Cognito,ergo sum

                                                                        "Be Grateful"

                                                                     (Book 2 / Chapter 7)

      1:30 P.M.



          Well, I'm back.  I took a pee break so checked the fence area behind the three Sheds.  But now I'll say a quick Hail Mary prayer and write chapter seven.  But book two is half done.  As I went pee our neighbors Rooster Heathcliff crowed.  Usually he's quiet during the day.    

       As I went pee I looked at the Joshua trees Mr. Steve calls the "Twins."  I've mentioned how they grew up right next to each other.  Mr. Randy said they look like they're dancing with their arms stretched out to the sides.  He joked how they're the "Dancing Twins."   

       Yesterday it was so good to smell the Twins for the first time this year.  I can't believe how cold it was this Winter but they made it through.  I wonder if Joshua trees know that this is the second day of Spring?  Fannie and Freddie the Crows are flying bye right now.

           As I said before, on my big break after part one I went up front to see Daisy.  She was laying on her Barney the Dinosaur blanket in the Garage; near the Utility Room where Mr. Steve has those two amazing machines he calls a "Washer" and "Dryer."  I smell a Cholla cactus.

        Hey God!  Daisy told me that, just like yesterday; the arthritis in her paws isn't as bad as usual.  She grateful to You for that.  Me too!  I like when Daisy feels good.  That Aspirin pill Mr. Steve always puts in her breakfast has been working great lately.  Thank You.

        Oh!  There goes Able Company of Quail going to the front yard to eat some of the Bird Seed he spreads on the ground below his Office window.  It's so good to see that Laverne and Shirley, the two sisters who lead that group; have a new batch of baby Quail to protect.     



        Heathcliff crowed again!  Boy God, Daisy is so right.  Hearing Heathcliff crowing during the middle of the day makes us feel good!  Thank You giving us these two acres to guard and also our close friendship.  Fred and Ethel the Pigeons just flew in from the eastern desert.  

       Daisy says before I came to live here Heathcliff sometimes crowed during the middle of the day the way he did yesterday and is doing today.  I sure hope she's right and one of his Hens had babies so he's simply happy!  I just picked up the scent of that one old Juniper bush.

        I suddenly feel kind of what they call "invigorated."  Six more chapters to go today in book two; two more chapters in part two.  And just like yesterday, because it's Spring; I'll have about twelve hours of sunlight.  So that means I have six hours of sunlight left today.  


       In this chapter I'll write more about Mr. Steve's brother Sam's family.  And I'll also write about "Sports."  I've mentioned how, since he's been ten years old; Mr. Steve's favorite Baseball team has been the Kansas City and later Oakland "Athletics;" or just "A's for short.  

       As I said yesterday, Mr. Steve started liking the A's because in 1965 he saw a Magazine and noticed how the A's primary color was green just like his Little League team.  The A's secondary colors are white and yellow.  In the next two days I'll write a lot about sports uniforms.  

       Yesterday I wrote about how Steve's friend Rick's favorite Baseball team is the Pittsburgh "Pirates."  Their primary color is black, with white and yellow the secondary colors.  Baseball has been an important part of Mr. Steve and his two brother's life.  I smell the Twins.    



            Oh!  I just noticed Andy and Helen the Squirrels over there.  I didn't even smell them come in.  It was so comforting to have had them around yesterday.  And today too.  I wonder if they're going to have any babies this year?  I sure hope so.  Baby Squirrels are so cute!  

        As I've mentioned before, Daisy says even though our boss doesn't really "follow" Popular Culture entertainment any more he'll like it if I write about those things from the times when he did care.  Ah!  I just now picked up Andy and Helen's two blended scents.  

       Smelling Andy and Helen reminds me of this exact same time last year.  Their scents are a little different now.  Hey God!  It's Spring!  I feel so good!  Thank Everyone up there!  Happy new year!  Boy!  I like saying that.  Daisy is right.  We've been blessed all right.

                                                                  BILL MAZERSOKI


           According to this outline I'm not scheduled to write about the Pittsburgh Pirates until later this afternoon.  But I just feel like doing part of it now too.  As I've mentioned a few times, Mr. Steve's friend Rick's family is from Pittsburgh.  Mr. Steve drew the Pirates logos.

       The Pirates "Franchise" is one of oldest in Baseball.  A picture in my Encyclopedia shows a guy named Bill Mazeroski "circling" the bases."  The caption says he's celebrating after hitting a "game-winning" Home Run in the 1960 World Series.  I just love to celebrate!  

       Mr. Steve was five years old in 1960, his brother Rock three.  Rick was six.  Yesterday in my first book I mentioned how in 1962 Rick became a student at Saint Ferdinand.  So, because of their friendship; Mr. Steve is interested in the history of Pittsburgh.  Me too now!

                                                    HARVEY HADDIX JR. (1925-1994)


       I just looked up Harvey Haddix Jr.  He was a left-handed Pitcher for the Pirates and in 1959, a year before Bill Mazeroski's Home Run; "threw" what's called a "Perfect Game." That means not even one Batter was able to get "on base" against that guy Harvey Haddix.                               

     Mr. Steve says a Perfect Game is even better than a "No-Hitter."   There are nine "Innings" per game and three "Outs" for each inning.  So that means there are twenty eight batters in nine innings.  What's so amazing about Harvey Haddix's Perfect Game is that he lost 1-0!                     

    Wow!  This is incredible.  Not only did Harvey Haddix pitch a nine inning Perfect Game, he threw a Perfect Game for twelve innings!  But in the 13th inning he finally gave up a hit and it     lost the game for him.  Oh!  Jack the Jackrabbit just bounded bye right now.                                  


LEW BURDETTE (1926-2007)

      Mr. Steve told Mr. Randy about that 1959 Harvey Haddix game.  In that game he "faced" the "Braves" who were then located in the city of Milwaukee.  I've mentioned how his friend       Mark, who now lives in Hawaii; is originally from Milwaukee.  I smell a Lizard nearby.               

         My Encyclopedia has a picture of this other guy named Lew Burdette; the opposing Pitcher to Harvey Haddix in 1959.  And even though he gave up "Hits" and had a few Pirate runners get on base that day he himself pitched a "Shutout."  He didn't give up any "Runs" either.                 

       I guess Harvey Haddix was so "dominating" in 1959 the Braves had this powerful Home Run hitter named Eddie Mathews "drop" a "Sacrifice Bunt" in the 13th inning.  That means he purposely made an out or sacrificed himself to move a runner into scoring position.                                                                                                   HANK AARON                                     


     Yesterday, and this morning; I wrote about the trip Mr. Steve took with his father to Atlanta in 1971.  The Braves were in Atlanta then and Mr. Steve went to one of their games.  That guy     Hank Aaron hit a Home Run.  A Lizard just ran and hid under a bush over there.                          

    The Pirates have always been in Pittsburgh.  The Braves were originally located in Boston, near where Mr. Steve's sister Susan lives with her two sons.  In 1959 the Milwaukee Braves had    been in the World Series two years in a row so were not a weak-hitting team at all.                         

      Mr. Steve says in 1959 Harvey Haddix "played Chess" with the hitters.  He didn't throw hard but intelligently "mixed up" and "located" his two type of pitches.  Even Hank Aaron went hitless.  And the Braves were stealing the Catcher's signs too!  It didn't really matter.                     


                            DAWN                                  BLINKY                                       ROSIE


       Dawn is barking over there next door.  When I took my pee break I noticed all three of our neighbors Dog's scents.  They must've been over there near Libby's Corral this morning.   Hey!  I can even hear old Rosie barking too.  I haven't heard her bark in a long time. 

       It's about one thirty in the afternoon judging by where the Sun is hanging in the sky and by how the shadows look.  This morning they were long and leaning toward me.  But now they're short and are starting to lean away from me sitting over here in the Patio on Elvira.  

       Oh!  Andy and Helen just suddenly bolted and ran out into the desert.  It's so amazing how they can run at full speed and zip right through the two vertical slots or openings on either side of the back gate; without hitting their heads.  Jack the Jackrabbit does that too.


        A nice, cool breeze just blew in off of the eastern desert behind the three Sheds.  And now the Chimes hanging from the roof of the Patio are ringing.  I hope that's You Holy Spirit.  I want to hope it is You hanging around again today.  That helps me a lot doing my work.

       Wow!  Just when I was thinking about You Holy Spirit Ricky and Lucy the Pigeons flew in from the eastern desert and landed up there on the Patio roof right above me.  I want to believe this is a good sign for writing this second half of my second book.  I believe in omens.

       The Sun is almost all the way over the west side of the house now.  I've gotten a lot done so far today.  But I still have a whole half a day left.  There are still so many things on my outline to cover today before dinner late this afternoon.  Again no snacks for us today; so far.



       Oh!  The scent of Rosemary just came into my nose.  I hope You made that happen Blessed Mother.  I want to believe that as You know.  And I was just going to say a quick Hail Mary and do a Sign of the Cross too.  This has to be a good sign for the rest of the day I hope.    

      On my big break this morning Daisy encouraged me.  She can't believe how much I've gotten done.  She told me to be disciplined and not give in when my bad Angel Lilith tempts me to chase Rudy the Roadrunner or Jack the Jackrabbit.  Boy, Dais knows me so well.  

    Thank You Stanley for being such a good Guardian Angel.  You protect and watch over me.  I sense You sometimes as You already know of course.  I haven't had any nightmares lately about   being chased when I was homeless and living out in that field.  A Crow just cawed.                         


        Oh!  Heathcliff just crowed.  Daisy thinks his odd behavior in crowing during the middle of the day is a good sign and I want to believe that too.  Sitting here in the Patio on my couch Elvira I smell, hear and see the things out there in the desert behind the three Sheds. 

      Dais says maybe Heathcliff just feels good knowing that the cold weather's over and it's now  Springtime; even though sometimes it still gets cold at night in Spring.  We also have some cold winds which at times come up at this time of year.  I just smelled a Lizard nearby.

       Glancing around I just noticed a little Lizard standing on the wall near the sliding glass door leading into the Dining Room.  That Lizard is now doing those Lizard push ups they do.  Up and down.  Up and down.  Our dark gray water bucket is just below that one Lizard. 



        I just noticed that big brown Lizard I saw yesterday.  It's standing in the dirt to the right of the big tree.  It's smart to stay so perfectly still.  There are things around here, like our neighbors Cat Cher for instance; who would love to eat it.  Lizards have to be so careful.         

        Dais thinks it might be just a coincidence that Heathcliff is crowing in the middle of the day on the exact days I'm writing my three books.  I hope Daisy's right and a Hen had babies.  She says at times Heathcliff has crowed during the day but but it's been a long time.  

           Sitting here on this couch, looking to the eastern horizon beyond our three Sheds; I see a lot of green.  And the light blue sky with a few small clouds is so pretty.  I wish every day could be just like this.  Birds, especially Crows; are swirling around out there in the desert.


                                                         OAKLAND ATHLETICS (1970's)


       Because our boss's favorite team is the Oakland Athletics who mainly wear green, Daisy and myself now also like green.  But blue is still kind of my favorite color.  Dais likes red.  We have a few favorite colors.  Mr. Steve's favorite A's teams played back during the 1970's.  

       Yesterday I mentioned the Oakland A's.  I'm mainly going to write about the long history of the Franchise later today and in book three tomorrow.  But I think I'll write a little bit about the A's right now too.  From 1901 until 1955 they were located in the city of "Philadelphia."

       Oh!  This Encyclopedia says in 1955 the A's moved from Philadelphia to west to this other city called "Kansas City."  That's in Missouri where Mr. Steve's customer Bob works.  Mr. Steve was born in 1955.  Rudy the Roadrunner just jogged bye.  He knows I won't chase him.                                                        



       Aha!  I had a feeling someone was watching me.  And glancing to my right I can see that it's Libby over there in her Corral.  She's looking over here in this direction.  As I've mentioned a few time yesterday and this morning, Libby is an old Horse.  I like Libby.

        Looking to my right toward Libby's Corral, I notice that her skinny black tail is swatting away some Flies.  Hey God!  I know I keep asking You not to have so many Flies around here in the Summer but please don't give us a year with too many Bugs.  I'm afraid of some Bugs.

       Libby is now walking around.  As I wrote yesterday in book one, Mr. Steve jokes that she walks sort of like an old athlete who runs "Flat-Footed" in order to not get injured.  Each step is set down in a solid way.  As I mentioned yesterday, it's called "Sure-Footed."    



           For some reason right now, seeing Libby suddenly makes me think about Molly the Mule who died.  I still remember how Molly smelled.  I miss her.  When a Coyote, Bobcat or that one time a Mountain Lion went bye out on our dirt road she kicked her fence really hard.

       Hey God!  Remember last Autumn when I could have sworn I smelled Molly over there in the Corral.  But Daisy said that was impossible because the wind had blown away all of her scent long time ago.  I really do believe in ghosts God.  There might even be Mule ghosts.

       Daisy thinks Libby will die soon too; just like poor old Molly.  This is probably her last year so we have to appreciate her Dais says.   I agree with her on that.  Mr. Steve said he had a dream a while back in which he rubbed her nose the way she liked.  Mules have big teeth!  


                                                            CHARLES O. FINLEY

        Mr. Steve told his friend Mike that in the late 1960's the A's "Mascot" was a Mule named "Charley O."  A picture in my Encyclopedia shows that Mule with the A's owner named Charles O. Finley on his back.  "Charley" Finley was Irish.  Mr. Steve drew the A's logos.

        Dais has me scheduled to write about the A's franchise later when I talk about this trip Mr. Steve and his brother Rock took to New York City in 1977.  They saw a game at the old "Yankee Stadium."  This is interesting.  I guess for years the A's Mascot was a white Elephant.

       On that trip back east in 1977 the "Yankees" had a player named Reggie Jackson.  Before that season he'd played for the A's.  He hit three Home Runs in one World Series game later that same year.  Anyway, I'll write a lot more about the A's later today and tomorrow too.



        I smell Sage.  What a coincidence.  I just looked up the subject of "Photosynthesis."  Daisy says Mr. Steve helped a kid do a report on why many plants are green one time.  I guess the main  reason is "Chlorophyll."  Boy!  I'm getting a lot better at looking things up. 

       Hey God!  I guess, unlike other "Living Organisms" like us; most plants don't need to go out and get the food.  They've evolved to use Your energy in photosynthesis to produce food inside of themselves.  The main reason why many plants have "Leaves" is photosynthesis. 

       This Encyclopedia says that the word photosynthesis is actually Greek and means "Putting together with light."  Breathing in air through my nose, I appreciate green more.  Oh! I smell a Mouse!  Mice usually don't come out in daytime.  But they did yesterday.     



        Well, according to my outline for book two I'll now write more about that town to our west called "Littlerock."  That's where Mr. Steve's brother Sam lives with his wife Yolanda and their three kids.  I mentioned Littlerock yesterday.  I see the Mouse.  It better be careful.

        Daisy says our boss has a customer in the State of "Arkansas."  And it's a Dodge dealership located in the city of "Little Rock."  At times Dais and I have wondered why here in our area the name Littlerock is combined into just one word?  Dawn is barking next door.

       Someday, if I ever get over my fear of riding in a Car; I'd like to visit that town of Littlerock. Our boss says it has a really unique store called "Charlie Brown's."  They sell things that  aren't sold anywhere else.  The Mouse just ran under a rock over there near the big tree. 


      Mr. Steve says Charlie Brown's sells knives and swords like the ones he's collected. And they have miniature figurines like the ones he's built.  He bought those two big Ostrich egg shells I mentioned yesterday over at Charlie Brown's.  Cher the Cat is jogging bye.

         Daisy says Mr. Steve and his Nieces Samantha and Cristina went to Charlie Brown's.  He got them "Souvenirs" with logos of current bands like GREEN DAY.  They sell Buffalo hamburgers at Charlie Brown's; just like the ones I mentioned they ate on Catalina Island.

      At times Dais and I have wondered why towns are named Little Rock or Littlerock?  Maybe they have a lot of small rocks there Daisy thinks.  She's probably right.  As I said yesterday, we have a lot of rocks around here too.  And our long driveway is made out of gravel.  


                                                            UNCLE SAM'S FAMILY


      Mr. Steve's brother Sam and his wife Yolanda have three children; Mathew, Sammy Jr. and Raqquel.  The oldest, Mathew, goes to C.S.U.N. so stays in Sylmar at his Grandparent's house.  Mathew's a good athlete.  Mr. Steve said in Baseball he has a strong throwing arm.

      Mathew "Umpires" Baseball games in order to make money.  And I guess lately his younger brother Sammy Jr. has been doing it too.  When he was young Mr. Steve also umpired.  But the pay was way lower then he says.   Boy, I'd sure like to make some money too!

      From what our boss told Daisy, being an Umpire or "Referee" is sort of like being a Judge.  At times you make mistakes and everyone is mad at you.  And even when you do your best to be "impartial" or objective some of the audience get upset and yell out mean things.



       Dais told me Mr. Steve is impressed even more in how his two Nephews Mathew and Sammy Jr. also work as "Officials" in other sports besides just Baseball.  He could not have done that he says.  Basketball is really hard to "Referee;" especially on "Charging" plays.  

       Sometimes Mathew and Sammy drive all the way to Las Vegas to officiate Football games. I mentioned Las Vegas yesterday when I wrote about how Mr. Steve's family was involved in the "Gaming" industry in the early 1990's.  Gaming sounds better than "Gambling."  

       As I mentioned yesterday, Mr. Steve's brother Sam and his wife Yolanda still have two kids living at home; Sammy Jr. and his younger sister Raqquel.  Daisy says both are good in sports the way their parents were.  We'd like to meet their Dogs Tito and Ozzy someday.    



          Oh!  I can smell Goliath the Gopher Snake.  Aha!  There he is over there near the back gate that's between the two small Sheds.  He's sticking his tongue out to taste the air.  As I've said before, Mr. Steve named him Goliath because he's four feet long.  I'm afraid of him!

       As I've mentioned a few times, Mr. Steve's friend Mark Ritter, who died; knew a lot about Reptiles and things like that.  Tomorrow in book three Dais has me scheduled to write about this "Gila Monster" that lived with Mr. Steve at the Sylmar house on Hagar Street.

       Daisy thinks Goliath must be a good fighter.  It seems like boy Snakes fight a lot; especially at this time of year.  Like Crows, I guess boy Snakes have to fight to get the right to be with the girl Snake.  Mark Ritter said there are six types of Gopher Snake here in California.   




        I'm supposed to write about the real story of "David and Goliath" tomorrow but I kind of feel like doing it now instead.  Goliath the Snake just crawled under Moe the middle Shed. One time Daisy told me the whole story about David and Goliath.  It's a great story!  

        Dais and that other Dog Millie were in Mr. Steve's Bedroom and saw a good tv show about Bible stories.  A painting in my Encyclopedia shows how the small Shepherd boy David killed the giant named Goliath by using a "sling" to hit his forehead with a rock.  A Crow cawed. 

         The caption below the painting says Goliath was a "Philistine" warrior.  David was Jewish. The other "Israelites" were afraid to fight Goliath "One on One" when he "challenged" them to to meet him "Man to Man."  He "taunted" them.  Dawn is barking next door. 




        That tv show said Goliath was either four or six "Cubits" tall.  And a cubit is about eighteen inches.  So that guy Goliath was either six feet tall or eight feet tall.  People were way smaller in those days Dais says.  Boy!  I'll bet Goliath's armor and helmet were heavy.  

       Mr. Steve has a few spears inside his Office Daisy told me.  She says the tv show said Goliath might've had something wrong with his body and that's why he grew so large.  The tv show said he was "slow and lumbering."  I just picked up Libby's scent over there in her Corral. 

        Dais says our boss has a "Sling" like the one David used to knock out Goliath.  He also has this other thing called a "Sling Shot."  They're both hanging on one of the walls of his Office.  If I ever get over my fear of enclosed places I'll go down the Hallway to see things like that.



         Hey!  This is interesting.  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  It says here that the story of David and Goliath is in the Old Testament "Book of Samuel."  His father is named Samuel and so is his brother and Nephew too.  Samson and Delilah the Crows are flying bye. 

         Daisy says our boss showed Mr. Randy pictures he took of Boxers making "Fighting Poses" in the ring.  He asked; "Would you want to fight them?"  Mr. Randy said; "No way!"  Dais says those Boxers looked just like what that one guy Hercules probably looked like.  

        But those Boxers were all what they call "Muscle Bound" so lost to faster, more "limber" Fighters.  That's what Mr. Steve said.  They were "stiff" and "Crab-like" in trying to catch their opponents.  Sometimes they threw wild punches because they got so frustrated. 




          Hitting Goliath's forehead with a rock only knocked him unconscious.  A painting in this one Encyclopedia shows how that kid David then ran up and used Goliath's own sword to cut off his head.  Daisy said David circled Goliath and kept what's called "Out of Range."

          Dais thinks David had plenty of time to "Line Up" his shots.  Mr. Steve says he was pretty good at using a sling when he was a kid.  He thinks its totally possible that David could have hit Goliath in the forehead with a rock.  That would knock anyone "Out Cold" so to speak.     

        Hey God!  This is interesting.  My Encyclopedia says the phrase "David versus Goliath" has come to represent the "victorious underdog" who has the "Odds stacked against them."  That's kind of like Homer Lea, Douglas Bader or Doug Flutie.  And Helen Keller too. 


                                                                                              WOOD ENGRAVING BY GUSTAVE DORE


      Wow!  A picture in my Encyclopedia shows that boy David holding up Goliath's head to show everyone.  I wonder what it would be like to cut off someone's head?  That must be so weird. I'll bet that guy Goliath had a really big head.  Some Crows are cawing faintly.

        Oh!  Some Crows were circling over the eastern desert but now I see they're diving down to the ground.  That probably means someone found a dead Rabbit or something.  And now they'll fight over it.  I'm getting hungry too.  We haven't had any snacks again today.

        This is interesting God.  It says in this Encyclopedia that the story of David versus Goliath has come to symbolize You who guided David's rock in knock out Goliath.  And I guess Goliath now represents the forces of "Paganism."  I wrote about Paganism yesterday in book one.



            As I've mentioned, Daisy's favorite cartoon is Underdog.  I like that one funny Bear named Yogi.  He's so smart!  And of course I really like Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  I wonder if we'll go in the Living Room to watch tv tomorrow morning?  Some Saturdays we don't.  

        Dais is right.  If you go by the definition of an underdog then that flying Dog on the cartoon would not qualify.  He's not at a disadvantage.  He has the advantage of being able to fly.  Daisy likes how he helps others.  His girlfriend named Polly Purebred is lucky she thinks.

        Well, back to writing about Mr. Steve and his family.  Daisy says he and his brothers were pretty good Baseball players; Rock and Sam better than Mr. Steve.  Mr. Steve still plays "Slow Pitch" Softball.  He's the best "Fielder" on the team so plays "Shortstop."  

                              UNCLE SAM    


       Daisy says when Mr. Steve's brother Sam went to Sylmar High he played Baseball on some good teams.  One time she told me, they came within just one game of going to play for the Los Angeles City Championship down there at Dodger Stadium.  I smell a Sage bush. 

       A city to the west of Sylmar is called "Granada Hills."  It's located next to Northridge where Mr. Steve, his brother Rock and their mom all went to College.  For almost ten years Mr. Steve's Niece Stephanie, her boyfriend Rich and their daughter Cristina lived in Granada Hills.

       Granada Hills has a public High School.  It's sports teams are called the "Highlanders" just like over there in Scotland.  Green is their primary color with black and white used as secondary colors.  Daisy told me "Granada's" logo is one of those "Bagpipe" musical instruments.



     I just picked up the scent of a Jackrabbit.  I don't recognized it.  Oh no!  There it is standing in the dirt between the two small Sheds.  It doesn't know that Goliath the Snake is resting under Moe the Shed just to his right.  Maybe I should bark out and warn that poor Rabbit?                   

     Oh my God!  Goliath just suddenly jumped out at that Jackrabbit!  But luckily for the Rabbit he missed so the Rabbit zoomed right through the left vertical slot of the gate and is now tearing through the desert.  Boy!  That is one very lucky Rabbit.  Wow!  Rabbits can move so fast.          

     If we didn't already have a Squirrel around here named Speedy Gonzalez I'd give the Rabbit that name.  The real Cartoon Speedy Gonzalez says "Ariba" and "Andale."   That means   "Up" and "Hurry Up."  Goliath the Snake just crawled out into the eastern desert.                                                           

    I can't wait to tell Daisy about this new Jackrabbit.  Maybe we can even give that Rabbit a good name!   That is one one fast-reacting Jackrabbit.  It got away from Goliath so fast.  And the way it just zoomed out into the desert is so amazing.  Jackrabbits are such fast runners!                

  Hey God!  Was it You who saved that Rabbit?  I hope it was.  Maybe You have a purpose for that Rabbit?  I'll bet it was You.  Goliath hardly ever misses that bad.  Boy!  It's only the second   day of Spring; our new year.  And another cycle of life, death and rebirth begins again.                 

       From what Dais told me, over the years our boss has known people who went to Granada Hills High School.  Daisy has me scheduled to write about this guy named "Alex" later.  He met Mr. Steve in 1971 when they were at Alemany High School.  I smell a new Sage plant.

                                                JOHN ELWAY (GRANADA HILLS "HIGHLANDERS")


           Dais says in the late 1970's Mr. Steve's brother Sam and sisters Susan and Celina went to Sylmar High.  "Sylmar" and "Granada" had good sports teams and played each other.  Goliath just crawled out into the desert.  He's probably mad about missing the Jackrabbit.    

       In the late 1970's Granada Hills High's best player was this one guy named John Elway.  In Football he played "Quarterback" and is now even in the "Pro Football Hall of Fame."  Daisy heard our boss and his friend Mr. Randy talking about John Elway's strong arm. 

       As I've mentioned, Daisy weighs over one hundred pounds.  Even though she's old she's still strong.  Mr. Mike one time jokingly called her "a load."  She could play Football.  I wrote about the time she accidentally knocked over our boss and he really sprained his wrist. 


        Daisy says Mr. Steve told his friend Randy that guy John Elway was not just a really good Football player, he was also a good Baseball player too.  Some people think he could've made it in professional Baseball.  Dawn and Blinky are barking over there next door.

        When Mr. Steve's brother Sam's Sylmar High Baseball team played for a chance to go to the City Championship they lost by one run to John Elway's Granada Hills team.  The game was played on the C.S.U.N. Baseball Field.  So Granada Hills got to play at Dodger Stadium.  

        Dais says our boss has customers up there in the State of "Montana."  A Parts Manager at one of them told Mr. Steve that because John Elway's father was a Football Coach; the family lived up there in Montana for a few years.  But in 1976 they moved to Los Angeles.



         Out there in the eastern desert one of those kids just went bye on his Motocross Bike.  He's riding up our dirt road.  I heard him coming.  Today's Friday and it's about one thirty so he may be what they call "Ditching" school.  Or maybe be just got off early today.   

       According to Dais, Mr. Steve told that Parts Manager in Montana the reason John Elway's family came to California was because his father got a job coaching at C.S.U.N.  1976 is the year Mr. Steve started going there.  So John Elway went to Granada Hills High School.   

      Daisy says she remembers our boss telling Mr. Randy about how that Parts Manager up in Montana said John Elway had a twin sister.  But, sadly, she died at a young age a few years ago. As I wrote in book one, Mr. Steve's sister Celina, Samantha's mother;  also died too.



        After graduating from High School John Elway went to College in Northern California at Stanford.  Yesterday in book one I wrote about that guy Homer Lea; the history writer who was disabled.  As I mentioned yesterday, Homer Lea also went to Stanford University. 

       Daisy says our boss has read a Magazine called "Sports Illustrated."  In this Encyclopedia there's a picture of John Elway when he played Quarterback for Stanford.  And it shows him on the front cover of Sports Illustrated.  Anyway, I'll write more about John Elway later.  

        This Encyclopedia says Stanford is named after a man named Leland Stanford.  He lived in the 19th century and was really rich I guess.  He was California's Governor during the American Civil War and later one of the two California Senator sent back to Washington D.C.


                                     LELAND STANFORD (1824-1893) AND FAMILY


       According to my book two outline Dais has me scheduled to learn and write about how that guy Leland Stanford was part of starting the the first Railroad that went all the way across the whole country.  Daisy remembers how Mr. Steve admired Leland Stanford's wife.

      Daisy told me our boss once met a guy who knew a lot about Leland Stanford.  He said after Leland Stanford died his wife took over the running of things like Stanford University.  She was no "Pushover" that man told Mr. Steve.  A Wren is singing out there in the desert. 

      That man said Leland Stanford's wife was "strong-willed" and "fully capable" of handling "business matters."  Daisy thinks she sounds kind of like Grandma Córdova.  As I've mentioned, many of the women in our family have been what they call good "Helpmates."


                                                                     THE BIG FOUR


       Later today I'll learn more about Leland Stanford when I write about the "Big Four." They were four rich Californians who, right after the Civil War; were involved in the first what they call "Trans-Continental" Railroad which connected the two coasts in 1869.         

