye is now scooting out into the desert.                    

    Daisy says Mr. Steve told Cliff he can't even imagine being a World War II Pilot who flew Planes that went over four hundred and fifty "M.P.H."  Those big motors had over one thousand "H.P."  I just now noticed Libby over there walking slowly around in her Corral.                           

       I'll go back to writing about the Battle of Britain but I kind of felt like adding in some things about that guy Douglas Bader.  And now I feel like looking up and writing about this one other     Second Word War Pilot from Canada named George Beurling.  I can smell Libby.                         



      In that book Mr. Steve lent his friend Cliff about World War II Pilots, there's a chapter on the subject of that guy George Beurling.  This is interesting.  It says in this Encyclopedia how he was born in the Canadian Province of "Quebec" but is buried over in the country of Israel.        

        Daisy says our boss and Mr. Cliff talked about how you need good eyesight be a Pilot.  Good eyesight is why that famous Baseball player Ted Williams was   such a good hitter and a Pilot in   World War II and the Korean War too.  I smell that old Sage bush behind the Sheds.                     

      I guess that guy George Beurling also had "tremendous" eyesight.  As a Fighter Pilot he had the ability to shoot his machine guns into the area he knew his target was going to fly into; even   before that target did it.  He had skill and seemed to know "where they would be."                        




       Daisy says that over the years our boss Mr. Steve has met a few Pilots.  One was his friend Vic who used to work with him as a Videographer in the 1980's and 1990's.   Mr. Vic, like that      guy Mark Ritter; knew a lot about the history of Aviation.  I still smell that Sage bush.                  

         One time when they were both working at what they call a "Wedding Reception" Mr. Steve and Vic talked about what happened in North Africa during World War II.  This afternoon I'll   write about these two guys named Erwin Rommel and George Patton.  I can't wait!                      

       At the beginning of the Second World War in North Africa, the Germans and Italians fought the British and soldiers from their Colonies; like Australia and New Zealand.  As I mentioned,     George Beurling was Canadian.  Andy and Helen the Squirrels just scooted bye right now.           



        I'm so tempted to write about this island in the Mediterranean Sea called "Malta."  But I'll just wait and do it later today according to schedule, the way Daisy planned.  A map in this one Encyclopedia shows Malta as a little black dot right below that big island of "Sicily."                    

     I will say now that supplying the two sides who fought in North Africa from 1940 through 1942 turned out to be one of the biggest "Factor's in how the British eventually won.  Malta was "crucial" to getting things from Europe to North Africa.  I smell a Cholla cactus.                           

      I guess that guy George Beurling was sent to Malta to defend the skies against the German Planes trying to conquer the island.  Whoever controlled Malta controlled the Supply Routes.  Anyway, I'll write a lot more about Malta and North Africa later on this afternoon.

               BATTLE OF BRITAIN              

      Well, back to writing about the Battle of Britain which happened in late 1940 and lasted until mid-1941.  I kind of got off subject a little bit but that's okay.  I'll explain to Daisy tonight what I decided to do.  I just picked up Libby's scent from over there next door in her Corral.                  

    As I mentioned, when the Battle of Britain began in July of 1940; the British Royal Air Force was outnumbered by Herman Göring's German Luftwaffe.  The British used "Hurricane" and   "Spitfire" Fighter Planes to meet the Me-109's that "escorted" the German Bombers.                   

That guy Douglas Bader flew those "Hawker Hurricanes" against German "Me-109's" in defending the skies over England in late 1940.  Daisy says in that book on World War II Pilots it   says Hurricanes had only "Machine Guns" while the German Planes already had cannons.          

      This other map in my Encyclopedia shows with arrows how the Germans attacked England with Planes.  So Pilots like Douglas Bader and Adolph Galland met in what they call "Mortal       Combat."  I remember how Daisy told me that means you have to fight "To the Death."               

     Douglas Bader was really good at being a Fighter Pilot and defending his homeland.  And even though Hawker Hurricanes at first only Machine Guns they were better defensive Planes.  I can hear two boy Crows squawking faintly out there in the desert.  They're fighting.    

      Dais says Mr. Cliff told our boss how Douglas Bader knew a Hurricane could not "outdive" or "outclimb" a Me-109.  But it could dodge or "Duck and Weave" like a good defensive Boxer.   So that's exactly what they did.  Oh!  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye right now.                         

    This is interesting.  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  It says here in my Encyclopedia that Douglas Bader believed in three tactics in fighting against the German fighters; "from a height    advantage approach with the Sun behind you and then get close."  I can smell Sage.                      

    A picture in this Encyclopedia shows German Bombers from the time of the Second World War.  The caption says they're "Heinkels" flying "in formation."  Their job was to drop all their bombs and then make their getaway back over to Europe.  I can smell a Lizard nearby.                



      This good picture here in my Encyclopedia shows the two Fighter Planes the British used to fight off the Germans in 1940; the Hurricane and the Spitfire.  They kind of look alike but Daisy  told me our boss says they're very different.  Ah!  I can smell a Lizard around here.                       

      Mr. Steve's friend Mark Ritter studied World War II era Aviation so he knew the Hurricane was made out of wood and "fabric" like the World War I Biplanes.  The Spitfire was made out     of  steel and had a more powerful motor so was a better what they call "Interceptor."                   

     At the time of Mark Ritter's death Mr. Steve had his book on Spitfires.  He'd borrowed it so his friend Tim could read it.  Daisy says our boss still has it in his Office on the bookshelf where   his World War II books are kept.  I see the Lizard over there in the dirt; near the big tree.            

     F.7/30 "SPITFIRE"  

       Daisy says over the years our boss has shown a picture of the original Spitfire that's in Mark Ritter's book.  People are surprised to see how in the mid-1930's one version looked more like a    German Stuka Dive Bomber than a Fighter Plane.  The wings even looked the same.                     

      That Lizard just ran over to the big tree.  It's now standing on one of the boulders Mr. Steve has around the bottom of the tree.  Now it's doing some Lizard pushups.  The Sun is shining so     brightly right now.  I feel really good absorbing the Sun's warm rays.  Thank You God!                

                   REGINALD J. MITCHELL (1895-1937)     


        Daisy says Mr. Steve told her and Millie how Mark Ritter knew a lot about this man named Reginald J. Mitchell.  This Encyclopedia has a picture of Reginald Mitchell and the caption says  he's that he's holding a miniature model of the Spitfire Airplane that he "designed."                     

       It's sad that guy Reginald Mitchell didn't get to see how well his Spitfires did in World War II.  He died at age 42.  Oh!  In looking at my list of birthdays I see he was born on May the 20th; which is Mr. Steve's Nephew Austin's birthday too.  The one Lizard just ran away.                        

        As I mentioned yesterday in book one, in 1950, five years after the end of World War II; Mr. Steve's father volunteered to go fight in the Korean War.  At first he wanted to be a Pilot but his   eyesight was not good enough.  I can see the Lizard standing over there near the big tree.              

      Mr. Steve and his father are both what they call "Near-Sighted."  They're the only ones in the family who have to wear glasses for seeing things "at a distance."  Daisy, who is going blind;  explained to me the difference between being Near-Sighted and "Far-Sighted."                              

       Daisy says Mr.Steve's friend Mark Ritter once met an older man who's father in 1940 was also a Fighter Pilot during the Battle of Britain.  He even knew that guy Douglas Bader and told  his son about how Douglas Bader at times was not a very pleasant person to be around.                

       That guy told Mark Ritter Douglas Bader had one advantage over the Pilots with legs.  In a "tight turn" when going so fast blood rushes to your feet.  But the blood only flowed to Douglas   Bader's knees.  This helped him evade Me-109's flown by Pilots like Adolph Galland.                  

    Well, it's back to my outline.  I wrote more about the Battle of Britain tht I had planned but now it's back to the subject of that guy Ian Flemming and British Intelligence.  I'm still going to write more on Cryptography and also Douglas Bader tomorrow in book three.                              

       From what Mr. Steve told Daisy, when it came to British Intelligence; Ian Flemming was "right in the thick of things" as they say.  Dais says three years after the Battle of Britain he was  involved in "Operation Mincemeat."  A Mockingbird just flew in from the desert.                         

         My Encyclopedia says that by mid-1943 the British, with American help, had defeated the Germans and Italians in North Africa. So then they decided to invade Italy in Sicily; where a lot  of Italian-American gangsters came from.  I hear Blinky barking.                                                    

  I guess, to trick Benito Mussolini's Italy; one thing the Allies used was "Deception."  At that time Francisco Franco's Spain was Fascist but "Neutral."  The British floated a dead body with   fake "valuable" documents off of the coast of Spain. A Crow just cawed out in the desert.             

    Boy!  This is fun learning new things!  It says here British and American Intelligence Agencies knew the Spanish would let the Germans know about that dead body.  To everyone it just looked a Plane had crashed off shore and killed the man.  I can smell a Joshua tree.                                   

     False documents were inside of the briefcase attached to the dead man's wrist.  They said the Allies intended to invade Sicily and not Greece.  It says here that at that time the Germans were   trying really hard to decide where exactly the Allies were going to attack.                                        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                This one Encyclopedia has a really good map of the Mediterranean Sea.  So it's way easier to understand what was going on in that Theater of World War II during 1943.  The Germans were tricked into thinking the Allies were going to invade Greece from North Africa.                              

     Ian Flemming in this Encyclopedia is described as a "Lateral" thinker.  I'll bet that's what Mr. Steve means when he says "Out of the Box." Bit until President John F. Kennedy said that     he read his James Bond novels they were only "mildly" successful it says here.                         

      In Operation Mincemeat it was "MI6" who arranged for that corpse with fake documents to float up on Spain's shore. Corpse means a "dead body."  Mr. Steve said to Daisy one time that in  1943 there was no shortage of dead bodies that they could have used.                                                

    My Encyclopedia says in 1943 the British went to "great lengths" as they say to convince the Germans that the body "washed up" in Spain was real. The Plane they crashed in the ocean was even the exact type they knew the Germans would have expected to see then.                                  

  When it comes to tricking someone our boss says, it's best to get that person to believe what they already want to believe.  The German "Intelligence Agency," or "Abwehr," thought the        Allies would attack either Sardinia or Greece from North Africa in 1943.                                        

  In Operation Mincemeat the British even "planted" a picture of the dead man's supposed girlfriend and receipts for a wedding ring.  So the Allies convinced Adolf Hitler and the German  High Command that Greece was their target.  The Germans "fell for it" as they say.                      

     Yesterday when I wrote about Hang Gliding in Sylmar I mentioned a tv show from the late 1960's called "Hogan's Heroes."  It was one of our boss's favorite shows Daisy told me.  She and  Millie watched it a few times.  She says it's pretty good and Mr. Steve thinks it's funny.                   HOGAN'S HEROES         


      According to what Daisy told me that show Hogan's Heroes is about this German Prisoner of War camp in World War II.  She thinks the prisoners are captured Allied Pilots and members of  the Air Forces because it's called a "Luft Stalag."  I hear Ducks quacking next door.                     

 I guess the word "Stalag" is a shortened way of saying in German a "Prison Camp."  I just looked up "abbreviated."  They have such long words in German.  I'm sure glad I have all these  Dictionaries.  I can hear some Birds chirping out there in the eastern desert.                                   

 From what Daisy says, in Hogan's Heroes some of the prisoners are actually spies gathering Intelligence and doing sabotage from inside of the Prison Camp.  Their leader is named "Colonel   Hogan" and all of the other prisoners are very talented Dais told me.  I smell a Mouse.                

 These prisoners are clever and what they call "resourceful."  And they do it right under the nose of this bumbling Camp "Commandant" named "Colonel Klink."  From what Daisy told       me that guy Colonel Hogan seems like a really smart person.  I can smell some Juniper.                

    In Hogan's Heroes some of the prisoners are American Daisy says; and one is a really good cook named "Le Beau."  He's from France and that guy Richard Dawson plays a British "Safe    Cracker."  The "Radio Operator" is a black American Dais told me.                                                


      I remember when Dais told me about the episode of Hogan's Heroes where Hogan and two of the other P.O.W.'s wore black S.S uniforms as disguises.  Two of them also had on shiny black      helmets just like the helmet our boss has near the Fireplace in the Living Room.                             

   Daisy says she thinks the funniest characters in Hogan's Heroes are the Germans.  The main Guard is named "Sergeant Schultz" and Colonel Klink is the commander of the P.O.W. camp.     But that guy Colonel Hogan is way smarter than they are Dais told me.                                            

    In most episodes" that guy Colonel Hogan does something to help the Allies win the war Dais says.  Sabotage means to blow things up.  They do that a lot on Hogan's Heroes.  They blow up     Trains and Bridges.  And sometimes they help other prisoners to escape.                                          


         CHRISTINE GRANVILLE (1915-1952)       

      During World War II one of the best spies against the Nazi's was this Polish girl who worked for the British.  Her name was Christine Granville but according to this Encyclopedia her real     name was this really long Polish name.  I can smell a Ground Squirrel around here.                       

    This is interesting.  My Encyclopedia says Christine Granville was her "Nom de Guerre."  That means "War Name."  I guess in the past French soldiers used war names.  So if Dais was in  the French Army her war name would be "Daisy Córdova "dis" Piñon Hills."                                

      Yesterday in book one I wrote about how some people from places like Spain and Italy put the word "de" in their names.  De means "from" or "of."  So I guess over in France they would   put "dis" to say the same thing.  I see the Squirrel under Moe the middle Shed.                              


    Wow!  In this Encyclopedia it says that Polish girl Christine Granville did like in Hogan's Heroes.  She helped "disrupt" and "sabotage" German Supply lines in "occupied" France and    Poland.  I can hear some Pigeons cooing up there above me on the roof of the Patio.                       

        I guess that girl Christine Granville's "daring exploits" for the British "S.O.E. helped beat the Germans.  S.O.E. stands for "Special Operations Executive" and Christine Granville was a    member of the "French Underground."  That one Squirrel just ran out into the desert.                 


       Daisy says Colonel Hogan is really smart and always tricks Colonel Klink.  And the guy who is supposed to be guarding all of the prisoners, Sergeant Schultz, is too nice and friendly to be a   guard.  Oh!  I just picked up the scent of a Gopher somewhere around here.                                    

       In Hogan's Heroes the prisoners could escape any time they wanted.  Dais told me they even have a tunnel too but just pretend to be prisoners so they can help fight the Germans.  Colonel     Klink always brags about there never having been even one escape from his camp.                         

     Dais says our boss likes the uniforms and "Stereotyped" images of Nazis on Hogan's Heroes.  The actor who plays Major Hochstetter is a good "Cold-Blooded" Gestapo Agent and the same    is true of the guy who plays the impatient General Burkhalter.  I see the Gopher.                            

From what Daisy says Colonel Klink, instead of glasses, wears this thing called a "Monocle." This is one glass piece over his left eye which is a stereotyped thing a high class Prussian would     wear.  But Klink is what they call a "Goofball."  I can smell a Cholla cactus.                                   

   Major Hochstetter and General Burkhalter can't figure out how someone so dumb like Colonel Klink could be a Camp Commandant; or how there could have been no escapes from his Stalag.  They know something's wrong but can't figure out what it is. The Gopher's gone.                                         ,         

  According to Daisy the main reason that guy Klink is a Colonel is because his Uncle was the barber for Kaiser Wilhelm; the leader of Germany during World War I.  She says our boss told   her and Millie the writers of Hogan's Heroes knew a lot about the two world wars.                         

Dais says on Hogan's Heroes the guy who plays the part of Colonel Klink is named Werner Klemperer.  On the show he's a terrible violin player but in real life he was really good.  Werner   Klemperer's father was one of the most famous Orchestra Conductors in Europe.                          

   From what Daisy told me, our boss thinks that Werner Klemperer did such an incredible job of playing a "Nerdish Nazi" that he got what's called "Typecast."   After that part no one could   ever possibly see him as anything other than "Klink."  I hear Blinky barking.                                   

  Two of Mr. Steve's other favorite tv shows are the Beverly Hillbillies and Get Smart.  And in both cases two of the characters, like Werner Klemperer, ended up being typecast; Max Baer Jr.  as "Jethro Bodine" and Don Adams as "Maxwell Smart."  I'll write about them later.                   

    Another reason Dais suspects Mr. Steve likes Hogan's Heroes is because of this girl who plays Colonel Klink's secretary "Helga."  It's the same with "Elly May" on the Beverly Hillbillies and Agent 99 on Get Smart.  Our boss sometimes just likes looking at pretty females.                                                     

    Whether one is "handsome" is a very subjective thing.  But like Mr. Steve says, as long as the person you're with thinks you're good looking is all that matters.  Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that he's now ugly but when he was young his girlfriends thought he was okay looking.                 

  Daisy says a few years ago Mr. Steve met someone who knew about Werner Klemperer and how his demanding father was a really famous Classical music Conductor.  So no matter what he did in life as "a mere Actor" he could never "measure up to his dad.  A Crow cawed.                    

      Later this afternoon I'm scheduled to write about this one guy named Jimmy Lennon Jr.   He also had a famous father who was so hard to measure up to.  Both Jimmy Lennon Sr. and Jr. are what they call "Ring Announcers" for Boxing matches.  Jimmy Sr. died.                                          

    The next thing on my outline I want to write about is one of Mr. Steve's favorite movies.  It's called "The Great Escape" and its main Actor is named Steve McQueen.  Dais told me she and     Millie saw The Great Escape when they were in our boss's Bedroom one time.                                                        


    From what Dais told me that movie The Great Escape" came out in the 1964 when Mr. Steve was nine years old.  Like Hogan's Heroes, it's also about a World War II "Luft" P.O.W. camp.     Daisy says it's about the Allied prisoners digging a long tunnel in order to escape.                          

Oh!  Just when I was thinking about long skinny tunnels who should pop its head out of its burrow?  A Gopher.  That Gopher is coming up out of the hole just to the right of the big tree.  I  kind of like the smell of soft dirt.  A Finch just streaked bye; going out into the desert.                   

 Just like that funny show Get Smart was seemingly inspired by the James Bond movies, Dais  thinks the idea for Hogan's Heroes was probably thought of because of The Great Escape.  It has a few scenes where Steve McQueen rides Motorcycles.  That Gopher is gone now.                            

      According to what Dais says, in that movie The Great Escape Steve McQueen doesn't want to wait for the prisoners tunnel to be finished.  He's impatient so instead steals a German uniform    and Motorcycle.  Then he tries to sneak out of the P.O.W. camp.  I smell a Joshua tree.                  

     Daisy told me our boss one time met this guy from England who knew a lot about "Triumph" Motorcycles.  He said in The Great Escape Steve McQueen rode a Triumph painted to look like a German "BMW;" which is what the Germans used in World War II.                                               

     Mr. Steve likes movies where Cars or Motorcycles are used to do what they call "Stunts."  In a little while I'll write about this other Steve McQueen movie called "Bullit."  Daisy says it's so    amazing how in The Great Escape Steve McQueen jumps over fences on a Motorcycle.                         


    Dais says that guy from England told our boss that Steve McQueen, unlike most Actors, did his own Stunts.  In fact he said, Steve McQueen also played the part of the German who was on a Motorcycle and chasing Steve McQueen.  Ah!  I smell a Gopher Snake around here.                      

    Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie he and that man from England also discussed this other guy named "Evel" Knievel.  He was what they call a "Daredevil" who became so famous for doing      incredible jumps on Motorcycles.  For a long time he also rode Triumphs.                                                                                                           

   "EVEL" KNIEVEL (1938-2007)

Mr. Steve says Evel Knievel is thought by some as symbolizing pride in being an American entertainer.  My Encyclopedia says his family was German and his real first name was "Robert" or "Bob."  I guess Evel Knievel grew up in the State of Montana.  I see the Snake.                          

    Daisy told me our boss has a few customers up there in Montana.  At times they've discussed Evel Knievel.  She says Mr. Steve once read that Evel Knievel was born on the 17th of October     just like his brother Rock in Texas; and that's what it says in my Encyclopedia.                              

      There's a picture in this Encyclopedia that shows Evel Knievel jumping over a big fountain. I guess it was taken in 1967 in the city of Las Vegas.  But according to what it says in the caption     underneath the picture he crashed on that jump.  The Gopher Snake crawled away.                      

     I see in the photograph of Evel Knievel jumping over the fountain that it was taken outside a "Casino" called "Caesar's Palace."  Daisy says Mr. Steve and his father have been there.  In the   early 1990's they both visited Las Vegas on a number of occasions.  I smell Sage.                            



       Later I'll write about this Boxer named Bobby Chacon.  I think Dais has me scheduled to write about him later today but it might be tomorrow in book three.  I forget now.  Mr. Bobby is  a friend of Mr. Steve's family and is from "Pacoima;" near Sylmar and San Fernando.                 

       Mr. Bobby was a World Champion in the 1970's and 1980's and fought in two of the most famous fights in the history of Caesar's Palace.  I'm so tempted to write about Mr. Bobby right    now but I'd better just wait and do it according to plan.  I can smell Juniper.                                  

        Well, Dais was right.  She told me that one time Evel Knievel tried to shoot himself across a river up in the State of "Idaho."  Daisy says our boss has a customer in a city called "Boise."  He and the Service Manager have discussed Evel Knievel.  I can smell a Joshua tree.                              

     Ouch!  This Encyclopedia shows a picture of Evel Knievel crashing.  I guess he's in that one "Guinnes Book of Records" for having broken the most bones in one body.  Daisy told me he's as famous for his failed jumps as for his successful Stunts.  I hear Crows cawing.                               

    The caption under the photo of Evel Knievel crashing says he was in England at "Wembley Stadium."  That's in the city of "London."  Daisy told me our boss knows a guy named Bernard  who over the years has worked tuning pianos at Wembley Stadium.  I smell Creosote.                  

      Mr. Steve told Dais he's noticed how, since moving up here to the High Desert; the bones he broke as a kid hurt more.  He thinks that guy Evel Knievel must  have had a lot of pain in cold     weather too because of how many more bones he broke.  The sky is so blue right now.                   

      I didn't intend to write so much about that guy Evel Knievel.  But I just thought about him when I wrote about the movie The Great Escape.  But now it's back to my outline and I can see    that I still have more to write about World War II.  I can hear some Crows cawing.                       

      Another thing that helped the Allies successfully invade Sicily in 1943 was the "assistance" of American organized crime; mainly a man named Charles "Lucky" Luciano.  It says here in my   Encyclopedia that he's considered to have been the "Father of modern organized crime."                                               

                               CHARLES "LUCKY" LUCIANO (1897-1962)                              

   Even though I was scheduled to write about the Mafia later I kind of  feel like doing it right now.  I know that Mr. Steve thinks that the subject of organized crime is very important in the     history of the United States during the 20th century.  I hear Crows cawing.                                      

 This is interesting!  It says here Lucky Luciano, who was from Sicily, was what they call in Italian "Capo di tutti capi" or "Boss of all bosses;" even though he didn't like being called that    name.  But he was the one who first "organized" the families in New York City.                              

 Mr. Steve is sort of like our Capo di tutti.  I know for sure that Dais would agree with me on that.  But he's not a mean boss so we're lucky.  At least that's what Daisy thinks and I agree with  her.  That one big Dragonfly just flew bye; going out into the eastern desert.                                    

   I guess, from what it says here, at the beginning of  World War II a Ship was what they call "sabotaged" in New York City's Dock.  That means blown up and sunk.  At the time when that    Ship in New York Harbor was destroyed that guy Lucky Luciano was in prison.                             

   The Government knew Lucky Luciano could help them invade Sicily.  And even in jail he had  "influence" over the Dock workers.  They could cooperate in trying to find any of the German     or Italian spies who might blow up other Ships on the "Waterfront."                                                            


   I guess the Federal Government made a deal with Lucky Luciano.  From prison he ordered   Italian Dock workers in New York Harbor to do whatever the Federal Government wanted. The Waterfront at that time was "ruled over" by this man named Albert Anastasia.                            

    According to this Encyclopedia Lucky Luciano, unlike other Italian Mafia members, was fine  working with people who were not Sicilian.  In the Italian Mafia to be "Made" meant that you     were a "full-fledged" member.  But before that happened you had to prove yourself.                      

    Daisy says our boss told her and Millie one of the the most important things about being in the Mafia was making money.  And that meant being a good what they call "earner."  I just picked    up the slight scent of one of the new Spring Sage plants out there in the desert.                                

   According to my Encyclopedia Lucky Luciano was friends with this one Jewish Bookkeeper named Meyer Lansky; who was one of the leaders in the "Jewish Mob."  From what it says here  some people jokingly called it the "Kosher Mafia."  I smell a Lizard nearby.                                   


      MEYER LANSKY (1902-1983)


      In my Italian Dictionary it says the word "Consiliere" means "Counselor." So maybe that's what Meyer Lansky was to Lucky Luciano.  This is interesting.  Hey! According to what it says    here in this one Encyclopedia that guy Meyer Lansky was born on the 4th of July.                          

     Dais says our boss was told that one of the fictional characters in the Godfather movies was "inspired by" Meyer Lansky.  And another character was was probably "loosely" based on that  other Jewish gangster named "Bugsy" Segal.  I want to see those movies!                                        

   It says here that Meyer Lansky's family came from Poland at turn of the 20th century; in order to to flee the "bloody Russian persecution" of Jews.  Like Mr. Steve says, it isn't just the     Germans who don't seem to like Jews that much. I smell a Juniper plant.                                        

      I guess when they say "Pogrom" they mean "an organized massacre."  That's what it says here in my Dictionary.  Dais told me Mr. Steve says it usually now refers mainly to the killing of     Jews in Russia under the Czars.  I hear some Crows cawing out there in the desert.                      

       Two of Mr. Steve's three girlfriends, Emily and Harriet, came from Jewish families that were sort of like Meyer Lansky's family; "Ashkenazi" Jews from eastern Europe.  I can see that our   four Pigeon are flying bye; way up there high in the light blue sky.                                                                                              

            LUCKY LUCIANO WITH WIFE              

       I guess Lucky Luciano, who liked Dogs, divided New York City into "Territories" controlled by the "Five Families" governed by "The Commission."  In Italian "Cosa Nostra" means "Our   Thing" and "Omerta" is a code of silence.  And they'll kill you if you break the code.                    

      Tomorrow in book three I'm going to talk about these Japanese gangsters called "Yakuza."  If they break one of the rules in their "Code of Conduct" part of their finger is cut off.  And Dais told me how sometimes you have to cut off your own finger.  Ouch!  That would really hurt.                                    

                 JOHNNY ROSELLI (1905-1976)                   SAM GIANCANA (1908-1975)                                               

       Later today I'll write about how in 1985 Mr. Steve's father, as the "Grand Jury" Foreman of Los Angeles; was involved in the "Marilyn Monroe Case."  Part of that involves knowing about   Johnny Roselli and his "Mob Boss back in the Chicago named Sam Giancana.                                

    Daisy says Mr. Steve told her and Millie that in 1919, right after World War I, alcohol was "Outlawed" in America.  So the Mafia then made a lot of money in selling "Booze." But, in 1934 President Franklin Roosevelt got rid of that law he told them.  I hear Dawn barking.                     

     One of the ironies of history our boss thinks is how, because they were big supporters of what they call the "Prohibition" of alcohol, the Mafia helped lessen the power and influence of that       one group called the Ku Klux Klan.  Both groups used violence a lot back then.                                  


     My Encyclopedia says right after the Civil War the Ku Klux Klan or "KKK" was formed.  They didn't want the black ex-Slaves to have any power so terrorized them.  Two pictures here     show how they wore scary white uniforms.  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye right now.              

   By the 1920's the KKK had a lot of power.  One of the pictures in this Encyclopedia shows them marching in Washington D.C.  The caption says they're on "Pennsylvania" Avenue.  Daisy  told me one time that Mr. Steve and his family walked on that same road back in 2008.                 

     As powerful as they were during the 1920's, and not just in the South, the KKK were against alcohol so the "Mob" was against them.  At least that's what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie a      while back.  I can hear two Crows cawing bickering back and forth at each other.                          




      Dais says Mr. Steve has a book on a Catholic group in Europe called the "Brotherhood of the Blood."  They go all the way back to the Middle Ages.  In this Encyclopedia there are two good    pictures of them and they look kind of scary.  I hear Crows cawing out in the desert.                      

     Mr. Steve thinks the K.K.K., who at times hated Catholics, were influenced by the uniforms of the Brotherhood of the Blood.  Later today I'll write about the "Spanish Inquisition"  under this  man named Tomas de Torquemada.  He was kind of a mean person Daisy told me.                         

      Sometimes Mr. Steve thinks drugs which are illegal should be made legal because now there's a lot of crime which "revolves" around them; just like in the 1920's.  During those Prohibition years when alcohol was illegal some crime figures like Al Capone got really rich.                                                                                          AL CAPONE (1899-1947)        


     This is kind of interesting.  My Encyclopedia says Al Capone, who was Italian and born in New York City but then moved to Chicago, was finally " brought down not for killing people but for what's called "Tax Evasion."  I smell a Lizard around here somewhere.                                     

    During the "Roaring" 1920's Al Capone, who had a big scar on his face, controlled the illegal liquor market in Chicago.  His men killed members of other gangs and they in turn killed some    of his men too; usually over alcohol sales.  I can now hear some Crows cawing faintly.                   


     OTTO SKORZENY (1908-1975)

      Al Capone's nickname was "Scar Face."  Another guy who was known for having a big scar on his face was Otto Skorzeny.   Dais has me scheduled to write about the many amazing things   he did in his eventful life tomorrow.  I can see the Lizard near the big tree.                                      

    A while back when we were putting my outlines together I wrote down an Al Capone quote that Daisy says Mr. Steve found amusing;  "You can get a lot more done with a gun and a smile    than you can with just a smile alone."  That Lizard just ran under a rock.                                       


    My Encyclopedia says, in February of 1929, about eight months before the Stock Market crash, Al Capone's men killed members of another gang led by this man named George "Bugs"   Moran. And I guess they did it on Saint Velentine's Day.  I smell a Creosote bush.                           

      Mr. Steve was told by that lady Miss Susan, who ran the local Newspaper for years, that up here in the High Desert in the 1920's there were these people called "Moonshiners."   During the  time of Prohibition, they used to make alcohol up there in the mountains.                                        

       Oh!  I forgot to write a few things about that man Ian Flemming who wrote the James Bond books.  I kind of wrote more than I was planning about all of those Italian gangsters.  But that's   okay, I'm having so much fun in  learning new things.  Thank You God for that.                             

      My Encyclopedia says Ian Flemming did so well tricking the Germans about Sicily in that Operation Mincemeat he was sent here to America to help a man named Bill Donovan; the head of the "Offices of Strategic Services;" or "O.S.S" for short.  I hear Ducks quacking.                       

WILLIAM DONOVAN (1883-1959) 


    I'm kind of tempted to write about that man Bill Donovan now.  His nickname was "Wild Bill" and he's the only person ever to be awarded the four highest American medals; and that      even includes the "Medal of Honor."  I guess "Bill" is just short for "William."                              

      I better just wait until tomorrow in book three to look up Bill Donovan.  That's when Daisy said to do it and I think I'll stick to our outline.  But I will say that Bill Donovan is now called the "Father of American Intelligence."  He also fought back in World War I.  I smell Sage.                 

     This Encyclopedia says that after World War II the O.S.S., which was like England's MI-6;  became the "C.I.A." or "Central Intelligence Agency." The C.I.A. and "F.B.I." or the "Federal Bureau of Investigation" now do a lot of America's most secret work.                                           

      One of these days I'd really like to see that tv show Get Smart.  Daisy told me Millie thought it was funny.  The main character is "Scret Agent" Maxwell Smart.  He's not as smart as his girl partner 99; but she "Covers Up" for him because she wants to be his girlfriend.                             

     Daisy told me that she noticed on that show Get Smart they call their boss "Chief" too.  Just because I'm around Daisy so much I've noticed that I'm starting to call Mr. Steve "Chief" just      like she does.  Daisy at times calls our boss Chief and more and more it sees to fit.                                           

                                                                      "GET SMART"


     Daisy says Max and 99 on Get Smart even had phones built right into theirs shoes!  It never ceases to amaze me at how human beings come up with such incredible things like Phones and other machines.  Mr. Steve even has this one thing called a "Chain Saw."

     Both Daisy and I are sure glad our boss has a lot of tools and things.  Dais thinks we're lucky that Mr. Steve can probably solve almost any problem!  Inside of our Garage all his tools, ropes, chains and other things are arranged in order.  A Thrasher Bird just flew bye.

      I just glanced up at the Hummingbird Feeder hanging to my left.  For the second day in a row it's empty.  That's why Max just flies on past it.  Which reminds me; I wonder when Daisy and I will get our first snack today?  We didn't have any snacks yesterday. 

     I have to be alert so that if Mr. Steve calls us I can quickly hide my Notebook and Dictionaries under the cushions on this couch.  I've been practicing hiding my things and I can do it really fast now.  But I still have to be careful.  I'm so lucky to have this project! 

     I work much better on a full stomach.  But I got a lot done yesterday even though Daisy and I didn't get any snacks.  That was very unusual.  But, no matter.  That was then and this is now and I got a lot done yesterday and I'll do the same today.  Thank You Blessed Mother!

      Oh my God!  Just when I was thinking about You Blessed Mother I smell a Rosemary plant.  Is that You trying to give me a signal?  I sure hope it is.  Maybe someday You could come down and visit us the way You visited the three kids at Fatima or that guy in Mexico.

      Blessed Virgin; many will probably think I'm weird for writing our story but then I think of what Socrates said about "the un-examined life" not being "worth living."  Daisy say sometimes self-examining can be painful, or even embarrassing.  But that's okay. 

      Oh! There goes a Snake crawling under the big Shed Jack!  I'll bet it's hunting.  There used to be a lot more Rats and Field Mice around but then our neighbors rescued this black and white girl Cat named "Cher."  Daisy and I haven't seen Cher around here as much lately. 



        Oh my God!  Cher is over there near the fence around Libby's Corral.  This is amazing.  It's as if Cher just suddenly appeared like magic.  Hey God!  Daisy would probably say it's just a coincidence but I want to think seeing Cher is a good sign.  I smell a Sage plant.

     Daisy is right.  If you watch Cats you can learn a lot.  She heard that Cats feel Storms coming through their whiskers.  So if a Cat starts jogging around, and then runs and hides, get ready.  I can tell by how she's moving that Cher's hungry.  I'm not hungry yet today.