      Mr. Steve told Dais and Millie that even Athletes at Stanford have to study hard.  That is not true at many other Colleges where athletes are held to "lower expectations."  Daisy recalls Mr. Steve saying many, if not most Athletes; don't graduate.  I hear Crows cawing.

      Daisy says our boss thinks they should just openly give "Stipends" for three or four years to the Athletes in College.  That means money.  Now Athletes get paid "indirectly" in "dishonest" ways.  Athletes are mainly just Entertainers who make money for the Colleges.  


                                                         JOHN WOODEN (1910-2010)

                   PHOTO BY MIKE SULLIVAN


        Mr. Steve met this one man from "Indiana" named John Wooden.  In the 1960's and 1970's he was U.C.L.A.'s Basketball Coach.  Oh!  It says here he was born on October 14th.  Mr. Steve's Niece Cristina's birthday is October 4th and his brother Rock was born on the 17th.

       As I've said, in the mid-1980's Mr. Steve sold Season Seats and Advertising for sports teams. To get "Leads" in 1984 he and a guy named Paul "Manned a Booth" at "Anaheim Convention Center."  They showed Lakers, Kings and Lazer highlights to "Lure" people in.  

        Our boss told John Wooden his idea about paying athletes.  He said; "It sounds interesting. Others have suggested similar." Colleges would tell Athletes; "If smart you'll get a Degree but if you decide to just lift weights okay." I'll write more about John Wooden later.  


                                                                 JIM PLUNKETT


        Dais told me about this other guy who also played Quarterback for Stanford.  His name was Jim Plunkett and his Mexican-American parents, both blind; were originally from New Mexico.  Like most people during the 1930's Great Depression, they were really poor Daisy says.  

        Mr. Steve met a pretty girl from New Mexico whose family knew Jim Plunkett's family.  She told Mr. Steve Jim Plunkett's parents had two girls when they moved out to Northern California during World War II.  Jim Plunkett was born here.  I can smell a Lizard nearby.

        Daisy says that girl from New Mexico said Jim Plunkett's father worked at a "Shipyard" up there in Northern California.  Earlier I wrote about that one writer named Eric Hoffer who Mr. Steve and his father have read.  He also worked in the Bay Area "On the Docks."  


                                                          ERIC HOFFER (1898-1983)


        I guess Jim Plunkett's dad was a "Longshoreman" who loaded and unloaded Warships just like Grandpa Trujillo loaded and unloaded Trains in Belen.  As I said earlier, Eric Hoffer was a Longshoreman too.  I'll write more about Grandpa Trujillo and Eric Hoffer tomorrow. 

       Sadly, Dais says Jim Plunkett's dad went totally blind so he had to quit his job.  Jim Plunkett was born in 1947, two years after World War II.  The family moved to this other city called "San Jose."  Mr. used to have a customer near there.  Dais is also slowly going blind too.

       A while back Mr. Steve had a pleasant dream where he and his ex-girlfriend Harriet were at this one "News Stand" they liked on "Van Nuys Boulevard."  Daisy told me about how that guy Jim Plunkett's father, even though he was blind; got a job at a News Stand in San Jose. 



        I knew I heard something coming!  It's that one big fluorescent blue Dragonfly who's been hanging around here lately.  He just whizzed on bye and didn't notice me over here on Elvira. I sure wouldn't want to be stung by a Dragonfly.  I know I've said that already.

         From what Daisy says, the girl told our boss about how as young kids Jim Plunkett and his two older sisters worked to help the family.  Jim Plunkett "Bagged Groceries" and delivered the Newpapers.  They even did really hard work like "picking fruit" out in Orchards.

       I guess in San Jose all the members of Jim Plunkett's family "Pitched In" to help the family survive.  Daisy say that girl told our boss how, Jim Plunkett could throw a Football sixty yards as a young teenager.  Mr. Steve said that means he had a really strong arm.  




        I can hear Dawn barking next door.  Daisy likes Dawn.  Although blind in one eye Dawn still wants to "Pull her Weight."  So at times she seems kind of "Over Protective."  I've mentioned it before how her barks are not usually alarm barks; like right now for instance.  

       Daisy admires how Dawn "Ceded" or gave up power to little Blinky.  As I've said, Dawn was "Pack Leader" but now she and Rosie are kind of like  Blinky's helpers.  That's why sometimes she barks too much Dais says. That Blinky sure seems pretty smart Daisy thinks.    

       Fannie and Freddie the Crows just flew in from the desert and landed on top of Manny the far right Shed.  A dead Lizard is hanging from Freddie's mouth.  And now they just lifted off to go find a place where they can eat that Lizard and not have it stolen by someone. 


        I guess Jim Plunkett is associated with Northern and Southern California.  Like Doug Flutie later, he won one of those "Heisman Trophy's" while in College at Stanford.  And when he was a "Professional" he won two "Super Bowls" for the Oakland and Los Angeles "Raiders."

        Jim Plunkett's first year at Stanford was 1968.  As I've mentioned a few time, Mr. Steve was thirteen in 1968.  In High School Dais says, Jim Plunkett was a Quarterback but also played "on the other side of the ball" at "Defensive End."  That's an unusual combination I guess. 

      That girl told Mr. Steve that at first Jim Plunkett didn't do all that good as the Quarterback for Stanford.  The Coaches even wanted to just have him play Defensive End but he promised to do better.  I see a Lizard over there standing on the wall near the sliding glass door.


                                      JIM PLUNKETT ("HEISMAN" TROPHY / 1970)

       Yesterday in book one I wrote about Doug Flutie who was small but became a good Football player anyway.  He won the Heisman Trophy too.  In 1970 Jim Plunkett did good and as I said, he earned the Heisman Trophy.  And he was the first "Hispanic / Latino" to do it. 

       That Lizard near the sliding glass door just ran down the side of the wall and is now going to hide behind our gray water bucket.  Boy!  There seem to be more Lizards already this year.  And it's only the second day of Spring.  I can see Libby over there standing in her Corral. 

        Daisy told me that in some professional team sports the worst team gets the first pick of the best young players the next year.  The New England Patriots finished in last place so got the first pick.  They "Drafted" that guy Jim Plunkett.  So he then had to move back east.

          In book one I wrote about the "A.F.L." and "N.F.L."  Daisy says Jim Plunkett was actually Drafted by the "Boston" Patriots; their name from the American Football League days.  Later they became the "New England" Patriots.  Mr. Steve drew their logos Dais says.

       Two of the Pigeons are cooing up on the Patio roof.  I can barely see their shadows moving because the Sun above has moved onto the other side of the house.  Later today I'll be able to see their shadows a lot better because they'll be longer and facing away from me. 

       Just like in College, I guess at first in New England Jim Plunkett didn't really "Live up to Expectations" as that old saying goes.  Daisy says our boss thinks when a Quarterback does not have a good "Offensive Line" to protect him he gets injured.  The Pigeons flew away.


          The Patriots "Traded" Jim Plunkett to the San Francisco "49er's;" who are named after the 19th century Gold Miners.  I'll write about both later.  That girl from New Mexico said how Jim Plunkett was happy.  But later he got "Released" by the 49er's too.  A Crow cawed.

       Luckily for Jim Plunkett, "Across the Bay" from San Francisco;  Al Davis and his Oakland Raiders "Signed" him.  But it was as a "Backup" not a "Starter."  Speedy Gonzalez the Squirrel just ducked under Jack the big Shed.  As I've mentioned, he hides under Jack.  

          Mr. Steve told Dais and Millie it gets really cold in New England where his sister Susan lives with her boys in Connecticut.  That's close to Boston.  As he knows "All too Well" as they say, getting hit in cold weather hurts a lot more than usual.  A Crow is cawing faintly.



      The caption under a picture in my Encyclopedia says John Elway is "handing the ball off" to the Denver "Broncos" Running Back.  The other team is the Kansas City "Chiefs."  Ugh!  It's      snowing in that picture.  I don't like snow that much.  It's cold!  I have short hair.                          

      Dais and Millie heard our boss and Mr. Cliff talk about how in sports, when you get hit and it hurts; you have to "Act" as though it doesn't hurt.  I guess you don't want to give the other team the "satisfaction" of knowing it stings by rubbing it.  But it's harder in cold weather.                     

    Hey God!  Was it You who caused Jim Plunkett to be traded back to the West Coast after he didn't do well for the Patriots?  That girl from New Mexico and her mother thought You helped  Jim Plunkett in his life by doing that.  He was happier being closer to his family.                                    


       Daisy agrees with that girl and thinks it was probably You God who caused Jim Plunkett to be "Cut" by the San Francisco 49ers.  Did You assign Jim Plunkett a Guardian Angel like my Guardian Angel Stanley or Daisy's Guardian Angel Ramona?  I smell a Juniper bush.

       Oh!  Goliath the Gopher Snake is back.  He came through the right vertical slot on the side of the gate.  He's crawling under Moe the middle Shed and is probably still mad at missing that one Jackrabbit.  Boy!  It takes a while for Goliath's whole body to go under Moe. 

      As I've mentioned before, Snakes prefer to "Ambush" their "Prey."  As I've also mentioned a few times; Snakes taste air through their flicking tongue.  Daisy and I wish we could do that.  I just picked up Libby's scent from over there in her Corral.  That makes me feel good.       




       Hey Stanley?  Is that you?  I was just thinking about you.  You haven't been around lately but I still want to Thank you for giving me good guidance when my bad Angel Lilith tempts me to do bad things like chewing and tearing up my blankets and other things like that.

       Stanley!  When I took my break after chapter four, or part one; I told Daisy about how my bad Angel Lilith might've given up on trying to make me do wrong.  But Daisy said; "Don't kid yourself."  Lilith is probably just "Biding her Time" she told me.  A Crow is cawing.   

       Daisy said in one of her dreams last night her Guardian Angel Ramona showed up.  But in that same dream her bad Angel Eddie barged in and was trying to scare her.  As I've said before, Eddie looks just like that band IRON MAIDEN'S mascot Eddie.   They're both scary! 



        Winter's can get really cold here in Piñon Hills.  But in most of California that "is not the case" as they say.  Daisy and Millie heard our boss tell Mr. Randy that Jim Plunkett and John Elway both grew up here in California but got Drafted by pro teams in cold cities.

        As I've mentioned, Jim Plunkett was picked to go play back east in Boston.  John Elway had to go to Denver.  Dais says our boss and Mr. Randy played sports in growing up and agreed that in cold weather it hurts sometimes to catch a Football.  I smell a Cholla cactus.  

       When he was a kid playing Little League during the late 1960's Mr. Steve was at times his team's "Leadoff" hitter.  That means he was the first "Batter" to go up and "Face" the Pitcher of the other team.  So his job was to "Get on Base" and "Set the Table" so to speak.



        Later today I'll write about a Cuban man named "Bert" Campaneris.  Mr. Steve "Studied" the way he played.  Bert Campaneris was the A's Leadoff hitter in the late 1960's and then early 1970's.  Bert Campaneris' real first name is "Dagoberto."  I smell an old Sage bush.

       From what Dais explained to me, in Baseball a Leadoff batter's main job is to what they call "Get on Base."  Then he has to try to get into "Scoring Position" so the more powerful hitters can "Knock you In" as they say.  I can really smell that old Sage bush right now.  

       Mr. Steve says a few times in Little League he let a pitch hit him and pretended to avoid it.  One time though, batting left-handed on a cold day; a fastball hit him on the elbow by accident.  It really hurt for a while but at least he "Got on Base" he jokes.  He couldn't resist rubbing.


           Hey God!  As I mentioned, when the Raiders hired Jim Plunkett it was not to start.  Wow!  I guess, not once but twice; the starting Quarterback got injured and Jim Plunkett came in to lead the Raiders to Super Bowl victories.  Did You cause that to happen God?

         This is so interesting!  From what it says right here, I guess in 1980 Jim Plunkett replaced the "First String" Quarterback.  He ended up winning the Super Bowl for the Oakland Raiders. In 1982, for the "Los Angeles" Raiders; he did the exact same thing!  Wow!

         Dais says our boss drew the Raiders logo and 49ers logos.  The Raiders was hard because of a face on the shield.  like how the Raiders primary color is black and their secondary colors are silver.  Oh!  Fred and Ethel the Pigeons just flew in from being out there in the desert. 


                                                     CHARLES DARWIN (0000-0000)


      By 1980 that guy Jim Plunkett was slow because his legs were injured.  So he had to "adjust" or  "adapt" just like what  that English man Charles Darwin said to do when he wrote about his idea of "Natural Selection."  Fred and Ethel landed on the Patio roof right above me.

        I guess, in the "Survival of the Fittest;" Jim Plunkett as a Raider had to rely more on his "experience."  Dais says our boss thinks Jim Plunkett became a good "Field General" in how he "Ran the Offence."  I can smell that one old Sage bush behind the Sheds again.

        Mr. Steve tells people about how he thinks Jim Plunkett is a good example of how there's a lot more to being a good Quarterback in Football than just having a strong arm.  I guess by the early 1980's Jim Plunkett had become good at "Reading" the other team's Defenses.  



        In book one I wrote about people who can predict the future like Nostradamus and Edgar Casey.  And I mentioned how, before they did anything;  in ancient Greece and Rome people like Alexander the Great went to see those girls called "Oracles" who predicted their future. 

       As I said yesterday, the problem with having the Oracle, or "Pythia," predict your future is that she went into a trance and talked in "Riddles."  So, like Nostradamus;  you had to kind of  "interpret" hr "Cryptic" messages.  Ah!  I can smell an unfamiliar Squirrel.

       As I said yesterday, in ancient Greece the most important place to go to see a Pythia was at the town of "Delphi."  As you waited to go in and see the Oracle, you stood below high marble walls.  And up near the roof it said; "Know Thyself" and "Nothing in Excess."

                                                                                   "RUINS" OF DELPHI


   Another name for the Oracle was a "Sybil." At Delphi when you listened to her you had to keep in mind those two things.  There are stories of people like Kings who did not do that so they misinterpreted what the Oracle said.  Lucy and Ricky the Pigeons just few bye.

       In one Greek story this King asked the Oracle if he should go to war.  She said, if he did "A Kingdom will fall."  He recklessly rushed out but didn't realize it was his own Kingdom which ended up falling.  Aha!  I see the Squirrel I've been smelling near Moe the Shed.

       Oh my God!  Goliath just sprang out and is now biting that poor Squirrel.  He's been under Moe waiting for an opportunity like this.  And now that little Squirrel's doomed.  Goliath just wrapped around it so will now squeeze the life out of it.  A Crow is cawing. 


                                                    TOM FLORES / JIM PLUNKETT

        Our boss and that girl from New Mexico discussed this other man named Tom Flores Daisy told me.  Tom Flores was the first N.F. L. Hispanic / Latino Coach.  And he was Jim Plunkett's Coach when Jim Plunkett made his amazing comeback.  Oh!  Dawn is barking.

        Daisy says our boss thinks if Jim Plunkett had gone to see the Oracle of Delphi he would've taken seriously he words chiseled up on the marble walls.  By the early 1980's he seemed to knew himself well enough to realize his own what they call "limitations." I smell Sage.  

        Mr. Steve told that girl about Tom Flores.  He had been a Raiders Quarterback when they were still a part of the American Football League.  Hey God!  Dais thinks You arranged for that guy Tom Flores to be Jim Plunkett's Coach after his many depressing "Setbacks."


                                                                          LUIS TIANT (0000)


        I just looked up in this Encyclopedia a Baseball Pitcher named Luis Tiant.  Like that guy Bert Campaneris, he was from the island of Cuba.  And like Jim Plunkett, he had to adapt to his getting older and not having the physical abilities he had as a young player.

       Tomorrow Daisy has me scheduled to write about Cuba.  In 1959 "Communists" took over political control.  As I've mentioned, Mr. Steve's Niece Stephanie's boyfriend is named Rich and his family are originally from Cuba.  I'll write about that in book two tomorrow.

      The picture of Luis Tiant in my Encyclopedia shows him on the Cleveland Indians.  I notice how his uniform has "Cutoff Shoulders" style.  In the 1960's the A's, Pirates and Reds also wore uniforms that had had Cutoff Shoulders.  Mr. Steve liked that style Daisy told me. 


                                                                  LUIS TIANT (0000)  


      Well, Mr. Steve was right.  Daisy said he told Mr. Mike about how, as a young Pitcher; that guy Luis Tiant threw really hard.  But then he injured his arm so lost what they call "Velocity."  He had to "Re-Think" of something to "Make Up" for it.  He did like Jim Plunkett.  

       Andy and Helen the Squirrels just ran in from being out there in the eastern desert.  They each came in through the two vertical slots on either side of the back gate.  Now, as usual; they'll go under Moe the middle Shed.  Yup!  There they go.  Andy always goes first. 

        Mr. Steve said Luis Tiant changed his pitching style in order to make up for not throwing as hard.  Like Jim Plunkett he adjusted.  He used his experience to pitch smarter.  He became more of a Chess player.  Rudy the Roadrunner is jogging bye in front of the three Sheds.


       From what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie, Luis Tiant got traded from the Indians to the Minnesota "Twins."  Then he went to play for the Boston "Red Sox."  That's where he did the best.  Mr. Steve also studied how Luis Tiant used "Deception" to pitch better.

       I guess Luis Tiant never was predictable.  He changed his body and arm motions to keep the hitters "Off Balance" as they say.  Mr. Steve was told that the rules for "Pickoffs" were changed because of Luis Tiant.  As good as he had been in Cleveland, he did even better in Boston.       

       Mr. Steve thinks when Jim Plunkett played for the Raiders in the early 1980's; he, like Luis Tiant; relied on his experience.  They were just like Daisy in her old age; they "Worked Smarter not Harder."  I can smell that one little baby Cholla cactus just to my right front.


      Dais says our boss told her how in his comeback Jim Plunkett could still throw what's called the "Long Ball."  The Raiders were known for the "Bomb."  But he was also good at handing the ball off to his runners and throwing shorter "Screen" passes too.  I smell Sage.

       Speedy Gonzales the Ground Squirrel just sprinted bye and ran under Manny the far right Shed.  Sometimes when he runs he leaves a trail of dust; like right now for example.  Boy!  He's such a fast runner.  As I've said before, I've at times chased him but not today.

        I'm so tempted to write now about this one other Football player named O.J. Simpson right now.  Like Jim Plunkett, he grew up in Northern California too.  But, I'd better just wait and do it tomorrow in book three as Daisy has me scheduled.  Dawn is barking next door.     


                                                  O.J. SIMPSON AND WIFE NICOLE

        Daisy and I decided to put O.J. Simpson in book three when we were working on my three outlines.  He went to College at U.S.C. and in 1994 and 1995 was involved two famous Trials here in Los Angeles.  I can hear some Crows fighting out there in the eastern desert.

       Even though I'm mainly going to write about O.J. Simpson tomorrow, I will say a few things about him now too.  Growing up, the only famous person Mr. Steve knew born on his birthday was O.J. Simpson.  Now he knows a few more like the Actor Tom Hanks. 

       Because he shared a birthday with "O.J." Mr. Steve watched him closer than other what are called "Celebrities."  He "had me fooled" Mr. Steve told Mr. Randy.  He seemed so friendly and nice I guess.  A celebrity is what they call a famous person.  I smell Juniper.    

       Mr. Steve watched O.J. Simpson's Criminal Trial closely.  One reason was that it was on tv.  Also, one the Los Angeles City "Prosecutors" named Sheri Lewis was a classmate in Law School. That's why he's convinced O.J. killed his wife and that other guy Ron Goldman.    


       Like most College athletes, O.J. Simpson didn't graduate.  Dais heard our boss tell Mr. Mike how John Elway got a B.A. in "Economics" from Stanford so is a good "Businessman" besides having been a good athlete.  Anyway. I'll come back to O.J. Simpson tomorrow.

      One time Mr. Steve's brother Sam's Sylmar team played against John Elway's Granada Hills team for the Los Angeles City Baseball Championship.  Granada Hills barely won so got to play down at Dodger Stadium.  I smell and see Andy and Helen Squirrels under Moe.   


                                                                     JOHN ELWAY


        After College John Elway played professionally for the Denver "Broncos;" and is now their "General Manager."  Daisy says our boss drew two Broncos logos.  He likes the second current one better.  I guess a Bronco is a Horse.  I see Libby over there.  Andy and Helen are gone.

       I just looked up the city of Denver in my Encyclopedia. Because it's located a mile up in the "Rocky" Mountains it's called the "Mile High City."  Denver is now the Capital of the State of "Colorado" but started in 1858 as a Gold Rush settlement called "Montana City."

       Dais says a smart kid who lives down the road figured out that where we live in Piñon Hills is about four thousand one hundred and twenty feet above "Sea Level."  Wrightwood is about six thousand feet above Sea Level and that's why people go there for the snow.

 JAMES W. DENVER (1817-1892)


        This is interesting.  It says in this Encyclopedia that Denver was named in honor of a man named James W. Denver.  Under the picture of him it says he was the "Territorial Governor" of Kansas when they were fighting and killing each other over the issue of Slavery.

        I knew I was being  watched.  I just noticed how Rudy the Roadrunner is now looking at me from underneath Manny the far right Shed.  If I know Rudy he'll wait for the right time to run around the northeast corner of the house to my left.  Ah!  I can now smell Rudy.  

        For some reason I suddenly feel like writing about that man named John Brown.  He was what they call an "Abolitionist."  That means he wanted to get rid of Slavery in the years leading up to the American Civil War.  And he was willing to use violence to do it too.

                                                           JOHN BROWN (0000-0000)


        Hey God!  Tomorrow I'll write about the State of Kansas.  In the 1850's John Brown, with some of his many sons; used swords to kill pro-Slavery people there.  And he did it all in Your name.  That guy James W. Denver was Governor of Kansas at that time I guess. 

        Daisy and I would sure like to know if John Brown is up there in Heaven with You Guys God.  He was "Executed" by hanging in 1859, two years before the Civil War.  I'll come back to him in book three.  Daisy and I really want to earn going up there into Heaven.

       Well, back to writing about Football.  The Denver Broncos, who John Elway played for as a Quarterback; are now a part of the N.F.L.  As I mentioned yesterday in book one, that's short for National Football League.  I'd like to see a real Football game some day.  

       As I wrote about yesterday, the N.F.L has existed since even before World War II. And until 1960 they had no real competition.  But that's the year the A.F.L. or American Football League came into existence.  I wrote about it in my first book.  I smell Libby over there.    

       The Rams, ho I wrote about yesterday in book one; were always in the N.F.L.  The Broncos have only been a part of the N.F.L. since 1968.  Before that they were in the A.F.L.  Libby is now  looking over here in this direction.  I had a dream the other night about Libby's smell.    

   This Encyclopedia says that in 1960 the A.F.L. "came into existence" to compete with the N.F.L.  As I just mentioned, the Denver Broncos in the years before John Elway were a team in    the new League.  I can now really smell Libby over there in her Corral.                                           

      Dais and Millie heard our boss discuss with his friend Randy how, at first; the A.F.L. didn't have as good of players as the N.F.L.  Many made fun of the A.F.L. then but Mr. Steve liked the League because they seemed kind of like what they call one of those "Underdogs."                       

      From what Dais told me, when people gamble on sports one team is "favored" to win while the other team, the underdog; is expected to lose the game.  Daisy and I have at times wondered   how her hero Underdog got his name.  The Finch just flew out into the eastern desert.

As a kid Mr. Steve liked watching the A.F.L. games on tv.  He drew many of the A.F.L. team logos.  He really like their uniforms, especially the "Powder" blue uniforms the Chargers wore. Before they were the "San Diego" Chargers they were the "Los Angeles" Chargers.                     


                                                                     JOE NAMATH


        Daisy and I decided I'd write about this guy named Joe Namath tomorrow in book three.  He was one of the good players in the A.F.L. and played for the New York "Jets."  There's a picture of him in this Encyclopedia.  I hear a Train whistling in the northern desert.

       Just like Doug Flutie who I wrote about in book one, and Jim Plunkett and John Elway a bit earlier; that guy Joe Namath was the Quarterback.  As I said, a good Quarterback is the "Field General" who guides the team on offense.  One of our neighbors Ducks is quacking.

       Dais says our boss met Joe Namath in the mid-1980's.  One thing they talked about was how both wore white shoes to play sports.  That was very unusual then because the only other color of Baseball and Football shoes was black.  Rudy the Roadrunner just jogged bye.

       As I've mentioned a few times before, because they wore green as their primary color; Mr. Steve's favorite Baseball team is the Oakland A's.  Their owner Charles Finley in the mid-1960's made the A's wear white shoes.  So our boss really wanted white shoes too.

       Mr. Steve told that guy Joe Namath about the "lengths" to which his mother went to get him white Baseball shoes in 1967.  The only thing she found was white Soccer shoes so Mr. Steve wore those in the 1968 Little League season; the only one not wearing black shoes.

        I guess Mr. Steve told Joe Namath players called him names.  A boy named "Dean" spiked  him on purpose for wearing white shoes.  They got in a fight.  Joe Namath chuckled when our boss told him the Japanese saying; "The nail which sticks up gets hammered down."           

                                                                       DICK JACKSON

        In 1969 Mr. Steve was fourteen.  He and that kid Dean went "Up in League" and ended up on the same team.  That man Dick Jackson, who I wrote about yesterday; knew they didn't like each other but forced them to cooperate as teammates.  And they became friends.

         According to what Daisy told me, "Cletes" are the special shoes made for playing sports in dirt and grass.  Little spikes stick out from the bottom of the shoe and grip the dirt so you can run better.  Oh!  A Bunny Rabbit just ducked under Manny the middle Shed.

      When Dais and I put together this outline it occurred to me; what if we invented cletes for us  Dogs?   Daisy says cletes make you run faster.  I'd buy four of them. What if we made cletes for a Cheetah.  Then they'd really run fast.  We might even be able to make some money.  


                                              BEATRICE CASTILLO AND FAMILY


        Mr. Steve's mother's best friend for life is her Cousin "Beatrice" or "Bee" for short.  Their mom's were sisters.  Christopher Columbus' wife was named Beatrice.  Mr. Steve's mom and her Cousin Bea were both born in 1932; Beatrice in March and his mother in August.

       In the mid-1960's Mr. Steve and his family used to to down to a place called "Pico Rivera" to visit with Beatrice and her family.  Pico Rivera is located to the south of Sylmar in Los Angeles.  Beatrice and Mr. Steve's mom are still close friends to this day Daisy told me.   

      Me. Steve's father was "Discharged" from the Marines in 1953.  A year later he married Mr. Steve's mother and a year after that Mr. Steve "showed up" so to speak.  Beatrice had married a good man named "Placido" Castillo.  He had been in the U.S. Air Force before that.


    From what Daisy remembers, Mr. and Mrs. Castillo had three children; Larry, Carol and Michael.  Larry's a year older than Mr. Steve while Carol was in his "Kindergarden" class over there in Pico Rivera.  Michael is about Rock's age.  I hear the Ducks quacking next door.      

      "Castillo" means "Castle" in Spanish.  When Daisy and I were putting together this outline we looked it up in my Spanish Dictionary.  Just like Mr. Steve's parent's, Beatrice has been with each other for almost sixty years.  I hear some Pigeons cooing up on the roof above me. 

       Dais says our boss thinks of the Castillo's and their three kids as good, decent people. The three kids are all good parents now.  Mr. Steve and his brothers and sisters always enjoy getting together with the Castillo's.  I can hear a Dragonfly coming from my left.  


        Well, there goes the Dragonfly.  It just zoomed bye and is now flying over the fence around Libby's Corral.  I can still faintly hear it as it flies over the Corral.  Libby is standing there just watching that Dragonfly go bye.  I can still hear those Pigeons up there above me.

        Mr. Steve says sports on tv was much more limited than it is now.  During the 1960's the Dodgers televised only the "away" games of the San Francisco "Giants" and later the San Diego "Padres."  Now almost every game, home and away; is on tv.  A Wren is chirping. 

      Daisy says our boss told her and Millie one time how during the 1960's in sports the "home" games were never ever on tv; unless it was a sellout well in advance.  And even then sometimes it was only on Radio I guess.  Two Pigeons just left the Patio roof and are flying away.

      One thing Mr. Steve liked about visiting the Castillo's on a Sunday was how he could watch the San Diego "Chargers" A.F.L. games on tv.  In Sylmar, which is the most northern area of Los Angeles; the Chargers games were not televised.  I smell that one old Joshua tree.

                                                                                                       LANCE ALWORTH

       The San Diego Chargers, and the Denver Broncos before John Elway's era; were originally in the A.F.L.  Mr. Steve told Daisy about a Charger "Wide Receiver" named Lance Alworth.  He was one of the best Receivers of all time.  I smell that one old Sage bush behind Moe.

       From what Daisy told me that one time in the Garage, a Receiver catches the ball; which is usually thrown by the Quarterback.  Another name for a Receiver is a "Flanker" because they usually set up before the play out on the sides or "Wings."  Two Finch are chirping. 

       As I mentioned yesterday in book one when I wrote about the Mexican War of 1846-47, Mr. Steve has a customer in Escondito near San Diego.  That Parts Manager Mr. Mark has discussed with him about the Chargers.  There are some white fluffy clouds up in the sky now.

       That guy Mr. Mark told Mr. Steve about how, as a kid in 1964; he and his brother went to a Charger preseason practice in Escondito.  He said normally the Chargers practiced at this place called "Sunset" Park in the town of La Mesa; which means "The Table" in English.

        Our neighbor's Cat Cher is jogging over here; coming from the direction of Libby's Corral.  And I see from here that she's got a dead Mouse hanging out of her mouth. That one Thrasher Bird just flew in and landed on its Creosote bush just to the side of Jack the big Shed.

        Yup!  Just as I suspected.  Cher just jumped up on top of Manny the far right Shed.  Cats have so much spring in their back legs.  It's amazing how they do that.  I'm a pretty good jumper too.  I just picked up the scent of that one really old Joshua tree out there in the desert. 

      Hey God!  As You know, at times Mr. Steve still thinks about watching the A.F.L. games on tv back in the 1960's.  He says he didn't realize or appreciate then how, "looking back on it;" those were very enjoyable moments.  Now they're still some fond memories he told Daisy.  

       Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie how during the 1960's A.F.L. years that guy Lance Alworth made some great "artistic" catches.  He's in the Football Hall of Fame.  Because the A.F.L. had to compete with the established N.F.L. League officials "encouraged" more offense I guess.  

        Daisy says Lance Alworth was such a good athlete that, like John Elway; he could've played professional Baseball too.  As I've mentioned before, Mr. Steve's friend Rick likes the Pittsburgh Pirates.  And I guess at one time they offered to sign Lance Alworth to a contract.

        According to Dais that Parts Manager down in Escondito and our boss discussed about how Lance Alworth's nickname was "Bambi."  That's mainly because he was a good jumper who ran perfect "routes" as a Receiver.  Oh!  I can smell a Lizard somewhere around here.

                                CASSIUS CLAY (MUHAMMAD ALI) / SONNY LISTON


    From what Daisy told me, our boss said when that guy Lance Alworth ran he never did it "Flat-Footed."  He ran up on the "balls of his feet" similar to how that Boxer Muhammad Ali      moved around the Ring as a young fighter.  I see the Lizard in the dirt near the big tree.                

      The Lizard just zipped over and is now standing on one of the big rocks around the bottom of the tree.  And I'll bet that Lizard will start doing Lizard pushups.  Daisy and I have seen that   exact same thing happen on many occasions.  Yup!  There it goes doing little pushups.                   

       That Parts Manager down there in San Diego told Mr. Steve Lance Alworth's nickname was "Bambi."  Mr. Steve had heard that before Dais told me.  She says Lance Alworth must have        looked like a Deer when he ran.  Two of the Pigeons are coming in from the desert.                              


        Hey Blessed Mother!  As You remember, one of the best Saturday mornings Dais and I ever had was the time we watched that cartoon about Bambi the girl Deer.  It was so great!  We both really want to see it again.  Oh!  I just picked up the scent of a new Rosemary plant. 

        Bambi was in such a good cartoon!  According to this one Encyclopedia, it first came out in 1942.  That was the first year the United States was "fully involved" in World War II I guess.  In 1942 Mr. Steve's father was ten years old and his mother was seven.  A Wren is singing.

        As You know Blessed Virgin, what Daisy and I liked the most about that cartoon Bambi was how Bambi had a mate and so did her friends "Thumper" and "Flower."  Thumper is a Bunny Rabbit and Flower is a Skunk.  Someday I'd like to have a boy Dog as a mate.  

        Mr. Steve told Dais it's hard to appreciate "the moment."  Usually you only fully appreciate how good or bad times were afterward; and sometimes you never do.  At times he thinks he did not fully appreciate those good times watching the Chargers on tv in the 1960's. 

      Cher is over there eating her Mouse.  I can hear the Mouse bones cracking and crunching as Cher eats it.  And now she's gnawing with her back teeth on the body.  Cher even eats the little Mouse head.  Oh!  I just heard the small skull pop as Cher bit down hard on it. 

       Daisy says our boss likes the old A.F.L. Charger uniforms; especially when they wore their Sky Blue jerseys.  As a kid once he drew their lightning bolt logo and still likes coloring black and white pictures of those old uniforms.  Dais really likes the color Sky Blue. 

      As I've mentioned before, Mr. Steve still likes to color pictures and things like that.  I really smell Cher and the dead Mouse now.  Out there in the eastern desert behind the Sheds Wrens are chirping happily.  I hear a Train whistling faintly to my left; or north of here. 

         According to this one Encyclopedia the "upstart" A.F.L. competed "fiercely" with the N.F.L. for from 1960 through 1966.  But then in 1967 the Leagues "Merged" and A.F.L. teams like the Broncos and Chargers became members of the N.F.L.  Cher is licking her paws.




       Daisy noticed that when the Chargers were still in the A.F.L. their primary color was Sky Blue; with yellow and white the secondary colors.  But later in the N.F.L. they switched their primary color to Navy Blue.  But they kept yellow and white as the secondary colors,.  

          Looking toward the east beyond the three Sheds I see puffy clouds dotting the horizon.  and I just noticed one of those white vapor trails that come from a Jet up there.  It's going toward the southeast.  Cher the Cat is now laying on top of Manny; absorbing the Sunlight.


                                                     AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE

       In this Encyclopedia it says that for a few years the A.F.L. competed in popularity with the "long-established" N.F.L.  As I mentioned, Mr. Steve liked the A.F.L. even though some of his friends "needled" him about the "inferior" League.  But he like it anyway Dais says.

       A picture in this one Encyclopedia shows a Denver Bronco game from their A.F.L. days.  But the Broncos are wearing red and white uniforms.  And there's a different Horse logo on the sides of the helmets.  Daisy said the Broncos have changed "color schemes" a few times. 

       Dais will be interested to see this picture of the Broncos in red and white uniforms.  She told me they started using orange as their primary color with Royal Blue and white as the secondary colors. That was when John Elway first started.  A small Bunny Rabbit just hopped bye. 

       From what Dais told me when we were working on this outline, about halfway through John Elway's career the Broncos started using darker Navy Blue instead of Royal.  One of Mr. Steve's customers in Colorado likes how the Broncos keep using orange.  I like orange too!

      Daisy says she noticed that the newest Bronco uniforms also have a "modern-looking" pointy stripe pattern on their helmet and pants.  Mr. Steve says the old orange uniforms had the more standard or "typical" horizontal stripe patterns.  I hear the Ducks quacking next door.

      Dais says our boss jokes that he thinks John Elway probably likes the second uniforms better. This is mainly because he lost the "Super Bowl" games he played in wearing those orange and royal uniforms.  But he won the Super Bowl in the navy and orange uniform.   

      Every year the championship in professional Football is the "Super Bowl."  Daisy says John Elway and the Broncos made it all the way to the Super Bowl a few times in the 1980's; but then  always lost.  But; late in his career John Elway finally won a Super Bowl.  

       When we were putting together this book two outline Daisy from memory told me all about what our boss said about the first Football "Super Bowl" in 1967.  As I mentioned, in 1966 the younger A.F.L. was merged into the older N.F.L.  "Merge" means to "combine together." 

       Mr. Steve told Dais he heard that the first Super Bowl was almost an "afterthought" to the merger agreement.  The champion of each League would play against each other at the end of the season.  And after the 1969 season there would be no more A.F.L.; only the N.F.L.   

       Now the Super Bowl is worth Billions of dollars Mr. Steve says.  But back in 1966 it was "A Totally Different Story" as they say.  The first Super Bowl was not nearly as important as it is now.  Back then many people didn't even care about it.  That's what our boss told Dais.

       Over the years Mr. Steve has placed and sold many of the different forms of what's called "Advertising."  He says a thirty second Super Bowl "Ad" or "Spot" now costs millions.  There's a lot of pretty puffy white clouds hanging over the sky; above the eastern desert. 

       From what Mr. Steve told Dais, the L.A. Coliseum was chosen as the site of the first Super Bowl about six weeks before the event.  Now cities compete and work hard to be able to "host" a Super Bowl years in advance; just like how they pick a city for the Olympics.   



        Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that the first Super Bowl was called the "AFL / NFL World Championship Game."  It only became the Super Bowl a few years later he says.  He once met a guy who went to that first game and bought the most expensive ticket; twelve dollars.

        Dais says our boss always "rooted" for the A.F.L. against the heavily favored N.F.L. in the first three Super Bowls.  Some of his friends wanted to N.F.L. to win.  So like the dumb guys he and they were; they argued about it in ridiculous ways.  I hear some Crows cawing.

        Sadly Mr. Steve told Daisy, in the first two Super Bowls the A.F.L. champions lost. The best N.F.L. team in those days was the Green Bay Packers.  And their Coach, who I mentioned earlier this morning; was that guy Vince Lombardi.  Oh!  I think I smell a new Juniper plant. 

        In 1967 the A.F.L. champion was the Kansas City "Chiefs."  Their primary color was red with white and yellow as secondary colors.  The pictures of the game in this Encyclopedia show how the Green Bay "Packers" used dark "Forrest" green with white and yellow.  

        Mr. Steve was told that the first Super Bowl in 1967 was not "Sold Out" as they say.  Only sixty two thousand of the close to one hundred thousand seats were filled.  And I guess just a few weeks before that Super Bowl a U.S.C. College Football game had drawn more fans.

           Hey God!  The guy who went to the first Super Bowl said it's a good thing the game wasn't sold out.  At one end of the Coliseum was this one big giant clock Mr. Steve told Daisy.  I can see Samson and Delilah the Crows flying bye way up there in the sky.  Samson is huge.     

        I guess, from what that guy said, during the game the heavy iron "hand" of the clock fell off and destroyed some empty seats.  Did You save those people God?  Daisy thinks it was probably You who caused the game not to be a Sellout.  It would be a sellout today Dais says.  


           Hey God!  As You know, Daisy and Millie saw many of the logos and emblems Mr. Steve has done over the years since he was a kid.  That's because they went into Mr. Steve's Bedroom and closet areas.  Dais told me about how there's also one of those Bathrooms in his Bedroom.

        Two of the loges Mr. Steve has drawn were the Chiefs and the Packers I guess.  Daisy liked the Packers logo and that other Dog Millie like the Chiefs emblem better.  I like the Chiefs logo in the form of an arrowhead.  It looks good.  Someday I might learn to color. 

        From what Daisy says, sometimes our boss gives copies of the logos he's drawn to people if they want to color them.  Daisy says our boss still likes to color pictures and things like that.  He says it makes him feel better when things aren't going well.  I smell that old Sage bush.

         Mr Steve told Daisy and Millie that first Super Bowl was not on tv in Los Angeles.  It was what they cal "Blocked Out."  And it was broadcast on two different "Networks" at the same time.  This would never ever happen today.  Mr. Steve listened to it on the Radio.

        There were two Second Half "Kickoffs" in the first Super Bowl.  One of the two Networks broadcasting the game "mistimed" a "commercial break."  The Packers had kicked off to the Chiefs but had to do a second kick.  Coach Lombardi was not happy about that.  

        Today the top bands in the world play at "Halftime" of the Super Bowl.  But back in 1967 part of the entertainment was a High School marching band and "Drill Team" from Anaheim. Two of the Pigeons just flew in from the eastern desert.  I smell a new Creosote plant.

       What a coincidence.  Just when I'm about to write about how hundreds of Pigeons were all released at halftime of the first Super Bowl I see two of our Pigeons.  Oh!  Now the other two are flying in right behind them.  All four of them just landed on the Patio roof above me.

        That guy who went to the first Super Bowl told Mr. Steve that two different kinds of balls were used in 1967.  When the Packers had the ball a rounder N.F.L. "Duke" Football was used.  Daisy says Mr. Steve told her it was "better-suited" for the Packers running game. 

       When the Kansas City Chiefs were on Offense they got to use the A.F.L. ball which was a lot thinner.  It was easier to throw that type of Football I guess.  Daisy and I really like it when our boss comes out and plays catch with other people; either Baseball or Football.

                                                                            AL DAVIS (0000-0000)

       As I mentioned before, because at first the A.F.L. knew the N.F.L. had such a big advantage in getting the better players; they wanted more offense than defense.  The Chargers with Lance Alworth and the Oakland "Raiders" under this Coach named Al Davis did just that. 

       I'm tempted to write about Al Davis now but I better just wait until tomorrow in book three.  That's where Daisy has me scheduled to do it.  From what our boss told her, Al Davis was a lot more than just a Coach.  At one time he was even what they call the "Commissioner."

       Daisy really likes how the Oakland Raiders use black as their primary color.  And using the colors white and silver as secondary colors gives their uniforms an intimidating look.  For a few years they were called the "Los Angeles" Raiders.  Mr. Steve took pictures of them.


                                  LANCE ALWORTH / SID GILLMAN (1911-2003)

         According to my Encyclopedia the main reason why the A.F.L. San Diego Chargers had such a "potent" offense was a Coach named Sid Gillman.  He liked passing.  Mr. Steve told Daisy one thing unique about those Chargers was how the Quarterback wore number 21.

       In my Encyclopedia there's a picture of Lance Alworth with Coach Gillmann.  The caption says they're "going over plays."  I notice how in all the pictures of Lance Alworth he's wearing a face mask with one only bar.  I just picked up the scent of that one old Joshua tree.  



       This is interesting.  From 1955 when Mr. Steve was born, through 1959; Sid Gillman was the Head Coach of the N.F.L. Rams.  The caption below this one picture in my Encyclopedia says his 1955 Ram team carried him off the field after beating the Green Bay Packers.

       According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, that guy Sid Gillman was an "ardent proponent" of  the "Vertical Game."  He was a creative "innovator" in the way he looked at the offensive functioning.  He has influenced professional Football even to this day I guess.

           Well, it's back to my outline and writing about the first Super Bowl which was held here in Los Angeles.  In 1967 the A.F.L. really wasn't as good as the N.F.L. Mr. Steve knew.  But he liked hoping the Chiefs would win.  Blackbeard and Anne the Crows are flying bye.

       Unfortunately Mr. Steve told Daisy; the Packers beat the Chiefs by over twenty five points in that first Super Bowl.  The Packers running offense was just too strong for the Chiefs.  Plus, Mr. Steve said; the Packers also had a good defense too.  I smell a new Spring Sage plant.


                                                   HANK STRAM / VINCE LOMBARDI                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

         Daisy says one thing our boss associates with that first Super Bowl down at the Coliseum is how dressed up the Coaches were.  They both wore suits and ties.  I guess most Coaches don't do that anymore.  Now they just wear regular clothes.  At least that's what Dais told me.

       There's a good picture here in this Encyclopedia that show the two Coaches shaking hands after the first Super Bowl was over.  You can see the far end of the Coliseum and I guess you can see the big clock that broke off.  I can hear our neighbors Ducks quacking over there. 

       Mr. Steve's Nephews who live back east in Connecticutt, Dalton and Austin; are fans of the New England "Patriots" Football team.  The Patiots are now in the N.F.L. but, like the Broncos in Denver; were also originally members of the A.F.L.  I like the way their logo looks.

        From what Dais says, in Football the player called the "Center" has to "Hike" the ball to the Quarterback.  Then the Quarterback can either "Pass" or throw the ball or "Hand it Off" to a Running Back.  I just heard a Motorcycle going bye out there on Primavera Road.

       Daisy told me that Vince Lombardi's Packers were first a running team who also threw the ball in certain situations.  They would "grind it out" in winning games.  And their mosr famous play was called the "Power Sweep."  I can now hear another Motorcyle going bye. 



       From what Dais says, in Football these big Lineman block for the other players.  And on the Power Sweep the Linemen "pull out" and run in front of the guy with the ball.  On those plays the their job is to "block" out the defensive players so they can't tackle the ball carrier. 

       I really like it when the Encyclopedias have these things called "Diagrams" to go along with the writing.  In the diagram of the Green Bay Packers Power Sweep you can see how the  Center and Lineman have to run outside to block for the ball carrier.  I smell a Cholla cactus. 


          Daisy says our boss has this one customer in the State of "Rhode Island" who's a big New England Patriots fan just like his Nephews.  He and Mr. Steve have talked about this one guy named John Hannah.  He was a Lineman for the Patriots a few years ago.

        I guess John Hannah was one of the best Linemen.  At least that's what the customer of Mr. Steve told him.  Mr. Steve says he sure would hate to have been a defensive player trying to make the "Tackle" with that guy John Hannah coming toward you.  A Crow just cawed.

        I guess that other Dog Millie thought it was funny when Mr. Steve said Daisy should try out for the job of Lineman.  Yesterday in book one I wrote about that time when Daisy accidentally bowled Mr. Steve over.  He joked that Daisy would be a good "Linegirl."

       Mr. Steve says he's not an expert of Quarterbacks but he's "inclined" to believe his customer in Rhode Island.  He thinks that the New England Patriots now have playing on their team one of the best Quarterbacks of "All Time" as they say.  His name is Tom Brady. 

                                           TOM BRADY                               

          Daisy says our boss told that Parts Manager in Rhode Island about this other customer he has in the San Francisco Bay area.  That Parts Manager was born in 1977 just like Tom Brady so knew about him.  Two of the Pigeons are returning from the desert to the northeast. 

         According to that Parts Manager in Northern California Tom Brady went to a Catholic High School named after Father Serra; in a city called "San Mateo."  That other Quarterback Doug Flutie, who I wrote about yesterday in book one; was also a Catholic like us.

         Mr. Steve told that guy back in Rhode Island his customer in Northern California said Tom Brady was not as good in High School and College as he's been as a professional.  The Patriots only Drafted him in what they call the "6th Round."  I smell a Lizard around here. 


          Pictures of Tom Brady in my Encyclopedia shows him throwing the ball.  In one he's wearing the Patriots uniform and in the other he's playing in College for the Michigan "Wolverines."  Daisy says our boss likes the Michigan Wolverines helmet design.  I see the Lizard.

       The Lizard is standing in the dirt just to the right of the big tree.  Right now it's doing some Lizard pushups.  Seeing that Lizard makes me think of last year at this exact same time.  I saw a Lizard standing in that same spot doing pushups then too.  I smell a Cholla cactus.



         Pictures in my Encyclopedia show how Wolverines have long claws and really sharp teeth and powerful jaws.  I guess Wolverines will fight and kill much bigger animals.  Daisy says she would never want to fight a Wolverine.  Me either!  That Lizard just ran away. 

      Daisy says our boss told her and Millie about how that guy John Elway has owned a few Auto Dealerships since he retired from playing Football.  Some have been in Colorado, the State where Denver is located.  And others have been here in Southern California.  A Wren is singing.

      Mr. Steve, Babette and that other girl Susan, have all at one point or another dealt with some of John Elway's Auto Dealerships.  In the late 1950's Mr. Steve's family lived in "Greeley," this one town near Denver.  John Elway now has a Chrysler Dealership in Greeley.

                                                                                                               HORACE GREELEY (1811-1872)

        Even though I'm supposed to wait until tomorrow in book three; I kind of feel like writing about this man named Horace Greeley now instead.  Later I'll explain my decision to Daisy so she'll know why I did it.  The town of Greeley was named after Horace Greeley.

      Dais says that back in 1993 Mr. Steve and his father made a business trip to Denver.  So they decided to drive up to Greeley.  They went to the house they had lived in during the 1950's to see what it looked like now.  They talked about that man Horace Greeley.



       According to what it says in this Encyclopedia, that man Horace Greeley was mainly known as the "Founder" and "Edditor" of a 19th century Newspaper called  the "New York Tribune." He was also a Congressman from New York for one term.  I smell a Gopher nearby.

      This is interesting.  Seven years after the American Civil War ended, in 1872, Horace Greeley ran for President but lost to former General Ulysses S. Grant.  He "popularized" a phrase; "Go west young man."  Ah!  That's why a town in Colorado was named after him.  



         I guess Horace Greeley helped found the "Republican" Party in 1854, six years before the Civil War.  Dais says Mr. Steve heard that there are some people who think Horace Greeley may have even been the one who named the new party.  The Gopher is near the big tree.

     From what it says here, the Republicans first "Candidate" for President was that guy John C. Fremont; and Abraham Lincoln was the second.   Republicans replaced the "Whig" Party in the 1850's.  I can hear some of our neighbor's Ducks over there quacking away.  

     Daisy says our boss told her and Millie how in the mid-19th century it was the "Democrats" who wanted to keep Slavery alive.  Republicans like Horace Greeley and Abraham Lincoln were against the "expansion" of Slavery.  That Gopher just ducked back underground.

     At the beginning of the Civil War President Lincoln only wanted to keep Slavery from going out into the western territories.  He told Horace Greeley his main focus was to "preserve" the Union.  Horace Greeley wanted him to free the Slaves earlier than he ended up doing.

     This is interesting.  In 1862, the second year of the Civil War, President Lincoln wrote Horace Greeley a letter which said that; If I could save the Union without freeing any Slaves I would do it.  If I could preserve the Union by freeing all of the Slaves I  would  do it."

       Well, it's back to my outline.  Littlerock, where Mr. Steve's brother lives with his family, is twenty five miles from us; about the same distance as a "Marathon" foot race.  Later I'll write about the ancient Greek city of Athens and why Marathon's are twenty six miles long.

      Hey Lord!  An intersection in Littlerock called the “Four Points” is where "Day Laborers" go looking for work.  Daisy says in 1985 the Tour Guide Haim said You and Your father Joseph, and Your four brothers too; were probably Day Laborers.  I smell a new Sage plant.

       As You know Lord, that guy Haim told Mr. Steve's Tour Group how in the original Greek version of the New Testament Your dad Joseph was described as a "Tekton."  That means "One who works with his hands."   So You and Your brothers were not just Carpenters.  

      Down there in Sylmar Lord, the Day Laborers stand in front of a Store called "Home Depot" hoping for work.  In 1985 Haim the Tour Guide said a Roman town called "Sepphoris" is where You and Your brothers most likely went with Your father Joseph to find work. 

     Our boss says it seems like there are fewer workers at Four Points; and Sylmar too.  Daisy says he thinks many of those kind of workers moved out of California to find work; probably to States like Texas.  Texas, where his brother Rock lives, still has a good economy.

     I see on my book two outline the next subject Dais has me scheduled to write about are these "ruins" nearby.  They're all that's left of a "Socialist Utopian" community that existed during the exact four years in which World War I was being fought over in Europe; 1914-1918. 

                                                                    LLANO DEL RIO


      Dais says our boss told her and Millie that even though those ruins are in the High Desert like us, they're located in Los Angeles County to our west.  Those ruins are all that's left of a town called "Llano del Rio" which means "Plains of the the River." 

     Mr. Steve told Daisy that those ruins were once a meeting hall for the community.  They're on the north side of the main highway and are kind of near where that guy Aldous Huxley lived with his wives in later years.  A Bronze Cow Bird just ran past in front of the Sheds.

       From what Daisy told me Llano del Rio was like a Hippie Commune from the 1960's or the Kibbutz Mr. Steve visited in Israel.  At least that's what our boss told her.  But they only lasted for four years; from 1914 through 1918.  There goes another Cow Bird.

     Dais told me that our boss has read about Llano del Rio and thinks it failed because human nature doesn't change.  Socialism, where everyone is supposedly equal, sounds good "on paper" he says.  But in real life some will always outrank others and be envied.

       In a Socialist society like when Russia was the "Soviet Union" owning "Material Possessions" or showing "Individuality" was what they call "frowned on."  Socialists think it's better when a group is more important and everyone shares everything.  I smell a Creosote bush.

      Later I'll write about this Chinese man named Mao Tse-tung.  Like all Socialists who believe in Karl Marx's ideas, he thought the economic system of "Capitalism" is bad; in part because it often "lends itself" to excessive and "unbridled" greed.  I hear a Crow squawking.      


                                        WINSTON CHURCHILL WITH FAMILY


     I wrote down a quote in my outline by that man from England Winston Churchill.  He was a good writer Mr. Steve thinks.  I was going to use the quote tomorrow but I feel like using it now. He wrote; "Democracy is the worst form of government; except for everything else."  

     Dais says our boss thinks you could probably say the same thing in talking about Capitalism; which is now closely associated with Democracy.  Capitalism is not perfect he says.  But it's made bigger "Middle Classes" than at any other time in history.  I smell a Creosote bush.

     Mr. Steve thinks too many Americans seem to be willfully ignorant and uninformed.  That's what Daisy says.  There are times when he feels as though most Americans are way too shallow, superficial and even "Weak-Minded."  A Ground Squirrel just ran into the desert. 

     From what Daisy told me, Mr. Steve thinks many Americans are too easily tricked or fooled by Politicians; or people trying to "separate them from their money" as "Insiders" laughingly say behind the scenes in the "Gaming" field.  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye.

      Mr. Steve thinks most Politicians tend to make laws they think "the average voter" likes. The problem is he told Daisy is; the average voter is not informed on even the most basic of issues.  A good example is Mr. Steve's friend David who fought in the 1991 "Persian Gulf War."

      When Mr. David came home in 1994 people asked him where he'd been.  When he told them he was overseas fighting a war in Iraq most said; "Oh yeh, what war is that?"  They didn't even know about it.  Mr. Steve jokes the United States should become a "Epistocracy."


     So when Daisy told me this other Winton Churchill quote our boss once mentioned I had to run back here and right away add it into my outline; "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."  I just picked up the scent of Sage. 

                                            MARGARET THATCHER WITH FAMILY

       I wrote down another quote Mr. Steve mentioned a while back.  Daisy was right in thinking I'd be able to use it somewhere.  It's by Margaret Thatcher, who I'm named after.  It says; "The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." 

       Another thing I was supposed to write about tomorrow but feel like doing today is the subject of what they call "Laissez-faire" economics.  According to what it says here in this one French Dictionary I think the phrase Laissez-faire means; "Let them go" or "Let go."

     Yup!  Here in this English Dictionary the definition of Laissez-faire is; "An economic system in which business transactions between private parties or individuals are completely free from any government interference."  Mr. Steve thinks that's good and bad too.

     From what our boss told Daisy and Millie, the idea of Laissez-faire produces periods like the second half of the 19th century.  In America, after the end of the Civil War in 1865, the famous rich "Robber Barons" were around.  I'll write about the Robber Barons later.

      By the late 1800's European countries like England, France and Belgium were taking over the entire Continent of Africa; and not just along the coastlines.  Daisy says our boss thinks that Europe benefited the most from the Industrial Revolution so had better weapons.

      There have been countless times in history when a stronger culture "vanquishes" or simply conquers another group of people.  Most of time the survivors are made slaves.  From Alexander the Great until now this has happened.  Might has usually equaled right as they say. 

      I guess, from what Mr. Steve told Daisy, when a stronger modern country comes in and just takes over control of weaker countries it's called "Colonialism" or "Imperialism."  Sometimes they don't have to kill a lot of the weak country.  I can hear some Crows cawing.

NAPOLEON III (1898-1873) /  OTTO VON BISMARCK (1815-1898)      


     Germany only became a country at the end of the 19th century; when Otto von Bismarck was able to unite the German-speaking groups and beat France in the 1871 "Franco-Prussian War." Napoleon's Nephew was the leader of France then.  That big Dragonfly just went bye.

     In this Encyclopedia there's a picture of Napoleon III sitting next to Otto von Bismarck.  The caption says it after Napoleon III had surrendered with one hundred thousand French soldiers in 1971; six years after the American Civil War had ended.  I smell a Juniper plant.

     Oh!  This is interesting.  I notice that in my Encyclopedia it says Napoleon III was born on the 20th of April.  That's same date as that guy Adolph Hitler.  Both were Dictators.  Napoleon built modern Paris and Hitler was going to rebuild Berlin but wasn't able to do it.

          Dais says Mr. Steve thinks Germany looked around the world.  They also had modern steel things like ships and cannons too.  They didn't disagree with the unfair system of Imperialism but just thought they too deserved the right to take over some areas to exploit.  

     I guess, from what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie, the European countries were way more advanced in technology because the Industrial Revolution had been going on since the late 18th century.  Their weapons allowed them the right to do what they wanted.  A Crow cawed. 

     Well, the next thing on my outline that Dais has me scheduled to write about is this one man named Theodore Roosevelt.  His nickname was "Teddy" and the "Teddy" Bear was named after him.  I just picked up the scent of that one really old Joshua tree near Libby's Corral. 


                                      THEODORE "TEDDY" ROOSEVELT (1858-1919)

        When he was in College at C.S.U.N. Daisy says our boss met a girl who knew a lot about the Roosevelt family; especially Teddy Roosevelt.  She said he was a "bundle of contradictions."  Mr. Steve thinks most people have things about themselves that are contradictory.

        Mr. Steve met that girl in the school "Cafeteria."  She told him how Teddy Roosevelt was a rich Conservative but "Advocated" for the poor.  He hunted Animals but was what's now called an "Environmentalist."  He liked war but was given the "Nobel Peace Prize."