      I wonder if it's true what Dais says Mr. Steve told her?  Just like she can sense a Storm on the way in her bones Daisy told me our boss said some people think Elephants know when a Storm is coming by feeling with the bottoms of their really big feet.  I still see Cher over there.



        I guess Mr. Steve told Daisy that Elephants can hear Storms from far away with their giant floppy ears.  This picture in my Encyclopedia shows a big male protecting his family.  All of the girl Elephants are also helping to protect the baby Elephant.  I smell a Juniper plant.

       Cher is not very friendly.  In fact, sometimes she gives Dais and me mean looks.  Cher seems to sleep a lot.  Daisy says it's because she usually hunts at night.  Mr. Steve says our neighbors named her Cher because of that shiny black fur.  I know she's a good Mouse hunter. 

     Our neighbors thought Cher's black fur looked kind of like this famous singer named Cher's black hair.  Mr. Steve told Dais that when he was young he thought Cher the singer was pretty. A nice cool breeze just blew in from the eastern desert behind the three Sheds.

      Hey Holy Spirit!  The Chimes are ringing and I can smell some the new Spring plants.  I sort of feel You right now I think.  I feel alive!  Daisy is so right.  How could any Dogs like us be any luckier?  I love taking in deep breaths.  Air is so great!  Daisy and I love Spring air.   

     Cats are expert at catching what they call "Rodents."  For some reason there have been Mice out during the day lately.  Normally they only come out at night; like Rats.  But maybe they feel so good because it's Spring that they're "taking chances" more than they usually would.



     A Rat is a Rodent.  I don't like Rats.  They have really sharp teeth underneath their lips so it doesn't show how much damage they can do with one single bite.  Rats make mean sounds too. Dais is not afraid of Rats.  She even taught me how to kill a Rat quickly. 

     To kill a Rat you have to run up to it and then bite it really hard just behind the neck.  If you break it's spine you've "got it' so to speak.  If you don't bite a Rat correctly then they will squirm around and try to bite you on the nose.  A Black Cow Bird just ran bye right now.

     Daisy was bitten on the nose by a Rat.  But her scar is covered up by the hair on her face.  She likes when Mr. Steve pulls the hair to the side and rubs it.  Then he pushes the hair back over the scar so it's camouflaged.  Daisy says she learned a lot from that painful experience.  

                                                     ANDREW JACKSON (1767-1845)


        This is interesting.  My Encyclopedia says Andrew Jackson was born on March 15th.  And in looking at the list Daisy and I put together on significant dates in our family I remember how Mr. Steve's sister Susan's birthday is on the 16th.  I can hear some Finches singing.

       Yesterday in the middle of book one I wrote about how the 15th of March is now called "The Ides of March" and is associated with that guy Julius Caesar.  It was Daisy's idea for me to learn about that subject.  I think Daisy has a 6th Sense just like Julius Caesar's wife. 

        Dais says one time she and Millie were in the Living Room on a really cold Winter evening when they watched a good tv show about Andrew Jackson.  Like George Washington and later Ulyssus Grant and Dwight Eisenhower; he was a General and then President.

        I guess in that tv show there was a part where Andrew Jackson and his brother were young boys in the Revolutionary War.  A British officer ordered Andrew Jackson to clean his boots but Andrew Jackson said no.  So the officer swung and cut Andrew Jackson with a sword.


                                                                                   BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS


       From what Dais told me, Andrew Jackson tried to block the sword and it cut his hand and forehead.  For the rest of his life he hated the British and later beat them in the War of 1812 at the "Battle of New Orleans."  I'll write more about that famous battle later. 

      Daisy says for the rest of his life Andrew Jackson would unconsciously rub or feel the two big scars on his hand and forehead.  It reminded him of how much he wanted to get revenge on the British.  Mr. Steve also used to rub some of his scars; but not anymore Dais told me.

      For some reason I'm still kind of thinking about Rats.  When "faced with death" a Rat can turn around as if made of rubber to try to bite you.  It's so amazing.  But once Dais showed me I learned on my first try how to bite and break a Rat's back.  I smell a new Sage plant.

      Even though it sounds sort of bad it's kind of fun to kill a Rat.  As Daisy says, it keeps us in practice in case whe someday have to protect our two acres.  I now kind of enjoy shaking a Rat back and forth from side to side so they can't bite you back.  Thank You Everyone!

       I really don't like Rats coming around here anyway.  Daisy told me they bring in Germs and things like that.  So it's good to kill them if we get the chance.  And like Dais says, Rats steal all of the food if you let them.  Rats are kind of sneaky.  I hear Dawn barking faintly.  

      Usually you never see a Rat during the day.  They sleep during the day and then come out to look for food at night.  But yesterday and today I've been seeing Mice and earlier today I even saw a Scorpion out during the day.  Mr. Steve always tries to kill Rats Daisy told me.

     Daisy says our boss has a customer up in Northern California named Harry.  He's originally from India.  One time he told Mr. Steve that a relative of his wife has a job as what they call a "Rat Catcher" in the Indian city of "Mumbai."  He's paid to kill all of the Rats.

      That man in India uses a sharp spear to "dispose" of Rats.  Some Rats are big.  But one good thing, a fringe benefit, of his job is how he gets to take the Rats home so his wife can use them as food for their family.  I don't really like the way Rat fur tastes.  It's kind of nasty.

      Dais told me one time about how our boss used one of his spears to kill a Rat inside of Manny the far right Shed.  And then Daisy and Millie watched as Mr. Steve brought that one miraculous "Vacuum Cleaner" machine outside to clean up where the Rat had been living. 

      Daisy told me Mr. Steve has another customer over there in Louisiana who says if you know what to do you can eat Rat.  He said his mom and daughters made Rat and didn't tell the people what they were eating until they were eating it.  And guess what? They liked it.

      If it were an emergency situation and we had to we could eat Rats Dais says.  But of course we'd have to first strip off the hide because you can't eat fur.  But we could eat the tail and ears raw.  And now that I think about it; the hands and feet too.  I hear Crows cawing.

     Oh my God!  Just when I was writing about Mice and Rats what do I see?  A little Mouse is standing on one of the rocks around the bottom of the big tree.  Now it hopped down onto the dirt.  Daisy told me that band SPARKS have a good song called "Micky Mouse."

     Dais says Cats hunt at night but also early in the morning.  She thinks Cher's  smart because she pulls her "kill" up onto the roof of our Sheds to eat it "In Peace."  She also "grooms" herself up on the Sheds.  Cher seems like a really clean Cat.  That Mouse just ran away.   


     Dais says one time our boss told her and Millie about this big Cat called a "Leopard."  They pull their food up into trees.  Mr. Steve jokes that maybe Cher is part Leopard.  Boy, Leopards must be so strong.  Daisy told me Leopards are orange and have black spots.

     I wrote down on my outline another thing Daisy said.  She says our boss mentioned that it's possible Cats pulling their food up high so no one will steal it might be an example of Charles Darwin's idea of Natural Selection.  They learn to do that by the example of their parents.

    Mr. Steve thinks it's usually the mother Cat who teaches her kids what to do to survive in the particular area where they happen to live.   Charles Darwin said important "traits" are "passed down" in order to give the next generation a better chance to "make it."  

     I wonder if Cher's parents taught her things?  Daisy's lucky.  She knew her parents and her brothers and sisters.  She told me once that Dog Snoopy in the Peanuts cartoons had about eight brothers and sisters.  I guess you could say I'm what they call an "only child."

     At times I have "vague" dreams or memories of my mother, mostly scents.  If we had a Time Machine like Sherman and Mr. Peabody I could go back and smell my mother so I could know where I came from.  Daisy says maybe some day I'll meet my mom up in Heaven. 

     When Cher grooms herself she licks her paws and then rubs her head.  Daisy says all Cats are really clean; even though our boss one time said a Cat's mouth has a lot of these things called "Germs."  Daisy licks her paws too but that's because she has such bad arthritis.

       Oh my God!  Wait until Dais sees the picture in this Encyclopedia!  She told me she's heard that Tigers can have babies with Lions.  The babies are called "Ligers."  The one in the picture weighs over nine hundred pounds and is named "Hercules."  I smell a Juniper plant.

      Another thing Daisy pointed out to me is how Cats sometimes seem to be breathing through their mouth.  They grimace and make a funny face when they're doing it.  Daisy says she thinks it's when a Cat is trying to figure out if another Cat has been in their territory. 

      Daisy says Cats hear even better than we do.  I know how unbelievable their balance is.  One time Cher was caught off guard by Freddie the Crow.  For some unknown reason, he decided to dive bomb Cher like a Stuka Plane as she sat on top of Jack the biggest Shed.

      As Cher fell to the ground she wiggled her body like a rubber band and then turned around in mid-air so she could land on the ground flat-footed.  It was like magic.  Daisy had told me how Cats could do that but until you see it in person you kind of don't believe it.

       In book three tomorrow, towards the end, I'm scheduled to write about two Cats who lived in Sylmar on Hagar Street with Mr. Steve; "Mookie Wilson" and "Miss Foot."  They also did some things which are hard to believe.  Daisy says Cats feel with their whiskers.     

      Mr. Steve showed Daisy and myself pictures of the real Cher; who's a good singer.  He thinks she's still pretty even though she's even older than he is.  Mr. Steve thinks almost everyone gets uglier with age.  It's normal he says.  He thinks that he's now really ugly.

      Dais says our boss told her and Millie about how that girl Cher still does concerts up there in a city called "Las Vegas;" about a five hour drive from Piñon Hills. Highway 15 is fourteen miles to the east of us.  I guess the name Las Vegas means "the Meadows" in Spanish.

     Our boss jokes that, just as Piñon Hills no longer has pine trees, Las Vegas is obviously not a  meadow any more.  It's a city with bright lights in a hot desert.  Mr. Steve used to have to go to Las Vegas but not lately.  Daisy says it's totally legal to gamble in Las Vegas. 

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and me that Mormons are linked historically to the State of Nevada and the city of Las Vegas.  Mormons who live around us.  Our boss says Mormons don't gamble so it's "ironic" that some Mormons at one time helped "Finance" Las Vegas. 

     Even though Mr. Steve and his family don't gamble they were involved in what's called the "Gaming" industry in the early 1990's.  Our boss jokes that, just as it sounds better to just call a used Car "Pre-Owned," those who work in gambling prefer the word gaming. 

      Dais says one time Mr. Steve told her and Millie that calling gambling gaming may be a good example of how, on a bigger scale, a Government could use George Orwell's "New Speak."  Just change one word and then condition the people to use that new word instead.

      So when you "Invest" in the Stock Market our boss jokes, you're not supposed to say that you're gambling with that money.  The correct way of referring to it is to call it "Speculating." But he told Daisy and myself, no matter what you call it you're still just gambling.

     Oh wow!  I see that Cat Cher and she's got a Mouse in her mouth.  And there she goes up onto the top of our Shed Moe.  That's so amazing how I was just thinking about her and also the singer named Cher.  Oh, she just noticed me looking at her.  I smell Creosote. 

     Cher is sort of like Daisy in not liking to be watched as they eat.  I like Cher!  But she seems very private and has never been that friendly.  She knows our scents.  Daisy tells me, actually, in some ways, Cats are supposed to be kind of like our ultimate competitors in life.

                                                              SONNY AND CHER

     In the 1960's that girl Cher sang with her husband as SONNY AND CHER.  Their real last name was "Bono" and they were from Los Angeles.  I guess they dressed like what are called  "Hippies;" even though, in his opinion, they really weren't Hippies Mr. Steve thinks.  

     Our boss told us that sometimes in entertainment it's so hard to get attention you have to use what they call a "Gimmick."  Some bands have even dressed up like girls he says.  He thinks that SONNY AND CHER probably just dressed up like Hippies as a gimmick to get attention.   


     This is interesting.  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  In my Encyclopedia it says SONNY AND CHER had a big "hit" song called "I Got You Babe."  And it was "released" on July the 9th of the year 1965.  That's his birthday.  Ah!  I just smelled one of the Cholla cactus.   

      Daisy told me that in that movie Groundhog Day every time the funny man wakes up in the morning he has to live the same day over and over again.   And every morning when he wakes up the song playing on the radio is I Got You Babe is.  I hear Birds signalling to each other.

     From what is says here Cher is still a singer but her husband Sonny died.  He ran into a tree snow skiing.  Right near us in Wrightwood people from all over come to snow ski.  I'll bet that man SONNY was going way too fast.  I know that's what Dais thinks. 

      I guess after SONNY AND CHER stopped singing together Sonny "ran for office" and was a Conservative politician back in Washington D.C. until he died.  Mr. Steve said he represented the "Low" Desert to our south.  That's where the town of "Palm Springs" is located.

     Over the years our boss has been to Palm Springs a number of times Dais says.  When his dad came back from the Korean War he was for a time "Stationed" near Palm Springs at this other place called "Twenty Nine Palms."  Jack the big Jackrabbit just ran bye.


                                                         "CABAZON" DINOSAURS 

                                                                                                                                          PHOTOS BY STEVE CÓRDOVA

      Even though it's not on my outline I just thought of something I want to write about.  Daisy one time told me about these two big statues of Dinosaurs near Palm Springs.  She says our boss has seen them a few times.  A small Ground Squirrel just ran bye in front of the Sheds. 

     Those two Dinosaur statues are in a place called "Cabazon;" which is on the north side of the 10 Highway.  One of the statues, which are made of cement, is of a "Brontosaurus" like in that song by the MOVE.  The other statue is of a "Tyranisaurus-Rex;" or "T-Rex."

     Mr. Steve and his girlfriend Emily walked around those Dinosaurs a few times; whenever on their way to Palm Springs.   Dais says our boss told her and Millie that they're actually located in a place called "Cabazon" which is on the north side of the 10 Highway. 

     There used to be a restaurant called the "Wheel Inn" next to those Dinosaurs our boss told Dais.  He and Emily ate there a few times.  They made good Blueberry Pancakes.  Boy, thinking about that makes me kind of hungry.  I wonder if we'll get any snacks today?

    I just looked up this man named Claude Bell in my Encyclopedia.  He built those two giant Dinosaurs at Cabazon and it took him over twenty years to finish both of them.  But he was in     "no hurry" as they say because he in part did it to "keep busy" in his old age.                                

                                                                  CLAUDE BELL (1897-1988)


         A picture in my Encyclopedia shows Claude Bell below his Brontosaurus.  He looks like he'd be a nice person.  Dais says our boss thought about all the unusual things built along the sides of the old Route 66 whenever he saw that guy Claude Bell's two concrete Dinosaurs. 

     Oh!  This interesting.  It says here for many years Claude Bell built things at this place called "Knotts Berry Farm."  Mr. Steve's been there a few times.  Daisy says he still has these "Wanted Posters" from the "Old West" that he bought there when he was a kid.

      Wow!  I guess I'm done with chapter four.  That's the end of part one of this second book and just like yesterday this day is going so fast.  I've already done a lot today.  But I've still got eight more chapters to go.  I'd say it's about eleven thirty judging by where the Sun is.


                                                                      (Chapter 5)


             Hey you Guys I'm back!  I decided to take a break and go see Dais.  I knew she'd be laying on her Barney the Dinosaur blanket in the Garage near the door to the Utility Room; where the Washer and Dryer are.  Thank Everyone for Daisy.  I'm doing this for her too. 

       Well, it s back to work for me.  I also went to the bathroom on my break.  And as long as I was up I decided to stretch my legs and check the areas along the north fence to our two acres.  Cars were going fast when they went by our property out on the road in front of our house.

       Mr. Steve thinks that too many people up on the main Highway to our south drive their Cars and Trucks a lot faster than they need to.  Some even die in terrible crashes because of it.  About a month ago a guy was killed when he was "speeding" on his Motorcycle.  

       Looking out into the eastern desert beyond the three Sheds make me think about how we all live what Mr. Steve calls a "slower paced" life.  But like Daisy says, she and I really don't know what a "faster-paced" life would be.  We don't know anything else.  I smell Juniper.

       Daisy told me she's sure glad our boss isn't a "reckless driver."  But even when he was young and had his two Chevelles he wasn't what's called a "Lead Foot."  If Mr. Steve ever died we'd go right back to being orphans Dais says.  And that would be so terrible for both of us!

   Daisy told me that up on the main Highway to our south there are places where people have died in auto or Motorcycle accidents.  So their families set up little "Shrines" in remembrance.     Some are crosses where they put flowers.  We have one out on the road near our house.                        

     The "Grave Marker" on the road has a bench for sitting and had wooden walls but Dais says lately our boss has noticed that whoever was "keeping it up" has not come to repair the shrine.  I'm kind of afraid of Cars.  We saw what that one Truck did to Blackie's body.

      Sometimes Mr. Steve and his family go over to the Mission Cemetery.  They clean the areas around the graves of Grandma's Córdova and Trujillo; and Mr. Steve's sister Celina too.  Daisy and I really want to go to that cemetery someday.  Boy!  That would be so great! 

     Daisy is so right!  The desert always "reclaims" everything built by people.  The wind and dirt are now taking over that shrine near us.  Mr. Steve says the Alta California Missions were going to be lost if someone had not rescued them.  I just looked up the word "erosion."

     Mr. Steve admits he at one time used to drive too fast.  He used to have two 1968 Chevelle's which his friend Tim worked on.   Our boss and some of his friends, as teenagers, even used to go race their cars at these things called  "Street Races."  But not anymore he says. 

     Over the years Mr. Steve has come to be interested in the year 1968 when he was thirteen.  It was the year that tv show Wonder Years took place.  In the late 1970's down in Sylmar our boss's family had a neighbor who was what they call a movie "Stunt Man."

     In the years when Mr. Steve played Baseball at S.I.B.L. some of his coaches were Stunt Men in the movie industry.  Their neighbor was in this one famous movie called "Bullitt."  Daisy told me that it's still one of our boss's favorite movies.  Bullitt came out in 1968.


           Steve McQueen, who was in that movie The Great Escape; was also in Bullitt.  Someday I'd like to see the "chase scene" in Bullitt.  Dais saw it and says a black 1968 Dodge Charger races against a dark green 1968 Mustang GT through the streets of San Francisco. 

       Daisy says because Mr. Steve had two 1968 Chevelles when he was younger he's interested in the subject of "Muscle Cars."  And as I've mentioned, he's particularly interested in anything that has to do with the year 1968 when he was thirteen.  I smell a Cholla cactus. 

       I guess in 1968 the Charger's motor had 375 horse power while the Mustang had 325.  That's what our boss told Daisy and Millie.  At times during the ten minute chase scene through San Francisco they went over one hundred "Miles per Hour;" or "M.P.H." for short.

        Boy!  I like to run fast but I don't know if I would ever want to go one hundred miles per hour.  What if you crashed?  As I've mentioned, Mr. Steve went that fast a few times.  Now some Drag Race Cars can go over three hundred miles per hour!  I smell Libby over there.   

       Our boss told Mr. Mike he doesn't think San Francisco would let them film Bullitt now.  He said when he and his brothers and friends grew up in Sylmar they rode bikes up steep roads like "Gladstone."  But that was nothing compared to the roads in San Francisco.  

      Mr. Steve's neighbor jokingly told people he was "in" the chase scene from Bullitt.  But he didn't drive either the Charger or the Mustang.  They needed to be safe so even all the Cars the Charger and Mustang passed were driven by Stunt Men like Mr. Steve's neighbor.


        Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie it took a few weeks to film the chase scene from Bullitt.  And there were Stunt Men even driving things like Cable Cars.  Mr. Steve read that they used three Chargers and three Mustangs in Bullitt.  Mr. Steve likes "Fastback" cars.

      It was the "editing" that made Bullitt's chase scent so good our boss thinks.  But one of the things that interests Mr. Steve is the fact that if you look close you see mistakes like passing the same Car twice or damage on the Cars before they even did the damage.

    I see that Cher the Cat is still laying on her side  on top of the big Shed Jack.  It looks from here that she ate that Mouse and is now licking her paws and then rubbing the top of her head     the way she always does just before taking a good nap.  I kind of like looking at Cher.                    

        Cher just stopped grooming and is now what our boss calls "scanning."  She's looking down from her "High Ground" to see if there's any danger and if there is none she'll sleep.  I wonder if she's noticed me over here on the Patio?  Dais says Cats see really good at night.

        According to my outline I'm going to write about things regarding Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley in this second book.  This is because of Mr. Steve of course.  His mom told him that yesterday they had good weather down there too.  I hear Pigeons cooing.

       Yesterday at the beginning of book one I mentioned how Mr. Steve has a Niece named Stephanie.  She's his brother Rock's oldest child.  Daisy and I noticed how our boss just calls here "Steph."  I felt good this morning when he called me Mag."

         has a pretty teenage daughter named Cristina.  They live down in the Valley where Mr. Steve grew up.  Cristina has long black hair so our boss thinks she kind of looks like the way he imagines the singer Cher probably looked when young. 

       Cristina lives with her mom and her longtime boyfriend Rich; who's originally from a State back east called "New Jersey."  All three live in a nice house.  Mr. Steve says "Steph" and Rich  make a "good team."  Both are hard workers who set good examples for Cristina.

                            STEPHANIE / CRISTINA                                          STEPHANIE / RICH

       Cristina is a very nice, friendly person.  She goes to a "Lutheran" school even though our family is Catholic.  Mr. Steve has told his Nieces and Nephews that years from now they'll more fully appreciate having gone to a "Private" school instead of "Public" school.

       Our boss says it was only when he was an adult that he examined more closely what a good education he got from the Nuns and teachers at Saint Ferdinand's.  The other day he thought about it when he was reading about the Greek philosopher Socrates.



       Mr. Steve is the one who first told Daisy it was that guy Socrates who said; The unexamined life is not worth living."  In writing our story, in a way; I'm kind of examining our lives.  Daisy says this will make me appreciate more how lucky we are.  I smell a Mouse nearby.

       Our boss met a guy who's father was an "Auditor" for the  "Internal Revenue Service," or "I.R.S." When his dad met with people being "audited" he'd "break the ice" by joking; "Wasn't it Socrates who said the unexamined life is not worth living?"  I see the Mouse.  

     A fringe benefit of barking at people or other animals is that it gets our boss's attention and reminds him to take a break and then come out to give us a snack.  Daisy jokes how we're kind     of  "training him" in this way.  I think that's funny.  But no snacks so far again today.                   

  I hear Dawn barking at next door but I can tell it's not what Mr. Steve calls "full guard    mode" bark.  Which reminds me; I wonder if Daisy and I will get any snacks today?   We didn't even get any yesterday either.  This is very strange.  That Mouse is gone now.                                 

    Daisy said yesterday last evening when she saw that skinny man with his Wheelbarrow she thought it was the perfect excuse to bark and get our boss's attention.  She was sort of hungry      too because we hadn't had any snacks all day long.  And it worked so perfectly!                              

      I was really hungry too.  Daisy is so smart.  She knows what she's doing.  Yesterday I was      able to work for a full twelve hours and today I hope to do the same; even though I would like to have at least one or two snacks.  I ran so fast to the front yard yesterday.  I love to run!                                    


     Well, I can see that according to my outline the next thing I want write about is this man from Russia who did what they call "Experiments" on Dogs.  His name was Ivan Pavlov and he lived in the early 20th century.  Three Sparrows just flew bye, moving out into the desert. 

     From what it says here in this one Encyclopedia all of the experiments that man Ivan Pavlov "conducted" on Dogs are now known as "Pavlov's Dogs."  They "demonstrated" that you can get a "desired response" through "repeated and consistent conditioning." 

     This is interesting.  I guess that man Ivan Pavlov got all those Dogs to do what he wanted by using food as a reward for the "right behavior."  Daisy will be interested in learning about that.  She says one reason why we have to do what our boss wants is to get snacks. 


                                            IVAN PETROVICH PAVLOV (1849-1936)

     Wow!  It says here that man Ivan Pavlov was the eldest of eleven children.  When he married his wife Seraphina they lived in poverty because he couldn't find a good job.  But they trusted and respected each other so "weathered the storm."  Two of the Pigeons flew bye.

     I guess Pavlov and his wife had five kids but two "died young."  Mr. Steve will be interested in this.  My Encyclopedia says Pavlov's wife Seraphina was a "decent woman," a "good mother" and a "decent woman."  Her husband "respected and trusted her opinions."   

     Our boss read recently about Aldous Huxley's two wives.  About a year after his first wife Maria died Aldous Huxley married this nice lady named Laura.  Mr. Steve says both of Aldous Huxley's wives seemed like helpful partners after he started to go blind.


                                           ALDOUS HUXLEY AND WIFE LAURA


    Aldous Huxley and his first wife Maria were living in Llano when she died.  And he and his second wife Laura lived there until his death in 1963 our boss says. Aldous Huxley's most famous work was Brave New World.  It's kind of a scary possible look at the future. 

     Mr. Steve says Aldous Huxley is still influencing people to this day.  He described a time when the government controls people by "Conditioning" or "Brain-Washing" them in how and what to think.  Our boss says that just might be a correct prediction of the years ahead.     

     In Brave New World Aldous Huxley wrote of a future world in which government controls people without even having to use violence.  In the future a government might just use what's called  "Mind Control" to get its citizens to do what they want.  I hear Crows cawing.

     I'm tempted to write about this one book called "The Prince" right now.  It was written in the 16th century by a man whose last name was "Machiavelli."  Daisy told me that our boss thinks it's a very important book in history.  But, I'll wait and write about it tomorrow.

     Tomorrow in my third and final book I'm scheduled to mention these two "Rappers" named Tupak Shakur and his rival Notorious B.I.G. when I write about this group called the "Black Panthers."  That guy Tupac called himself "Makaveli" on one of his albums.

     In Brave New World Mr. Steve told Daisy and me, some of the ideas that Pavlov used in his Dog experiments are kind a "theme" in Brave New World; the idea of "conditioned response" that is.  A few years ago that band IRON MAIDEN did an album called Brave New World. 


                                                                     IRON MAIDEN


      I've never heard any songs by IRON MAIDEN but Daisy has.  She told me they have some good songs but she doesn't like their album covers because their mascot Eddie looks just like her bad Angel Eddie.  IRON MAIDEN songs are sometimes fast-paced she says. 

      Looking to my right I see Libby over there in her Corral.  Dais thinks that at times IRON MAIDEN'S bass player sounds kind of like a galloping Horse.  She told me IRON MAIDEN also have two really good guitarists.  Mr. Steve says they have a very talented drummer. 




         Yesterday I mentioned how, since being a kid; Mr. Steve likes three-piece Hard Rock bands.  In the 1960's BLUE CHEER were from the Bay Area.  They were early Heavy Metal Mr. Steve thinks.  Dais likes their song "Summertime Blues."  I really want to hear that song!

       Aha!  I had a feeling I was being "observed" as they say.  And I just noticed a baby Lizard on the Patio floor right below me here on this old couch.  That's one tiny little Lizard so it better be careful or it might get eaten by someone.  I can smell the Lizard better now. 



      Dais says that band from England, the WHO, are kind of a three-piece band.  Mr. Steve says their drummer Keith Moon was good but, like John Bonham of LED ZEPPELIN, partied way too much.  The WHO did a good version of Summertime Blues Dais told me.

     In the 1970's Mr. Steve listened to three-piece bands like ZZ TOP and RUSH.  But during the same time period he also enjoyed listening to bands like IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST; who have two guitarists.  Jack the Jackrabbit just zoomed out into the desert.


                                                                       THIN LIZZY


       A while back Mr. Steve was outside doing some yard work up near the front gate.  All of a sudden a good song came on the Boombox.  It turned out to be this band from Ireland called THIN LIZZY.  That song was called "The Boys are Back in Town."  I smell a Mouse.

     On that morning Daisy and I first heard THIN LIZZY.  They have another really good song called "Jailbreak."  In the late 1970's our boss saw THIN LIZZY play a concert at the Forum.  They were what's called the "Opening Act" for that British band QUEEN.   

     Dais and I now really like THIN LIZZY; even though we've only heard two songs.  Mr. Steve said THIN LIZZY used two guitarists.  Even though they're Irish, the singer, who wrote most of the songs and played bass, was black.  He died a few years ago.  I see the Mouse.   

     Tomorrow in book three I'm scheduled to write quite a bit about the history of Aviation.  I'll write about people like Charles Lindbergh and this other girl named Amelia Earhart.  They did some dangerous things in Planes.  In fact, Amelia Earhart died flying a Plane.



      The singer for IRON MAIDEN, Bruce Dickinson, is a Pilot Daisy told me.  She says he even personally flies IRON MAIDEN'S Plane when they travel around the world.  There's this movie about it.  It's a Documentary.  Mr. Steve likes that type of movie.  The Mouse is gone. 

     Daisy likes Documentaries.  I've never seen one but someday hope to.  But I have to overcome my fear of going in the house.  Daisy says our boss was impressed when he saw that one IRON MAIDEN movie.  I think Dais likes Documentaries because Mr. Steve does.

      I just noticed that up in the sky toward the southeastern horizon is one of those vapor trail. Rudy the Roadrunner is jogging toward the northeast corner of  the house.  He was under Jack the big Shed waiting for the right moment to move.  I feel like chasing him but I won't.

      Dais went into our boss's Bedroom to listen to music the other day.  I'm still too afraid to do that.   Mr. Steve played vinyl records from the 1970's by British bands now called the "Unholy Trinity" of Heavy Metal; DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH and LED ZEPPELIN.

      DEEP PURPLE were formed in 1968 Daisy says.  Mr. Steve told her that at first they were not a Heavy Metal band.  He at one time had a vinyl record by DEEP PURPLE which had this one song called "Hush" on it.  But he can't recall what happened to that album.  

     Mr. Steve says that in the early 1970's, when he was in High School, DEEP PURPLE put out two important albums; at least as far as Heavy Metal music is concerned.  Those albums, which he still has, are called "In Rock" and "Machine Head."  I smell a Creosote bush.

      Dais told me DEEP PURPLE'S left-handed drummer, who wears glasses, is talented.  That's what our boss thinks.  Over the years Mr. Steve has played his drums to DEEP PURPLE songs but knows his ability "pales in comparison" to the guy in DEEP PURPLE. 


                                                                     DEEP PURPLE


     DEEP PURPLE and IRON MAIDEN are English.  Dais says our boss has at times wondered if IRON MAIDEN'S bass player was influenced by DEEP PURPLE'S song "Hard Lovin Man;" or this one other song about Napoleon by a "Welsh" band called BUDGIE. 

     According to what Daisy told me those two songs have melodies which kind of remind her of a running or "galloping" Horse.  Looking to my right I see Libby moving slowly over there in her corral.  I can't imagine Libby ever running.  I see a few Flies buzzing around her.

     Daisy says in High School Mr. Steve and one of his his friend Chris liked that one band from Wales called BUDGIE.  They were a three-piece band like RUSH and ZZ TOP.  But, like Iggy Pop, they influenced later bands but never made it big themselves our boss told Dais.




        In this Encyclopedia it says "Wales" is a part of England.  Daisy says when Mr. Steve heard METALLICA playing BUDGIE songs he liked it.  In fact, Dais says he liked their versions even better than the originals because they were "heavier."  I smell a Joshua tree.

      Dais says one time in his bedroom our boss told her and Millie how he met a guy who told him this band from Pasadena called VAN HALEN played some BUDGIE songs.  Mr. Steve has never heard them but would like to someday.  That Dragonfly just flew past.

     That guy told our boss that BUDGIE at one time had a pretty big following of fans over there in Texas.  Dais says Mr. Steve did not know that.  He talked to his brother Rock on the phone the other day and they discussed what his two sons Rocky Jr. and Jacob have been doing. 



     Some in the family call Rocky Jr. "Rocky Michael;" especially  Mr. Steve parents.  Our boss says he's a talented artist.  Over there in Texas Rocky has a good job as a "Tattoo Artist."  Daisy  says she's noticed that a lot more people seem to have tattoos nowadays.

     Oh wow!  Just when I'm thinking about how Daisy said one time our boss told her and Millie that over in England Budgie is slang for a Helicopter; one just flew past to the east.  And I guess Budgie is also the British name for those colorful little Birds called "Parakeets." 

     Just to the side of this couch, sitting on an old armchair, is a three foot tall Bird cage that Mr. Steve was given by a friend.  He's thinking about getting some Birds for it.  His mother down in Sylmar has always kept Canaries and Parakeets in her Living Room.  I smell Sage.

       On my outline it says here that the next thing I want to write about is this one really talented Science Fiction writer who our boss likes.  His name is Isaac Asimov.  This Encyclopedia says his family were Russian Ashkenazi Jews who came over here to live in America. 

     Dais says Mr. Steve once told her Isaac Asimov wrote a book called "The Mule" and the band  Deep Purple have a song by that exact same name.  So our boss wonders if that song was inspired by the book Daisy says.  The song has a drum solo in it Daisy told me.  


                                                        ISAAC ASIMOV (1920-1992)

     In my Encyclopedia it says that Isaac Asimov was born in Russia but when he was three years old his Jewish family moved to the United States.  Wow!  He knew how to read and write at age five and I guess he liked The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings by Tolkien.

     From what it says here that man Isaac Asimov was Jewish but he didn't really believe in You God.   That means he was what's called an "Atheist."  Daisy says it must be hard thinking there's no "afterlife."  That means this life is all there is!  We want to believe in Heaven.

     I guess that man Isaac Asimov was afraid of flying in an Airplane.  Me too!  In fact, I'm still afraid of getting in a Car.  Daisy thinks this is another area where I'm being silly.  She goes with our boss in the Cars or Truck called "Rex."  A Butterfly just went flying bye.

     That guy Isaac Asimov grew up in New York City.  It says here he wrote a trilogy of books in the 1940's called the "Foundation" series.  They were about this future "Interstellar" society's collapse and then rebirth.   Interstellar means "between or among the Stars."

     My Encyclopedia says the future "Galactic" society Isaac Asimov describes in the Foundation trilogy is based on ancient Rome.  I guess he wrote a non-fiction book called "The Three Laws of Robotics."  Isaac Asimov coined the terms "Robotics" and "Psycho History."

     Daisy says when she was in our boss's Bedroom, besides playing songs by DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH and LED ZEPPELIN; he also played drums along to a song by a "Horror"  Rock band called the ALICE COOPER BAND.  That song was "Halo of Flies."

     I see Flies near Moe the Shed.  Dais liked that song Halo of Flies and says it's the longest song on on the early 1970's album "Killer."  One of Mr. Steve's customers in Phoenix told him Halo of Flies was intended to be like an artistic Progressive Rock KING CRIMSON-type song. 

     The singer in the ALICE COOPER BAND is named Alice Cooper.  But Mr. Steve told Daisy that's just a fake name.  His real first name is "Vincent."  And I guess some people now call him the "Father of Shock Rock."   Dais says Mr. Steve has known a few Vince's in his life.   


                                                             ALICE COOPER BAND

       Daisy says the ALICE COOPER BAND were from Detroit like Iggy Pop.  But they "made it" here in Los Angeles.  Mr. Steve told Daisy even though that song Halo of Flies was intended to be "Progressive" Rock most of their songs are just regular Rock.

      Boy, I'm so tempted to write about the subject of Shock Rock.  But I better just wait until later today when I'm scheduled to deal with it when I talk about that Recording Studio in Van Nuys called "Sound City."  All of a sudden I'm noticing more Flies around here.



       I think I will write about Shock Rock now.  I can always write more about it later too.  Dais thinks it will impress our boss if I write about Shock Rock.  He thinks Shock Rock can be traced back to the 1950's and this one guy named "Screaming" Jay Hawkins Dais says.

      One time Daisy and Millie were in the Living Room and watched a Video about Shock Rock. It showed Jay Hawkins.  Dais says he was scary.  He slept in a coffin, had a pole with a skull on it and even had a bone sticking right through his nose.  Someday I want to see that.

      In looking at my outline for book two I see where I wrote down the things Daisy saw on that tv show about Shock Rock.  In the 1960's there was a singer named Arthur Brown.  He was from England I guess.  Daisy says she and Millie were so amazed to see that guy Arthur Brown. 

                                                                  ARTHUR BROWN


           Mr. Steve has at times wondered if that guy Arthur Brown's high-pitched voice influenced some of the later Hard Rock singers.  In the 1970's and 1980's some of the good singers screamed just like Arthur Brown Dais told me.  I see Libby over there walking around her Corral.

       Yesterday I mentioned how Mr. Steve has a long-time customer in the State of New York.  His name is Phillip and he's originally from England.  Daisy says that guy Mr. Phillip once told our boss that he heard Arthur Brown was kind of poor.  I smell a Cholla cactus.

       Daisy says another thing our boss has wondered is if Jimi Hendrix was influenced by Arthur Brown.  Jimi Hendrix would sometimes burn a guitar right up there on the stage.  Boy!  I'd sure like to see that.  Daisy told me Jimi Hendrix could play a guitar with his teeth!    

                                                              ATOMIC ROOSTER


        Mr. Steve likes a band called ATOMIC ROOSTER Dais says.  Their keyboard player was in Arthur Brown's band and their drummer was later in EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER.  I'll be writing a lot more about them tomorrow in book three.  I just picked up Libby's scent.

        Dais says Arthur Brown did a song about fire with a container with fire blazing right on top of his head.  She says his lit up painted face looked scary.  It reminded her of how Blackbeard the Pirate lit fuses to hang from his hat in order to look more ferocious going into a battle.


                                                                       ROB ZOMBIE


           Daisy thinks Shock Rock and Horror Rock are kind of the same.  She told me about a 1980's band from New York City called WHITE ZOMBIE.  Their singer is named Rob Zombie and he now makes scary movies about Halloween and things like that she says.  I smell Sage.

          Oh!  A flock of Birds is streaming bye up high in the sky.  From this far away It's hard to tell what kind of Birds they are.  Daisy is right.  Flocks of Birds fly "as a single body."  It's as if they read each others minds.  Schools of Fish move "as one" too Dais told me.  

                                                                                            MARILYN MANSON

           I can still write more about Shock Rock later.  Tomorrow in book three I'll write about how there is still a lot of Fascist imagery in Popular Culture entertainment.  One way to shock is to use Nazi-inspired images of power and horror.  At least that's what Mr. Steve told Dais.    

       Daisy's right.  She thinks I'm being silly to be scared to go all of the way down the Hallway to see Mr. Steve's Office and Bedroom. She tells me I don't know what I'm missing.  Samson and Delilah the Crows are floating bye; way up there high in the light blue sky. 

       I would like to watch our boss play his drums.  Daisy says it's so loud.  And if I overcome my fear of enclosed places I could see more tv shows and listen to more music like Daisy does.  I'm sure glad she was around to help me prepare my three outlines.  I can smell Juniper. 

       Earlier I wrote about that guy Aldous Huxley who lived in nearby Llano.  I'll write more about Llano in chapter seven.  It was originally an early 20th century "Utopian Community." As I've said, Aldous Huxley's book Brave New World was about a "Dystopian" world.

        Our boss thinks IRON MAIDEN'S album "Brave New World" must've been inspired by Aldous Huxley's 1932 book.  Daisy says an "Iron Maiden" was this medieval German torture device; "Eiseme Jungfrau" in German.  I looked that up in my German  Dictionary. 

       Dais says we both should be happy that we've never been tortured like Dawn next door was.  I don't think I would like to be tortured.  Mr. Steve told us that because cruelty and violence are more common in history than love and peace, torture happens often in human history.

       Mr. Steve says some cultures like the Romans used violence as entertainment!  It was called "Blood Sport."  A few months ago our boss and his mom and Niece Samantha went to the Getty Museum to see artwork by by a 19th century French artist named Jean Léon Gerôme. 


                                                                            JEAN LÉON GERÔME (1824-1904)

        Jean Léon Gerôme was a talented artist our boss told us.  At the exhibit at the Getty Museum they had on display some of his sculptures and paintings.  Mr. Steve says Gerôme seems to have liked "depicting" or "portraying" scenes from the Middle East and ancient Rome.

     Dais says we're so lucky our boss doesn't want us to be mean and vicious because then we'd just have to do it.  She told me that to this day there are people raise Dogs and even Roosters like Heathcliff next door to fight and kill each other just for entertainment.  A Crow just cawed.





            Mr. Steve says Gerôme did sculptures and paintings which were influenced by ancient Rome.  One of his most famous paintings is called "Thumbs Down" or "Pollice Verso" in French.  I hear it shows a Gladiator asking the crowd whether to kill his defeated opponent. 

        Yesterday I wrote about how, in 1985; Mr. Steve and his Tour Group went to Italy and saw the Colosseum in the city of Rome.  When Mr. Steve and his mother looked at the different art pieces by Gerome the remembered that time back in 1985.  I smell a Creosote bush.

        Seeing that man Gerôme's work "up close" was impressive our boss told us.  His mom was was also very impressed.  Mr. Steve says that some time back he read how Gerôme was born on May 11.  His brother Sam's wife Yolanda was born on the 12th.  A Wren is chirping.

          One painting by Gerôme that was not in the exhibition at the Getty Museum was about the killing of that Pirate named Blackbeard.  Mr. said it's one of his favorite Gerôme paintings but he's only seen pictures of it in books and magazines.  Daisy says it's so realistic-looking. 

                                        "CAPTURE OF THE PIRATE BLACKBEARD"

                                                                                                                                              BY JEAN LÉON GERÔME

        Wow!  Just when I'm thinking about Blackbeard the Pirate who should I see but Blackbeard the Crow and his girlfriend Anne Bonny.  They're sitting on top of the Joshua tree that Fannie and Freddie were on yesterday.  It looks like they're also eating a something.

      Daisy says in the late 1600's, as "Privateers," people like Blackbeard were encouraged by the British government to attack and then steal things from Spain's ships.  Protestant England was at war with Catholic Spain during that time she told me.  I can smell a Juniper plant.

      But Daisy says, in the early 18th century they changed their mind because they made peace with Spain, so people like Blackbeard went from "sanctioned" Privateers" to illegal "Pirates." It was sailors from the British Royal Navy who finally ended up killing Blackbeard.

      If Daisy and I could use Mr. Peabody's Time Machine to go back in time we'd like to see if it's true what they say about Blackbeard's death.  Supposedly, after he was killed, the British sailors cut his head off and hung it from the side of their Ship.  I hear Crows cawing.

      Mr. Steve read the tongue was hanging out of Blackbeard's severed head.  His headless body was thrown into the ocean and it's said it kept on swimming around the boat refusing to die?  He was kind of like that Russian man "Rasputin" who I'll write about later tomorrow. 

      Daisy was right.  It says here in this Encyclopedia that it took "numerous" what would have been "mortal" wounds for anyone else to kill Blackbeard.  He was shot and stabbed a lot before dying.  Oh my God!  Blackbeard and Anne Bonny are flying bye right now.

     Daisy and I are very interested in the "Gladiators" of ancient Rome.  Dais says she and Millie watched this movie called "Gladiator" in our boss's Bedroom one time.  Now I really want to see it.  A Gladiator's motto was; "Let me win or be brave in dying in the attempt." 

        One AC/DC song that I've never heard but Daisy has is called "For Those About to Rock We Salute You!"  Mr. Steve told Daisy it's what they call a "take off" on what the audience said to gladiators before their contests; "For those about to die we salute you!"

      Dais told me the movie Gladiator was partly about this mean Emperor named "Commodus" and a General named "Maximus Decimus Meridus" who fought in Germany.  His wife and son lived in Spain, which was a colony of Rome in 180 A.D. when the movie takes place.




          Daisy says the movie Gladiator is about how General Maximus is betrayed by the Emperor and made a Slave.  And what's worse Dais told me, is how Commodus has Maximus's wife and son killed back in Spain.  Blackbeard and Anne Bonny are flying bye right now.  

       From what Dais says, in the movie Gladiator Maximus eventually becomes a really good Gladiator down in North Africa.  Like Spain, North Africa had been a colony of Rome since the time when Rome had finally conquered Carthage.  I see Libby over there in her Corral. 

       Daisy told me how General Maximus was able to get revenge on the Emperor Commodus by killing him.  But the end of the movie is sad she says because Maximus dies too.  But at least he got to be reunited with his wife and son.  Daisy says Millie really liked that movie.   

        Looking at the desert beyond the three Sheds for some reason suddenly makes me think of that man Aldous Huxley.  In his book Brave New World he describes England in the future but it's not a good society but a bad one.  I hear two Crows yelling at each other. 

     Mr. Steve thinks Aldous Huxley was warning everyone about a future government that is way too involved in its citizens lives.  They take care of you from "Cradle to Grave" as they say but then they also have the right to tell you how and what to think.  A Crow just cawed.  

        Our boss told Daisy that when he lived in up there in Llano Aldous Huxley had a Ranch and  kept animals.  He and his wives liked Dogs.  Mr. Steve says "one of these days" he wants to drive up the mountain and see Aldous Huxley's old ranch.  I can smell a Lizard nearby.

     Even though Brave New World was first published in 1932, Aldous Huxley had by then seen what had happened in Stalin's "Communist" Russia and Mussolini's "Fascist" Italy.  And he was soon to see Hitler's "ultra extreme" Fascism over there in Germany.  I see the Lizard. 

     Communism and Fascism must've made some impression on Aldous Huxley our boss thinks; and also what happened in Japan too.  He must've been influenced to some extent by all of the "epic" events which took place in the 20th century.  I smell a Cholla cactus.   

     Dais told me Mr. Steve said most Americans think the United States could never become a Fascist nation.  But he thinks if "circumstances" are right it could.  If America were ever to go into another big economic depression anything's possible.  The Lizard's gone.

     There are those who think that "Organized Religion" has been responsible for much, if not most of the violence in history.  And Mr. Steve says it has caused "a lot of damage" Daisy told me.  But human beings don't need religion to be violent.  A Crow just cawed.

     Hey God!  As You know, Mr. Steve told Daisy Adolph Hitler in Germany, Joseph Stalin in Russia and Mao Tse-tung over there in China killed more people in thirty years than most of man's history combined.  And they were all Atheists who didn't believe in You.


          ADOLPH HITLER (1889-1945)                                    JOSEPH STALIN (1878-1953)


     My Encyclopedia says that 20th century Fascism developed in Italy under Benito Mussolini and later in Germany under Adolf Hitler.  Together with Japan, these three countries eventually started the biggest war in history; the Second World War.  A Crow is cawing faintly. 

       Had Adolph Hitler not "blundered" in attacking his then ally Russia in 1941 the Germans might've won World War II.  At least that's what our boss thinks.  He also thinks Hitler made a mistake in declaring war on America right after Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor.

  BENITO MUSSOLINI (1883-1945)   

     My Encyclopedia says one of the 20th century symbols for Fascism was the Roman "Fasces;" which the ancient Romans first saw in "Etruscan" art in Italy.  It's a bundle of wooden rods that are wrapped around an axe.  I guess it originally stood for a Judge's power.

     It says here that the rods in a Fasces represented beating a person accused of a crime while the axe symbolized cutting his or her head off.  Mr. Steve says Romans did not have what we call a "Bill of Rights."  Blackbeard and Anne Bonney the Crows just flew bye.

     Dais says our boss told her that the 8th Amendment of the Constitution forbids what's called "Cruel and Unusual" punishment for prisoners.  But in most of the other cultures in history, like the Romans or Vikings, they wanted and liked cruel and unusual punishment. 

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and myself that he thinks hatred has been way more common in human history than love.  But to many Americans this seems ridiculous.  But what they don't realize is that they've been lucky and were born into the wealthiest country ever known. 

      Tolerance of other groups is a lot easier when most people have enough money our boss says. But if the United States economy ever collapses things could change quickly.  Then each group will not be quite so understanding of other groups.  They'll fight each other.     

     According to my Encyclopedia the Romans used a Fasces symbol to represent the power of Rome over all the peoples they conquered; like the Etruscans. And when a writing feather and rolled up document are in front of the Fasces it symbolizes Rome's "judicial power."

     This is interesting.  First the Roman Army and later other armies throughout history came to use the Fasces to mean "Strength Through Unity."  Daisy told me that in his office our boss has a little plastic Fasces.  But it's not real she says.  It's only one of those replicas.  



     The Fasces was one of the logos for two of the three "Axis" powers who fought together in World War II; Italy and Germany.  In 1940 those two countries, along with Japan, signed this  agreement called the "Tripartite Pact;" or "Three Powers Pact."  

     My Encyclopedia says that for the ancient Romans the Fasces came to represent, among other things, the power of "life and death;" either for a judge or an invading army.  And in those days if you didn't do what the Romans wanted then they would just beat or kill you.

       This is interesting.  It says here in this one Encyclopedia that for hundreds of years when the Roman Empire was expanding and conquering new areas a Fasces was carried on a pole at the head of marching Legions.   I hear two Crows cawing back and forth at each other.

       Dais says we're lucky we live in a time of peace.  Mr. Steve says it seems like in history war is more common than peace.  Yesterday in book one I wrote about Homer Lea.  He was smart and wrote those books which influenced really powerful people like Vladimir Lenin.


             HOMER LEA (0000-0000)                   VLADIMIR LENIN (0000-0000)


       As I mentioned yesterday, as a baby Homer Lea was dropped so ended "disabled."  But he overcame it and even went to Stanford.  He believed killing and brutality are normal and war, hate and intolerance seem "more common" than "peace, love and understanding." 

       The United States is fighting in Afghanistan right now.  Later today I'll learn and write more about the two wars the U.S. had with Iraq; in 1991 and then in 2003.  Mr. Steve knows someone who fought in the first "Persian Gulf " war.  It was called "Desert Storm."

     Dais says one time our boss told her and Millie how he's spoken to ex-soldiers who came back from Iraq.  They said people would ask them where they'd been.  When they said; "the war in Iraq" a typical response would be; "Oh yeh.  I didn't realize we were in a war."

     Mr. Steve thinks too many Americans are totally uninformed and ignorant about a lot of the things they should know about.  Many just care about making money and don't want to be what they call "bothered" by "useless information."  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye. 

   Now I'll use my Encyclopedia to look up the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930's  This was during the Great Depression and Spain, like many countries then, was really poor.  Daisy says a   lot of people, and probably Dogs too, died during that brutal three year war.                                      

      I guess the Spanish Civil War "erupted" in 1936.  Ironically Mr. Steve says, it ended in 1939 which was the year World War II started.  Both sides hated and killed each other.  It says here that thousands of people died in that short three year period.  I hear Crows cawing. 

     Benito Mussolini's Italians and Adolph Hitler's Germans helped the "Right" under this man named General Francisco Franco.  His side ended up winning so General Franco then ruled in Spain all the way up to the early 1970's.  Blackbeard and Anne just flew bye.


                                    FRANCISCO FRANCO (1892-1975) WITH BENITO MUSSOLINI

      Dais says Mr. Steve met an older Spanish lady.  She was a Catholic like us and was a young girl in the 1930's.  She and her sister watched as Communists used bayonets to kill a Priest.  So from then on they hated Communism and liked Francisco Franco.  

  This Encyclopedia says that in the Spanish Civil War Joseph Stalin's Russia, or the "Soviet Union," helped the "Left;" which was mainly made up of Socialists and Communists.  But the people on that side couldn't get along so they eventually were beaten.

     Well, Daisy was right.  She said our boss told her and Millie one time that during the Spanish Civil War both sides were guilty of committing what they call "Atrocities."  This means that they killed a lot of people who were most likely just suspected of being on the other side.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and me that in his book about the Bullfighter El Córdobes he read how so many people were not "political" but had to choose a side.  And El Córdobes father picked the left even though he knew nothing at all about things like politics.

     Well, I guess the Left eventually lost so El Córdobes father died in a prison and his mother then "worked herself to death" trying to take care of four children.  From what our boss says Spain's history is sometimes a history of "hardship" and "struggle."


                   HITLER / FRANCO                                                                        MUSSOLINI / HITLER


        From what my Encyclopedia says Germany, Italy and the Soviet Union, through "Trial and Error," did a "Dress Rehearsal" for World War II.  During the Spanish Civil War they tested new weapons which were later used on a bigger scale our boss told Daisy and me.

        A Jet must've flown bye because there's a long white vapor trail way up there high in the sky.  Sometimes you can hear when a Jet flies past us but most of the time they're up so high you don't hear anything.  Sometimes Helicopters go bye and it's so exciting.  We bark at them.


  Italian and German Planes bombed cities during the Spanish Civil War.  Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time about the German's "Condor" Legion.  It became famous a few years later in the Second World War.  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye right now.  

     Our boss told Daisy and Millie that when the Germans bombed Spanish cities in the 1930's it angered and then inspired this Spanish painter named Pablo Picasso.  At that time he and his family were was living in France.  Mr. Steve's mom has studied "Picasso's" art.      


                                                            PABLO PICASSO (1881-1973) WITH FAMILY

        The Germans and Italians used these big Warplanes called "Bombers" to kill people during the Spanish Civil War.  In 1937 they bombed "Guernica," a "Basque" city in northern Spain.  And when Pablo Picasso heard about this back in Paris he got really angry.

   In this Encyclopedia it says after the bombing of Guernica Pablo Picasso did one of his most famous paintings.  It was named after that bombed city and was done in what they call "Cubist" style.  It "condemned" the killing innocent civilians.  I hear some Crows cawing.                                 



     I'm looking at Pablo Picasso's Guernica in this Encyclopedia.  It's a black, white and gray and now symbolizes "War's Tragedies."  It's one of the most famous "Anti-War" painting ever done it says here.  Daisy says when people go to war so do us Dogs; and Horses too.

     Libby the Horse is over in her Corral nibbling the ground.  She's old but still looks good.  It's hard to imagine her fighting in a war.  There aren't too many Flies around her and luckily for me there aren't too many Flies around our house so far this year.  I smell a Mouse.

     It says here that with Germany and Italy's help the "Right Wing" Nationalists eventually won the civil war in Spain over the "Left Wing" Socialists and Communists.  So General Franco was able to "Come into Power."  He was a Dictator like Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. 

     Mr. Steve was right.  He told us that even though Franco was a Fascist he was smart enough to somehow stay what they call "Neutral" in World War II.   So when World War II was over he was still in power.  He was kind of like a King.  Ah!  I see the Mouse over there. 

     Another thing our boss told us was that, even though he was a Fascist, General Franco saved a lot of Jewish people's lives during World War II.  And he did it in spite of the fact that Spain has a very long and bloody history of what they call "virulent" Anti-Semitism. 

     I remember when Mr. Steve told us about how the Romans crushed that Jewish rebellion in the first century A.D.   They "Enslaved" survivors and forced others to leave the "Holy Land" in the  "Diaspora."  Some Jews fled to Spain and Portugal.  The Mouse ran away. 

     My Encyclopedia says "Sephard" is Hebrew for "Iberian Peninsula."   In Spain and Portugal some "Sephardic" Jews, "Sephardim," did pretty good after the fear and terror of the Diaspora. At least they survived Mr. Steve says.  He thinks it's because most Jews are smart.  

     Hey God!  As You know, in the early 8th century, when the Muslim Moors came across from Africa and conquered Andalusia or southern Spain, they decided it was in their best interest to use Jews in Commerce, Medicine and Statecraft.  Was that You who caused that? 

     Daisy says our boss told her about how, in the 12th century, this really smart Jewish man was born in the city of Córdoba.  His name was Moshen, or "Moses," ben Maimon but now they just call him "Maimonides."  He was a "Rabbi;" which is sort of like a Priest I guess.  


                                                                                   MAIMONIDES (1135-1204 A.D.)


     A few years ago Mr. Steve's friend and his wife went to Spain and visited the city of Córdoba.  And there they saw this statue of that Jewish man Maimonides.  In this Encyclopedia it says that he was a doctor, philosopher, astronomer, and religious scholar.  I smell a Joshua tree.   

     In 1985, when Mr.Steve and his Tour Group went to Israel, they stayed in an old Roman town called "Tiberius;" on the west shore of the Sea of Galilee.  Later their bus drove past the tombs of  Maimonides and his son; his only child able to survive into adulthood. 

     According to my Encyclopedia, in 1148 A.D. these really strict "Orthodox" Muslims called "Berbers" invaded southern Spain and came across from Africa.  They conquered Córdoba and told the Jews either convert, leave Córdoba or die.  Maimonides and his family left.

      Daisy says our boss told her that those Berbers caused a second Diaspora for the Jews who had settled over in Spain.  Boy, I sure wish I would have been there when Mr. Steve told her all those things about that man Maimonides.  But I remember everything Daisy told me.

     Yeh!  Daisy was right.  She said that when that smart man Maimonides left Spain he went over to Egypt and became what they call a "Court Physician."  I just looked it up and Daisy was also right about a physician being another name for a medical doctor. 

     Oh!  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this.  It says in my Encyclopedia that Maimonides was even the personal doctor for this really famous ruler named Saladin.  Saladin was the one who fought for years against the Christian Crusaders in and around Jerusalem it says here.

     This is interesting.  Maimonides, who was influenced by Aristotle, wrote about pneumonia, asthma, diabetes and hepatitis.  And just like it said to do up on the wall of the Temple at Delphi, he advised or urged  "moderation in all things."  Two of the Pigeons are flying bye. 

      Daisy told me that Mr. Steve says Maimonides wrote that he "longed" for "solitude" but was always too busy helping patients.  Our boss thinks it was amazing he had time to write about all the things he did.  Daisy says Maimonides sounds kind of like Mother Teresa.   

      Mr. Steve's friend Ralph once told him how some people think Christopher Columbus was Jewish.  One reason was because he Spanish in a "Castilian" dialect.  Many people over in New Mexico also speak in that dialect Mr. Steve says.  I can smell an old Sage bush.

     Mr. Steve was right.  He told Daisy the "Golden Age of the Jews" in Spain took place during what's now called the  "Islamic Renaissance."  Jews like Maimonides were poets, philosophers, scientists and doctors.  They thrived in Córdoba.  But in the 13th century that ended.

     This Encyclopedia says in 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen succeeded "once and for all" in pushing the Muslims out of Spain and back down into Africa.  This was what they now call the "Reconquista" or "Re-Conquest."   It took seven hundred years!  A Crow cawed.

      It says here that when the Berbers "dispersed" the Jews it was only in Córdoba.  But when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella kicked out the Muslims in 1492 they told all Jews in Spain either convert to Catholicism or leave.  So then I guess a third Diaspora occurred.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy that his parents think many Jews came to the New World in the 16th century.  And in the 17th century some of them went to New Mexico they believe.  Mr. Steve's father told him he saw Menorah's in Belen and Jarales where he and his family lived.   



      In 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella gave Columbus three ships for his expedition.  Columbus left from the harbor of "Palos" which was filled with ships carrying Jews out of the country because they wouldn't convert.  A gray Bunny Rabbit just hopped bye. 

     Dais says our boss told her one of Columbus's crew was a Jewish man named Luis de Torres. He spoke many languages so was Columbus's "Interpreter."  He was one of the Jews who said he'd become a Catholic so that his family could stay living there in Spain. 

     Because Jews were "looked down upon" in the 15th and 16th centuries, Mr. Steve told Daisy even those Jews who obeyed King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella and converted to Catholicism were called "Marranos" which means "Swine" in Spanish according to my Dictionary.

     Luis de Torres was the interpreter so could have been the first European to talk with a Native American when they landed on a place Columbus named "Hispañola."  Daisy says he saw a Bird that looked like a Peacock so called it "Tuki;" Hebrew  for Peacock.  It was a "Turkey."


     It's so great when my Encyclopedia's have maps and pictures to go along with the writing.  A map of Columbus's "First Voyage" shows exactly how he did it and the routes he took.  You can see where Hispanola is and how it's an island off the coast of Florida.  I smell Sage.

     Sadly, our boss thinks Luis de Torres was probably massacred by Indians with all of the other men Columbus had to leave behind when he sailed back to Spain.  Two of his three ships had sunk so he set up a Colony called "La Navidad."  La Navidad means "The Nativity."

     Another thing many don't know Mr. Steve told Daisy is that Columbus's first voyage was in part what they call "Financed" by two Jews who, like Luis de Torres, converted to Christianity.  Daisy thinks they probably got all of their money back on that "Investment."

     It says here that just before Columbus's first voyage in 1492 the Spanish Church created this thing called the  "Inquisition."  It was to make sure Catholics practiced the religion correctly.  If you didn't they could torture or kill you.  They burned some people alive.


                                                                      TOMAS DE TORQUEMADA (1420-1498)

     In this other Encyclopedia it says that the first "Grand Inquisitor" heading the "Inquisicion Español" was this man named Tomas de Torquemada.  I guess he was really strict and even had people Put to Death" as they say.  Inquisicion Español means "Spanish Inquisition."

     I wonder if our boss knows this?  It says here that over the years some people have suspected that  Torquemada may have been a Jew who converted to Christianity.  So he became even more what they call "Zealous."   Oh, I see our four Pigeons flying toward the east.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time that from what he's read about Torquemada he sure sounds kind of like a religious gangster.  But in those days, all over the world, every group killed other groups.  Daisy says warfare and violence were totally common back then.

     I think I'll take a break and go to the bathroom and drink some water.  But first I have to hide all of my materials under these couch cushions and blankets.  Thank Everyone up there!  I'm having so much fun again today.  Two of the Pigeons are flying to the east.

        I'm back!  I went pee again over there in the northeast corner of our two acres; behind the clump of Joshua trees.  Then I ran around a little bit and checked along the back fence behind the three Sheds.  After I came back to this Patio I then drank some water.

     Well, it's back to work for me.  I feel great!  I can see from my outline that the next thing I want to learn about is what's called the Italian "Mob." Over in Italy it's called the "Mafia" even though Mr. Steve says no one can define what that word means. 

     One member of the American Mafia was named Albert Anastasia who, during World War II, controlled the New York City docks.  Dais told me that one time she and Millie watched a show on tv about him.  He was kind of mean and killed people.  But then he was killed.


                                                    ALBERT ANASTASIA  (1902-1957)


     Mr. Steve says Albert Anastasia was a "Gangster."  Like that guy Torquemada, one of his jobs was to kill people for the Mafia.  My Encyclopedia says that during the 1930's Depression he ran a unit of the Mafia called "Murder Inc."  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye.

     This is interesting.  It says here that, just like that man Torquemada back in the 15th century, Albert Anastasia's nickname was also the "Lord high Executioner."  Boy, that nickname sounds kind of mean!  Rudy the Roadrunner is jogging bye in front of the three Sheds. 

     From what is says here that guy Albert Anastasia sort of sounds like Tomas de Torquemada; except that Torquemada did not do the killing himself.  I wonder if Albert Anastasia liked killing people?  Mr. Steve told Daisy about that one man called the "Marquis" de Sade. 

     The Mafia was mainly Sicilian Italians but our boss told Daisy that because of Lucky Luciano there were also a few Jews in it too.  Lucky Luciano knew Jewish gangsters like Meyer Lansky, Arnold Rothstein and Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel.  At that time the Irish also had gangs too.


              MEYER LANSKY                 ARNOLD ROTHSTEIN               "BUGSY" SEGAL                                   (1902-1983)                                 (1882-1928)                                                    (1906-1947)

         According to my Encyclopedia that man Meyer Lansky was called "the Accountant for the mob."  And after the Second World War Bugsy Segal built the Flamingo Hotel and Casino on what would later be called the "Strip" in Las Vegas.  Mr. Steve's been there.

     Later today, in chapter seven, I'm going to write about Major League Baseball.  And one of the things I'll talk about is what happened in 1919 when Arnold Rothstein payed members of the Chicago White Sox to lose the World Series.  I just looked up the word "bribe."

     My Encyclopedia says in 1947, right after World War II, someone "snuck up on" Bugsy Segal and shot him in the head.  He was here in Los Angeles reading the L.A. Times Newspaper when he was "blown away" through a big glass window.  He never "saw it coming" as they say.

     Hey Lord!  As You know, Mr. Steve's parents and the Nuns who brought him up, said if you "live by the sword" the odds are you'll also die by the sword too.  But Mr. Steve thinks in history violence is more common than peace, love or understanding.  Why is that Lord? 


                                                             JACK RUBY (1911-1967)


     Jack Ruby, who in 1963 killed President Kennedy's assassin Lee Harvy Oswald, was Jewish.  His real name was Jacob Rubenstein but like most Jews in those days he shortened it because so many people, north, south, east or west, were "Anti-Semitic."  He enjoyed violence. 

     Tomorrow in book three I'm scheduled to write about these German-American groups called "Bunds." In the 1930's during the Great Depression these Bunds were Fascists just like the ones over there in Europe at the time.  Samson and Delilah are flying bye right now.

                                               "OLD" MADISON SQUARE GARDEN

      I'm looking in this Encyclopedia at a photograph of what they call the "old" Madison Square Garden.  That was an old building back there in New York City.   It says here large "gatherings" and "Sporting Events" like Boxing matches were held there.  I smell a Bunny Rabbit.  

     According to my Encyclopedia there were two other Madison Square Gardens in New York City even before the old Madison Square Garden.  They were built back in at the end of the 19th century but were replaced in 1925 by old Madison Square Garden.  I see the Rabbit.

                                               "NEW" MADISON SQUARE GARDEN

                                                                       PHOTO BY DANIEL ACKER

      In 1968, when Mr. Steve was thirteen, the year the A's moved from Kansas City to Oakland, a "new" round Madison Square Garden replaced the one built during 1920's.  There's a picture of it taken from high up in the air.  I like those kind of photos.  The Rabbit hopped away.

     Later today I'll talk more about the old and new Madison Square Gardens when I talk about Boxing.  But I'm also scheduled to mention the newest version when I write about a trip that Mr. Steve and his brother Rock took back east in 1977.  I smell a Juniper bush.

     In the late 1930's the German-American Fascist Bunds held what are called "Conventions" and some were at Madison Square Garden.  That guy Jack Ruby, as a young man, liked going to those rally's to fight.  Mr. Steve says his brother said he loved to get "bloodied up."




         There are two good pictures here in this Encyclopedia that show German-American Fascists. One shows the interior of Madison Square Garden.  I notice that behind the stage is a big image of George Washington.  I can hear two Crows fighting out in the desert.

      I see how the members of the German-American Bunds had uniforms like the ones worn by Adolph Hitler's private army of "Brown Shirts;" or his "Storm Troopers."  The caption below the pictures say, like their German "Counterparts" in Europe; they "relished" violence.

     Mr. Steve thinks that guy Adolph Hitler sensed instinctively that many people enjoy violence. Not all people but a lot more than Americans think.  It's just that Americans today were lucky enough to have born into the wealthiest country that has ever existed in history.

     It's easy to be "Open-Minded" and tolerant when most people have enough money.  At least that's what Mr. Steve told Daisy one time.  But if our economy ever collapses and we go into one of those Depressions then things will go back to being way more violent he thinks. 

      Mr. Steve thinks that, as a soldier who took part in great land battles and was later gassed in World War I, that guy Adolph Hitler became "accustomed to" violence.  When Germany lost the war there was tremendous hardship and struggle.  Poverty was everywhere.

      Tomorrow in book three I'll go into detail about how such a modern country like Germany could have fallen back into what's called "Barbarism."  Mr. Steve thinks part of it was Adolph Hitler "exploiting" parts of the German character for his own selfish purposes.

      Mr. Steve met a man who's father was a member of Hitler's Brown Shirts.  He said that in the 1920's when everyone was struggling in life it was appealing to join Hitler's Storm Troopers. Blackbeard and Anne Bonny are flying bye right now; high up there in the sky.

     That German man told our boss that after the First World War almost everyone's lives were a struggle to survive.  Life was miserable.  So in joining the Nazis you got some food, got to wear a uniform, drink beer and as kind of a bonus "Bust Heads" and "Break Bones." 


       There's an amazing picture in this one Encyclopedia.  The caption below it says it's a photo of a Nazi "Party Rally."  The thousands of Nazi Storm Troopers are standing in a giant Stadium; probably waiting to hear Adolph Hitler make a speech.  I smell a Lizard around here.  

    Hey God!  As You of course, Mr. Steve has been a part of a few teams in sports and when he's worked for people like his friend Rick.  So he does understand the good feeling of being part of something bigger than himself.  But as he gets older the less he likes other people.

     Mr. Steve joked that Jack Ruby, who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, was kind of like a Jewish Storm Trooper.  That's what Daisy told me.  Jack Ruby's brother said having blood all over him after a fight seemed to make his brother feel good and "alive."  I see the Lizard.

     Dais says one time our boss told her and Millie how, in November of 1963, when that guy Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald, he was running a "Strip Joint" in Dallas.  Most places like that have "Bouncers" but he was his own bouncer because he loved to hit people. 

     In the 1920's and 1930's Benito Mussolini's Italian Fascist "Blackshirts" beat up people with these things called "Black Jacks."  So did Adolph Hitler's Nazis in Germany.  Daisy told me Mr. Steve has one of those Black Jacks in his Bedroom.  The Lizard is gone now.

     According to what it says here in this Dictionary a Blackjack is "a leather-covered bludgeon with a flexible handle."  Daisy says inside the leather is a metal bar.  It would really hurt a lot if you were to get hit with a Blackjack.  It could easily break bones she told me.   