       Dais says that one girl told Mr. Steve about how Teddy Roosevelt did not drink alcohol but did drink an "excessive" amount of coffee.  I guess he never read about how at Delphi in ancient Greece it said "Nothing in Excess."  I can hear an Airplane going bye right now.

      Teddy Roosevelt was known for his energy that girl said.  When he showed up he "sucked all of the oxygen out of a room."  He was what they call "Larger than Life."  And he was not one to "mince words" as they say.  He "Called a Spade a Spade.  I smell a new Sage plant.

       Mr. Steve has these cute "Stuffed Animals" sitting on the two beds in the Guest Bedroom Daisy says; and some are Teddy Bears.  She thinks it would be such an honor to have a a Stuffed Animal named after you and I agree.  I really want to meet those Stuffed Animals.

       Later today Daisy has me scheduled to write about these really rich men called the "Robber Barons."  From the period after the Civil War ended in 1865, until the 20th century; the Robber Barons or "Industrialists" took total unfair advantage of the poor workers.



        Another thing I know Dais has planned for me to write about is how Teddy Roosevelt was a friend of this one man named John Muir; the "Father of Conservation."  There's a good picture in this Encyclopedia that shows them standing together.  I hear the Ducks quacking.

        The caption under this picture of Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir says John Muir is now "associated" with "this place called Yosemite;" where the picture was taken.  Daisy and I have noticed that nowadays people don't wear hats nearly as much as they used to.      

       My Encyclopedia says Teddy Roosevelt fought in the "Spanish-American War" of 1898.  I'll write about that in a minute.  Then he came back to America and became "Governor" of the State of New York.  And in 1900 he was elected as William McKinley's "Vice President."

                                                                                                                                         WILLIAM MCKINLEY (1843-1901)                                               


       William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States.  But in 1901 he became the third President in history to be assassinated.  So when he died Teddy Roosevelt automatically became the new; just like Lyndon Johnson did when President Kennedy was killed. 

       I guess in 1901 when President McKinley was shot Teddy Roosevelt, like Andrew Johnson after President Lincoln died; "inherited" the big job of being the new American President.  I'll bet he was really surprised.  Jack the Jackrabbit just ran out into the eastern desert.

        Daisy told me since he was a kid Mr. Steve has made these things called "Collages."  That's when you put a few pictures together to make one image.  In this Encyclopedia there's a good Collage that shows two of the four Presidents who have been killed while in office. 

       In this Collage, right below the images of two of the assassinated Presidents; are images of the two men who "stepped into" the Presidency when they died.  Daisy says it's a coincidence how both new guys had the last name of "Johnson."  I smell an old Sage bush. 

      Teddy Roosevelt lived at a time this Encyclopedia calls the "turn of the century;" the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.  When we were putting my outlines for all those months Dais said our boss thinks that period was very important in history.

      The Civil War ended in 1865.  Then, for the next thirty five years these guys called "Robber Barons" became extremely powerful and rich in America.  This was mainly because of modern things like steel, Trains or the using of oil.  I'll write about the Robber Barons shortly.

      One thing I know for sure.  Daisy told me our boss said those Robber Barons really did not like Teddy Roosevelt back then.  By 1900 they had gotten so rich that no one could even compete against them.  Teddy Roosevelt wanted to "curb" their power.  I can smell a Lizard.

      According to that girl at C.S.U.N, Teddy Roosevelt, like most of the Roosevelt family; grew up in New York State.  It was in Teddy Roosevlt's era that places like Llano del Rio developed.  I hear some Pigeons cooing.  And it's coming from the Patio roof directly above me.  



            There's a picture in this Encyclopedia that shows Teddy Roosevelt with his family.  I guess he and his wife had five children; just like in Mr. Steve's family when he was growing up.  Boy! Females wore such fancy hats back in those days.  I just noticed the Lizard over there.  

        Dais says that girl at C.S.U.N told Mr. Steve how Teddy Roosevelt was what would be called an "anomaly" now.  He was a Conservative but "Progressive" Republican who offered the poor a "Square Deal."  A Thrasher Bird just ran bye.  That one Lizard just ran away. 

      This Encyclopedia says that in 1901 when Teddy Roosevelt became the President he was only forty two years old.  So that means he was about forty when he went down to Cuba to fight in the Spanish-American War of 1898.  A Bunny Rabbit is hopping bye; in front of the three Sheds.

                                                           "ROUGH RIDERS" (1898)


       From what it says in this Encyclopedia, in 1898 when he went down to Cuba to fight in the Spanish-American War Teddy Roosevelt led what's called a "Volunteer" Regiment.  They were called "Rough Riders" and many of those volunteers were from New Mexico.   

       That girl at C.S.U.N. knew that Teddy Roosevelt's Regiment performed bravely against the Spanish down there in Cuba at the "Battle of San Juan Hill."  They were originally intended to be a Cavalry Unit but ended fighting on foot as Infantry.  I can see Libby over there.

      A picture in my Encyclopedia shows Teddy Roosevelt posing with some of the men he led into combat at San Juan Hill.  The caption says that many of the soldiers in the picture are from New Mexico.  Teddy Roosevelt wore glasses just like Mr. Steve does.  I can smell Juniper. 

     Mr. Steve told Daisy that, sadly; by the end of the 19th century Spain was very weak.  What in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries had been one of the most powerful countries in the world was in 1898 an "empty shell" he said.  I can hear a Crow squawking out in the desert.

      According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, Spain's once powerful Empire was what they call "disintegrating."   So the United States had no problem in easily beating all the Spanish forces in what would turn out to be a very short war.  I smell some old Sage.

                                           BATTLE OF SAN JUAN HILL (JULY 1,1898)

                                                              PAINTING BY FREDERICK REMINGTON


         Oh wow!  There's a really good painting in this one Encyclopedia that shows Teddy Roosevelt leading his men in a charge against San Juan Hill.  And it's by one of Mr. Steve's favorite artists named Frederick Remington.  Daisy told me our boss really likes Frederick Remington.

      Dais says a few years ago our boss met an older man from the State of "Oklahoma."  He said his Grandfather had "served" under Teddy Roosevelt in 1898.  He and Mr. Steve talked about the Rough Riders and how "One-Sided" that war had been.  I smell some new Sage.   

     That man from Oklahoma told Mr. Steve some of Teddy Roosevelt's "people" were also from Arizona.  They talked about how the Rough Riders were originally intended to ride Horses as a "Mounted" Cavalry Unit.  A Thrasher Bird just  ran under Moe the middle Shed.

      When the Rough Riders arrived in Cuba they they were Infantry because the Horses had to be left behind in Florida.  That's what that guy from Oklahoma said.  At the Battle of San Juan Hill Teddy Roosevelt was the only one who had a Horse.  I just picked up Libby's scent.

      Because Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders were Volunteers they did not have to fight if they didn't want to.  It wasn't like in the 1960's during the time of the Vietnam War; when they had what's called a "Draft."  That means you have no choice about going into the military.

       Later today I'll write about the Boxer Muhammad Ali.  In 1967 he refused to be Drafted into the military during the Vietnam War.  Daisy told me that our boss Mr. Steve came within about a year of being drafted in 1973.  She says he still even has his what they call "Draft Card." 

     The strong smell of Juniper just poured in from the east.  And now I can smell one of the Sage bushes too.  The scent of Joshua trees and Cholla cactus make me feel good.  Smelling them all at once reminds me of some of the other times when this exact same thing happened.

     From what it says here, Teddy Roosevelt's "First Volunteer Cavalry Regiment" was mainly made up of "Cowboys."   This was because they were "skilled" at "handling" Horses and were used to living outdoors.  In other words, they could be quickly trained for war.

     Looking to my right I see Libby the Horse over there in her Corral.  It's obvious she's old by the way she's plodding about.  Daisy jokes that Libby walk's like someone who, in old age walks "not wanting to get injured."  That ideas has always seemed so weird to me.

      Mr. Steve told Dais and Millie one time that there have been professional Baseball players  who were fast runners when young.  But then they get older and begin to suffer some injuries.  So when they run they do it in a more obviously "Flat-Footed" way.  A Crow cawed.  

     When Daisy and I were putting together my three outlines I was scheduled to write about the Spanish-American War tomorrow in my third book.   But now that I've done this much I might  as well just go ahead and do it right now instead.  I can always mention it later anyway.

     From what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, by the end of the 19th century Spain had lost most of its Colonies.  Mexico broke away in 1821 and then, one by one, many of their other areas in the New World did the same.  And in 1898 the United States took Cuba too.

SIMÓN BOLIVAR (1783-1830)



      Tomorrow I'll write about South America and this one man named Simón Bolivar.  I'm really tempted to do it now but I better just wait until book three when my outline says I'm scheduled to do it.  Blackbeard and Anne Bonny the Crows are flying bye right now.

      I will mention how Simón Bolivar, a General from the area that is now "Venezuela;" is called the "George georgeton of South America." He helped "liberate" parts of Spain's Empire.  The uniform he's wearing in this painting shows the influence of Napoleon Bonaparte.


                                                            "U.S.S. MAINE" EXPLODES


        According to my Encyclopedia, the Spanish-American War was "ignited" when an American naval Ship called the "U.S.S. Maine" mysteriously blew up.  It was "docked" in a Cuban harbor so many Americans thought it had been "sabotaged" by the Spanish.  I smell a Squirrel.

      A painting in my Encyclopedia shows the U.S.S. Maine exploding.  The caption says over two hundred Sailors were killed.  The United States blamed Spain who denied any guilt.  Daisy says Mr. Steve thinks the U.S. was probably looking for any excuse to go to war.    

        The Spanish-American War was short.  It lasted for only ten weeks.  Dais says our boss joked that the Spanish-American War is the kind of war everyone likes.  It was the type of war people thought would happen at the beginning of the American Civil War.  I see the Squirrel. 

     World War I is another war where many people wanted to fight; thinking it would be short.  The Civil War and First World War turned out to be terrible wars of "Attrition;" which means they were long as each side tried to wear down the other like in some Chess matches.

     Mr. Steve told Dais the Spanish-American War is another example of a strong country taking advantage of a weak one.  Yesterday I wrote about the Mexican War of 1846-47.  By 1898 Spain had lost almost all of its empire.   The Squirrel is standing near Manny the Shed.

     The Spanish said the explosion that blew up the U.S.S. Maine came from within the Ship.  But it didn't matter.  The United States wanted war no matter what.  War was quickly "Declared" with little or no debate.  I just picked up the slight scent of a Creosote bush.  

     I was going to write about the Spanish-American-War tomorrow when I learn about this man named William Randolph Hearst.  But I might as well do it now.  William Randolph Hearst was a really rich man who owned some Newspapers.  That one Squirrel just ran away.      


                                         WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST (1863-1951)


      I'll still write more about William Randolph Hearst tomorrow in book three.  That's when I talk about his old house called Hearst Castle.  But I just kind of feel like writing about his family now instead.  I'll tell Daisy why I did it tonight when we go over this second book. 

      According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, William Randolph Hearst's Newspapers were know for what's called "Yellow Journalism."   Well, Daisy was right.  She said that Yellow Journalism was probably using "Sensationalism" to sell even more Newspapers. 

     My Encyclopedia says William Randolph Hearst's Newspapers "fanned the flames" in getting people to want war in 1898.  Teddy Roosevelt wanted to fight.  The United States invaded Cuba and within ten weeks sank almost all of the Spanish Ships in Cuba and the Philippines.

      Daisy says our boss thinks one reason why the Founding Fathers felt it so important to make the First Amendment in the Constitution about "Free Speech" and a "Free Press" was so they would be a "Check" or "Limit"on the government.  I hear some Wrens chirping.

     Aldous Huxley and George Orwell were likely interested in the subject of Free Speech and a Free Press.  That's what Dais thinks and I agree with her on that.  They tried to warn the public about what could happen when Newspapers and things like that are not objective.

     Instead of helping the public to be informed by objective reporting a Newspaper could even help the government to make people think they way they wanted them to.  Daisy says Mr. Steve thinks that Colleges could be used in the same way to Brainwash young people.

      Dais thinks that George Orwell's New Speak could be easily used to manipulate what people  think.  Look what happened in 20th century Russia, Germany and China.  Oh!  That Thrasher Bird named Theodora is running bye right now.  She wasn't around at all yesterday.


         Dais has me scheduled to learn and then write about this Nazi writer Joseph Goebbels in my third book tomorrow.  But I kind of feel like mentioning him right now too.  Mr. Steve thinks he was the best "Propagandist" of all time.  I smell a Lizard somewhere nearby.

      One time when they were in Mr. Steve's Bedroom Daisy and Millie watched a good show on that guy Joseph Goebbels.  One thing she remembers is how it said that even his enemies and all of those who hated him had to admit how talented he was.  I hear Finches singing.

       I guess, from what Dais told me, during World War II the ones who "grudgingly" admired Joseph Goebbels the most were the opposing Allied propagandists.   They wished they could be as good as he was at "Spinning" the news and things like that.  I can see the Lizard.




       Daisy says our boss thinks Joseph Goebbels, like Hitler a great speaker, is still influencing a lot of things today.  But, because he was a Nazi people don't want to know that.  I really like this one painted black and white picture of him here in this one Encyclopedia.

      Joseph Goebbels was small and had what they call a "Club" foot.  So he couldn't fight in the First World War.  World War I and this But he was really smart I guess.

       I'll write a lot more about Joseph Goebbels later.  He's important in the 20th century.  I just thought of him now because I'm writing about that guy William Randolph Hearst; who was so powerful they even made a movie about him.  A Lizard just ran bye right now.    

                                                                "CITIZEN KANE"

       Dais is so lucky!  Because she's not afraid to go all the way down the Hallway to the far end of the house; she's seen so many good things on tv.  One time her and Millie watched a movie called "Citizen Kane."  How did people even think of and invent something like a tv?

     Mr. Steve says that movie Citizen Kane is a very artistic movie.  According to what it says in this Encyclopedia it was made in 1941 and came out right before the Japanese surprise attacked us in December at Pearl Harbor.  A Train just whistled faintly to the north.

      Daisy says our boss read how many people think Citizen Kane was based on the life of that guy William Randolph Hearst.  This Encyclopedia says it's about this Newspaper "Magnate's" "ruthless pursues power."   Dais his says his dying word was; "Rosebud." 

        Mr. Steve was right.  He told Daisy and Millie that "Movie Critics" liked Citizen Kane when it first came out in 1941; but it lost money.  Mr. Steve thinks one reason it lost money is because of the attack in Hawaii.  But now it's considered one of the best movies of all time.

      Even though Citizen Kane was what they call "unprofitable," it was "Nominated" for nine of those things called "Academy Awards."  And it won one.  Daisy says when you see it you can tell that it was a really good movie.  Max the Hummingbird just zoomed bye. 

      Daisy says our boss says Citizen Kane is an obviously "well-filmed" movie.  The "Director" was this one guy named Orson Welles and Mr. Steve thinks he really knew how to use light "to his advantage."  At one time Mr. Steve had a Videotape copy that movie Citizen Kane.

 D.W. GRIFFITH (1875-1948)

       From what Daisy told me one time, our boss says that guy Orson Welles was influenced by this other man named D.W. Griffith.  He Directed "Silent" Films early in the 20th century and filmed his movies in a kind of scientific way.  I'll write more about D.W. Griffith later.

       Dais says that Dog Millie noticed how in Citizen Kane the Newspaper owner's mansion was named "Xanadu."  As I wrote yesterday; Xanadu was also the 13th century Chinese city where that Italian guy Marco Polo stayed with Genghis Khan's Grandson Kublai Khan. 

       Mr. Steve told Daisy he thinks that guy Orson Welles was a really talented person.  Because he worked in Dark Rooms at one time he likes how Citizen Kane was filmed in black and white. The way Orson Welles used light and dark showed how artistic he was.  I smell old Sage.

                                                                                    ORSON WELLES (1915-1985)

   This is interesting. According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, that guy Orson Welles not only Directed Citizen Kane; he was also the Writer, "Producer" and even the main      Actor too.  Dais said our boss told her and Millie that Orson Welles was "versatile."                     

      I notice that this Encyclopedia describes Orson Welles as "innovative."  Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time that he filmed Citizen Kane well but also had good music in that movie too.    And he used "Flashbacks" to what they call "Narrate."  That was different he thinks.                   

                                                    "WAR OF THE WORLDS" (1938)

        Wow! In this one Encyclopedia there's a scary picture from this other movie called "War of the Worlds."  The caption says the movie was based on a "Radio Broadcast" performed by that guy Orson Welles in 1938; three years before he did Citizen Kane.  I smell a Lizard.

       Daisy told me Mr. Steve has a Cassette tape of that War of the Worlds Radio broadcast from 1938.  From what it says here, it was broadcast on Halloween night October 30, 1938; which was the day before Grandma Trujillo's twenty fourth birthday.  I hear a Sparrow singing.

       In 1938 Mr. Steve's father was six years old and his mom was three.  The Great Depression was still going on.  World War II would start the next year and everyone's lives would change forever.  I just noticed a Lizard over there standing in the dirt near the big tree.

       A few years ago Mr. Steve met an old lady who grew from New Jersey.  Her parents heard the original broadcast of War of the Worlds; which is about Martians invading the world.  That lady's parents actually thought it was a News broadcast.  The Lizard is looking at me.

       Dais says what happened back in 1938 was that lady's parents tuned in after Orson Welles had started so they didn't hear the beginning when it was explained.  And there were almost no commercials so it seemed like a News Bulletin.  At first they thought it was real.  

       I guess that lady's parents were not the only ones who were fooled by War of the Worlds.  In the days afterward some were upset and angry at Orson Welles.  But he had gotten attention so in the long run it helped his career.  That Lizard just ran under a big rock.   

       Hey God!  I kind of fell like writing about William Randolph Hearst right now.  Days says I can do whatever I want in my books.  If I feel like changing things as I go along I can.  But, then again, I better just wait.  I just saw another Squirrel run out into the eastern desert. 

      I 'll still learn a lot more about that guy William Randolph Hearst tomorrow when I work on book three.  I'll write more about his Museum and also this one movie "Citizen Kane."  Dais told me Mr. Steve likes that movie.  I really would like to see that movie someday.



        I think I will write right now about William Randolph Hearst's Grand Daughter.  Her name was Patricia Hearst but Daisy says everyone just called her "Patty."  According to Dais our boss thought she was really pretty and in some pictures looks like his dead sister Celina. 

       A few years ago Mr. Steve met a girl who was from Modesto; a city in Northern California. She knew a lot about Patty Hearst and what happened to her in the 1970's when our boss was in High School and College.  Dais says Mr. Steve used to have a customer up in Modesto.



        That girl from Modesto was a little older than Patricia Hearst.  She and Mr. Steve discussed how Patty Hearst was kidnapped by the "S.L.A." and then brainwashed to be a "Terrorist" just like they were.  Oh!  Jack the Jackrabbit just sprinted across in front of me. 

      In this Encyclopedia are some really good pictures of that girl Patty Hearst.  One shows her standing in front of the S.L.A. poster.  Daisy told me our boss once drew that logo she's in front of.  Samson and Delilah are coasting bye right now; high up there in the blue sky.  


       Daisy says our boss told that girl from up north he had a "Flyer" he wanted to show her.  It was a "Wanted" poster for the S.L.A.; which stands for "Symbianese Liberation Army."  Mr. Steve told her he was not supposed to have it.  Ah!  I can smell a new Spring Sage plant.

      In the 1970's Mr. Steve's friend worked for the "Post Office" Dais told me.  He made copies of an S.L.A. wanted poster the "F.B.I." mailed to the Post Offices and gave one to our boss.  Of course that girl made a copy of his copy to show her father; who made another copy.   



     I still have more to write about the Spanish-American War.  In 1898 the Americans, besides destroying a lot of Spanish Ships, also won land battles like the one at San Juan Hill.  I kind of feel like learning more about what happened at San Juan Hill.  I smell a Cholla cactus.  

The U.S. Navy sank a lot of the Spanish Ships in Cuba and also destroyed some in the Philippines too.  A Crow just cawed.

     My Encyclopedia says, by winning the war, the U.S. ended up getting Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and this one island in the Pacific Ocean called "Guam."  This is interesting.  The term Rough Rider comes from that guy Buffalo Bills "Wild West" entertainment show.  


                                                           TEDDY /ELEANORE / FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT


     This is so amazing!  That guy Teddy Roosevelt was related to later President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  And he was related to "F.D.R's" wife Eleanor too.  Tomorrow I plan on writing more about Eleanor Roosevelt.  I hear a Motorcycle going by out there on Primavera Road.

     Hey God!  Daisy says once people make it into what they call the "Upper Class" many things in life become a lot easier.  So it must be true for their Dogs too she thinks.  Mr. Steve is not rich but as You know Daisy and I would like him even if he was really poor with no money.    

the Robber Barons like; carnegie, etc..        

Our boss thinks a combination of individuality and being a member of a group is the best way to live.  People want to own things for themselves and not have to depend on the group.  We own all our own tools and things like that.  Ah!  I see a new Roadrunner over there.

     According to Mr. Steve, another reason Llano del Rio failed was because there wasn't enough water for their nine thousand acres.  For a time they even raised their own food.  But it wasn't to last.  A Snake just crawled under Moe the middle Shed.  I'm kind of thirsty.

     I don't recognized the scent of that Roadrunner.  It's now standing on the side of the big Shed Jack.  I just picked up the scent of some of the Joshua trees.  Well, that new Roadrunner ran out into our back half acre; to the eastern desert behind the three Navy blue Sheds.

     Our boss told Dais in 1914 the average wage was two dollars a day.  So when the government  offered four dollars a day during the First World War it was hard for Llano del Rio's men with families to resist.  "Ambition" is normal Mr. Steve thinks.  So many left then.

     I think I'll "Take a Chance" as they say and go over to the entrance to our dining room and drink some water out of the gray bucket.  But I'll do it quick in case Mr. Steve just happens to come out on the patio.  Boy, I'm hungry too.  There were no snacks for us today.

     Boy, water is so great!  I was thirsty but now it's back to my writing.  And I can see that I'm not finished with Llano del Rio.  In 1918 those who remained there decided to move to the state of Louisiana; which is to the east of Texas.  They have Alligators in Louisiana. 

     Sadly, Mr. Steve told Daisy and I that community in Louisiana also eventually failed because of the Great Depression of the 1930's.  Mr. Steve still has a few customers in Louisiana.  I smell a Joshua tree.   Blackbeard and Anne the Crows are standing on Moe the middle Shed.

      Mr. Steve has worked for big and small companies.  He's noticed that when a group is small everyone cooperates.  But if that group grows to about one hundred the atmosphere changes and what they call "Backbiting" starts.  That might've happened at Llano del Rio.

     In 1985 when Mr. Steve and his Tour Group went to Israel they visited two "Kibbutzim."  In this Hebrew Dictionary it says Kibbutzim is "plural" for Kibbutz and is translated into English as "gathering."  Dais thinks a Kibbutz is probably like what Llano del Rio was.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy "Kibbtz Degania" was the first "Communal" Jewish "Settlement" to be established in Israel by these people called "Zionists."  That was in 1909, five years before the First World War; right about the time of Llano del Rio.    I smell a Sage plant.

     This Dictionary says Zionists are Jews who wanted to go back and live in Israel even though most Jews had not lived in that area since the first century A.D.   Hey God!  Israel is the place You gave to the Jews after they escaped from Slavery down there in Egypt.

     Hey Lord!  When You were down here living the Romans were in charge.  They were what's called "occupiers" of Israel.  As you know Lord, if a person didn't do what the Romans wanted they beat you up or just killed you.  They were kind of like modern Nazis Dais thinks.

     Well Lord, You predicted it.  You said that the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem would be totally destroyed and that's exactly what did happen about eighty years after the Romans killed You.  The Jews "rose up" or rebelled against the Romans who they had to pay high taxes too.

     From what Mr. Steve says, if you did what the Romans told you to do and payed your taxes, then they let you practice your own religion.  But if they get mad at you the Romans had a joke saying they used with each other; "Give them the boot."  I hear a Crow cawing.

     Daisy says if a Roman said give someone the boot they meant; push them down, turn them over, put a foot on their chest; stab their throat with a Gladius sword.  The Japanese in World War II used bayonets on the end of guns to do about the same thing I guess.   

     Later today I'll write about the "Bataan Death March" of 1942.

     According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, in 79 A.D. the Romans under the future Emperor Titus came in and brutally "put down" that Jewish revolt.  Many of the Jews were just killed and the survivors were "sent into slavery" in what they call the "Diaspora."

     Hey God!  A You know, in the late 19th century some Jews decided they wanted to go back to live in Israel.  Those were the "Zionists."  They were tired of the long history of hatred the Jews had experienced for almost two thousand years since the time of the Diaspora.    


       There's a map of Israel in this Encyclopedia Lord.  It shows how the Sea of Galilee, where You and Your followers lived, is to the north.  As you know, Mr. Steve and his tour Group drove bye the "Golan Heights" in 1985.  They also drove near the "West Bank."

     I can see Lord the little line going north and south which represents the "Jordan River" on this map.  It connects the Sea of Galilee to the "Dead Sea" to the south.  Mr. Steve and his Tour Group went to those places; as I wrote about yesterday in book one.  I smell Sage. 

    Hey God! I'm scheduled to write about the Old Testament story of Sodom and Gomorah later.  As you know, if Daisy and I could go back in time we would like to see if You really did turn that guy Lot's wife into a pillar of salt.  I hear Crows cawing out there in the eastern desert. 

      This map shows how small Israel is.  Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie the city of Tel Aviv on the coast is only ninety miles from the southern end of the Sea of Galilee where Kibbutz Degania is located.  Los Angeles is about seventy miles from us.  I smell a Creosote bush.

     Three years after World War II ended, in 1948, the State of Israel was allowed to come into existence.  The "Holocaust," in which the Germans killed six million Jews, had just happened so Mr. Steve thinks many felt sorry for Jews.  Dais is glad there's a new Israel.  Me too!


      A picture in this Encyclopedia shows two "Orthodox" Jews aiming rifles.  The caption says they're helping to fight the Arabs in 1948.  You can tell they're Orthodox Jews by the hats they have on.  Also, the guy in the front has one of those special Jewish haircuts.

     Hey God!  That reminds me of the first time I ever noticed how Saint Francis and the Priests who followed him had those funny haircuts.  Dais says Franciscan Priests like the ones who came to California in the the 18th century sure do look different with their hair cut that way.

     Mr. Steve met a nice older man who's father fought in Israel's 1948 "War for Independence."  And he was wounded too his son told our boss.  That man said, like most new things in human history, modern Israel was "born in blood."  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye.

     From the day Israel was born in 1948 Arab countries tried to destroy her. This one map in my Encyclopedia shows how Egypt, Jordon, Syria and Lebanon, who surround Israel, all attacked. The red arrows shows the attacks; the blue lines indicate Israel's defensive positions.   

     Daisy says Mr. Steve told her and Millie that from the very beginning Israel has literally had to "fight for her life" so to speak.  In 1948 they were "scrambling" to organize their new nation while being viciously attacked from many sides.  A Crow squawked out in the desert.

     That man who's father fought for Israel's independence said was under siege "right from the get go."  They had few weapons so had to use whatever was available.  Israel at first would have a "Piece meal" military force.  I hear two Crows yelling at each other out in the desert.


                                                       MESSERSCHMITT BF-109 (1948)

                                                                                                                                   PAINTING BY RUDY AUGARTEN

       Daisy says Mr. Steve told her and Millie one time that as a kid he built models of World War II Fighter Planes.  One was the famous German Me Bf-109 which battled British Spitfires and Hawker Hurricanes over England in the "Battle of Britain."  I smell a Creosote plant.

     Hey God!  In my Encyclopedia there's a good painting of a Me-109 in 1948.  But instead of German "markings" it has Stars of David painted on it.  Dais says our boss built a few Me-109's  but on one of them he put Israeli markings kind of like it shows in the painting.

     Mr. Steve used to show that one model Me-109 with Israeli emblems on it to others and often they would examine it.  At first they knew something looked unusual but couldn't figure out just what that was.  Rudy the roadrunner just jogged around the northeast corner of the house. 

     Once the people looking at the model Me109 realized what Mr. Steve had done they laughed and some even wanted to take it to show their fathers.  Dais says Mr. Steve likes doing things like that.  He "gets a kick out of it" as they say.  I smell a Squirrel around here somewhere.

     That man whose father fought the Arabs in 1948 knew about the Me-109's the Israeli's used in 1948.  He chuckled and said it was "ironic."  But the first modern Israeli's were desperate and had to take what was available.  "Beggars can't be choosers" as Dais often says.                             

        Tomorrow in book three I'll write about how many of the Russian women helped their men defend "Mother Russia" from the Nazi's during World War II.  Here in this Encyclopedia is a photo of a Jewish girl holding a rifle.  The caption says it was taken in 1948.