     Well, back to writing about that guy Albert Anastasia.  In this Encyclopedia it says that after World War II he became the head of the Gambino crime family in New York City.  But, he lived by the sword so he died by the sword."  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye.  

     Wow!  Just like with that guy Bugsy Segal, whoever killed Albert Anastasia caught him by surprise.  They shot him in 1957, two years after our boss was born.  He was sitting in a Barber Chair getting a haircut and shave.  Mr. Steve's brother Rock was born in 1957.  


     This photograph in my Encyclopedia shows that guy Albert Anastasia dead.  The caption says his body is laying in the Barber Shop; covered by some towels.  The Police Officer is taking some notes.  Samson and Delilah are way up there soaring bye; almost in perfect formation. 

     Daisy says our boss told her and Millie that when Albert Anastasia was assassinated he shot at his killers but didn't realize he had jumped up and was shooting into one of those mirrors.  He died anyway.  I hear two Crows yelling at each other out there in the desert.  

     Mr. Steve told Daisy that he thinks over the centuries many men must have had their throats "slit" with a "Straight Razor"by their Barbers.  And that guy Albert Anastasia may have fallen victim to an old saying; "Three men can keep a secret if two of them are dead."

     Well, according to my book two outline for chapter four, I just have a little bit to write about the Spanish Inquisition.  I guess, it was sent over from Spain to Mexico City in the 16th century.  That's what it says here in this Encyclopedia.  These Encyclopedias are so great!

      Daisy says our boss told her and Millie one time that our name Córdova was on the list of names to be investigated by the Inquisition.  It was suspected that some Jews, or Muslims, might try to come over to the New World and secretly practice their real religions. 

     From what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie, us Córdova's could be Jewish.  His father told him growing up in New Mexico he saw Star's of David symbols and even images of Menorahs.  Daisy and I would like to be Jews!  We wouldn't mind wearing those little hats.



     Oh Darn!  I just noticed that I forgot to write a few more things about the Fasces symbol.  But, instead of going back and putting it where it was supposed to go I'd much rather just write about it now.  Jack the Jackrabbit just ran bye.  As usual, he's going fast.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and me the Fasces symbol has not just been used by the ancient Romans or in the 20th century by Germany, Italy and Spain.  In fact he told us, right here in the United States it's still used on a number of things.  A small flock of Birds just flew bye.

     The Fasces image is displayed on the State seal of Colorado and also the logo for the city of Brooklyn our boss says.  He told Daisy one time how the old version of the ten cent "Dime" had a Fasces symbol on the "tails" side.  Mr. Steve has a collection of old coins Dais says.  


      Mr. Steve noticed when he and his family visited Washington D.C. in 2008 that the arm rests on the front of the statue of President Lincoln at the "Lincoln Memorial" has Fasces on them.  And he told us, some of the U.S. Court System's Seals feature a Fasces.

     It isn't just government organizations which "incorporate" a Fasces into their logos our boss says.  There are religious groups who use it but few notice.  And even if they did notice it most of the people wouldn't know what it means.  That Dragonfly just zoomed bye. 

     For a time in the mid-1990's Mr. Steve was a member of this Catholic organization called the "Knights of Columbus."  They have a big Meeting Hall in the city of San Fernando.  And if you look closely at their primary logo our boss says; you'll see a Fasces right in there.

     From what Mr. Steve told Daisy the Knights of Columbus were started back in the 1800's in order to help Catholic widows.  These women who had lost their husbands were often poor Irish immigrants.  Many people died young in the 19th century Daisy says.    

     Mr. Steve told Daisy he quit the Knights of Columbus mainly because he doesn't really like what are called formal "Rituals."  To him the ceremonies seem dated and old; something that might have been okay in the 19th century but not anymore.  I smell a Sage plant.   


      One time when Dais and I were in the living room one Saturday morning watching cartoons I saw a black box near the fireplace.  Inside is a really fancy Knights of Columbus hat that Mr. Steve's father wore for ceremonies.  I can hear our neighbor's Ducks quacking.

    That one Knights of Columbus hat looks kind of like the hats they wore during the late 18th century at the time of Napoleon.  It even has these fluffy white feathers on it.  Dais says I would look good wearing it and I agree with her.  I'd like to have a hat like that.      

    Another reason why our boss left the Knights of Columbus is that he really doesn't like being in a group.  He once told Daisy and Millie that; "ninety nine times out of a hundred, I'd rather be alone."  The older he gets the less our boss likes what they call "Group Think." 

    In his book Brave New World Mr. Steve says Aldous Huxley showed how a future government could easily control it's people by brainwashing and conditioning the "proper" way to think.  If you didn't do or think what a government wants you don't get "rewarded." 

     Throughout history our boss says it was normal for a government to use violence to control its people.  This is still true in many parts of the world Mr. Steve told us.  In "Pavlovian" terms it was being conditioned to do what the government wants or be beaten or killed. 

     Aldous Huxley said someday it might easier to control people psychologically without force.  Mr. Steve doesn't like when politicians get people "dependent" on government so they can tell tell them how to think.  You control people if you control their "purse strings." 

     In the 1920's Aldous Huxley was a Professor at a famous college in England called "Eton." One of the students he taught French to was named Eric Blair.  About Two decades later Eric Blair would write under what's called a "pen" name our boss says.  I smell a Lizard.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy that Eric Blair's fake name was "George Orwell."  He wrote "Animal Farm;" the book I mentioned yesterday.  Someday I want to read that book Animal Farm.  The main characters are all Animals who live on a Farm.  I like the title of that book.



        In my Encyclopedia there are pictures of two of that guy George Orwell's books.  One is of Animal Farm and shows a mean Pig.  The other one is from a 1949 book called "1984." Dais says our boss told her in some ways it's even more famous than Animal Farm.

      It says here that George Orwell's book 1984 describes a Dystopian world of the future in the same way Aldous Huxley's Brave New World had done in the early 1930's.  He wrote came out in the late 1940's; a few years after World War II.  I hear some Crows cawing.   

     In 1974 our boss and his girlfriend Sandy saw a David Bowie concert called "Diamond Dogs" at the "Universal Amphitheater."  Years later he found out that Diamond Dogs was originally intended by David Bowie to be "1984 set to music."  I smell a Cholla cactus.

      Brave New World and 1984 seem to have used Pavlov's ideas about conditioning a "proper" response Mr. Steve told Daisy and myself.  Only instead of Dogs being conditioned to do what was wanted it would be the populations of people in future counties.

     I just smelled something!  I think it's Scorpion but it's sort of hard to tell because the scent is so faint.  Right now I can see a number of white clouds up high in the really blue sky.  The air is so clear right now.  I can hear our neighbors Ducks next door quacking away.  

     Aha!  It is a Scorpion.  I see it now standing over there in the dirt.  And now it's running over to go under one of the rocks around the bottom of the big tree.  Usually you don't see too many Scorpions out during the day.  A Dragonfly just zoomed past in front of the three Sheds.

     Well, Dais was right.  She said Mr. Steve told her and Millie that guy George Orwell fought in the Spanish Civil War.  And it says here that in 1936 he went to Spain to fight for the "Left" as a member of this famous unit called the "International Brigade." I still hear Ducks.


                                            GEORGE ORWELL (1903-1950) WITH SON

     This Encyclopedia says George Orwell, who was tall, was shot in the neck during the Spanish Civil War.  Daisy says Mr. Steve thinks he came to realize that Stalin, helping the Left, was just as bad as Hitler and Mussolini who were helping Franco and the Right.  A Crow cawed.

     Hey God!  Mr. Steve told Dais he thinks, during the Spanish Civil War both sides slaughtered one another like some of the Catholics and Protestants did in the 16th and 17th centuries; or how some of the "Shia" and "Suni" Muslims do now.  A lot of people love to hate it seems.

     Mr. Steve thinks it seems obvious that, in the real temporal world of the five senses, it really feels good to do violence to someone you hate.  Hitler, Stalin and Mao tse-tung, all Atheists, used this to their great advantage.  Blackbeard and Anne Bonny the Crows are flying bye.

     Dais says our boss believes you don't have to be Nostradamus or an Old Testament Prophet to predict that someone in this century will exploit hatred and the love of violence on a bigger scale than in the 20th century.  Everything gets proportionately bigger; for good and bad. 

      Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time that he thinks in most wars bad things are done on all sides.  "Revenge is sweet" as they say.  A good example of that was during the American Civil War in the State of Missouri when Jesse James and his older brother fought for the South. 

      Yesterday in book one I mentioned a guy named Bob who's one of Mr. Steve's customers in the State of Missouri.  He's the one who attended Antelope Valley High School; where Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart went to.  But now he and his family live in Missouri. 

                                                                                      JESSE JAMES (1847-1882)


           Over the ten years or so that Mr. Steve has dealt with Mr. Bob they've discussed the history of Missouri.  So of course they've talked about the famous Outlaw named Jesse James; who was what they call a "Bushwacker" during the Civil War.  I smell a Libby the Horse.

        In this one Encyclopedia it says that Jesse James and his older brother Frank fought against Union soldiers in Missouri.  They were not in the "Regular" Rebel army but were guerrilla's in a "Hit and Run" or "Ambush" war.  They mainly fought on Horseback I guess.

        From what it says here, the State of Missouri was one of the four American slave States that did not leave the Union during the Civil War.  But a brutal local war did take place between the Bushwackers like Jesse James and the pro-Union "Jayhawkers."  I see Libby.

        In the Civil War many bad things happened but in Missouri it was worse Mr. Steve thinks. Tomorrow in book three I'll write about what happened in "Bloody Kansas" a few years before the Civil War.  So I'll look up and then write about that one guy John Brown.

        Just like in Kansas, revenge was a big factor in much of the extreme violence that took place in Missouri during the Civil War.  Both sides committed terrible atrocities.  Samson and Delilah are floating bye way up high in the sky.  They're moving towards the northeast. 

        At the time of the Civil War Jesse James was a teenager.  He and his brother Frank fought under William Quantrill and "Bloody" Bill Anderson.  Bloody Bill was known for scalping some of the Union soldiers.  Libby is looking at me right now from over there in her Corral.


                                          "BLOODY" BILL ANDERSON (1828-1864)

         This Encyclopedia says that one guy "Bloody Bil" hung the scalps of men he killed from his saddle.  Mr. Steve thinks he probably just liked violence but had the perfect excuse for brutality when his sister was accidentally killed by some Union soldiers.  Crows are cawing.  

         Hey God?  Why has revenge and retribution so often been used as an excuse for one group of people to enjoy killing other people?   In the centuries since the Prophet Muhammad died in the seventh century Suni have killed Shia Muslims; and vice-versa.  I smell Creosote.

         Dais says when our boss was still living down there in Sylmar on Hagar Street he sold some of his artwork to a guy who was kind of tall.  Mr. Steve is six feet tall so that man had to be about six feet four.  His Grandfather had gone to Spain in 1936 to help fight Fascism.

        That man's Grandfather was killed over in Spain as a member of the "Abraham Lincoln Brigade."  They fought Franco's Nationalists.  Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that the Abraham Lincoln Brigade were all Americans and some were black.  A Finch is chirping.

        Dais says that one man's Grandfather had been what they call a "Longshoreman" before he went to Spain to fight Fascists.  She says that means he worked loading and unloading all of the things onto Boats and Ships in a Harbor.  I smell one of the really old Joshua trees.

        I guess Grandpa Trujillo was kind of like one of those Longshoremen; except that he loaded and unloaded Trains instead of Ships.  Dais thinks it's so amazing how Grandpa Trujillo worked for almost fifty years and never missed a day.  I'll write about it more tomorrow.

                                                                                                                                               ERIC HOFFER (1898-1983)       

      When Dais and I were putting together my book two outline she thought I should write about this man named Eric Hoffer right here.  He was a Longshoreman too.  My Encyclopedia says he was a "Philosopher."  Mr. Steve and his father read one of his books Dais told me.

      From what it says here, one thing that guy Eric Hoffer wrote about was "Mass Movements." He described the "psychology" of people who are attracted to movements.  Dais told me our boss and his father have copies of Eric Hoffer's 1951 book "The True Believer."

      This Encyclopedia says in The True Believer Eric Hoffer wrote about how there are two main types of mass movements; "Reform" and "Revolt" movements.  In part I guess, Eric Hoffer was an expert on the subject of what they call "Fanatics."  I smell a Lizard nearby.

      According to what it says here, Eric Hoffer's book The True Believer came out in 1951 so of course Adolph Hitler's life had to have been"fresh on his mind."  Daisy says our boss thinks it's amazing how Hitler cleverly appealed to unhappy "misfits" who wanted change.


                                             MAXIMILIEN ROBESPIERRE (1758-1794)


         In book one I wrote about Napoleon Bonaparte and the French Revolution of the late 18th century.  During the "Reign of Terror" that guy Maximilien Robespierre cut off a lot of peoples heads and knew that on an "instinctive" level, like Hitler knew; "hate unifies."

       Dais says Mr. Steve read about how, in the 1920's and 1930's; Hitler was able to convert even Communists.  This Encyclopedia says one reason he could do things like that is because he knew that many people want to be part of a "Cause" or "Purpose."  I can see the Lizard.


                                            DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER (1890-1969)


          This is kind of interesting.  It says in this Encyclopedia that throughout the 1950's President Eisenhower gave away copies of Eric Hoffer's book The True Believer.  In World War II he had fought the Nazis so probably knew Eric Hoffer's ideas were true.  The Lizard is gone. 

       I wonder if Mr. Steve will like this one quote by that guy Dwight Eisenhower; "Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it."  That kind of sounds like Daisy and I.  We always want to do what our boss wants us to do. 

                                                                                                                                                                                           SAINT PAUL

       Hey Lord!  According to what Dais remembers Mr. Steve saying; Eric Hoffer said sometimes a fanatic will switch sides and become even more of a fanatic.  In his book The True Believer he said that "Saul the Roman hated" while "Saint Paul the Christian loved." 

       Like George Orwell, that guy's Grandfather volunteered to travel to Spain; but in his case it was mainly because he was a Communist.  Daisy told me our boss said that guy George Orwell didn't really like Communists too much.  I guess George Orwell was also tall.

       My Encyclopedia says in 1936 Britain, France and the United States were unwilling to sell "arms" to the "beleaguered" Spanish Republic.  So that guy Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union helped them.  But, I guess it didn't matter; the Fascists ended up winning.  I smell a Lizard.

        Dais says that man whose Grandfather fought in Spain knew a lot about Francisco Franco; the Spanish dictator whose side won the Spanish Civil War in the 1930's.  My Encyclopedia says the "tough-talking Generalisimo" was able to "outwit" his political enemies on the left.

     This is interesting.  It says here General Franco was called "El Caudillo."  And according to mu Spanish Dictionary that means "Leader" or "Chief."  Lately I've noticed how Dais has been calling Mr. Steve our Chief.  And then without thinking about it I said Chief too.  


                    ME-109                                  88 MM. CANNON                             STUKA

ARTWORK BY PERUN TWOREK                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


        As I wrote earlier, Hitler used the Spanish Civil War to test out new weapons.  Sadly Daisy says, the Spanish people had to be what they call "Guinea Pigs."  I remember when Daisy told me about Guinea Pigs and how they're used.  She says they're not really Pigs.

        It says here the Me-109 Fighter, the 88 Millimeter Cannon and the the terrifying "Stuka" Dive Bomber were tested out during the Spanish Civil War.  Yesterday in book one I wrote about El Cordobes the Bullfighter.  His parents suffered a lot because of that three year war.  

       Daisy says our boss thinks that guy General Franco must have been strong-willed.  He was able to keep Spain neutral during the Second World War even though Hitler kept trying to get him to join he and Mussolini.  I just picked up the scent of some of our Joshua trees.

      This is interesting.  My Encyclopedia says even though Franco kept Spain neutral in World War II he let the Germans set up Submarine bases along the Spanish coast.  He also provided the Axis Powers with minerals for making weapons.  I feel like someone is looking at me.

      In order to keep Adolph Hitler "placated" it says here that General Franco allowed forty five thousand Spaniards to volunteer to fight alongside the Germans against Russia; or the Soviet Union as it was called then.  Aha!  I see a Squirrel over there studying me.

      Wow!  According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, that man Francisco Franco was the Dictator of Spain for thirty five years.  Daisy says our boss told her and Millie one time that during Franco's reign Spain's prisons were full and torture was not uncommon.    

     Daisy says we're lucky we don't live in a time of "Anarchy."  But, as Mr. Steve said, history proves over and over again that things which seem so permanent can change unexpectedly.  I see that th Squirrel is vanished.  I can hear our neighbors Ducks quacking over there. 

     Mr. Steve told Daisy he thinks because the cycles of history are going at a so much faster rate now, what used to take years may now happen in months.  So things can change in a society very quickly.  Samson and Delilah the Crows are cruising bye; talking to each other.


                                           THE VANDALS SACK THE CITY OF ROME


      Our boss said; "The Roman Empire fell and so did the Spanish Empire.  In the 20th century the Soviet Union fell apart in 1989.  No country lasts forever, no matter how powerful.  And the pattern of life, death and rebirth seems to be a rule of the Universe he told us.

     Mr. Steve says we're lucky to have been born in the richest country in history.  We're what they call "Middle Class."  Much of today's world still lives in poverty, violence and hatred he says.  And based on history that's normal.  Hey God?  Do You just let that happen?

     Many Americans think we're what they call "Invulnerable"  our boss told us.  They may turn out to be wrong.  The American government is now eighteen trillion dollars in debt because this thing called the "Federal Reserve" is just "printing money out of thin air."

     Daisy says our boss thinks you can trick people by using fancy words to describe something.  In today's American culture printing money out of thin air is now called "Quantitative Easing." Mr. Steve wonders what that guy George Orwell would have thought about that.    

     In history hatred and violence seem to be more common than peace, love and understanding our boss says.  But Americans can't imagine that to be true because, since World War II, we've lived in such an "affluent" country.  We've had the luxury of "tolerance." 

     But there may come a time when Americans will have to "revert" back to the more common way of living; which is violence.  If we were ever to go into an economic depression like the 1930's people may go back to slaughtering each other again in the traditional pattern.

      Mr. Steve says George Orwell, like Jonathon Swift and Aldous Huxley; was British. For some reason he says, the best satirists are from England.  In his subjective opinion a very good current satirist is this pretty girl named Ann Coulter.  She's clever he told Daisy and Millie.

     George Orwell seems to have been influenced by the ideas of his former instructor Aldous Huxley our boss told Daisy. And he says both men knew about Pavlov's experiments on us Dogs so probably had that in mind to a certain extent when writing their famous books.  

     In his book 1984 Mr. Steve told us that George Orwell writes about the government as "Big Brother" who use what's called  "New Speak" or "Double Speak." And in that Dystopian world of the future "War is Peace," "Freedom is Slavery" and "Ignorance is strength." 

     Mr. Steve says he believes in the "limited" government that the Founding Fathers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had in mind. They created the three part system of what they called "Checks and Balances" and for two centuries it worked well our boss thinks. 

     The three "Branches" of Federal government the Founding Fathers set up in the late 1700's are; "Legislative" to make laws, "Executive" to carry out the laws and "Judicial" to interpret the laws.  Mr. Steve says the Executive has taking too much power now.


                                                    THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826)


        Daisy told me that our boss has books and videos about that man Thomas Jefferson.  He was the third American President.  He warned Americans; "When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.  When the government fears the people there is liberty."

      Right now our boss thinks the people sort of fear the government.  And in some ways he sees the predictions of both Aldous Huxley and George Orwell "coming to pass" as they say.  George Orwell's "Big Brother" may not be as far away as people think he says.

     I sure hope I can remember accurately that one other quote by Thomas Jefferson.  He said; "I predict future happiness for all Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them"

     And because Mr. Steve and his parents were Tour Guides down there at the San Fernando Mission for all of those years they had material with this other quote by Thomas Jefferson; "The oldest history of the United States is written in Spanish."  I smell a Sage plant.

       One Founding Father was John Adams.  He helped Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and "succeeded" George Washington as second President.  Daisy says our boss told her and Millie that John Adams had a really smart wife named Abigail. 

                                             ABIGAIL (1784-1818) / JOHN ADAMS (1735-1826)

     Mr. Steve said Thomas Jefferson and John Adams didn't like each other for a while.  But they "made up" and by coincidence both died on the exact same day; the 4th of July in 1826. That was the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

     I guess back in 1826 Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were the last two surviving Founding Fathers.  Mr. Steve told us he read that the very last thing John Adams said before dying was;  "Thomas Jefferson still survives."   He turned out to be wrong when he said that. 

     Our boss told Daisy and me that Thomas Jefferson died about five hours before John Adams. And his last words to his son were; "Is it the Fourth?"  Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson have had a really big influence on the United States.  I smell a Cholla cactus.  

     Sadly, that man Thomas Jefferson died leaving his family in "Debt."  Daisy one time told me that means he owed a lot of money.  After he died they had to what's called "Auction" off many of the things he owned, including Slaves, to pay off what they call "Creditors."

     Even basically decent people are full of what Mr. Steve calls "Contradictions."  Even though Thomas Jefferson wrote the words "All men are created equal" he, like George Washington,  owned Slaves.  And like most back then he thought Black people inferior. 

     Daisy told me that our boss is interested in the subject of President's of the United States.  He told us that for such an "eloquent" writer Thomas Jefferson didn't too talk much.  John Adams joked that Thomas Jefferson never said more that three words at one time.

     A few years ago our boss told Dais and Millie about a President named Calvin Coolidge.  His nickname was "Silent Cal."  Later today in chapter seven I'm scheduled to write about this one time when President Coolidge met a famous Baseball Pitcher named Walter Johnson. 

     According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia that guy Calvin Coolidge was often what they call "withdrawn and reserved."  Oh!  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  President Coolidge was influenced by the German Philosopher Friedrich Hegel just like he is.

                                                      FRIEDRICH HEGEL (1770-1831)


     Later this afternoon I'm scheduled to write a lot more about Friedrich Hegel.  I'm tempted to do it now but I better just wait.  Friedrich Hegel developed a system for explaining the evolution of change in life.  It's called his "Hegelian Dialectic."  I smell one of the Joshua trees.

     Friedrich Hegel's ideas have influenced many great 19th and 20th century thinkers like this one man named Karl Marx.  I'll deal with that subject in more detail later today.  Daisy told me one time that our boss thinks Friedrich Hegel is sometimes hard to understand.  

     According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia that man Calvin Coolidge had what's called a "dry" sense of humor.  Mr. Steve has read that he really didn't enjoy "small talk" but sometimes did it to "humor" his wife.  I just picked up the scent of a Cholla cactus.  

     Mr. Steve told Daisy he read that one time at a party a lady said to President Coolidge; "I've made a bet that I can get you to say more than two words."  President Coolidge then responded: "You lose."  Rudy the Roadrunner just sprinted bye; right in front of the three Sheds. 


                                        CALVIN COOLIDGE (1872-1933) WITH FAMILY


       Well, Mr. Steve was right.  He once told Daisy and Millie that Calvin Coolidge's wife was his opposite in personality.  This Encyclopedia says that as "dour" and "non-communicative" as he frequently was she was "quick-witted" and "demonstrative" around others.     

     This is interesting.  My Encyclopedia says President Coolidge was born on the 4th of July.  So I guess that means President Coolidge got to celebrate two things all at once.  I wonder if he got to have twice as big a celebration?  Max the Hummingbird just flew bye.

     Recently a good friend of Mr. Steve's family died down in San Fernando where she lived for most of her life.  Her name was Marge Britt.  She was originally from this state called Rhode Island; near where our boss's sister lives.  "Mrs. Britt" was "up in age" as they say.

     "Mrs. Britt' as Mr. Steve called her, was a good, honest and decent woman.  With Mr. Steve's father, for many years she was involved with the Democratic party in Los Angeles.  She once took a picture with this man named Cesar Chavez; who our boss's father also met.

     Calvin Coolidge was married to a very talkative woman.  Mr Steve says Mrs. Britt was also what they call "gregarious."  But her husband, who fought in World War II and died years ago, was very quiet. Mr. Steve says it seemed like a case of two opposites attracting.

     One time Mr. Steve jokingly asked Mrs. Britt how she and her husband "got together" as they say.  She laughed and then said; "It was quite simple actually.  I just talked him into it."  A while back our boss had a dream about swimming in Mrs. Britt's pool as a kid. 

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and myself that Thomas Jefferson would be considered what they call a "racist" by today's standards.  But so would Abraham Lincoln he says.  He has letters Lincoln wrote on the subject of "Amalgamation" which means the "mixing of races." 

     The word Abraham Lincoln used to describe blacks and whites marrying and having babies together was "disgusting."  Mr. Steve says Lincoln loved "Minstrel Shows" which "demeaned" or "degraded" Black people.  Today few would think they were entertaining.       

     Both Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln did not like Slavery. But they thought, if made free, there was no way the inferior black race could live alongside the superior white race.  In the 1850's Lincoln voted for a law which made it illegal for blacks and whites to marry.

     For a log time Abraham Lincoln said the way to solve the "Negro  problem" in America was to ship blacks back to Africa or somewhere else.  Thomas Jefferson and many Americans agreed with him.  Rudy the Roadrunner just ran under Moe the middle Shed.  I smell Sage. 

         Daisy says our boss thinks that once blacks proved they were brave by fighting in the Civil War President Lincoln changed his mind about sending them back to Africa.  But he probably never thought blacks were equal with whites except maybe in their basic humanity. 

         Mr. Steve says President Lincoln fought a bloody war to keep America "united" yet said; "Any people, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better."  I hear Crows cawing.

         And, not only that, Lincoln said the same right to "shake off the existing government" was one of the "most valuable and sacred rights, a right which we hope and believe is liberating the world."  Able Company of Quail are now streaming out into the eastern desert.  

         Mr. Steve was a "Democrat" but is now "Independent."  In most things he's what they call a "Conservative."  He believes in "smaller government" like Thomas Jefferson who said; "That government is best which governs least, because it's people discipline themselves." 

         The Founding Fathers, and later Aldous Huxley and George Orwell; saw how in mankind's history Dictators and Tyrants were more "the norm."  So they tried to create a government in which none of the three branches got too much power over the people our boss says. 

         Some wanted George Washington to be a King.  But he didn't want to do that because then he would have been what they call a "hypocrite" who says one thing but then goes out and does the exact opposite.   In Spanish it's called "Dos Caras" or "Two Faces" in English.

         Mr. Steve told us an old saying; "Do as I say not as I do."  He thinks many politicians on both sides are now getting away with this.  Sadly he says, way too many Americans are what's called "uninformed;" except for things like "popular culture" entertainment. 

         To make the States feel more comfortable about joining the United States the "Framers" put the "Bill of Rights" into the Constitution.  Our boss thinks the First Amendment was put in so voters are "informed;"  the Second to protect States from the Federal Government.  

         Daisy says Mr. Steve thinks the Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights "reserves" for the States any power not "specifically" given to the Federal Government; so the Federal  doesn't get so powerful they can "coerce" the people of the States.  I smell one of the Juniper plants.

         Our boss told Dais a President can now use the "Internal Revenue Service" as a weapon against his, and some day her, political enemies.  He thinks this happened in the years leading up to the Presidential election of 2012.  That's why people must keep informed. 

         Dais says in 2009 our boss, Babette and Susan all heard about Auto Dealerships around the country who were "Bailed Out" by the Federal Government mainly because their owners were of the right "Political Persuasion."  And those who weren't were allowed to fail.

         Mr. Steve has this book about the fall of ancient Rome Daisy says.  He see's similarities in the United States situation now.  President Lincoln said; "America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves." 

        Our boss thinks too many Americans are easily tricked by Politicians who use "Semantics;" which is defined a "change in the meaning of a word.  So "Gambling" becomes "Gaming;" or in the case of the Stock Market "Speculating." I see Libby over there in her Corral.

        Because he's worked with Parts and Service Managers for so many years Mr. Steve and his customers have thought it was funny how if a customer was trading in a Car it was "Used" but was "Pre-Owned" if they were buying it.  This is like George Orwell's New Speak.  

        Mr. Steve thinks the easiest way to control people is to control what's called their "Purse Strings."  So the more people are "dependent" on government the easier it is to get those people to vote for you forever as long as you don't take away their "Benefits" or "Entitlements."

         I just thought of that man Pavlov.  Daisy taught me to lick my lips when we want our boss to feed us.  She jokes this is "reverse conditioning." Mr. Steve at times feeds us even when he's not thinking about that.  But, of course, licking our lips doesn't always work.  

         Over the years Daisy says our boss has liked visiting this one city to the south called "San Diego." This is where the first Spanish colony and Mission was established by Father Junipero Serra in 1769.  Mr. Steve has visited that Mission and other "sites" in San Diego.                        




        One place Mr. Steve has visited on his trips to San Diego is called "Balboa Park" which is named after this one Spanish Conquistador named Vasco Núñez de Balboa.  Daisy says in 1513 he was the first known European to ever actually to see the Pacific Ocean.  

        That guy Balboa crossed the "Isthmus" of Panama; from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean.  After Hernando Cortez conquered the Aztecs Balboa helped set up the first colony on the "mainland" of the Americas; in the area now called the country of "Panama."


                                               VASCO NUÑEZ DE BALBOA (1475-1519)


           Mr. Steve told Daisy Balboa's men crossed the Panama isthmus to see if the rumors of a big ocean to the west were true.  They put together an expedition and then it turned out that those rumors were totally true Daisy says.  Dais and I would like to smell an ocean some time.

       Daisy told me our said Balboa's men took really vicious Dogs with them when they explored the western part of Panama.  And those mean Dogs were used to kill Indians.  This was in 1513, about six years before Cortez brutally conquered the Aztecs up north in Mexico.


                                                                                                     BALBOA'S DOGS

        My Encyclopedia says in the first decade of the 16th century Balboa when helped establish the first permanent settlement in Panama it didn't survive.  The people of the town died out due to starvation and hostile Native tribes of Indians who killed them.  A Crow is cawing.  

        So Balboa and conquistdors like Francisco Pizzaro started a new, more permanent town in a safer location of Panama where the Indians were friendlier.  That second town was dedicated to You Blessed Mother!  Too bad Balboa eventually got his head cut off Daisy says.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy about this place called "Balboa Park."  It was named that in 1915 at the time of the "Panama-California Exposition;" a "World's Fair" meant to "commemorate" the      recently completion of the "Panama Canal."  But that park had been there since 1868.                                   

             According to Mr. Steve "Cabrillo Bridge" is in Balboa Park.  In 1915 visitors crossed it to get to the fair site.  Mr. Steve, who has walked on Cabrillo Bridge; told Daisy and Millie it has seven arches and sort of looks like a Water Aqueduct.  I hear Birds chirping faintly.

        Mr. Steve told Daisy that today Cabrillo Bridge, which was obviously named after Cabrillo the 16th century explorer of the California coast; crosses a Highway.  But it's still the main way to enter Balboa Park.  Our boss says he has pleasant memories of that Bridge.   

        Another place Mr. Steve has always liked in San Diego is called "Sea World."  Daisy says he likes looking at Fish.  If green weren't our boss's favorite color because of the Oakland A's, blue would be she jokes.  M. Steve also likes going to the San Diego Zoo.  I smell a Lizard.

                                                                                  SEA WORLD


      From what Daisy has told me our boss kept some what they call "Fish Tanks" when he was growing up.  One of them she says held one hundred gallons.  And in those Fish Tanks he raised many types of Fish and these other things called "Amphibians."  I see the Lizard.

     Over the years Mr. Steve thought it was worth it to do all the work necessary to "maintain" a Fish Tank.  But all of his tanks Daisy told me held "fresh" water.   She says a "salt" water tank would have been even more work so he never did get one. That Lizard just ran away.

     Another reason why our boss doesn't keep Fish tanks any more is because during the 1994 "Northridge" earthquake this big onw hundred gallon Fish tank almost fell over in his living room in Sylmar.  It would have been a big mess so Mr. Steve decided to get rid of it. 


                                                                                   "NORTHRIDGE" EARTHQUAKE


     In 1994 Mr. Steve was in bed on the morning of the Northridge earthquake so he felt it a lot.  But he says it was nothing compared to 1971.  In 1994 the "epicenter" was near Northridge but in 1971 it was in Sylmar so they had a "roller coaster ride" our boss says. 

      The Killer Whale trainers at Sea World use techniques similar to those of Pavlov our boss says.  They use food as a reward for doing what they want the Whales and Dolphins to do; like jumping out of the water.  Daisy stands up on her hind legs to get food!


                                                                      SEA WORLD


       Our Chief says using food to train animals is now common.  He does it with Daisy and I all the time.  We like it.  As long as we get rewarded with food we're happy.  But at times Mr. Steve gets busy and forgets to give us our snacks.  Like today so far; and yesterday!  

       This is really weird!  Just like he did yesterday Mr. Steve has not given Daisy and me even one snack today.  And I'm getting kind of hungry too.  Judging by where the Sun is now it will be midday pretty soon.  I'll bet Daisy's noticed that we haven't gotten any snacks today too.                                                

          I wonder what Dais is doing?  I'll bet she's resting; either in the back of the garage or out on the cement slab in front of the garage.  Boy, I've never spent so much time in a row sitting back here on the couch.  But it's worth it.  I've never learned so much in such a short time.  

     Sitting her on this comfortable old couch and looking out into the eastern desert beyond the three Sheds I mainly see green.  Last year on this exact same day I saw mostly yellow.  But in the Summer it will be mostly green again.  Green to me means the Oakland A's.   

     Sometimes Mr. Steve takes Daisy in the house on really cold nights.  I'm afraid to do that and Daisy thinks I'm being too ridiculous because she gets to watch more tv and also listen to more music.  And it's warmer in there too she says.  I really should go in the house more.

    One of Daisy's favorite tv shows is about this man from Mexico named Mr. Cesar.  He's called the "Dog Whisperer."  But his show is on at night and I'm afraid to go in the house then.  Daisy thinks I'd like it.  She says Mr. Cesar is nice.  Maybe one of these nights I'll watch it. 

                                                                               CESAR MILLAN


    Like Mr. Cesar, our boss also says "chtt! chtt! when telling us to stay still or to be quiet.  Mr. Steve told Daisy and I it amused him when he first heard Mr. Cesar make that sound because he's been making that exact same sound with his Dogs and Cats for years. 

     Our boss picked it up the chtt! chtt! sound from Sister Rita Joseph who at times made that sound with her students when they were talking too much or "acting up."  It was also Sister Rita Joseph who said to always be grateful for what you had.  Daisy agrees!   