      I can tell that the Jewish girl in the picture is what Daisy would call a "Lookout."  She has a pair of little binoculars attached to her belt.  She kind of has a job doing what we have to do too. Oh!  What a coincidence.  I can hear Dawn and Blinky barking next door.

      Sister Rita Joseph told her class that males and females both have the capacities for good and bad.  Most males and females can fight or be leaders.  Tomorrow I'm scheduled to write about some of the good female leaders from the 20th century.  Two Pigeons just flew bye. 

      Mr. Steve thinks overall Margaret Thatcher was a good Prime Minister of England.  This one lady named Indira Ghandi led India for a few years.  Daisy told me that our boss has a book on a Golda Meir.  I'll look them up and write more about them tomorrow in book three.

   Tomorrow I'm scheduled to write about Israel's wars since 1948.  But I sort of feel like doing part of it now.  It would fit in here because this Encyclopedia says this man named Moshe Dayan was the second child born at Kibbutz Degania.  I can smell a Lizard around here. 

     In 1990 Mr. Steve was a Salesman for "Pace;" which would become "Sam's Club" after they were bought by "Walmart."  His job was to sign up "Business Members" and he often made his daily "Appointments" by calling off of these cards called "One Day Passes."  


                                                                                        MOSHE DAYAN (0000-0000)

     Daisy says one time our boss was going over the One Day Passes on a Sunday night.  One had been filled out by a man named "Chaim."  Mr. Steve called him and asked if he intended to sign up as a member of Pace.  I can smell a Ground Squirrel somewhere around here.

     That man Chaim, who lived in Northridge, said he did want to become a member of Pace.  So our boss told him he could "streamline" the procedure if he could get twenty minutes.  That guy Chaim said "Sure."  So the next morning at eight Mr. Steve went to his house.

     On Sunday evening Mr. Steve took down that guy Chaim's information so he could make and then deliver the cards to him.  Dais says it turned out Chaim was Jewish but spoke Arabic so was one of Moshe Dayan's interpreters during the Israel's "Six Day War" of 1967.

     As soon as Mr. Steve sat down in that man Chaim's office he noticed the pictures on the wall and desk.  There were images of Chaim with people like Moshe Dayan and other famous people in modern Israel's history.  Mr. Steve ended up staying there for two hours.


                    DAVID BEN-GURION (0000-0000)                GOLDA MEIR (0000-0000)

  On my outline it says that the next thing I want to write about is Sylmar; where our boss grew up.  Mr. Steve lived most of his life in Sylmar.  His parents and teenage Niece Samantha still live there.  Blackbeard and Anne Bonny just took off and are flying away to the east.

      Down there in Sylmar Mr. Steve's parents and Samantha have two Dogs named "Bella" and "Rosie."  Both are girl Dogs.  Their Rosie is young like me.  Our Rosie next door is kind of old like Daisy.  Rosie in Sylmar doesn't look like our Rosie next door. 

     The Rosie in Sylmar is what they call a "German Shepard" our boss told us.  She's related to a brother named "Tito" who lives in Littlerock with Mr. Steve's brother's family.  Tito's friend is named "Ozzy" just like that singer Ozzy Osbourne.  I smell a Creosote bush. 

     I hear that Bella and Rosie are good guards just like Dais and me.  And Tito and Ozzy are really good guards too.  Even though I'm out here on the back Patio writing my book I'm still paying attention just in case Daisy calls or I need to guard our two acres.   


                                                                                                 BELLA AND ROSIE


      Bella is a gray "Pit Bull" Mr. Steve's parents rescued. Daisy says maybe some day we can go with Mr. Steve to Sylmar to see a real city and also meet Rosie and Bella.  Mr. Steve thinks Rosie and I would get along.  Blackbeard and Anne are coming back in from the desert.

     Our boss says Bella and I are about the same age.  Even though Daisy is nice and we get along great most of the time, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a friend who's from my own generation.  Mr. Steve jokes that Bella and I are "Dog Millennials."

     Because he and his parents were Tour Guides over at the San Fernando Mission for all those years they read about the native peoples who've lived in the area that would eventually be called Sylmar; or the broader San Fernando Valley.  A brown Thrasher Bird rand bye. 



      Dais told me our boss said when the Spanish first came to Alta California in the second half of the 18th century some of the Indians were called "Tataviam."  Samson and Delilah the Crows are floating bye right now; way up high there in the blue afternoon sky. 

     According to what it says here in my Encyclopedia, the name Tataviam means; "People who face the Sun."  The Chumash who lived in Southern California for thousands of years called the Tataviam Indians "Alliklik" which means; The "grunters" or the "Stammerers."




     Mr. Steve met a man who was a "Tongva" Indian.  The Spanish called them "Fernañdeno."  They talked about how the Spanish named the California tribe near the San Gabriel Mission "Gabrielinos."  The Fernañdenos lived around the San Fernando Mission.  

     Daisy says our boss learned a lot from that Tongva man.  That's mainly because he was also interested in history Dais thinks.  He also knew a lot about the many important things that took place in the 16th century.  A cool breeze came in off of the eastern desert.    

     I hear a Pigeon cooing above me.  It's voice is coming from up on the Roof of the Patio.  I can also hear three layers of sounds coming from Birds to my front.  There are Birds near the three Sheds, close to the back fence and also farther out there in the eastern desert.

     Mr. Steve told us even in the early 19th century the northeast corner of the San Fernando Valley had Olive trees.  The first Olive trees planted in Alta California were brought from Spain to San Diego Mission in the mid-1770's he says.   That Pigeon cooed again.

     Our boss says a Franciscan Priest named Father Iballa was "Assigned" to go and work at the San Fernando Mission in the early 18th century.  Later he "requested" Olive tree "cuttings" be sent from Spain.  I just love the sound of cooing Pigeons.  Now I hear two of them.   

     Mr. Steve says that man "Padre" Iballa noticed the "Soil" in the northeast Valley was kind of like the dirt back in Spain where Olive trees were grown.  But Sylmar did not become famous for Olives until about a century later.  Oh, Fred and Ethel the Pigeons just flew bye.



     Dais says she heard that it takes a few years before Olives actually start to grow on the trees.  But by the beginning of the 20th century there were big "Groves" of Olive trees in Sylmar.  Mr. Steve says the soil up here in the desert would not be good for growing olive trees.

     Down in Sylmar Bella the Pitbull is not mean like some other Pitbulls are.  Mr. Steve told us that his family does not raise vicious Dogs.  Daisy and I are not vicious either but, just like Bella and Rosie, we're really good guards and would be mean if we needed to be.

     Bella and Rosie share a big back yard. They're best friends just like Daisy and me.  Rosie was given to Mr. Steve's parents by his brother Sam's family.   Rosie's mom still lives in Littlerock and Mr. Steve told us she's also really good at guarding their property.

     In the 1980's and early 1990's Mr. Steve took pictures at Boxing matches.  One place he went to was in the Valley at a place called the "Country Club."  This is in the town of "Reseda."  One time he took pictures of an actor who was on this tv show called "The Odd Couple."

                                                             "THE ODD COUPLE"


     Our boss jokes that Daisy and I are his odd couple.  Daisy saw one episode of that show The Odd Couple and liked it.  It was about two totally different roommates; one sloppy and the other one neat.  Mr. Steve took pictures of the sloppy roommate she says.   

     Reseda, where the Country Club is located, is near this other town called "Tarzana."  For a time, before the big 1994 Northridge earthquake, Mr. Steve's sister Susan had what they call a "Condominium" there.  But it was destroyed in the earthquake.

     Dais says our boss once told her and Millie about this man who lives over in Africa named "Tarzan."  And she told me, the town of Tarzana is named after him.  Someday both of us really want to see the seven "Johnny Weismueller"movies about that guy Tarzan.



     From what Mr. Steve told Daisy Tarzan's wife is named "Jane" and their son is "Boy."  They live in a really neat big treehouse and have a funny Chimpanzee named "Cheetah."  Daisy says our boss told her and Millie that Cheetah might be one of the smartest Chimps in history. 

     The San Fernando Valley is also where our boss's niece Stephanie, her boyfriend Rich, and their teenage daughter Cristina live.  They live in Northridge which is kind of near to Reseda and Tarzana.  Their house is close to the C.S.U.N. campus Mr. Steve says.

     Stephanie, Rich and Cristina have two very friendly "Staffordshire" Pit Bulls who are named "Angus" and "Betty."  They also have a little Dog named "Sparky."  Our boss says that's a good name for him because he has so much energy.  Angus and Betty are not mean.

     Someday Daisy and I would like to meet Angus and Betty too.  Daisy told me that if I ever get over my fear of riding in a car someday we'll be able to sniff them; as well as Bella and Rosie in Sylmar.  But, I am sort of still afraid of being in a moving car.  I smell a Creosote bush. 



                                                               ANGUS AND BETTY


  Our boss thinks Angus is named after Angus Young of AC/DC.  Angus and Betty are nice Dogs.  But, just like all of the Dogs in our family, they would fight to defend they're property  Mr. Steve told us he thinks Daisy an I would like Angus and Betty.  Oh!  I smell a Squirrel.

     Back in the 1970's Mr. Steve went to C.S.U.N.; near to where Stephanie, Rich and Cristina live.  To this day he says he still likes the atmosphere on h!college campus's.  He thinks Daisy and I would love "Cafeteria" food.  But, like Daisy says, there isn't much food we don't like!

     A few years ago our boss and his niece Samantha walked around the C.S.U.N. campus.  Mr. Steve showed her the Library was and also the Engineering Building.  After the 1994 earthquake Mr. Steve's friend Rick got a job replacing damaged water pipes on that building.

     In 1995 our boss spent a lot of time working in and around that Engineering Building he told Samantha.  While walking around C.S.U.N. Mr. Steve and Samantha discussed how his mother  raised five kids and then went back to college there.  I see the Ground Squirrel.



        Samantha knows her Grandma is a special person.  When she went to college she was always the oldest person in her classes, whether at Mission College or later C.S.U.N.  And she graduated with a 4.0 grade point average and earned a degree in Art History.  I smell Sage.

     The reason why Mr. Steve and his niece Samantha were at C.S.U.N. was to see a show by this really nice girl named Nancy Cartwright.  Dais told me she does the voice of this one kid named Bart on a really funny cartoon called "The Simpsons."  The Squirrel is looking at me. 




     I've never seen the Simpsons but Daisy and Millie saw it once.  Mr. Steve has seen only a few episodes. Daisy told me it's about this funny family.  Maybe one of these days if I ever start going inside the house more the way Daisy does I can then watch more tv.

      For a long time Mr. Steve says he was on Nancy Cartwright's "mailing list." This was because in the 1980's he and Harriet were assigned to cover shows at a place down in Hollywood called the "Dianetics Center." Daisy has told me all about that Hollywood sign near there.


       Dais says Mr. Steve told her, as a teenager, his brother Rock worked as a "Counselor" at a Boys Camp at this place called "Griffith Park."  Our boss and his girlfriend Sandy visited him there and one time they hiked up to that famous Hollywood sign on the mountain.

   From what Daisy says our boss told her that girl Nancy Cartwright not only does the voice of Bart Simpson but she also does the voice for one of the characters on this other cartoon called "Rugrats."  Dais has never seen the Rugrats but would sure like to some day. 

     One of the few Simpsons episodes our boss did happen to see a few years ago had that one guy Johnny Ramone on it.  Dais thinks that I would probably like the Simpsons because of it's what they call  "irreverent" humor.  Mr. Steve also sometimes likes that kind of humor too.   

                                                           NANCY CARTWRIGHT

       Mr. Steve says Nancy Cartwright, like the Mael brothers from SPARKS went to U.C.L.A.  As he and his niece Samantha walked around the C.S.U.N. campus before Nancy Cartwright's show, Mr. Steve felt "nostalgic."  There goes our Fanny and Freddie flying bye.

      As they walked around the C.S.U.N. grounds our boss told his niece Samantha that only now does he more appreciate his days as a student.  When you're actually living a situation you tend to take things for granted and not give things even a "second thought" as they say. 

      On my outline I see that it's time to talk about our boss's second girlfriend Emily.  Before our boss was with Harriet his girlfriend was Emily.  She grew up in New York City, in a place called "Long Island;" and has a good sense of humor.  I smell a Gopher around here. 

     Mr. Steve's girlfriend Emily came out here to go to college.  She works at this place called the "Wooden Center" at U.C.L.A.; in the Athletic Department.  Dais says our boss told her that girl Emily is a smart person.  She has a lively spirit and is a decent human being he says. 

    After our boss graduated from Sylmar High in 1973 he then went to a "Junior College" called "Valley College" in Van Nuys.  Two years later his girlfriend Sandy also went there.  But then in 1976 Mr. Steve transferred over to C.S.U.N.  Oh!  I smell a Gopher Snake somewhere.                               


     Dais says our boss has fond memories of his time at Cal State Northridge.  But then he just took them for granted.  Ah!  There goes a long brown Gopher Snake underneath Moe the middle Shed.  I'm so glad Daisy taught me how to recognize all of the dangerous Snakes. 

     Even though that Gopher Snake looks to be over three feet long I know it's harmless.  I'll bet it knows there are a lot of Gophers coming up out of the ground today; attracted by the heat of the Sun I think.  It' great to be in Spring.  Oh!  I smell a Gopher around here.

     In the late 1970's Mr. Steve and his friends spent a lot of time studying at C.S.U.N.'s "Oviat" Library.  People joked they might as well just sleep in a tent outside because they had to come back early the next morning anyway.  Someday Dais and I want to go to a Library. 

     Because our boss likes the atmosphere in Libraries so much now Daisy and I would like to see what the inside of a real Library is like.  I'll bet it would be great!  Hey!  Maybe we could start a Library for Dogs and Cats!  Mr. Steve says that most "Librarians" seem nice.


                                                       "OVIAT" LIBRARY / C.S.U.N.



     One time Mr. Steve and this girl named Olivia were studying at C.S.U.N.'s "Oviat" Library   when they filmed an  "episode" of this one tv show called "Battle Star Galactica."  From what our boss says it was sort of like a tv version of "Star Wars."  I see that Gopher. 

     I guess on that night the producers of Battle Star Galactica set up these really big "Props" in front of the Oviat Library.  They looked good on tv Mr. Steve told us but "up close"  you could see right away that they were just made out of cheap plastic.  A Wren is singing.

     But Mr. Steve says, once those props were set up and "Dry Ice" smoke machines used to blow smoke around; it looked pretty good from a distance.  At least that's what someone told him a few years later.  He's never seen that episode but he'd sure like to someday.

      I can tell by its scent that Gopher is the same Gopher who popped out of the same exact hole yesterday.  Right now that Gopher is sticking its head out of the hole and sniffing the air.  It will smell the Gopher Snake under Moe the middle Shed.  I hear some Crows cawing. 

     On that one episode of Battle Star Galactica the Oviat Library was supposed to be what they called an "Ice Palace."  And from what this other guy told our boss; at a "Wide Angle" from the distance it actually looked pretty good.  Oh no!  That Gopher crawled out of the hole. 


                                       "ICE PALACE" / "BATTLE STAR GALACTICA"

     Our boss and Olivia decided to take a break and were going down this moving stairs called an "Escalator" when actors in white "Storm Trooper" type costumes were coming up on the other side.  As they passed each other Mr. Steve and the Actors nodded at one another.  

     Oh my God!  That Gopher Snake ambushed the Gopher.  It took just a split second for it to bite onto the Gopher.  Poor Gopher!  It's trying to fight back but I can tell it's already way too late.  The Snake is now wrestling the Gopher around in trying to wrap around him.   

     Mr. Steve's Niece Stephanie now lives in Northridge with her longtime boyfriend Rich and their daughter Cristina.  For a while they lived in this other town called "Granada Hills" which is nearby.  Oh!  I just noticed that Centipede I saw yesterday trudging past below me. 

     Daisy says sometimes when our boss thinks of Granada Hills, where that Football player John Elway went to High School; he thinks of an old friend named Alex.  Alex's family moved out to  California from New York City and "settled" in Granada Hills in the early 1970's. 

     Alex was short but really strong Mr. Steve told Dais.  They used to play Sports together in the 1970's.  Alex was a pretty good Goaltender in Hockey just like Mr. Steve's brother Rock is now. I guess that guy Alex was Italian like Mr. Steve's friend Rick.  A Crow just cawed.

      Well, there goes the Gopher Snake dragging the body of the Gopher under Moe.  He'll then be able to eat in peace.  That Gopher must not have smelled that Snake.  Or maybe it just made a dumb mistake.  That Gopher should never have come out of its hole. 

     Mr Steve told Daisy and Millie he had a pleasant dream about when he and his brother Rock playing "Street Hockey" in Granada Hills with Alex.  They had a lot of fun.  Mr. Steve doesn't play Hockey any more but his brother still does.  Mr. Steve has three taped Sticks.

      It was in 1970 that Mr. Steve first met his friend Alex.  They were both going to 9th Grade at Alemany High School.  Later, when Mr. Steve transferred to Sylmar High Alex went over to Granada Hills High.  But they stayed friends for a few years after that Dais says.   

     Stephanie's boyfriend Rich grew up in New Jersey but his parents are originally from Cuba.  Cuba is kind of near to where Christopher Columbus landed when he came to the New World.  Mr. Rich works on "Cell" towers.  I just picked up the scent of a Sage plant. 

     A lot of people call Rich "Ritchie."  But Mr. Steve prefers to just call him Rich.  He's a very talented person he told Dais.  Rich is not only a good what they call "Handyman" who knows a lot about "Construction;" but is also a good artist.  I hear Dawn barking.

     Mr. Rich gave our boss this coffee cup which he painted.  I've never seen it but Daisy has and says it's great.  It sort of looks like the artwork of that guy Ed "Big Daddy" Roth who I'm going to write about later.   A Wasp just buzzed past going from my right to my left. 

     Well, that Snake is now dragging the dead Gopher into a bush behind Moe the middle Shed.  Dais says sometimes it takes a few hours for a Snake to fully swallow its prey.  But I just noticed Blackbeard and Anne the Crows circling right above them.  They're hungry too.

     Dais says our boss has a collection of coffee cups.  Some were given out at sports banquets and others have logos like the Oakland A's or from the 1984 Olympics.   One was given to Mr. Steve by Rich who did the artwork on it.  Mr. Steve says Rich would be a good "Pinstriper."  



       In the early 2000's Rich played guitar in this good Heavy Metal band called DRAGPIPE.  They're from New Jersey.  Mr. Steve has their 2002 album and has played along to it on drums.  But he admits he's not nearly as good a drummer as DRAGPIPE'S drummer.

      That Snake just dragged the limp body of that Gopher back under Moe.  And Blackbeard and Anne Bonny landed on top.  But they probably know it's too late.  Unless they're starving they're not going under Moe.  Freddie is looking at me over here on Elvira.  

      Yup!  They've done this before so Freddie just cawed and that signaled to Fannie that they should just try to find some food out in the desert.  There they go up into the air because they know they have no chance of stealing that dead Gopher.  I smell an old Sage bush.

        I just thought of something I feel like mentioning now.  It's kind of out of order in my outline but that's okay.  I think I thought of it because I mentioned Cuba when talking about Rich and his parents.  I'm going to write quickly about this guy named Ernesto "Che" Guevarra.


                                            ERNESTO "CHE" GUEVARRA (1928-1967)

                                                                                                       PHOTO BY ALBERTO KORDA


          The caption below the picture of Che Guevarra in my Encyclopedia says it's one of the most famous photographs in the world.  Che Guevarra was called the "Heroic Guerrilla Fighter" or "Guerrillero Heroico" in Spanish.  Dais says Mr. Steve told her he killed people. 

       The caption below the picture of Che Guevarra also says that this "image" has now become a "symbol" which represents the "Counter Culture" and "rebellion."  Daisy told me about how our boss told her and Millie he read that Che Guevarra enjoyed executing enemies.

        Che Guevarra and this other man named Fidel Castro led the "Cuban Revolution" of 1959.  They "ousted" a Dictator it says here.  "Che" as he was called was a medical Doctor while Fidel Castro was a Lawyer.  Blackbeard and Anne Bonny just coasted bye right now. 

        This is interesting.  According to what it says in this Encyclopedia, Che Guevarra died down in South America trying to "export" Cuba's Socialist or Communist revolution. But he and his men were caught in "Bolivia" and executed.  I hear our neighbors Ducks next door.  

         In one of the closets in the Hallway of our house Mr. Steve has a large collection of T-Shirts and Sports Jerseys.  At least that's what Dais told me.  And one of the T-Shirts is red and has the face of that guy Che Guevarra on it.  Samson and Delilah are now flying bye.

      Daisy told me our boss thinks Che Guevarra was just as important to the Cuban Revolution as that one other guy Fidel Castro.  I'm scheduled to write about both of them later when I learn about these things called the "Bay of Pigs" and the "Cuban Missile Crisis."

     Mr. Steve one time met a man from Cuba who didn't really like those guys Che Guevarra and Fidel Castro.  He said they took everything from his family in 1960.  To him Che Guevarra is not a "Martyr."  Now I really want to see that red Che Guevarra T-Shirt.  

       Daisy says that Cuban man told our boss he thinks Fidel Castro was secretly happy when Che Guevarra was killed down there in South America.  Che was becoming even more popular than he was and he didn't like it.  Oh! I'll bet Mr. Steve will be interested in this.

     My Encyclopedia says the last things Che Guevarra said when his executioner walked into the room to shoot him; "I know you're here to kill me.  Shoot me coward.  You're only killing a man. Tell my wife to remarry and try to be happy."  I can hear some Crows cawing.  

    On my outline the next thing I want to write about is the economy.  Mr. Steve For years there were "throngs" of day laborers in front of the Home Depot in Sylmar.  But, just like at the Four Points in Littlerock, there are far fewer now.  A little Ground Squirrel just ran bye.

      Mr. Steve's father sometimes goes to that Home Depot Shopping Center in Sylmar.   When he does he often feeds some of the day laborers at McDonalds.  Hey God.  As You know of course, he does this because he thinks it's what You would want him to do.  Day laborers are poor. 

                      MR. STEVE'S PARENTS WITH LEE IACCOCA (1989)                

                                                                   PHOTO BY STEVE CÓRDOVA


     When all the workers' recognize our boss's father's Car they begin chasing it while calling out loud “Patron, Patron” which is Spanish for “Boss.”  You know, Mr. Steve is our Patron.  Daisy jokes, if he says "jump," we say "how high."  He's like our "Benevolent Dictator."

       Because the "Construction" industry has been so bad there is less need for day laborers. Mr. Steve told us, for the first time in years, he was told that the population of California has actually gone down. He thinks this is partly because the "cost of living" is so high here. 

     One of Mr. Steve's customers from North Carolina came out out to California for a wedding last year.  When he and wife and kids got back home they couldn't believe how much people from California are paying in taxes; especially what they call the "Sales Tax."  

     Daisy says one time our boss told her and Millie that one of the reasons he now likes living up here in the High Desert is because there are a lot fewer people.  He says living here has changed him.  He now realizes how much noise and bad air there is in a city. 

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that it would be very difficult to go back and live in a big city again.  He jokes that he's now kind of "Spoiled" as they say.  The desert is not perfect but there is no place that's perfect.  Someday Daisy and I would like to go see a city.  

     The road system in Los Angeles, or in Southern California for that matter, is very familiar to our boss.  He knows it well because he lived and worked in Los Angeles for many years.  But he now feels more and more uncomfortable there because there are so many people.

     1977 has become a year Mr. Steve remembers well.  He was dating a girl named Susan.  She was really interested in Medieval history so they went to this thing called the "Renaissance Fair" where   Some people dressed up but I know our boss does not like to wear costumes.

     Dais says in one of the closets in the hallway Mr. Steve has a big collection of Jerseys, T-Shirts and Jackets.  They all have to do with either sports teams or musical bands.  But I've noticed our boss never wears anything with writing or images on it; even the Oakland A's.

     Back in 1977 Mr. Steve and that girl Susan went and saw this one movie about Boxing called "Rocky."  Dais has seen it and says it's so good.  This one Boxer who's not that good is given a chance to fight for the "Title" as they say.  Someday I really want to see that movie.

     Daisy and Millie are so lucky!  One time they got to see that movie Rocky.  Dais says the fighter is named  "Rocky Balboa" and he was what's called an "Underdog."  But he wasn't like the real Underdog who can fly.  I just picked up the scent of a Gopher around here.

     According to Daisy, in the movie Rocky had a really nice but shy girlfriend named "Adrian." Daisy and Millie thought Rocky's Dog "Butkus" was so good looking.  He was named after that guy Dick Butkus; the Chicago Bears Football player I mentioned back in book one.



     Dais says our Chief told her and Millie that Americans like stories about underdogs who have little chance at success in life.  And now,  that movie Rocky is known as one of the most famous American stories of that what they call "genre."  Aha!  I see the Gopher over there.

       From what Daisy says, in that movie Rocky the Boxing Champion named "Appolo" decides to give an unknown fighter a chance to fight him for the Championship.  And it turns out Dais told me; that guy Rocky Balboa is the lucky fighter the champion chooses to fight.

     So I guess by "pure luck" Rocky Balboa gets the opportunity and "Against all Odds" as they say, he "pulls off  an upset" and wins.  So he becomes the new World Champion.  Daisy told me it's such a happy ending.  I can see that one Gopher is now sniffing the air.

     Dais told me the Actor who played Rocky Balboa is named Sylvester Stallone.  One time at a Boxing Match at the Forum in the mid-1980's our boss took a picture of Sylvester Stallone.  On that night he was wearing a Baseball Cap for a movie called "Nighthawks." 

     A few years ago Mr. Steve saw a show about the actor Sylvester Stallone who played the part of Rocky Balboa.  The show said it was likely that the movie Rocky was based loosely on the life of a real life Boxer named Chuck Wepner.  A Crow just cawed faintly out in the desert. 

     I guess that guy Chuck Wepner was what they call a "Journeyman" fighter.  That probably means that he wasn't a very good Boxer Dais says.  Chuck Wepner was from the State of New Jersey; where our boss's Niece Stephanie's boyfriend Rich is originally from.



   Daisy told me that guy Chuck Wepner got to fight Muhammad Ali.  But, unlike in the Rocky movie, he lost.  Mr. Steve told Dais that's often the way things go in "real life" as they say.  Ah! I  can see that the Gopher must've gone back underneath  the ground.                                                 

 I'm tempted to write more about that buy Muhammad Ali now but I better just wait until chapter ten later today.  His original name was Cassius Clay.  He was named after a 19th century "Abolitionist" politician from his home State of Kentucky.  I smell a Cholla cactus.                        

   From what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie, that guy Chuck Wepner was known to get cut a lot.  And I guess Muhammad Ali did "carve" up his face; even though he did manage to knock    Muhammad Ali down.  But Mr. Steve says he accidentally stepped on Ali's foot.                                 

                                               MUHAMMAD ALI / CHUCK WEPNER


        Dais told me our boss has a friend named Gary.  He's a "Barber" who has worked for many years in the city of San Fernando.  Gary is also a Boxing historian.  Our boss says he knows a lot more about Boxing history than he does.  Gary said Chuck Wepner was "tough."

     Mr. Steve has a big book in his office called "The Pictorial History of Boxing."  Daisy told me it was written by this one man named Nat Fleischer.  He died in 1972 and for decades was the "Editor" of "Ring" magazine.  I'll refer to Nat Fleischer a few times later today.


                                                    NAT FLEISCHER (1887-1972)

     I guess Nat Fleischer's The Pictorial History of Boxing is now considered by many to be the "Bible of Boxing."  A picture in this Encyclopedia shows Nat Fleischer's New York City office. And behind him you can see the "Marquee" of the "old" Madison Square Garden.

     Chuck Wepner fought Muhammad Ali in 1975.  Nat Fleischer died in 1972; when Mr. Steve was in the 11th Grade at Sylmar High.  That Barber from San Fernando named Gary wondered at times what Nat Fleischer would have thought of the Rocky movies.  I smell Sage.  

     Dais told me our boss said Chuck Wepner's nickname was the "Beyonne Bleeder."   This was mainly because he was from the town of Beyonne, in New Jersey and was"prone" to get his face "sliced up" as they say.  Blackbeard and Anne just swooped past; moving to the east.


                                                                   CHUCK WEPNER / SONNY LISTON (1970)


     Wow!  In my Encyclopedia there's a good picture of Chuck Wepner when he lost to Charles "Sonny" Liston.  Daisy told me how mean-looking Sonny Liston was.  And he hit so hard.  Poor Chuck Wepner!  His face is so cut up his blood is "splattered" on the Referee's shirt.

     I'm scheduled to write about the Boxer Muhammad Ali later this afternoon and when I do talk about Muhammad Ali I'll learn more about Sonny Liston too.  He's now forever associated with Muhammad Ali; as is that other guy Joe Frazier.  I hear a Crow squawking.

     I want to be like that guy Chuck Wepner!  He was so brave.  I would fight like him if I were ever have to defend our land.  And Daisy feels the same I know for sure.  We'd endure a lot of pain to defend our boss.  Hey God!  Sometimes I wonder how courageous I am.

     Muhammad Ali later beat Sonny Liston for the "World" Championship in one of the most famous "Bouts" of all time.  But Chuck Wepner suffered seventy two stitches on his face after he fought Sonny Liston.  Nat Fleischer definitely knew about this fight.

      Dais was the first one who told me that when a movie is good it gets one of those "Academy Awards."  Rocky won one in 1977 but there were some other good movies too that year Daisy says.  One was about President Nixon and another on that guy Woody Guthrie. 

Another movie that won some Academy Awards in 1977 was called "Taxi Driver."  Someday Daisy and I really want to see that movie.  Dais told me Mr. Steve's girlfriend Emily liked it a lot and it definitely made an impression on our boss somehow.  A Crow just cawed.                             


                                                                    TAXI DRIVER


          Hey God!  In this one Encyclopedia of mine it says that the movie Taxi Driver was about a Vietnam War veteran who's a Taxi Cab driver in New York City.  He kind of goes crazy for a while but he rescues this young girl from being what they call a "Prostitute."

     Here in the High Desert one of Mr. Steve's new friends is named "Eddie."  He grew up in a place called "Staten Island;" which is part of New York City.  Mr. Eddie now lives in this other place called "Lake Los Angeles."  Jack the Jackrabbit just ran bye. 

     Mr. Eddie has sold things like hats for Mr. Steve.  But now he drives a Cab to make money.  Our boss knew Mr. Eddie was from back east as soon as he met him because of his "Accent."  His Niece Stephanie's boyfriend Rich, who's from New Jersey, has a similar accent.

     It was in 1970 when he was in the 9th Grade that Mr. Steve first met that guy Alex.  He and his family were Italian like Rick's family but spoke with "New York Accents."  Alex's parents were good, decent people.  His younger sister was pretty Dais told me.

     Daisy says in Mr. Steve's dream he and Alex shook hands and hugged.  Alex had a firm grip. So did his father.  When he first met and shook hands with Alex's dad Alex had warned him that when his father shook hands he had a "Vice Grip."  Two of the Pigeons flew bye.

    Alex told Mr. Steve that, as a kind of joke, when he introduced him to his dad he should shake hands really hard before his father had a chance to do it to him.  And Alex told him, with his left hand, slap his father's right shoulder hard too.  This would take him by surprise.

     So Dais told me, when Mr. Steve did as Alex told him to do it caught Alex's father totally "Off Guard" as they say.  Alex got such a "kick out of it" when Mr. Steve did that.  His father kind of laughed and said; "Alex!"  Mr. Steve used to like talking to Alex's dad. 

     One adjustment Mr. Steve had to make when he moved up here from Sylmar was how far you have to drive for everything.  Living in a big city if you need something you just go get it.  But if you live in a small town the closest "Store" is about ten miles away.  I smell Sage.

     Lake Los Angeles where Mr. Eddie lives is about twenty miles away yet is considered to be a "neighbor" of Piñon Hills.  Mr. Steve has told his Nephew Sammy Jr. that where they live over in Littlerock is twenty seven miles away; longer than the distance of a "Marathon."

       Mr. Steve read one time in a magazine that in 1977 the first female "Director" was nominated for one of those Academy Awards.  And this movie called "Network" was the first time an award was given "Posthumously." In my Dictionary it says that means after you're dead.  

     In August of 1977 Mr. Steve and his brother Rock visited and stayed in New York City.  Mr. Steve was twenty two years old.  It was on that trip that he first felt what real "humidity" felt like.   He didn't really like it.  Dais and I have wondered what humidity feels like.

     On that 1977 trip back east our boss and his brother later visited their Uncle Marty and his family in this city called "Morristown;" which is in the state of New Jersey.  This is across the Hudson Bay, to the east of New York City.  That Sparrow just flew away.

     A lot of Cubans like Stephanie's boyfriend Rich's parents live in New Jersey.  There are also many Cubans who live in Florida where Mr. Steve visited in 1995 with his one friend Armando. Mr. Steve has customers in both New Jersey and Florida.  I small a Creosote bush.

     Many people from Cuba "fled" when Fidel Castro came to power in the late 1950's.  Some of them were "Capitalists" like we are.  They had business's and liked making money.  Back in the 1950's people like Meyer Lansky made money through Cuban gambling Casinos.  

      Socialists or Communists generally think that "Materialism" is bad.  But as Mr. Steve says, even in Joseph Stalin's Russia and Mao tse-Tung's China the ruling class lived way better than the working class.  A small gray Squirrel just ran bye in front of the three Sheds. 

                                                                                                          (Chapter 8)                                                                             


                                                GEORGE WASHINGTON (1732-1799))

                                                                                                 PAINTING BY CHARLES PEALE POLK


      Well, my outline says the first thing to write about in this eighth chapter is that guy George Washington.  I'll also write about him in book three.  He was a military General and America's first President.  Dais says our boss thinks he could've been a King if he'd wanted to be. 

      Daisy told me our boss says many of the Founding Fathers thought religion and government should be totally separate.  Mr. Steve thinks this idea may have started in the early 18th century when some of the "Enlightenment" philosophers were Masons.  I smell a Sage plant. 


                                                   ROUSSEAU                 VOLTAIRE


     Tomorrow in book three Dais has me scheduled to write more about the Enlightenment and the "Freemasons."  Dais says our boss thinks both influenced the type of government the United States has now. Two of the Enlightenment philosophers were French.  I smell new Sage.

     One was named Jean Jacque Rousseau.  The other one is man called "Voltaire."   

     Dais says our boss told her even though George Washington believed in the "Separation of Church and State" he said; "Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable."  Daisy told me George Washington was a Mason.    

     In this Encyclopedia it says that Morristown is where George Washington camped his army during some of the winters during the Revolutionary war against England.  This was when the the thirteen states "broke away" from the British Empire and became their own country.


     During the Revolutionary War in the late 1700's George Washington and his "Continental" army spent miserable Winters at this place called "Valley Forge."  But less well known our boss says is how they spent some just as horrible Winters near Morristown, New Jersey.

     It says here a lot of soldiers died of disease or froze to death.  And I guess it was so cold that a lot of men did what they call "dessert."  Daisy was right!  To dessert does mean a soldier leaves the army before he's given permission.  They kill you for that Dais says! 

     Daisy would survive Morristown because she has thick fur.  But I would've needed blankets.  Mr. Steve says George Washington died of this thing called "Pneumonia" and supposedly the last words he said to his family before dying were; "I die hard but I'm not afraid to go."

      When Daisy was helping me put together my three long outlines for all of those six months we decided to I'd write about George Washington's teeth tomorrow in book three.  But I kind of feel like doing it right now instead.  I'll explain it to her tonight after we eat dinner.

      Mr. Steve told us a lot of people think that George Washington's "false" teeth were made out of wood.  Bit it's not true.  They were made out of other real teeth from Horses, Cows and even other people.  Mr. Steve one time met a girl who knew all about the subject of "Dentures."

      In my Encyclopedia I just looked up a man named John Greenwood.  He was the "Dentist" who worked on George Washington's teeth.  Like a lot of people in those days, Mr. Steve told Daisy and me how George Washington had really bad teeth.  I hear some Crows cawing.


                                                   JOHN GREENWOOD (1760-1819)

                  GETTY IMAGES                      

        The picture in my Encyclopedia shows that Dentist John Greenwood.  I guess his Office was in New York City.  Boy, it would be hard to live with bad teeth.  And what would we do with no teeth?  Mr. Steve told Dais by twenty six George Washington had only one tooth left. 

        But then he found John Greenwood who I guess made George Washington four "sets" of  teeth" in the final ten years of his life.  Dais thinks that Mr. Steve would like to go back in time to meet George Washington.  He would probably want to shake his hand I'll bet.

      Wow!  I wonder if Mr. Steve knows this?  It says here that guy John Greenwood even used the "Tusks" of Hippopotamus's to "fashion" some of George Washington's teeth.  Oh!  His dad was the first "American-born" Dentist and three of his brothers were Dentists too. 


                          PAINTING BY ARCHIBALD MACNEAL WILLARD            


          I guess if, at age fifteen, John Greenwood had not decided to volunteer to be a "fife" player in the Revolutionary War he might've been a Dentist earlier.  Daisy says a fife is kind of like a flute so I know I'd like they way it sounds.  I can hear some of the Ducks quacking.

      My Encyclopedia shows a 1876 painting which celebrated the one hundred year anniversary of the United States.  Three brave men lead soldiers into battle and the guy on the right plays a fife.  Mr. Steve's mother studied the history and "Sociology" of this famous painting.



        Oh!  The caption below the Revolutionary War painting says the painter "superimposed" his father's face for the drummer; just like Mr. Steve's mother used his face in her painting of Saint Ferdinand III which hangs in the front Dining Room near the Living Room. 

        I really like that big painting of King Ferdinand III.  I even had a dream about it a while back.  Dais says our boss told her and Millie one time about how that image was taken from this statue that stands high above the altar down at the San Fernando Mission Church. 

       Daisy has me scheduled to write about the real King Ferdinand III tomorrow in book three. She says the San Fernando Valley and Saint Ferdinands school and Church were also named "In his Honor" as they say.   Jack the Jackrabbit just ran bye out there in the desert.

      When I go inside the house on Saturday mornings to watch our cartoons I always go over to the painting of Saint Ferdinand III.  Looking up at it makes me like our boss even more.  He does seem at times like a powerful King.   Daisy says "to a great extent" he is our King.

       Well, the next thing I want to write about is this one man named George Armstrong Custer.  He fought in the American Civil War and then did the same against Native-American tribes like the Lakota Sioux.  I can see Libby over there walking slowly around in her Corral.



        Daisy says our boss has a customer up in Montana who knows a lot about George Custer.  He and Mr. Steve have at times discussed him.  During the American Civil War "Custer" was called the "Boy General" because he was a General at the age of twenty threte.

        Jack the Jackrabbit just ran bye out in the desert behind the three Sheds.  He what they call "Zig-Zags" while running so it's harder to catch him.   But sometimes Daisy and I notice that he leaves behind a small cloud of dust sometimes.  That kind of gives his position away.


                                              GEORGE CUSTER / WEST POINT (1860)


       This is interesting.  According to this Encyclopedia, George Custer grew up in the States of Ohio and Michigan.  He went to the Military Academy at West Point but graduated last in his class.  But by then the Civil War was "raging" so he went right into combat.

       This is sort of interesting.  In the photograph of George Custer taken when he was at West Point it shows him wearing a gray uniform.  In the first "major" battle of the Civil War outside Washington D.C. both sides wore blue and gray.  And their flags were too much alike.



        I guess during the Civil War some people joked that George Custer was lucky and they even called it "Custer's Luck."  In 1863 he and his Michigan "Wolverine" Cavalry Brigade did good on the third day of that huge battle at Gettysburg.  I smell a Lizard somewhere nearby.

        My Encyclopedia shows a picture of George Custer's "personal" flag.  The caption says it was designed by his wife Elizabeth.  Hey!  Everyone just called her Libby for short.  And what a coincidence.  I just now picked up our Libby's scent from over there in her Corral.

       I notice that Custer's flag was shaped like Ohio's flag.  In my Encyclopedia it says that shape is called "Swallow-Tailed."  Most flags are square or "Octagonal."  I'll bet Daisy would like the shape of Swallow-Tailed flags.  I wonder if our boss has any flags in that shape?


    I'll write more about what Custer did at Gettysburg later.  When the war finally ended in 1865 when Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant at "Appomattox;" Custer was one of the people sitting in that Courthouse.  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye right now.

       I smell the clump of Joshua trees to my right; the ones near Libby's Corral.  Right now I see three little Birds sitting on top.  That's about thirty feet tall.  I think those Birds are Finches but it's hard to tell from this far away.  Aha!  I just noticed the Lizard over there. 

       sFrom what it ent out west to fight against Native-American tribes like the Sioux.  I smell Sage.

        It says in this Encyclopedia that in 1876, eleven years after the Civil War;  

        Hey God!  Was it You who caused George Custer and his 7th Cavalry to be massacred by the Sioux Indians back in 1876?  Or did You just let it happen like Mr. Steve thinks?  As You of course know, Daisy says thinks You might've been teaching George Custer a lesson.  

        Daisy says our boss told her and Millie how it was embarrassing beause it happened


  Because I want to write about how females can do most things males can do I want to write now about this girl named Sybil Ludington who lived during the American Revolutionary War.  Her father was a militia officer who had fought in the "French and Indian Wars."

     In this Encyclopedia it says that Sybil Ludington was sixteen years old in 1777.  She was the oldest of twelve kids in her family.  The British were on their way to fight the American forces and Sybil's father needed to "alert" his soldiers to get ready for them.

     So, from what it says here in my Encyclopedia, that girl Sybil's father told his daughter to get on her Horse named "Star" and go out at night to tell everyone.  It was a rainy and stormy night and she got really cold but she did it.  A robber even tried to attack her.    

     In 1775 this man named Paul Revere had ridden a Horse at night to warn everyone that the English troops "were coming."  And later this writer named Longfellow wrote a famous poem about it.  Mr. Steve's mom memorized that poem one time in grade school.

     But Dais says our boss one time told her and that other Dog Millie how he thought what Sybil Ludington did was more impressive than what Paul Revere did two years before.  She rode forty miles in nine hours in pouring rain; twice the distance than Paul Revere rode. 


     Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that when his family visited Washington D.C. in July of 2008 he saw a statue of that girl Sybil Ludington.  The same exact statue also stands in the States of Connecticut and New York according to my Encyclopedia.  I smell a Squirrel. 

     According to this Encyclopedia George Washington one time went over to Sybil Ludington's house and personally thanked her for what she had done back in 1777.  I'll bet her father was so proud of her just like I hope someday our boss will be proud of me.  I see the Squirrel. 

     Daisy's right!  We're lucky we live in a time of peace instead of war; even though "in reality" we've been at war in Afghanistan and other parts of the world for a decade.  Since about 2003 the United States has been sending American soldiers to many places around the world. 


     The United States and Russia, or Soviet Union, were allies in beating Hitler in World War II.  But then we became what's called "Mortal" enemies during the "Cold War."  And because both sides have Nuclear bombs life on Earth was threatened.  The Squirrel is gone.

     The Soviet Union collapsed in 1989.  So now there's only one "Super Power" left; the United States.  Daisy says Mr. Steve believes that means, whether we like it or not, America has to be the "Policeman of the World" for "the time being."  I can smell a Creosote plant.

     Mr. Steve's father fought in the Korean War in the early 1950's.  It changed his life; for good and bad.  He made friends but has suffered physically ever since.  Sometimes he has nightmares.  One thing it did is make him appreciate more the value of an education. 

     Thank You God!  I haven't had any bad dreams lately.  That bad Angel Lilith hasn't invaded my dreams for a while now.  Hey Stanley!  I always have to thank you too for being such a good Guardian Angel.  One of those Thrasher Birds just streaked bye; running on the ground.  




      Dais says that during the Korean War Mr. Steve's father got "Frostbite" in his legs.  They wanted to cut off his feet but he wouldn't let them.  He and these guys called  "Corpsmen," who are kind of like a Doctor, were able to save his feet but they were injured for life.

     On my outline I can see that the next thing listed to write about is the Korean War which took place in the early 1950's; five years after the end of the Second World War.  In my Encyclopedia it says that in June of 1950 North Korea decided to invade South Korea.


        My Encyclopedia says Japan's Meiji Government beat Czarist Russia in 1905 and conquered the Korean Peninsula in 1910.  But, when they lost World War II in 1945 they had to give up the area now called "North Korea."  I hear two Crows yelling at each other.

      I guess, because of what this Encyclopedia calls the "Vacuum" left by a defeated Japan at the end of the Second World War; our former ally, Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union, came in and what they call "occupied" North Korea.  So North and South Korea became separate.



    With both North and South Korea declaring themselves "Official" governments; they became competitors until "hostilities" finally broke out in 1950.  Blackbeard and Anne the Crows flew bye.  I'm sure they're still hungry.  And I'm getting a little bit hungry myself.

     It says here the Korean War wasn't  a "Declared" war for America but a "Police Action" of the United Nations Organization.   So we led a "Coalition" of nations against North Korea.  A lot of people died.  In 2008 Mr. Steve saw the Korean War Memorial in Washington D.C.



                                                                                                                                         PHOTO BY STEVE CÓRDOVA


     Even though it wasn't a declared war the Korean War was still big.  The United States lost almost forty thousand men from 1950 through 1953; when an "Armistice" was declared.   And to this day Dais says there are two separate countries who still don't like each other.

       I guess in 1953 the border between North and South Korea was established along the "38th Parallel."  Mr. Steve's Nephew Jacob was in the Air Force and was stationed for a time in South Korea near the "Demilitarized Zone" along that "38th Parallel."  I smell a Joshua tree.



     Our boss's Nephew Jacob was later sent from South Korea over to Italy.  Jacob is now living back in Texas and works at this one store called "Costco."  From 1989 through 1992 Mr. Steve worked at a similar type of store called "Pace;" which is now "Sam's Club."

     Wow!  My Encyclopedia says 1950, the first year of the Korean War, was a year of "dramatic reversals."  The Capitol of South Korea, Seoul, "changed hands" four times!  At first the North Koreans conquered South Korea but then they were almost destroyed themselves.

     In late 1950 this General named Douglas MacArthur took a big risk and landed his American soldiers behind the North Koreans at a place called "Inchon."  This trapped the North Koreans but caused the Chinese to enter the war for North Korea.  A lot of people died in 1950.




         I know that on my outlines that I'll be writing about that guy General MacArthur today and tomorrow.  That's mainly because he's very important to both World War I and World War II.  And he's important to the time between the wars and also the Korean War.

   Mr. Steve says he's noticed over the years that either people love or hate that man Douglas MacArthur.  His fans think he's the greatest General America has ever had.  He fought in World War I and II and then in Korea.  But his "detractors" call him a "Prima Donna."

     After the Second World War General MacArthur was appointed to be what Mr. Steve would call the "De Facto" King of Japan.  He had way more power than even the Japanese Emperor named Hirohito.  But then five years later the Korean War broke out.


.    Looking at this one map in my Encyclopedia makes it a lot clearer what that guy Douglas MacArthur was trying to do when he attacked at Inchon.  He had Marines like Mr. Steve's dad land behind the North Koreans who had invaded down into South Korea. 

     According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, there were some who criticized General MacArthur's plan as being too risky.  But it worked so he what they call "Turned the Tables" on the North Koreans.  Blackbeard and Anne are coasting bye right now.

     I guess, after Douglas MacArthur successfully landed at Inchon he then tried to trap and kill the North Korean soldiers in South Korea.  And from what it says here, with some really bloody fighting they "made a run for it" and tried to escape back up into North Korea.

     General MacArthur chased the North Koreans but then, when it looked like the war might be over quickly; or "by Christmas" as they say, the Chinese "Intervened."  They rescued the North Koreans.  So the war ended up going on for another three years.  I hear a Crow cawing.

     Well, Daisy was right.  She said our boss told her and Millie that when the Chinese attacked the American forces in late 1950 General MacArthur was so mad he wanted to drop some of our Nuclear bombs on them.  But President Truman said no.  I hear two Crows fighting.

     From what it says here in this Encyclopedia, some bloody fighting took place during the cold  Winter of 1950-51.  The extremely freezing conditions made it worse.  Boy, like Dais says, war is bad enough anytime but when you add in twenty below zero weather it's terrible.

     I guess after a few months everything settled into a stalemate like the one that happened in the trenches of World War I.  So then, from early 1951 through 1953 the Korean War became what this Encyclopedia calls a "War of Attrition."  I hear some Crows cawing. 

     According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, in 1951 the United States started heavy bombing of North Korea.  And soon the first ever "air to air" combat with Jets took place.  The Soviet Union then sent in some Russian pilots to fight against all of the American flyers.




     Wow!  It says right here that during the Korean War about thirty percent of the population of North Korea may have died.  And I guess most were killed by bombs the United States dropped on them in the last two years of the war.  There goes Blackbeard and Anne.

     I just thought of something I want to add in here.  I'm supposed to write about this Baseball player named Ted Williams in chapter ten but I feel like doing it now. 


                     TED WILLIAMS                                                              JOE DIMAGGIO

       Mr. Steve thinks that Ted Williams may have been the best hitter in Major League Baseball history; except for maybe Joe DiMaggio.  Ted Williams is the last player to hit .400 in the Major Leagues.  I can smell that one old Juniper bush living out there behind the three Sheds.

      Dais says our boss read that Ted Williams' eyesight was so good he could "see the stitches" on a Baseball coming toward him right as it left the Pitcher's hand.  Mr. Steve has been playing Baseball for much of his life and is "Near-Sighted" so really appreciates that ability.

      Some people think the 1941 Baseball season was the most memorable of all time.  Not only did Ted Williams hit over .400 but Joe DiMaggio had a fifty six game hitting streak.  Daisy told me about how our boss thinks that streak will probably never ever be broken.


                                                                    DECEMBER 7, 1941

       1941, the year Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio had their famous seasons; was the year that the Japanese attacked the United States in Hawaii at that place called Pearl Harbor.  So for the next five years Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio went into the military for World War II.

        Daisy has me scheduled to learn and then write about the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor later today.  I'll also write about how in the early 1950's that guy Joe DiMaggio married Marilyn Monroe.  I'll be writing a lot about Marilyn Monroe today.  She had a sad life Dais thinks. 


       Back in 1985 Mr. Steve's father, as "Grand Jury Foreman" of Los Angeles; was involved in the "Marilyn Monroe Case."  He wanted to re-open the investigation of her mysterious death.  I'll write a lot more about it later this afternoon.  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye.    

       From what Dais told me, Mr. Steve said his father would've liked to be a Pilot in the Korean War but he's near-sighted too.  He and Mr. Steve think Ted Williams might've broken many of the hitting records if he hadn't lost a few years fighting in World War II and Korea. 

      Ted Williams became a Pilot and there's a good picture of him from the Korean War in this one Encyclopedia.  Sometimes Jets from Edwards Air Force Base fly past our house.  They go so fast.  Jack the Jackrabbit just ran bye in front of the three Sheds.  I smell Creosote.


                                                                                                    TED WILLIAMS

       It says here that during the Korean War Ted Williams flew a Grumman "F9F Panther" Jet
Plane.  Daisy told me that when he was a kid our boss once built a model of that Plane.   Encyclopedia.  I hear some of the Ducks quacking next door.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy that because Ted Williams eyesight allowed him to see the "seams" on a Baseball; this allowed him to "re-adjust" on his swing if necessary.  Three Finches just came in and landed on top of Moe the middle Shed.  Daisy likes the way Finches sound. 

      Later today in chapter ten I'll write about how Ted Williams, like the Boxer Muhammad Ali in the 1960's, lost a few years of his playing career due to things that were happening out there in the world.  Hey God!  Daisy and I really do want to think You do things for a purpose.

     Daisy and I can't tell it but Mr. Steve keeps saying his eyesight is getting worse.  The last time he went to what they call a "Batting Cage," whether batting right or left-handed, he couldn't hit anything over seventy miles per hour.  This is sad Dais thinks.  The Finches flew away.   

    Well, I guess that's about all I have to write about on the Korean War; at least for now.  And looking at my outline it shows that I still have a lot more to write about the 1977 trip back east that Mr. Steve and his brother Rock took.  I hear Dawn barking over there next door.

     Mr. Steve told Dais and me that it was a memorable trip he and his brother Rock took back east in 1977.  For a few days they stayed in  town, New Jersey with their Uncle Marty and his family.  The four Pigeons are flying bye right now; way up high in the sky. 

     Daisy says that in the late-1960's our boss's Uncle Marty was what they call a "Medic" during the Vietnam War.  Daisy thinks a Medic is probably like the Corpsmen who helped our boss's father save his feet.  They're supposed to help you if you get hurt or wounded. 

     When Uncle Marty came home from the Vietnam War he did something which is hard to do. He got an "M.B.A." from a College called "Harvard."  I remember when Dais told me M.B.A. means "Masters of Business Administration."  I smell a Cholla cactus. 

     Mr. Steve once told Daisy and Millie 1977 is now called "The year the Bronx burned."  That's because in July of that year there was a "Power Outage" in New York City and people "looted."  Dais was right. My Dictionary says that means they stole things.  We never steal!

     While they were staying in New York City in that August of 1977 Mr. Steve and his brother decided to go to this place called "Yankeee Stadium" to see a Yankee's game.  So they drove over there in a rented car from where they were staying in this place called "Queens."  

     Our boss told Daisy and myself that back in 1977, as he and his brother Rock walked over to Yankee Stadium, they noticed that parts of this area, the Bronx, were burned.  It sort of looked like the pictures of World War II "bombed out war zones" Mr. Steve said.



     Mr. Steve told us that they found out that earlier in 1977 some people rioted and even burned up some buildings.  In 1977 New York City was near bankruptcy.  Some of the tall buildings near Yankee Stadium looked "abandoned."  That means no one lives in them.

     But as they walked toward Yankee Stadium Mr. Steve's brother said; "I wonder if anyone lives in those buildings?"  Just then a lady stuck out of a window and hung some clothes on lines so they could dry.  Others walking along with them laughed out loud.

     While our boss and his brother were in New York City there a big garbage "strike" was going on.  The workers wanted more money so they refused to go out and pick up all the trash.  So all over the city were giant piles of trash were all over the place.  A Crow just cawed.

     As they walked toward Yankee Stadium back in 1977 Mr. Steve said it smelled sort of  bad.  Everyone laughed when this one guy yelled out loud; "New York!  Love it or leave it!"  Daisy says hopefully we'll never have to pile up our trash.  I hear more Crows cawing.

     Every week or so our boss takes all of our "Trash" and "Garbage" to this place nearby called the "Dump."  It's where people takes things they don't want anymore Daisy told me.  She says he'll soon probably take those three dead Joshua trees that fell over this Winter.  

     Mr. Steve told us one thing he remembers about 1977 is that this one player named Reggie Jackson was on the Yankees.  And during that season he got into a fight with his manager Billy Martin in the area called the "Dugout."  A flock of Sparrows just streamed past. 

                                           BILLY MARTIN / REGGIE JACKSON (1977)


    From what Mr. Steve told us managers seldom fight with players.  But Billy Martin had a bad temper.  He had been the same way as a player himself.  And in 1977 he thought Reggie Jackson had not "hustled" enough on a ball hit to him out in right field.

     Even though Reggie Jackson fought with his manager the Yankees ended up being the world champions in 1977.  They beat the Dodgers in the "World Series" that year.  Mr. Steve told us the Dodgers  had a really good team too during the 1970's.  I smell a Field Mouse.


                                                    STEVE GARVEY, REGGIE SMITH,

                                                          DUSTY BAKER, RON CEY

     During the 1977 season the Dodgers became the first team in history to have four players hit over thirty home runs our boss says.  But the Yankees beat them four games to two in the World Series so Dodger fans were disappointed.  I see the Mouse near that dead Joshua tree.  

     In 1977 Mr. Steve's family had season seats so went to World Series games.  He told us Reggie Jackson hit three home runs in one game! That's the type of thing you never think someone could do; unless it was Babe Ruth of course.  But Reggie Jackson did do it Mr. Steve says.

                                                                                                     REGGIE JACKSON                                                          

     Because my boss is a lifelong fan of the Kansas City and later Oakland "Athletics" baseball team he had followed Reggie Jackson before 1977.  Before that season Reggie Jackson had gone from the "A's" to the Yankees as what's called a "Free Agent."  A Sparrow is singing.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and myself that it was kind of weird to see Reggie Jackson in any other uniform than the A's.  And he says, the Yankees have really boring uniforms compared to the very colorful uniforms that Oakland wore in the 1970's.  I smell that Mouse again.

     Again today Daisy and I haven't had any snacks!  And it's already past midday.  I was just thinking about the Hot Dogs sold at Baseball games.  Mr. Steve thinks that, because you're what they call a "captive audience" you have to pay more for things to eat and drink.

     Our boss has told us that he really enjoys the atmosphere at a Major League Baseball game. Even though you can buy the same Hot Dogs at the store he says, for some reason the ones you buy at a game seem to taste better.  Boy, that makes me kind of hungry.

                            REGGIE JACKSON

     Daisy says our boss told her and Millie that in 1972, when he was in the 11th Grade at Sylmar Hifh, ,Reggie Jackson "popularized" wearing "facial hair" in professional Baseball.  He came to Spring Training with a beard.  Two of the Pigeons are flying bye overhead. 

     Some didn't like it when that guy Reggie Jackson showed up at Spring Training with a beard but he didn't care.  Dais says from what Mr. Steve told her Reggie Jackson always had a "mind of his own" as they say.   Our boss is kind of like that and so am I Daisy thinks. 

     Hey God!  As You know, Mr. Steve told Daisy that sometimes not doing things the way most others are doing is good.  But there are other times he says when that way of thinking turns into complete disaster.  I sure hope that You're guiding me during these three days.

      From what our boss told Daisy and Millie, it was always "Tradition" that Baseball players be what they call "Clean-Shaven."  The only exception for almost a century was a Philadelphia A's catcher named Wally Schang who, in 1914, wore a mustache.  I smell Sage plant.