    Dais tells me I should go in house at night to watch tv.  So far I've only gone into the house in the full light of morning on Saturdays; to watch cartoons.  Daisy goes down the hallway to our boss's bedroom and office.  I am kind of curious about that end of the house.

     If I were to be able to overcome my fear of being trapped I could watch Mr. Steve play the drums and listen to a lot more music on his stereo.  That's what Daisy keeps telling me.  And she is right of course.  That far end of the house is kind of mysterious to me.


                                                                  "CHAPEL BELLS"

                                                                      PAINTING BY STELLA CÓRDOVA


     Daisy says I don't know what I'm missing by not going all the way into the house.  When in the living room I do like looking at the big painting of the bells in the Chapel at the San Fernando Mission hanging above the couch.  Daisy thinks Mr. Steve's mother is so talented!

     Mr. Steve told us he's lucky to have tall ceilings. Most people don't have the "luxury" he says of being able to "display" some of his mother's big paintings.  Her painting of the Chapel Bells is amazing Daisy says.  Someday we'd like to visit the San Fernando Mission.

     Mr. Steve's mom's painting of the Chapel bells is almost eight feet wide!  But, because the ceiling in the living room is fifteen feet tall it fits in well.  People who have come to visit have often admired it and praised it.  It is a beautiful work of art.  I smell a Creosote bush.

     Dais told me that our boss's bedroom also has high ceilings.  So in there he has some more of his mom's big paintings.  She told me Mr. Steve has black drums in his bedroom.  And above and behind those drums hangs one of his mom's painting of an American Indian.



    The painting behind our boss's drums shows a Native American in full feather "Head Dress" Daisy says.  This is her favorite of all our boss's mom's paintings in the house.  I do want to see it someday; if I ever get up the courage to go all the way deep into the house that is.

     Mr. Steve told us about this town in New Mexico called "Taos."  Every year Native Americans "get together" at this big "event" called a "Pow Wow."  Daisy thinks it must be like the Indian    Worlds Fair so to speak.  It's their Exposition like the one in San Diego in 1915.

     At an Indian Pow Wow the people dress up in what's called "traditional garb" to dance and sing.  And of course our boss says, there's a lot of really good food.  Boy, that makes me hungry just thinking about it.  It makes me remember not having any snacks yet.  I smell Sage.

      Daisy says the painting of the Indian behind Mr. Steve's drums was based on a picture taken at one of the Pow Wow's in New Mexico.  But our boss's mom just put in a different background and, in Mr. Steve's subjective opinion, made that image even better than the original.



        Recently a friend of Mr. Steve's named Dave moved from Los Angeles to Taos.  His girlfriend went with him.  Dave worked with our boss for a few years; also selling apparel and promotional products.  Over the years they had discussed New Mexico.  I smell a Rabbit.

     Dave is part Indian and Mr. Steve told us, unlike himself, is a really good drummer.  After he and his girlfriend visited Taos they liked it so much that they decided to move there.  Dave and our boss have discussed this one painter named Georgia O'Keefe; who did the same.




       My Encyclopedia says Georgia O' Keefe is called the "Mother of American Modernism."  She was originally from the state of Wisconsin like our boss's friend Mark who lives over in Hawaii.  But then Georgia O'Keefe moved to New York City.  I see the Rabbit near Moe. 

     Georgia O'Keefe's husband Alfred Stieglitz was a good photographer himself Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie.  And he recognized his wife's talent when she was young so then "facilitated" her career in New York City.  I just smelled some flowers over to the south. 

     Hey Lord.  Daisy says in our boss's mom's subjective opinion Georgeia O'Keefe was at her best when she captured the happy Christian promise of what they call "everlasting life."  Oh!  Charlie the Quail Company is streaming into the back half acre.  The Rabbit is gone.

     It says here Georgia O'Keefe and one of her sisters visited New Mexico in 1918, the year the First World War ended.  They liked it.  So, many years later, she decided to go back and live permanently in New Mexico; just like Mr. Dave and his girlfriend.  Dawn just barked.

     Mr. Steve told Dais and Millie how he and his mother have discussed the "radiant" sunlight in New Mexico.  That lady Geogia O'Keefe  noticed the quality of that light too.  Well, there goes Twinky barking.  But so far, no Dais.  She knows I'm back here writing. 

     If Daisy starts barking then I'll have to hide all my materials and go see what's going on.  Even though I'm having fun writing my second book my primary duty will always be to guard our two acres.  Oh!  Max the Hummingbird just flew past the patio really fast. 

     Because Mr. Steve used to be a photographer he's in the habit of noticing light.  New Mexico's sunlight, in combination with the beautiful scenery and serenity, can be attractive to an artist he thinks.  I just noticed a long row of Ants moving along steadily below me.

     Oh!  This is interesting.  I wonder if Dais or Mr. Steve know this?  That man Aldous Huxley and his wife visited Georgia O'Keefe over in New Mexico.  I know a few years later he came to live in Llano so I guess he liked the desert.  Ah!  I smell a Field Mouse. 

     Dais thinks that now that our boss has lived up here in a desert for a few years he's come to better appreciate living outside a city.  He could never go back Daisy thinks.  In surveying what I see now to the east, beyond our three Sheds, I think I like looking at light too.

       Our boss told Daisy and Millie he's not an expert on the work of that lady Georgia O'Keefe.  But from what he has seen he likes when her colors are not so "loud" and she portrays a more "spacious" feeling.  I see Birds flying about in every direction out in our back half acre.

     Mr. Steve's mother kind of liked when Georgia O'Keefe did paintings that didn't seem to have a "middle" distance.  They were either really close up or very far away.  Instead of her frequent almost Insects-eye view of flowers and skulls; it was a flying "Birds-eye view."

     I've noticed that I like pictures taken from up in the air.  This surprises me because, unlike Dais, I would never want to fly.  She'd learn to fly right away if Underdog ever said he'd teach her.  Not me!  No way!  I feel better on the ground.  But I like photos from the sky.

     Our boss's mom has a College degree in Art History and also prefers when Georgia O'Keefe used softer "pastel" colors; even though her bright colored paintings were good too.  Ah!  I just smelled a Lizard.  A flock of Sparrows just streamed past; moving to the east. 

     Well, just like Dais told me that Mr. Steve said, it says here in this Encyclopedia that Georgia O'Keefe "discovered" New Mexico and "fell in love with it."  From the mid-1930's until she died she never went back to "civilization."  But Dais and me really want to see an actual city.

     On their trip to New Mexico in 1979 Mr. Steve and his friend Mark Ritter visited the "Ghost Ranch" where Georgia O'Keefe used to live.  He told us it's located in a place called "Abiquiú." Abiquiu is in an area named "Piedra Lumbre" which means "Fire Stone."

     As I look to the east at the desert I can see that the Sun is out of my sight because it rose over the patio and is now above the house. But I can sure see how its rays are making everything look so good.  Oh! I just picked up the really strong scent of a Gopher.  Where is he!

     Oh!  A Gopher just dug up a hole and is pushing up dirt right near me!  He doesn't realize yet what he's done.  I have to be still!  I can't move!  Any second now he's going to push all the dirt out of the way and sniff up into the air.  Then I'll bet he'll smell me right away.

     Yup!  Just as I suspected.  That girl Gopher took one good sniff of the air and then right away ducked down her hole and ran away fast.  Even though they have big, sharp teeth Dais says it's smarter for a Gopher to retreat.  Ah!  Dais and I love the smell of "tilled" dirt.  

     Oh!  This is so interesting!  Mr. Steve and Daisy will like to know this.  Georgia O'Keefe said; "My first memory is of light; the brightness of light; light all around."  For a long time Daisy has kind of told me that too!  I can't wait to show her this!  Oh!  I smell a Crow.

     I still have a lot of things on my outline to write about but I really feel like going and reading this Encyclopedia to Dais.  But she's want me to be disciplined.  I think I can work for another hour or so and then take a well-earned break.  Then I'll see Dais.

     Now that Mr. Steve's friend Dave has been living over there in Taos he's come to more admire Georgia O'Keefe's paintings; some inspired by Taos.  Our boss's mother also did a painting of the Church in Taos.  But his mom's is smaller in size Mr. Steve told us.


      In some ways our boss's mother was influenced by that lady Georgia O'Keefe.  They both liked to work on large canvass's.  According to what our boss told Daisy Georgia O'Keefe often used flowers and Cow skulls to symbolize life and death.  I hear some Crows cawing. 

     Whether helping Girl Scouts make what they call "Crafts" or doing things around the house Mr. Steve's mom was like that lady Georgia O'Keefe; "thorough."  Her view was that; "If you're going to do something, then do it right."  She doesn't believe in "half-measures."

     I says here that Georgia O'Keefe almost died in the "Epidemic" of 1918.  Right after World War I from fifty to one hundred million people died from the "Spanish Influenza."  Grandma Trujillo, even though she was only four years old, never forgot it's effects.

      Just like in the plagues of the Middle Ages, when a lot of bodies need to be buried quickly a lot of them are accidentally buried alive.  Somehow, this fear of being buried alive "imprinted" itself on Grandma Trujillo.  George Washington had that exact same fear. 

     Mr. Steve's Mother and Georgia O'Keefe painted images of landscapes and buildings.  Both were inspired by New Mexico and for each of them drawing and painting is relaxing and almost what's called "therapeutic." Mr. Steve also feels better when doing artwork Dais says. 

      Our boss and his mom also like art that Georgia O'Keefe made when she lived in New York City.  And the same is true of paintings she did on a trip to Hawaii.  Georgia O'Keefe and Mr. Steve's Niece Samantha both were born on November 15th.  I hear Dawn barking.

      Mr. Steve thinks as she got older Georgia O'Keefe didn't like being around people as much.  Occasionally friends visited her in New Mexico.  One was Ansel Adams; a Photographer from California.  Ah!  I just picked up the faint scent of one of the old Creosote bushes. 

       Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time about that man Ansel Adams.  He was a black and white Photographer who used and manipulated light to take great pictures.  He was really good at working in a Dark Room.  A Train just whistled faintly off to the northeast.


                                                                                        YOSEMITE ("HALF DOME")

                                                                       PHOTO BY ANSEL ADAMS

       Daisy told me that man Ansel Adams is mostly known for his "Nature" pictures of places like New Mexico.  He also took a lot of good pictures of this place up in Northern California called "Yosemite."  One of them is shown in this one Encyclopedia.  I smell old Sage.     

       Wow!  It just dawned on me that Daisy and myself haven't had even one snack today so far.  If Mr. Steve doesn't give us any snacks this will be two days in a row!  And judging by where the Sun is in the sky it's about an hour until mid-day.  I've gotten a lot done today.


                                                         ANSEL ADAMS (1902-1984)


      My Encyclopedia says that guy Ansel Adams grew up in San Francisco; up there in northern California.  This is interesting.  Ansel Adams was born on February 20th.  And looking at my list of birthdays I see that Mr. Steve's father's birthday is the 23rd of February.

      According to the list that I wrote down whenever Mr. Steve mentioned a birthday, I see that his ex-girlfriend Harriet was born on February the 19th.  A few years ago Mr. Steve did some artwork for this guy who was also born on the 19th.  Mr. Steve told him about Harriet. 


                                                                     NICOLAUS COPERNICUS (1473-1542)


       That guy who Mr. Steve did the artwork for told him a famous German Renaissance thinker named Nicolaus Copernicus was also born on February the 19th.  And so was this other guy over in England named Prince Andrew.  I'll write more about both of them tomorrow. 

      This is interesting.  As a child Ansel Adams survived a big earthquake that hit San Francisco at the turn of the last century.  Mr. Steve and his family survived an earthquake in 1971.  But the San Francisco earthquake was way bigger.  I can smell a Juniper plant.

      From what it says here, even though Ansel Adams survived the big earthquake he broke his nose permanently in what they call an "Aftershock."  In the picture here in this Encyclopedia I think I can kind of see that Ansel Adams has a crooked nose.  I hear a Wren chirping.    

      Tomorrow in book three I'm scheduled to write about another big earthquake that happened in 1989.  It just so happened the 1989 earthquake occurred on a day when the Oakland A's were playing the San Francisco Giants in the World Series.  I hear Ducks quacking.    

       According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, Ansel Adams said even though he was a little kid he still remembers the gigantic fire which was caused by the earthquake.  I guess that fire burned down much of San Francisco.  Sometimes we have fires around here.    

       As I mentioned, Ansel Adams is known for the black and white photographs he took of the "Outdoors."  And some of the famous pictures he took were at a place called "Sequoia National Park."  Dais says she's heard that there are some really giant trees there. 

      Well, Daisy was right.  She told me she heard Sequoia has trees named after Ulysses S. Grant and his friend General Sherman.  My Encyclopedia says they're two of the biggest trees in the whole world.  Wow!  Those two big giant trees are about two thousand years old.




       Oh my God!  There's a good Diagram here in this one Encyclopedia that shows just how big the General Sherman tree is.  The three people look tiny next to the image of what the General Sherman tree would look like if cut into layers.  A Thrasher Bird just flew bye.

     According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, the General Grant and Sherman trees are not the tallest or widest trees in the world.  But "by volume" they are two of the biggest. The General Sherman tree is about two hundred and seventy five feet tall I guess.

      Looking at the tree right in front of me makes me realize how big a Sequoia tree must be.  It's a pretty good sized tree but would be so small next to a Sequoia.  I'll bet a Sequoia tree could be smelled from miles away because they're so gigantic.  I can smell a Creosote bushes.


      This is so unbelievable!  Wait until Daisy sees this picture in my Encyclopedia.  The caption says a Sequoia tree fell over and instead of cutting it up to use the wood they decided to just saw a big section out of the fallen tree; so that Cars can even drive right under it.  

     That man Ansel Adams probably spent a lot of time in "Dark Rooms."  That's what our boss says. Mr. Steve had a Black and White Dark Room in his house down in Sylmar.  And he worked in other Dark Rooms.  It sounds fun to make prints in a Dark Room Daisy says. 

      My Encyclopedia says Ansel Adams developed a "Zone" system which he used to figure out the right "Exposure" and adjust the "Contrast" of the final print. Dark Room "Techniques" are used to make prints.  Two of them are called "Burning" and "Dodging."


   Mr. Steve says burning and dodging are used to improve the contrast in a black and white photograph printed in a Dark Room.  They're techniques used to "manipulate" the "exposure" time needed to get a good print.  Daisy thinks it sounds kind of complicated.

     Burning is when one section of a print comes out too light.  So you take a piece of cardboard with a hole in the middle and do another print but only allow more light to fall on the area that was too light. This makes it darker only on that one area.  I smell a Joshua tree.

     Dodging is almost the opposite of burning Mr. Steve says.  You make a print where everything is too light except one area which is just right.  So you take a hand tool which is kind of like one of those Spatula's they use in a kitchen and use it to block the light from the printer.

     In dodging our boss says you allow the light to fall on the entire print except the one small area which was already just right.  This allows the rest of the print to get darker while keeping the good area from getting even darker.  Ansel Adams probably did this a few times.  

       One time Mr. Steve had a situation in which after a Boxing match he had to take pictures of a very dark-skinned black fighter in all white.  But around him were very white men and all of them were in really dark suits.  Not a good situation for our boss.

     Mr. Steve says he was lucky he was shooting black and white film that night because he knew he could burn in the white robe, trunks and shoes of the black Boxer in the Dark Room.  So he just made sure he got the proper exposure on that fighter's face and skin. 

      Yup!  Dais was right.  She said Mr. Steve told her and Millie that Ansel Adams tried to what they call "Visualize."  That means as he took the pictures he saw in his mind what he wanted to end up with after his work in the Dark Room.  Two of the Pigeons just flew bye.



       There's a good picture Ansel Adams took of an old Spanish Church in this Encyclopedia. It was taken in Taos where Mr. Steve's friend Dave moved to with his girlfriend.  Mr. Steve has also taken pictures of that same Catholic Church over there in Taos.  I smell Sage.  

     Daisy says because Mr. Steve worked in Dark Rooms he looks close at black and white photos. I'll bet he'd notice how on this Ansel Adams photo of that Church in Taos I think you can see where Ansel Adams burned in the rear wall and dodged parts of the front wall.     

     I'm still thinking about that lady Georgia O'Keefe.  Mr. Steve told Dais that one time he was reading his biography of Georgia O'Keefe and noticed that she was described as "reticent."  It struck him because one time this lady also described him by using that word.

     According to Daisy another word someone used to describe our boss was "taciturn."  But Mr. Steve disagrees because the definition is "not liking to talk" or "disinclined to speak" and he is not that way at all.  When he has something to say he talks.  He talks to us a lot.

     Daisy says that in reading about Georgia O'Keefe one thing our boss is starting to see a lot more in himself is her preference to be alone.  The older Mr. Steve gets he admits the less he likes being around people.  Georgia O'Keefe, "more often than not," liked being by herself.

     In my outline I wrote down that Georgia O'Keefe once said: "The only way to live in Taos and Santa Fe is to strictly mind your own business and relatively keep the human being as about the size of a pin point."  She loved New Mexico's "wonderful emptiness" more than people. 

        Daisy says on the east wall of his bedroom our boss has a painting of this flying Bird called a "Sea Gull." It was painted by his mom.  Because the ceilings are fifteen feet tall Mr. Steve has it hung up high to make it look even more like a flying Bird Dais says.  I smell a Cholla cactus.                                  



     From what our boss told Daisy and Millie that painting of the flying Sea Gull is one of the first paintings his mother ever did.  In our Utility Room where the washer and dryer are is one of her first "abstract" paintings.  It's bigger in size than the Seagull Daisy says.

     Daisy says that painting of the Seagull used to remind Millie of You Holy Spirit.  Right now I see Birds flying all over the place and that makes me think I can feel Your presence.  I really like this feeling.  Thank you Guys for giving me the gift of this day!  I smell a Lizard.

     From what Daisy told me Millie's favorite painting was the Indian behind Mr. Steve's drums.  I really do want to see what it's like in our boss's Bedroom.  And I also want to see what it's like in his office.  I'll bet that he's working in there right now.  I now see the Lizard.

       From what Daisy has described to me, our boss's Bedroom is big enough for someone to bring a guitar and amplifier in there and they can then play together.  And because the ceiling is tall they can play pretty loud she told me.  I want to see Mr. Steve play drums.

      Across from the our boss's drums, on the south wall, Daisy says there's a really big painting of the bell tower of Church at the San Fernando Mission.  It's another one of Mr. Steve's mother's paintings.  Dais told me that it was Millie's favorite painting. The Lizard ran away.


                                                                "THE BELL TOWER"

                                                                                                                                          PAINTING BY STELLA CÓRDOVA

     As Daisy has described it to me, on the west wall, above his bed, our boss has hanging in his bedroom a painting called "The Indians Interpretation of the Crucifixion."  As You know Lord it's about when You were killed by the Romans two thousand years ago.

     Mr. Steve once told Dais and Millie that his mom's painting above his bed was taken from an area up on one of the walls inside the Church at the San Fernando Mission.  It was made by some of the Native people who lived at the San Fernando Mission back then.



                                                                    PAINTINGS BY STELLA CÓRDOVA


       Daisy says The Bell Tower and An Indian's interpretation of the Crucifixion were part of the art exhibit shown in 1992 at the San Fernando Mission.  This was in "commemoration" of the five hundred year anniversary of Columbus's landing on Hispañeola.

      That same group of photographs, paintings and drawings were later exhibited at the Mission down at San Juan Capistrano Daisy says.  And after that Mr. Steve and his mother showed their work for a year downtown at the Natural History Museum.  I smell a Jackrabbit. 

     Just like the painting in the Living Room, these bigger paintings in the Bedroom are based on things in the Church at the San Fernando Mission.  Daisy says this one movie called "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" was partly filmed at the San Fernando Mission.  I see the Jackrabbit. 

     Daisy's right!  If I were to go all the way into Mr. Steve's Bedroom I could see the other big paintings for myself.  Our boss told us he feels very fortunate to have these paintings, as well as other artwork by his mom, hanging in our house. The Jackrabbit ran out into the desert.      

   You know, I think I will go deeper into the house!  Then I could watch tv with Daisy and Mr. Steve and can maybe even watch that guy Cesar the Dog Whisperer.  Mr. Cesar is now for sure     Daisy's favorite what they they call tv "personality."  She sure would like to meet him.                                                                                                                                                                                     Daisy and I thought about having our boss write Mr. Cesar a letter and maybe even ask him a question.  But Daisy's right; it would have to be a good question.  Maybe she says, he could give   us some advice on getting along with Blinky, Dawn and Rosie next door.                                           

    Boy, I wonder when our boss will give us our first snack of the day?  We didn't get any snacks yesterday and haven't had any today either.  I'm getting just a little bit hungry.  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows what I'm doing back here so is purposely leaving me alone?                                                                                                                                                        

    Boy, there's nothing like cool water.  I see the bucket over near the sliding glass door into our dining room and I'm tempted to take a break and drink some water.  But, I think I'll just wait a little bit longer.  Oh!  There goes Max the Hummingbird flying bye right now. 

     Yesterday I was "On a Roll" as they say.  Today I also have a "Full Head of Steam." Dais says that means a Train with a steam engine going "At top Speed." That is kind of how I feel today so I better keep on working.  Oh!  A Train just whistled faintly to the north of us.

     I can also see my new green ball sitting over to the side of my couch.  I wouldn't mind taking a break to chew on it for a while but I better not.  Daisy and I once wondered what it meant when our boss used the phrase "delayed satisfaction."  A Cow Bird just ran bye.

    I probably won't chew on my new green ball until after I finish my three books the day after tomorrow.  That will be my reward.  Mr. Steve told Dais more than once that he thinks too many people nowadays are interested only in what they call "Instant Gratification."    

      I love to chew on things!  But that green ball will have to wait.  I see it next to the sliding glass door and I'm tempted to go get it and chew on it. I relax when I chew on things.  Daisy used to chew on things but now she says her teeth hurt too much.  I smell a Mouse.

     Daisy told me if she's going to use her teeth now for anything it will be for food or something   that's "worthwhile."  For me chewing on things like rubber balls is definitely worthwhile.  And I have really good teeth too!  I can bite hard if I have to! Aha!  I see the Mouse over there.

     That green ball looks so tempting!  I'll just force myself to ignore it.  What a beautiful day it still is! Birds are flying all about.  And I just saw a Ground Squirrel run into a hole in the ground near the fence around Libby's corral.  It's good to be alive!  That Mouse just ran away.

(Chapter 6)


     Oh!  The momma Bird Bonnie just flew in!  She's got what looks like a Cricket in her mouth to feed her babies.  I wonder why it took her so long to feed her babies today?  It's already almost eleven based on where the Sun is up in the sky.  Those babies must be really hungry! 

     Boy, just hearing those baby Birds and seeing all of the beautiful sights makes me appreciate our land.  Thank You God!  Oh! Clyde the papa Bird just flew in.  It looks like he's got a twig or something in his mouth.  Maybe it's to "shore up" the nest?  I smell Bonnie and Clyde.


     Hey God!  You know, seeing those baby Birds being fed up there makes me feel kind of hungry too.  No matter, I'll just concentrate on my work but, I sort of do hope Mr. Steve gives us a snack soon.  Maybe we'll get those Hot Dogs today.  Dais and I really love Hot Dogs!  

     The other day Daisy told me something which I'm still kind of thinking about.  She asked if it was better, as far as survival is concerned, to have four smaller babies or three bigger babies?  Daisy was one of three from her "litter" and all survived.  I can't recall my mother.   

     Well, it looks like, according to my outline, that I've only got a few more things to write about before mid-day. Mr. Steve tries to make every day productive and I want to get a lot done today too.  I'm so lucky I have this project to keep me busy for the next three days.   

     Thank You Guys!  And thank you too Stanley!  You're a really good Guardian Angel.  My bad Angel Lilith hasn't even tried to tempt me to do bad even once yesterday or today.  Daisy says that her Guardian Angel Ramona has also been protecting her a lot lately too.

     I'm thinking of Stanley and Lilith right now because my outline says the next thing I want to write about is my bad Angel Lilith.  Daisy says she remembers one time when our boss told her and Millie about how in Jewish history the original Lilith Adam's first wife.


     Hey God!  Even though I think my Lilith might be a different girl from the first Lilith, it says in this Encyclopedia that You thought a male would be too lonely.  So out of the same dust You made Adam out of You made that first girl Lilith.  A Crow just cawed faintly. 

     But I guess the original Lilith didn't like being being bossed around by Adam; so decided to run away and go on her own.  Hey God?  Did you really send three Angels to try to convince her to come back?  But she refused so You had to make Eve to be a partner for Adam.

     From what it says here in this Encyclopedia "lila" is Hebrew for "night."  And one of Lilith's many names is the "Night Hag."  I guess Lilith was more famous in the Medieval or Middle Ages and it was said that she snuck in at night to kill children.  I smell a Creosote bush.

       Even though the first Lilith was supposed to come around at night I've noticed that my Lilith shows up at all times; whenever I'm thinking about doing something bad.  Daisy thinks that my Lilith is probably different from the old Lilith and I agree with her on that.

     Oh wow!  It says here that the original Lilith's symbol was an Owl.  And it just would happen that Daisy and I have noticed those two new Owls who seem to be coming around lately.  Daisy thinks they probably have some new baby Owls to feed.  Owls love Mice!

     Daisy told me that in his Office our boss has a book shelf that has "Photo Albums" piled on it. These are books with pictures he's taken over the years that have been "enlarged" to the size if "8 x 10" inches.  One is of animals, Birds and things like that.  I smell a Joshua tree.

                                                                     PHOTOS BY STEVE CÓRDOVA

     Mr. Steve took pictures of the Owls at the L.A. Zoo in the early 1990's.  He was also allowed to take pictures of other "Birds of Prey" who lived down there at that Zoo.  Most of the time an Owl only comes out at night when there are way more Mice running around. 

     Mr. Steve will be interested in this if he doesn't know it already.  One of the Dead Sea Scrolls found in Israel right after World War II was about the first Lilith.  I sure hope our boss doesn't know that so he'll be impressed and like me more.  That would be so great!

     Well, I guess I've written enough for now about the two Lilith's.  And even though it was not on my book two outline, I think I feel like writing about Daisy's bad Angel Eddie.  Daisy told me that for some reason he's been coming around a lot lately.  But Daisy fights him off!

     I remember when Daisy first told me about our Guardian Angels.  She says the first time she and Millie saw Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie on that album cover she almost had a heart attack.  She said that's exactly how her bad Angel Eddie looks.  I small a Cholla cactus.

      Daisy says that was the moment when her Dark Angel got a name.  She also remembers how when she saw a picture from the famous play "Ramona" she knew what her Guardian Angel had been named all that time.  I remember how Stanley and Lilith got their names.


      Daisy told me that Dog Millie liked Iron Maiden's music.  Daisy says our boss told them that he read that before Eddie was Iron Maiden's "Mascot" he represented a "Punk" band.  Well this is "ironic" he said because he'd heard Iron Maiden's bass player didn't like Punks.    

     Daisy thinks our Guardian Angels protect us from sickness too.  We never ever get sick.  One time when I was homeless and living out in that field I got really sick when that huge thunder storm soaked me "to the bone" as they say.  But I feel great today!  I smell a Joshua tree. 

     From what Daisy says even when our boss is sick he just lays in bed and listens to History or Philosophy tapes; or these things called "Compact Discs."   They're called "CD's" for short.  Mr. Steve gets them from this thing he's a member of called a "club" Daisy told me.  

     Daisy says our Chief has been listening to CD's about two ancient Greek philosophers named Aristotle and Plato.  They lived after Socrates. He also has books about them and thinks they still influence philosophers.  Mr. Steve studied history and philosophy at C.S.U.N.. 


               ARISTOTLE (384-322 B.C.)                                        PLATO (427-347 B.C.)

     In my Encyclopedia it says that Aristotle was a student of Plato while Plato studied under that man Socrates.  Oh! Aristotle once tutored Alexander the Great.  And he's now called "the first scientist in history."  Plato "laid the foundation" for later western philosophy.  

     Daisy thinks if our boss could use Mr. Peabody's time Machine to go back in time he would go back to ancient Greece to listen to Socrates; or even Aristotle or Plato.  This is because he could learn so much from them.  Daisy would like to hear them lecture too.

      But Dais also thinks that if he could Mr. Steve would like to go back in time to see that one man named "Diogenes."  He was a philosopher like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle and was known as what they call now call a "Cynic."  That's what it says here in this Encyclopedia.


                                                           DIOGENES (412-323 B.C.)

      According to my Encyclopedia that guy Diogenes was originally from a Greek colony over in the area called "Asia Minor;" which is now "Turkey."  And he believed in living a "simple" life" without "material possession." Diogenes wanted to be homeless!  Not me or Dais!

     I guess that man Diogenes later influenced Greek and then Roman "Stoic" philosophers.  Oh!  this is interesting.  He often had Dogs with him as he walked around the city of Athens.  It sounds sort of like Diogenes was a satirist like Jonathon Swift and then Aldous Huxley.

       It says here sometimes Diogenes would eat and pass out food when he sat in the audience at one of Plato's lectures.  This really got Plato mad.  Ah!  One time Alexander the Great, when he was a kid, was thrilled to meet Diogenes.  He asked him if he could do anything for him.

     Supposedly Diogenes said to Alexander; "Yes, move out of the way because you're blocking my sunlight."  Alexander then said; "If I weren't Alexander I would wish to be Diogenes."  But then Diogenes said; "If I weren't Diogenes I would still wish to be Diogenes."

     I guess Diogenes used to criticize some of the people of Athens.  He seems like a misanthrope because he would walk around during the daytime holding a lantern.  He told people he carried it because he was looking for a good man.  But he said he'd never found one yet.

     From what it says here in this Encyclopedia Diogenes told the public officials to just throw his body out in a field when he died.  He wanted there to be more food for the wild animals.  Boy, I'm sure glad I'm going to be buried next to Blackie, Lucy and Millie right here. 

        Well, I didn't intend to write so much about the philosophers from ancient Greece. But that's okay.  Ah!  A big Jackrabbit is running bye right now.  I really feel kind of like chasing it but I better not.  I have way too much work to do.  I hear the Ducks quacking next door.

     I can't believe how fast this second day is going.  An I'm not even tired at all.  Just like I did yesterday, I've been disciplined.   Looking out into the eastern desert beyond the three Sheds I can see that there are a few wispy white clouds hanging just above the horizon.         

       On my outline the next topic to write about is the economy.  Daisy thinks it's kind of bad.  Many people have a harder time "making ends meet" because even if they have a job it might not pay enough.  I just looked up "dire straits" and it means your life is going really badly.  

                                                                    DIRE STRAITS

     Daisy told me that our boss likes some of the songs by this one British band called DIRE STRAITS. Their guitar player is really good she says.  That other Dog Millie liked their music too.  She and Daisy watched our boss play along to some of their songs.  I smell Sage.

     A few years ago Mr. Steve met this guy from England who knew people who had worked for DIRE STRAITS Dais says.  He told our boss that the DIRE STRAITS guitar player who became so famous had a brother who was also good yet never became as well known.

     Wow God!  Judging by where the Sun is now almost directly above the house I'd have to say that it's about twelve thirty.  The shadows are beginning to lean away from me.  So far again today no snacks.  Oh well, I have this project to keep busy.  Thank You Everyone!

     Times are kind of bad Daisy thinks.  Some people lost their houses in Piñon Hills and many of the houses around here are "Up for  Sale" as they say.  Now, besides that guy Mr. Mark and his Yorkie Dog Karma; Mr. Steve has noticed a few more homeless people in Phelan. 

                                                     JAMES D. PHELAN (1861-1930)


        I was supposed to write about this man named James D. Phelan yesterday in book one.  But I somehow didn't do it. So Daisy said just add it in today somewhere.  So I think I'll do it right now.  The town of Phelan was named after him.  I smell a Snake around here. 

        Dais says our boss told her and Millie one time about how that guy James D. Phelan was the Mayor of San Francisco for a few years.  But he was mainly known as a Banker.  And later he was elected to be one of the two California "Senators" back there in Washington D.C. 

       I guess the town near us is not the only thing named in honor of James D. Phelan.  Dais says up in San Francisco he has a street and a building named after him.  And in this one other city called "San Jose" there's a School called "Phelan Elementary."  I see the Snake.

      This is interesting.  According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, James D. Phelan was born on April the 20th; which is also that guy Adolph Hitler's birthday.  I guess he didn't really like Japanese people and even tried to keep them out of the United States.

      I have empathy with the homeless people who sleep out in the desert in their "Recreational Vehicles."  I was homeless too.  Mr. Steve feels sympathy for those people in the "R.V.'s" and as long as they don't dump things out there he'll let them stay.  That Snake is gone. 

     Tough times and hardship seem to be more common now.  Daisy thinks we should be grateful for our lives.  We're sure glad we don't have to worry about food and water.  And we don't have to think about where we're going to sleep at night.  Thank You God!  Thank Everyone!

     This big city called "Victorville" is forty miles northeast of us.  Daisy told me big cities have these incredible places called "Movie Theaters."   Someday Daisy and I would really like to go to one of those Movie Theaters.  They have huge screens Dais was told.  I smell Sage. 

     About twenty miles away, to our east, is this one city called "Hesperia."  Mr. Steve goes there sometimes too.  Dais tole me that even before he moved up here from Sylmar our boss knew that the Greek name for Italy was "Hesperia" and how the Romans called Spain Hesperia.



     In Greek Hesperia means "the western land" my boss told Daisy and I.  The same is true of Latin.  Hesperia is also the name of the Greek Goddess of the "Evening Star."  And the three Greek Goddesses of evening or Sunset were called the "Hesperides." 

      Mr. Steve at times gives money to the homeless in Phelan. It makes him feel better. For a while this one girl lived in her car with a small son and daughter.  Our boss gave her more money than others because of her kids; who both looked under five years old he told us.

     But Mr. Steve told Dais and I he hasn't seen that lady or her car lately.  We hope that maybe she was able to find a place for her and her two kids to live.  Daisy and myself, we don't have to be told how fragile life can be.  Our boss one time used the word “precarious.”

     For the last few months there's been a homeless man named Mark living in the desert around the town of Phelan.  Mr. Steve told us he has a little girl "Yorkie" Dog named "Karma."  She's his best friend.  Because our boss has had friends named Mark he feels sorry for him. 

     It's obvious to Mr. Steve that Mark and Karma always "keep moving."  They can't stay in one spot too long or everyone will notice; especially the local police.  Sometimes that guy Mark will walk around listening to a transistor radio and singing along to the music.