     Mr. Steve one time told Dais and Millie about how, during the 1930's Great Depression, there was this one Jewish Baseball team called the "House of David."   As a gimmick they wore beards and long hair as they "Barnstormed" around the country "eking out a living."   


     Daisy says one time our boss told her and Millie about that Jewish House of David team.  To make some money for their "Commune" back in Michigan, they went from city to city playing local teams.  That's what Barnstorming means.  I hear Dawn barking next door. 

     In 1985 Mr. Steve visited a "Kibbutz" in Israel.  My Dictionary says "Barnstorm" means "to tour."  Daisy says our boss told her the House of David team once offered that guy "Babe" Ruth a job but he turned them down joking; "It gets hot under them whiskers." 



     Dais says our boss told her and Millie about how one time that guy Babe Ruth once wore this fake beard for a joke.  He used to dress up as Santa Claus for Christmas.  I wish I could go back in time to see Babe Ruth.  Mr. Steve says he really liked being around kids.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and I one time that it's said that the New York Yankees started wearing vertical "pin stripes" on their home uniforms in order to make Babe Ruth looker thinner.  Babe Ruth is like Daisy and myself I guess.  He liked food.  I hear Pigeons cooing. 

     From what our boss told us Babe Ruth was one of the best Baseball players ever; even though he never "faced" or played against Black players like Satchel Page or Jackie Robinson.  But he did play at a time, the 1920's and 1930's, when the "competition was fierce."   

     When I was putting my outlines together Daisy told me our boss thinks what "sets Babe Ruth apart" from everyone else in the history Baseball is that, not only was he one of the best hitters of all time; for the first five years of his career he was a really "great" Pitcher.


 "BABE" RUTH (1895-1948)

     According to what Mr. Steve told Daisy, for the first five years of his "Big League" career that guy Babe Ruth pitched for the Boston Red Sox; to this day the New York Yankees biggest rival.  But then the Red Sox made the worst deal in history by letting him go to New York. 

    Daisy says that for many years Babe Ruth's 714 career home runs was the record.  But now two players have have passed him; Hank Aaron in the 1970's and Barry Bonds a few years ago.  Both are great hitters.  Daisy told me Hank Aaron is with Babe Ruth in the Hall of Fame.

      Hey God!  As You know, our boss told Daisy and Millie Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds were both really incredible hitters.  In 1971 on Mr. Steve's trip to Atlanta with his dad, as I mentioned earlier today, You graced him by letting him see Hank Aaron hit a Home Run. 

     Daisy told me that Mr. Steve has also seen that guy Barry Bonds hit three Home Runs; two as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates and one when he was on the San Francisco Giants.  All were at Dodger Stadium.  I'm going to write about these things called "Steroids" later.

     Daisy says our boss once told her and Millie that he has a biography of a man named Walter Johnson, who was one the greatest Baseball Pitchers of all time.  In this Encyclopedia it says his family were Swedish.  They lived here in "Orange County" when he was a teenager. 

     I guess Walter Johnson threw right-handed and what they call "Side Arm." Dais was right.  It says right here that Walter Johnson holds records for what they call "Strikeouts" and his 110 "Shutouts" is still the all-time record.  That means the other team didn't score. 

     Mr. Steve told Daisy that Walter Johnson threw really fast.  His nickname was "Big Train." He had only  two pitches, "Fastball" and "Curve" but that's all he needed our boss says.  Mr. Steve saw this guy named Sandy Koufax pitch and he had only two pitches.

     In the era when Walter Johnson was playing they didn't have a way of measuring the speed of pitches our boss says.  But he read that Walter Johnson probably threw in the mid-90's miles per hour.  For those days that was really fast.   It says here he won 417 games.


WALTER JOHNSON (1887-1946)

     Dais says our boss told her Walter Johnson pitched against players like Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner.  He was known for being friendly whereas Ty Cobb was kind of mean.  Ty Cobb used to call Walter Johnson a "Hayseed."  Dais and I have wondered what that means? 

     It says here in this Encyclopedia that this one time at Fullerton High School Walter Johnson  struck out all 27 batters he faced.  That's hard to do Daisy says our boss told her.  I guess Walter Johnson played for over twenty years for this team called the "Washington Senators." 

     Wow!  Walter Johnson sure was on a lot of losing teams!  And yet twice he won thirty games in one season.  Mr. Steve says that's hard to do.  And what's even more impressive he told Daisy and Millie; his record in 1-0 games was 38 and 21.  Mr. Steve told us about Steve Carlton.


                                                                 STEVE CARLTON

      In 1972 this guy named Steve Carlton had one of the best seasons a Pitcher ever had.  At least that's what Mr. Steve thinks.  In 1972 Steve  Carlton's Philadelphia Phillies were terrible.  Our boss saw them play the Dodgers that year.  And he saw Steve Carlton pitch.

     The Phillies record in 1972 was 59 wins and 97 losses.  Steve Carlton's record was 27 wins and six losses.  That means he won 46% of his team's wins.  His "Earned Run Average" or "E.R.A." was 1.97.  Mr. Steve told us that his "Slider" pitch was almost "unhittable" that year.   

     In the late 1980's there was a "Tack" business over in San Fernando called "Carlton's Feed." Tack means the food for Horses and things like that.  I see Libby over there in her corral.  She's walking around.  Dais is right. Watching her makes us feel good.  We like our lives.  

     Mr. Steve worked as an "Outside Salesman" for a company called "Pace" in the late 1980's. His job was to "Sign Up" business's to be "Members."  One business he signed up was Carlton Feed.  Jack the Jackrabbit just ran bye; zig-zagging quickly from side to side.

    Pace is now called "Sam's Club;" which is what they call a "Subsidiary" of the big "Parent Company" called "Wallmart."  Over in Texas Mr. Steve's Nephew Jacob works for this other company called "Costco" which is sort of like Sam's Club.  I hear Birds chirping.   

     Daisy says our boss used to "go over" the "One Day Passes" at the end of each work day and one time saw one filled out by a girl named Bonnie Carlton.  She was the owner of Carlton Feed  so he called her up and made an "Appointment" to sign her up to be a member of Pace.

     It turned out Bonnie Carlton was Steve Carlton's Cousin.  Mr. Steve told her about the game he saw Steve Carlton pitch in 1972.  She said she knew how good he was when they were growing up in Florida but she hadn't even seen him in many years.  I smell a Cholla cactus. 

    This is kind of interesting.  According to what it says here in this Encyclopedia, in 1924 that guy Walter Johnson pitched in his eighteenth year.  And finally after all of those years his team the Washington Senators made it into the World Series against the New York Giants.

     I guess because the Senators were playing in the World Series Walter Johnson got to meet the President.  At that time it was Calvin Coolidge.  There's a picture of them shaking hands here in this Encyclopedia.  There are a lot of Birds flying around out in the eastern desert.


                                          PRESIDENT COOLIDGE / WALTER JOHNSON

     Well, Mr. was right.  He told Daisy and Millie that he read that when Walter Johnson met President Calvin Coolidge they "hardly said a word" as they say.  It says here that both of them were really "understated" men who "barely said anything not necessary to say."

     From what our boss told Daisy and Millie, sometimes in what they call a "Non-Competetive" situation Walter Johnson "let up" so hitters who needed help could get a hit.  This really got that guy Ty Cobb mad because Walter Johnson always pitched hard against him.


                                                                                              "TY" COBB (1886-1961)


      Well, now I know what Daisy was talking about.  She said our boss told her and Millie one time how the Detroit "Tigers" Baseball team, who Ty Cobb mainly played for, had two different "Old English" D's.  And Mr. Steve has drawn both of them at one time or another.

       I feel like writing about Ty Cobb.  Dais thinks if Mr. Steve could go back in time he'd go see that guy Ty Cobb play Baseball at the "Turn of the Century." Because our boss was the "Lead Off" hitter when he played in Little League he likes what's called  "Small Ball."  

      When Ty Cobb played a lead off hitter "coaxed" a "Walk" or "beat out" a "Single."  Then the next hitter "moved him over so he could get into "scoring position."  Sometimes the lead off hitter had to "steal" a second base if the second place hitter couldn't "get him over."

     A little bit later in this second book I'm scheduled to write about Mr. Steve's all-time favorite player named Bert Campaneris.  I'm tempted to do it now but I better wait.  Bert Campaneris and Ty Cobb would have liked talking to each other our boss told Daisy and Millie.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy that, with the runner on second base, with one "Out," if the third place hitter can hit it to the right side of the field he can then move the runner to third base even if he "gives himself up" in making an out.  I hear our neighbor's Ducks quacking. 

     In every "Inning" of a Baseball game you have to get three of the other sides "Batters" out in order to end the inning.  Major League games have nine innings.  One inning is when both sides have batted.  Mr. Steve likes that Baseball, like Chess, has no "Clock." 

     According to what our boss told Daisy, in Baseball once a runner is on third base with only one out then even a long fly ball that makes the second out can "Score" a "Run" because the runner on third can "Tag Up" and "beat the throw" to the "Plate."  

      Mr. Steve as a batter, from the left or right side, has always been a pretty good what they call "Bunter."  Dais told me that means, instead of trying to hit the ball hard you "Square around" and just let the ball hit the bat and drop the ball softly in front of you.

     Daisy told me that sometimes a batter bunts in order to "sacrifice" or "give themselves up" in making an easy out; but moving another runner into scoring position.  From there anything might happen in scoring a run.  I smell a Lizard somewhere close bye. 

     Mr. Steve, when batting left-handed, was also good at doing what's called a "drag" bunt.  In "laying down" a drag bunt you hope to surprise the opponents who are on defense and "beat out" a base hit.  Ah!  I just noticed the Lizard standing on a rock under the big tree.   

     According to my book two outline the next thing I want to write about is how that guy Babe Ruth "saved" Baseball in the 1920's.  This was necessary for him to do mainly because of what happened in the World Series in 1919.  A Crow is cawing out in the eastern desert. 

     In 1919, the year after the First World War ended, some of the players on this team called the Chicago "White Sox" took money to lose or "fix"the World Series.  This was so rich gamblers could make money by betting on the other team.  That Lizard ran under the rock.

     Daisy says one time our boss told her and Millie about how, in 1919, the White Sox owner was really cheap.  So, some of his players were willing to "throw" the World Series.  According to my Encyclopedia this has now become known as the "Black Sox" scandal.    


                                                       1919 CHICAGO "BLACK SOX"


      There's a good picture of the 1919 White Sox in my Encyclopedia.  It shows circles around the eight players who got caught purposely losing the World Series.  They were all kicked out of Baseball after that.  Blackbeard and Anne Bonny are flying bye right now. 

     I guess, after what happened in 1919 many fans didn't want to go to the Major League games anymore and "attendance" fell off.  This really scared the owners of the teams.  Until that point the Home Run wasn't nearly a important Dais told me.  I smell a Field Mouse. 

     Babe Ruth was one of the best left-handed Pitchers in Baseball for the first few years of his career.  He was on the Boston Red Sox then.  Later this afternoon I'm going to write about this thing called the "Curse of the Bambino." I can hear Dawn and Blinky barking.  

     When Babe Ruth was traded to the New York Yankees he was switched from being a Pitcher to an "every day" Right Fielder.  This was mainly because he was such a good hitter.  And he hit with power.  It says here he "ushered in" the era of the Home Run.  I see the Mouse. 

     Ty Cobb represented the period before the Black Sox scandal; when Small Ball was the way Baseball was played.  This was when Baseball was a lot like the game of Chess where tactics were important.  But to a certain extent that time was replaced in the 1920's. 

     Daisy says that Mr. Steve believes that in the entertainment business things can change really fast.  In 1991 he and his girlfriend Harriet saw how the Heavy Metal "Hair Bands of the 1980's were seemingly eclipsed almost overnight by the Grunge bands from Seattle. 


      Babe Ruth now symbolizes the new time when Home Runs were more entertaining.  And the fans came back because of what he did.  Daisy says our boss thinks power is more entertaining to people who don't really know a lot about Baseball.  That one Mouse is gone.

     Daisy says one time Mr. Steve told her and Millie that when Babe Ruth became really famous in the "Roaring" 1920's one thing that helped him was the widespread ownership of Radios.  Up until then you could only read about things but now you could hear them.

     In the 1930's over there in Germany Adolph Hitler would also take advantage of the fact that most people had Radios.  I'll write more about that later when I discuss this man named Joseph   Goebbels.  But Babe Ruth was lucky he hit Home Runs people "experienced."                                

   Well, I kind of wrote more about the Black Sox scandal than I'd planned on doing.  But that's okay.  I learned some new things and it fit in here.  But now it's back to Ty Cobb.  He was elected or what they call "Inducted" into the Hall of Fame because of his great career.                               

     A little bit later today I'm going to write about the history of the A's Franchise.  In 1968 they moved from Kansas City to the San Francisco Bay; or the city of Oakland.  But at the time of Ty Cobb they were called the "Philadelphia" Athletics.  I can hear some Birds chirping.                                                                              TY COBB (SECOND FROM LEFT) PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS (1921)


      The reason why I mentioned the A's right now is because there's this picture from 1921 in my Encyclopedia.  It shows Ty Cobb as a member of the Philadelphia Athletics.  So, instead of an Old English D on his chest there's now an Old English A.  I smell a Creosote bush. 

     Daisy says Mr. Steve told her and Millie that many people think the only team Ty Cobb ever played for was the Detroit Tigers.  They don't realize he spent the last two seasons of his career as a member of the A's.  Reading about Ty Cobb makes me feel like running.  

     From what it says here, Ty Cobb set many "Records" and I guess some of them have to this day never been broken.  Mr. Steve told Daisy for most of the 20th century Ty Cobb was the "all time" career hits leader.  But he was often not a very nice person Dais says.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie that the Hall of Fame building is actually located in this one city called "Cooperstown."  This is in an area they call "Up State" New York.  For a few years our boss had a customer in a town which was near Cooperstown.  I smell Sage. 

     Over the years Mr. Steve and the various Parts and Service Managers he dealt with used to talk about the Hall of Fame.  One of the Parts Managers knew a lot about Ty Cobb.  He said Ty Cobb had a good "Section" inside of that famous Hall of Fame building.    

    Our boss told Daisy and Millie Ty Cobb played as if he were angry all the time. He supposedly sharpened the spikes on the bottom of shoes in order to cut his opponents when he slid hard into a base.  Baseball shoes are called "Cleats."  Mr. Steve has a pair of cleats Daisy says. 


      Oh wow!  A picture in this Encyclopedia shows Ty Cobb, who was originally from the State of Georgia, sliding hard into home plate.  And the Catcher is trying to block him from scoring. Mr. Steve says to some people Ty Cobb now represents American toughness. 

     Well, I can see by my outline that I still have a little bit more to write about the early years of Baseball; especially that guy Babe Ruth.  I sure hope when Mr. Steve eventually reads what I've written today on some of the history of the Major Leagues he likes it.  

     Boy You Guys, this day is going so fast just like yesterday.  And for the second day in a row Mr. Steve has not given us any snacks.  I'll bet Dais is getting sort of hungry.  I know I sure am but I still have so much more work to do today.  A Jackrabbit just ran bye.

     I really feel like  chasing that Jackrabbit but I better not.  I have too much work to do.  I can always chase things day after tomorrow when I'm finished with my three books.  Dais says if she could go back in time to see one Baseball player it would be that guy Babe Ruth.   

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie Walter Johnson said in all of twenty one years pitching in the Big Leagues Babe Ruth hit the longest home runs off of him.  He joked when Babe Ruth hit the ball it "got smaller quicker."  Dais says Babe Ruth was very powerful!

      Our boss told Daisy and Millie that he read when Babe Ruth hit a ball "squarely" the sound was unlike the sound anyone else made; like a "cannon blast" one writer said.  Babe Ruth's forty ounce bat was heavy.  Many bats weigh about thirty two ounces Mr. Steve says.   

      When he was young Babe Ruth "acted up" as they say so was put by his parents in what they call a Reform School" that was "run" by the Catholic Church.  The "Disciplinarian" was named "Brother" Mathias.  Mr. Steve has known a number of Priests over the years. 

      Babe Ruth, whose real name was "George Herman" Ruth, was really impressed at how hard that guy Brother Mathias could hit a Baseball.  So he wanted to do that too.  I guess a Brother in the Catholic Church is not a full Priest but has to be a good example like one.

       I didn't intend to write so much abut Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb but I'm kind of glad that I did because I learned some new things.  And Dais is right.  Once I learn something I won't forget it.  Thank You God for giving me such a good memory.  I hear Pigeons cooing.



          I just glanced up and noticed that same Thrasher Bird I saw this morning.  I guess Dais is right.  She said last year that Thrasher Bird really likes that one Creosote bush; the one near the back fence just beyond the three Sheds.   Right now it's standing on that bush again.     

        Well You Guys, just like yesterday when I wrote book one, the time is going fast.  And also like yesterday, it doesn't seem like there will be enough sunlight to finish this second book.  But again today I'll just trust You Guys to guide me.  The Thrasher Bird ran away.

      I started writing about Babe Ruth because of the topic of hair styles and things like that. And now I 'll finish discussing that subject.  Daisy has told me that over the years Mr. Steve has had periods of time where he wore long hair and facial hair.  A Squirrel just ran bye.

      Mr. Steve went to parochial school from first through tenth grade and in that type of school they have what's called a "Dress Code."   In Elementary School at Saint Ferdinands everyone wore uniforms and there was definitely no long hair allowed for boys.  I smell Sage.

     Daisy says our boss normally doesn't care for "Socialism" like at Llano del Rio.  But he now thinks it was a good idea for the students to have worn uniforms at Saint Ferdinands.  That way no one looked better than anyone else.  The rich and poor kids looked the same.

     From what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie, when he was attending Saint Ferdinands in the 1960's most things were more "Conservative" in many ways.  What they call "traditional family values" were more important back then.  I can hear Dawn barking faintly.

     From what Dais told me our boss said in the late 1960's and early 1970's hair styles changed.  The Beatles and other bands wore longer hair and so did the Hippies.  Mr. Steve noticed how his favorite bands like the KINKS or the TURTLES wore their hair long.

     Our boss thinks it's normal for every generation to rebel against their parents and what they call "authority."   And hair styles are one of the easier more obvious ways for young people to rebel against the "status quo."  Daisy has long hair and fur!  I smell Sage.


                                                                   BLACK SABBATH


       Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie one time that back in the 12th Grade when he was at Sylmar High, he had long hair and a beard.  Some people joked he looked like this guy named "Geezer" Butler; the bass player for a British band called BLACK SABBATH. 

       Later today in chapter ten I'll write in more detail about BLACK SABATH; especially their guitar player Tony Iommi who lost the tips of his fingers.  Dais says our boss has an old "Prom" picture taken with a girl named Peggy.  Daisy says he looked way different then.


                 MR. STEVE / PEGGY                               SAMANTHA / MISS PEGGY


        Mr. Steve didn't go to his own Prom but did take his girlfriend Sandy to hers; and also that girl Peggy to hers.  Miss Peggy is now the Principal at the Lutheran School where our boss's Nniece Samantha graduated from.  His other Niece Cristina still goes there. 

       Daisy says Mr. Steve's Nieces and Nephews are so amazed to see pictures of what our boss looked like in High School.  He had long hair and at times even wore a full beard.  I really want to see some of those pictures someday.  Daisy says they are pretty interesting alright.

       A while back Daisy told me about how Mr. Steve had a dream about the times when he and Samantha went to the "Retirement Center" where Grandma Trujillo lived in Sylmar until she died.  Rudy the Roadrunner is looking at me from over there under Moe the middle Shed.

         Sometimes Mr. Steve and Samantha would just visit Grandma Trujillo but on holidays they would push her in her wheelchair over to Mr. Steve's parents house. The Retirement Center is abut five miles from Mr. Steve's parents house.  I can smell one of the new Sage plants.

       In 1970, two years before Reggie Jackson showed up in Arizona for the A's Spring Training wearing a beard, a player named Dick "Richie" Allen wore a mustache and long sideburns.  At that time he was on the Chicago White Sox, who wore red instead of black that year.



        In 1970, when Mr. Steve was in 9th Grade; that guy Richie Allen wore a mustache and long sideburns.  There's a picture of him on the cover of a Magazine in this Encyclopedia.  Long hair and beards in the early 1970's "reflected" changes in society our boss says. 

       Dais says our boss told her and Millie how Richie Allen was such a great hitter the White Sox even let him smoke cigarettes in the Dugout.  In the picture it even shows him doing it.  Mr. Steve says he was also not required to take "Batting Practice" if he didn't want to.

      In the 1970's some black people started wearing "Afro" hairstyles.  When Mr. Steve switched from Alemany High School over to Sylmar High it was the first time he ever saw an Afro.  He     thinks the first Major League player to wear it that way was Cleveland's Oscar Gamble.                                                                                        OSCAR GAMBLE

    Oh my God!  "Just for the heck of it" as they say, I looked up that guy Oscar Gamble in my Encyclopedia.  This picture of him when he was on the Cleveland Indians is unbelievable.  He       can barely even fit a hat on his head because his hair is sticking out all over the place.                    

From first through eighth grade at Saint Ferdinands our boss says it was "pretty much" the same classmates.  And for all of that time the only black kid was named John.  He was tall and     was a good athlete.  Daisy says our boss told her John also went to Alemany.                                   

     Even when Mr. Steve and his Saint Ferdinands classmates went to Alemany High School for ninth grade they saw few "African-Americans."  Things were more "Segregated" in the early 1970's he told us.  It was at Sylmar High where he met more black people.  

     Daisy says one time our boss told her and Millie that the term "Sideburns" originated from the way this one Civil War General named Ambrose Burnside wore his beard.  There's a picture of Ambrose Burnside here in this Encyclopedia.  He does have an usual style of beard.

     As I wrote in chapter one this morning, the Civil War broke out in 1861.  And once Robert E. Lee took over command of the Army of Northern Virginia he beat five different Union Generals in battle.  Ambrose Burnside was one of them.  Fannie and Freddie are flying bye.

     My Encyclopedia says General Lee "trounced" Ambrose Burnside in December of 1862 at the Battle of Fredericksburg.  Dais says our boss thinks Ambrose Burnside was not a good General. But then again she says, he was up against one of the best Generals of all time.

                                                   AMBROSE E. BURNSIDE (1824-1881)

     At Fredericksburg General Burnside kept sending soldiers charging up a hill against Robert E. Lee's "well entrenched" troops.  This one famous unit called the "Irish Brigade" started with 1600 men but only 256 survived the day.  They were slaughtered on that hill!

     Mr. Steve noticed that Ambrose Burnside shares a birthday with his brother Sam who lives in Littlerock.  Both were born on May 23.  In our family there are a lot of people born in May.  And I think I might've been born in May too.  I wish I could go back in time to find out.


                          IRISH BRIGADE                                                   ROBERT E. LEE

                                            BATTLE OF FREDERICKSBURG (1862)

     Our boss says Robert E. Lee, watching the carnage from "Marys Heights" said; "It is well that war is so terrible or we should grow too fond of it."  Mr. Steve said from what he's read of Robert E. Lee he seemed like a flawed but basically decent person.  I smell Sage.

     One time, after the Civil War ended in 1865, Robert E. Lee's family attended Mass. A black man walked up and knelt at the rail to take "Communion." No one wanted to kneel next to him until Robert E. Lee walked up and knelt beside him.  Then everyone took Communion.  

     Mr. Steve sells things to an auto dealership in Fredericksburg.  He's discussed the big battle that took place there with the "Parts Manager" who he deals with.  And they've talked about the way men wore their hair and beards way back then in the 19th century.  

     Our boss jokes "what hair I have left" is getting longer because he's been lazy about it and all of his life he's gotten his hair cut by a barber named Joe down in San Fernando.  But Joe's older now and is sometimes out sick; like now.  Joe's the same age as Mr. Steve's parents.

     Mr. Steve says he looks forward to a day when he drives past Mr. Joe's Barber Shop and sees a sign in the window which says "Open."  That will mean that Joe's back.  Oh wow!  I just now  noticed that way up high in the sky the four Pigeons are flying bye; going east. 

     Mr. Steve thinks he's ugly now; especially with such long hair.  But Dais and I really like how he looks no matter what.  We'd still like him even if he goes totally bald.  Daisy's kind of old too and jokes that she's glad she doesn't have to look in one of those mirrors every day.

     One time Mr. Steve and his friend Rick went to Pasadena, near where Jackie Robinson grew up, and met Richie Allen at this place called "Brookside Park;" near the Rose Bowl where Mr. Steve went to U.C.L.A. Football games with Emily.  Richie Allen was friendly he says.

     Mr. Steve told us Richie Allen, like Reggie Jackson later, got away with having facial hair because he was such a good hitter.  In fact, the White Sox even let him take his Batting Practice only when he felt like it!  This is very unusual our boss says.  A Train just whistled faintly.

     Like Babe Ruth, Richie Allen used a really heavy bat Mr. Steve says.  Because he had such strong but quick wrists he could "get away with it."  In Pasadena that day Mr. Steve and Rick were surprised Richie Allen was not as big as he looked on tv.   I smell a Joshua tree. 


       But it was Reggie Jackson our boss told Daisy and I, who "popularized" facial hair in 1972. The "traditionalists" got upset but Reggie Jackson didn't care what anyone said.  An then, after that; more Major League players began wearing long hair too.  I hear Birds chirping.

       According to Daisy, our boss is interested in the subject of hair styles and how they change all the time.  He told Daisy and Millie he thinks females, because they've always worn long hair, change fashions more often.  I see Libby over there walking slowly around her Corral.


                          JAYNE MANSFIELD                                                           ELIZABETH TAYLOR                                                                                                        

       Daisy says our boss thinks that women's hair styles can change from one year to the next.  I  wrote down from memory in my outline that in 1955, the year Mr. Steve was born; many women like this girl Jayne Mansfield wore their hair with what they called "Barrel Curls."

      Just two years later in 1957, the year Mr. Steve's brother Rock was born; this famous Actress named Elizabeth Taylor wore her hair with "Soft Full Curls."  In book three I'm scheduled to write more about Elizabeth Taylor when I discuss a girl Pharaoh named "Cleopatra."  

        Wow!  I can't believe how fast this second day is going.  I'm already done with seven of the twelve chapters.  Oh!  I hear a Motorcycle going bye out on Primavera Road.  Whoever's riding that Motorcycle is going really fast.  I just love living here.  Thank Everyone.

        Boy, I'm getting kind of  hungry.  I guess there won't be any snacks for Daisy and I again today.  That's okay.  But I can't wait for dinner.  Maybe Mr. Steve will put in some more of that Spam meat.  That would be so great!  I'll bet Daisy is getting hungry too right now.   

     Oh!  Rudy the Roadrunner is jogging around  the northeast corner of the house to my left. I feel like chasing him but I won't.  Rudy is probably wondering why I haven't been chasing him.  In fact, now he's stopped and is bending his head to the side and giving me a quizzical look. 

     I'd say it's about two thirty judging by the position of the Sun up in the sky.  There's a  Quail over there.  I wonder why he or she is alone?  It's kind of unusual to see a single Quail.  As Daisy says, there's what they call "Strength in numbers."  It's much easier to kill a lone Quail.


          Daisy thinks that sometimes the leaders of a Quail group will send out scouts to try to find food.  It's kind of the way Ants do she says.  If that Quail finds something it will run back and get the other Quail and guide them all back to where the food is.  I smell new Sage.

           I'll bet Dais is in the Garage right now laying on her orange Tiger blanket; in her area next to the Refrigerator in front of the Utility Room door.  And if I know her she's also wondering if we'll get any snacks today.  That one Quail just scooted out into the eastern desert.

       I'm getting good at hiding or "stashing" my materials under the cushions and blankets on this couch.  Even if our boss were to suddenly appear I can hide things fast.  Boy, our neighbors Ducks are sure quacking really loud over there.  I wonder what Duck tastes like? 

      According to my outline Daisy has me scheduled to write more about Mr. Steve's 1977 trip back east.  He and his brother Rock were driving in the State of Pennsylvania toward this one town called "Gettysburg" when the Radio announced that Elvis Presley had died.   

ELVIS PRESLEY (1935-1977)

      "Elvis" dying was big news and everyone talked about it for a few days.  Elvis was just as big as the BEATLES when he first came up in the 1950's Dais says.  Jack the Jackrabbit just ran bye right in front of the three Sheds.  He's still a really fast runner that's for sure.     

      Mr. Steve has a friend named Richard.  He thinks that Elvis's original guitar player named Scotty Moore was very important in the 1950's.  He helped create a style of music that was called "Rockabilly."   Three little brown Birds just landed on Moe the middle Shed.  

                                                                             SCOTTY MOORE / ELVIS PRESLEY


        Mr. Steve's friend Richard believes that, other than Chuck Berry, Scotty Moore was the most important person in making the electric guitar the main instrument in what came to be called "Rock 'n' Roll."  Those three Birds on Moe all just flew off into the eastern desert.

      From what that guy Mr. Richard says, Scotty Moore's guitar playing in the 1950's influenced later guitar players like Keith Richards of the ROLLING STONES.  And the BEATLES George Harrison studied Scotty Moore too.  I see Libby the Horse over there in her Corral. 

      Mr. Steve thinks it can be argued that even some of the 1970's "Punk" bands like X and the CLASH were influenced by that guy Scotty Moore.  In book three tomorrow I'm scheduled to write about Punk music from the 1970's.  I smell a Rabbit somewhere around here.

      Mr. Richard heard Scotty Moore's influence in many of the 1960's British bands; including LED ZEPPELIN'S Jimmy Page too.  And once that was pointed out to him Mr. Steve listened more closely and decided his friend Richard had been right.  I smell an old Sage bush. 

        I guess Elvis's original band were what they call "Middle of the Road" musicians who mainly played "Country" and "Western" songs.  But in 1954, the year before Mr. Steve was born, they played behind Elvis on the song "That's All Right."  The Bunny Rabbit is under Moe.

      Mr. Steve thinks Elvis' song That's All Right was important.  My Encyclopedia says it was a new "hard-driving" and "innovative" form of "R & B" music influenced by the "Blues" Scotty Moore was listening to at that point in time.  R & B means "Rhythm and Blues."    

                                                                                                                                                                ELVIS PRESLEY

      This is interesting.  This one Encyclopedia says that Elvis Presley was born in the same year as Mr. Steve's mother.  But she's still healthy while our boss told us that Elvis was "not in good shape" when he died back in 1977.  That one Bunny Rabbit just hopped away. 

      During the mid-1950's Elvis and his band played Rockabilly; which is now considered to be one of the earliest forms of Rock and Roll.  They and others were what they call "Pioneers" in that area.  Ah!  A nice cool breeze just came in from out there in the eastern desest.

      Daisy says our boss told her that back in the early 1980's there were some local Los Angeles bands who played Rockabilly concerts at the Nightclubs in Los Angeles.  Mr. Steve went to a few of those shows.  I just picked up the faint scent of one of the new Cholla cactus.   

      One "Roots Rock" band from the early 1980's was called JIMMY AND THE MUSTANGS.  One of the styles of music they played was Rockabilly.  Robert Plant, LED ZEPPELIN'S singer, and that guy Bruce Springsteen liked their music.  Another band was the BLASTERS.


                                                                             DAVE ALVIN (THE BLASTERS)

                                                                PHOTO BY STEVE CÓRDOVA


      Daisy says our boss likes that band the

       Mr. Steve likes most Rockabilly music.  Dais says one time she and Millie listened to this band called the STRAY CATS in our boss's Bedroom.  Millie noticed that their drummer stands up in playing only one drum.  Daisy told me that single drum is what's called a "Snare." 

                                                                                                    THE STRAY CATS

        Daisy told me that our boss says The STRAY CATS were originally from New York City but in the mid-1970's went over to England where they blended Punk music with Rockabilly.  At first they were called the TOM CATS she says.  Daisy says Millie liked their music.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie the STRAY CATS were influenced by 1950's Rockabilly music recorded at a famous studio called "Sun Records."  My Encyclopedia says Sun Records was run by a man named Sam Phillips in "Memphis;" a city in the State of "Tennessee." 


          According to what Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie, Elvis, who was from Mississippi, in the early 1950's went to Sun studios to start recording music.  Some Rockabilly musicians like Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins and Gene Vincent made records there too.

Daisy says in his bedroom our boss has a collection of music.  Some are these things called "Cassettes" or "Compact Discs."  But he has a lot of vinyl records too she says.  He has records    by Elvis and also some of the other Sun Records musicians from the 1950's.                                     



       There's a good picture in this Encyclopedia that shows some of the musicians who recorded music at Sun Records besides Elvis.  Under that old photo it says these are some of the musicians who were "discovered" by Sam Phillips.  Ah!  I can smell a Lizard around here. 

     This is interesting.  I'll bet Mr. Steve knows this.  In 1956, the year after he was born, Sam Phillips sold that guy Elvis's contract for $35,000 dollars to this bigger company called RCA."   Some people think he made a huge mistake.  Boy!  I'd love to have $35,000!  

      According to this Encyclopedia it was after 1956 that Elvis had his biggest hits and later he even made some movies too.  Dais told me that our boss used to watch some of Elvis's movies at his Grandparents house.  Grandma Trujillo liked Elvis.  I see the Lizard.

      Oh!  My boss might be interested in this.  It says here that guy Sam Phillips ran a "virtual one man operation" at Sun Records and in 1956 was "struggling financially."  From what it says here Sam Phillips "simply wasn't able to keep up with the demands of a hit record."

     Daisy told me Mr. Steve said some think Sam Phillips deserves credit for "inventing" Rock and Roll.  And  I guess "Rock 'n' Roll" was a blend of Folk, Country and Bluegrass with what they call "Rhythm and Blues"our boss says.  That Lizard just ran away. 

      Well, Mr. Steve was right.  He told Daisy and Millie that some people say Rock 'n' Roll was "born" at Sun Records back in the 1950's.  I'll bet he knows this.  It says here that in 1951, when Mr. Steve's father was fighting in the Korean War, a song called "Rocket 88" came out.

      I guess some people consider that song Rocket 88 to be the first Rock 'n' Roll song.  A Rocket 88 is a Car called an "Oldsmobile."  The song was recorded at Sun Records and that guy Sam Phillips "Produced" it.  Dais says Mr. Steve has drawn the Oldsmobile logos. 

     This interesting.  I wonder if our boss knows this?  My Encyclopedia says Rocket 88 was at first "credited" to the band JACKIE BRENSTON AND HIS DELTA CATS.  But it was actually done by this other group called IKE TURNER AND THE RHYTHM KINGS.  

     Daisy says our boss once saw an interview with that guy Ike Turner who said Rock 'n' Roll began with that song Rocket 88.  Some day I really want to hear Rocket 88.  Daisy told me Mr. Steve thinks it's a pretty good song.  It has a good bass in it.  I smell a Creosote bush.

                                                              KINGS OF RHYTHM


        A few years ago Mr. Steve met this lady who knew people who knew that guy Ike Turner.  They said he had a temper.  In the mid-1980's Mr. Steve and Harriet saw a movie about how he at times beat up his wife whose name was Tina Turner.   I can smell a Jackrabbit.

       IKE & TURNER was a good band in the late 1950's and early 1960's Mr. Steve says.  He and his High School girlfriend Sandy used to listen to those old IKE & TINA TURNER songs.  Daisy thinks Tina Turner's a good singer and dancer.  I see the Rabbit under Moe.    

                                                              IKE & TINA TURNER

        Even though she isn't on my outline I suddenly feel like writing about that girl Tina Turner. Daisy says Mr. Steve thinks she's talented; and pretty too.  Until he started being so mean to her, I guess Ike and Tina Turner were a really good musical team.  The Rabbit's gone.

      In the late 1980's Mr. Steve's girlfriend Harriet got some tickets for a Tina Turner concert at the "Greek Theater."  The Greek Theater is below the Observatory where Laser Images used to do their Laserium light show.  Both are a part of Griffith Park.  I smell a Joshua tree.   


      By the time of the Tina Turner concert Tina Turner was not with Ike Turner any more.  She had her own band Mr. Steve told Daisy and Millie.  Our boss says during that concert he thought for some reason about the song Rocket 88.  The Dragonfly just zoomed bye.

     Mr. Steve told Daisy he and Harriet were impressed at how well Tina Turner and the other girl singer / dancers could dance in high heel shoes.  Dais told me our boss noticed what nice legs Tina Turner has.  Tina Turner was in a movie Mr. Steve liked Daisy says.   


                                                          "MAD MAX, BEYOND THUNDER DOME" (1985)

      Mr. Steve likes "Dystopian" and "Utopian" books or movies Daisy says.  Tina Turner was in a movie called "Mad Max, Beyond Thunder Dome."  It's about this dystopian or bad world of the future like the ones described by Aldous Huxley and later his student George Orwell.  

     Dais and Millie saw Beyond Thunder Dome and Daisy says it makes you appreciate living in a peaceful time.  In the movie an Australia of the future is shown.  Daisy told me a nuclear war or something like that has happened and life in Australia is totally changed.

     The lives of the surviving Australian people in Beyond Thunder Dome has been turned into a brutal struggle for survival.  Daisy told me Millie liked how a lot of the people in that movie had "Punk" style haircuts.  Even Tina Turner wore her hair in kind of an unusual way. 


  That Actor named Mel Gibson, who's Australian, was also in Beyond Thunder Dome.  I want to see that movie someday.  From what Dais says, in the movie Mad Max, Mel Gibson, is living in Australia when modern civilization is gone and it's "Dog eat Dog" so to speak. 

       Mad Max goes to this town called "Bartertown."  Tina Turner plays the leader of this town.  But she has to share power with a Midget named "Master."  That's what Dais told me one time. Tina Turner tells Max he can stay in the town as long as he does her a favor.

       I guess, from what Daisy says, the Midget Master sits on the shoulders of this big muscular giant who wears a helmet.  His name is "Blaster."  Master rides around on Blaster's shoulders and tells him what to do.  Together they're called by the people "Master Blaster."  


                                                               MASTER BLASTER


      That movie Beyond Thunder Dome sounds like it would be so good.  Daisy told me in it Tina Turner asks Max to challenge Master Blaster to a fight inside this giant cage which is called the "Thunder Dome."  There's no escape once you're in the Dome to fight she says.  

      Tina Turner is hoping that Mad Max can kill Master Blaster so she can then take complete control of Bartertown.  Then she can be the Dictator and do whatever she wants to do and there would be no one to oppose her.  I hear some Crows fighting out in the eastern desert. 

     Dais says Max found out that Blaster cannot stand high-pitched sounds.  So during the match he used that against him.  The bloodthirsty audience is screaming for Max to kill the giant after he takes off his helmet.  He tears off the helmet but then refuses to kill the giant.

     According to what Daisy told me, it turns out that under that helmet Blaster is only a "feeble-minded" kid.  His big helmet was supposed to disguise that on his really muscular body was the head of a boy.  Samson and Delilah are flying back in from the eastern desert.

     Daisy says it's so amazing when Blaster's face is exposed.  So Max refuses to kill Blaster.  This gets Tina Turner really angry. 

       I was going to write about this one story called "The Man in the Iron Mask" tomorrow in my third book.  But thinking about Master Blaster makes me feel like doing it now instead.  Master Blaster reminds me of that French story about what happened in the late 18th century.



          Daisy is so lucky!  She and Millie one time got to watch a movie about the man from France who had to wear an iron mask for his whole life.  From what it says here in this Encyclopedia, it happened at the very end of the 1600's when Louis XIV was the French King.

        The movie Dais saw about that prisoner who wore the iron mask was based on a book that was written in the 19th century by that guy Alexander Dumas.  I mentioned him yesterday when I wrote about his book those three Muskateers.  I can hear a Wren singing.


                                      ALEXANDER DUMAS (1802-1870) WITH WIFE


         According to what it says here in this one Encyclopedia, there are many theories about who the prisoner in the iron mask could have been.  He must've been important Mr. Steve told Daisy because usually in history a person like that would simply be killed in secret.

       I guess in Alexander Dumas' book the man in the iron mask was King Louis' twin brother; who was born two minutes before he was.  Everyone in France would know his face so he had to be hidden from the public.  I can see Fannie and Freddie flying bye right now.  

       The French title of Alexander Dumas' book was; "L'Homme au Masque de Fer."  I just used my French Dictionary to look all of those words up.  Daisy and myself, we at times like the way other languages sound.  Daisy says our boss has known people from France.

      For most of history it was really bad if your parents weren't married when you were born. In many countries it's called "Out of Wedlock" and you're called "Illegitimate."  So maybe Daisy thinks, that man in the iron mask was one of the King's children?  A Crow cawed.

       Aha!  I knew someone was looking at me.  Jack the Jackrabbit is over there under Moe the middle Shed.  I recognize his scent.  This is the third year where Dais and I have been smelling Jack.  We're pretty sure Jack is a boy because we haven't seen any baby Rabbits. 

                     LOUIS XIV (1638-1715)                                                 "VERSAILLES" PALACE

     Tomorrow in book three I'll write about Louis XIV and his famous Palace at a place outside Paris called "Versailles."  That's where the Allies negotiated the peace after World War I.  Mr. Steve's sister Susan has been to the Palace at Versailles.  It has a nice garden outside it.

      Dais and I wondered why that King Louis would order a prisoner to always wear a horrible mask made out of iron?  That would be so terrible Daisy says.  What happens if the mask heats up?  It would burn your face bad.  Jack just bolted out into the eastern desert.


                    "VOLTAIRE" (1694-1778)                                MARK TWAIN (0000-00000)

   Mr. Steve likes Blues music.  And I remember Daisy telling me one time about how our boss liked some of the songs by a man called "Howlin Wolf."  It says here in this Encyclopedia that he "got his start" under "Producer" Sam Phillips.  Fannie and Freddie just flew bye.         


                                                          HOWLIN WOLF (0000-0000)


     There's a good picture of that one guy Howlin Wolf in this Encyclopedia.  Daisy told me that our boss once met someone who knew Howlin Wolf; which wasn't his real name.  He said Howlin Wolf was a big man; kind of like a Football player.  I hear Blinky barking next door. 

     Boy, I kind of got off on a tangent again.  That's okay.  At least I learned new things.  But now it's back to my outline and writing about the trip Mr. Steve took in 1977 with his brother Rock.  He recalls that the weather was hot and humid on that trip.  That's what Dais says. 

       The week before Elvis died, while staying at a Hotel in Queens, our boss read that the "Son of Sam" serial killer was caught.  It was big news. My boss's father and brother are named Sam but they're nice and wouldn't kill someone unless they had to of course!


   When Mr. Steve and his brother were in New York City in 1977 there was a "Garbage Strike."  Piles of trash were everywhere.  It smelled bad my boss says.  It was hot and the thick humidity added to an uncomfortable atmosphere.  But a new city to explore made it not so bad.

    After the New York City garbage strike ended in 1977 our boss says the trash was loaded on these "Tugboats" and then dumped out in the Atlantic Ocean!  There were stories about trash washing up on shore as far south as the state of North Carolina!

     In 1977, while walking toward Yankee Stadium to see a game between the Yankees and the Chicago White Sox, the piles of trash and rundown "Tenements" nearby made everthing seem so old and dirty.  And the roads seemed narrow compared to California he says. 

     I just used my Dictionary to look up the word "dilapidated."  One time this customer of Mr. Steve's in Philadelphia used that word to describe parts of his city when they were discussing his 1777 trip back east.  Our house is not dilapidated Daisy told me one time.  

     Daisy said that one time our boss told her about how back in the year 1977 he and his brother Rock visited the "World Trade Centers" which ended up being blown up in 2001.  They looked down on the Empire State Building which that giant Gorilla stood on.

     Mr. Steve and his brother were taken to the World Trade Center by their Uncle Marty.  And after that he took them to see the New York "Stock Exchange."  Mr. Steve's father, in the late 1960's and early 1970's, had the first school for "Stock Brokers" in California.


                                                     NEW YORK "STOCK EXCHANGE"

    When his dad taught his students how to pass the test to become a Stock Broker he had a big poster on an easel set up in the front of his classroom near where he lectured.  This oversized picture was of the "chaotic" floor of the New York Stock Exchange. 

     Mr. Steve is thankful to his uncle Marty for taking him and his brother to see the New York Stock Exchange in 1977.   Looking down he remembered that poster in his father's classroom so was excited to actually get to see it "in person" as they say. 

     Another place their uncle Marty took Mr. Steve and his brother Rock to see in in 1977 were the "World Trade Centers;" or the "Twin Towers" as they were called.  Both skyscrapers were over one hundred stories tall.  Our boss was not comfortable being up so high.

     Mr. Steve says up on the one hundredth floor of the "North Tower" he kept thinking this was  too high up in the air.  You even look down on the "Empire State Building." His brother Rock  said; "I'd hate to be up here in an earthquake."  I'm afraid of heights!


                                                            WORLD TRADE CENTERS

      Mr. Steve said on September 11th of 2001, these men called "Terrorists" "hijacked" and then flew big airplanes into the two World Trade Centers.  Both burned up and then fell right down to the ground.  Nearly three thousand people were killed our boss told us.

     Since 2001 the United States has been fighting a "global war" against "terrorism."  Mr. Steve knows someone who fought in Iraq and later this other place called "Afghanistan."  Our boss's nephew Jacob was for a time stationed in Iraq at this place called "Ur."



     Mr. Steve remembers the Tuesday the Twin Towers were blown up.  As usual he walked into his office at fifteen minutes until seven but on this particular morning this guy named Dennis ran up to him and kept saying over and over; "How did you know?" 

     As Mr. Steve walked over to his office others crowded around him.  That Brazilian man Eber the Bookkeeper was there and so was this girl named Susan.  Mr. Steve taught Susan how to be a salesman in the early 2000's.  I just heard a Crow caw faintly out in the eastern desert. 

     Our boss's clock radio goes off at fifteen minutes until five so he already knew that two planes had flown into both buildings.  And within minutes of him getting to work the South Tower, even thought  it was the second hit, collapsed.  They watched it on tv.  

     Even before "9/11" our boss and Dennis had talked about how New York City symbolized two things; "Liberalism" and "Capitalism."  That's why our enemies want to destroy it so much Mr. Steve said.  He told Dennis about a man named Osama bin Ladin and "Al-Qaeda."

OSAMA BIN LADEN (1957-2011)


     Even before 9/11 Mr. Steve had told that guy Dennis that you didn't have to be a prophet like Nostradamus to predict that terrorists would attack New York City.  Al-Qaeda had already tried to blow up the World Trade Center buildings in 1993 but failed he said.

      I just looked up the word "clairvoyant."  Our boss used that word one time.  I guessed right on the correct spelling.  That makes me feel so good because once I learn something I almost always remember it.  I really like learning new things.  I'm so very lucky! 


      Wow!  I finished that last chapter pretty fast.  I can't believe that it's already about two in the afternoon.  I've gotten a lot done in the last two days and seem to be on schedule.  This is so great to have a project like this to work on.  Thank You Everyone up there!

     Oh darn!  I just noticed that, according to my outline, I forgot to write a few things about New York City in chapter seven.  Oh well, I'll just put it in here.  Looking out into the desert makes me have patience when I make mistakes.  That Monarch Butterfly just went bye.    

      Dais says one time Mr. Steve told her and Millie that he thinks that because New York City still symbolizes Liberalism and Capitalism someday it will get bombed again.  Even at the time of World War II in the 1940's New York City symbolized those two things. 

     In our boss's opinion Daisy tole me, if the Germans had succeeded in developing the "V-3" Rockets at the end of the Second World War that man Adolph Hitler would probably have tried to bomb New York City.  But luckily the war ended in 1945.  I smell a Creosote plant. 

     Our boss believes that someday either Los Angeles, Chicago or New York City will again be attacked.  It could be by another country like Russian or China; or one of the growing number of terrorist organizations from around the world.  Or it might be someone from here. 

     After the Second World War German scientists, as "spoils of war," were brought to America in Operation Paper Clip.  Some had worked on the V-1 and V-2 Rockets which bombed England in 1944.  The most famous German scientist was named Wernher von Braun. 


                                                                         WERNHER VON BRAUN (1912-1977)


   Mr. Steve jokes that it was Werner Von Braun's brain that got us to the Moon in 1969.  In this Encyclopedia it says he worked on the V-1 and V-2 Rockets during World War II and brought his knowledge to America afterward.  Dais thinks Werner von Braun must've been smart.

       To our northwest is Edwards Air Force Base.  This is one of the homes to this big organization called the "National Aeronautics and Space  Administration;" or "N.A.S.A." for short.  N.A.S.A. was the organization mainly responsible for the United States landing on the Moon.

     In 1996 Mr. Steve was working for his friend Rick.  They got a job replacing this really big and heavy World War II era hot water boiler inside Edwards Air Force Base.  They did this at the "Dryden" Space Center which was under the control of N.A.S.A. at the time. 

     Because Dais admires Underdog because he can fly she's always interested when our boss tells us things about man's history of flying.  If she could use Mr. Peabody's Way Back Machine Daisy would probably go back to 1903 to see those guys the Wright brothers.  I smell Juniper.

                              ORVILLE (1871-1948) AND WILBUR (1867-1912) WRIGHT


    My Encyclopedia says these bothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright, were the first ones to invent and build an Airplane; though some dispute this.  The Wright brothers had a Bicycle repair shop but got more interested in trying to be the first people to fly.

     It says here the Wright brothers at first were experimenting with what they call "Gliders."  They went from their home state of Ohio to North Carolina to do their work.  In 1903 they did more than just glide.  A big group of Sparrows just flew past moving towards the east.

     I guess those Wright brothers went to North Carolina because its beach's had breezes; and soft sand just in case they crashed.  The "three-axis" control system they invented, to steer and maintain what they call "equilibrium, is still being used to this day.  

      From the Wright brothers first flight in 1903 human beings eventually flew all the way up to the Moon in 1969.  And, in the 1950's, a lot of the later "Astronauts" in the "Mercury" and later "Apollo" space programs worked as Test Pilots it says here in this Encyclopedia. 

     Looking to the east I can see a white vapor trail up high in the light sky.  I'll bet it's a jet from Edwards Air Force Base.  Dais loves seeing vapor trails but I'll bet she's laying in the back of the garage right now.  I see Fannie and Freddie the Crows flying around out back.

     Since High School, at different times, Mr. Steve has worked for his friend Rick in what they call the "Mechanical Contracting" field.  In 1996 they removed and replaced this giant hot water boiler from the "Dryden Flight Research Center" inside Edwards Air Force Base.

     Dais says one time our boss told her he read about a Test Pilot named Alan Shepard.  In 1961 he was the first American into outer space.  And he was the fifth person to walk on the Moon.  He even hit golf balls on the surface of the Moon!  I smell a Lizard somewhere.


                                             ALAN SHEPARD JR. (1923-1998) GOLFING ON MOON

        In that one magazine article where Mr. Steve read about Alan Shepard he noticed that Alan Shepard shared a birthday with his nephew Sammy over in Littlerock.  And he also noticed that both were named after their fathers so were what they call "Juniors."

     Daisy also told me that our boss has at times wondered if it was a coincidence that when they landed on the Moon in 1969 the Constellation Orion could be seen on the horizon?  Maybe it was only by chance Dais says.  Ah!  That Lizard just ran and ducked under a rock.  

     According to my Encyclopedia that astronaut Alan Shepard and his wife one time got to meet President Kennedy and his wife Jackie.  And at the same time they also met the Vice-President who was Lyndon Johnson.  He became President after President Kennedy was shot.



     Dais says one time our boss told her and Millie that the place where the American Presidents get to live is called the "White House."   Mr. Steve saw it in person in 2008 she says.  And that's where Alan Shepard went when he was introduced to the President.

     From what my Encyclopedia says Alan Shepard was what's called a "Descendant" of a man who, in 1620, was one of the "Pilgrims" who first came over to the New World.  They came on this ship called the "Mayflower."  Many died on the voyage from England. 

      After World War II the United States and the Soviet Union competed to "acquire" as much of the German "brain power" as they could.  At least that's what our boss told us.  We got Wernher von Braun but the Russians got some smart Germans too Mr. Steve says.

     Over in Texas Mr. Steve's nephew Jacob, who was in the military for four years, just bought a  gun called an "AK-47."  And looking in my Encyclopedia I see that "AK" stands for "Avtomat Kalashnikova."   Mr. Steve told us the AK-47 is one of the best guns ever made.

     The Germans were the first to develop the "Assault Rifle" during the Second World War.  But the Russians were able to capture some of them and gave them to his man named named Mikhail Kalashnikov.  He came up with the AK-47 by studying the German's model. 


                               STURMGEWEHR 44                                                                   MIKHAIL KALASHNIKOV


     During World War II Adolph Hitler called the first Assault Rifle the "Sturmgewehr" or the  "Storm Rifle." That Russian man Mikhail Kalashnikov studied it and the American M1 Garand to create his "hybrid" AK-47.  I'm so glad I have these Encyclopedias!

     I just picked up the scent of a Gopher but I don't see anything.  Mr. Steve doesn't like it when Gophers and Ground Squirrels make holes near our three Sheds because then they might what's called "erode" or "undermine" the ground around them.  Aha!  I see the Squirrel. 



       The Gopher came up out in our back half acre. He's sticking his head out and sniffing the air.  It isn't near any of the Sheds so that's good.  I think I'll get up and take a quick drink of water out of the bucket near the sliding glass door.  I love water!  Thank You for water God.

     That was great!  Water is so good.  We're in a drought but so far we still seem to have plenty of water.  Right near where Daisy is probably laying right now in the Garage are four five gallon bottles of this special type of water called "Sparkletts."  That Gopher is gone.

     Heathcliff the Rooster crowed again next door!  Maybe he's just happy that we're now going into Springtime and the days will be a lot warmer?  I feel good too.  I really did a lot of writing yesterday but today's a new day and I still have a lot to do.  A Sparrow landed on Moe.  

    On the outline for book two I see that I still have a lot more to write about our boss's 1977 trip to the east coast.  It was on that same trip he and his brother Rock drove over to this town in Pennsylvania called "Gettysburg" where a famous Civil War battle was fought.

     This morning I dealt a lot with the what happened in the last two years of the Civil War.  But now I want to find out about that three day battle at Gettysburg.  I know already it took place on the same days in 1863 as the surrender of that one city named Vicksburg out west.  

      Dais told me that our boss has studied the American Civil War since he was about ten years old.  He and his friend Neil used to practice drawing by copying the pictures shown in magazines and books.  Some of those were images from the Civil War Daisy says. 


      Oh my God!  I'll bet this one picture in my Encyclopedia of three captured Rebel soldiers at Gettysburg is the one Daisy told me our boss drew when he was twelve.  The caption below that picture says the three men are waiting to be "taken into custody" as they say. 

      From what Dais tells Mr. Steve drew the picture of those three prisoners about the same time he drew his first picture of that guy John Bell Hood.  And he also copied images of some of the other Civil War Generals too.  Our boss says it easier to draw a face with a beard.

     According to my Encyclopedia The Battle of Gettysburg took place over three days on July 1, 2 and 3 of 1863; the third year of the Civil War.  The Confederate army went into that battle with over sixty thousand men while the Union "fielded" about ninety three thousand.

     General Robert E. Lee, who led the southern army at Gettysburg, believed that old saying; "The best defense is a good offense."  Mr. Steve's father has always believed the same thing.  So. in July of 1863, Robert E. Lee decided to "invade" the north.  I smell a Lizard.

     It says here General Lee's 1863 invasion was his second try at "taking the fight to" the Union Army.  In 1862 he'd attacked "Maryland" and fought a bloody battle at "Antietem."  But it was what they call "indecisive;" a "draw" or what they call a "tactical stalemate."

                                                                                   BATTLE OF ANTIETEM (1862)

     Robert E. Lee won defensive battles in 1861 and 1862 when Union armies invaded The South. But he thought if he could destroy the Northern army "on their own soil" in a "climactic" battle he could threaten Washington D.C. and then maybe end the war.  I see the Lizard.

      I guess by 1863 General Lee had beaten five Union Generals like Ambrose Burnside.  Before the battle at Gettysburg President Lincoln appointed this man named George Gordon Meade to  command the Union "Army of the Potomac."  It says here he was "undistinguished." 


                                       GEORGE MEADE (1815-1872) / ROBERT E. LEE


    The Potomac is a river Daisy says.  In 2008 Mr. Steve and his family stayed at this Hotel which overlooked the Potomac River when they all visited Washington D.C.  During the Civil War the main eastern army was named after the Potomac river.  The Lizard ran away.   

     According to this Encyclopedia George Meade was described as "unassuming" but extremely "prickley."  Others called him "an old  goggle-eyed snapping Turtle."  But he courageous and is now said to have "stood up to Robert E. Lee" in and around the town of Gettysburg.

     Robert E. Lee's Confederate army was the "Army of Northern Virginia."  He never intended to fight at Gettysburg.  He was hoping to capture "Harrisburg" which was a railroad junction and the Pennsylvania state capital.  Mr. Steve has a customer over in Harrisburg.

     In July of 1863 General Lee's army was low on supplies my Encyclopedia says. So he gave his permission for some of his troops to go into Gettysburg to look for shoes.  But just to the west of the town they ran into Union troops and had what they call a small "skirmish."

         Mr. Steve and his brother Rock spent three days at Gettysburg back in 1977.  They stood on that road where that first fighting started.  I guess on that first day of what would be a three day battle more and more soldiers from both sides began to "converge" on Gettysburg.

     From what is says in my Encyclopedia General Lee could hear guns to his south and was kind of upset because he had given orders not to "engage."   But as the sounds of gunfire got louder he knew a battle had started.  I hear some Crows cawing faintly out in the desert.

     I guess General Lee ordered his army%