     Our boss heard Mr. Mark singing Ritchie Valens song "La Bamba."  It was funny hearing him sing "Yo no soy Marinero!"  Sometimes Mr. Mark pulls this little cart with Karma riding inside but oftentimes Karma just trudges right alongside her boss.  

     Most people in Phelan don't care if Mark asks for money; but some do.  They say he should just get a job.  But Mr. Steve, who was the Office Manager who "hired and fired" people before he moved up here asks; "What job could he possibly get at this point?"

     Mr. Steve now always gives Mark and Karma money.  Sometimes people are mean to Mark.  One teenager even tried to pick a fight with him one time.  Mark "discreetly" washes up at the McDonalds in Phelan.  Ah!  Heathcliff the Rooster next door just crowed. 

     Our boss told us Mark wears this thing called a "Backpack."   It and his little cart carries all of he and Karma's "worldly possessions."  I told Dais the other day that I might even get over my fear of riding in cars to go over to Phelan to meet Karma.  I think we'd like her. 


                                                                                                 MARK / KARMA


     Hey God.  As You know Karma got her name because Mr. Mark says he now believes in the Buddhist and Hindu concepts of "Reincarnation" and "Karma."  "Baby," his other girl Dog, died but Mark believes You sent him little Karma.  I hear some Pigeons cooing.

     Daisy says at times she wonders about Reincarnation and Karma and would like to believe in both ideas. And now me too!   Hey God.  As You know, Dais says when she dies she'd like to come back here; maybe as a Bird or something.  I smell the Pigeons.  It's Lucy and Ricky.

     Both Daisy and our boss want to believe in Karma which says if you put out "good Karma" you'll get good Karma back.  Mr. Steve says this often true but not always.  Sometimes a "good deed" goes totally unrewarded. Daisy likes that Beach Boy's song "Good Vibrations." 

     Dais thinks Karma reminds our boss of the Christian Golden Rule.  Sister Rita Joseph taught her class that other religions also have such ideas.  I wish I could go back to 1968 to meet Sister Rita Joseph.  Daisy thinks we'd like her.  Lucy and Ricky just flew past the Sheds. 

      It was Sister Rita Joseph who first told Mr. Steve about this one ancient Chinese philosopher named Confucius.  My Encyclopedia says he lived during the 4th and 5th centuries B.C. and gave out advice on how to live life.  To this day many people still read him our boss told us.


                                                        CONFUCIUS (551-479 B.C.)

    Sister Rita Joseph told our boss that the Golden Rule was also a "secular" or non-religious idea too.  She said Confucius was not a religious writer yet once wrote; "Treat other people the way you would want to be treated."  This is just like the Golden Rule! 

     Mr. Steve has a biography about that man Benjamin Franklin Daisy told me.  He sometimes reads it in the bathroom.  Benjamin Franklin gave out advice and some of his rules even sound an awful lot like the Golden Rule Daisy thinks.  That Lizard just ran under Moe the Shed. 


     It says here in the 1700's Benjamin Franklin wrote "Poor Richard's Almanac" which to give advice.  Oh!  We do go to bed and get up early like he said to do!  Benjamin Franklin once wrote that; "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." 

      About one hundred years before Nikola Tesla lived Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning was nothing more than electricity out there in nature.  Sometimes we have lightning storms up here in the desert.  I don't really like them.  In fact, they still kind of terrify me!

    Mr. Steve told us that old saying; "what goes around comes around."  But he thinks he would change it to "usually" comes around because sometimes being too nice to indecent people makes them think you're weak.  So all they understand is fear he says.  I hear a Crow cawing.

     Daisy and I have heard our boss sometimes joke about this other old saying; "No good deed  goes unpunished."  He jokes his life at times is what they call "empirical" proof of that but that's okay he told us.  Daisy likes being nice but can act mean if necessary.  Me too! 

     Well, I an see by my outline that the next thing I want to write about is this Spanish man from the 16th century.  His name is Miguel de Cervantes.  He was from Andalusia and wrote a really famous book called "Don Quixote."  I can hear our neighbors Ducks quacking.

     Mr. Steve was right.  He told Daisy and Millie he thought Don Quixote was considered as the first "Novel" in history.  It's about a man named Don Quixote and his assistant named Sancho Panza  I just picked up the faint scent of that same Gopher I smelled yesterday.

     Don Quixote is what they call "set," or "takes place in," this region of Andalusia called "La Mancha."  In Spanish that means "the spot."  My Encyclopedia says for hundreds of years La Mancha was the site of bloody battles; even in the 20th century.  I see the Gopher. 

                     MIGUEL DE CERVANTES (1547-1616)              DON QUIXOTE / SANCHO PANZA

  When our Chief sees that homeless man Mr. Mark walking along over there in Phelan, with little Karma jogging right alongside him, he thinks of Don Quixote and his aide Sancho Panza;    who rode a small Donkey while Don Quixote was up on a big Horse.  I smell Libby.                       

 According to what our boss told Daisy and Millie, I guess that book Don Quixote is in part about how the main character Don Quixote "longs for" or wants to go back to a time when this    thing called "Chivalry" was more important.  I hear some of the Pigeons cooing.                            

     Chivalry was a "Code of Conduct" for Medieval European Knights.  Later today and also tomorrow in my third book I'll write about this thing called the "Bushido Code;" which is what   Japanese "Samurai" warriors and World War II soldiers followed.  I can see Libby.                      

     Well, Mr. Steve was right.  He told Daisy and Millie that later writers like Alexander Dumas, who wrote The Three Musketeers and Mark Twain in writing Huckleberry Finn were influenced by Miguel de Cervantes famous novel Don Quixote.  And that's what it says here.                           

Mr. Steve told us he can see that little Karma gives her boss love and support so he can get through the day; much of which is difficult.  She loves him even if they are homeless.  I just now   noticed that the Gopher is looking at me even though Gophers have bad eyesight.                          

Daisy has told me that we should try to be just like little Karma and be our boss's loyal and dependable friends.  Sometimes he has bad days too she says.  And she jokes that it's part of our  what they call "Job Description" to make him happy even on those difficult days.                          

                                                                          BATTLE OF LEPANTO (1571)                                                                PAINTING BY OTTAVIANO DANDINI           


     According to my Encyclopedia, in 1571 that guy Miguel de Cervantes fought for the Catholic countries of Europe against the Muslim Ottoman Turks in a huge Naval battle.  There's a good     painting of that battle here in this Encyclopedia. The one Gopher is gone now.                             

    This is interesting.  It says here that "The Battle of Lepanto" was the last naval battle to use those Ships called "Galleys."  Galleys are warships that Slaves row; like in that movie Ben Hur.   Miguel de Cervantes was wounded at Lepanto.  I hear a Crow cawing out in the desert.  

I guess Miguel de Cervantes was actually wounded twice at Lepanto; and for the rest of his life lost the use of his left hand.  Daisy told me Mr. Steve thinks that might be one of the reasons why  he became a writer.  In those days it was way harder to make money and earn a living.                  


      It's so great to have a map to look at when you're reading something.  I can tell from this one map in my Encyclopedia why The Battle of Lepanto was important.  The Ottoman Turks were     trying to expand their empire and probably had their eyes on Italy.                                                   

    Tomorrow I'm scheduled to write a lot more about the 16th century.  And one of the leaders I'm going to learn about is named Suleyman the Magnificent.  He ruled the Ottoman  Empire a    few years before the battle at Lepanto took place.  I smell a Joshua tree.                                           

       I just used my Spanish Dictionary and I'm pretty sure "El manco de Lepanto" means "The one-armed man of Lepanto."  That's what they called Miguel de Cervantes.   Oh!  It says here      that Miguel de Cervantes was once captured and held "Hostage" by some Pirates.                         

    That guy Julius Caesar was also captured by Pirates; who then what they call "Ransomed" him for money.  But Miguel de Cervantes was held for about five years.  Daisy told me our boss    says some that people think Miguel de Cervantes might've been secretly Jewish.                             

     Just like with Christopher Columbus Mr. Steve told us, some people think Cervantes might have been a "Converso" or a Jew who converted to Catholicism.  Or, he might just have been a    Jew who kept practicing Judaism and only pretended to be a Catholic.  I can smell Sage.              

      It says here Miguel de Cervantes' freedom was eventually negotiated by Catholic Nuns.  But, even though he was called "Shakespeare in Spanish," he died like Antonio Vivaldi and Nicola       Tesla; poor.  He was rumored to be buried in a Convent wall where those Nuns lived.                     

   On my outline I can see that the next thing I want to write about is that man from England named William Shakespeare.  Many people think he was the best writer ever to use the English    language.  In my Encyclopedia it says he lived at the time of Queen Elizabeth I.                                      


     I guess in 1616 Cervantes died within days of William Shakespeare in England.  And like  Cervantes was suspected of being Jewish, there were rumors Shakespeare didn't write his     plays and or might've been Catholic; which Queen Elizabeth would not have liked.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Daisy says Mr. Steve has this little statue of Shakespeare in the house which was given to him by a friend who went over to the Church in England where "The Bard" is buried.  Bard means    "poet"  according to my English Dictionary.  I love my Dictionaries!                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Frank Zappa was once called the "electric Don Quixote" and a "musical renegade" because of his experimental music.  Like Don Quixote Mr. Steve says, he went against tradition and always wanted to do things his way.  Daisy thinks our boss is kind of like that.                                             

     Daisy told me about a song by a man named Frank Sinatra called "My Way."  Some people have joked that should be Mr. Steve's theme song too.  He'll listen to others and sometimes even    follows their advice; especially the advice from his father.                                                                    

     But "when all is said and done" as they say, our boss will "make up his mind" and do it his way; and he's failed many times.  Daisy is kind of like that too.  I'm  learning to do that but I do    need advice and guidance You Guys.  I don't mind if You show me the right way to go.                                                                                                                                                                                   Our Chief says sometimes you "have to agree to disagree."  At other times he'll change his mind if he was wrong.  And there were times when his way turned out to be wrong way he admits. Mr.  Steve's father at times has called him "hard-headed;" especially when he was younger.                  

    Daisy told me about that song called "My Way."  I really want to hear it!  It seems important to our boss she says.  It was originally done by that guy Frank Sinatra back in the 1950's when      our boss was born.  And this Punk named Sid Vicious covered it.                                                                                    


 Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that it's not that he likes the song My Way so much.  It's just that it now reminds him of times in his life.  So he'll always remember that Frank Sinatra's song   was played at the funeral of his friend Rick's teenage son Gino a few years ago.                               

    If he had not been killed in an automobile accident at the "Street Races" like the ones Mr. Steve used to to go, our boss thinks Gino would be playing Baseball in the Major Leagues right now.  He was better than other's he played with growing up and they're professionals.                                                                                                                                                                                  Rick and our boss have known each other for most of their lives; first at Saint Ferdinands and then playing Baseball.  Then, on and off, Mr. Steve worked for Rick.  To this day Daisy says our boss thinks Rick, to a certain extent, has not gotten over Gino's death.                                                                                                                                                                                                               



    Some people seem to be born with talent for Baseball Mr. Steve says.  Rick's son Gino had  what's called "innate" abilities that takes others years of work to do.  At a really young age Gino could pick up or "field" the "one hop" grounders.  This is not at all easy.                                                  

    Mr. Steve told us that some people will never ever be able to "handle" one hoppers no matter how much they practice.  They just don't have the "dexterity" to do it.  And Gino was what they call a "switch hitter" just like our boss so could bat right or left-handed.                                                                                                    .                                                                                                    Gino's father and Mr. Steve played Baseball together growing up.  Our boss was for a time Mr. Rick's "personal" catcher when Rick went out on pitching tryouts.  Mr. Rick was right-handed  and threw a "heavy ball" that "tailed."                                                                                                 

    Boy, some of the things I just wrote about were not on my outline.  But they just happened to come into my thoughts then.  That's okay.  Like Daisy told me, nothing is "set in stone" as they     say.  I can just do whatever I feel like doing just for the fun of it.                                                      

     This is so great!  I'd say that it's about twelve thirty judging by how the shadows look right now.  So far things have been working out; both yesterday and today.  Thank all You Guys!   I want to think that You've been helping me yesterday and today too.                                                 

   I think I'll write about those three sisters from England who were good writers; Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë.  They lived right after the time when Jane Austen lived.  One of Mr.      Steve's girlfriend was named Emily.  I hear our neighbor's Ducks quacking.                                    

                         ANNE (1820-1849), EMILY (1818-1848) CHARLOTTE (1816-1855) BRONTË


    I was scheduled to write about the three Brontë sisters tomorrow in book three but for some reason I just feel like doing it right now.  Oh!  There's a good painting in here of them which the   caption says was done by their brother.  Maybe someday I can learn to paint.                                

     This is interesting.  It says here in this Encyclopedia that all three of the Brontë sisters died young.  The oldest girl Charlotte wrote this book called "Jane Eyre" and the middle girl Emily    wrote "Wuthering Heights."  I guess all three of the sisters wrote poetry too.                                   

  The main reason why I want to write about the Brontë sisters is to prove that females can do things too.  But I also know Mr. Steve admires those three sisters.  At least that's what he told       Daisy and Millie one time.  Oh!  I smell a Lizard somewhere around here.                                        

    In my Encyclopedia there's a painting of the three Brontë sisters.  It was done by their brother named Branwell.  From what it says here their mother died at the age of thirty eight.  So this left five girls and one boy for the father to raise.  He was what's called a "Minister."                             

    I guess a Minister is kind of like a Priest in our Catholic religion.  But the Brontë's father was a Minister in the Protestant Church of England created by Henry VIII in the 16th century.  Oh!  He was Irish just like that guy Jonathon Swift.  I see the Lizard.                                                        

   Dais told me our boss read Charlotte Brontë's book "Jane Eyre" in the 1970's.  He said it was obvious that she led a sad life.  She really describes sorrow and things like that very clearly.  I       guess Charlotte also died at the age of thirty eight just like her mother did.                                      

    Wow!  First Charlotte's two older sisters died.  Her brother died at thirty one.  And then right after he died her two younger sisters Emily and Anne also died.  Mr. Steve thinks life has always  been a lot harder for most people until recently in history.   That Lizard is gone.                             

  Boy, that girl Charlotte Brontë really did have sort of a sad life.  It says here that for most of her life she couldn't marry the men he wanted.  And when she finally did get married at an older age than most girls, and was happy, she died too.                                                                                  

    Hey You Guys!  As You all know, I'm sure glad I'm not homeless anymore.  Dais is so right!  We're lucky we don't have to think about money or things like that.  But, as You Guys all know,   I wish I could figure out a way to make more money for us!  A Squirrel just ran bye.                     

      I just thought of that homeless man named Mark who lives in the fields around Phelan.  Mr. Steve told us that he makes it warm on cold nights for his little Dog Karma.  Daisy and I like it when Mr. Steve helps that man Mr. Mark.  You would help him too Lord.   

                                                                                                                                                                            This day is going fast.  But we still haven't had any snacks today and I'm getting kind of hungry.  I can still almost taste that Spam.  I can't wait for dinner.  I'll bet Daisy is wondering about our    snacks too.  Ah!  I smell a Rabbit somewhere.                                                                                       

     Ah!  I see the Bunny Rabbit cautiously coming under the gate on our back fence.  It's sniffing the air to see if it's safe to come into our yard.  Bunny Rabbits are much cuter than Jackrabbits. They look so soft.  It's now going under Moe the middle of the three Sheds. 

     Dais says sometimes just one “Error of Judgment” is disastrous. And at other times things far beyond one's control cause grief she told me.  Mr. Steve told us he thinks about that sometimes when he sees Mark and Karma moving along quickly to "nowhere in particular." 

     But Mr. Steve says, like his parents told him, all one can do is deal with things as they are and do the best with what one has to work with.  Mr. Mark and little Karma do the best they can.  If we had any money Daisy and I would give them some of it.  The Squirrel just ran away.

     Mr. Mark had another little Dog named "Baby" but she got hit by a car.  Mr. Steve says, like Druids, Hindus, and Buddhists, Mr. Mark now want sot believe in "Reincarnation."  Both Daisy and I know what reincarnation is.  Our boss explained it to us.  We might believe in it.



   I just used my English Dictionary and it says the definition of reincarnation is "rebirth of the soul in another body." Mr. Steve told us he's had what they call a "reoccurring" dream  where he thinks he's being shot at in an airplane during Word War I.  A Crow just cawed. 

     For years our boss says he woke up from those dreams.   But he never told anyone until he told Daisy and me.  Daisy thinks that makes us special.  Those dreams seem so real Mr. Steve says he smells oil burning and feels bullets ricocheting past his head.  Aha!  I see that Crow.

  Since a very young age our boss says he's been fascinated by the First World War.  He thinks it was an "aha" moment as a kid when it dawned on him what his dream might be about.  Since       then he's read about Word War I; especially this man called the "Red Baron."                              




     Because of those dreams our boss has studied air combat in the First World War.  He knows a lot about a German "Fighter Pilot" Manfred Von Richtofen.  My Encyclopedia says he flew a red Plane and was from a Nnoble" family; so they called him the Red Baron.

     According to my German Dictionary "Der Rote Baron" means the Red Baron. Mr. Steve told Daisy and me the Red Baron was the best fighter "Ace" in the First World War.  He had eighty official "Kills" but probably more.  His younger brother was a Fighter Pilot too.  


                                                      RED BARON WITH BROTHER

          My Encyclopedia says the Red Baron's brother was named Lothar.  Lothar was a much more aggressive pilot than his brother; who was a "Tactical" pilot and a more accurate "shot."  Lothar shot down forty French and British Planes himself!  A Crow just cawed. 

         The German Air Force in World War I was called the "Deutsche Luftstreitkrafte" Mr. Steve says.  I'm so glad I have this German Dictionary because there's no way I could ever have been able to figure out how to spell that.  Thank You God for these Dictionaries!  

     I just looked over at Libby in her Corral.  It makes me think about how when World War I started the Red Baron rode Horses in Cavalry units which fought Russians on the eastern front and the French and British in the west.  But then trench warfare made cavalry obsolete.



      Daisy's opinion of the Red Baron was raised when our boss said he liked Dogs.  Many soldiers on both sides during World War I adopted Dogs who lived with them in the trenches.  So they suffered the same miserable conditions as their boss's did.  I smell a Creosote bush.

      Mr. Steve told us that at first the Red Baron was not a good pilot.  He even crashed on his first attempt to fly.  But, according to our boss, he learned fast and by the time he died in 1918 he was generally considered to be the best pilot of the war.  I can hear Dawn barking. 

       But, sadly, as good a pilot as the Red Baron was, in 2928 he was shot down in 1918 Mr. Steve says.  And since then there's been a "Controversy" as to who exactly killed him a Canadian pilot chasing him or an Australian machine gunner on the ground as he flew bye.

     In April of 1918 the Red Baron was flying his famous red "Fokker" DR. I "Triplane" near the Somme River; where J.R.R Tolkein fought earlier in the war.  Unlike most of the other Planes in the First World War; the DR. I had three wings instead of two.  I smell Sage.

     The Red Baron was being chased by a British Plane when he was shot through the chest; either by that Plane or from the ground.  A soldier using this machine gun called a "Vickers" shot at him because he made a really big mistake and was flying way too close to ground. 

     Either way, the Red Baron was able to land but died soon afterward.  The last thing he said was; "kaputt;" which Mr. Steve says is slang for "finished."  In my German Dictionary it says it could also mean "broken" or "ruined."   But it showed the Red Baron gave up.

      Daisy says one reason Mr. Steve likes the Peanuts cartoons is because some of them deal with Snoopy the Dog fighting the Red Baron.  She told me Snoopy's Dog house is able to turn into a Plane and fly around up in the air.  But the Red Baron always wins.  A Crow cawed. 


     God?  I just thought about that homeless guy Mr. Mark who lives in and around Phelan.  He told our boss he believes You sent Karma to him to replace the Dog he lost named "Baby." This is because of how he got Karma so soon after Baby died.  I hearing Pigeons cooing.

     Mr. Mark told our boss he sees "Traits" in Karma that he saw in Baby.  That's why he says he now wants to believe in the idea of Reincarnation.  Mr. Steve explained to him the difference between the concepts of Karma versus Reincarnation.  I smell a Cholla cactus. 

      You know, the more I think about it Daisy might just be right!  Karma just might be that one other Dog Baby but only in a new body!  Oh!  Our four Pigeons are now flying bye.  It's amazing how Pigeons move exactly the same when they fly.  They seem to read each other's minds. 

     Our boss says Mr. Mark would fight to protect Karma!  He told Mr. Mark about this famous World War II General named George S. Patton who also believed in reincarnation or the idea of Souls having "former" lives.  Daisy and Millie saw a good movie about George Patton.


                          WEST POINT                                    GEORGE S. PATTON                                          WORLD WAR II

                                                                                                             WORLD WAR I


       Dais has me scheduled to learn and then write about that guy George Patton later but I think I'll do part of it now.  It says here in this Encyclopedia that he went to that one famous military school called "West Point."  I just picked up the scent of one of the older Sage bushes. 

      This is interesting.  It says here George Patton's Grandfather fought and died fighting for the South during the American Civil War.  His family was rich when he grew up in Pasadena; near where Jackie Robinson was raised.  I can smell Libby over there in her Corral.

     My Encyclopedia says that in 1942 George Patton was sent to fight in North Africa against the German "Afrika Korps."  Daisy says in that one movie he told someone, as a Carthaginian soldier in "Another Life" he'd fought against Rome in one of the Punic wars.  



     Daisy and Millie watched that one movie about George Patton in Mr. Steve's Bedroom.  They noticed his nickname was "Old Blood and Guts."  Daisy says at the beginning of the movie he made a speech where you can see why they called him that.  I see Libby over there. 

     Dais says General Patton was nice to his Bulldog but kind of mean sometimes to the soldiers who served under him.  One time he even hit a soldier in the hospital with his "Riding Crop." He thought that man was not brave enough and was what they call "Malingering." 

     I just looked the word malingering up and Daisy and I would never want Mr. Steve to think we would fake an illness in order to get out of our duty to guard our two acres.  We would feel so terrible if our boss was to ever be disappointed in us.  That would be so bad! 

       According to my outline the next big topic I want to write about is World War II's "D-Day" invasion of Normandy in June of 1944.  But before I do I should write a little bit about what had happened in the war up until that point; as kind of a background to make it clearer.  

      At the beginning of World War II in 1939 and 1940 the Germans conquered much of Europe except for England.  Then in late 1940 and early 1941 Adolph Hitler tried to defeat England but failed so decided to attack Joseph Stalin's Soviet Russia instead.  I smell a Joshua tree.

      Until June of 1941 when Germany attacked Russia Hitler and Stalin had had been allies.  I'm going to write more about that tomorrow in my third book.   At that point the United States had not come into the war yet but President Franklin Roosevelt was helping England.

      My Encyclopedia says that after Hitler and Mussolini's ally Japan surprise attacked America  in December of 1941 at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii we entered the war on England's side.  So all of the United States' "industrial might" switched to what's called a "War Footing." 

                                         JAPANESE CONQUESTS IN LATE 1941 AND EARLY 1942


     According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, after the attack at Pearl Harbor, in the first six half of 1942 the Japanese kept conquering more and more land.  Later I'm scheduled to write about what happened in the Philippines the day after Pearl Harbor.  

     I guess just like how the American Civil War was fought in two "Theaters" in the 1860's, in World War II the United States fought on two what they call "Fronts."  In Europe the U.S would help England fight Germany while they fought alone against Japan.  A Crow cawed.

     The overall strategy of the U.S. at the beginning of 1942 would be to eventually invade Europe while the Japanese would have to be pushed back out of their conquered lands.  There would be a European front and a Pacific front.  Fannie and Freddie just flew bye.

     From what it says here in this Encyclopedia, by the end of 1942 the American and British had taken back North Africa from the Germans.  And over in the Pacific Theater that guy General Douglas MacArthur was starting to push the Japanese back toward Japan.

       Daisy has me scheduled to write about General Douglas MacArthur later today.  Mr. Steve thinks he was an important person in the history of the 20th century.  His idea on how to defeat  the Japanese was called "Island hopping."  I'll write about that subject later.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that he thinks 1943 was the most important year of World War II.  It's when the "Tide Turned" as they say.  Using Africa as a base, as I mentioned earlier; they took Sicily in mid-1943.  Mussolini was then overthrown and kicked out in Italy. 

     Dais says our boss thinks 1943 was the "Turning Point" year of the Second World War.  The Germans were fighting in Italy and on the "Eastern Front" against the Russians by then.  In the Pacific Theater General MacArthur kept pressuring the Japanese back toward Japan.  

     Some of the things I jut mentioned "in passing" as they say, I'm going to write about in more detail later in this second book and also tomorrow in my third book.  This is kind of what they call and "Overview" so D-Day will hopefully be a little bit more understandable.  

     So, by June of 1944 the Allies were ready to try what's called an "Amphibious" invasion of Hitler's "Fortress" Europe.   It was called the "Atlantic Wall" because the Germans had set up big cement "Bunkers" with those giant canons inside of them.  I hear Crows cawing.

    Daisy says one time that our boss told her and Millie that the "D" in D-Day stands for the day of an invasion while "H" represents the hour.  He said in World War II there were a few D-Day's but the one in June of 1944 is the most famous.  I can hear Blinky barking over there.                   



    My Encyclopedia has a good map that shows which Allied forces attacked which beaches on D-Day.  Some Canadians and French soldiers helped the Americans and British in landing on all those now famous beaches.  Many would die on those beaches.  I hear Crows cawing.                     

  Dais says our boss one time told her and Millie how he once met a Polish man who said his father landed on "Sword" beach during the "Normandy" invasion.  Mr. Steve thinks men from   many of the conquered European countries probably took part in that invasion.                             

      Yup! Daisy was so right.  The reason why it's called the Normandy invasion is because that's where they landed in France.  Later I'm scheduled to write about this one man named William     the Conqueror.  He was a Viking from Normandy who conquered England in 1066 A.D.                

   Starting out from England early in the morning of June the 6th, the Allied invasion forces crossed over the English Channel and then landed on the northern coast of  France.  Mr. Steve's  father, during the Korean War, also had to make an Amphibious landing.                                        



 Boy!  There's a picture here in my Encyclopedia that shows one of the canons which were waiting to shoot at the Allied soldiers who were going to try to take the French coast.  It's huge!    Blackbeard and Anne Bonny the Crows are now flying toward the northeast.                                  

      I'm scheduled to write in book three about how the Germans in World War I and World War II used the biggest canons in history.  They were so giant they had to be "mounted" on railroad cars.  But this picture of the Normandy coast shows a pretty big canon too.                          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  "D-DAY" (JUNE 6, 1944)                                                                                       

        Dais and I wonder why the Normandy invasion was called D-Day?  It doesn't say anything about it in my Encyclopedia.  Daisy jokes maybe it means "Death Day" or "Doomsday" because the soldiers who "hit" the beaches were met with "withering" and "murderous" fire.

     Not only did the Germans have those big canons to shoot at the Ships and men taking part in the invasion, they also had what they call "Barbed Wire" and anti-Tank "Obstructions" too.  A lot of soldiers died before they could even make it onto the beaches.  Some drowned.


                                                             MG-42 MACHINE GUN

           In book three tomorrow Dais has me scheduled to write about how advanced the Germans were during World War II.  But Mr. Steve told Daisy they also built some good Machine Guns too.  In this Encyclopedia it shows a German soldier getting ready to shoot a "Mg-42."

       From what it says here in this Encyclopedia, Mg-42 stands for "Maschinengewehr 42" or "Machine Gun 42."  It was "belt-fed" and the "fastest firing" Machine Gun in 1944.  It was also able to "deliver" a "greater volume of fire."  I'll bet that means more bullets.

   Mr. Steve was right.  He told Daisy a big "factor" in the Allies eventual victory at Normandy was that they had broken the German "Enigma" code.  So they were able to trick Hitler and his "High Command" into thinking they were going to land their troops somewhere else.               



      One way the Allies fooled Hitler was by setting up a "Dummy" army in England near to the "Pas-de-Calais;" the narrowest part of the English Channel.  They did everything to make it look like it was real army.  I can see Blackbeard and Anne flying bye right now.

      The Germans thought George Patton was the best Allied "Field Commander."  So with him in command of the phony army near the Pas-de-Calais it was easier to make the Germans think an invasion would come from there.  So they put a few Panzer Divisions up there.  

       Wow!  The Allies went to a lot of effort to make the Germans think Patton would lead a huge invasion force.  They even had fake Tanks and Planes made of light weight plastic.  They were so light at times the wind would blow in and then make them turn over and roll away. 

        From what it says here in this Encyclopedia, Adolph Hitler was convinced any landing not at the Pas-de Calais would just be a "diversionary feint" to take attention away from the Pas-de-Calais.  Later this afternoon I'm going to discuss what's called a "jab" in Boxing.

     By the time the Germans realized that Normandy was the main invasion site it was too late.  It took a few days to send those Panzer Divisions to reinforce the troops who were defending the beaches of Normandy.  This gave the Allies time to establish what's called a "Beachhead." 

       Mr. Steve says during World War II George Patton fought well in Europe in the second half of 1944; especially the "Battle of the Bulge" in December.  I plan on writing about that battle in my third book.  Mr. Steve's girlfriend Emily's father was in Patton's Third Army.

      But in mid-1942 George Patton took part in the invasion of North Africa.  Then he fought the German and Italian soldiers there.  His men pushed them eastward towards Libya and Egypt. A Cow Bird just landed on Moe.  I can see its bright orange eyes from here. 

     Mr. Steve says many people who join the military are poor.  Most are patriotic like his father but they also "could use the money" too.  George Patton was just patriotic.  His family was very rich.  Daisy says in the movie you could tell he was a good Horse rider.  I see Libby.



     My Encyclopedia says Benito Mussolini invaded parts of Africa like Libya and Ethiopia in the late 1930.s  When the war broke out in 1939 the British had to protect Egypt's "Suez" Canal which brought their island a lot of the food and supplies they needed to survive.

      In 1941 the Germans sent General Erwin Rommel to help the Italians in North Africa.  He is now considered to have been one of the best Generals to come out of World War II.  The words used to describe him in this one Encyclopedia are "audacious" and "daring."


       Immediately upon arriving in North Africa Erwin Rommel had his Afrika Korps attack the British.  He would use Tanks to hit from one direction while swinging other Tanks around one of the British "Flanks" to cut behind them.  He defeated the English forces.

      The British fled eastward back into Egypt and Rommel took Libya.  By 1942 when George Patton arrived the British had been fighting the Germans and Italians in North Africa for over a year.  When he and the American forces landed to the west of Rommel they trapped him.

      A century before during the Civil War Robert E. Lee was considered a good "Tactical Field Commander" like Erwin Rommel.  As I've mentioned before, he beat five Union Generals in a row because of the particular tactics he used.  I can hear some Crows squawking.

     I guess, from what it says here in this Encyclopedia, Erwin Rommel used Tanks tactically to beat a series of English Generals by late 1942.  Both he and Robert E. Lee were also very good at seeing the overall Strategy in a situation.  Daisy thinks they would be good Chess players. 


            WORLD WAR I                       ERWIN ROMMEL (1891-1944)                            WORLD WAR II


       When Erwin Rommel arrived in North Africa the Axis soldiers there were "discouraged."  He immediately turned their morale around and they came to trust and respect him.  He also led from the front so they admired him and were extremely loyal to him.  I smell new Sage.

       Daisy says in the movie about George Patton it showed how, in 1942 when Patton took over command in North Africa the Americans had just been beaten badly by Rommel at this place called "Kasserine Pass."  I hear two Crows yelling at each other out in the desert.

       According to this one Encyclopedia, right after the Battle of Kasserine Pass Erwin Rommel was "recalled" back to Germany.  So George Patton never got to "go against him" as they say.  I just saw a Ground Squirrel dart under the fence and run over to our neighbors yard.

       From late 1942 when he was brought back from North Africa, until the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944; Erwin Rommel oversaw the "Fortifying" of the French coast across from England. Right after he left North Africa Patton beat the Germans and Italians he left behind.   


        In this Encyclopedia there are two pictures taken from that movie Daisy saw about George Patton. One shows the Germans attacking in North Africa and in the other one Patton is coming ashore during the invasion of Sicily in 1943.  I smell that one really old Joshua tree.

       Well, now on my outline I can see that I have to look up and then write about that guy Erwin Rommel.  He was a "Field Marshall."  Dais thinks that must be higher than a General and she's probably right.  Dais has a way of figuring things out.  I'm glad I have her around. 

       My Encyclopedia says Erwin Rommel used "maneuver, surprise, boldness and speed."  Like Robert E. Lee a century earlier, he was "audacious."  At times at a disadvantage in supplies and manpower; he beat the British, Australians and South Africans in North Africa.

       Just like J.R.R. Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, and Ernest Hemingway; George Patton and also Erwin Rommel fought in some of the big battles of World War I.  The first "Tanks" came out in 1917 and both men immediately knew how important they would eventually be. 

                                                               WORLD WAR I TANKS

      It was then and the years between world wars that both realized how important fast-moving "Armour" would be in the "next war."    

     Even before he was sent down to North Africa in late 1940 it says here Rommel had used tanks well in the Blitzkriegs of Poland and France.  But I guess it was in North Africa that he would go down in history as a really great General.  That Snake crawled into the desert.    

     This Encyclopedia says that there were times in North Africa when that man Erwin Rommel didn't have enough men, equipment or fuel.  Both sides endured the Flies, Scorpions and Snakes called Vipers.  And it was extremely hot; kind of like how it gets here at times. 

        I see some Flies to my front but so far today they haven't noticed me yet.  I'm laying low as they say.  I agree with Daisy.  She says she sure hopes there aren't too many Flies this summer when it gets really hot.  I can see Flies over in the Corral near Libby.

     It says here that Erwin Rommel adapted to what he had to work with at that time during World War II. He adjusted in the face of difficult circumstances which "set him apart." His use of the 88 milemeter cannon was one way he "made up" for disadvantages. 


                                        88 MILLIMETER CANNON                                      

        I'm learning now about the German 88 Millimeter cannon from the Second World War.  In my Encyclopedia it's called an "Artillery Piece."  The "88" was one of the "most feared" guns to come out of World War II.  Oh!  Ants are streaming bye down  there on the Patio floor.

        Dais says one time our boss told her and Millie the German 88 originally intended to be a vertical "Anti Aircraft" or "Flak" gun.  But men like Erwin Rommel adapted it for horizontal "Anti-Tank" use too.  It was "deadly accurate" even from twelve hundred yards.

     Mr. Steve thinks Rommel was smart. He knew how to "make do" as they say with what he had to work with at that particular time.  In other words our boss says, he "got the maximum out of the minimum."  Daisy's really good at that too!  Those Ants are still filing past below me. 

     Samantha, Mr. Steve's niece, shares a birthday not only with Georgia O'Keefe but also Erwin Rommel; November the 15th.  And George Patton was born on the 11th.  Samantha is also smart like Rommel.  That British writer C.S. Lewis was born on November the 29th. 




     Samantha has stayed with our boss here in the desert. She knows a lot about music and has this amazing device called an "i-pod."  It's a small machine that you hold in your hand and it plays music.  That i-pod is so clear and sounds great!  We told Mr. Steve to get one.  

     Unlike a lot of other Germans at the time of the Second World War, Erwin Rommel seems to have been a basically decent person our boss says. It was a lucky prisoner who "fell into his hands" in the Second World War Mr. Steve told us.  He didn't mistreat prisoners.  


                                                              ERWIN ROMMEL

     Erwin Rommel was "grudgingly" called the "Desert Fox" by the British.  He came close to conquering Egypt early in the war.  Had he taken the Suez Canal the war may have turned out differently our boss says.  The Germans would have cut off England from India.

     The same can be said about the war ending differently if the Germans had conquered England in 1940 or beaten the Soviet Union in 1942 Mr. Steve told us.  But luckily they didn't so I can be here now writing the story of our family.  Thank You guys! 

     Mr. Steve's friend Mark Ritter, who in the 1970's worked with him at this one company called "Laser Images," joked that we might all be speaking German if Rommel had taken Egypt.  Dais says it's hard enough to understand English and some Spanish.  


             BERNARD MONTGOMERY (1887-1976) / GEORGE S. PATTON (1885-1945)

        George S. Patton arrived in North Africa in 1942.  This one British General named Bernard Montgomery had stopped Rommel at a place called "El Alemain" by that time.  A Lizard who was standing on the wall near the water bucket just ducked behind that bucket. 

       Dais says that guy Bernard Montgomery was George Patton's rival.  Mr. Steve says both of them were "egotistical" and "vain."  They did not like each other at all.  Winston Churchill said about Bernard Montgomery; "In defeat, he was unbeatable, in victory unbearable."

       Oh!  this is kind of interesting.  It says here in this one Encyclopedia Bernard Montgomery was born on November 17th.  As I've mentioned before, Erwin Rommel, Montgomery's mortal enemy in North Africa; was born on the 15th just like Mr. Steve's Niece Samantha.

       It says here that after George Patton came to North Africa he helped General Montgomery keep the Germans on the "defensive" for the rest of that "campaign."  That one Lizard is now standing on the rim or "lip" of the gray water bucket.  It's probably thirsty.

     Mr. Steve told us that one big "innovation" the Germans used in the Second World War was this thing called "Blitzkrieg;" or "Lightning War" in English.  They conquered nine European countries by using Blitzkrieg during that war.  But England was able to survive.



     This one Encyclopedia says that Blitzkrieg is; "The use of overwhelming armor and infantry, supported by air power, to crush an enemy quickly."  A good picture shows one those Stuka Dive Bombers.  Mr. Steve said Stuka's were just like having some "flying artillery." 

     I guess back then in 1939 that guy Erwin Rommel and the German Army used Blitzkrieg "to devastating effect" against Poland.  That's what it says here in this Encyclopedia.  I'll write in a lot more detail about the Germans attacking Poland tomorrow in my third book.

      From 1939 through mid-1941 the Nazis took took nine countries; Poland in 1939, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France, Norway and Denmark in 1940; then Greece and Yugoslavia in 1941.  But then Hitler made the big mistake of attacking his ally Russia.  A Crow cawed.

      I just noticed that Lizard again.  It left for a little while but is now back drinking from the gray water bucket.  I don't care if that Lizard drinks our water.  Hey Lord!  As You know, Daisy thinks we shouldn't be selfish and share our water; even if we are in a Drought. 


       As I mentioned earlier, in May of 1940 the Germans caught the French and British armies totally by surprise and "routed" them.   Thousands of "Allied" soldiers were chased and then surrounded on that French beach at Dunkirk.  That Lizard just ran away again.

     Hey God?  As You know, to this day it's kind of a mystery as to why the German troops were ordered to delay their attack on the French and British men trapped on that beach at Dunkirk.  Was it You who caused that to happen?  I can hear some Crows cawing faintly.

      According to my Encyclopedia the Germans delaying their attack gave the Allied forces time to escape back to England.  So then they could "live to fight another day" as they say.  It was a miracle it seems.  Thousands of soldier's lives were saved back then in 1940.

                                                                     EVACUATION OF DUNKIRK (1940) 


        Hey God!  As You know of course, after the Germans completely "routed" the Allied forces in 1940 a lot of small "Fishing Boats" came across the English Channel and were able to rescue over three hundred thousand soldiers.  Fannie and Freddie the Crows are flying past. 

     Mr. Steve thinks the main reason why Hitler and his "High Command" ordered their troops to stop attacking was that the soldiers were "exhausted."  They had gone so fast that they needed time to first "regroup" and then get their "second wind" as it's called.    

      Because most things are dual in nature Blitzkrieg tactics were not perfect our boss told Daisy and me.  There were a few times during World War II when the "Wehrmacht" outran its supply lines.  This is not good.  Wehrmacht is what the German Army was called.   

     Well, Mr. Steve was right.  He told us that the French did badly in 1940 but on the retreat to Dunkirk they fought an excellent "rear-guard" action which also held off the German Panzer units.  But many of those brave and courageous French soldiers were killed doing it.

     It was above the beaches of Dunkirk where that guy Douglas Bader, who had no legs, first met the German pilots in combat.  He shot down a few German Planes.  Later in 1940 he won medals for how he performed during the "Battle of Britain."  I smell some Sagebrush.



       Daisy says one time our boss told her and Millie that back in the mid-1970's Mr. Steve saw an English band called CAMEL play a concert at the Whisky a Go-Go.  He liked this one song they played which was about the famous rescue of the Allied troops from Dunkirk. 

      Mr. Steve thinks that Erwin Rommel "improvised" well in North Africa and also did what he calls "mini Blitzkriegs."  He told us this worked out for a while but, in the end, Rommel's lack of what they call "resources" and "manpower" doomed him and his "Afrika Corps."  

     Our boss once told Daisy that during the 1980's there was this one British Heavy Metal band called BLITZKRIEG.  During that time they came to Los Angeles to play some shows.  He never saw them himself but someone who did said they were actually a pretty good group. 




     That band BLITZKRIEG also had a song called "Blitzkrieg" our boss says.  He was told they did a number of versions of it.  METALLICa'S cover version of that song was good Mr. Steve says.  The video used World War II images.  That Lizard climbed back on the wall.

     Mr. Steve once told Dais that METALLICA'S  version of Blitzkrieg kind of reminded him of this one 1970's song called "Hokus Pokus.  That was a song by this band from Switzerland called FOCUS.  Our boss has one of their records.  I've never heard it but Daisy has.




      Mr. Steve told Dais and Millie about that country Switzerland.  Just like Israel it's small in size but has a good army.  Germany never attacked them in World War II.  In Switzerland they speak four four languages but Daisy thinks that band FOCUS spoke German.

    Daisy's thinks I would probably really like Hokus Pokus because not only is there a flute on it but the singer does what's called "yodling."  She says that type of singing is so amazing.  Daisy knows how much I like to howl at the Moon sometimes.  I hear Dawn barking.

     As I mentioned earlier, after France fell in the Spring of 1940 the only real European country left to fight them was Winston Churchill's British.  From the Summer of 1940 through Spring of the 1941 was the Battle of Britain or "The Blitz." I wrote about it in chapter four.

     Once Germany came under German control Winston Churchill was convinced the Germans would then cross the English Channel and invade; just like that guy William the Conqueror did back in 1066.  I'm going to write about that later.  I can smell a Creosote bush.

     I mentioned in chapter four how Dais told me our boss has a book about Operation Sea Lion; which was the Germans plan for landing troops in England.  But it never came about and Hitler made the big mistake of turning east and attacking Russia.  Dawn is barking.

     Earlier I wrote about the bombing of the English city of Coventry and how Winston Churchill had to allow it to be destroyed.  During that same period London was also bombed.  Many of the "Civilians" were killed or injured.  I see a lot of Birds flying around out in the desert.

     Daisy told me our boss thinks it was the brave R.A.F. Pilots like Douglas Bader who were the ones who saved England in 1940 and 1941.  If it weren't for what they did the Germans might've succeeded in "Softening Up" England before an actual physical invasion force. 

     Mr. Steve told Daisy, as important as the British Pilots were during the Battle of Britain, even more important was Radar.  I mentioned it back in chaper four this morning.  Later today Daisy has me scheduled to write about these things called "Bats;" who live around here.

      According to what it says in this Encyclopedia, the world Radar is short for; "Radio Detection and Ranging."  I guess, in the late 19th century a German man named Heinrich Hertz produced the first "Radio Waves."  I just picked up the scent of Andy the Ground Squirrel. 


                                                   HEINRICH HERTZ (1854-1894)


     My Encyclopedia says that guy Heinrich Hertz's Grandfather was Jewish but converted over to be a Lutheran.  For a while as a teenager Heinrich Hertz and the other kids in his family were "Home Schooled" by their parents.  Mr. Steve told Dais they were really smart.

     Wow!  It says here that Heinrich Hertz and his father knew many languages.  But Heinrich Hertz turned out to be even better at Math and Science.  I guess one of his own daughters ended up being an "influential" Biologist.  I just noticed Andy the Squirrel looking at me.

     Hey You Guys!  I had a feeling someone was looking at me.  Yesterday I had that feeling a few times.  Andy is underneath Manny the far right Shed. I wonder where his girlfriend Helen is? She's usually with him.  Hey You Guys!  Are any of You looking at me through Andy?

     Oh well; back to learning about Radar.  Oh!  Heinrich Hertz's birthday was February 22 like George Washington.  Mr. Steve's dad was born on the 23rd.  Mr. Steve's ex-girlfriend Harriet's birthday was February the 19th.  Boy! I sure wish I knew what day I was born on.

      My Encyclopedia says Heinrich Hertz died when he was thirty six years old.  Wow!  That's so young.  He was kind of like that British guy Reginald Mitchell who developed the Spitfire Plane.  I wrote about him earlier today in chapter four.  Andy and Helen are gone now.



       It says here that within "a short time" after Heinrich Hertz Scientists were able to "focus" radio waves and record them as they bounced back after hitting things.  Now all countries have "highly developed" Radar but in 1940 it was new.  Helen the Squirrel just showed up. 

       Once Germany crushed Belgium, Holland and France in early 1940 the British were the only real Democracy left.  That new modern form of warfare called Blitzkrieg or Lightning War was working great for the Germans.  They were "overrunning" everyone in 1940!   

     Many people like the famous Pilot Charles Lindbergh said they should just give up to Hitler and the Nazis.  Joseph Kennedy Sr. also believed that too.  I'm scheduled to write a lot more on both of those two guys tomorrow in book three; when I write about "Isolationists."

     So, once France fell then most people thought the Germans would simply cross the English Channel like William the Conqueror did back in 1066 A.D.  It says in this one Encyclopedia that Winston Churchill became Prime Minister as France fell so had no time to celebrate.


      Daisy told me Mr. Steve thinks Winston Churchill helped save Democracy and maybe even Capitalism too.  From his first day as leader of England he was under tremendous pressure our boss said.  I want to be as brave as Winston Churchill.  Dais kind of likes him too.

      Two Crows were swirling around above the eastern desert behind the three Sheds but both just dove down to the ground.  They've probably seen something to eat.  Crows fight over Snakes and Lizards to eat.  A tiny Lizard just ran under one of the rocks around the big tree.

      I guess at first Hitler hoped England would realize it was better for them to just give up.  But then Winston Churchill made a "defiant" speech so he got angry.  Those two Crows are lifting off the desert floor and are flying away; each with half a Snake it looks like.

     Hitler was told by his Naval advisors that troops could not be taken from France to England because the British Navy controlled the English Channel.  So when Herman Göring's Luftwaffe failed to make England surrender he turned his attention toward Stalin's Soviet Union.

     Daisy says if Operation Sea Lion had taken place the German Navy would've had to "ferry" or "transport" the soldiers across the English Channel in reverse of how the French and British soldiers were evacuated from Dunkirk.  But the Luftwaffe failed to "neutralize" the R.A.F.      


       The picture in this Encyclopedia shows Herman Göring walking next to Adolph Hitler.  The caption says he's wearing his "Air Marshall's" uniform.  One time Daisy and Millie were in our boss's Bedroom and saw a tv show that said he had some "elaborate" white uniforms.

        There's another picture in this other Encyclopedia that shows one of the very first British Radar Towers set up or "deployed" along the east coast of England in 1940.  The caption below describes it as "primitive."  I smell that one old Sage plant out there in the desert.


       Dais says Mr. Steve thinks it's ironic a German Jew developed Radar.  In 1940 the Germans right away figured out what was going on.  They quickly adapted and came up with their own Radar systems.  Samson and Delilah the Crows are flying bye right now.

      My Encyclopedia says a Radar System determines an object's distance by measuring how long it takes for Radio waves to return after bouncing off of that object.  Dais told me that now Radar is even used for seeing things underground; in water and even inside of clouds.    


         In this Encyclopedia there are two good pictures of German "Bombers" taken at the time of the Battle of Britain.  The Caption says they're "Heinkel He-111's."  Daisy would like the photo taken from up high in the air; looking at London down below.  I smell Juniper.

       For most of 1940 and early 1941 England took a "pounding" but was able to "hold on" so to speak.  Winston Churchill kept asking President Roosevelt to bring the United States into the war but all President Roosevelt could do was this aid program called "Lend-Lease."    

       Eventually Adolph Hitler got frustrated at not being able to defeat the British so "turned his attention elsewhere."  That's what it says in this Encyclopedia.  He attacked Stalin's Russia on June 22 of 1941.  I just saw Rudy the Roadrunner joff out into the eastern desert.  

       As I mentioned yesterday in book one when I wrote about Phyrric victories, until June 1941 Adolph hitler and Joseph Stalin had been allies.  Tomorrow in book three I'll write in a lot more detail about what they did to Poland in 1939.  Our neighbor's Ducks are quacking. 

     Dais says our boss told her and Millie one time that the Arabs have a saying; "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."  That's what happened in 1941.  Even though Winston Churchill hated Communism he was happy when Stalin went to war with Hitler.  I can smell Sage.


                                       GERMAN "POTATO MASHER" GRENADE


        If I get the courage to go into the far end of the house someday I'll see some of the things Dais has told me about.  A picture in my Encyclopedia shows a German soldier throwing one of those "Potato Masher" Grenades at a Russian in 1941.  Some Crows are cawing faintly. 

      Daisy says our boss has a few "Dummy" Grenades in his office.  Dummy means that they're not real but only replicas Dais told me.  One fake Grenade is a German "Potato Masher."  One of those curved-beak Thrasher Birds just ducked under Moe the middle Shed.

     Well, according to the outline Daisy and I prepared the the next thing to write about is Japan during World War II.  That's mainly because they also used Blitzkrieg type tactics in the year 1942 to "carve out" and conquer their own empire in what's called the "Far East."  



      There are other things I could see if I weren't so afraid to go all the way in our house.  One is a big Japanese flag Dais told me is hanging on the back wall of a closet in the Guest Bedroom.  I'd also like to see that white and gold Sun / Moon plaque at the end of the Hallway.

      Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie when he was a kid he and his friend Neil drew that Japanese "Rising Sun" flag.  There's a picture of it in this Encyclopedia.  It has some Sun rays coming off of the Sun disc in the middle.  I like it!  The Sun is really bright right now.    

      This Encyclopedia says Germany, Italy and Japan were "Allies" in World War II; the three "Axis" powers.  They all signed what's called the "Tri-Partite Pact."  In World War I Japan and Italy had fought against the Kaiser's Germany.  I can hear two Crows squawking.

       My Encyclopedia says in the 1930's during the Great Depression Japan conquered parts of China like "Manchuria."  The they moved south and slaughtered thousands of Chinese taking even more or China.  Fannie and Freddie the Crows just landed on Jack the big Shed.

        In the "Rape of Nanking" some Japanese soldiers used Chinese civilians for their bayonet practice.  Also during the 1930's Benito Mussolini's Italy attacked and conquered "Abbysinia" or what is now called "Ethiopia."  Freddie is looking me me over here on Elvira. 

       Adolph Hitler in Germany noticed how weak the League of Nations were when they didn't do anything about what Japan and Italy did in those years leading up to World War II.  So he got bolder in what he did too.  I can smell a Lizard somewhere around here.

       This Encyclopedia says what M. Steve told Daisy.  During the 1930's Hitler also "Pushed the Envelope" so to speak in taking back the "Rhineland" from France.  Then he absorbed his own country of Austria and "bluffed" England and France out of Czeckoslovakia in 1938.  

        Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie after the economy went bad in 2008 a lot of people lost their houses around here.  And many of those houses were bought by Japanese, Chinese and South Korean people.  There were already some Koreans living up here in the High Desert.

         I guess in 1940 the Japanese conquered "French Indochina" or what is now the country of "Vietnam."  So President Franklin Roosevelt put an "Embargo" on selling things like oil to the Japanese.  Japan really needed the oil it had been getting from the United States.

        Because Japan had no oil and "Natural Resources" of it's own they decided to just take it from those who had it; like the Dutch in the "East Indies."  But before they could do that they had to "deal with" the American Navy.  Fannie and Freddie just flew off to the east. 

        It says here in this Encyclopedia that on December the 7th of 1941 the Japanese did what at the time seemed impossible.  They were able to send a big "Fleet" of Warships all the way across the Pacific Ocean to do a surprise attack on America at a place called "Pearl Harbor."

        Pearl Harbor is over there in Hawaii where our boss's friend Mark lives with his wife Kim and their kids.  They live on what's called the "Big Island" but Pearl Harbor is located on this other island called "Oahu."  Daisy says she's like to visit Hawaii.  Me too!   


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     PEARL HARBOR (DECEMBER 7, 1941)           


       Looking at the picture in my Encyclopedia I can see that the Japanese Planes did a lot of damage at Pearl Harbor.  They killed over two thousand American Sailors on that morning in 1941.  And I guess they also blew up a lot of Airplanes before they could even take off.

          Mr. Steve's parents took his Niece Samantha on a trip to Hawaii a few years ago.  and one of the places they went to was Pearl Harbor.  There they saw this Ship called the "Arizona" which was sunk so fast that hundreds of Sailor's dead bodies are still inside of it. 

       Daisy says Mr. Steve's friend Mark told him that in the Hawaiian language Pearl Harbor is "Wai Momi" which means "Water of Pearls."  And the Hawaiians also call the area "Pu'uloa" or "Long Hill."  Jack the Jackrabbit just sprinted out into the desert behind the Sheds.

        Well, Mr. Steve was right.  He told Daisy, and it says here in this Encyclopedia; that as much damage as the Japanese did in 1941 it was one of those phyrric victories I wrote about earlier in the day.  They lost by winning.  I hear some Crows cawing faintly out in the desert.

       On that morning in 1941 the Japanese in two "waves" damaged and sank many American Warships.  They also destroyed a lot of Planes; many of which never even got off of the ground.  That's what it says in this one Encyclopepdia.  I hear some Ducks quacking next door.

       Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie the Japanese should've destroyed the giant tanks holding oil. And they didn't bomb the "Dry Docks" later used to repair so many of the damaged Ships.  This bad mistake really "came back to haunt them" later in the war as they say.  


                ADMIRAL KIMMEL (1882-1968)                           GENERAL SHORT (1880-1949)



           Mr. Steve and his friend Mark Ritter discussed Pearl Harbor.  Daisy says that Mark Ritter thought the disaster was, to a certain extent; unfairly blamed on Admiral Kimmel and General Short who commanded the Navy and Army in Hawaii.  But they weren't prepared. 

       Dais says a Few years ago Mr. Steve met a guy whose Grandfather died at Pearl Harbor.  He told Mr. Steve what it says in this Encyclopedia.  Ten days before the attack Washington D.C. sent a warning to Admiral Kimmel and General Short.  I smell a new Spring Sage plant.

       That order from the Goevernment told Admiral Kimmel and General Short that "This is to be considered a war warning."  And they were also even ordered to take "appropriate defensive deployments."  But for some  reason they didn't do it and look what happened.    

          This Encyclopedia says the day after the Japanese attacked America at Pearl Harbor over in Hawaii they then invaded the Philippines and also the "Malaysian" Peninsula.  By February of 1942 they had taken the city of Singapore; which was then a British "Colonial Outpost." 


          You can see on this map what the Japanese did in early 1942.  This was the period right after Pearl Harbor.  They conquered a lot of land.  There are little flags that show how much of that area were colonies of England, France, Holland and Portugal.  I smell a Lizard.

     Japan really had a good army in the 1930's and then World War II.  They were just like some modern Samurai warriors.  But instead of being what they call "Isolationists" like the Samurai were; they went outside Japan in order to make war.  I see the Lizard over there.

                                                         HIDEKI TOJO (1884-1948)

      According to what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time, during the 1930's and then in the Second World War the leader of Japan was this "Emperor" named "Hirohito."  He was like a God to the Japanese.  But the real "De Facto" leader was Hideki Tojo our boss says.

     I'll write in more detail about "Prime Minister" Tojo tomorrow in book three. But I want to at least mention him now.  He was the one who made all the most important decisions.  After the war he was hung as what they call a "War Criminal."  The Lizard ran under a rock.  

      In 1942 when the Japanese Army captured Singapore from the British they did it by making an "audacious" amphibious landing to the north of the city.  That's what it says here in this one Encyclopedia.  Then they marched down the peninsula to hit Singapore from the land side. 

                                                                      FALL OF SINGAPORE (1942)


    There's a picture in this Encyclopedia that shows some of the Japanese soldiers celebrating after capturing Singapore.  The caption below it says they're cheering and yelling "Banzai."  I     think that's kind of like how Muslims yell out "Alahu Akbar."  Dawn is barking next door.          

    Wow!  Back in 1942 one hundred thousand British soldiers surrendered to the Japanese at Singapore.  It says here that guy Winston Churchill called it; "one of the biggest disasters in all    of British military history."  Shortly after that the Philippines fell too.  A Crow cawed.                       


       I like when there are pictures to go along with the written material in these Encyclopedias. It makes it more interesting to read.  There are good photographs of when Singapore surrendered   to the invading Japanese here.  I can hear two Crows yelling at each other.                                      

     As I mentioned, Japan had few Natural Resources of their own.  So they decided to just steal it from others.  In history that's not uncommon Mr. Steve told Daisy.  As I wrote yesterday in book one, some people say the United States did that in the mid-1840's Mexican War.                   

    By the mid-20th century many of the European countries still had "Colonies" they controlled all over the whole world.  Dais thinks that meant Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Italy and  especially England; could steal or take things from them.  A Crow just Squawked.                         


   My Encyclopedia says, before it was called "Vietnam" that area below China was known as "Indochina."  It was a French Colony.  Mr. Steve told Daisy when the Germans beat France in     1940 the Vietnamese probably began to think about breaking away.  I smell Juniper.                     

    I'm scheduled to write a lot more about the "Vietnam War" tomorrow in book three.  But in 1941 the Japanese wanted Indochina and decided to conquer it.  Later, after Pearl Harbor, they   were able to take the "oil rich" Dutch "East Indies" in the "South Pacific."                                    

    I mentioned how in the 1930's the United States had been the biggest seller of gas and oil to the Japanese.  Daisy thinks that was probably because we badly needed the money during the       years of the Great Depression.  I have a feeling that she's right about that.                                       

      But in 1941 President Franklin Roosevelt decided to stop selling oil to the Japanese after they had invaded French Indochina.  I just looked up the word "Embargo" and my Dictionary says one meaning is; "Any legal restriction of commerce."  I can smell Juniper.                                                

                                                          JAPANESE EMPIRE (1942)

     When the United States stopped selling oil to Japan they decided to attack Pearl Harbor and other areas as well.  It says here in my Encyclopedia that after Pearl Harbor the Japanese then used "Blitzkrieg-like" tactics to "run rampant" over big areas.  I hear Dawn barking.  

     The map in this Encyclopedia shows the areas that the Japanese conquered in 1941 and 1942. I guess they ended up with a huge empire.  By taking the Dutch East Indies they got the gas they needed to fuel their "War Machine."  That's what it says in the caption below the map.

     The surrender of the one hundred thousand British soldiers at Singapore must have been so embarrassing!  From what is says here in this Encyclopedia the English never suspected that they could be attacked by land so all their cannons were pointed at the sea.


     I guess almost all of the British soldiers who were captured in Singapore were treated badly by the Japanese as prisoners.  Most of them ended up dying "in captivity" as they say.  Mr. Steve told Daisy that at times the Japanese didn't really care that much about prisoners. 

      Earlier today I wrote about two prisoner of war camps; one in that tv show called Hogan's Heroes and another one in the Steve McQueen movie The Great Escape.  Daisy says our boss has another movie he likes about a World War II prison camp.  I smell a Cholla cactus.

                                                     "BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI"    


      One time Daisy and Millie were in Mr. Steve's Living Room watching tv at night.  The saw a really good movie called "Bridge on the River Kwai."  It's about British soldiers who were in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in Thailand.  I smell a Ground Squirrel around here.

     Daisy says in the movie Bridge on the River Kwai the prisoners help the Japanese to build a bridge.  They do it keep morale high in having a project to take their mind off of their really bad situation.  Daisy told me she and Millie liked the way that movie was filmed. 

     According to Dais that movie Bridge on the River Kwai had a really good song in it.  And she thinks I'd like that song because it's all whistling.  This is interesting.  It says in my Encyclopedia that Bridge on the River Kwai was made in the year 1957.  I see the Squirrel.

     Mr. Steve was born in 1955 so was two when Bridge on the River Kwai came out.  But in 1957 his brother Rock was born.  Daisy told me that she and Millie liked the spectacular Train crash in Bridge on the River Kwai.  That Ground Squirrel just ran off into the eastern desert. 

      In 1994 Mr. Steve's father organized the building of a "War Heroes Memorial" in "Jarales" where he grew up.  Mr. Steve told Daisy Jarales is next to Belen .  That  Memorial was dedicated to twenty eight men from that area who were prisoners of the Japanese in World War II.


                                                          WAR HEROES MEMORIAL

     Of those twenty eight men from New Mexico only one survived the war.  He was a man named Mr. Espinoza and he "stationed" at this place called "Clark Field" in the Philippines when the Japanese invaded on December the 8th of 1941.  I can hear some Crows cawing.

     Unbelievably Mr. Steve told Daisy, just like at Pearl Harbor, the Americans were "Caught off Guard" by the Japanese on December the 8th.  Most of their Planes were also destroyed on the ground.  Mr Steve's friend Grant's wife Lori is originally from the Philippines. 

      In 1941 the commander "In Charge" of the Philippines was Douglas MacArthur.  He was a famous General who fought in World War I.  I'll be writing a lot more about him in the next two days.  He was Mr. Steve's father's commander in the Korean War nine years later.

                                                DOUGLAS MACARTHUR (1880-1964)

       My Encyclopedia says, unlike Admiral Kimmel and General Short; General MacArthur was never accused of what's called "Dereliction of Duty" for what happened down in the Philippines.    Dais says our boss and his father have at times wondered about this.  I smell old Sage.        

        Daisy told me, over the years Mr. Steve and his father have dicussed with others how that guy General MacArthur was caaught what they call "Flat-Footed."  And it boils down to; either you love or hate Douglas MacArthur.  He was an arrogant but effective Strategist.  

       Boy, I'm so tempted to write about Douglas MacArthur right now.  But I better just wait and do it according to how Daisy and I put together these three outlines.  Douglas MacArthur was a very important person in the 20th century.  That's what Mr. Steve told Daisy. 

       Because all of the American Planes had been destroyed at Clark Field General MacArthur was forced to fight the Japanese without them; which ended up being impossible.  The Japanese soldiers were just too well-trained for the American soldiers and their Philippino allies.

      After the Japanese captured Clark Field they then chased the surviving American soldiers all the way down a peninsula called "Bataan."  The American and Philippino soldiers fought what they call a courageous "Rear-Guard Action" all the way.  I hear Crows squawking.

     From what this Encyclopedia says, the American and Philippino soldiers were pushed out onto this island called "Corregidor" where they were "besieged" for a few months.  But in the end they were forced to surrender and General MacArthur was ordered to escape.

      General MacArthur did not want to abandon his men but had to because President Roosevelt ordered him to do it.  But he promised to return and eventually did.  Mr. Steve says MacArthur ended up beating the Japanese through four years of his "Island Hopping"

      Because he helped beat the Japanese in the Second World War General MacArthur, in 1950,  was given command of the American forces later in the Korean War.  That was the war in which Mr. Steve's father fought.  Our boss's dad got "frostbite" in that war.

      My Encyclopedia says sixty thousand American and Philippino soldiers "fell into the hands" of the Japanese at Corregidor.  The Japanese, who committed suicide rather than surrender, did not expect to capture so many prisoners.  They thought it was shameful to surrender.

     One of those who surrendered was Mr. Espinoza.  Then he and all the other prisoners of war were forced to walk all the way back up the Bataan Peninsula in what is now called the "Bataan Death March."  Thousands died along the way in "sweltering" humid heat.

     That man Mr. Espinoza survived the Death March and ended up being held as a prisoner for the next four year.  When he was rescued from a Lead Mine in Japan in 1945 he weighed about eighty pounds.  But at least he survived Mr. Steve says.  I hear Pigeons cooing.

     As a favor to Mr. Steve's father, Mr. Espinoza agreed to let Mr. Steve interview him and then write a two-part article for the Belen Newspaper.  Mr. Espinoza told of being treated brutally by the Japanese and even described what it had been like on that terrible Death March.


                                                                                                   LUIS ESPINOZA

                                                                                                    PHOTO BY STEVE CÓRDOVA

        My Encyclopedia says the Bataan Death March began on April the 9th of 1942.  Hey!  Mr. Steve's ex-girlfriend Emily was born on April the 9th.  That "Forced March" to the north was in hot Sun with no water.  But somehow Mr. Espinoza made it.  A Crow just cawed.

     Mr. Espinoza told our boss that on the Death March if you didn't go fast enough or fell down the Japanese would just kill you.  They used the bayonets at the end of their guns to stab you to death.  And sometimes they would cut your head off on the side of the road for fun.


                                                   BATAAN "DEATH MARCH" (APRIL 1942)

           Oh!  I just noticed that the American and Philippino prisoners on that Death March were walking to a "Railroad Junction" at a place called "San Fernando;" just like the city down there next to Sylmar.  Dais says the Spanish named a lot of places after Saint Ferdinand III. 

       Daisy says our boss told her some people get Dogs who look like themselves. And others say Dogs eventually look like their owners.  That man Winston Churchill had a Bulldog who was his friend during the World War II.  And Winston Churchill does look like a Bulldog. 


   In 1940, after Germany had beaten Belgium, Holland and France, they tried to bomb England "into submission."  But it was Winston Churchill who, with his determined attitude, gave all the people of Britain a lot more hope.  Daisy noticed that he smoked cigars.


        WINSTON CHURCHILL (1874-1965) WITH FAMILY              

    In World War II Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of England.  Our boss says this was amazing considering how he overcome a "speech impediment" but is now known for some of the most famous speeches of all time.  His wife helped him a lot Mr. Steve thinks.

     During World War I Winston Churchill convinced the British government to attack the Turks at this place called "Gallipoli."  It turned out to be a disaster so he had to resign "in disgrace" as they say.  So he was able to redeem himself in the Second World War.

     In World War II Winston Churchill's biggest "nemesis" or "adversary" was Adolph Hitler. Both had fought in the First World War.  Hitler was awarded two "Iron Crosses" for bravery and was gassed and blinded for a time.  He was Austrian and not from Germany. 




     In The Second World War Winston Churchill's biggest what they call "Nemesis" was Adolf Hitler.  Both served in the First World War.  Hitler was wounded and gassed while earning two Iron Cross's for bravery as a "Dispatch Runner" on the front lines in Belgium. 

    The "Architect" of the attack on Pearl Harbor our boss says was this man named Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.  At Pearl Harbor the Japanese sank a lot of  the American Ships and also destroyed many Planes; most of which never even got off the ground.  I smell Sage.

     But Mr. Steve told Daisy, luckily, all of the American "Aircraft Carriers" were not in port at the time.  These were the Ships Admiral Yamamoto really wanted to sink the most.  If they had been destroyed at Pearl Harbor our boss thinks World War II might've been different.  


           ADMIRAL YAMAMOTO (1884-1943)                 EMPEROR HIROHITO (1901-1989)


     An Admiral is like a General in the Army Dais says.  Mr. Steve says Admiral Yamamoto had studied in America so knew there was no way Japan could beat the United States in what's called a "War of Attrition."  American industry would end winning the Second World War. 

     Mr. Steve thinks when Admiral Yamamoto heard that the Aircraft Carriers survived Pearl Harbor he probably knew what that meant "In the Long Run" as they say.  He knew how much America could manufacture weapons and things like that.  I hear two Crows cawing.

     Admiral Yamamoto told that guy Emperor Hirohito he could promise Japan only six months of victories before America's vast industrial power would "come into play."  He turned out to be right!  Mr. Steve thinks World War II got America out of the economic Depression. 

     Admiral Yamamoto did not want to fight a "prolonged" war against the United States our boss says.  He is supposed to have said after the attack on Pearl Harbor; "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."  I still hear the Crows.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy one time that even before the attack on Pearl Harbor the United States had broken the Japanese "Diplomatic" Code.  So some think President Franklin Roosevelt had to have known about what the Japanese were "Up To" as they say.  I smell Creosote.  

      Mr. Steve and his friend Mr. Cliff wonder why President Roosevelt did not see to it that the two men in charge at Pearl Harbor were not kept informed in December of 1941?  The breaking of the "Purple" Japanese Diplomatic Code gave so many hints about what happened.

      This Encyclopedia says that the two "Commanding Officers" in Hawaii in 1941 were named Admiral Husband Kimmel and General Walter Short.  Daisy says one time our boss told her and Millie he and Mr. Cliff think they both were unjustly blamed for Pearl Harbor.

       Mr. Steve thinks poor Admiral Kimmel and General Short were made "Scapegoats" for the losses at Pearl Harbor.  That's what Dais told me. They asked for information from Washington D.C. but heard nothing back.  People in power don't like to take the blame.

       Another Japanese Code was "JN 25;" Admiral Yamamoto's "Naval Code."  Mr. Cliff says in December of 1941 the Americans had not deciphered it yet.  But they did in early 1942 and then in June used it to defeat the Japanese Navy in the "Battle of Midway."  I smell Sage.

       Mr. Cliff was told it is now known that by December of 1941 the British Cryptographers had broken the Admiral Yamamoto's Naval Code.  So that means that guy Winston Churchill knew the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor.  Did he tell President Roosevelt?

       It could be that Winston Churchill purposely didn't tell President Roosevelt.  He had been desperately trying to get the United States to come into the war on England's side.  So he was so happy about Pearl Harbor.  Did Roosevelt make sure the  



So they knew what Admiral Yamamoto was doing.  In April of 1943 they found out he was taking a plane ride so sent a plane called a P-38 to kill him. 


    The P-38 shot Admiral Yamamoto's plane down.  Our boss has a model of a P-38.  It's kind of a strange looking Plane.  It almost looks like two planes put together.  But Mr. Steve told us that it was one of the best "fighter" Planes of World War II.  I smell a Creosote plant. 

     Mr. Steve's girlfriend Sandy's father fought in the South Pacific against the Japanese during the Second World War.  In early 1942 Sandy's dad was in the Navy and took part in the "Battle of the Coral Sea."  He was what they call "Gunner" and never forgot it.

     Sandy's father told our boss about the Battle of the Coral Sea.  He fired so many "rounds" at the attacking Japanese Torpedo Planes his .50-caliber machine gun overheated and the "barrel" had to be replaced.  A Rabbit just bounded off; out into the eastern desert.

      Near U.C.L.A. where his other ex-girlfriend Emily works, there's is a big Military Cemetery alongside the 405 or "San Diego" Freeway.  Whenever our boss drives past he can't help but think about Sandy's father because he was one of the last people ever buried there.

    Our boss says when he looks at his model of the P-38 he remembers one of his sister Susan's boyfriends named "Mike."  This is because Mike's Uncle was "Kelly" Johnson; a very famous "Engineer" who helped design the P-38.  I smell one of the new Spring Sage plants.


                                          CLARENCE "KELLY" JOHNSON (1910-1990)


       This Encyclopedia says Kelly Johnson was an "innovator" and "organizational genius." Dais says our boss told he had a Horse Ranch near Santa Barbara where our boss's sister Susan went to College.  She went with Mike to Barbecues at Kelly Johnson's ranch.

     According to what it says here in my Encyclopedia, the most famous Planes Kelly Johnson designed after World War II were "Spy" Planes; the "U2" which that band from from Ireland is named after, and the "Blackbird" or "SR-71."  I hear some Wrens singing happily.

     This is interesting.  The U2's first flight was in August of 1955, the same year Mr. Steve was born a month earlier.  And in looking at the list of important dates Daisy helped me put together I see that August 20 is our boss's mother's birthday.  I wish I knew my birthday.   

                                            U2                                                                                                                                          SR-71


          This is sort of interesting.  According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, the U2 Spy Plane was nicknamed the "Dragon Lady."  Daisy says Mr. Steve had a friend who's mom had that same nickname because she collected things having to do with Dragons.

       The U2 is described in this Encyclopedia as a "glider-like craft" that can "soar" higher than seventy thousand feet.  I guess the Pilot has to breath from an Oxygen Tank and wear a special suit like what all of the Astronauts have to wear way up there in Outer Space.        



According to our boss, because Edwards Air Force Base is to our northwest, since World War II many Airplanes have been "tested" in the skies above our High Desert.  Aircraft such as the the "F-Series" fighter planes, from the F-14 through the F-18 were tested here he says.

     Oh wow!  I just noticed that there's one of those long white vapor trails up in the sky.  That means some type of Jet flew bye way up there.  Sometimes you can even hear Jets going bye but most of the time they're so high you hear nothing.  I like the way vapor trails look.

     Over the years this thing called the "Space Shuttle" has at times landed at Edwards.  Mr. Steve took pictures of this happening back in the 1990's.  Daisy told me when the Space Shuttle comes back down from outer space you hear one of those "Sonic Booms."  I'm afraid of those.


                                                                                                                                        PHOTO BY STEVE CÓRDOVA


        Daisy says one time our boss told her and Millie about this man named Chuck Yeager.  I just looked him up in this Encyclopedia and it says that he was a pilot in World War II and flew this one plane called a "P-51 Mustang."  Ah!  There goes two of our Pigeons flying past.

     It says here that the Germans shot Chuck Yeager down one time but he escaped over to Spain and then flew again later in that war.  Daisy told me that Mr. Steve has pictures he's taken over the years of World War II aircraft.  Some of the planes were P-51's.

     I guess in 1947, two years after the Second World War ended, Chuck Yeager came out here to the High Desert and flew this orange jet powered plane called "Glamorous Glennis."  He became the first person ever to go faster than the speed of sound.  I just looked up "supersonic."

     From what our boss told Daisy and Millie Chuck Yeager broke a lot of speed records during the 1950's and later even commanded a squadron of fighter jets during the Vietnam War of the 1960's.  Daisy thinks he must be really brave to take a chance and fly so fast.


                                                       CHUCK YEAGER (BELL X1)

     Daisy says Mr. Steve did artwork for a man who knew Chuck Yeager.  He said the reason that Chuck Yeager named his World War II P-51 Mustang, and later the Bell X1 he broke the speed record with "Glamorous Glennis" was because Glennis was his wife's name.

     Our boss told Daisy and Millie that in the 1980's there was a book, and then a movie based on that book, about test pilots like Chuck Yeager.  They were called "The Right Stuff."  Daisy thinks Chuck Yeager must be very brave in order to go so fast in an airplane. Me too!

      From 1939, two years before America entered World War II, that man Kelly Johnson worked for this company named "Lockheed."  And his department down in Los Angeles was called the "Skunk Works."  Mr. Steve read he grew up in Michigan and his parents were Swedish.

     I just thought of something!  Even though he isn't on my outline I sort of feel like mentioning this German pilot from World War II name Erich Hartmann.  He's the greatest what they call "Ace" in all of "aviation" history.  That means from World War I until now.

                                                                                     ERICH HARTMANN (1922-1993)



        Wow!  This is so amazing!  According to my Encyclopedia that guy Erich Hartmann in what they call "aerial combat;" shot down three hundred and fifty two enemy planes in the Second World War!  That's by far the most in all of history.  I hear a Crow cawing faintly. 

     From what it says in my here Encyclopedia the Russians called Erich Hartmann the "Black Devil."  To this day he's still called the "Ace of Aces."  Dais says our boss told her and Millie that three hundred and fifty two "kills" will probably never ever be matched again. 


               TED WILLIAMS (1918-2002)                              JOE DIMAGGIO (1914-1999)                                            

        Mr. Steve thinks that Erich Hartman's record for enemy planes shot down will never be broken.  It's like when left-handed hitter Ted Williams had a batting average of over .400 in one season or that right-handed Joe DiMaggio hit safely in fifty six games in a row!

  Well, it's back to my outline.  I'm almost done with six chapters of book two.  And judging by the Sun's location it's almost one.  Oh!  A small Ground Squirrel is running really fast in front of the Sheds.  Ground Squirrels sure are fast runners.  Daisy calls it "sprinting."   

      The next thing on my outline to write about is the year 1991.  That's when America went to war with this other country called "Iraq;" where Mesopotamia used to be.  Mr. Steve's nephew Jacob, while in the Air Force, was stationed there for a time.  I smell a Joshua tree.

     Our boss was right.  He told us Iraq is an artificial country "carved out" of land previously controlled by the defeated Turkish Ottoman Empire after World War I.  Turkey was an ally of Germany in that war.  Boy, I'm so glad I have all of these Encyclopedias!

     Because the British and French were on the winning side after the First World War they got to take some of Turkey's land.  So the area now called Iraq was the "spoils" of war.  The problem was our boss says, the three groups who lived there didn't like each other.

     My Encyclopedia says there are types of Muslim; "Suni" or "Shia."  And both types live in Iraq.  There's also this third group of people called "Kurds."  For many centuries all three of the groups have been been fighting each other.   Max the Hummingbird just whizzed past.

     From what it says here the leader of Iraq in 1991 was this really mean man named Saddam Hussein.  He was Suni.  But the majority of the people in Iraq are Shia like the people who live in this other country called "Iran."  Iraq and Iran fought a bloody war in the 1980's.

     Mr. Steve believes that the only reason the three groups who lived in Iraq "got along" for a while is because all were so afraid of Saddam Hussein.  They knew that if anyone "acted up" he would "ruthlessly" and "without hesitation" kill all of them if necessary.   

     In 1991, in what's called the "Persian Gulf War," this American General named Norman Schwarzkopf was given the job of fighting Saddam Hussein; who had invaded the small "oil rich" country of Kuwait.  In the 1960's Schwarzkopf fought in "Vietnam War."    


                     VIETNAM (1967)     NORMAN SCHWARZKOPF (1934-2012)         IRAQ (1991)

     Mr. Steve says General Schwarzkopf used Blitzkrieg type tactics to kick Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait in operation "Desert Storm."  Like George Patton, he went to West Point so studied a  German strategy and tactics from World War II.  He knew about Lighning War. 

     At West Point Norman Schwarzkopf, whose birthday is two days after Mr. Steve's moms, like George Patton and everyone else who goes there, studied the military "campaigns" of Alexander the Great, Hannibal and Napoleon.  In 1991 he used some of this knowledge.

     In 2003 our boss says America had a second war with Saddam Hussein's Iraq.  We used this concept called "Shock and Awe."  Blitzkrieg was part "psychological;" intended to destroy an opponents "will to fight."  Shock and Awe was meant to do the same. 

     Shock and Awe, like Blitzkrieg, was meant to "overwhelm" and "paralyze."  Our boss says it's kind of like Mike Tyson the Boxer who had more power and speed than opponents.  I'll As Mr. Steve said; "You beat your opponent coming and going or inside and outside."

     Mr. Steve has a book called "The Art of War" written by an ancient Chinese writer named Sun Tzu.  Many famous leaders have studied this book.  Napoleon, General Patton, General Montgomery, Field Marshall Rommel and General Schwarzkopf all read it.   

SUN TZU (540-496 B.C.)

   In Sun Tzu's The Art of War it says there are three basic "principles" in war; first, "know yourself and your enemy," second, "it is more important to out think your enemy" and third,       "attack what is weak and not what is strong."   I can smell a Creosote bush right now.                   

      Mr. Steve told Dais he thinks Sun Tzu described an ancient form of Blitzkrieg or Shock and Awe; saying to "cut off the head of your enemy" before they know what hit them so to speak.  I    just saw  a really big Lizard running fast to hide under our Shed Manny.                                         

      Using Horses and infantry in what they call "Phalanx" formations, Alexander the Great and his father Phillip before him, to a certain extent, at times used their own Macedonian form of       Blitzkrieg and Shock and Awe to beat their opponents.  I see Libby over in her corral.                   

And in the 5th century A.D. that guy Attila and his Huns used Horses to swoop down on an enemy with such speed and power that they were defeated fast.  Daisy and I sometimes wonder if she ran a lot more when she was younger.  Now she just walks around slowly.                                         

                   ATTILA COIN                                    THE HUNS                            ATTILA (406-453 A.D)                            

   My Encyclopedia says the Huns, like Genghis Khan's Mongols in the 13th century, lived on their Horses and could shoot arrows accurately at a "full gallop."  And, also like the Mongols       later, they learned to ride Horses almost before they could even walk.                                               

    Dais told me that Mr. Steve is re-reading a book about that Italian man from the 13th century named Marco Polo.   According to what my Encyclopedia says he spent almost twenty years over there in China.  Daisy's right!  Twenty years seems like such a long time.                                                                                                                                     MARCO POLO


    The Encyclopedia says that Marco Polo, with his father and uncle, took three years to travel from Italy all the way over to China.  Then he spent the next seventeen years there before going     back to Italy.  And I guess he brought spaghetti back to Italy.  I smell a Lizard.                             

     From what I read, for all of those many years spent in China, Marco Polo worked for Ghengis Khans's grandson "Kublai Khan;" who was the Emperor then. And he became very important    to him.  But then the Emperor allowed him to go back home to Italy I guess.                                                                                                                         



     I guess during his seventeen years in China Marco Polo became like a son to the Emperor; the leader of the "Song" Dynasty.  On his deathbed Marco Polo said; " I did not tell half of what I     saw." Dais says there's a rumor Marco Polo saw America even before Columbus.                           

   Daisy told me our boss says they have some maps and papers which some people think were written by Marco Polo.  And if they're real then it would show that in the 13th century he led      expeditions to what would later be called Columbus's New World!                                                                                                "COMANCHE" RAIDERS                        

  In the 18th and 19th centuries the Comanche Indian's in Texas, like the Huns and Mongols, shot arrows accurately while riding at full speed on a Horse.  At least that's what Dais says Mr.    Steve told her.  I see Libby over there.  She's too old to run anymore.  I smell Sage.                        

    Sometimes people who live around here will ride their Horses out in the deserts around our two and a half acres.  Daisy and I can smell them when they go bye.  Libby is now looking over     in this direction.  Daisy thinks, like herself, that Libby might be going blind.                                    


   Daisy thinks that if our boss could pick a time to go back and see one of those times would be the early 19th century.  And even though there would be many things going on around the world he would really like to see Comanche Indians riding their Horses.  I smell a Lizard.                       

In 1995 and 1996 Mr. Steve dated a girl from West Los Angeles named "Debra."  She had a pretty little six year old daughter named "Talia."  Debra, who was mainly Irish, had this famous relative who was Comanche.  His name was Quanah Parker and he was a "Chief."                        


        QUANAH PARKER (1845-1911) WITH WIFE          


    Mr. Steve had read about Quanah Parker so was very interested when that girl Debra told him about being one of his what they call "Descendants."  There's a picture of Quanah Parker     with his wife in this one Encyclopedia.  I see the Lizard over there in the dirt.                                  

     Wow!  My Encyclopedia says Quanah Parker's mother, Cynthia Ann Parker, was captured by a Band of Comanche called "Quahadi."  In their language that means "Antelope Eaters."  The    Comanche slaughtered Cynthia Ann Parker's family.  She was about ten years old.                                                                                  CYNTHIA ANN PARKER (1825-1871)


     That girl Debra knew that Quanah Parker's mom had lived as a Comanche for over twenty years.  She even married this Chief and had three kids with him.  In the Comanche language her new name translated to "Someone Found."  The Lizard just ran under a rock.                               

   It says here that Cynthia Ann Parker's Comanche Band, the Quahadi, were related to the "Nokoni" Comanche.  Nokoni means "The Travelers" or "The Wanderers."  I'll bet they used        the Horse to follow and hunt the Buffaloe.  I see Libby over there in her Corral.                          


   Daisy told me one time how that girl Debra knew the area the Comanche controlled on the Great Southern Plains was called "Comancheria."  That's was what the Spanish and later the        Mexicans called the area which they were afraid to go into.   I smell a Sage plant.                         

      The Comanche's, like the Huns and Mongols, used terror for their own purposes Mr. Steve says.  They would suddenly appear like Demons and swoop in.  That girl Debra said some people back then described it as "being attacked by a pack of starving or voracious Wolves."                                                                                     PAINTING BY DANIEL LEE                         


     Mr. Steve told that girl Debra how the Comanche's were kind of like the Vikings.  They would suddenly appear out of nowhere and kill everyone and take everything.  There's this really good   painting in my Encyclopedia that shows some Comanches stealing some Horses.                             

   I guess Quanah Parker's mother became a Comanche and really liked living with her Band.  But then, after more than twenty years as a Native American, she was "rescued" by these guys     from Texas called the "Texas Rangers."  They were sort of like the Police back then.                      

                                                   TEXAS "RANGERS"                                                    

   I guess the Texas Rangers in the 19th century were a Police force but they were also paid to protect the settlers from the Comanche.  When they brought Quanah Parker's mother back to     civilization she did not like it.  Debra said her family believed she willed herself to death.              

     Oh!  This is interesting.  After the American Civil War that guy Quanah Parker was wounded in fighting against the Americans.  But the Comanches were eventually brutally beaten and then forced to live in "Reservations."  Wow!  Quanah Parker later became a Judge.                               

   I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  According to this Encyclopedia Quanah Parker was born on February the 23rd.  And looking at my list of family birthdays I see that our boss's father was also born on that date.  A brown Thrasher Bird just flew bye right now.                                          

     Daisy says that back in 1995 Mr. Steve helped Debra move from "Sawtelle" to a place farther from the beach. She had some things from Comanche culture.  Debra was a very talented person who sold her jewelry at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium sometimes.  I smell Sage.                   

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time that when you really think about it, the Comanches on horseback practiced their own version of Blitzkrieg or Shock and Awe.  The end result was      often the same.  I jut picked up the really strong scent of Juniper.  I like Juniper.                            

    From what Dais says, our boss told that girl Debra about how, back in the 18th century, the Comanche's also raided far to the west; into the area which is now New Mexico.  And these other Indians called "Apache's" and "Navajo's" also conducted raids in New Mexico too.                      

     The town of Belen where Mr. Steve's parents grew up for many years actually had a wall all around it.  And so did this town called "Isletta" just to the north of Belen.  I'm going to write a     lot more about New Mexico tomorrow in book three.  I hear Ducks quacking next door.                

  Daisy says that girl Debra sounds like she was smart.  Of course Daisy also thinks that Mr. Steve's other three girlfriends, Sandy, Emily and then Harriet, also seemed smart too.  Our boss  says they were.  Boy, we sure would like to meet them someday!  I smell a Lizard.

       In 1995, about a month after Mr. Steve helped that girl Debra move, he and his friend Armando took a trip to Florida.  While there they visited Armando's sister and brother-in-law in this city called "Tampa;" which has a big bay and sunny weather. 

Mr. Steve says he was surprised when he saw some wild Alligators laying around near where Armando's sister and brother-in-law lived.  Later, in the town of "Saint Augustine" over on the east coast of Florida, they saw even more Alligators.    

s also where the New York Yankees Baseball team do their Spring Training.                                                      

                                                                                                             TAMPA BAY


     Mr. Steve said Norman Schwarzkopf, lived with his family in Tampa.  He was born in 1934, a year before our boss's mother.  And according to the Encyclopedia his birthday is August the 22nd, which is two days later than Mr. Steve's mom's birthday.

     From what our boss told Daisy and Millie, iIt was hot and "humid" on that trip to Florida in 1995.  He told them we're all lucky our heat is "dry."  He thinks Daisy, with her thick fur, would have a hard time living in Florida.  Sometimes we wonder what humidity feels like.

     Our boss has read about the tactics and strategy that General Schwarzkopf used in 1991 to kick Saddam Hussein out of the "oil rich" country of Kuwait.  In 1991 General Schwarzkopf not only used his knowledge of Blitzkrieg but also of ancient military leaders.


SADDAM HUSSEIN (1937-2006)   

     In 1991 the American President was George Bush Senior.  In 2003 during  the second Gulf War his son George Bush Junior was President.  Their family is mainly from Texas where Mr. Steve's brother Rock lives with his sons.  Daisy thinks two President's is impressive.

According to my Encyclopedia the only other time there was a father and son who became Presidents of the United States was at the beginning of the 19th century.  John Adams was the       second President and his son, john Quincy Adams, became President a few years later.                  


    Daisy told me that our boss has a lot of books and even some videos about all the Presidents of the United States.  So she says, he's read about both the Adams and Bush families.  Both families had some very strong and capable women behind the men Mr. Steve says.   

   General Schwarzkopf later said in 1991 he thought about the tactics used by the Carthaginian General Hannibal who, in 216 B.C. defeated a Roman army in Italy at "Cannae." George Patton, Erwin Rommel and Bernard Montgomery studied this battle too our boss told us.


                          HANNIBAL COIN                        HANNIBAL (247-182 B.C.)                         HANNIBAL BUST


    The three Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage were fought on land and sea.  Carthage had the advantage on water until the  Romans captured a Carthaginian warship and did what Mr. Steve calls "reverse engineering" on it.  Then they built their own warships.

     It says here that in the second Punic War, at Cannae, Hannibal beat a much larger Roman army by using a tactic called "Double Envelopment."  Rome lost about fifty thousand men in one day!  Cannae must've been one of the biggest slaughters of all time!    


                                                                BATTLE OF CANNAE


     It says here that Double Envelopment makes your opponent think you're weak in the center so they'll attack you there.  Then you pull back or "collapse" in the center to make your adversary think he's winning.  This withdrawal has to be timed just right! 

     Mr. Steve told us Genghis Khan's Mongols sometimes would pretend they were retreating in order to get their adversary to chase them.  Then, at just the right moment, they would turn and fight.  Daisy thinks that this sounds sort of like Double Envelopment.

     If done successfully Double Envelopment also gets a foe to chase you and then get sucked into an ambush, or what's called a "Kill Zone."  And once you've "drawn your enemy in" Mr. Steve says, your "flanks" or "wings" collapse on his flanks or behind them. 

     Double Envelopment worked perfectly for Hannibal in 216 B.C. against the Romans and, to a certain extent, against Saddam Hussein's Iraqi's in 1991.  In Spanish our boss says there's a word "matanza."  It means "slaughter;" which is the goal of Double Envelopment. 

     At West Point Norman Schwartzkopf studied Cannae.  But he's not the only person who ever studied Hannibal.  Napoleon in the late 18th century knew all about Cannae and so has every West Point graduate from Robert E. Lee to George Patton.

     From what it says here, two centuries before Hannibal Alexander the Great sometimes used battle tactics similar to those "employed" by Hannibal to defeat the Persians in a place they now called "Turkey."  I guess Alexander rode a big black Horse named "Bucephalus."


                                     ALEXANDER THE GREAT /  BUCEPHALUS


     Alexander the Great used men on Horses to collapse on his opponents from the wings and then behind.  Dais and like hearing about his Horse Bucephalus.  I can see Libby right now over in her coral.  She's just walking around on this beautiful sunny day.

     On my outline the next thing I have listed is to talk about this German man from Napoleon's time named Karl von Clausewitz.  My Encyclopedia says he was what they call "Prussian."   In the early 19th century he wrote a famous book called "Vom Krieg."

      Using my German Dictionary I think Vom Krieg would mean "On War."  Most military men have read this book Mr. Steve says.  It and Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" are important.  Prussians are one of the many German groups in Europe.  Prussia is near Poland. 

     Yup!  Mr. Steve was right.  It says here in my Encyclopedia all of the famous General's from then on have had to read von Clausewitz's book On War.  George Patton, Bernard Montgomery and that man General Schhwartkopf read it; and so did that man Erwin Rommel.   


                                             KARL VON CLAUSEWITZ (1780-1831)


      Dais told me that our boss has Von Clausewitz's book on war.  He told her and Millie one time about how the term the "fog of war" was first used in that book.  It says here that Vom Krieg is now considered to be one of the best "handbooks" on military strategy.

     This Encyclopedia says that Vom Krieg is about war but also was written in terms of studying the "political aspects" of modern warfare.  It's now what they call "required reading" at all of the Military Academies.  And even politicians like Hitler and Stalin studied it.


                                       PRUSSIAN INFANTRY(NAPOLEONIC WARS)


     I see here that von Clausewitz was an officer in the Prussian Army and even fought against Napoleon Bonaparte in Europe.  It was after that time when he wrote Vom Krieg.  In it he what's called "coined" the phrase; "War is the continuation of politics by other means." 

     But, sadly Mr. Steve says, Von Clausewitz died before he could finish his book so his wife had to publish it what's called "posthumously."  This means after you die.  I just looked it up.  Von Clausewitz's wife must have really cared for her husband Daisy thinks.

     I guess in his book von Clausewitz used a system called the "Dialectic."  I remember how our boss told us that there are two types of Dialectic methods; one used by that Greek philosopher Socrates in classrooms to try to find the truth; the second used to predict the future.

     My Encyclopedia says that Socrates Dialectic used "questions and answers" to "the search for truth."  And then the answers create or "prompt" new questions and answers in a process that can go on "endlessly."  Mr. Steve had college teachers who used this method.

     It says here that Von Clausewitz used the more modern Dialectic "method;" developed by this one German philosopher named Friedrich Hegel; who also lived in then.  Dais told me Mr. Steve has many books on philosophy and one is on Friedrich Hegel.  I smell a Lizard.


                                     WILHELM FRIEDRICH HEGEL (1770-1831)

     My Encyclopedia says in the late 18th and early 19th century Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a teacher and a philosopher; just like Socrates.  Mr. Steve says Hegel saw "contradiction" even in truth.  His Dialectic "method" or "formula" has been used to explain "reality" ever since.

     It says here that Hegel's second form of Dialectic is called the "Hegelian Dialectic" and it was the method method Von Clausewitz  used to "formulate" his own ideas on politics and warfare.  Oh!  I just noticed that Lizard standing in the dirt.  I can still smell that Lizard.

     Boy!  Hegel's Dialectic system seems kind of hard to understand.  I just read the description in my Encyclopedia three times and I still don't get it.  It says here that one definition is; "Tension between conflicting but interacting ideas."  I'm glad this Encyclopedia has this diagram.  


     According to this Encyclopedia Hegel used his Dialectic as a "logical system of reasoning to explain progress."  In it are three parts; the "Thesis," the "Antithesis" and the "Synthesis."  The Lizard just ran away really fast.  The it went under Manny the far right Shed.

     Hegel believed that everything is dual in nature so it's impossible for a Thesis not to have an Antithesis.  And in the first phase the Thesis and Antithesis "meld" and the result of that is what they call a "Synthesis."  I guess they "blend" or "merge"together.

     Mr. Steve says in Hegel's system the Synthesis then became the new Thesis which had to have an Antithesis.  Hegel believed this pattern has repeated itself over and over and will continue into the future. Our boss sees this formula as part of the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

     A few years after the time of  Hegel and von Clausewitz, in the mid-19th century, this Jewish German man named Karl Marx wrote books.  In this Encyclopedia it says Karl Marx wrote on many subjects but primarily about economic systems like ours called "Capitalism."

     I guess Karl Marx was one of the first to develop that other type of government that they call  "Communism."  Daisy thinks Communism is a form of "Socialism."  She told me Capitalism and Socialism are the two main ways people govern themselves.  Our boss told her that.


 KARL MARX (1818-1883) WITH WIFE

        It says here that Karl Marx was one of nine children born to his parents.  He, like his father, was not religious.  He and his wife had seven kids but only three survived.  Oh!  I guess that Karl Marx's family were Prussian just like that guy Karl Von Clausewitz. 

      In this Encyclopedia it says that in his book "Das Capital" Karl Marx used Hegel's Dialectic to predict that in the "class struggle" Capitalism would eventually lose out to Socialism in the world.  And bloodshed would be necessary for that to happen he thought.

     From what it says here Karl Marx was one of the most important people ever to live.  That's what Mr. Steve thinks too Daisy told me.  Karl Marx believed the workers, or "Proletariat," would  rise up against their boss's, or "Bourgeoisie." 

     Bourgeoisie means "middle classes" but what Karl Marx meant by Bourgeoisie were those who controlled the money.  Today in America middle class means something else Daisy told me.  She says we would be considered middle class but we're not rich.

     Daisy told me our boss has Karl Marx's books Das Capital and the Communist Manifesto on a bookshelf in his office.  They're with his other books about Russia she says.  Mr. Steve also has a lot of books organized into categories in different parts of the house.

     On my outline I have listed Karl Marx's daughter Eleanor.  Mr. Steve thinks she's proof that females can be just as capable and intelligent as men.  Eleanor Marx was a very good writer and spoke more than one language.  She at times worked as what they call a "translator."


                         KARL MARX FAMILY                             ELEANOR MARX (1855-1898)


       In this Encyclopedia there's a picture of Karl Marx's family that was painted.  Daisy told me  our boss used to paint photos printed on silk paper.  He told Daisy this was how they made color images before there was such a thing as color film.  I like the way it looks!

     It says here that Karl Marx's youngest daughter Eleanor was a good writer too.  I guess her father was like our boss in liking to give nicknames.  She was his "Tussy."  And because she was like me in wanting to impress Mr. Steve, she was also a revolutionary Socialist. 

     I guess that girl Eleanor Marx really wanted her father to like her so she did everything she could to make him happy.  She was the one who protected and defended his reputation after he died.  Too bad she killed herself after her boyfriend married another girl.

     Oh!  This is so interesting.  It says here a person who Eleanor Marx admired was Lady Jane Grey.  Lady Jane got her head cut off by Henry VIII's daughter Mary Tudor back in the 16th century.  She was a really smart, educated noblewoman.

     Oh!  There's that quote our boss mentioned a while back.  Karl Marx said "bloody revolution is the midwife of history."  And according to Mr. Steve other historians said hatred and violence were the "mother's milk" of  human progress. 

     Because he was what they call a "student of history" Karl Marx predicted bloodshed when the "lower" classes or Proletariat rebelled against the rich Bourgeoisie.  Hatred and violence are more common in human history than love and peace our boss thinks.

     Karl Marx said western Capitalism "lent itself" to greed and Daisy told me that Mr. Steve at times agrees with that.  But in the 20th century Socialism proved to have been even worse for poor people.  Socialism sounds good or Utopian "on paper he thinks.

     Even if by force, the wealth of the western world would eventually have to be what they call "redistributed" Karl Marx thought.   Sadly Mr. Steve told us, he was correct in thinking that in human history very often change is only brought about through merciless cruelty.


       I wish life was fair! But, as our boss says; “To think life is fair is foolish. More often than not you'll be disappointed.” Buddhist say life, or "reality," is both fair and unfair.  And they believe you can't have one thing without the other.  Life is dual in nature.

     Yin And Yang is defined as "opposing forces that are interconnected and dependent on each other."  Mr. Steve tells Daisy and I that Yin and Yang "complement one another; a dot of white with black and a dot of black within white.  Together they equal "reality" he says.

     I'm not angry any more at being abandoned out in that field. I now refuse to feel sorry for myself; mainly because I know my boss, and Daisy, wouldn't like it.  I accept the bad things in life and will try not to complain too much.  Thank You God, and Blessed Mother Mary.

     Daisy says there is no perfect place to live.  But she thinks we're so lucky to live in the United States.  Mr. Steve told us America's not perfect either but offers "equality of opportunity" rather than the "equality of outcome" dishonest politicians promise. 

     For a time I used to say “Woe Is Me” but no more. I now believe life is often dual in nature; good with bad and bad with good. Our boss jokes about the “bothness” of many things and has taught Daisy and I to “count our blessings.”  We do; especially Dais. 



        I learned a new word the other day!  It's the word "professional."  I just looked it up in my English Dictionary.  Daisy's a professional in the way she watches our two acres.  I've learned from her and owe her a lot.  I'll bet she's right now resting in the garage.

     Someday I'll be a professional like Daisy.  But I'm a pretty good guard right now.  As a matter of fact, I just saw a Ground Squirrel run under Manny the Shed.  But I don't need to bark at him because I know he's harmless; even though Ground Squirrels eat tree roots.

       One “Sign of the Times” our boss says, is that on street corners there are more people selling unnecessary things like Boats and Jet Skis. Mr. Steve thinks they probably bought them when times were better; but now regret it because they can't afford the payments.

     Some of those forced to sell their "toys" might lose them to “repossession.”  And then, worse yet for them our boss says, after their things are "auctioned off," they might still have to pay the “balance” of the original price.  Daisy and I now understand what a contract is.

       The other day Mr. Steve told us that he's noticed lately there seems to be a lot more female Truck Drivers on the roads.  He thinks this is most likely partly having to do with the fact that we have a bad economy.  There aren't as many good jobs nowadays he says.



         Mr. Steve's brother who lives over in Littlerock with his family.  His wife named Yolanda has a sister named "Dena" who drives what they call a "Big Rig."  That's one of those trucks that has eighteen wheels.  Our boss jokes that Daisy is our "little Big Rig."

     Our boss says it's harder now to "earn a living."  Daisy and I are sure glad we don't have to go out and earn a living.  But if we did, we'd just do whatever necessary to survive.  And we're always "open to suggestion" for ways to make extra money.  

     My boss thinks that with all "Big Rigs" now having “Power Steering" you don't need to be so strong to be a Truck driver.  But the main reason for more female Truck drivers he thinks is most  likely the down economy.   It's harder now for everyone to make money. 

     If we ever go into an economic Depression like during the 1930's Mr. Steve thinks the most noticeable difference will be fewer Trucks on the road.  Then people will see just how important Trucks are he says. There will be far fewer products in the stores.

     Our Chief tells Daisy and me that times are what they call "tight."  In the 1960's he told us a band he liked, and still likes, was called Booker T & the MG's.  Dais told me they have two very good songs called "Green Onions" and "Time is Tight."  I want to hear them!  

                                                         BOOKER T & THE M.G.'S

      Booker T & the MG's are what's called a "Rhythm and Blues" or "R & B" band Mr. Steve told us. Some called them "Soul."  Because they don't use a singer they're what's known as an "instrumental" group.  Daisy told me their organ player is good. 

     Our boss told Dais that Booker T & the MG's are from a state called Tennessee and this city named Memphis.  She says Mr. Steve told her and Millie that the Beatles were big fans of theirs  John Lee Hooker had a Blues song which sounded like Green Onions.       

     Mr. Steve says at times he feels sorry for his Nieces and Nephews.  They're going out into a  difficult "Job Market." He tells them to study math and science because the jobs of the future will be "Technical" jobs.  I'm so glad Daisy and I don't have to earn a living!

      Every few weeks our boss drives down to the San Fernando Valley, where he still has family and friends. On the way to the Valley he passes through two small towns in the western High Desert.  The first is "Pearblossum."  The second is "Littlerock; both to our northwest.

     Looking up I can see that the Sun is now making the shadow to my front lean away from me.  Boy, Mr. Steve again today hasn't given us even one snack yet.  Oh well, I better hide all of my materials so I can take a break.  I think I'll go up front to see what Daisy's doing.

     Thank You Guys for giving me so much energy and guidance in writing book two.  Oh! And thank you too Stanley for guarding over me this morning.  I can almost feel your presence on my couch right here with me.  Wow!  I'm already halfway through book two! 

     I wonder what Dais is doing?  She's going to be so proud of me when I tell her how much I got done this morning.  I'm sure glad I have all of these blankets and couch cushions to hide all my materials. Boy, this day is going so fast!  Thank you Everyone so much!